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Fukushima; Deadly Silence

We all know what happened on March 11, 2011 - a massive earthquake/tsunami combination punch knocked out the reactors at the Fukushimi-Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan.  Indeed at first there were scattered, speculative reports coming in regarding the spread of radioactive fallout and contamination; so of course the first thing the American government did in response was to shut down most if not all of the radiation detectors up & down the west coast.  At the time, almost two and a half years ago; I saw this as a dark omen of things to come, and each month since has only deepened that ominous feeling.  Those of us old enough to fully comprehend the inherent dangers of nuclear radiation and fallout could not help but to develop a huge knot in the pit of our stomachs as we watched the authorities everywhere furtively scurrying about - trying to sweep the whole mess under the rug.  Soon after the disaster happened a web site sprung up with daily monitoring of the radiation plume coming from Fukushima.  Naturally, that site was scrubbed off the internet almost immediately, but not before many of us got the images saved to hard drives.

Unlike with the Chernobyl disaster in Russia, entombing the reactors in concrete is not feasible in this case on account of the location being right on the coast; and there it is folks, the genie is out of the bottle and cannot EVER be put back in.  We lack the technology to fix this growing planetary disaster.  We don't know how to stop it ~ and so they just let it continue to spew deadly radioactive isotopes into the air, as they continue to dump millions of gallons of radioactive waste water directly into the pacific ocean in flagrant violation of international law, and environmental treaties.  And the world media is nearly silent.  Wouldn't you think that this story would be top of every news cycle until it was fixed?  Not on this prison planet.  The subject is on the taboo list right along with the ongoing oil leaking in the gulf, and chemtrails in our skies.  Our keepers just keep it out of the news, knowing that the soon to be extinct American Ostrich will obediently keep ignoring it as well, pretending the problem is solved even though we know better. 
In the natural world when most animals sense or see an imminent threat to its life it either runs away to safety, or stands it's ground and fights.  Not us.  We just go on about our little robot lives with that thousand yard stare of cognitive dissonance, because we know there is nowhere to run from the Fukushima monster; and we know not how to fight it when all the worlds governments are so strangely silent and sitting on their collective hands.  What insane madness is this?  Can we all not clearly see by this late date that the frog or lobster in the simmering pot, is US??  Instead of filling the streets with protests large enough to strangle commerce & transportation,  we join in the deafening silence about Fukushima radiation, and create elaborate psychological scenarios for ourselves to justify not only our silence, but our continued consumption of seafood from the pacific ocean, as well as GMO food-like-products from Monsanto.  We convince ourselves somehow that if we can just ignore it strongly enough the whole problem will just vanish into thin air.  Life doesn't work like that, and we know this, yet, indulge in this planetary denial just the same.  This then indeed seems to me, a most special and rewarding sort of madness.

The Death of the Pacific Ocean

In order to prevent core meltdown and a much, much worse planetary disaster the Japanese have to keep cooling water flowing over the damaged reactors at all times.  This of course requires nearly astronomical amounts of fresh water which the country just doesn't have, so they have been using sea water from the onset of the crisis.  Now, it doesn't take much of an IQ to understand that dumping that contaminated, radioactive wastewater directly back into the pacific ocean is about the worst thing you could possibly do; which is why the practice is banned by several treaties and international law.  Why does the international community allow this crime against humanity to continue unabated?  Already I can imagine some who will flinch at my use of the term crime against humanity, but what else can you call it when a sovereign nation deliberately contaminates a major world food source while at the same time the radiation spewing from those crippled reactors continues to flow around the entire world.  There is no safe place.  You can run, but you'll just die tired!  Within a few weeks of the accident radiation was detected in cows milk, in the eastern united states, as well as in Canada.   Soon thereafter it strangely became very difficult to obtain a hand held radiation detector in this country.  Stocks were suddenly 'depleted' as many websites offering them put up the "sold out" or "unavailable" tags next to the picture of the device.  How very frustrating, and typical.  Aren't you tired of all this censorship & denial.  I know I am.  Hard to believe we still have to protest this shit, but here we are, still letting our keepers lead us down the path of the great shining lie, to oblivion. 

I have a folder on my hard drive for Fukushima related links, and as I went there to retrieve the documentation for this post, I discovered that many of the best articles and videos have very mysteriously disappeared.  "This article is no longer available" says the pop-up.   WHY?  To prevent you from reading them!!  Yet there is no need to check your seafood for toxic, deadly radiation.  Are you really  OK with this bullshit?  What will it take for all of you in the silent majority to get vocal, and involved with your own survival? 

There are reports coming in from as far south as Argentina of marine mammals with severe radiation poisoning and genetic mutations.  Polar bears in Canada and Alaska are loosing their hair, leaving huge splotchy sores on their hides.  Seals and sea lions have been seen with similar disgusting anomalies to their skin and fur.  It is a foregone conclusion that no seafood from the pacific is safe to eat, and that most logically applies to all seafood world wide, considering the ocean currents involved.

The profits before people mentality of corporate giants in the food industry has prevented any cessation of harvesting seafood world wide, and especially in Alaska, which daily receives a fresh smack in the face from Fukushima winds, and nuked seawater.  About a month after the accident, the Alaska state government, and US federal government were hit with thousands of requests to check pacific salmon for radiation.  Their unified response was to tell the entire world, "There is no need."  What there is no need politicians & businessmen such as we have right now.  I say, if there is no need, how about feeding all of those corporate liars a nice 'Baked Alaska' king salmon.  There was this official in Japan who publicly ate food from near Fukushima to prove how safe it is.  He died a few weeks later!  
The pacific ocean is totally irradiated, and before too much longer will no doubt become an ecological dead zone.  Followed in time by the Atlantic, and all other seas & oceans of this once beautiful and thriving planet.  The year before Fukushima there was the BP gulf oil spill, which has effectively killed off all life there, although you will probably never see the reports saying so.  BP continues spraying their deadly toxic compound corexit over the gulf;  even now.  How diabolical is this, first the name of the poisonous crap is word play for "Corrects It" and on top of that, it corrects NOTHING, but instead forces the oil off the surface, down deep into the water column, and to the bottom, where it seethes, rolls around and goes traveling.  The worldwide silence over all things Fukushima is their version of corexit - hear no evil-see no evil-speak no evil!


In this case, what you don't know will not only hurt you; it will give you cancer, mutate your children and poison the air, sea and earth, forever.  But who needs to worry about things beyond your control, right?  It's what we humans do best, defer unpleasant thoughts as long as possible in the hope that if we don't acknowledge it, it doesn't exist.  American Ostriches.  You just watch, this denial, this apathy -  will be our undoing.  For just a sample of the Geoengineering and terraforming taking place; consider these events from 2010 & 2011:

How to reduce global population by 50% while toxifying the eco-system.

April 20, 2010 – Deepwater Horizon oil platform taken out.  Explosion kills 11 people
             And ruptured wellhead; which spewed 600 million barrels of oil into
                        Gulf of Mexico, over 87 days; to which BP added millions of gallons of                   
                                                      Highly toxic Corexit dispersants.

Jan. 12, 20107.0 Earthquake triggered by HAARP hits Haiti killing over 300,000

Feb. 27, 20108.8 Earthquake triggered by HAARP  hits Chile, killing 600

April 6, 2010,- -7.7 Earthquake triggered by HAARP  hits Sumatra Indonesia, 400 dead
April 14, 20106.9 Earthquake triggered by HAARP hits Qinghai China killing 3000

June 13, 20107.5 Earthquake  triggered by HAARP   hits Nicobar India

Feb. 22, 20116.3  Earthquake  triggered by HAARP   hits Christchurch New Zealand

Mar. 11, 20119.0 Earthquake/tsunami triggered by HAARP  devastates Northern Japan,
                      and  FOUR nuclear reactors  at the Fukushimi-daiachi Nuclear plant                
        causing massive and On-going, unchecked release of lethal radiation
   into the Atmosphere.   600,000 dead/missing

March18th   2011 - Japanese radiation plume reaches America and the story disappears 
                        from  American broadcast news media, and internet news outlets.

April  18th   2011 276 tornadoes rip across 8 mid-western states: triggered by HAARP
                    (Dispersing the growing radiation plume into a larger area.)

April  25  2011  – Multiple thunderstorms dump torrents of rain across the             
                  Exact same 8 mid-western states, again, triggered by HAARP
                  (Bringing the radiation to ground level, the food chain, and us)

May 13-21,  2011  – Mississippi river flooding, made worse by the intentional release of more water thru floodgates, sacrificing the homes and farms of the working poor to save the big cities downriver and saturating the ground (new Madrid fault) with (radioactive) floodwater.  15 nuke plants in the Madrid quake zone, two already faltering.  FEMA is in place  since April 25th yet does nothing to help the flood victims.  They are waiting for the “big event”.  Meanwhile on 5-16 the Israeli prime minister comes to America, just as he did on 9-11-01!!!  All of this also happening during a full moon.  Of course we have seen this weather modification continue it's onslaught unabated right up to the present time, with several excellent examples such as hurricane Sandy fresh in memory, complete with tons of documentation indicating the storm was steered artificially directly onto it's target - exactly like hurricane Katrina.  In this light we can easily see that the Fukushima disaster, and it's continuing aftermath are created events designed to accelerate the depopulation and toxification of this planet. 

                                                               Genetic Mutation

With all the amazing and fantastic things our science & technology can do, there simply is no way to ever remove the radioactive contamination from the planets oceans, air or soil.  Nuclear radiation, it's the gift that keeps on giving.  It's forever, and ever.  Let that sink in for a minute.  What has been wrought is with us forever, and it not only is very good at killing us in massive numbers over a generation or two, it also gets into our very DNA, and changes things around, creating genetic mutations of infinite complexity and perplexing diversity.  We have only just begun to see some of the early results in this genetic lottery from hell ~ indeed, time will tell.  If we do not know how to contain this monster, it seems only  logical that we are also woefully unprepared to deal with the results of it's escalating worldwide damage.  I'm not talking about property or financial damage here, as those are inconsequential compared to the damage done to human DNA. 

There have already been reports leaked out of Japan concerning genetic mutations, in both plants and humans.  For a moment, lets focus just on human DNA mutations, because within a very few years we will begin to see them crop up way more frequently as the occurrences begin spreading throughout all populations, worldwide.  What will we do when the number of mutated children being born reaches into the thousands or even millions being born each year?  I am sure some nations will have all mutations terminated at birth, no exceptions.  Other nations however will be at once motivated to care & provide for all the nuclear children born within their borders.  Have you assessed the world economic condition recently?  How many nations on this planet have the sustainable wealth to deal with the number of mutated children that are coming.  We can't even get normal health care right.  It isn't about maybe.... they are coming; nothing can prevent their arrival, or their numbers.  Just how will we deal with this dilemma alone, among all the others we're already facing?  The answer to that question will reveal an awful lot about human kind.  That thought sends some very dark chills down my spine considering the things we are already allowing and ignoring.

They say that evolution depends upon mutations, the kind which allow a species to adapt and survive to changing climates and environments.  Well...our climate and environment was changing ever more rapidly, even before the Fukushima equation.  That we are going to see a lot of bizarre genetic mutations in the relatively near future (assuming we still have much of one) is a certainty; but at some point we will also have to contend with the other kind of mutation, the kind that does not show on the outside.  From Godzilla to the X-Men,  Heroes, and Fringe;  the transhuman agenda has been drip feeding us images and ideas to get us more used to seeing and dealing with abnormal mutations.  The Twilight Zone was decades ahead of it's time with stories of humans with super human powers and abilities...the abnormal becoming normal.

 There were stories about mind readers, people with the power of telekinesis, people who could change their face at will, and tales of people who could even travel through time.  In each of the tales the people with these powers looked as normal as anyone else, they were just extra gifted.  How the irradiation of planet earth will change human DNA is up for speculation, but one thing is certain; we left "normal" alongside the trail a ways back, and we're never going to see it again.  Welcome to the new normal...please deposit hopes & dreams in the trash bin and fasten your seat belts, keeping appendages, tentacles & flippers inside the paradigm at all times!

 When I look at humanity today I think back to those days of 50,000 years ago when we still lived in caves and had to face untold dangers on a daily basis just to eat and survive. I think about how those people had to overcome their fear, or starve.  There was no grocery store down the road, nor was there any form of centralized government, there was just them, and a hostile world beyond the cave entrance.   I think about these things and I see that we are not the descendants of those brave humans who carved out a place in a primeval world...
We are the descendants of the cowardly ones who shivered in fear, refusing to leave the cave.

When the Archons arrived and began mucking about with our gene pool in order to create a slave race, they of course selectively bred out the genes for fearlessness, and self defense.  They needed a subdued populace for their agenda, and went about creating it.  Today we see before us the result of all this genetic breeding and interference.  An entire race of humans who refuse to think for themselves or raise up in protest against those who enslave them.  This is not who we are, but it is who we have allowed others to turn us into.  An entire planet of humans who are too afraid to leave the cave.  Too conditioned & programmed to resist even the most fearful of futures, a nuclear earth.  They say silence is golden, but in this case it's the darkening blackness of deadly.

Until Next Time ~ Be good to Each Other

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  1. Thank you so much for this blog. You talk truth.

    For years when I find something revealing or interesting online, I capture the text or save it as a pdf to my hard drive. I too have seen too much vital information disappear.

    Keep up the good work. Blessings upon you!

    1. Many sincere thanks for your kind words. I just knew there would be a 'market' for unflinching truth. Namaste.

    2. Thanks for responding ... it's how I know if I'm connecting! I kept copious binders of printouts for years, invested perhaps a few grand in paper, ink etc. Then one day it hit me; "am I preparing for the trial of the century here", why am I saving all this information when the guilty will always deny and conceal everything not to their liking; and those we seek to awaken seem determined to reject any new data which invalidates their safe little bubble of denial. It got to a point where I had to be satisfied with a CD Rom archive for data, and if the day comes when no computers are left to play them, then it probably doesn't matter much. Blessings!

  2. Just one thing, disaster happened on march 11 and not april 11...Just to say.

    1. Nice catch - It's getting where I can't trust my own memory anymore. At least I got the year right. Thanks.

  3. Blessing brother.
    I was reading your text and easily understand the peculiar logic critical that you normally print, describing problems which no mats large enough size that can cover them up for a long time.
    There's no way to hide all that long. Even though the vast majority of people are suffering from cerebral lobectomy. So what's the plan 'them'?
    Because the bomb will explode in the backyard of all, how could they get rid of it?
    Yesterday I watched a video that is posted below, and if true (apparently it is) could answer some of those questions.
    Perhaps the schedule to cover all these planetary ills just long enough until something bigger happens. Something inevitable for everyone.
    I precinct that we will not hear about it through CNN, FOX and media public relations related.

    Feel wanted and loved.

    PS: You can be my pure neurosis, but right now this video seems pretty convincing.
    I understand and I leave it to your discretion to decide whether or not to publish this comment.
    Anyway I would like to know your opinion about the video (by email if you prefer), because in my opinion your discernment and knowledge are important.

    1. Greetings Wander~
      Always a joy to hear from you. Indeed something bigger is in the works, perhaps even sooner than we expect. It may prove to be a 'long, hot summer.' We are all in this together -and no one gets out alive, that's for sure. Interesting times indeed. Haven't had time to watch the video, but will soon. Be well, brother... Namaste

  4. Great Story. Enjoyed it. Found it on
    My blog is: The Yuma Liberty Outpost

    Godbless, Gjane

    1. Ginger~
      Hi, yeah, I never know where my posts travel, a great way for me to find new websites and blogs. 30 million bloggers in cyberspace according to one source...we'd better start connecting :) that's a lot of mind power.

  5. I totally blame the Japanesed government for this for three reasons. Firstly this thing can be entombed. Just because it is sitting slightly above sea level doesn't mean that an entire area around the site cannot be reclaimed like in Holland and be in a sense driven much above the sea. You can create a buffer zone of many miles around it with dikes. You don't need concrete either, you need mass. For every 4 or 5 inches of sand you 1/2 the amount of radiation. As anyone knows the doubling factor becomes huge after a few dozen times. By the time you start getting into the 15 foot pile of sand you have a radiation mitigation factor of the quintillion range. Even explosions from a total meltdown can be contained with enough mass. Just look at nuclear testing as an example of this.

    Pride and admission of failure is very important in the Japanese culture. To cover up the mess is to admit that they cannot solve the problem. This is believe it or not still the feeling in Japan that they can fix the problem. Pride is a terrible human emotion that destroys lives over the perception of not being approved of and ridiculed for a failure.

    The main reason for not even trying to bury it, is money. The Japanese do not want to spend enormous amounts of money to reclaim the area around Fukushima and create a buffer zone and the radiation removal of what seeps through. It also has to do with the lawsuits of many other surrounding countries that could start up by encasing it. To encase Fukushima means that it is too dangerous like Chernobyl to be left in the open. Other countries can claim all sorts of damages from the radiation leaks to this point. Japanese engineers are some of the best there are in the world, they know Fukushima can be made safe. The all wicked mighty dollar again takes its ugly head over what is fair and the correct course of action.

    Radioactive material is heavy and the likelihood that it is spreading throughout the Pacific is not happening like many of these environmental sites claim. However the catastrophic destruction to the area around Japan is unbelievable. Deep water currents are practically nil, as one can see the lack of any movement of the relics of the Titanic. The material will sink and stay pretty much in the same area. Sea life is a totally other story as they move around and get eaten by other sea life. This is much the same as DDT poisoning and mercury. Sea life damage is uncalculable.

    The misnotion that the entire Pacific is poisoned is from environmentists that don't take into account the hugeness of the ocean and the dilution of anything that should escape into the ocean currents. The Pacific is 60 million square miles and an average depth of 14,000 feet. This 160 million cubic miles of water. It would take hundreds of Fukushimas to saturate that much volume. The animals around the world are eating contaminated sea life that migrate around the globe. This is the death of the Pacific and other oceans from animals and other sea life spreading this.

    The Deepwater disaster had oil basically nearer to the surface where ocean currents move and people had Europe tarred up and other chaos, never happened because of the volume of water over distance. Again, this is with a floater, not with a sinker that very heavy radioactive waste is. Heavy particles sink quickly and it is more or a regional problem. Remember you have the weight of miles of water on top anything settled on the bottom of oceans. Radioactive material is just too heavy to stay suspended in the upper surface where ocean currents move.

    I blame the Japanese government for this more than anyone because they know what they are doing to life in the oceans, and yet they have no conscience to do what is right. The country of Japan, and unfortunately the guiltless Japanese people will suffer massive pay back in karma or whatever for the government's choose to be totally evil, all to save a few bucks. Too upsetting to talk about any further.


    1. Realist~
      we are agreeing on a wide range of issues here, and most certainly your final sentence. If you haven't already...check out the interview Jeff Rense and Zen Gardner did, pretty excellent hour of radio. It's up on the Zen Gardner website today. Peace, brother, focus on the bigger picture! Love ya dude, keep slugging away!

  6. Great blog, keep up the good work and keep fighting the power.