Thursday, February 15, 2018

Night Terrors & the Enfant Terrible

You know those kind of nights when you just can't sleep because the brain won't shut up, or even come up for air?  Used to be I'd get that a couple times a year maybe.  Nowadays its more like two a week.  Is it like that for you too?  Sure, we have our psychic numbing which deflects much of the horror going on in our name; but some nights not even that can hold back the towering tsunami of night terrors facing us, [which we're generally not acknowledging.]  I'm having one of those nights again tonight, so it must be time to share.

Do you ever feel like it's all just too much for you to handle?  How are we supposed to process and integrate so much soul crushing daily chaos?  The kinds of night terrors that chew thru our psychic numbing won't be halted by any pop new age psycho-babble, so please don't offer us any of that. 

It isn't all just the 'news' that spawns night terrors which keep us awake at night;  not so long back I awoke to wildfires raging thru the area I live in, less than ten miles away.  Then we have urban snipers to worry about, not to mention home invasions which are on the increase locally, keeping up with the national trend.

What about this year's "flu season"?  Oh yeah; the government and big pharma put on a big media campaign every year to urge folks to get their flu shot.  This is different, its the first time that the evening news on every channel, every damn night shows photos of the kids who died from the flu today.  They're doing this every single day, so clearly; it's more about scaring people than fighting the flu.

 What exactly is in "the flu shot"?  The fact that they won't say is reason enough for me to decline the offer.  The wall to wall full court press scare tactics campaign is another reason.  If they want us all to have the injection enough to go to such extremes then you just know it isn't any good for any of us.  Resist!

The big picture is showing us that our planet is in distress because of our human activity.  From climate change to fracking and Fukushima we are poisoning and contaminating the planet we live on: the air we breathe, the (flammable) water we drink, and the GMO poisoned foods we eat.  Just this alone will get you some serious reality cramps & night terrors.

After showing us North Korean missile launches week after week, saying each time they can now reach the American mainland; imagine the night terrors Hawaiians are having after their false alarm incoming missile drill recently.  Do you really buy the "excuse" that it was just an accident?  Then consider that a day later, the same thing happened in Japan!  We are being tested folks, not to mention being seriously fucked with.

Adding to our gallery of night terrors is the fact that almost every single day there is at least one terrorist attack (or false flag) somewhere on this beleaguered little planet.

If you are sleeping just fine and have no issues with night terrors it might be on account that the several pacification technologies the government uses to keep us apathetic and subdued are working as planned.  Are you always tired, feeling sickly and just don't give a shit?  Like I said, they're working!

These pacification technologies such as chemtrails, HAARP, fluoridated water, etc. are used along with GMO foods to literally take us out of the equation when it comes to resisting the government.  The intent is to keep us from filling the streets in massive protests like in the 60's and 70's by keeping us sick & apathetic.  The side effect is that now our children are eating "Tide" detergent balls which are oddly made to resemble candy. 

What with 59 different and distinct gender identities to choose from; who has the time to be politically correct by learning all of them?  How large is our individual identity crisis that we need 59 distinct genders to make sure we're seen as an individual?  Meanwhile, our children are so disenfranchised with life and addicted to the cyber-world online that they conspire to murder their friend and blame it on "Slender Man."

Whether you are a reader of or contributor to the blogosphere there is just so much of this shit you can expose your soul to before you hit the wall and simply can't do it any more.  I first experienced this years ago when I counseled fellow Vietnam veterans to help them deal with their night terrors.  After five years of doing that I began having nightmares.  These weren't generic everyday nightmares, each one was described to me in a counseling session at one time or another.  I didn't have to ask anyone, I just knew that when my brothers war stories became my real world nightmares it was time to quit, so I did.  You can only expose you soul to so much shit.

My personal psychic numbing cut it's teeth in Vietnam, and honed it's skills thru two divorces, and cruises thru everything the internet and regular media can throw at it.  At least it was like that until very recently. 

 You might not remember Zainab Ansari, or perhaps you missed the story about how recently this 7 year old Pakistani girl was raped, beaten, then tossed onto a garbage pile to die like she was just so much trash. 

This story ripped my psychic numbing to shreds, and then it just broke my heart; flat out smashed it, and the overwhelming symbolism became my last straw.  After five years of blogging I've hit the wall, I just cannot keep subjecting my soul to all this shit.  Five years seems to be my limit for toxic environments, [its about how long my first marriage lasted as well.] 

Now this isn't saying I'm done blogging, I'm just gonna take a huge break from writing about the shit parade.  There are more than enough voices covering all the vile shit, I am not needed there and won't be missed.  There are other things to focus upon, and other conversations to be had...besides it feels like I'm just repeating myself with the things I rant on about, hoping it helps to bring about change, even if that change is iceberg slow.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in the case of the above photograph of Canadian PM Trudeau taken at the recent World Economic Forum I'd say a couple thousand at least.  At home wearing his bathrobe these socks might become semi-adorable but wearing them to the world economic forum sends a distinct message for all to see and if we don't like the message, its clear to see that he could give a shit less. 

They also say that it pays to advertise, so maybe this is prime minister Trudeau's way of letting all of us know what a huge greedy penis he is.  With socks like this, it doesn't matter what words come out of his mouth because the socks are speaking louder! My enthusiasm for the current trend toward "populist" leaders like Trump & Trudeau reached an all time low when I saw this picture, go ahead and be a giant dick, just don't flaunt it as if it was some kind of virtue.

The worst possible night terror is the narcissistic serial rapist in chief  who's been living in the white house for the last year as his appointed plunder monkeys lay waste to the constitution and the country in general.  It's like a nightmare that just won't end.  We keep hoping the adults in the white house will take over but none seem to have the stones for it.  We keep thinking that surely by now someone would have flipped the lights on to jolt us out of this national nightmare but the ship of state continues to flounder on the shoals in depraved darkness, with a enfant terrible at the helm.

Did you see the State of the union speech?  First of all, as pointed out in the recent book "Fire and Fury" Trump's own staff say he is only semi-literate and has trouble reading.  As Bill Maher remarked after the speech; "Trump's reading was so slow they had to reset the teleprompter to Shatner speed."  Then there were all those drawn, unsmiling faces at the state of the union address, with people standing and applauding on cue like that old Twilight Zone episode (It's a good life) where everyone was afraid of the little boy who could banish you to the corn field with a wink if you angered him.

Of course there were a great many lawmakers & congress people who attended but dressed in black and refused to rise & applaud on cue like the cool-aide drinkers.  Some days later speaking before cameras on national TV; Trump called these people treasonous for refusing to applaud him.  Talk about the potus calling the kettle black!!     His speech in many ways was a continuation of inauguration day with low, unenthusiastic crowds: when some refused to applaud Trump on cue, he just applauded himself like he usually does.  It was so surreal and even a bit un-nerving watching Trump waving his arms to get the dissenters to join in the applause.  Clearly this man is insane.

It seems like every time we see the first lady her face is locked into that thousand yard stare so common in survivors of trauma and abuse.  I cannot wait for her hand to rise in the air as she says "Me Too."

Now, after labeling those who don't support him as treasonous he is demanding a full on military parade with tanks and missiles, you know just like Russia, China and North Korea have.  This is something we have never done, not even once, because it just sends the wrong message, so of course the infant dictator wants his parade.  Trump has embraced every single symptom of being a dictator, except for wearing a military uniform.  We should parade him down main street in chains on his way to jail before that day dawns.

Trump's recent "Shithole" comment was tactically designed and deployed as a weapon of mass distraction; it was an intentional diversion to distract from Russia probe, related scandals, and the fact that he is an imbecile floundering in waters way too deep for him.

In Charleston Trump stood up for the Nazi's.  Trump also stood up for Pedophile Judge Roy Moore's run for the senate.  This last week he has twice defended aides fired for spouse abuse and sexual misconduct while literally attacking their accusers!  Have you noticed how Trump always takes the side of the sexual predators and child rapists?  He keeps repeating "they deny it all" as if simply saying those words makes them true.  The signature trademark of the narcissist is that he accuses others of the things he is guilty of himself.

Recently Trump said, in defense of those fired aides guilty of sexual abuse, that there should be "Due Process."  A very interesting usage of yet another term he doesn't know the meaning of.  If he wants due process then fine; let t begin with the 22 women currently accusing Donald Trump of sexual misconduct.  He openly brags about "grabbing them  by the pussy" yet when women accuse him of doing it he calls them liars.  Just like he does when defending his circle of buddies like Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reilly, Judge Roy Moore and so many others.  They're all lying cries the king of lies.

"The sickness is strong with this one"

Just when we think we've seen the depth of depravity in the child-man; comes the story of porn queen Stormy Daniels spanking Trump with a copy of Forbes featuring him and Ivanka on the cover.  If he paid Stormy $130,000 to keep quiet, I must wonder how much he's paying his wife not to raise her hand and say "Times up, Me Too."

In Trump's new reality TV show "DC Daycare" Sexual Predators are given staff level jobs and defended by the man with 20 separate accusers himself.  No president has ever had so many departures from his crew in just the first year, and the job of white house press secretary is essentially a revolving door.  Factor in the four Trump top aides arrested for committing crimes, and others. Then In the space of  just over a week three close advisors to Trump resigned over allegations of spouse abuse and brutality.  At the current rate of firings & dismissals the white house won't have enough people to play basketball by March.

Sander's job demands that you speak things you know to be lies, in a convincing enough manner for a sound byte; every day.  It takes a severe toll, with cognitive dissonance being off the scale, as the above recent photo of Sarah Saunders clearly indicates.   I cannot wait to see who they replace her with when she starts drooling & spewing word salad nonsense...perhaps Sarah Palin has a job in the Trump administration after all.

I watched transfixed as the father of two daughters molested by Olympics physician Dr. Larry Nassar almost got his hands around the perverts neck before sheriff's deputy's stopped him.  Guess those cops ain't fathers, and if they are they really suck at it.  The anguished father asked the judge if he could have five minutes alone in a room with the pedophile doctor, the judge declined.  The father then asked for just a single minute, and the judge said "You know we can't let you do that..."  Then the father said something like "Then I'll have to do it right here" as he vaulted the rail and charged the monster who had molested both is daughters.

These two movements that have sprung up can forever change how we treat women in this country, that's just how powerful they are. "Times Up" and "Me Too" hold the potential power for that kind of change; but it won't be easy, the perverts in power will see to that. 

They already have defenses in place in the form of Forced Arbitration which by-passes the legal system and places gag orders and non-disclosure agreements which serve to protect those guilty of sexual misconduct.  We need to root these clauses out of every contract they appear in, make them a federal crime punishable by say a century in jail...that would bring about some swift improvement.

There is also the matter of fines & penalties paid by those convicted of sexual misconduct in the senate or congress.  When levied, these fines are currently paid by taxpayers, by you and me.  How the fuck is that right??  They get away with it because it's even more wide spread and prevalent than is being reported, and they will always act in their own self interest.  Flush the swamp.  Get rid of every last one of these criminal sexual predators and start over with better people.  That is the only way we will ever fix this ongoing nightmare in our country.

"The enfant terrible knows only that it wants"

It is perhaps interesting to note at this point that in his entire career Donald Trump has always been the "front man" the huckster on TV who ropes you into business with him;  but he has never negotiated anything himself...he's just the pitch man.  It's always someone else who closes the deals.  Trump was never supposed to actually win the presidency - it amazed even him!  His fake campaign was to be the the kickoff to the Trump Television Network.  His reward was going to be not just a reality sow, but an entire network.  Somewhere along the way the Russians hacked the election, the FBI was trying to shut Hillary down, while Trump became addicted to the hero worship and decided to do it for "real."

Trump is intransigent; he just sits there like Jabba the Hutt ... some kind of rogue (TV) star who captured the republican party in his gravity, and all they seem able to do is to helplessly orbit around him whether they like it or not.  Meanwhile nothing at all is being done about the Russian interfering with our election(s) either past or future, which is just a bit un-nerving and food for fresh night terrors.

If Trump can get away with everything up to and including labeling those who oppose him as traitors, then we should all be worried about being "wished out into the corn field" like in that old Twilight Zone episode.  At this point we can only hope that the Mueller probe is getting all their ducks (crooks) in a row for a thorough and complete house cleaning from the insane baby-man-clown on down.  His cabinet and administration is full of people with temporary security clearances and shady pasts.  We need to invalidate the 2016 election, arrest all those needing arrest and have a do-over with all different people, as I said before, with better people.  Impeach now, replace later.  If we as a nation cannot come together to right the floundering ship of state, it will sink from unrestrained corruption, and the corn field will suddenly seem as a vacation spot.

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