Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Reptile Dysfunction

Molinar was starting to wonder if this was ever going to work.  So many adjustments to the original plan had taken it dangerously afar from it's goal, not to mention 50 years behind schedule; and yet Janapstra was adamant that the plan was perfect because it had never failed before.  Typical reptilian arrogance!  It was supposed to have been just another genetic uplift program like all the others: simple, really, nothing too complicated about it.  It was in fact so simple, they even have the humans doing it themselves these days.  "You know you're boss is desperate when he agrees to let his subjects run the labs," Molinar thought to himself as he continued with the task at hand, which was increasingly turning out to be just more damage control.  The plan was failing.  It was by now so obvious the plan was failing, that even Janapstra himself could see it, but refused to.  For a race that has been run out of every decent sector this side of the masked nebula one would think the reptilians and their assorted followers might be a tad less arrogant, but you'd be wrong. 

For the last 150 years Molinar had been the top Zeta-Reticuli mind control expert in seven systems, which was exactly why Janapstra kept him on a short leash.  Humans weren't much of a challenge on the face of things; there was much more exciting work to be had, if one was not contracted to this particular reptilian commander.  He would be elsewhere by now were it not for the vexing glitch in the program, which was causing the entire plan to fail.  The first few thousand generations or so had gone pretty much as they always do.  A planetary population is discovered while still in a Neolithic type state of advancement, then the Archons come in and mix their desired DNA material into the indigenous DNA: your basic catch & release program.  Let simmer for a dozen generations, then repeat, simmer, then adjust for fine tuning.

Slave races have been created this way for a millennia; well at least until the confederated worlds banned the practice.  The reptilians discovered soon enough that banning is one thing, and enforcement another matter entirely.  The very thing which had made the reptilians the refuse of the galaxy is the same reason nobody wants to antagonize them.  They tend to be hyper-aggressive; believing all other species are inferior to themselves. 

The shiny gold name plaque on his desk announced him as Saul S. Lumber, and that desk was deep in the belly of the Department of Homeland Security, Division of Genetic Truth.  He was the human in overall control of genetic purity and truth management in the north American zone, and Molinar's greatest achievement by any galactic standard.  Saul saw himself as a spiritual warrior, no...more like a grand samurai; slashing the virus of truth whenever it dared raise it's ugly little head.  Truth, Saul told himself, is the serpent in the garden of order, and he was it's genetically engineered nemesis. Although Molinar had many times reassured him that current difficulties were not his fault, Saul was beginning to wonder if this was ever going to work?  For more than 40 years Saul S. Lumber had gone about his exacting daily routine.  Arise, shower, & breakfast, all in the same sculpted space; then across the corridor to his work station for the next twelve hours.  Part of each day was always spent in the semantics lab, where neuro-lingustic dynamics were  developed to counter the most recent truth eruptions.  Saul's work was legendary stuff, right up there with swamp gas, and trickle down economy: and if Saul was worried then it's time to question a lot of things. 

 It was widely understood in the Orion sector that the only reason reptilians and archons worked together was because nobody else would have them as associates.  For such an unholy alliance as it was, this symbiotic partnership added brute strength and guile with psychopathic intelligence; giving rise to a malevolence of seething evil, and ineptitude, from which not even they could escape.  Some 45 to 50 thousand years ago these two scourge races first discovered earth; and finding it unprotected by either technology or treaty, they of course set about doing pretty much as they pleased with the inhabitants, the early Cro Magnon race, and their counterparts around the planet.  The mutual dislike of each other was never far beneath the skin of any issue, as the reptilians and archons seem equally arrogant and distrustful in their very nature.  This mutual dislike could not be better epitomized than by the example of  Janapstra the reptilian commander, and Lucifer, the chief archon agent of chaos.  Under Lucifer's command, the archons had devised their most elaborate holographic reality construct ever, and the reptilians posing as earth elite, were blowing it; so there was more static between the races than ever, just as humanity was crossing the threshold of evolution, with thousands more awakening each day, and the construct degraded faster than it could be rebuilt.

The archon endgame plan had originally called for the complete and total subjugation of humanity on earth long before they even approached the threshold of evolution, just to be on the safe side.  Through the various Jihads', Crusades, Holy wars of all kinds; not to mention everyday conflicts over wealth & resources: humanity was coming right along in step with the program.  Then, something happened.  The archons are great fixers, usually,  because they operate thru intimidation and deceit.  It is difficult to intimidate or deceive that which you cannot identify - and it was just that which had been vexing the plan for over fifty earth years.  The "baby boomer" & subsequent generations just weren't buying the old, outdated paradigm anymore.  Lucifer and his best had failed to predict that these generations would ever want anything more than their parents had; and by the time they realized it, well, the cat was out of the bag as they say.  Lucifer himself had designed the emergency paradigm needed to reclaim these 'lost souls' back into the framework of the plan.  It was perhaps his most brilliant strategy ever, as it first addicted them to loud, shiny, meaningless social memes; then proceeded to sell them the artificial construct designed especially for them. To keep them mindlessly out of the equation, and below the level of critical thought.

To enhance the success rate of this shameless deception Lucifer had instructed Molinar to make use of his most skilled social engineering technicians, including the elite hybrids, such as Saul.  The human mind is actually quite easy to influence, especially these days, after generations of DNA splicing to weed out individuality, creativity, and logic.  Molinar's elite mind control experts had mapped every possible human response to any imagined stimuli; based on their profiling techniques; and still had not found the elusive, errant genome responsible for the contagion of free thinking now sweeping across earth.  As if it wasn't already difficult enough to maintain the holo-illusion; the reptile posing as John McCain was melting down on camera more frequently, and it was only a matter of time before he lost it all together and revealed his lizard face to the world!  Lucifer was starting to wonder if this was ever going to work...

Janapstra was pacing back and forth across the bridge of his command ship high above earth.  Only his arrogant ego prevented him from muttering aloud to himself the way old demented generals always seem to do.  To say he wasn't happy would be the epitome of understatement, and when reptiles get this way it just never seems to end well for anyone in the vicinity.  Between John McCain and this new sprout Obama, it was a miracle any of them still had their original reptilian hides.  The fact that the whole lot of them hadn't been turned into belts & luggage long ago was mute testament to the stupidity of humanity, and the superiority of the reptilian species!  This knowledge didn't seem to calm the lizard general down, as his pacing continued; making his bridge crew increasingly nervous.  After all, the Roddenberry chameleon  had based the Klingon race pretty much after this one strutting, imposing maniac. 

Janapstra's current fit of imminent rage had to do with the failure of his comrades to see the seriousness of the matter, as they continued to accumulate money as if it actually still had any value, and party like it was 1999.  This 'great awakening' as the human resistance movement calls it, is beginning to gain momentum at an alarming rate.  Molinar had promised them all; that the humans would only use the internet for stealing music & watching porn, something that both Lucifer and Janapstra reminded him of all too frequently.  Who knew this errant gene would surface, the one which thirsted for knowledge and thrived on truth?  Wherever it came from, however it mutated into existence, didn't seem to matter any more somehow, as not only were the Gen-X'ers not buying the bovine excrement, but even his best warriors were now succumbing to greed and avarice...as his pacing intensified, Janapstra was beginning to wonder if this would ever work?

At his secluded work station Saul S. Lumber works away as he has for each day of his life.  He's never had nor desired a vacation, or even as much as a day off.  Those terms are only for the mind cattle he has spent his entire life programming, and re-programming.  It is imperative that the humans never be allowed too much time outside the parameters of the plan, as for Saul, there never quite seemed to be enough time for all he must accomplish, hence, no need for a vacation, especially not now, as the great archon end game nearing it's planetary roll out!  "So much to do, so little time" - He silently laughed to himself, it was his favorite neuro-lingustic psyche-grenade of all time, a true masterpiece.  Saul couldn't recall where this subtle sense of humor had come from, but he liked it, much as humans like to season their meals. 

It was a luxury Saul couldn't allow himself just now, as the radioactive fallout from Fukushima was causing some problems that couldn't be managed by simply ignoring them.  First there were the ever increasing accounts of outright mutations in various marine mammal species; but now the even harder to conceal, and increasing frequency of, bizarre animal behavior around humans, most notably, the desire to kill & devour them.  Just this week alone in Alaska, there had been five baby-jackings by crazed bald eagles.  Something like that is very hard to keep off of YouTube, especially when it seems every one able to walk and talk has a camera phone these days....yet another bauble to distract turned against the archon overlords by a captive race of slaves....Hmmm, what is going on here, Saul wondered quietly to himself?

He didn't have too much trouble convincing folks they didn't need to test the Pacific ocean for radiation, despite all the evidence to the contrary; so it shouldn't be so difficult to convince them that these increasing predations of wildlife upon humans have nothing whatsoever to do with something so harmless as radiation.  Indeed, that should be easy enough for a master with the skills Saul possessed, yet even he, was having trouble covering up the far too frequent episodes of wild animals, deranged from Fukushima radioactive fallout, stealing the equipment of unwary humans. 

"Between these things leaking into the news: along with the antics of renegade Darpa Robosapiens Manning & Snowden- keeping the serpent of truth from infecting humans everywhere with it's venom was just getting harder every damn day..."  Saul thought to himself in a pensive kind of way which he liked almost as much as the humor.  As he continued tracing down the errant genetic codings he was hunting for, Saul mused to himself about enjoying pensiveness and humor; two traits Molinar had never programmed him for.  How was it then, that he was able to have such mutable qualities as these, especially when the entire transhuman agenda begun by Walt Disney was trying to convince them they don't need them?  Could having such unwanted programs result in errors in his work, Saul wondered?  He would have to check on that, just to be certain. 

Meanwhile; on the archon flagship Bilderberg, Lucifer was attending to the myriad of small details upon which the deployment of the final, desperate gambit would depend.  First the world financial system had to be brought down once and for all time - never to emerge again.  The ensuing chaos would be allowed to continue for an appropriately biblical duration before the planetary holographic light show began, and the "good aliens" came swooping in to save us from the "bad aliens"- who like al-qaeda, need not exist in order to illicit the desired fear response.  Within a scant few days, humanity would once again be under the archon thumb, this time; forever!   Perhaps more than anyone else, Lucifer understood the ramifications of failure here at this critical juncture of cosmic timing.  Earth had to be subdued permanently so the archons could then colonize the rest of the system...making it their permanent new home.  All they had to sacrifice was earth - which was to be divided between the reptilians and the Zeta's; then all the moons of Jupiter & Saturn were theirs forever, and of course their new home world would once again be, Mars. 

Failure was an impossible concept fifty short years ago, but now it loomed as a very real possible outcome, despite their very best efforts; why, what had gone wrong?  How could a docile and subjugated slave race shrug off the yoke of control in so short a time?  The way his tentative allies the reptiles were behaving, you'd think they all had somewhere else to go if the humans prevailed, and kicked them out ...  what a humiliating thought that was, for one with the arrogance of the archon.  Knowing that humanity awakens after each cycle of the Kali Yuga, it was such an easy task to just keep them slumbering beyond that point so as to miss their opportunity for evolution, it was going so well, what happened?

Back at the division of genetic truth Saul was hot on the trail of the errant genome responsible for so much dysfunction in the plan, having backtracked it from the most recent anomaly.  He was feeling victorious until something caught his eye, a particular DNA sequence unique to himself; but how could that possibly be, he wondered?  Digging deeper, Saul began analyzing his own EKG under the microscope when he saw something that turned his blood cold:  the unmistakable signs of post hypnotic suggestions, many of them! 
Molinar was of course monitoring this development, as the problem now demanded the utmost scrutiny of even his most trusted hybrids.  His trust in Saul was formidable, yet even the impossible must be ruled out, and that is how Molinar discovered his very best mind control expert had been compromised!!  Knowing he had to suppress his rage to remain logical, Molinar nonetheless nearly smashed the console in front of him in sheer frustration.  Saul was quietly collected by security and brought to Molinar's lab for a complete level 4 diagnostic.  It was during this brain scan that still more tell-tale signs of tampering & hypnosis were discovered, and now Molinar was truly alarmed for the very first time.

The evidence was plain to see right there on the glowing monitor screen: not only were there numerous artifacts present indicating many hypnosis sessions over the last few years, but they each occurred in this facility - "Impossible"- Molinar thought to himself.  It was an easy enough matter to back date each instance of intrusion, then bring up the security videos for those dates, which was a task Molinar felt only he should conduct.  Each hypnotic tampering session had occurred when Molinar & Saul were nowhere near each other, and yet the security vids all clearly showed Molinar making contact with Saul, each time!

Molinar stared at the images in rapt disbelief, yet there it was ... a perfect likeness of himself taking clandestine meetings with Saul which he knew had never taken place, yet they did.  Even now, poor Saul was having his brain layered out like an onion to root out and discover every subliminal command ever given him...but that wasn't what worried Molinar the most...

What worried him most was knowing there was another player out there with their hand in the game...

{End of Chapter One...}

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  1. Wow..... Absolutely Brilliant Kerry

    When can I buy the book ;-)))))))))

    Arthur C Clerk and Philip K Dick.... stand aside... Kerry's in town

  2. Meanwhile, back on the starship, Ranch, the cyberspace Arcturians were busy calling in their Soul fragments. A Pleiadian telepathed, "Where is that dude, Chautauqua? Back from VAcation by now, surely?" "He's on Earth, on Earth," replied an ecstatic Arcturian. "Oh, that's good then, and tell him Douglas Adams liked the horsey bits." Unicorns and Pegasus, or is that Pegasi, yeighed their approval. Love, Althea

  3. Hey, it's me, Carla. Saul S. Lumber??? Hahaha! I am so glad you are doing and feeling better! I missed you. Isn't it funny how we get so familiar with people we haven't met? But we have and are all meant to come to the ones we need to or agreed to.
    I loved your story! I can't wait to keep on reading. I was taken in and then sent disturbed at points and sent laughing out loud in others. You have a true gift, Brother.
    I want to cook for you! Much love- Carla

  4. Great stuff...we need more humor as this whole sh%t bomb gets more serious.

  5. "Evolution" within this realm is just another ideological illusion woven into the minds of mankind by the Archons.

    Spirit does not evolve. It grows, freely, and without competitive forces of any kind.

    Evil is that which subverts this Truth, creating artificiality of conditions which deny, by force and fraud, the free and natural growth of Original Beings, so as to support a falsified existence as along as possible.

    Destruction of the physical universe, to say nothing of this dirtball planet, is what the final outcome must be. This will release the Light Beings from this hell forever, simultaneously denying it the only energetic vitamin it requires to continue its vampiric renegade existence: Spiritual Suffering.

  6. I have personally always wondered what exactly are most extraterrestrials and their dispositions. Human beings throughout time have dipicted what they genetically fear as evil or bad, and those that are allies as protectors or good. People generally view reptiles as serpents and of the devil. While big eyed cute animals that remind you of a puupy or kitten are highly trusted and valued. This type of non fiction and fiction is throughout countless books. ET's naturally would be perceived in the same limelight. Reptiles cold and wicked and other mammal types as warm and peaceful. What is the real answer?

    I know several people with pet reptiles that have never bitten them and are quite loyal to their owners. While I have known a couple of people that have had the most eye appealing mammals and one lost a piece of their ear to one of them. I of course have known the most loyal dogs and the most ill tempered lizards that will scratch and bite you hand to death. Basically are we really seeing what these beings are, OR are these beings simply playing on our deepest ansestral fears?

    I have longed wondered if these ET's are nothing but shape shifters that can appear in any form that most frightens us. To scare someone to death you are not going to appear as an Ewok or some harmless looking Lemur. To really get those primitive fears going you are going to take the form of something that terrifies someone like something that Halloween is about. That is if these beings are shape shifters.

    I throughly enjoy thinking about what an ET will look like by trying to compute what their home planet is like. Bright star with a lot of heat, reptiles that are cold blooded would like this and thrive. A dim planet with cold weather you would get big eyes, warm blooded, probably fur or other protective mechanisms. Then you have ET's that have lived under a control climate situation and probably have extremely refined features, very physically appealing species regardless of being a reptile, mammal, bird, fish, insect, even plant type life.

    What I am trying to say is that we should keep all possibilites open for what these beings are, and what their agenda really is. What could be thought of as good could be a means of being conquered. What could be viewed as evil could be a concept we just don't understand. Like many religions, unless we have experienced it firsthand, we are taking the words of human beings that have a very colorful past of making up some of the most interesting yarns. The scale of manipulation could be beyond our most vivid imaginations and fears.


    1. Hey, Realist,

      (Althea here.) When we consider that we are all ET's, having all come from Source, then there are really no bad or good ones, only different perspectives. Planet Earth just happens to be a planet of conditional love and therefore, choice. In my opinion, it's getting back to Source that is THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN, and if some want to take the detour of the low road as in density/control/fear/king of the castle stuff, I simply choose not to play that sub-game and by my choice, what I focus on is real. Over and out, love, A.