Monday, December 23, 2019

"A Crime in Progress"

In March of 1936, British politician Sir Austen Chamberlain was speaking to a trade union about the tumultuous times they were experiencing when he mentioned an ancient Chinese curse: "May you live in interesting times."  No research has ever verified any such curse, Chinese or otherwise, which hasn't prevented the quote from finding its way into our modern lexicon.  It never really made sense to me that the quote would be related to a curse unless bland & boring is your cup of tea. 

One thing is certain; we "Baby Boomers" timed our arrival perfectly to be witnesses to some very interesting times indeed.  From the space program & moon landings to presidential assassinations and the Berlin wall coming down.  From the hippies and the peace movement of the 60's to 911 & global warming.  From Rock & roll to the personal computer...our time here so far has seldom been boring or bland. 

Of all the historic events we've witnessed; the one now playing out in Washington D.C. with the impeachment of Donald Trump is far from over; and its repercussions will be felt for many years to come.  That is why I invested the time to watch all of the public testimony on the Ukraine issue, and nearly all of the recent floor "debates" leading up to the historic vote on 45's impeachment. 

When I was young, politicians were also statesmen and orators, some better than others, but all spoke in coherent complete sentences.  Some were good enough to stir up real feelings, which is a power that should never be abused.  I've always liked listening to great speakers, regardless of the subject, I like the eloquence and artistry of language.  Watching the Ukraine testimony, and the floor impeachment "debates" was like watching patriots and statesmen at work being heckled & harassed by a group of  Meth addicts with ADHD

The Democrats to an individual, were full of steely eyed resolve as they each spoke elegantly about the facts before them.  The Republicans on the other hand mostly read from a sheet of talking points with their heads bowed, unable or unwilling to make eye contact.  A few of the GOP Trump defenders were loud & shrill; tossing out lie after lie like howler monkeys throwing handfuls of excrement.  Grade schoolers on a sugar high have more decorum than I saw from Trumps defenders, and are more articulate of speech. 

The WORM defense (White Old Republican Men) of Trump mainly consisted of transparently absurd foot-dragging tactics by GOP representatives who clearly would rather muddy the water than actually debate the issues at hand: in an attempt to delay the vote, so they could later claim the Dems held a "midnight impeachment vote."  So sleazy!  Just like spoiled brat children; the GOP defenders answered serious charges with taunting, name calling, obfuscation, hysteria...and when that didn't work they resorted to just making shit up.

Trump repeatedly attacks teen age climate activist Greta Thurnberg (who has Asperger's Syndrome) and the GOP politicians are silent; but when a witness made an oblique reference to Trump's son Baron, they literally lost their shit for 2 straight days!  Such hypocrisy. 

It is also worth noting here that those WORM defenders never once defended trumps character, morality, honesty, or integrity - Not Once - and for a simple reason, he has none of those things.  Instead they prattled on about the process being flawed, despite the fact much of it was written and voted in by them. Yeah, not a single republican congressman or senator said as much as a single word supporting Trumps character.  Its good to know there are some lines they won't cross, some lies they won't swear by.

Adam Schiff referred to Trumps Ukraine gambit as "A crime in progress" which I think in all fairness applies to Trumps entire time in office as well.  It's also fair to say that Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham are driving the getaway car when it comes to the crimes Trump was impeached for.

McConnell is currently blocking 121 bills from being approved, including new laws that would protect our elections from foreign intervention & influence!  That is why he has earned the name Moscow Mitch, and frequently refers to himself as "the grim reaper."

Nancy Pelosi is playing hardball with the senate by waiting to send articles of impeachment to the senate, until they confirm the format of the impeachment trial...since they have previously said they will call no witnesses, hear no testimony, see no documents. It's called damage control.  Obviously, they don't want more truths to see the light of day.  Why do we always allow them to defend the Truth with a wall of lies?

"Where ever law ends, tyranny begins" ~ John Locke

The constitution states, and requires that a senate impeachment trial be conducted in a fair and unbiased manner.   The day Trump was impeached we saw both Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham state unequivocally for the news cameras that they would be "taking their cues directly from Trumps white house, and have already decided how they will vote."  Doesn't sound like fair and unbiased to me.  They are both up for re-election in 2020, its time to vote them out of office because it is quite clear neither of them are working for us or even our country. 

53 GOP senators will decide the terms of Trumps impeachment trial.  The other day I watched Dem. Rep. Steny Hoyer speaking to Republicans, admonishing them for their lock-step support of this clearly rogue president... and I was impressed.  He told them that courage is contagious, then asked them how they wanted history to remember them, when all is said and done.  This guy is Trump's kryptonite!

A new poll out today states that 70% of Americans want a senate trial that includes witnesses, testimony & documents.  Unfortunately, that doesn't matter at all to McConnell & Graham, and it matters even less to Trump.  What we want doesn't count, that's exactly how the electoral college gave us G.W. Bush and now Trump.  Once this impeachment debacle is finished (with Trump in jail) we need to clean out all the WORMS in our government, do some serious election reforms and destroy the electoral college because that is an education we can no longer afford.

"America is a rudderless ship where just getting by is good enough."
                                                                  ~ An Acceptable Loss ~

Meanwhile back at the office for management and budget; new emails have surfaced incriminating Trump even deeper into the quagmire, prompting Chuck Schumer to say the Democrats are possibly looking at some new articles of impeachment.  I simply can't wait to see how that plays out! 

This whole thing about Trump being our president has now de-evolved to a point beyond international embarrassment.  The sheer amount of damage Trump continues to wreck upon America has degraded his significance to that of having a rabid raccoon in our garage.  We have to remove him from the garage before he destroys even more stuff (those freedoms we take for granted as example).  If we just smack the raccoon a few times with the broom without driving him out of our garage, then he's not only still there but now he's mad as hell & backed into a corner. 

Trump supporters at his rally the night of his impeachment came to be inspired but instead got a madman in mid-meltdown as Trump railed on about dishwashers, showers and toilets for nearly 20 minutes.  Earlier the same day Trump sent a six page letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  It was full of rambling incoherent self-important rantings, personal attacks and several outright lies. (what else is new?)  I doubt that Trump comprehends this, but that letter will go into the permanent record for this impeachment and will do much to influence the picture history will paint of him.

With the stain of impeachment a permanent black spot, Trump is no longer a "Teflon Don" because this will stick to him forever.  Furthermore, he needs to win the 2020 election to stay out of jail; as New York still has charges pending against him. 

Insiders are saying Trump is mad as hell over being impeached, which was obvious from his last two rallies.  He is ramping up his divisive rhetoric to fire up his base, framing the 2020 election as "Us vs Them" to his supporters.  Like that raccoon in the garage, Trump is now cornered & angry, which makes him dangerous.  He doesn't need to pretend to be the nice guy anymore, and we all should know by now how he deals with those who anger or cross him.  He has single handedly intimidated the entire republican party into supporting him no matter what.  That is, in and of itself exceedingly dangerous.  With his toxic narcissism riding atop his hyper-inflated ego Trump may well decide that if he has to go he will just take the country down with him, before he flies back home to Russia.

"Most of us can read the writing on the wall,
 we just assume its addressed to someone else."
                                              ~Ivern Bell~

It wasn't too long ago that Rudy Giuliani went on national television and gave us the quintessential Orwellian quote, "Truth isn't Truth."  Now we have McConnell and Graham saying "the facts don't matter" if you support Trump.  PR no longer stands for public relations, nowadays it refers to Propaganda Reality. 

With Trumps impeachment the democrats are just taking out the garbage because the Donald never did any odor control.  Every gambit he touched became a smelly mess or full on disaster.  Trumps "presidency" has seen him stumble from one scandal to the next with barely a time out in between to catch our wits. 

Our government is nothing more than an aging Kleptocracy and the reason Trump got impeached is because he broke the rules & doesn't play well with others.  For generations both houses of congress have been stealing America blind as they enrich themselves & their corporate sponsors.  The democrats are little different than the republicans.  Throughout this impeachment the Dems have conducted themselves as if they are squeaky clean and above reproach; kinda like putting on your best clothes before going to church.  In reality, they are just as complicit in the destruction of this nation.  Right wing, left wing makes no difference when both wings are on the same vulture, and the flight plan never changes.  The Dems are just as guilty of plundering the treasury and malfeasance as the GOP, its just that its the Dems turn to play the good cop.

So, Trump has been impeached, but his buddies in the senate have announced their trial will be a kangaroo court without witnesses, testimony or truth; and their intention to vote acquittal on both articles of impeachment, nullifying the whole process.  Just another bait & switch street theater for the masses, another nothing burger.  Just another day in America.  Everything begins to make sense, and motivations become transparent one you finally realize that the system isn't was designed to operate exactly as you've always seen.

© 2019 full re-post with permission only 

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Thursday, December 12, 2019

A Hard Rain

It was just the other day I caught myself trying to remember the last time I saw it rain.  I noted with lament that I couldn't recall, and perhaps more to the point, that I was wishing it would rain.  We could sure use a good cleansing rain right now.

Much to my surprise and delight, the very next day it was overcast, and raining.
It has been raining more or less steady going on four days now.  A reminder from spirit perhaps, to be mindful what I wish for. 

Of course my affinity for rain in the redwoods must these days be tempered with the knowledge that it is also washing Fukushima radiation out of the atmosphere and onto us, our homes and our food chain.  I can almost hear the groans from here..."Oh no, he's going to go off on Fukushima again..."  Well, somebody has to do it cause you sure don't hear the subject come up hardly ever anymore.  Its almost like it never happened; except it did, and it's happening still, every single day.  Not the kind of cleansing rain I had in mind. 

You can all relax, as I'm not gonna go off on Fukushima, but rather I bring it up to make the point about our collective ability to stare disaster in the face and then turn away, ignoring it.  We do this a lot more than we realize, we do it all the time.  Right now Fukushima is far from being the only looming threat to humanities future on this planet, it's just the biggest and worst of them all.

How we respond to imminent threat as a species falls along a scale called the Discount Rate.  Not to be confused with the term as it applies to finance and banking; in this context it means that each species reacts to imminent threats differently, each according to its nature.  For instance a rabbit runs for dear life when a threat is identified, whereas the elephant will likely attack.  Rabbits are said to have a low discount rate, as they disregard (or discount) almost nothing.  Conversely the elephant has a high discount rate because few things in nature except man pose much of a threat.  As for us, well our discount rate is off the chart because we just ignore everything too uncomfortable to think about, especially when we cannot do squat about it.

Our collective discount rate is never so apparent as with our reaction to the immigration disaster that gave us kids in cages.  Oh yes its still happening, in fact a 16 year old detainee died in custody just the other day.  It continues because we don't want to know and that suits Trump just fine, its called tacit approval.  If there isn't room in your life enough to care about such things then I submit your life is in need of re-evaluation.

"If our elections are corrupt - everything is corrupt."
                     ~Jerry Nadler ~Dec. 11, 2019

 Ever since Trump hi-jacked the republican party we have come to know his many distasteful tendencies, none more appalling than his constant pathological lying.  We have come to know him as an ego driven thin skinned narcissist who continues to believe he can get away with anything; because nobody has the strength of character to stand up to him and just say no!  Instead we do the same as with all other currently on-going disasters, we just ignore it, despite increasingly louder alarm claxons going off every day.

Trump's idea of defending himself from impeachment proceedings is to refuse to allow witnesses to testify, intimidate those who do, and to refuse to participate in any meaningful way.  All the things an innocent man would do.  I'm sure his smug aloofness is rooted in his belief that when he is impeached, his GOP senate will acquit him.  But what if that doesn't happen?  Suppose the senate confirms impeachment articles and finds Trump guilty! 

The orange man is already showing increasing signs of loosing a few gears off his flywheel even now in early December.  The pressure of the looming impeachment is taking its toll on Trump as he says and does stranger stuff almost daily now as he runs the country from Twitter.  For example; on Dec. 7th during an interview, Trump began talking about how to save water, because people are flushing their toilets up to 15 times each use???  And "windmills cause cancer."   It's not funny anymore.  

On December 10th two articles of impeachment were officially drawn up against Donald Trump. One for abuse of power, and one for obstruction of Congress. Clearly there is ample evidence for at least two additional charges, why not include them?

The political pundits are talking as if Trump will be impeached by Christmas, and wouldn't that be a grand gift to the world ... however we're all by now aware of Trump's strategy to have his lockstep GOP senate defend his presidency by acquitting him on all charges and articles of impeachment. The temporary illusion of a very nice Christmas present, only to be snatched away at the last moment like Lucy, Charlie Brown & the football.

But what if they don't?!  Suppose even a few republican senators grow a spine and/or conscience and join to vote for impeachment? That, must be Trumps current nightmare.  From what Trump has thus far shown us it is clear that he will obstruct and obfuscate every legal proceeding and finding: he will not just bow his head in shame and walk away to a waiting limo or helicopter.  He will dig his heels in and make this the nastiest divorce in history.  He will incite his cult followers to violence in the streets, and have we already seen the beginnings of Trumps revolution with back to back active shooters on US Navy bases the same week as the Pearl Harbor anniversary?? 

As the vote for impeachment draws closer we will likely see still more random violence in our streets.  Doesn't it seem to you that we always get a spate of public violence or shootings after nearly every one of Trumps ego rallies?  Seems like it to me.  This is what we get for allowing a sham TV reality celebrity to "act" as our president.  For him its all about ratings, spectacle and chaos.  Well, his ratings are at an all time low, and nobody needs a war more than a politician who is low in the polls.  Don't be surprised if Trump starts a little hot war somewhere (like America) to distract from the impeachment.  That hot war might very well be in the Streets of America if the vote is to impeach & remove.  I guarantee you will see some spectacle and chaos if that happens.  All this and more to come, brought to you by the Tea Party.

If we continue to ignore the many warning signs of Trump bringing America to her knees we will one day awaken to a nightmare of epic dystopia.  If we fail to stop Trump while we still can, then the day isn't far off when we will have lost that ability forever.

It's as if this week Trump is just a magnet for bad press.  Adding to his other many woes a federal court found Trump and his children guilty of stealing from their own Trump Foundation charity.  Trump was ordered to pay over two million dollars to three different charities not of his choosing, and his 3 kids were sentenced to court ordered mandatory charity training to learn how to NOT steal from charities.  As bad as that must sting, the real pain came when  Trump learned that one of the charities his money went to was The United Negro College Fund.  Justice doesn't seem so blind after all.

We've recently seen that the Trump white house is fond of photo-shopping Trumps head on the bodies of Admirable people like Sylvester Stallone & Greta Thurnberg in some sort of ego-stroking exercise.  So, Here is my personal contribution to the collection.

Meanwhile in America its another day another shooting.  "Active Shooters" is no longer a disturbing social trend, it is the new normal.  There has been an active shooter on American soil event every day for five straight days with todays New Jersey incident of a man & a woman shooting several people dead.  Like I said, we've become desensitized to it, we've become jaded, to the point where it scarcely bothers us anymore.  Not only does the format allow the broken and twisted souls society has offended in some way to air their grievances, it also is an excellent cover for the kind of false flag operations our government likes so much.  No longer is PTSD the proprietary territory of combat veterans and battered housewives: we all have it these days, because while you were staring into your phone someone turned life into a war zone.  We have become desensitized to the violence and death that didn't exist a generation ago.  Instead of rising up together to stop the increasing horror, we adjust our discount rate accordingly and ignore it.  Its just easier that way.

Why is it always profit over people?  We keep hoping generation after generation that the next generation will have it better than us, and maybe they'll even help pull us back from the brink; but alas, each generation finds itself controlled, regulated and enslaved by greed, power and control.  This power & control is beyond our reach as you must be born into it; and for those who are, we are handed down from generation to generation as some kind of inheritance.  They of course keep selling us the "hope" of a brighter future every campaign season, yet that hope soon vanishes along with promises made once the "votes" are counted.  The game is we are only give two choices, each equally corrupt.  Naturally when you "vote for the lesser of two evils, you are still "voting" for evil!

As local rains continue for the 5th day, there is widespread flooding in San Francisco. Streets & subways are under water; with another storm on the way tomorrow.  No matter where you go, just ask the locals about climate change if you want to know what is really going on.  The weather is abnormal just about everywhere, and yet, those who speak out about it are labeled as "alarmists" as if we're trying to raise a stink over made up stuff like our current president, that's their thing.  All we so called "alarmists" are doing is trying to get people to wake up to the multi-tiered cascading disasters currently taking aim at humanity.  Our collective voice shouldn't have to compete with Baby Yoda for your attention.
Another aspect to both climate change and Fukushima is the issue of non traditional wildlife behavior.   Bears & cougars encroaching into human habitations is increasing, as are attacks on humans....we're seeing a radical increase on attacks in national parks & wilderness areas.  2019 saw a record number of shark attacks, primarily along the eastern seaboard.  All this suggests some radical changes are happening to wildlife, with radiation and global warming topping the list of most likely reasons.  Food chains are collapsing exponentially, and when animals can't find their normal prey available, they seek out another slow moving, tasty food source, us!

A recent report from world climate experts warned us in no uncertain terms that we are beyond the tipping point regarding global warming & climate change; and that for humanity to have the slightest chance of surviving, every nation on earth would have to co-operate together to drastically reduce our carbon footprint and toxic emissions.  Drought conditions worldwide are so bad right now that Victoria Falls in South Africa is drying out!  Meanwhile this week China and Pakistan both announced they will be increasing their greenhouse gas emissions by 20% each in the next 2 years!!  The tipping point is behind us, and so is the point of no return, but by all means get out there and fight your neighbor over black Friday deals.

Leading experts from Sir Isaac Newton to the late Stephen Hawking have proven that Humanity is doomed.  It's just a matter of when and how.  Most tend to conceive doomsday as a singular event catastrophe such as a meteor impact, or disease like the bubonic plague. In truth the end will come as one system after another fails; and humanity is gradually brought down by not one, but several overlapping disasters which we did not prepare for or defend against.

In 1555 Michel de Nostradamus published his famous book of predictions called The Prophecies" in which he wrote about events in future history which then later came true.  It is the second best selling book of all time after the Bible.

Although Nostradamus often wrote of world leaders and various disasters; he never really mentioned doomsday directly in his book.  In fact he only mentions the end of the world once; in a letter to his beloved son Peter, calling it The Universal Conflagration.  He went on to describe a multi-stage catastrophe of epic magnitude; citing economic upheaval, and a broken treaty leading to a massive battle between "East" and "West."  

Nostradamus wrote to Peter that the end of the world would come in the form of "pestilence, and war more horrible than has been known in three lifetimes...and famine."  Nostradamus left these clues in the letter to Peter: "A new era will begin just before the end"~"There will be a great abundance of fire and rocks falling from the sky and from that event 177 years 3 months and 11 days later by pestilence, long famine and wars humanity will end. Nostradamus put the date as April, 2190.

That first clue rings a bell.  Not long ago some thought that 2012 would be the end of the world but as others of us reminded them, the Mayan long count calendar was marking the end of one era and the beginning of a new era...the age of Aquarius.  Interestingly enough as we stumble our way into this new era we see we're closer to the Nostradamus prediction than the spiritual enlightenment usually associated with Aquarius.

As for the fire and falling rocks from the sky, I suppose we can be glad we haven't seen that, so far, because when it does happen it will not only be very bad in and of itself, it will also start the clock for the final countdown to our end.  Just think of the times we are living in as a kind of sneak preview of coming attractions... 170 years early!  One reason Nostradamus' book is the second best seller ever is because of the phenomenal accuracy of his predictions, including both world wars, Adolf Hitler and the Kennedy assassination, among many, many others. We humans have always had a keen interest in knowing the future, so we're naturally drawn to such a record of accuracy.

Something in the way Nostradamus described the universal conflagration stuck in my mind like a grain of sand in an oyster shell and I just couldn't stop thinking about it, so I did what I do, I went digging to see what additional corroborative evidence I might augur up.  Nostradamus indicated a cosmic event as the great harbinger of doom so we look to asteroids, comets, meteors and near earth objects (NEO's).  At any given time there are literally thousands of more or less stationary near earth objects floating in space close enough to be a potential threat.  NASA and NORAD track these objects constantly.  Then there are the fast movers orbiting the sun and intersecting the plane of Earth's orbit: asteroids, comets & meteors, like the one that killed the dinosaurs.

Now, this is where it gets very interesting.  When it comes to a space rock that might have our name on it and pose a serious threat there is a unanimous agreement among professional astrophysicists: an asteroid named 99942 Apophis.   First discovered in 2004 Apophis is a 370 meter, 27 billion kg asteroid orbiting the sun on a track which brings it near the Earth every seven years.  There was initially some great alarm that Apophis might actually strike Earth in 2029 because on Friday the 13th of April 2029 Apophis will pass inside the orbits of Earth satellites and the ISS, and will be visible to the naked eye!  Now the experts have determined that despite the very close miss Apophis won't impact Earth in 2029; however, coming that close to us Apophis' orbit might be affected by whats known as the gravitational "keyhole effect" changing its orbit enough that it might strike Earth in 2036.

It is hard to see how Apophis could come as close as it will in 2029 without being influenced by Earths gravity in some way.  All it takes is a nudge to turn a near miss into a hit.  So yes, the experts have extrapolated the orbital data for Apophis and determined that it will NOT impact Earth in 2036.  That is welcome news for the short term, but what about the long run, what about the times that Nostradamus spoke of in the prediction to his son?  To begin with Apophis is a single asteroid, and the prediction specifically said a great abundance of fire & rock falling from the sky.  As reassuring as that may sound there is another piece of information to add to this equation; and that is the fact that Apophis always returns in the month of April, and Nostradamus specifically put the date of the fiery falling rocks as April of 2190!  Coincidence?  How fitting it seems that the translation of the name Apophis is "God of Chaos."
Now, there are several differing types of meteorites: there are the dirty snowballs made mostly of ice and rock, there are super hard Iron/rock meteorites which are like molten metal, then you have meteorites made up of many, many smaller pieces, called rubble piles.  Until recently scientists didn't know which type Apophis is, but a few months ago new radar images were obtained of Apophis revealing it is indeed a flying rubble pile meteorite, which undoubtedly would break apart upon entering our atmosphere creating "a great abundance" of falling, fiery rocks.  I'm just saying, the logic here is bulletproof.

You may hear of Apophis in the news, as its next flyby will be April of 2022, when it will pass at a relatively safe distance: however, 25 orbits later will put Apophis smack on our doorstep on exactly the same date Nostradamus predicted for the disaster, April 2190!  Again, a single asteroid is not "a great abundance" but then Apophis doesn't have to impact Earth to fulfill the prediction, all it would have to do is slam into the cloud of stationary NEO's which one NASA scientist said "are swarming around Earth like angry bees."  If Apophis were to plow through this cloud of floating rocks it would be like Earth taking a giant shotgun blast to the face.

I'm not talking just a few miscellaneous asteroids falling to earth: such an event could well send several hundred space rocks plummeting to Earth, and the rockfall could last for days, perhaps longer.  To me, that sounds like "a great abundance" of fiery falling rocks.

It is interesting to note that it was around 2005/2006 that the US government began an accelerated program of building underground bunkers, including at the white house.  Other existing underground bunkers/complexes were upgraded and connected to newer ones with underground transit systems covering hundreds of miles.  Kinda makes us wonder, what do they know??

There is no shortage of dire warning signs, they are simply everywhere for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, and a brain capable of critical thought.  There is a road back from the brink of destruction.  We can work together to undo the damage wrought by the military-industrial-complex, greed and even climate change up to a point.  We could agree globally to end war, to work toward peaceful, sustainable solutions for future generations.

NASA could even deflect Apophis so it would sail blissfully into the sun never to threaten us again; they have the technology to do this right now, but will they?  Instead, according to a recent article; scientists want to move our entire solar system out of harms way, which they decidedly do not have the technology for.  The problem is obvious, because if you move the solar system you move Apophis right along with it, package deal.  If the Earth's fate is in NASA's hands, we're doomed.

We could do those things I mentioned, and even more, but we won't; it's just not in our nature to matter how great the need.  I think that on some inner spiritual level most folks can see where all this is headed, and they know from long experience that the fix is in and nothing is ever going to get "better."  Deep in their subconscious mind they sense the kind of doomsday Nostradamus described as the Universal Conflagration, not a single event but rather a domino effect of overlapping disasters.  I think the average person IS aware of these realities on some level, I also think they don't much care anymore.  Our species discount rate is evidence enough of that!  Why worry about Apophis when the date with destiny is 170 years from now?  By that time we and our children will be long gone!  And that is exactly whats wrong with our species, we care nothing about what happens unless it affects us personally right now.  Such shortsightedness will surely be the end of us.

One more pesky truth should be addressed here; and that is the fact we are currently in the middle of the 6th extinction, with over 200 species going extinct every single day!  Add that to the list of pending disasters we ignore and never speak about.

The writing is on the wall as they say.  From the augurs of old to modern day astrophysicists and poets; the warnings are many and crystal clear, a hard rain is gonna fall.  Alas, Nostradamus' prophecy is doomed to fall on deaf ears because nowadays we only listen to the prophets called margin and motive.

© 2019 full re-post with permission only

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