Thursday, June 11, 2020

Boiling Point

When George Floyd lay dying in the street under that cops knee his last thoughts probably weren't that he was giving his life to spark a world wide protest movement; but that's exactly what happened, and will continue to happen because after 15 days of increasing peaceful protests this thing is simply too big to stop.  It has become a global movement now.  The one uniting thought common to these global protests must surely be that the time for radical change is now!  Nowhere is this more evident than America.

This isn't just a crucial moment in American history; its THE crucial moment for Americas survival.  Not long ago groups of heavily armed white protesters gathered in various cities to demonstrate their resistance to the quarantine lockdown.  No cops kneeled on their necks, no national guard fired gas, grenades & rubber bullets at them, indeed almost none were even arrested.  Its called systemic racism, and it is built into our "system" of how citizens are treated by the police.  Another term for it is white privilege, and both must end NOW if this American experiment is to survive.

"Daddy, You Changed the World"
                     ~ Giana Floyd ~

Darnella Frazier, The 17 year old girl who filmed the George Floyd murder, has become the Abraham Zapruder of our time.  Just as with the home video of the JFK assassination, her video of Floyd's murder has shocked people out of their bubble of complacency and activated their sense of outrage.  Imagine the presence of mind it took to recognize she was seeing horrific racial injustice, and the courage it took to stand her ground and film the entire incident with many cops swarming around her! The reason we are usually shielded from such brutally graphic events isn't to spare our sensitivities, it is to keep us complacent and out of the streets. 

I wonder what Derek Chauvin was thinking for those eight minutes and forty six seconds as he was killing George Floyd.  I also wonder why his left hand  (which is gloved) isn't used to detain Mr Floyd during the filming, as that seems very strange indeed.  Perhaps if he had used both hands to safely subdue his suspect, George Floyd might still be with us today; so it makes me wonder just exactly was his left hand doing, instead of his job.

I am impressed and encouraged with the significant changes being made with regards to policing in the aftermath of George Floyds murder. However; the police are how the system always defends systemic racism; so to be truly meaningful some damn deep reforms are gonna have to happen before the police belong to the people & not the politicians.  There are 18,000 police departments in America, none of them under any national auspices whatsoever; each sets its own policy & procedures. 

We have to turn the heat down in this country before Trump boils it to a crisp.  He definitely seems the scorched Earth type to me, if I can't have it, nobody can.

"Cops who murder aren't bad apples,
 they're murderers"
~Samantha Bee~

1,098 American citizens were killed by police in 2019.  That alone is a national disgrace in the land of the free.  There are many things in place which give cops a sense of impunity, most of all police unions, which make it damn difficult to fire bad cops.  Many fired cops are re-instated because of pressure from unions.  Did you know there is no national registry of cops who have been fired for cause?  This means a bad cop who is fired can just move to another city and start over.  In many instances police departments fail to do an in depth due diligence when hiring.  You wanna know something else that doesn't exist...A national database of complaints filed against cops.  Such a database doesn't exist because police departments conceal that data from public scrutiny. 

Derek Chauvin had received 21 prior complaints against him but was still on the job that day to murder George Floyd. I'm not sure what its going to take to fix these problems but I know it'll take more than paramount canceling "Cops" after 30 years, or HBO pulling "Gone with the wind."
Black people have been marching for equal justice under the law for 100 years.  A century is a damn long time to wait for your voice to be heard.  Right now, led by the Floyd family, blacks are marching with whites in outrage over a senseless, racist murder; demanding that systemic changes be made immediately.  Not in another hundred years, NOW.  I gotta say that everyone should be exceedingly grateful that the mood right now is for equality and not revenge.  100 years is a long ass time.

As president it is Trump's job to protect and unite the country, that goes with the title commander in chief I guess.  Alas just as his myriad other duties and responsibilities he has let us all down time after time for nearly 4 years now.  Golfing, rallies and 12 hours of daily TV are the priorities of this president.  Trump has repeatedly showed us who he is and what's important to him, and it ain't us folks!  Remember a month ago after totally botching our Covid response, when Trump actually said "I take no responsibility at all"?  Huckster.

We saw what Trump was willing to do to clear out Lafayette Square for his photo-op; what do you suppose he will do when thousands surround the white house demanding his resignation?  Serve them hamberders and bleach maybe?  What about when protesters block all access to do you think Trump would respond?

Trump has never hidden his desire to be an autocratic dictator, while he openly adores the likes of Putin, Kim, and several others following his Hitler role model.  He wanted a military parade with tanks in his honor in D.C. - never mind the hundreds of thousands of dollars damage done to the streets by tank treds...such a parade for a cowardly draft dodger would be an insult to every service member everywhere.   
Trump NEVER backs down, not even when resoundingly proven wrong.  Do you suppose he will now start turning over a new leaf?  He is so angered over recent events, he just couldn't wait to do something nasty; so he overturned Obama's Atlantic Sanctuary, opening the entire Atlantic seaboard to commercial fishing; just out of mean spite.  Then the next day he re-instated the legality of inhumane hunting tactics banned by the Obama administration.

Trump knows the minute he is a civilian again he will be arrested to account for his impressive list of crimes.  He also knows that his reactions to pandemic & protesters has cost him the coming election.  He seethes in abject resentment watching Biden steadily rise in the polls, as his numbers continue to dissolve. 

"When people show you who they are; 
believe them."
 ~Maya Angelou~

Then there is his fragile, super-inflated ego, and his toxic narcissism to factor into the mix.  The whispers from three years ago regarding Trump's mental illness are now raging tornadoes of serious concern.  With each new bizarre thing to come from his mouth, we are doubled over in reality cramps, knowing the president is a raving lunatic.  
"People are dying now who have never died before" ~ "This is a great Day for George Floyd"
Now, take all these traits together: shake well under pressure & add the withdrawal symptoms he's having from not being able to hold his ego-stroking rallies.  Let ingredients simmer for a few hours in the underground bunker.  Repeat on a daily basis and you have the ultimate recipe for disaster.  What with the Covid-19 pandemic, and the systemic racism pandemic hitting simultaneously as the economy continues tanking & 44 million unemployed; less than 6 months ahead of the presidential election...we now have a new definition of the Perfect Storm.

Out of sight but still stoking division, Trump tweeted Monday that Martin Gugino, the 75 year old Buffalo N.Y. man who cops brutally shoved to the pavement, staged the incident with some kind of scanner to block cop equipment.  Does that sound like a rational president to you??  Drink Bleach to protect from this something a sane man would suggest doing?  We are witnessing the accelerating meltdown of Trump's various mental illnesses on a daily basis: It won't be much longer now, hide & watch!  Evidently Trump's insanity is as contagious as the Covid virus because on Wednesday (6-10) the white house officially defended Trumps bonkers tweet about Mr. Gugino.
Trump is one of those children who jump up and smash the game board whenever they loose.  When he looses the election he will try every trick he can think of to stay in office, up to and including smashing the game board, which in this case is our country.  He will unleash every kind of chaos to stay in office, up to and including using those nuclear launch codes.  If you tend to think this is just wild speculation on my part I would point you towards this news item:  When a recent poll showed Biden winning the election if it was held today, Trump immediately hired a private PR firm to investigate the results of that poll!  If poll results bother him that much, how do you suppose he will respond when the election doesn't go his way?   A dignified and orderly transfer of power?  Guess again.

Remember when Trump said he would run into a school shooting scenario unarmed to protect children?  Now we know he would really have just hid in the bunker until it was safe to come out.  The secret service protects & defends the white house, and they are a formidable force on the same scale as SWAT teams.  The son of a friend of mine was a member of the white house secret service detail, and believe me when I say they would never have whisked Trump off to the bunker over one crashed barricade 350 yards away.  First of all the threat level didn't warrant "bunker time" and secondly; for the secret service to have done this on their own is, well, ludicrous.  It made them look like the Keystone CopsNaw, the whole bunker trip was Trumps doing.  He ordered the secret service to take him to safety.

With the election just a few months away, the optics are lame to say the least for a wounded president sinking in the polls to run hiding in his bunker because protesters surrounded the white house.  Trump can already just imagine the kinds of election ads the Democrats will flood the airwaves with, the kind his ego has a very hard time dealing with, we know how much he hates to be embarrassed.  Just another reason to strike first, with a totalitarian iron election, no election ads!
Covid cases are up sharply in at least 22 states since the relaxing of the shutdown protocols.  This is only partly due to the unprecedented mass protests of the last 2 weeks.  I say partly because Trump of course pushed to re-open the country too soon (after botching his response to begin with).  Re-opening, even on a tentative, limited basis was all the virus needed to stage a resurgence...the protests were overkill, icing on the cake.  As of today the total number of Covid-19 cases in America passed 2 million, with 114,000+ deaths.  To date only  5% of Americans are infected and we're not even close to seeing it end.  CDC experts are now saying on their website that the infection rate is projected at 60 to 70% when it peaks.  Peak Corona.

CDC experts are today projecting 200,000 Covid deaths by November. Meanwhile, Trump has returned to his initial tactic of ignoring the virus. When was the last time you saw a Covid-19 update briefing from the government?  You may have noticed there haven't been any for a while and that's because Trump has abandoned hope, given up & declared victory.  He's touting that it's safe to re-open the country.  Remember back on March 6th when Trump asked the CDC if we could just let the virus sweep across the country.  That was the exact moment they should have fitted Trump for a straight jacket and enacted the 25th amendment to the constitution.

It's not too late, we can still do it.  Imagine 100,000 peaceful protesters surrounding the white house chanting "Wrap Him Up!" 
What if Trump throwing up a steel wall around the white house amid the recent protests was just a dry run for November?  Speaking of November; I got this kinda weird eerie feeling watching Trump leaving DC for a political visit to Dallas, Texas.  With everything being so tense just now it would be truly bad if another presidential visit to Dallas resulted in when G.W. Bush went there and killed a motorcycle cop with his Limo. 

As if to propel us into the next level of the Hunger Games the announcement today makes it official: The economy is in recession.  With unemployment exceeding 44 million, we are still loosing 900 to 1000 citizens a day to the pandemic.  Trump wants to open the economy & country back up but fails to understand that businesses need customers who won't be showing up in a pandemic-recession-social outrage kind of environment if they are dead or afraid of becoming dead.  That boy's got more issues than National Geographic.

"The single biggest threat to man's continued
 dominance on the planet is the virus"
Joshua Lederberg - PhD - Nobel Laureate

On Wednesday it was reported that since June 1st; 14 states & Puerto Rico hit their highest 7-day average of new Covid infections ever.  The same day, Trump announced he will be holding huge re-election rallies in 7 of those states having their worst week of new Covid cases since the pandemic began. No social distancing, no masks. In what insane world does that make any logical sense at all?  Mega-MAGA rallies in seven states with the highest rates of new infections!  If we were to apply logic to this, the only way it makes sense is if Trump is intentionally trying to personally amplify the pandemic by hand delivering his followers as new victims.   Trump supporters are dwindling on a daily basis anyway, between these new rallies and the bleach drinkers, this ought to finish off the rest of them.  Then again, what if he's trying to create a Covid resistant MAGA base like Jim Jones? "We can't do social distancing" ~Donald Trump 6-10-20~  It is perhaps relevant to note here that those who attend the upcoming Trump rallies, and attendees of the republican convention will be required to sign a waiver promising not to sue Trump if they catch Covid-19.
You just can't half ass your way thru a pandemic like this one; there is simply too much at stake.  Then there is the Trump Factor; we must expect results like we're seeing when we finally understand that from the very beginning (of Covid) back in December, Trump's only interest in the virus was two-fold; how can he weaponize it to help him win re-election, and how can it enrich him. We've seen Trump in broad daylight using this pandemic to his benefit (Hydroxychloroquine) but did you know that quietly, behind the scenes he has offered one million dollars to a German lab for the rights & title to any Covid-19 vaccines developed?  How is that for depraved?  Trump not only cleared the way for the virus by dumping Obama's entire pandemic response team, then when it arrived he drug his feet as the virus raced across this country like a wildfire, allowing it to infect over two million and kill 114,000 people.  Now he wants to be the only one selling Covid vaccines!   There is a special place in Hell for Donnie Trump; as Satan's bunker bitch! 

"You want it darker, We kill the flame"
          ~Leonard Cohen~

What if George Floyd was killed deliberately because 'they' knew the result would be massive protests (which they call "Riots" to justify using force against us)?  Suppose for a very dark minute that this whole entire scenario was gamed out and made real by Steven Miller as part of the plan to declare martial law before the election?   They would certainly have known that thousands of shouting, angry protesters choking the streets would give the pandemic a resurgence, killing still more needlessly.  Then all it would take is poking the bear a couple more good jabs to fully enrage it...pour fuel on the fire. 

All its going to take now is for just one more black citizen to be killed by cops; and there will be no stopping what are now peaceful protests from becoming a full on revolution, and we remember what JFK had to say about that!

The great shining lie will always defend itself with force when needed.

Another recipe for you: Provoke and enrage American citizens until they fill the streets, then treat them like an invading force to really get things going.  Season liberally with tear gas, peppering heavily with rubber bullets and brutality.  Add to these ingredients one deranged narcissistic president prone to fits of rage, and a few hundred career politicians terrified of loosing their jobs, all smothered in a creamy arrogance sauce.  Finally bring ingredients to a full boil so that when the citizens rise up you can clamp the lid down for good.

The system will defend itself from these nationwide protests.  Just as we've seen again and again recently, peaceful people protesting police brutality are met with more police brutality.  In Buffalo the entire emergency response team of over 50 cops resigned from that special unit in SUPPORT of the cops who shoved that 75 year old man & cracking his skull on the sidewalk.  Now scale this attitude up to the national scene!  The system will resist reform and meaningful change.  As long as Trump is allowed to shout orders we are all in serious jeopardy because we already know he never apologizes, never admits being wrong and never backs down. 
Trump ordered peaceful protesters to be hit with tear gas, flash bang grenades and rubber bullets just to clear a space for his silent bible holding photo-op: What chaos do you suppose he might order up to stay in office despite loosing the election?  With so much going on just now, and with literally the future at stake, it is necessary to state that America might never see another election for president.  In case you haven't been paying attention the last 2 weeks, America is at it's boiling point.

Around the world, statues and other symbols of racism are being taken down; in some cases torn down & dumped in the harbor. As if in shame, most municipalities that remove such offensive statues do so in the dark of night.  Why not do it in broad daylight, and make a public ceremony out of it?  Why not make a visible public demonstration that you want to be on the right side of history?
Voter suppression, purging voter rolls, "election monitors" and deliberate disasters, (such as Georgia's current voting nightmare), are tools the system uses to avoid reform of any kind.  Mail in voting is currently under a full court press attack by the entire Trump administration.  Trump is determined to stop mail in voting (despite Iowa's resounding success with it) even if it means de-funding the post office!  On Wednesday (6-10) in a secret late night vote; Iowa's republican politicians passed legislation making it illegal for Iowa to ever hold mail in voting again.  Why, when it was just so successful?  Because they want to control WHO gets to vote.  Now keep in mind the fact that Trump votes by mail, as does every member of his staff including William why is he so obsessed with stopping vote-by-mail?   Because he doesn't want YOU to vote!
In the aftermath of the George Floyd murder the city of Minneapolis Minnesota has decreed their police department is too corrupt to repair; and that they will dismantle it entirely, and start from scratch to build a new, better police department that will serve the entire community.  With the entire republican party & the senate falling in line behind Trump no matter how bat-shit crazy he becomes; I'm thinking here that we should do to Washington politics what Minneapolis is doing with its police force.  Gut it.  Shitcan every single elected official regardless of party affiliation, ban them from ever holding office again, then fix it!  The trials can come later, let them stew in prison for a few years while we rebuild and heal the country.  If we don't do this now; we will never see the chance again. 

© 2020~Full re-post with permission only 

* * *
Darnella Frazier full video:
* * *
Police body-cam footage of George Floyd arrest

If there's going to be a "safe word" for Trump my vote is "Meatloaf "
Perfect on so many levels

You wanted a reality show host for president;
Well, now you're on Survivor!

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Monday, June 1, 2020


"Birth is Painful"
~Dr. Cornell West~

All of life can be broken down into moments of transition
and moments of revelation.  This has the feeling of both!

There is a greater darkness than the one we fight,
it is the darkness of the soul that has lost it's way.

The war we fight is not against powers and principalities;
but against chaos and despair.

Greater than the death of flesh is the death of hope, the death of dreams.
Against this peril we can never surrender.

The future is all around us...waiting in moments of transition
to be born in moments of revelation.

No one knows the shape of the future, or where it will take us...
We know only, that it is always born in pain.

If we are wise, what is born of that pain
Matures into the promise of a better world

Because we learn that we can no longer afford
the mistakes of the past."
                                                                                                     ~ G'Kar ~


                                  2016   ~   "I Alone Can Fix It"
2020 ~ "I Take No Responsibility At All"

When protesters crashed a barricade 350 feet from the white house Friday night; Trump retreated 5 floors beneath the white house to his bunker cowering in fear for his pathetic life.  After ordering new, taller security fences be placed around the white house, Trump  emerged from hiding Monday and gave a rose garden press conference in which he stated he was the law & order president and an ally of peaceful protesters.  At the exact same time a couple blocks away at St. Johns church; 100% peaceful protesters gathered to protect the church from vandalism were attacked by cops on horseback firing rubber bullets, tear gas and flash grenades.  This totally unprovoked action was taken because Trump wanted to use the church as a propaganda backdrop for a photo-op.  He walked to the church, bone spurs and all to address the nation.  In front of this historic church Trump fondled a bible (as if trying to decide what it was).  A reporter asked if it was his bible, Trump replied, "It is A  bible."  Then, Trump brandishes the bible...upside down; and remained speechless for a few minutes before leaving the area.  Somehow this feckless stunt is a fitting analogy for his entire presidency, and life.

He went from hiding in his bunker to hiding behind "A" bible & his fake Christianity. 

This ham-handed demonstration of depraved indifference is bizarre even by Trump standards.  How un-like him to waste an opportunity to spew more hate filled rhetoric!  I ponder why he would just stand there silently holding a bible (upside down) like that.  What was the point?  What was it supposed to accomplish?  Was it symbolism?  Or, perhaps a his cult of followers?

The cable news talking heads keep saying that this is the tipping point, they're wrong.  
The tipping point was Rodney King 28 years ago.
This is the Boiling Point!

So, tonight America is now a "Battlespace" under curfew; where last night Trump deployed military helicopters to disperse peaceful protesters, and today he deployed the 82nd Airborne (with bayonets) on American streets during the worst pandemic in history...with 40 million unemployed.

 The revolution will be televised.

Update: Sept 15, 2020
We now learn from a white house whistle-blower
that Trump wanted to use a Heat Ray  on protesters, 
A military weapon deemed too dangerous for war!

Is it insane enough for you yet?

© 2020 full re-post with permission only 


Kimberly Jones Video: "You Broke the Contract"