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Where Did the Maya Go?

Well, there certainly is an awful lot going on just now, isn't there?  Paradigms and belief systems are being crushed beneath the weight of the indifferent corruption which they spawned, as a gnarly case of reality cramps sets in among the masses across the planet.  The planning of future wars while still mired down in the ones of our own making appeals to fewer people by the day, and thus the awakening surges like a tsunami across a planet in the throes of transformation, between Scylla and Charybdis, as it were.  Eroded by built in corruption, the mighty capitalist empire falls in upon itself now as the law of unforeseen consequences plays merry hob with the gatekeepers ability to keep it all together.  Humpty Dumpty.    

Simultaneously with those preparing for Armageddon & a side order of apocalypse; there are those who are preparing for something altogether different, something transcendent they have been waiting their entire lives for, which is now at hand as we at last pass out of the Kali Yuga and into the gates of Aquarius.  How very interesting and convenient it is to have all of this happening just as the renowned Mayan calendar ends one Baktun and begins another.  It rather makes sense.

Where we are today reminds me a whole lot of the fall of the Mayan empire, as they too fell to the combined foes of conspicuous over consumption of finite resources, war, drought, disease, and overpopulation. Yes, the Maya were masters of time, and certainly architecture, as what they built and maintained for 2000 years was more advanced than the Babylonians or even the Egyptians.  Still more impressive is that they did all of it without the benefit of metal tools, the wheel or even pack animals.  Like us, they were also an aggressive and bloodthirsty lot given to wholesale human sacrifice, which included children painted with Maya Blue pigment and sacrificed to the water god by being thrown into the Cenote, a natural forming limestone sinkhole holding ground water.
That they also used the same source for drinking water was no doubt a contributing influence to their eventual downfall...which brings me to my question for today...

Where Did the Maya Go ?

In the modern day state of Chiapas, Mexico at the site of the ancient Maya city of Palenque, stands the largest known Mesoamerican stepped pyramid.  It's called the Temple of Inscriptions and is a funeral monument for King K'inich Janaab Pakal, who ruled the great Maya empire from age twelve for nearly seventy years.  Pakal was responsible for much of the construction and expansion of Palenque, as well as the empire and in the fullness of time, was deified.  As was the general custom of Mayan rulers, it was a very big thing to be able to trace one's linage directly back to the ancestors from which they sprang forth...the sky people...so it's no great surprise they said that King Pakal communicated with the ancestors.  

Something I have wondered all my life is how can science ignore the fact that a great many indigenous people, including the Maya, have origin myths which include sky people coming from the heavens to teach them - and in every single ancient culture there is a promise by the gods, to one day return!  Clearly the Maya cosmology included the existence of portals to other worlds or dimensions, many in the form of the T shaped Tau Cross carved into solid walls, and other times as windows themselves.  This same exact thing has been discovered in Egyptian, Hopi, and Anasazi sites as well.  Essentially, the Tau cross represents the sacred tree at the center of creation.  Consider also that the Maya deity Kukulkan, the feathered serpent, is nearly identical to other flying feathered serpents found in other sacred belief structures around the world; such as the Nagas in the Mahabharata from ancient India.  Hmmm, perhaps something else that science is reluctant to discuss, or investigate.  Considering the Mayan creation story; is it so unreasonable to conclude as some do, that in the end, they returned from where they originated ~ the sky?  Perhaps Erich Von Daniken was right about the depiction carved into King Pakal's sarcophagus lid being that of the king himself at the controls of a flying craft of some sort.

 Many years after king Pakal's reign, the Mayan empire was in it's final stages of disintegration.  After the northern city of Calakmul sacked Palenque in 711 it was pretty much downhill from there, as the many various city-states began warring with each other for supreme dominance, over a dead civilization.  The question remains...What happened to the Maya?  Where did they go?  Did some of them make use of portals, while others departed aboard spacecraft?  Or, did they all just eventually die off or become assimilated into other cultures?  Perhaps, as many conjecture, some of the Maya may well have departed their homeland and migrated somewhere else; as humans tend to do when their homeland is devastated.  If so, where might they have gone to start over and begin again, what lands might have called to them with the promise of a peaceful future?
 In February of 2000 a group of archaeologists examine an unidentified site in Georgia's Chattahoochee national forest.  It is a massive configuration of 300 stone mounds. The site is carbon dated to 1000 AD, and becomes known as the Track Rock Ruins.   Soon, controversial evidence surfaces linking the site to Maya prophecy.  According to Creek Indian expert Richard Thornton: "Regarding the Mayans migrating into Georgia, it's not theory - it's fact."  The Itza Maya moved north into what is now Georgia, becoming the Creek Indians.  Thornton notes similarities in language, architecture, use of water, terracing hillsides, art, iconography, and temple alignment; to substantiate his findings. 
Earlier this year the History channel aired the pilot episode of "America Unearthed" featuring Scott Wolter, forensic geologist & president of American Petroglyph Services.  The episode, [complete video below] examines the entire Maya-Georgia connection.                                                                               
Among the artifacts discovered at the track rock ruins are spiral mounds, which are Identical to spiral mounds found in Ocmulgee Georgia and Xochitecal Mexico.  The Creek Indians once used these mounds for their sacred ceremonial Snake dance.  Hmmm, only slightly reminiscent of a feathered serpent god being honored in dance.  Along with nearly identical iconography as the Maya, the Creek Indians had very similar sacred beliefs & practices as well...just one more link, strengthening the connection.

Not far away from the Track Rock ruins is an ancient artifact known as the Forsyth Petroglyph which essentially is a great stone boulder about nine feet long by three feet wide, in the shape of some cosmic potato.  What makes it so interesting are the 17 symbols carved into it's surface which seem to indicate a possible ancient event.
The thing is, that nobody knows what the symbols refer to because nobody can read them, and even the oldest Indian inhabitants of the area do not remember - Nobody knows what the message on the stone means...it is very ancient.

Some folks believe it makes reference to some cosmic event such as a supernova , while others think it may be a star map of some kind that we are too young to decipher as of yet.  The speculation goes on and on, but nobody knows!  I find that really interesting.  Here we are so smug in our technology and full of our own cosmic significance, yet nobody knows what those 17 symbols on that rock mean.

When the Spanish discovered Lake Okeechobee in the 16th century; they found three different indigenous tribes living around it: the Mayaimi, the Mayaka, & the Mayayuaca.  Even more evidence to verify that the Mayan migration to Georgia & Florida took place as indicated.  At this point, the only people refuting this are the same ones responsible for the existence of something called Forbidden Archeology; those wishing to promote only a version of history which benefits or acknowledges them, regardless of the truth.  Don't we now have to at least wonder why the word Maya is prominent in each of the Lake Okeechobee tribes...and wonder as well just how the city of Miami got it's name?  Hmmm.  Makes ya wonder, indeed!

So, where did the Maya go?  The very first thing we must ask in looking at Maya spiritual beliefs is on what basis did they feel these beliefs.  Were they like us, accepting things on the say-so of the priesthood?  Or, was their spirituality more experientially based?  It is said that Kukulkan came from the sky to teach the people.  The ancient legends say that at a prescribed moment in time, Kukulkan took eight young boys aside from the tribe: and taught them math, astronomy, engineering and many other things.  These eight boys then became the first priests, who in turn would pass the knowledge on to the people, and guide them. 

From 250 to 900 AD the Maya were the most advanced astronomers on the planet.  They had calculated the orbit of Venus to within 6 hours!! Since they were not around for the 6000 years needed to plot this planetary orbit...How did they come by the information? It had to come from somewhere...I mean the Maya priests didn't just pull it out of their...feathered headdress...where did the knowledge come from?  A very good question if I say so myself! 

Perhaps King Pakal led a Mayan migration to other destinations in the galaxy; just as the Itza Maya migrated to Florida & Georgia.  To be sure, a great number of the Maya simply fled the warfare & chaos of a dying empire - to eventually be absorbed into other tribes and other cultures; which is no doubt why still today the Maya bloodline exists; in fact, my upstairs neighbor's wife has Maya blood in her veins.  Not ALL of them left, many are still among us now. 

But what of the rest, just where did the Maya go?  You can take your best guess at that if you want, but as for me; I am more interested in where WE will go, now that we're living thru our own equivalent of the death of an empire.  Where will we go when our moment in time is over, and all we've ever known ends, now that there are no more vacant lands to migrate to? 

 Have you thought at all about that?  

Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

The List of Lists

I tend to be a pack-rat when it comes to data & images because you just never know when that new nugget of information will be useful or needed.  Accordingly I spend a good deal of time organizing files for ease in finding & retrieving the perfect nugget, photo or link when needed.

Invariably there are always those rogue tasty tidbits of information which defy easy categorization, so they float about here and there waiting their turn. 

Augureye Express observed it's first birthday a month ago, and in that year I have squirreled away dozens of links, anticipating their eventual use in a blog post.  I kept coming across similar unused links on a recent organizational binge, and suddenly realized they are a blog post in & of themselves ~ A list of lists!

In 1977 David Wallechinsky, Irving Wallace & Amy Wallace published the first volume of their "Book of Lists" which became the standard that many others have since followed.

So in a similar vein, here is my list of lists for 2012 -2013.  
                    Take your time, there are some real gems here, and certainly,
                                     there is something for almost everyone.

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Absolute Proof that We're All One!


In two minutes this video impeccably explains
 exactly and irrefutably just how it is that
 We Are All One.
A validation for those who already know,
and kryptonite for those who refuse to see...
the unity in all life.

 Any Questions?

Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Quest of the Spiritual Warrior


A term we see increasingly these days is spiritual warrior: and though at first it may sound heroic and noble, when you really think it over it's just another oxymoron like military intelligence, & jumbo shrimp. Outwardly the spiritual warrior is one who champions the cause of spirituality by daily practicing it in a way which strengthens the soul and inspires others.  On a deeper level the spiritual warrior forever walks the shadows between the darkness and the light, standing guard against those dark brothers in dark robes.   Perhaps the greatest battle the spiritual warrior fights is the one within; coming to terms with the duality and dichotomy of existence itself. 

To some, the undertaking of spiritual practice at first seems to be all about expanding our spiritual horizons, to become a fully realized being on all levels.  Because we seek to better ourselves does not mean we are better than others in any way.  In fact, the whole point of spiritual practice isn't to become bigger or more, but rather to disappear all together, dissolved into the one cosmic consciousness.  The "more spiritual" we become, the less likely we are to see violence as an option; and yet so very often the way of the warrior embraces it to one degree or another; that in the end we become the peaceful warriors Dan Millman wrote about.

To become a warrior against violence & intolerance is the way of the spiritual warrior, first in one's own life, and then to the world we perceive around us.  When we find our way and follow our heart we begin to raise our vibration higher.  This inspires us to empower ourselves even more, thus being as a light house or an example for others.  Not for them to follow your path, but that by following their path...these things and so much more can be accomplished. This isn't an either/or universe; it's more of a both/and kinda place.  There isn't just one way, or a single path to follow.   Some would say there are twelve paths, while others still see them as infinite.  The pathways may vary but the qualities gained while walking them are universal, and all lead to the same truth.

The spiritual warrior climbs the mountain of their consciousness, there to do battle with their own demons, learning how to defeat them; then returning back down the mountain to share what has been learned.  Yes, at times the spiritual warrior must engage in energetic conflicts and psychic battles with those of the opposite polarity; but this is seen as more of a balancing than a true act of violence.  Spiritual warriors never seek revenge even when such constraint rips their very soul asunder.  Once a universal truth is learned it cannot be un-learned, and thus, to go against that knowing only serves to increase the damage & loss.  "Vengeance is mine, I will repay, said the Lord"  Romans 12:19

Those who choose to walk a spiritual path in this life often come to accept that they will be walking it alone.  In the final analysis there are as many reasons for this as there are belief systems, because most are, sadly, still preaching separation rather than teaching Unity.  When the mind becomes locked into any ideology that demonizes those of other beliefs, true progress is unlikely and enlightenment impossible.  When we deny the divinity of others, we diminish our own divinity exponentially; and distance ourselves from our source.  Does each grain of sand believe itself separate from the beach?  Does the drop of seawater believe it is the entire ocean?

When you stand far enough back from it all; it becomes plain to see that part of humanity is invested in keeping us all apart, as another part tries to get us to come together, with everyone else caught in between this sibling rivalry of cosmic proportions.  Unfortunately for everyone, this dichotomy is supported and enforced by those who seek to maintain their control over this planet and it's slave population.  The very last thing they want is for humanity to unite and progress toward enlightenment.  Remove all the window dressing and distractions and the truth is easy to see.  What will you do about it?

This then is the battle most spiritual warriors find themselves engaged in most often, and if you aren't cautious you'll find yourself still fighting this 'battle' when the opportunity arrives to progress to a vaster reality, leaving all the childishness behind.  Yes, it is still important to fight "the good fight" - just not on 4D earth, as that battle will never cease.

For a great many at this time The Good Fight has now become internal once again; as we detach from what was, in order to embrace what will be.  The conflict now is with the remnants of our ego, and the strength of our convictions. 

Don't believe everything you think!

As we know, our thoughts are very powerful because it is through our thoughts that we create the 'reality' we perceive; yet most people still toss them around mindless of the chaos and pain they create...never understanding the cause & effect relationship at play.  This disharmonious equation is made worse when we consider that most of the things coming out of most of the mouths are just rehashed, recycled thoughts picked up from some outside source rather than original thought, the product of critical thinking.   People latch onto some outside thought, usually because of its intentionally crafted packaging and usage.  Because it sounds intellectual and hip, people remember and repeat the slickly wrapped thought or belief, as if it IS original, and before ya know it, the thought becomes a belief...without ever having to pass much scrutiny of verification.  Lamentably, a great many people form entire belief systems this way, assimilating slick sounding syllables to seem smarter than they really are; instead of thru personal experience.  Wading thru stuff such as that in the general population is what wears down a good many spiritual warriors over time.  They become jaded and world weary realizing as they do that much of humanity is still not ready for their message; still not willing to evolve.  Add to this the aspect of walking the spiritual path alone; and we begin to understand why so many light workers and spiritual warriors are opting for the higher vibrations of fifth dimensional resonance.

Fifth dimensional emergence is already making itself known in various ways.  Many have noticed that the sun is a bit brighter than usual these days while also noting that time has taken on some rather elastic attributes of late as well.  Then there is the whole insanity of multiple synchronicities occurring in a short span of time.  One person recently told me of having three different experiences each repeat themselves three times in a single day.  Or perhaps you find yourself seeing 11:11 all the time, or variations thereof such as 12:12, 12:34, etc, etc. - this too is another 5D signpost.  Yet another "sign of the times" being experienced by many is that some things which once seemed so important now seem trivial and of little merit.  Just ask your friends and co-workers if they have experienced any of these things ~ you will be surprised at how many have!  Spiritual warriors and light workers are following these breadcrumb trails to a higher vibrational state of being because something in their soul tells them that their time is NOW! 

The Mastodon in the Room!

Have you noticed how an awful lot of upscale insanity has erupted across this planet in just the last little while?  All the sudden unrest with Egypt & Syria on top of an imminent war involving the rest of the mid-east countries...now the U.S. Government is shut down, and this time there is more behind it than the usual dickish bickering between greedy haters.  There are those who believe the USA ran out of money last May, and has been propping up a house of cards ever since...squeezing out every last dollar possible exactly like sharks in a blood-in-the-water feeding frenzy.   These same folks will tell you that the reason the government shut itself down was to give themselves a head start.  They know something is about to happen and they're not talking about it.

Fact is, almost nobody is talking about the one thing we should all be talking about, and that is the announced plans from Tepco to begin removing many thousands of spent fuel rods from those crippled reactors at Fukushima.  Not to put too fine a point on it, but, if there is any mishap at all with those fuel rods, the release of radioactivity would be many times greater and deadlier than what has already leaked into the air and been deliberately dumped directly into the pacific ocean.  One miscalculation or bad judgment call from Tepco with those fuel rods and the life priorities of seven billion humans changes instantly, and not in a life affirming way.  This then is the Mastodon in the room, the one thing certain to kill every living organism except roaches and some bacteria - and nobody wants to talk about it, much less DO something about it.  This is also what has spawned this feeding frenzy of aggression - it's the final grab before the balloon goes up.  Is 5D resonance looking better to you yet?

The one thing most responsible for the demise of humanity is politics.  This is easily understood by breaking the word down to it's root meanings: Poli- meaning many, and Tics- Blood sucking parasites!  These greedy haters are psychopaths not the least bit interested in the upliftment of humanity, or anything beyond their own net worth.  Seeing they would sooner burn it all down than to yield their power; the responsible spiritual warrior must choose their options from a dwindling menu of possibilities.  Some are moving on to higher frequencies and vaster realities, while others will stay to assist those remaining with the 4D version of earth; when the timelines finally split permanently. 

The future is being born right before our very eyes, and it is beckoning us to be participants rather than spectators...for as we have seen, if we don't create the world the way we think it should be; someone else will do it for us.  How are you liking the results so far?

"It was the fall of the year 2013; and the wars had paused unexpectedly.
All around us it was as if the universe was holding its breath; waiting...

All of life can be broken down into moments of transition
and moments of revelation.  This has the feeling of both!

There is a greater darkness than the one we fight,
it is the darkness of the soul that has lost it's way.

The war we fight is not against powers and principalities;
but against chaos and despair.

Greater than the death of flesh is the death of hope, the death of dreams.
Against this peril we can never surrender.

The future is all around us...waiting in moments of transition
to be born in moments of revelation.

No one knows the shape of the future, or where it will take us...
We know only, that it is always born in pain.

If we are wise, what is born of that pain
Matures into the promise of a better world

Because we learn that we can no longer afford
the mistakes of the past."

                                                                                ~ G'Kar ~

Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other
                                                          And then there is this...