Saturday, August 21, 2021

Apophis will fix Everything

If your attention hasn't been focused on your bit coin futures you might have noticed that the reality paradigm has recently shifted from the end is near to the end is here!

 All of the systems which supported the greed of the military/industrial/complex (MIC) for all these years since President Eisenhower first warned us about them, have collapsed, (much like the Afghan army) under the collective weight of total corruption.  It didn't exactly creep up on us, we've been watching the MIC grow more powerful every election cycle, grabbing more and more control & influence with each step.  You watched this all in slow motion as it happened, knowing it would all come tumbling down; but as with racism, the climate, Fukushima, and so many other did nothing, said nothing and just went about your lives telling yourself you were powerless to make change.  What about Greta Thunberg? Is she powerless?  What she is doing, we all should be doing.  But I digress...the point is, too's showtime!

 Over the last few years, we've witnessed the rise of populist fascist authoritarian leaders around the planet with our own recent nightmare of a national embarrassment being without doubt the very worst example in modern times.  Some men leave a mark in history, this one left a stain; one which continues to expand and do damage even after his removal from office. 

In the year 40 BC there was a Roman general named Crasis who was the "Bill Gates" of his time, as he was called the richest man in the world. Among his many accolades is that he created and operated the worlds first fire brigade.  Sounds like a real humanitarian until you learn that when his fire crews rolled up on a dwelling fire; Crasis would offer to purchase the property outright (at a greatly reduced rate) and if the property owner declined to sell, Crasis would let the dwelling burn to the ground.  Thus we can add to his titles: the father of predatory capitalism

General Crasis is most likely very pleased to see how far we have taken his idea that everyday people are just a crop to be harvested.  His basic philosophy has evolved over the centuries to the point where nowadays the truth is that slavery was never abolished; it was expanded to include every one of us.  The military/industrial/complex understood that if you could control the institutions people relied upon, you could then control the people; keeping them productive but not allowing individual success.  Do this well enough and few will ever realize they only have the illusion of freedom.  The best slaves are those who don't know they're slaves.  Who benefits most from your toil, who benefits the least ?

Everything Trump did weakened and divided us more than ever since the civil war. Trump gave us Covid, and then, as if intentional, he did every wrong thing he could do  to help Covid spread back & forth across America like a firestorm.  While he was robbing everyone blind & filling his pockets, Trump pounded on us like a tough piece of meat, tenderizing us for what was to come by wearing us out at every single turn.

So here we are 18 months into a killer global pandemic that simply won't go away.  Oh, to be sure, science knows how to defeat this Covid outbreak...its just that science isn't calling the play here, politicians are, the same politicians who created the virus, and oddly enough they aren't following the playbook that could end the pandemic.  Its almost as if it would somehow benefit the upper 3% if a few million breeders were to die; but why would they want that and what would it say about them if they did?

 When it comes to the vaccination rollout; I have some questions.  Firstly: After generations of showing us that "they" really don't care much about us "useless eaters" (as Henry Kissinger called the great unwashed masses) Why is our government suddenly so concerned with our health that they are doing everything short of injecting folks at gunpoint  against their will to get the miracle vaccine into every last one of us.  Why is that?  They began with the carrot, offering attractive incentives to those who take the vax.  It struck me as very curious that they use this tactic as they almost never have before.  A week or so later the incentives increased, including being entered into a million dollar lottery, college scholarships, etc.  The VA called me to schedule my vaccine shot & I told them I was holding out for a motor home...but alas I'll not be getting the RV because the giveaway program failed so they went straight to the stick.  It seems to me the most logical answer to "Why won't you get vaccinated?" would be, "Because they want it so badly!!"

"There's a sucker born every minute" ~ P.T. Barnum

If nothing else about the vax is suspiscious to you, how about this...From Day 1-Square 1; America is all about the bottom line, making money.  All the time they scare & manipulate us in order to cash in.  First they scare us, then they always seem to have a product/service or candidate to sell us.  So, why are they now giving the vax away free when they could be banking millions more than is already being made from Covid in general?  If they aren't making a profit from the vax it must follow that it is providing them with something they want more than money.  I wonder what it might be,  ponder that for a minute.

My next question is, why does the government feel it is necessary to demonize the un-vaccinated by saying they are killing people?  Can I just tell you how much that sucks?  Not only is just plain wrongheaded, stupid and cowardly to say publicly that the un-vaccinated are killing people, (including the vaccinated) but in today's post-election America that could set some very ugly things in motion.  If you don't believe political rhetoric can spark violent civil unrest just wait until the vaccinated patriots begin hunting down the un-vaccinated and killing them, in self-defense like zombies.  Next, a 2 part question, what exactly is in the vaccine; & why won't they disclose the full ingredients of the shot?  For the record I for one do not believe tracking chips are in the vax because they track us by our cell phones.  Whatever is in the shot is a whole lot worse than a tracking chip. 

One thing is for certain sure, and that is the drug compaies, hospitals, and politicians are all making a killing off of Covid.  No pun intended.  Billions are being raked in as we the people are once again little more than a renewable resource to be harvested.  Trouble is, there are now way too many of us breeders, so now they are harvesting Us, and at a handsome profit I might add.

They created & released Covid because they needed a reason to inject everyone with this miracle vaccine.  The only question was; What would make everyone want to get the vaccine?  It would have to be something very scary, and nasty.  Next question, why is it we got hammered every day with a daily Covid death count right up to the day Biden took office?  Why did the daily dead count stop so suddenly?

Another good question is,  What's up with the booster shot thing?  First they said it wouldn't be needed, then they said some might need it, to today when it was announced everybody needs a booster 8 months after their first shot!  Changing the mask mandates back & forth; changing protocols brings me to another question worth asking at this point.  Why should we listen to, much less believe anything the government says?

 Nothing says insanity like mandating proof of vaccination to enter public venues, then making the official vax card way too big to fit in a normal wallet!

 Another casualty of the pandemic/quarantine is our collective sense of social equilibrium.  Take 18 months of lockdown and manufactured cognitive dissonance to obscure the facts; season liberally with fear, apprehension and a dash of doubt, then simmer in solitude until the paralysis of analysis brings original thought to a standstill.  The result of this confectionary is that we're all feeling socially unbalanced when we go out, and especially when we meet up with old friends we haven't seen in a while.  It's an awkward situation and becomes even more so if either mentions how awkward it feels.

Our sense of the world is off-kilter, we don't know exactly what's what anymore.  Not only is everything changing (Failing), but the changes (Collapses) are coming faster than ever before as all the corporate rats of the military/industrial/complex abandon the ship of state they scuttled, with all their loot & booty: leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves and die!  Nothing is the same as it was, and it ain't coming back, ever.  Welcome to the new normal.

With so much intentional dis-information about Covid variants like Delta & Lambda, it's so hard to make confident critical decisions.  I'd like to touch base with a friend I haven't seen in a while who is also a vet and I'd love to have him over during this PTSD heavy week...the thing is, I don't know if he is vaccinated, what his risk status is - nada.   This is Covid, not Blackjack, there is no feeling lucky here.

The military/industrial/complex controls everything in American politics.  It controls which senators get the powerful appointments, which judges get appointed to the supreme court, who sits on the appropriations committee, who gets to run for president, and who gets elected.  The electoral college is their failsafe insurance against the will of the people.  There is a story going around for many years now that goes like this:  When George W. Bush was selected president, after the swearing in ceremony, his father and a small group of unknown suits took him to see something.  What they showed him was a video of the JFK assassination in Dealey Plaza from an angle perspective never once seen in public.  Then HR said to W, "Any questions Mr. President?"

The big issue with the military/industrial/complex is always control.  Control over every level & aspect of whatever catches their greedy eye.  They control things to the extent that they always get what they want...nothing comes before profit, nothing.  Well, nothing that is except getting away Scott free with their plunder, and that's where the false flag alien UFO invasion gets rolled out as a giant smoke-screen diversion to cover their escape to whatever secret underground hideaway they call home. 

 Our government just can't stand to be without a soul-less enemy of freedom to war against, and with abandoning Afghanistan we're fresh out.  Once again they will return to the tried & true tactic of occupation/exploitation following some horrendous orchestrated false flag event attack on us. This time however there is a twist; instead of us invading another failed country for fun & profit, its planet earth that gets attacked and occupied by hostile aliens.  Think that's absurd?  Ever see a drone swarm show?  How about a gigantic drone swarm show over multiple cities which incorporates holographic imaging and programmed lasers; and of course some very real explosions and casualties on the ground??  Lots & lots of casualties.  This is their escape diversion to keep us occupied while they sneak away, zero accountability.

Of course the whole alien invasion false flag scenario might not be needed, as our traditional foe the Russian bear is growling & making angry noises towards Ukraine.  This might not be the time to just ignore comrade Putin like usual on account of him feeling hemmed in by NATO.  If Putin does go from bluff to bombs it would just push up the start date for WW-3.

The island nation of Haiti just got hit with a second massive earthquake amid widespread social chaos, and a bloody war, also known as the trifecta!  It's a similar story all around the ring of fire as the frequency and power of quakes are increasing dramatically.   A massive mudslide took out most of a small Alaskan town.  Water levels in the American southwest are so drastically low that on many lakes & rivers the boat marinas are all on dry land...hundreds of feet from the current water level.  If you want to inform yourself shitless, just google American drought images. 

Unless you have taken quarantine to extremes you may have also heard about the number of raging wildfires in my home state of California, and the relentless heat waves on both coasts.  It seems that things are this way everywhere because when a system fails, every aspect of it fails-no exceptions.  People  have been trying to get us to save the planet for over 30 years, they were ignored.  Even if we started doing everything the proper way, around the planet tomorrow at 8:00 AM sharp, and took drastic measures to reverse the damage; it's too late, at this late date it would be like trying to stop that Alaskan mudslide after it began going.  

Nothing says insanity like the seafood industry harvesting radioactive crab & fish from the ocean, then selling it to us to eat.  Ever since the nuclear plant at Fukushima Japan melted down 10 years ago the Japanese government has been dumping all the radioactive coolant water directly into the Pacific ocean.  That is in addition to all the radioactive material spilled into the ocean by the disaster itself!  The oceans of Gaia are all connected by the ocean conveyor current which circumnavigates the planet; which means All oceans are now radioactive.  The radiation kills off the smallest and most fragile life forms first; which would be krill, which most other ocean life feeds upon.  Between the radioactivity and starving, before much longer there will be no life in the oceans at all.  Do the math.

A favored tactic of the military/industrial/complex has always been to obfuscate the subject of the moment, say climate change for example.  As the major polluter on the planet the MIC has always sought to silence critics by turning the subject into a controversy of belief rather than facts.  From there is easy to just pay goons to keep stirring the pot & clouding up the issue until the final, inevitable collapse happens.  If you turn off your devices & screens for a minute and listen intently; you can just about hear the creaking sounds of things coming down.  They will say "It's only the summer crickets" then tell you to go shopping.  

Last week the United Nations released their IPCC climate report, listing all the various current threats to our planet. In summarizing the report, the UN said things worldwide are so bad that it represented a "Code red for Humanity." The military/industrial/complex doesn't enjoy much influence at the UN and there was little they could do to keep global media to cover the story.  Just remember that belief cannot change facts, but facts should change belief.

You can ignore reality if thats how you roll, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.  Our collective discount rate is coming home to roost and it cares not a whit about our collective cognitive dissonance, won't slow it down a bit!  Those consequences are not coming; they're here.  For verification, just watch any decent newscast, any day.

Ever hear of "Agenda-21"? ... Well, we're living it!

Trump released 5 thousand Taliban prisoners before leaving office, I wonder what they've been up to since their release?

As a Vietnam veteran, I was beset with a disquieting feeling of Deja Vu upon watching the Taliban take over Afghanistan.  America doesn't win wars anymore, no profit in that, we just bleed everyone dry for 20 years then bail when it fails; abandoning everything we took there and everyone who helped us during our occupation.  It's our signature move.

The Taliban just inherited a shit-ton of prime military equipment including aircraft, helicopters, armored vehicles, a few thousand M-4 assault rifles (never fired, only dropped once) and a few million rounds of ammunition...making them one of the best equipped forces in the region. The abandonment of Afghani translators, is exactly identical to when we lost the Vietnam war, so why not repeat the cowardly policy once again. 

The definition of insanity is requiring Afghan interpreters applying for emergency visas to leave the country before the Taliban kills them; to apply from outside of Afghanistan !

First Vietnam, then again in Iraq and Afghanistan, and even Libya: Over and again its  what we do... occupy, create chaos, grab the loot & scoot.  As if they still have learned nothing; they're gearing up even now to do it all again in Haiti, now that it has been softened up by two massive quakes and a bloody civil war.  Here we go folks, it's Deja Vu all over again.  Its almost as if "Nation Building" has nothing to do with why we keep doing this to small, unstable & failed countries.

Former Afghan president Hamid Karzai fled the country just hours before the Taliban took over completely, saying he was leaving to prevent bloodshed...leaving with so much loot it all wouldn't fit into four cars, he had to leave some behind.  How many Afghans who are now dead could he have fit into those four cars?

Mark my word on this; before its over the badly managed disaster that is the escape from Kabul will make our departure from Vietnam look like prom night.  The taliban and Isis-k will want to send a which nobody will ever forget.  My guess is they won't wait long to begin sending that message.

Nobody will ever trust America again, but then it doesn't matter because we're in the endgame scenario now and in the future they are rolling out, America will be a wasteland and nobody will be sending troops here to help: oh for sure, foreign troops will be here, but helping us ain't in the agenda.  Time to start wearing your most comfortable shoes!

Nothing says insanity like holding the Olympics in 
radioactive Japan during a global pandemic.

For as long as I can recall Americans have been totally fine with the philosophy of "Fake it till you make it."  Just jump right in up to your knees and go for it, let your passion push you to success kind of thing.  For a time it seemed to work, at least for some here & there.  Ultimately though, both corporations and politicians realized there was far too much work involved, so they changed it up a bit by cutting corners, cheating and stealing to where for the last 25 years its been more like "Fake it till you break it."  What we're witnessing, and living thru right now are all those cash cows coming home to roost.  Everything is breaking down because they pushed things till they broke.  Thats what happens when the entire system is designed for profit and planned obsolescense.

There is an image burned into in my head from the evening news just a few days ago. It was a short video clip of a woman and her children fleeing rising flood waters, all of them wearing Covid masks, and the world in the background was on fire.  In the future to come, we'll call days like that Wednesday!

We're going Backwards folks; and we are rapidly approaching TEOLAWKI

                                                  "It's not enough to listen, it's not enough to see                                                     When the hurricane is coming on it's not enough to flee.

                                        It's not enough to be in love, we hide behind that word,                                                                            It's not enough to be alive when your futures been deferred."                                                                              ~Harry Chapin~ (1977)   *

 Leading experts from Sir Isaac Newton to the late Stephen Hawking have proven that Humanity is doomed.   It's just a matter of when and how.  Most tend to conceive doomsday as a singular event catastrophe such as a meteor impact, or disease like the bubonic plague. In truth; the end will come as one system after another fails; and humanity is gradually brought down by not one, but several overlapping disasters which we did not prepare for or defend against, like the death of 1000 cuts we've been living/dying thru these last 45 years.

 In 1555 Michel de Nostradamus published his famous book of predictions called The Prophecies" in which he wrote about events in future history which then later came true.  It is the second best selling book of all time after the Bible.

 Although Nostradamus often wrote of world leaders and various disasters; he never really mentioned doomsday directly in his book.  In fact he only mentions the end of the world once; in a letter to his beloved son Peter, calling it The Universal Conflagration.  He went on to describe a multi-stage catastrophe of epic magnitude; citing economic upheaval, and a broken treaty leading to a massive battle between "East" and "West."  

Nostradamus wrote to Peter that the end of the world would come in the form of "pestilence, and war more horrible than has been known in three lifetimes...and famine."

Nostradamus left these clues in the letter to Peter: "A new era will begin just before the end"~"There will be a great abundance of fire and rocks falling from the sky and from that event 177years 3 months and 11 days later by pestilence, long famine and wars humanity will end. Nostradamus put the date as April, 2190.

 That first clue rings a bell.  Not long ago some thought that 2012 would be the end of the world but as others of us reminded them, the Mayan long count calendar was marking the end of one era and the beginning of a new era.

As for the fire and falling rocks from the sky, I suppose we can be glad we haven't seen that, so far, because when it does happen it will not only be very bad in and of itself, it will also start the clock for the final countdown to our end.  Just think of the times we are living in as a kind of sneak preview of coming attractions... 177 years early!  There is no shortage of dire warning signs, they are simply everywhere for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, and a brain capable of critical thought.  There is a road back from the brink of destruction.  We can work together to undo the damage wrought by the military-industrial-complex, greed and even climate change up to a point.  We could agree globally to end war, to work toward peaceful, sustainable solutions for future generations.

 We could do those things, and even more, but we won't; it's just not in our nature to matter how great the need.  I think that on some inner spiritual level most folks can see where all this is headed, and they know from long experience that the fix is in and nothing is ever going to get "better."  Deep in their subconscious mind they sense the kind of doomsday Nostradamus described as the Universal Conflagration, not a single event but rather a domino effect of overlapping disasters.  I think the average person IS aware of these realities on some level, I also think they don't much care anymore.  Our species discount rate is evidence enough of that!

 Alas, Nostradamus' prophecy will fall on deaf ears because nowadays we only listen to the profits called margin and motive.  That's OK though, because in the end, Apophis will fix everything.  Nothing short of an extinction level event, the impact will be global in its implications.   Not even able to adequately deal with the cascading events right now; who ever is left when it hits is totally on their own.  We've seen how our government deals with disasters, whether natural or of their own making...not very inspiring.  Apophis will set the clock back to zero sum gain, and instantly all men will be equal, for a while. 

 Having been degraded, softened up and broken by the death of a thousand cuts, humanity simply will not have what it takes to overcome such total devastation.  With the oceans radioactive due to Fukushima, all seafood will be deadly toxic, Farming will no longer exist so there goes the food chain, doesn't matter, no delivery system, no stores.  Those still alive after Apophis will have to acquire food the old fashioned way and then fight to keep it.  Brave new world.

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