Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Arrested Development

We are beyond the reach of history, because it holds no more answers for us.  We're in uncharted territory, facing dangers unimagined by those who came before us.  In times like these about the only thing to hold onto is hope.

One 26000 year cycle ends and another one begins.  Right now we are trapped in the great cosmic yawn between the two.  Expect no greatness or spiritual badassery here in this intermission, this be the time of chaos and death.

We don't understand because we have no time for concepts larger than self.

Just seven years into this shift of the ages and the vaunted Age of Aquarius seems stillborn in chaos, greed & corruption.  The song Aquarius was an anthem during turbulent times, and it gave us hope for an uncertain future.

"...Peace will guide the planets, and Love will steer the stars..."

Before the advent of the internet it was widely believed that widespread stupidity & ignorance was due to lack of access to information.   I think we can safely say that theory is dead now!

When I was a youngster in school we had to run outside during the fire drill, but for the advent of a nuke falling on us it was Duck & Cover by crawling under our desk.  These days "Duck & Cover" is back; but because of active shooters, not Russian nukes.  School shootings have become such an everyday normal thing that bulletproof backpacks are now flying off the shelves.

Shootings at churches, shooters at concerts, shooters at the mall.  Where does this madness come from?  Why does it hate life?  It seems to feed on itself, so why can't we starve it out...Starve it out with love.  But hold on...that might not work either because many a gun has been fired because of love.  No easy answers out here in no mans land.

It would help an awful lot if we could interest our professional politicians into fighting for us instead of the NRA; but don't hold your breath waiting for that day to arrive.  The NRA pays much, much better.  The unholy alliance between congress and the NRA is so powerful that "Moscow Mitch McConnell" outright refused to pass and enact stronger anti-gun legislation immediately following the massacres in El Paso and Dayton.  And so it goes.

Wait and Hope,
Thoughts and Prayers...
Soylent Green

The Washington Post employs fact checkers who have a single job, counting Trump's lies, which averages between 12 and 20 lies a day depending on how scared he is.  This week he passed 12000 lies, and showing no sign of slowing down.  At this point he is so scared of losing in 2020, if he is talking; he's lying.  Spouting so many lies every day must have some bad personal effects, perhaps that explains why he always looks like he just knocked back 2 liters of weapons grade groin sweat.

Now he has the unmitigated audacity to outright threaten economic chaos if he doesn't get re-elected.  That is nothing more than the old protection racket dusted off and spray painted in disgusting orange.  "We have the worlds best economy right now, it would be a shame to see something happen to it."  "You may love me or hate me, but you have to vote for me or your 401K will tank."

I seem to recall how popular "paramilitary militia patriots" were back in the 90's; giving up their weekends playing soldier to keep us all safe from the exact kind of government we now have.  There used to be quite a few of those groups, but you sure don't see them around anymore now that their predictions have all come true.  Why is that?

They were infiltrated, assimilated, and marginalized. 
Of the few that still exist, at least one group is now pro-Trump! Imagine that.

As I watch this dystopian nightmare continue to unfold, that little voice in my head which has always been the voice of wisdom is screaming, "It isn't supposed to be this way!!!" then it goes back to the haunting chorus from 'Aquarius'...

"Harmony & understanding, sympathy & trust abounding,
no more falsehoods or derisions, golden living dreams of visions,
mystic crystal revelation and the minds true liberation;
Aquarius! "

No wonder they want to arrest our spiritual development: those are powerful concepts.
For countless generations they have held hope out on the end of a stick, the proverbial carrot, forever just beyond our collective grasp.  You'd think maybe we would have learned by now.  The old access to information thing again.

Those who have spent the last 2000 years enslaving us take a decidedly dim view of all this shift of the ages spiritual evolution stuff.  They work very diligently against the great awakening, preferring us all to remain asleep.  That is their primary job... and sucking the passion out of life is one of their most enjoyable hobbies. 

Greenland is melting so fast more than 12 Billion gallons of water a day are flowing off that island, a rate not expected by experts to happen until 2070 ! So now, of course: Trump wants to buy it!

ALL of earth's glaciers are melting; every single one.  Its too late to reverse.

All progress toward enacting pro-climate bills in congress is killed off by the fossil fuel &
big petrol lobby.  Nothing will be allowed thru.  Not by this troop of plunder monkeys and hyenas. 

Recent scientific reports indicate we have 12 to 15 years before total collapse of the
eco system.  Not "the point of no return" because we passed that quite some time ago, we're talking total collapse.  Even if we began tomorrow morning at sunrise, with everyone working co-operatively and doing every single thing we know to do ... it's still just too fucking late, period.  Thanks for playing.

There is just one issue really, and that is FUKUSHIMA; because if you cannot fix Fukushima, none of the other lesser environmental issues are ever going to amount to squat, they just won't matter.  Let's be totally honest here, the ugly truth is that Fukushima cannot be fixed, not by anyone.  For eight years now that nuclear volcano has been spewing intense radioactivity into the atmosphere, stratosphere and ocean.  It will still be spewing radioactive fallout long after our great, great grandchildren are dead.  The ocean conveyor belt current distributes that radioactive seawater to every ocean on the planet.

This is how we get terminal cognitive dissonance, we don't want to think about or even acknowledge that fukushima has fucked our futures forever, because that thinking leads to a very dark place, but we don't want to ignore it and "pretend" it never happened either because that destination is even darker still. 

Its like we have all silently agreed with each other never to mention Fukushima out loud.  If you think I'm wrong just bring up the subject "What about Fukushima" without notice, and then roll video to catch the expressions on everyone's faces.  Its like Fukushima is the Voldemort of manmade disasters. 

 Speaking of hope; we cannot hope to see the full bloom of Aquarius until after the end of the Kali Yuga, and on that score there is some good news, and some not so good news.   The good news is that all of my research & calculations on the Kali Yuga indicate that it's final end will come in the year 2025, just eight more years!  The not so good news is that Earth will be in transition until the year 2325; so none of us are going to see Aquarius in this incarnation.   Get used to seeing soldiers with heavy weapons on every street corner.  This is why many of us declare that we don't want to come back to this place; we don't want to get stuck with clean-up duty.

Hope is the biggest lie of them all, and its also the very best one.

© 2019 full re-post with permission only

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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Crash This Train

"Crash This Train"Joshua James

"Stop This Train" ~ John Mayer

Gilroy  ~  3 dead,  12 wounded
  El Paso  ~  22 dead,  31 wounded
Dayton  ~  9 dead,  27 wounded

251 mass shootings in 216 days
544 people shot & killed by police

When Trump visited the El Paso hospital he bragged about crowd attendance;
Not a single victim of the shooting agreed to meet with him.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Above the Law

Insomnia fueled by concern over the human condition had again deprived me of sleep around zero dark thirty this morning.  In an attempt to invite fatigue I grabbed a bowl of ice cream, and turned on the TV.  Scrolling thru the guide I soon came across an old Jodie Foster drama from 2007 called "The Brave One" in which she played a New York City vigilante out for justice after street thugs killed her boyfriend and very nearly her.

At one point she is getting on an elevator with a crowd of other people, and in the background off-camera you can hear two people discussing the string of recent revenge killings:
"Did you see the pictures of the subway thing?" asks one.
"Gross, he shot another one last night; some pervert this time," says the other.
"Who'll he go after next, Donald Trump? - that would be justified."

My point here is a simple but salient one, even 12 years ago everyone already knew that Donald Trump was a scumbag, it's in the social record of our country. Everybody knows! In fact, taking jabs at Trump is something Hollywood does quite often because he is an American pariah.

Certainly over the last two years Trump has done a number of dastardly deeds which will ensure he remains public pariah #1, but last week he stooped to his lowest level yet with his petty and vindictive promise to release undesirable criminal immigrants into the Sanctuary Cities of his political opponents, specifically San Francisco, Chicago and NYC.  Willing even to dump them in his home town just to intimidate and confound those politicians fighting his slow moving coup.

Reminiscent of a spoiled child who pouts and throws fits when he can't have his way, Trump has now gone so low as to exploit asylum seekers as little more than human pawns in a despicable abuse of power calculated to intimidate and instill fear.  These are the actions of someone intent upon driving a wedge between the population of this country.  These are the actions of one so corrupt he breaks the law in plain sight, right before our astounded eyes, as if daring anyone to do anything to stop him.

Lowering the Barr
 Empowered by the republicans who are protecting him, and lap dog attorney general William Barr, Trump now feels like a "Teflon Don" to which no criminal charges can stick.  He continues to lie every time he opens his mouth; saying things like the Mueller report completely exonerated him.  Let's be clear about one thing right now: If Mueller's report "completely exonerated" Trump it would be the lead story on every Fox news program...and they would of course show the un-redacted report for all to see.  If the report totally clears Trump don't you think they would show it to us?  Why are they hiding it even as Trump continues saying it exonerated him.  I'm beginning to think that "exonerated" is just one more word he doesn't know the meaning of.  We should all remember that during Watergate Nixon "summarized" the tapes with a string of lies; but when the facts finally came out Nixon was forced to resign.

Last week the Democrats officially requested several years worth of tax returns from Trump, and he flatly refused.  This is the first time in 40 years a sitting president has refused that specific request.  He first trotted out his worn out excuse of being audited by the IRS to explain his refusal; even though the IRS has said many times there is no law prohibiting releasing taxes returns during an audit.  So this week Trump and his band of lying talking heads are saying he won't release his tax returns because they are simply too complex for any of us to understand.  Big boy stuff run by his un-named accounting firm which is, he says, "Feet Tall."  WTF?  More nonsense from a rattled and addled and crippled brain.  did you hear the gibbering idiot recently when he was trying to say the word "origins" but kept saying oranges instead?  Something is seriously wrong with Trumps brain, and yet nobody wants to address that particular elephant in the room, when the entire heard of pachyderms have taken up residence.

Trump is a genius but we cannot see his school grades, an innocent man who refuses to testify, and a billionaire but we can't see his taxes.  Seems a bit dodgy to me, and yet every time he is challenged Trump holds himself as being untouchable; totally above the law.  Trump claims that a sitting president cannot be indicted or arrested, but that is just another lie because there is no such law or rule.  It has always been avoided to keep america from looking weak or vulnerable to our enemies, but its not a law, and Trump knows that, which is why he asked if he could pardon himself and kids.  Such a scumbag!

Trump's band of plunder monkeys are busy 24-7 trying to hide the things he wants kept secret, specifically his dealings with Russia and Deutsche bank.  It is the only bank (outside of Russia) that will give Donald Trump a loan because of his history of defaulting on bank loans.  He is a bad risk, and yet this one bank not only continues to loan him money, it is the only bank Trump uses; while other billionaires spread their assets across several different banks.

Now we hear Trump saying repeatedly that he wants to get rid of judges & courts.  Of course he wants that, because he doesn't want to be held accountable for his crimes, past, current, or future.  He has done everything possible to elevate himself above the law and is showing no signs of sanity or slowing down.  But hold on here just a minute, there was once another maniacal dictator who also wanted to abolish judges and courts for mostly the same reasons.  History shows us how well that worked out; and if we cannot learn from history we are destined, and doomed to repeat it. 

Of course Trump also has several other things in common with that historical dictator; like wanting to ban certain ethnicities from entering this country, and  calling the press the true enemy of the people. Then there is the desire to imprison political adversaries that both dictators have in common, What about the constant lying, and the desire for world domination.  Perhaps this explains why Trump keeps a copy of Mein Kampf on his night stand.

Trump recently told border agents to break the law, and lie to judges; told them to tell judges that we simply have no room for more immigrants...(except of course for those sanctuary cities.)  Over the last 2 years Trump has removed every law he doesn't like everywhere he could, and the laws he can't remove he just ignores because he wants to be unaccountable, above the law.

Simply saying there is no room for more immigrants completely misses and glosses over the real issue of sustainability.  Earths population is nearing the eight billion mark, with over 70 million births a year, or put another way, 200,000 births a day.  That's a lot of mouths to feed and has history has repeatedly shown the best way to control a population is with food, or the lack of it. 
Mueller wasn't the only one holding investigations into all things Trump, as there are currently 17 other such investigations underway, specifically in New York; and while tradition may protect Trump now, that protection will vanish the moment he leaves office.  So, suppose by some miracle or act of divine deliverance Trump loses his bid for re-election, will he even consent to leaving office?  What then if he doesn't?  The house republicans currently shielding Trump aren't doing it from a sense of loyalty, but rather because they are just as guilty as he is, so they may very well continue trying to protect him even if he loses the next election.  Don't forget that every time Trump feels the law bearing down on him his first tactic is to threaten civil unrest and rioting from his base.  Trump is a deranged cult leader with delusions of grandeur and a host of mental issues which make him totally unfit to hold office.  He will do anything he needs to do to remain in office, even if he is voted out of office thru some miracle.  

Trump is a master at gaming the system and circumventing the rules to get his way and he applies that in his new political life.  What on the surface appears to be a chaotic administration with top level cabinet officials leaving or being fired in a revolving door circus parade of fools; is actually just an elaborate con to get around those pesky and inconvenient confirmation hearings.  The law says that someone holding a cabinet level position in an "acting" capacity awaiting a permanent appointee may only serve for 200 days.  This is why Trump's administration has "acting" department heads in five crucially important positions: chief of staff, defense secretary, homeland security, UN ambassador, and interior secretary.  When someone's 200 days is up Trump simply appoints another "acting" official to take their place, again immune from confirmation hearings.

                        Innocence is shown no mercy
As the revolving door continues to spin, there is one in the white house so cruel, vile and reprehensible that he not only remains, he is thriving and rising in power every week.  I refer here to Steven miller, mastermind of kids in cages and resident ghoul.  Not only is Miller a white supremacist some are speculating a certain vampire fetish also sets this lad apart from the herd.  It is almost certainly his idea to bus "undesirable" immigrants to sanctuary cities; and as he gains still more power I shudder to think of the coming atrocities we will bear witness to.

Perhaps the most unsettling part of the Trump regime is watching him commit all these crimes and high treason right in plain day, right in our faces, as if taunting us, daring us to stop him.  In his narcissistic self  love Trump truly sees himself as special and above the law...he thinks HE is the law, and now you have a better understanding of  his adoration for other dictators & tyrants.    

With all his conniving schemes and the full protection of house republicans Trump thinks he cannot be defeated.  You can always tell when that belief begins to falter because that is when he turns extra nasty and tries to intimidate with fear.  Certainly by now you must have noticed how it is that whenever Trump can't get what he wants his first tactic is to threaten.  Whether its a threat to shut down the government, close the border or ship immigrants to sanctuary cities doesn't really matter.  What matters is the threat, and that it seems to be the only card in his diminutive little hands.  Threats, intimidation, and force are all he knows, all he's ever had to work with, and that may be just fine for a cowardly bully but is most repulsive and unbecoming in  a president.

"When the law does not apply to the lawmakers,
You aren't being governed, you're being ruled,"

With all the crimes committed in the open for all to see, and any unwanted truth blasted as "fake news" many of us are beginning to feel as if we're witnessing the death of Democracy.  Where are all those constitutional checks & balances that are supposed to protect the country from criminals such as Trump.  A still better question is where are all those patriot militia groups from the 90's who swore to defend America from exactly this kind of threat?  what ever happened to them? 

Covering up ones corruption is a time honored American tradition as old as the country itself.  We grew up with it and became accustomed to the fact politicians lie to us all the time, it's the American way.  We're just not yet used to this new tactic of a president committing crimes right before our eyes and then lying as if video does not exist.  Feeling he is above the law, Trump commits obstruction of justice almost daily, then denies saying things he is seen on video saying.  He also tells us to believe his version of reality over our own eyes & ears; straight out of Orwell's novel, 1984.

There is this growing pervasive feeling across America that nothing matters anymore when the response to Trumps growing list of crimes is simply to ignore them and carry on with business as usual.  One hand protecting the other as they clench ever tighter around our collective throats.

Is it still corruption if everyone is in on it, or is it just the new way of things...for a while, because in the end something will replace it; not to say that whatever that is will be any less cruel or soul-less.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Augureye Readers Choice Awards

The 2019 Augureye Express Readers Choice Awards

When I began this blog over six years ago I never imagined it would endure so long.  To be sure, there were times I felt like quitting, but in each such instance it was always reader feedback that kept me fueled for the journey.  As a way of saying thanks, and marking the 5 year milestone: from a total of 233 posts, I have listed the top dozen most popular, ranked by number of hits, as well as a few additional categories.  All I can say is Thank You!

1. Twin Flame Soulmates ~ 98,875 Hits
From May of 2013, and hands down the most popular post of them all with almost a hundred thousand hits; shows us that even with so much going on with the world we're all still looking for love in our lives, and hoping our soulmate will find us.  This post takes you thru the steps of increasing your odds of finding what your heart yearns for.

2. Vibrational Medicine ~ 58,600 Hits
May of 2013 must have been my peak of some sort to have the two top posts be published that month. This post talks about navigating our way in a world of resonance and frequency vibration.

3. Your Aura & 12 Chakras ~ 49,420 Hits
From October of 2012; an owners manual for your energetic body and chakra system.  This post shows in depth how we really are energy spirits in a material world.

4. Archons & Chemtrails ~ 46,918 Hits
From March of 2013 the fourth most popular post delves into the shadowy subject of the Archon overlords who have influenced events on Earth for ages, and who in fact are behind most of the pacification technologies currently being used to subjugate humanity to serve unseen masters.

From August of 2013, this post deals with the dawning of the Aquarian age as one 26 thousand year cosmic cycle ends, and a new one begins, and is a follow-on post to; Aquarius Rising: Crossroads in Time .

6. Evolution or Extinction? ~ 31,322 Hits
Our sixth most popular post is from December of 2013 and examines the many serious threats humanity is currently facing, including the worst threat, of ignoring uncomfortable subjects we feel powerless to change.  Knowledge is power, ignorance is bliss...choose one.  (Not choosing is still a choice, just not a very good one.)

7. Archon Endgame ~ 22,833 Hits
This post from July 2013 is the second 'Archon post' to make the top 12 list, and examines how the overlords are accelerating their long range plans to compensate for unexpected developments. (Pesky unpredictable humans)

8. Fukushhh! ~ 20,551 Hits
In March of 2015 I put up this first post of The Fukushima Trilogy as an in-depth 3-part analysis of all things fukushima.  Part one examines the broad scope of the disaster on the larger scale, and has held a position on the trending posts list on the blog almost consistently ever since.

Coming in at ninth place in popularity from March of 2013, this is a true scree, a rant against humanities refusal to acknowledge the many imminent horrors threatening our collective future.  It also examines how many newly awakened people are waking into a full blown nightmare reality they are unprepared to deal with.

10. Parasite Alert ~ 17,349 Hits
From August of 2016, comes this warning of a child predator in the alternative news movement: the Zen Gardner revelations which rocked the internet and alt-media.  This is a deep dive analysis into the character and personality of a predatory pedophile; utilizing the modern science of micro-expressions.

11. Madman in the White House ~ 16,144 Hits
I've been told that this essay about the Trump regime from February of 2017 is some of my best work.  Just one of my political posts * generated by the wholesale treason going on right before our eyes.  

DMT is the most potent naturally occurring hallucinatory chemical on the planet, and is the active ingredient in Ayahuasca, so naturally as a practicing psychonaut I was all about trying it a few times.  This is my account of those experiences.
* * * * * *

Chautauqua's Picks
Here are a few of my favorite posts I've written in the last 5 years.

This was my second post, and I consider it a signature piece because I spent over 25 years studying and researching the information; which deals with the end of the Mayan calendar and the great shift of the ages we know as the Aquarian age.

 A broad strokes overview of the end of the Mayan calendar, the Age of Aquarius and the coming of age for humankind.

An essay on the shadowy forces behind world events and the enslavement of humanity

A post about navigating our way thru the Aquarian shift without loosing our way.

Pretty self-explanatory here; a post about the three keys to the great mystery.

A time travelers view of Earth 200 years after Fukushima.

An examination of the various ways people are reacting to Fukushima, and why the majority do not wish to think or talk about it.

Twilight of the Gods, why are we ignoring the murder of the planet and the subjugation of humanity?  An angry, in-your-face rant with no holds barred.

Awaking from spiritual slumber, the first task is a tough one for many folks.  This post is a tutorial on how to "bust your ego" and regain control over your life and the events in it.

An examination of the eight Threshold Moments throughout history which in turn have each contributed to the rise of humanity on earth; and what the next threshold moment might be,
Have we invented ourselves out of the cycle of natural selection?

* * * * * *

In 2014 a contributor to Waking Times gave Augureye Express an honorable mention 
in their annual Alt-media news truther honors roll.  It is nice to be noticed!

* * * * * *

Over time we see patterns develop, and among reader feedback these last five years I kept reading over and over that the few posts I've written about my own life & times are among the most popular.  So with no further ado as they say, here is that group of posts.

* * * * * *

The Zen Gardner shitstorm
One of the bigger problems with the "alternative/new age" movement was that literally anyone could claim literally anything, and people would simply accept it without doing due diligence and checking it out first.  In the summer of 2016 the internet and alternative movement exploded when self-made alternative guru "Zen Gardner" turned out to have been one of the leaders of a child sex cult decades earlier.  Along with thousands of others, I felt betrayed by these revelations.  "Zen" was the first to syndicate my posts, and getting exposure on his site quickly led to valued connections with other leading alternative sites.  I was "out there" on the internet because of him.  Because of those valued connections I was aware of the story very early on, and the term zero tolerance pretty much sums up the collective mood on the subject.  After auguring the facts and doing some basic research, I wrote the first of four posts on the subject, What's Growing in Zen's Garden?  As a whirlwind flurry of activity followed, I was compelled to keep writing about it with Parasite Alert, an in-depth character analysis of "Zen Gardner" which became the 10th most read post.

The backlash on the internet was intense as the story played out over more than a month.
Because people I love have been affected by pedophiles I went after Zen Gardner with fangs bared in a follow up post, When Heroes Fall.  He responded by hacking my blog site trying to remove unfavorable readers comments about him, so my final post on the subject was an open letter to Zen Gardner titled Freedom of Speech.  Some may say I was just throwing gas on a dumpster fire; but I felt compelled to do what I could to expose that pedophile con man. Part of that internet backlash was that the bigger alt-news clearing house sites like Rense, Icke, etc were caught off guard and quickly found themselves riding the proverbial fence on the matter of Zen Gardner.  Whether they stood with or against him, either way they stood to lose up to 50 % of their readership regardless.  So they took no sides publicly, but quietly removed Zen Gardner content from their sites the louder the stink became.  

Maybe I was all full of myself, feeling bulletproof, or whatever, but when I posted my views on the fence-riding alt-news giants remaining silent I shot myself in the proverbial foot, because they didn't like that one little bit.  Almost overnight my valued contacts ghosted me and with them went my exposure on the internet...blacklisted!   Now mind you, all these giant sites support talking truth to power... I guess so long as you don't talk the ugly truth to them.  It would have been so much easier to not bite the hand that feeds you I suppose, and I did consider leaving that bit out of publication, but what the hell, it was true and a significant part of the story, and if I left it out I knew I'd end up feeling like I copped out.  In the blink of an eye my daily hits for the blog site went from an average of 1200 hits a day down to less than 300 a day.  Sure was nice while it lasted.

So it was, that the nine thousand words I wrote on the Zen Gardner shitstorm came to generate a total of 47,307 hits, and 432 reader comments...making it my largest footprint on the internet, so far.

Other Controversial Posts
* * * * * *
Archon Posts
I wrote four posts dealing expressly with the subject of the Archon overlords; and since two of them made the top 12 list I figured I should list all of them here for easy reference.

* * * * *
...and finally, the post that began the journey deserves a spot on this list if for no other reason than nostalgia.

That's it for the 2019 readers choice awards; along with my hope that you will enjoy this flashback down memory lane, I'll also invite readers to comment on their own favorite Augureye posts.

© 2019 full re-post with permission only

"There is nothing new in this world except for the history you do not know."                                                                       ~Harry S. Truman~