Thursday, April 2, 2020

The Covid-19 Imperative

This nightmare we're all living together didn't just sneak up on us out of nowhere, it arrived bit by bit in small toxic doses over time, death by a thousand cuts.  Nor did it happen by mistake or cosmic design.  Mine is but one small voice out of many in the alternative press saying essentially the same thing for many long years now; "Wake up, something's coming."

Well its here now, not just this virus, but also the ominous culmination of efforts to forever keep humanity below the threshold of evolution: to keep us locked into a third dimensional prison planet frequency vibration instead of ushering in fifth dimensional vibrations and enlightenment.

Yes, a great many of us knew this was coming; and not unlike Cassandra, our collective warnings often fell upon deaf, apathetic ears, and we knew that as well.  The time for warnings and getting ready are over & gone; those who haven't awoken from their third dimensional slumber likely never will.  Already we are seeing a worldwide increase of the suicide rate over Covid-19, with the end of the virus being nowhere in sight.

Anything resembling normal life is behind us now as we're suddenly on a rough, dark road into the Undiscovered Country of the future; and yet we don't all see the same reality unfolding out there.  There is a reason for that, and here is how it works: the Universe eavesdrops on us 24/7, and re-arranges itself to match our picture of reality.  In other words we create our reality with our thoughts, beliefs and desires.

The Destiny Formula:
Everything is Energy
Energy follows Thought
Thought becomes Belief
Belief determines Reality
Reality shapes Destiny

Now I already know what some of you are thinking; "I never thought of or desired this pandemic, so how can this be my reality?"- and you're right, because this isn't reality, it's a construct within the matrix made to control us.  The reality you create will be determined by how you react to the pandemic, and how well you can control fear & panic.

Want to change your destiny - change your thoughts!  Some may think this is over-simplified pop new age psychobabble, but it is in fact how things work.  It has to work because it's a universal law, it simply doesn't have a choice!  But we do.  We can choose to reject that responsibility, or accept it.  We are free to make whatever choices we want in this life, we're just not free from the consequences of those choices.

What bothers me the most about what we're seeing is that normally humans pull together in a crisis, and help each other, but this is starting to look more like every man for himself.  Now, I'm not ignoring those heroic ones risking infection to help others, I'm just concerned by the sheer numbers of hoarders & price gougers.  People are even stealing toilet paper and hand sanitizer units right off the walls in public spaces for crying out loud.    
Suddenly we're hearing "We're all in this together" everywhere, from talking heads, pundits, politicians and TV commercials...feel good lip service because its what we expect, but mostly they don't believe it.  In reality we really are all one.  

As a friend recently reminded me, people are more afraid of that than the virus. They foolishly see themselves as separate and apart from the rest of humanity, special and unique.  The concept of us all being one unified repository of life smashes any illusions of control and being one of a kind.  These are the same people who cannot spend more that twenty minutes alone with their own thoughts without the diversion of radio, TV, hobbies or other people.  They aren't loving this quarantine; hence the sharp rise in suicides.  Our belief systems can make or break us in times like these.

The problem is that when life becomes too fast paced and full of dangers known and unknown it results in most folks being in survival mode nearly all the time. With so much of the population living paycheck to paycheck with little savings in the bank it leaves little time for your spiritual practice  day to day.  Life seems just too demanding, so what do we do?  Well of course we sacrifice that time to the greater demands of daily life.  The irony in this is inescapable: its our spiritual practice that can smooth out the rough patches in our life, whether individual or collective. 

Deferring our spiritual needs tends to work for millions on the every day basis but how about now; with the population in chaos and fear running amok?  This isn't the best time to be re-structuring ones belief system but it is if you've let your spiritual life languish and need to re-connect.  No time like the present.
Life is like climbing a mountain, you start off with an empty backpack, adding stuff along the way: memories, lessons, beliefs, prejudices, etc.  Before you even get half way up the mountain your pack is getting full of stuff, making everything harder.  Those on the spiritual path know they can never reach the peak with such a heavy load, so they look in their pack only to discover most of the stuff inside has turned into big heavy rocks, so they learn to discard them, lighten the load.  Raising your vibration is much the same thing.  The "prize" of reaching the summit of Mount Spirituality, is 5D; its waiting for us there.  Look thru your pack & keep only the useful things, jettison everything else.

Now might be an excellent time to re-connect with your higher self if you have let that relationship stagnate.  Your higher self is the only one who'll never betray or abandon you, because it is the best part of you.  Before and between incarnations we exist as a Triune Self, that is to say, a unified soul/spirit having three distinct parts: the Knower, the Thinker, and the Doer.  When we incarnate, only two of these aspects of self make the journey, the thinker, and doer...the knower remains behind in the realm of spirit functioning as lighthouse, lifeguard and inspiration.  Your higher self will always be there for you no matter what.  Isn't that a relationship you'd like to have?  Your higher self is waiting, reach out, reconnect.

Staying in the flow is something else you can do in these horrible times, but what does that really mean you may ask?  It refers to the flow of spiritual energy upon the planet, and just like your higher self, it's always there.  Being in the flow is a bit like taking a shower...if you want to get wet you must stand in the flow of water, nothing else works. When you are in the flow you will know it because everything works better and smoother in your mundane everyday life.  Staying in the flow will help battle fear and confusion over Coronavirus madness.  Finding the flow is easy, just follow the guidance from your higher self without second guessing or over-thinking.

Beyond Here Be Monsters
You know how in some places people fish with dynamite?  They toss a small charge in the water and soon after it explodes dead & stunned fish float to the surface to be easily collected and consumed.  Well, our unseen masters feed in much the same manner,  They delight in the chaos they've released upon us as it makes controlling us all the easier.  Beyond that is an even better payoff for them; and that is the global fear & panic the explosion of the pandemic has created.  Our collective fear is Ambrosia to them. (Nectar of the Gods) They feast upon our fear as surely as Trump feasts off of attention & praise. 

By following every Covid-19 story & every outrage we just dig ourselves deeper into the quagmire of the transition from 3D thru 4D frequency resonance vibration making escape nearly impossible.  That's exactly what the unseen masters want, more food to feast upon in a constantly renewable resource, all they gotta do is keep ramping up the fear.

Everything is energy, remember?  When we as individuals sour the milk by not succumbing to fear it leaves a sour after taste on their palate.
When Covid-19 hit America the only casualty Trump cared anything about was his weekly ego rallies; they came to a screeching halt.  Ever since we have been subjected to seeing his face every time we dare turn our TV on because he's always in front of the camera.  He not only resurrected the long dormant white house press briefing, he added at least two daily outdoor press briefings, where instead of any helpful news, we must suffer thru him bragging about the ratings his press conferences get. Just yesterday Trump openly bragged on camera about how good his ability to terrify us is.  Are you terrified yet?  If you are, then stop doing that, it simply won't help you or anyone else, except Trump.  We taste so much better when terrified, and our hopes & dreams make for a dandy dessert. 

We are witnessing the meltdown of Trumps mental disorder day by day.  It wouldn't surprise me that his absolute worst behavior is done intentionally in a pathetic effort to create more publicity for himself.  Bad press feeds his ego as surely as flattery, its all good for him.  Nothing else matters to Trump except of course his millions of dollars.  Other wealthy celebrities are donating millions to help battle Covid-19 but not Donald Trump who has countless hotels that could be used right now in New York as emergency hospital space. 
Not a penny from the huckster who stole money from his own charity, (to commission a self-portrait).  Nothing, Zip, Nada.  Instead of giving some of his wealth to acquire critical ventilators he instead demands that governors who want federal assistance must first be nice to him.  It hurt my soul to watch California governor Gavin Newsome grovel in gratitude for the hospital ship sent to LA.  You don't get rid of monsters by appeasing them; WWII should have taught us that!  The only reason Trump hasn't been forced out of office for his gross incompetence is the same exact reason the republican senators acquitted him of impeachment charges, they're all afraid of him. Just ask Gavin Newsome.

The Florida pastor who urged his congregation to come to church has been arrested.  So if you can be arrested for doing things that put the general public at risk of getting Covid-19 why in the name of all that is good isn't Trump in jail tonight for the same exact crime? (read the last sentence in previous paragraph again.)  The writing is on the wall.  If You don't hear alarm klaxons going off all around you; and see massive red flags flapping on the winds of change, you might just need a check-up from the neck up!
I find myself in awe at the sheer brilliance of Trump's agenda.  First he drags his feet, doing nothing to combat Covid-19, allowing it to spread across America; kinda like giving your firstborn child to a pedophile.  With the entire country immobilized by social distancing none of the other presidential candidates can rally, campaign or even run political ads, leaving Trump the only one with media access.  Maybe he really is some kind of sick genius after all.

Then we have those mentally sick human monsters, spitting and coughing intentionally in public places to help the virus spread, who seem to hate humanity, indeed life itself.   Take the railroad engineer who recently tried to ram a train into the hospital ship docked in Los Angeles; but fortunately jumped the rail 250 yards short of the ship.  Give these people a wide berth, they are lost souls who would love nothing more than to take as many down with them as possible; as if Trump isn't doing a stellar job of it all by himself.

I've recently noticed a feeling a sense of overwhelming dread & foreboding whenever I tune into the national mainstream newscasts.  Mind you this sensation is absent when viewing alternative news sources whether online or on TV-its only on the big network news.  The thing is, I'm almost never a host for dread & foreboding because they're notoriously bad actors who only bring chaos to the thought process, so, owing to the intensity alone I am suspecting the use of  Subliminal Messaging being beamed into our homes.

You're already in the highly receptive and suggestive Alpha State when watching TV, the perfect time to secretly slip in hidden messages to control you, (as in the movie "They Live")  Movie theaters used to do this to sell more popcorn, then laws were passed but that never means the practice has stopped.  If anything, the technology for subliminal messaging has only become more sophisticated with the advent of technology.  I suspect "they" are using this technology to scare the shit out of us even more than we already are.  My suggestion is don't go there.  I fully understand your need to stay informed, just boycott the national media outlets.  Get your news anywhere but there or Facebook.

"I'm not worried about dying - I'm worried about not living"
                                                ~Glenn Villeneuve~

And, the Covid-19 "Know When to Fold 'Em" award goes to Kenny Rogers, who "just dropped in to see what condition his condition was in" and didn't like what he saw.  To those who feel such humor to be out of place; I would agree with you but then we'd both be wrong.  Humor is one of many things that can help us get thru this rolling nightmare, so long as we use it to relieve pressure and not to avoid thinking about unpleasant things.  If we can find a moment of humor every day in this pandemic, that will help us keep our perspective on humanity.

In our effort to keep our sanity amid this pandemic we must remember that "normal" isn't the same for everyone.  It all depends on who you are and what you're doing.  Being quarantined at home for weeks or longer certainly isn't normal for most, it is for some, owing to a myriad of factors.  In case you haven't noticed, "normal" has been getting a bit more insane year by year and the learning curve is a bitch.   

Resistance is Futile
The Hopi people have a word for today's modern fast paced life raging out of control, Koyaanisqatsi: roughly translated as life out of balance, crazy life, a life of chasing turds.  It is a way of living which demands a better way.   

Remember how everything is energy?  The energetic universe is comprised of energy vibration, also called resonance, and these vibrations, this resonance exists in a number of what we term dimensions, each with a different vibratory resonance.  For the current discussion we will limit ourselves to just 3 of these dimensions, the ones we as humans can experience.  Humanity has been in 3D, or third dimension resonance throughout its existence on Earth, but that is behind us now-forever gone.
Forth dimensional resonance (4D) is a time of transition from the thick, muddy negative energy of 3D to the more spiritually advanced fifth dimension (5D); which is our destiny.  4D resonance is the tearing down of old systems which the new vibration cannot sustain, making way for the long promised Aquarian age of enlightenment.  Here is our situation; we cannot "go back" because it ain't there no more, and we can't stay where we are now because everything we know is going down the drain & circling fast. 

Its a numbers game now, about whether we can get enough souls to disengage from 4D and focus on 5D; and the numbers aren't in our favor.  This pandemic will kill several hundred thousand in America alone and cripple the economy.  Many have already chosen suicide, and this trend will continue.  The great sea of humanity; (who don't understand their life but want another one that will last a thousand years,) will be relegated by their beliefs to remain in this 4D quagmire reality: but some, thru perseverance, will make it out to 5D resonance reality.  Very, very soon your soul will have to choose between one or the other.

This is the great homeward soul migration, and the culmination of the great experiment; to see if humanity can overcome the mandatory memory wipe and find their way back home.

One world is being born, one world is dying.  Pick one, fast!  The timeline split I have written about for years is happening right now, the reason for this much chaos is because Earth needs to shift quickly, we're out of time folks. This is it for this paradigm, reality, whatever you call it.  There is nothing to return to, because there is no "there" there.  Recall how energy follows thought in the destiny formula?  Well, the thoughts you think during this time of upheaval will determine which world you end up on, this dying one, or the one being born.  Choose wisely, and remember that not choosing is still a choice, because the alternative to reaching 5D resonance is to continue living in the current reality, trust me, you don't want that.

"We spend our whole life trying to stop death.
 eating, inventing, loving, praying, fighting and killing. 
But what do we really know about death?
Just that nobody comes back. 
Then there comes a point-a moment in life,
when your mind outlives it desires and obsessions;
when your habits survive your dreams, when and your losses...
Maybe death is a gift.  You wonder."
                                                                    ~ David Gale ~

 ~ May the Source Be with You ~
© 2020 full re-post with permission only

"Before the Deluge"~ Jackson Browne

"The Creation of Life"

Jeff Rense & Dick Allgire
This is a transition, we're heading into the next world.

"Koyaanisqatsi" ~ [trailer]

"Mahamrityunjaya Mantra"

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