Sunday, December 30, 2018

The New Normal

Is it just me; or is time behaving in an unusual manner?  Have you sensed it too? The sensation of time speeding up & slowing down, but mostly going by faster than we can keep track of.

2018 went by like it was wearing track shoes. 

But how would I know, when my life alternates between binge sleeping and insomnia? 

It must be part of the whole Aquarius age and earth gradually moving into fifth dimensional frequency vibration.  It's all part of the great awakening, and when you factor in all the free range chaos, it isn't always easy to keep our wits about us much less understand what is going on, our place in all of it, or what to do about anything.

So we soldier on with our heads down, doing the best we can for ourselves and those around us.  With each new day our senses & sensibilities are assaulted anew by greed and atrocities bordering on actual insanity.

Other symptoms of these changing times are bountiful for those who have eyes to see and are paying attention.

A lot of our friends are leaving.  Over the last 3 years it seems I've lost more friends to death than ever before, it feels like an exodus. 

We're seeing 500 year storms every year. We're getting firestorms bigger than ever before, then there are all the sinkholes, tornadoes & freakish weather anomalies.

We have bears dragging people from their houses & into the woods; while sea lions attack children at the boat marina.  If you just take the time to notice, animals everywhere seem to be acting most unusually. 

The arctic has lost 75% of its oldest ice...perhaps releasing viruses to air which man hasn't seen in thousands of years, or more.

The newest scientific report on climate change predicts dire times ahead, and that isn't factoring in the effects of Fukushima spewing radioactivity for nearly eight years now.  Do you really think all that radiation will have no effect upon all living organisms?  It didn't go away and they still don't know how to fix it, so it just continues to spew death daily, into the sky, and into the oceans. 

Get used to it, it's the new normal.

Meanwhile, 2% of Americans believe the Earth is flat... (that's 6.5 million people.)

There are over 55000 homeless humans in LA alone.
We gladly buy AI devices that listen to every spoken word in our homes, giving no thought to the privacy we give up in doing so.

The religion of Black Friday has turned us into consumer drones who value a deal over human life.  It's the new normal 

Every aspect of life is changing: politics, religion, gender identification, everything. 

Old paradigms are dying out, being replaced with the new thing; which is immediately attacked as evil by the dying paradigm of greedy old white men controlling everything.

New thinking leads to new beliefs and new ideas.  New ways of doing things; unfortunately the status quo hates change and detests anything new because these things weaken its grasp upon us.

Power is always dangerous; it attracts the worst and corrupts the best.
That's why Lady Justice is blindfolded.

Remember when the military gave police departments across the country all their surplus military weapons and vehicles?  Ever wonder why now civilian police look, dress and behave exactly like military soldiers?  We don't have policemen any more, we have death squads who show up and open fire before a word can be spoken, no questions asked.

Our fascist government is splitting up arriving immigrant families and putting the children in cages.  Now that some of those children have died in custody maybe we'll decide to care...but probably not when first lady Trump openly brags on her coat that she doesn't care, why should we?   The new normal.

 Year after year we continue to fall for and participate in elections as if they have been getting us greater and greater results, instead of worse & worse results. 

They have all these dirty tricks to swing elections, such as purging voter rolls, picking up absentee votes (which is illegal), targeting ethnic voters and telling them the election day has been changed, etc.  They do it every time, and worse.

All sorts of voter suppression going on, targeting women, blacks and minorities.  It's nothing new, they've been doing it for years...they just don't hide it as much anymore.  The new normal.

There is over 40 million dollars missing from the Trump inauguration fund, it disappeared, just like that!

Then we have the GOP rigging midterms after losing ...  eviscerating  governors and the  AG, in Wisconsin & Michigan, to dis-empower the office they lost.  Cowards all.

Democracy is when the voters choose the politicians; Gerrymandering is when the politicians choose the voters.  Again, they keep doing it because we don't stop them.
Trump bragged he'd shut down government right before Christmas if he didn't get his wall approved, then he doubled down and canceled the traditional white house Christmas party too.  No pay check, no party, Merry Christmas!

The dumbing down of America is now complete.  Eight years of "W" convinced them they could go lower still, so they did; the proof & "Smocking Gun" currently reside in the white house. 

Yes, seeing Trump end up behind bars will seem like a victory, but it will be just another illusion to lull us ever deeper into submission.  Trump landing in jail was always the plan; and I thinking he's just now beginning to understand that.

The burning question which fuels my insomnia is: with Mueller closing in, and Trump facing a minimum of 17 investigations, into every aspect of his financial life & conduct as president; will Trump start World War 3 to avoid going to jail? 
Meanwhile in Paris; for the fourth week political dissidents continue to set things on fire demanding the French president resign & step down.  If it works there maybe we should try it here.

The new normal; There is no justice, there is just us.

At this point I'm hoping for a Youth quake to shake us out of this dystopian nightmare; but I'm not really all that hopeful; there is just so much you can expect the youth of today to do, and beyond that its just too little too late.

Do a Google image search for "idiot"

Moving into 2019 we will see more chaos than co-operation, more greed over good, more lies than truth and more fascism than freedom.  I know the look of this road we're on, it leads to that place where all our dreams go to die.

I used to feel sorry for us and what we're about to endure, but not anymore.
We had ample warnings, yet did nothing.  We saw it coming, and remained silent.
Then there were still more warnings, which we couldn't hear thru our arrogant denial. 

Think Tipping Point; the point of no return. That's where we are, & there's no going back.  With corruption & force calling the shots on every unsustainable and illegal practice; there is now simply too much to overcome, too much to fix.

I just hope that when it all falls apart I'm sleeping like a fat-tailed dwarf lemur. 

© 2018 full re-post with permission only

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Monday, October 1, 2018

2018 Crop Circle Gallery

The 2018 crop circle season was different than most previous seasons, having fewer formations than in years past, and fewer jaw droppers of elaborate design.  All in all an un-remarkable season when compared to what is usually left behind.  This year saw only 37 formations worldwide, and of course not all were authentic.  The man-made formations generally lack the complexity & beauty of authentic formations.  As always, this gallery has omitted both very simple designs, and obvious man-made circles, leaving us with 25 crop circles for the season.  Maybe they took a year off and let the apprentices play.
May 26, 2018

June 4, 2018

June 9, 2018

June 10, 2018

June 11, 2018, France

June 17, 2018

June 17, 2018

June 19, 2018, Russia

June 20, 2018

June 23, 2018

June 24 2018

June 30, 2018

July 7, 2018

July 7, 2018 - Czech Republic

July 8, 2018

July 10, 2018

July 14, 2018

July 14 2018 (2)

July 18, 2018

July 23, 2018

July 26, 2018

July, 29, 2018

August 10, 2018

August 23, 2018

August 19, 2018

Traditionally crop circles increase in size and complexity as the end of the season approaches, capping the year off with what is called the jawdropper, or the "best" formation of the year.  That didn't happen this year, for the first time ever as I can recall.  This year has also seen the fewest number of total formations in many years.  Like I said, it's been an off year.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018


The late comedian Bill Hicks used to do a bit on the election of George W. Bush as being an experiment to see if Americans would elect a dumb president.  The punch line came on election night when Dick Cheney whispered to a co-conspirator "I think we can go dumber."  In 2016 "they" doubled down and put all their chips on Donald Trump to rally the votes of the uneducated, to whom Trump has declared his undying love.

Despite any outward appearances, "the Plan" is on track and going as desired by the neo-cons at the black heart of things.  The middle class in America was effectively destroyed by Bush & Cheney, and when Obama was elected the neo-conservative republicans thwarted & blocked all efforts to restore the middle class.  All of that just set the stage for Trump & his plunder monkeys to run amok dismantling any program that helps the average American.

The Trump administration is the wrecking crew whose job is to plunder all they can while creating chaotic distractions with everything from kneeling football players to porn queen scandals.  In all the noise and confusion they hope to stack the supreme court with ultra conservative judges, to make certain we all keep moving backwards.  Any profile of Trump shows him to be a recipe for disaster,

"Real power is...I don't even want to use the word...fear"
                                                       ~Donald Trump - March 31, 2016~

To begin with, the common consensus among those who know Trump and those who work around him is that he is un-educated, and stunningly stupid.  Just a few examples will prove the point.  He misspelled the word "tap."  He stared directly at the solar eclipse without protection.  He raw dogs porn stars without protection.  When referring to the country of Nepal, he calls it "Nipple,"  and for the country of Niger, well use your imagination, yup, that's exactly what he calls it.  Speaking of calling, Trump habitually calls foreign leaders in their sleep because he still doesn't grasp the concept of time zones, although his staff has explained it many times.  Stupid.  Perhaps most disturbing of all is he wanted to know why we don't use our nukes on our enemies. 

There was no shortage of warning signs during the 2016 campaign that Trump is a malignant narcissist, bigot and racist...but nobody really thought he'd get elected, so we laughed it off.  Well, we're not laughing so much today are we?

Just in recent weeks we've seen books about the Trump presidency coming out with titles like Unhinged, Insane Clown President, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, Fire and Fury, and Fear, just to name a few.  In the Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, 27 top psychiatrists and mental health experts give their evaluation of Trump.  These professionals all agree that Trump is a lying, gaslighting, cheating, narcissist with delusions of grandeur and a low IQ.

This profile of Trump as a malignant narcissist is not something we should take lightly.  He thinks and acts as if everything is about him, just like a spoiled child who always gets his way.  It's not as bad if the malignant narcissist in you life is your boss or mother in law; because they don't have the nuclear launch codes.  The day after Bob Woodward's new book Fear came out, the New York Times published an anonymous op-ed piece from a white house insider basically trying to let the public know there were "adults in the room" who are trying to protect us from Trumps worst inclinations. 

Aside from the obvious reason for being nervous about insiders running things; Trumps reaction should concern us all.  When he heard of this op-ed essay Trump is said to have rampaged thru the white house demanding the newspaper reveal the author citing "national security" as the reason.  Next he demanded the FBI investigate the matter.  How very strange he wants an investigation for that, but not for the allegations of sexual misconduct against Brett Kavanaugh.  The republicans in congress had no problem waiting as long as they did to place a new supreme court judge, so long as it wasn't Obama's guy.  Now that the judge Trump wants to hurry up and place is under accusation of sexual misconduct, they suddenly want to confirm him before letting his accuser speak.  Trump is fixated on getting Kavanaugh confirmed on the supreme court because he's on record as saying no sitting president should be indicted, as well as his opposition to Roe v. Wade.  Why is it we allow this?

Even as team pussy-grabber senate republicans scurry to ramrod Kavanaugh into the supreme court, a second accuser has come forth, Debra Ramirez who claims Kavanaugh attacked her at Yale where he was a member of the infamous skull & bones fraternity.   With this new revelation public support of Kavanaugh has dropped to 31%.  On Monday Sept.24, Michael Avenatti (Stormy Daniels attorney) said he has been contacted by a former US mint employee who has her own accusations against Kavanaugh, so just as we've seen in the past, the list of victims is growing.  Hmmm, maybe that's why republicans are trying to push the confirmation, to get the rapist on the supreme court before too many more women come forth with their own accusations.

Clearly this man is unfit to "serve" on the high court, and should be denied the chance; especially with 100,000 missing documents he doesn't want the public to know about.

What is it about Kavanaugh that exempts him from the same treatment given to Al Franken?  Nothing!  In fact Franken was railroaded out of the senate in the blink of an eye.  The hypocrisy in this administration is off the chart, and off the rails because if you are a democrat with a smudge on your record you must go and go NOW; but if you are a republican sexual predator you get a mulligan, a good-ole-boy slap on the back and a key to the SCOTUS restroom.

How about Bill Cosby, who just went to jail?  If he can still be held accountable for sex crimes 35 years ago, why not Kavanaugh??  Oh, I get it, Kavanaugh is not black, and the KKK are now in the white house...of course we cannot treat them the same when clearly Kavanaugh enjoys white privilege, and the senate has already made up their minds before even hearing from Kavanaugh's accusers.  There is a real pungent stink emanating from Washington DC these days; it's the smell you get when mixing equal amounts of guilt and fear of prison and it hangs in the air over crazytown like so much swamp gas.  

Trump isn't really protecting Kavanaugh from the 2 accusers he faces, rather if Kavanaugh gets confirmed to the supreme court, HE will protect Trump against his 19 accusers of sexual misconduct.  Trump actually tried to keep from attacking Kavanaugh's accuser, but it only lasted one news cycle, because today he twitter attacked her, and stood firmly by his man just like he did with Bill O'Reilly, Roger Ailes, Joe Arpiao, and accused pedophile rapist Roy Moore.  Trump always sides with the perverts, pedophiles Nazis & dictators, shouldn't you be bothered by that?

Back in 1991 hearings were held to confirm Clarence Thomas to SCOTUS, and like now those hearings were interrupted by Anita Hill who accused Thomas of sexual misconduct, which of course he vehemently denied.  The senators vilified Hill, doing everything possible to demean & belittle her.  That senate was on the wrong side of history back then and it still is today.  The only difference is that now we have the me too movement which aims to be a groundswell of support for the women now accusing Kavanaugh.  Not only will Kavanaugh rule to overturn Roe v. Wade, even worse he will act to protect Trump from prosecution at every turn. 

If this sexual predator is confirmed to the supreme court it won't just be another case of the good ole boys club protecting their own, it might just be the death knell of democracy in America.

Trump also has another mental disorder called Mythomania which means he is given to exaggeration, and outright lying.  His penchant for lying and just making things up was given as the main reason his lawyers say he cannot testify for the Mueller probe; because he cannot stop lying.  One of Trump's biggest recurring lies began during the campaign when he boasted he would be too busy to play golf (like Obama).  Since taking office Trump has gone golfing nearly every single weekend, and always to one of his properties.  He spends one third of his days visiting various properties he owns, all at taxpayer expense.


Prior to retirement, my chosen profession was as a counselor, and as with many things; the more tools one has the better job you can do.  Along the way I discovered the amazing science called microexpressions; which are unconscious, momentary facial expressions which mirror what a person is really thinking.  These expressions are extremely fleeting, usually lasting less than a quarter of a second, and because they are a subconscious thing, totally unavoidable.  Just as with reverse speech, microexpressions reveal the true self in any given moment.  The above photos of Trump have perfectly captured the microexpression associated with taunting; and it amounts to daring someone to argue with you.  In this microexpression the tip of the tongue sticks out between clenched teeth, and it is just seething with arrogance.   Makes all kinds of sense to me.

 The mythomaniac in Trump surfaces whenever he is talking about something he owns, likes or supports.  Its always the biggest, best, never seen before in history kind of hyperbole he just cannot seem to let go of...not even for a piece of chocolate cake!  Makes me wonder what he is trying to over-compensate for that's lacking in his life?

The narcissist-in-chief's need for constant approval includes a rally every week because the child-man potus needs his fix.  It doesn't really matter to him that attendance at his rallies is now reduced to mostly the very old, and die-hard tea party fanatics.  I don't know about you, but these to me, are not the attributes of a "stable genius," self-proclaimed or otherwise.

Then there is the whole treason thing where one day Trump insists he is innocent and the next day talks about giving himself a pardon.  Trump is not the first sitting president who asked if he could pardon himself...that was Richard NixonHis lawyers answered no, you cannot give yourself a pardon.  Nixon resigned three days later.

"Russia, if you're listening, I hope you can find those 30,000 emails..."
                                                  ~Donald Trump on live TV during debate~

If inviting the Russians to hack the emails of your political opponent isn't treason, then maybe inviting Russians into the oval office for a private meeting; with Trump being the only American in the room is.  Actually, both are treasonous acts.  Just two of many.

Trumps treasonous acts are all tied to him being what Putin calls a useful idiot.  When Trump racked up serial bankruptcies all the international lenders refused to give him money, except of course for Russia.  Not once, but many times.  Nobody knows how much money Trump owes Putin because Trump still won't release his taxes.  Whenever the subject comes arises of Putin's obvious control over Trump we keep also hearing about something called the pee tape; something about Trump lying on the same bed Obama used during his visit to Moscow, and having hookers urinate upon him.  I guess it never dawned on Trump until after the fact that every single motel room in Moscow is not simply bugged; they're fully wired for hi-res video and stereo sound.  Yeah, he is stunningly stupid.

Did you happen to see the photo of Trump snarling with a double fist pump as he arrived for the solemn observance for the 17th anniversary of 911?  Does this person have any control over how creepy he is in public?  Last year Trump addressed the national boy scout jamboree and as he always does, he went off script; and began telling the young boys about a good friend of his who always had sexy women on his yacht.  The following day the leader of the boy scouts sent Trump a fiery letter of disgust at his inappropriate comments.  So Trump jumps up on twitter and claims the leader of the boy scouts just sent him a letter saying his speech "was the greatest anyone has ever given to the boy scouts."

You see what we're dealing with here, right?  Unhinged is the word that keeps popping up in my mind, stunningly stupid, unhinged malignant narcissist with the understanding of a fifth grader.  Just so you know; that last bit about Trump having the understanding of a young child wasn't me taking a cheap swipe at POTUS, no it was his chief of staff John Kelley who said that!!

From "the highest audience ever for a presidential inauguration" to "I am a very stable genius": Trump has shown us exactly who he is, except for the criminal part, and I think we all know that is coming out soon as well.  In Trump Tower there are sprinkled about, framed covers of Time Magazine featuring a photo of Trump before the election.  The thing is, not one of them is authentic, every one is a fake.  Trump had them made so people would think he is important.  Fake right down to his tan & hair, lets just add that to Trumps profile.  Fake, its all fake!

For one who favors locking children in cages and calling people dogs, and scum this child-man has a peculiar weakness.  His ego is so fragile he cannot stand even the kind hearted (mostly) jokes at the Washington correspondents dinner, so like a pouty child he didn't attend.  When hundreds of school kids descended on the nations capitol to demand something be done to stop school shootings ... Trump left town to go golfing, in Ireland, (and just like every damn weekend, we paid for the entire trip.)  So we can add coward to Trumps profile.  Those bone spurs he used as an excuse to duck out of military service don't seem to have hurt his golf game, yeah coward.  To think he has the unmitigated audacity to want a military parade in his honor.  Cannot be done, he has zero honor, no parade fatso!

Trump likes to brag about making himself a wealthy man because he parlayed the million bucks daddy gave him into an estate, (not empire) worth less than 2 billion dollars.  Guess what?  If Trump had placed daddies million into a high yield savings account and left it alone he would have over eight billion dollars by now.  Yeah, stable genius: he knows everything about where horses are kept.  (that one was mine;)

Trump has gone from being a weekly reality show shill about firing people, to a daily reality show about Donald Trump and how he is using the presidency to increase his own wealth as he tries to stay out of jail.

It should by now be obvious to all that Trump is a vile parasite who will use the republicans and everything else to remain in office, damn the law and damn the FBI, he simply doesn't care, because frankly, he is quite insane.  What must be done to save any semblance of decency in this country is to force Trump from office using every weapon at our disposal.  We must also concentrate on his one glaring weakness, that narcissist ego. 

While those "insiders" who wrote that they are protecting the country from Trump are busy with legal and constitutional remedies; there is a powerful weapon the rest of us can use and we call it ridicule.  Trumps ego is so fragile his staff prepares a daily "briefing" for him containing only news items that stroke that giant festering ego, they coddle him with real fake news just to keep him from boiling over.  That suggests to me that a relentless bigly campaign of Trump ridicule might be enough to provide that little shove sending him over the edge to full goose bozo.

Publicly ridiculing Trump would work like magic due to his inability to "let go" of things that piss him off.  For crying out loud the man is still fighting Hillary, still insisting his inauguration crowd was the biggest ever and still demands there were three million illegal voters in the last election.  If we could just get the people who really want positive change to commit to publicly ridiculing Trump at every opportunity I think we could force him to would simply be too much for him to handle.  Maybe some billboards, or full page ads in prominent newspapers.  The possibilities are endless because he is so very easy to ridicule; there is plenty of free ammunition, and he gives us more every time he opens his mouth.

As if they were reading my mind, world leaders at the UN yesterday provided an excellent example of what I'm talking about when Trump addressed them.  With his regal pompous attitude Trump opened with his favorite brag "No other president has done so much in their first two years as I have."  They laughed at him.  The look on his face was priceless as the reality cramps set in.  Looking bewildered, he mutters, "That wasn't the reaction I was looking for."  Later, after the sting wore off a bit he completely reversed himself by claiming it was planned that way.  That little lie is on the house because the expression on his face will never get old.  See what I mean, he is totally vulnerable to ridicule.   I suppose it is worth noting that here, in reaction to ridicule, Trump once again displays the microexpression associated with taunting. 

We should do our absolute best to keep the focus of the ridicule on Trump and his gang of political whores.  I don't condone or indulge in the demeaning of those who voted for trump because we're gonna need them if we ever really want to make this a country of united states.  Claiming that he loves the uneducated; he sold them a bill of goods to get their votes, locking it in with lots of racist comments and vile hatred.

Vote Your Voice
Those who still support Trump are much harder for me to understand.  After all that is being revealed about Trump, I simply cannot imagine why anyone would believe, or trust him.  Unfortunately, everyone gets a vote here (supposedly) so our path is clear.  Vote in the mid-terms and vote with your heart in 20/20.

Trump reminds an awful lot of us of another ego-maniacal power hungry racist who came to power in Germany.  Before anyone could react that guy took over, dug in like a tick and it took world war two to finally defeat him.  The coming mid-term elections are a (slim) chance to toss this genocide clown out on his fat ass, and maybe prevent world war three in the process.  He has shown us just how unstable and uneducated he is, and he's also shown us he is a truly vile excuse for a human being.  For crying out loud people, he has repeatedly said he wants to use nukes to address diplomatic problems; what more do we need to see before we act?

We desperately need to impeach Trump, nullify the 2016 election, and finally get the worms out of Washington and disqualify the whole administration.  We need to hit the reset button, and reboot true democracy while we still have half a hope of doing it.

Yes I know we need to dismantle the electoral college, and I know the fix is in, that all our elections are rigged and interfered with on every level: from voter suppression, to gerrymandering and all their other dirty tricks.  With all this you'd think they wouldn't bother if they knew for a fact they'd win the election; but they keep the pressure on leaving no stone unturned...especially in the area of discouraging certain groups of people from voting at all.  Maybe they have to keep all the pressure on, all the time because if something was ever to stampede the voters, maybe that would negate all their cheating games and other crimes.  Yeah, I know, "if voting really changed things it would be illegal." But ya know what?  Maybe that only becomes true if you use it as an excuse to not vote!

So Trump has become the final cinder block in the dumbing down of Americans; which actually began before the tea party diversion.  The tea party with all its bullshit was a highway spike strip tossed out to cripple democracy.  Don't forget the left wing and right wing are on the same bird, they work in unison (behind the scenes) and the flight plan never changes.  This is our country, and if we fail to protect and defend it from enemies foreign and domestic then maybe, just maybe we don't deserve  it anymore, because in case you haven't noticed, America is being dismantle right before our eyes.  Democracy isn't dying in darkness, it's being murdered in broad daylight.

© 2018 full re-post with permission only

Trump even fucks up getting on the plane...

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