Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Trump's Meltdown

All Alone at the G20 Conference 

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  1. Mother Jones says '35% of Donald Trump's Twitter followers also follow at least one white nationalist like David Duke.' (as compared to 16 that follow Hitlary)
    He's deserving of permanent insanity

    1. I recently saw an interview with someone who has known Trump for many years. they were making the important point that in previous years he openly joked about him playing certain roles & knew it was a scam...that has changed they said: He is now fully enveloped in his insanity and actually believes everything he said. There is a photo going around of Trump at the recent G20 meeting, sitting all alone in a room full of delegates talking to each other...that pic is definitely worth a thousand words.

      Indeed, there seems no cure for his insanity.

      Time to void the election results, appoint an interim government, arrest Trump and everyone connected to him, then hold new elections,in which all new people must run.

  2. Initial impeachment proceedings have been filed by the Dems.
    And Donald Jr. is furthering the cause.
    There is a glimmer of hope.
    I know the image of Trumpf at the G20, it stuck in my mind as well.

  3. There's a swamp with billions of nasty snapping things needs draining before that can happen. I like the "new people" idea. And if you have more than one million bucks you can't run for office. While we're at it we can drop the empire thing. It stinks.

    1. On any given day we can hear some politician moaning about how "the system is broken" when in fact the system is running exactly as it was designed to function; keeping the swamp in power over the people. Indeed there is much to clear away which is why I suggest big, sweeping moves like disbanding the congress& senate as well as the entire administration. When surgeons go after cancer they don't just remove a little bit of it...they must remove ALL of the cancer before healing can begin.

      This is exactly the same

      Right wing vs left wing is bogus BS, both wings are on the same vulture and you can vote all you want, the flight plan never changes.

      control Alt Delete,
      Rinse & Repeat

  4. I will drink to that...later.