Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Soul Searching at the End of Time

Tick, toc … tick, toc …The moments until the ‘Mayan Millennium’ speed by, seemingly faster with each passing day.  Somehow I managed to loose track of about five hours myself today, without even leaving the house.  My day began with a Pineal gland meditation lasting forty five minutes or so after which I had my normal breakfast and  coffee, yet my breakfasts aren’t normal lately, the food doesn’t taste the same, and dammit neither does my coffee. They don’t taste bad…just…different!  Then there’s my appetite to consider, or I should say the lack of it because that too has changed just in the last three months, resulting in the loss of about fifteen pounds.  I see these changes happen with no conscious intent on my part and it makes me grin just a little, just one more indicator that my body is responding to the shift energies in a positive way.  This is good because this time I’m taking it with me when I go.

There is a growing list of familiar and favorite things which have recently just fallen by the wayside, again, without conscious intent.  Ballast & dead weight is being exchanged for lightness and the ability to go faster & higher.  More grins.  Metaphysical information I learned years ago, (and in some cases forgot) has been surfacing on its own accord recently, as if to say, “Hey, you’re gonna need me soon so stay in touch.” 
 Then there are the increasing instances of seeing 11:11 (and derivatives) in my environment. (a)  Like everyone else I’ve been noticing the 11:11 phenomenon for a couple years now and although I’ve acknowledged its significance in the face of increasing frequency of occurrences; it wasn’t until recently that I came to understand it, I think.   As so many now understand, 11:11 is clearly a coded message to humanity.  There are scores of various opinions & theories as to what the message is saying of course.  The one that resonates the strongest with me is that 11:11 is our return code for going home.  You see this beautiful Earth is not our home, it never was, we’re here on a kind of field trip, an experiment to see if we could be cut off from our source, placed on a 3rd dimension planet with a low, dense vibration…and still find our way back to source.   When sufficient numbers of us did just that, the experiment was deemed a success; and just like the school bell that signals the end of recess, we have been called home and 11:11 is the activation code for this migration of souls.  Our original home is the Eleventh dimension; it’s where we came from and where we are returning to; hence 11:11.  Furthermore, 11:11 A.M. (UT) on December 21st marks the end of the Kali Yuga, the end of the age of Pisces, and the first day of the Age of Aquarius.

Not unlike a deep sea diver who must return slowly to the surface to avoid getting “the Bends,” we cannot simply leave here and go straight home to the 11th dimension…it just doesn’t work that way.  This is why we are currently ramping up to go to the fifth dimension.  As I’ve mentioned before, it may be helpful for some to think frequency and vibration when they see the word dimension used in this context…its more of a resonance than a place. We will transit through the fourth dimension briefly, perhaps only a few years, to help prepare us for living in the fifth dimension where we will be for a good long while.  The reason for such a long stay in 5D is because this is a group soul migration, and we don’t leave anyone behind.  Those who ascend to 5D must wait there until the entire group ascends out of third dimensional vibration; then, when everyone is finished with 5D; we’ll all head off together for the eighth dimensional resonance.  This is why it’s so important for each of us to be an agent of awakening…it’s a numbers game.
 There is so very much information available on these subjects nowadays that it can be overwhelming to someone new to it.  Not only is there so much of it “out there”- but then one must wade thru it and try to ascertain whether or not the information is accurate & honest.  Anymore when I’m surfing the internet its not uncommon for me to get that old familiar feeling we call Deja Poo….I’ve heard that crap before.  Fortunately every one of us is born with the perfect poo detector, the heart.  When trying to ascertain the potential value of information, ask your heart how it feels about it; the vibration that echoes back to you will be unmistakable either way.  In fact your heart is capable of so very much more than pumping blood and detecting poo, it will amaze you.  Years ago I had a little biofeedback program on my computer that would measure and display all the information from your heart. This program was designed to develop entrainment & coherence in the heart, and was developed by the Heart Math institute (b) which is today on the very cutting edge of heart research, and they have uncovered information about the heart that is simply astounding!  The reason I mention this is because one of the best things one can do to be ready for what is coming is to become a heart-centered person. 
 Heart-centered people embrace the resonance of unconditional love, then they nurture that flame in their heart, they explore the heart’s vast potential laying dormant in so many of us.  When the heart and in turn the heart chakra are healthy and balanced, they export that balance and tranquility to the brain, and the chakras just above and below the heart chakra…which in turn helps to stabilize the energy system.  Not only does the heart form and begin beating before the brain is formed in fetal development, it also emits a powerful electromagnetic torus field extending many feet in all directions.  This torus field is separate and different from the aura, but like the aura it is an information field as well, and often projects whatever emotion one is feeling, just exactly like the auric field does.  When one is centered in their heart they know there is but a single energy running through all that is…and that energy is unconditional love.  When the heart is permitted to exist in its natural state without hate or fear the torroidal field around it becomes infused with the vibration of love, after which some pretty interesting things begin to happen.  Much more detailed and specific information is available in the book, Living in the Heart by Drunvalo Melchizedek for those wishing more depth into the subject. 

Now back to the Mayan Millennium.  For those who may have missed some of my earlier posts on the topic; the Mayan calendar does not predict the end of the world, so there is time for one to get both their life and heart in order. (c-e) However, it does predict the ending of multiple cycles, and windows of time, all occurring on the date we have come to know so well…and that’s gonna cause some problems, so we are by no means home free.  Whatever may be coming in the future if we hold love in our hearts, without fear, hatred, or thoughts of vengeance, we will be just fine.  Each of us will know just what to do, as well as when and how to do it.  All that information and so much more is carried within the akashic records, which by the way is located in our hearts.  It reminds me of an old parable I once heard; something about hiding the key to the universe until mankind was ready for that kind of power.  The God force hid it within the human heart, knowing that was the last place man would think to look for it. 
 Our journey to fifth dimensional resonance doesn't have to be difficult unless we have difficulty releasing our mind and energy from 3D.  As I have mentioned before, the steps to getting there are the qualities of being there.  If you were moving to a foreign country you might well prepare by learning the language and customs of the place and moving into 5D is no different.  We really need to begin thinking and acting as if we were already in 5D.  A huge step in that direction is of course raising your vibration, but that will prove difficult for those who cannot or will not embrace the liberating power of forgiveness.  We have all been mucking our way through this muddy, negative 3D vibration for a good long while now…we have a lot to shrug off if we want to hit that resonance of 5D.  Forgiveness is the great liberator of the soul; with it we can all soar to unimaginable new heights of awareness – and love.  Without it, we may well be forever shackled to this dystopian 3D nightmare of perpetual war and death.  Not only must we raise our vibration and embrace forgiveness, we should also begin visualizing ourselves in 5D, and begin using the tools and methodology of that vibration.  Always remember that energy follows thought; so keep your thoughts anchored in the place you wish to be, not the place you seek to ascend from. 
 Not long ago I had an opportunity to practice what I preach when out of nowhere one day my lower back began to hurt in a new place, and it was painful.  Of course my first reaction was to reach for my pain meds, which had little effect.  I tried the old heating pad trick, again, no joy.  It wasn't until I applied some good old 5D energy that I got some relief.  A friend wrote suggesting I try using Stuart Wilde’s warriors-prayer-card to relieve my pain.  Stuart Wilde was one of the first authors whose work I really resonated with years ago, so I was familiar with his shamanic energy and philosophy.  Knowing good advice when I see it, I sent off for a set of these warrior prayer cards straight away.  When they arrived I wasted no time in putting one to use.  I read the ‘warrior’s prayer’ on the back of the card, then placed it over the affected area.   This simple card infused with purple healing energy removed or dissolved the majority of my pain in just a few minutes.  The following day I repeated the procedure, and the remaining pain just vanished within minutes, and has not returned since.  An excellent example of using higher vibratory methods and techniques. 

So, what will the fifth dimension look and feel like when we get there?  Take a look at this clip from the Robin Williams movie “What dreams may come” to answer part of that question.  It is a realm, a resonance in which we will manifest things simply by thinking of them, and that is one important reason why 3D people cannot go there, because they would start manifesting all their worst fears and ruin the place for everyone else. 
 So, we all have some homework to do, which is simply the stuff we must do to go home.  We must search our souls and do away with things, memories or attachments that would hold us back due to their low, negative energy.  We have to ‘lighten up’ every part of us and get ourselves to a higher more refined vibration.  Like an overloaded airplane trying to take off before time runs out, we must jettison all the dead weight, negative programming and useless baggage that prevents us from ascending.  There is another parable about a man fallen into a river.  He holds onto the shore, trying to get back where he was, but the current is too strong and as he clings for life, he gets battered against the rocks.  He doesn't understand that if he just surrenders to the flow, it will deliver him to a calmer safer place.  That’s what we all must do, let go of those things and beliefs which hold us here and no longer serve us.  It’s a choice, and as Yoda said, “Do, or do not, there is no try.”  The reason this choice is so crucial is because instead of dying and reincarnating back into 3D, we now have the opportunity to take our bodies with us into the 4th dimension for purification and transition, and then on to the fifth dimension.  This has never happened on Earth before, not on this scale anyway.  We will be the first to do it as a group soul migration, and in the process we will light the way for everyone else to follow us, when they are ready.   

   Something wonderful is about to happen.

Until next time, be good to each other!!

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  1. Wonderful. Let's all hasten the day.

  2. Wow, wonderful blog layout! How long have you been blogging for?

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    of your web site is excellent, as well as the content!

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    1. Hi there~
      Sorry for the delay in getting back here to ya. I appreciate your comments & observations a lot, it is good knowing folks like the look of the blog. My first ever post was just under a tear ago. I didn't really know much about it, so just jumped in with both feet and did what I thought a blog should look like. Very glad you dig the content as well, because all the packaging would be kinda empty without good content. Looking forward to year #2. Peaceful blessings.

  3. hello...I am a traveler...been free falling since 2007...been reposting your stuff to help spread the info...I end all segments with your name so they can find you...I am so ready...I am hanging by the water in Virginia Beach for awhile....ready to loose myself in the amazon and hook up with a tribe for remainder of 4d if possible...watched the Robin Williams thing...thanks ..that helps ...I will spend my days imagining 5d...as I sit on the beach with the wind from the sea as a gentle breeze and dolphins here having their babies in the warm water before migrating south...sounds of the waves I am really in an ideal space...I 've been off the monopoly board for awhile now...UNIVERSE does provide...quite nicely...I have no complaints...ty again

    1. Ahhh so it was you responsible for those extra few thousand hits, much gratitude for the exposure.

      Yeah, am pretty much ready also, just a touch too much insanity for me...
      You have a good thing going...I did such many years ago for a decade or was it two; still sounds good to the spirit but the packaging is in rough shape for hitting the road.

      Do keep in touch!

  4. I would like to thank you for all the info, for the films and other links, which have been new to me, for the books, for introducing me to Drunvalo some time ago (by now I have already read all of his books), and HeartMath, and also for the steady reminder of the goal to go home... With love, Sona :-)