Friday, December 27, 2013

Evolution or Extinction?

I've been spending some time recently; looking back over different periods of my life, as we humans tend to do at year's end...tis the season & all that.  My thoughts drifted back to those lazy summer days of my youth when gas was a quarter a gallon, everyone had their own piece of earth bordered by galvanized cyclone fencing, and at night we were serenaded by a thousand frog chorus.  I remember the TV station's nightly sign off: "Sleep well, your National Guard is awake."  Everywhere there was the feeling that we were headed for a bright, shiny future.

Here in the land of excessive excesses we live in gated communities or apartment buildings as more single family dwellings go vacant from bankruptcy every single day.  Few of us sleep well anymore since our National Guard was destroyed by sending them into foreign wars of conquest, and we fall asleep to the sounds of drones overhead.  There are no more frogs, they're gone now, as are many species of birds and other wildlife, and gasoline will soon be as precious as gold itself.  Many of the books I read as a child are now banned!

My old man made a pretty decent living for us back in the day, even though it drove him into an early grave in the doing of it.  The economy was strong, and everyone my folks knew had a tidy savings account they were building their nest egg upon.  We took a three week vacation every single year which allowed me to see and experience the raw natural beauty of this country we reside in.  Even in the city many didn't lock their doors at night, and about the worst trouble kids got into was busting street lights & making prank phone calls to get prince Albert released from the can.

Here on the blinding edge of change; a decent living cannot be made even with holding down two jobs it seems, and still the economy is in freefall from month to month.  More and more we see the death of such things as annual vacation, overtime wages and cost of living adjustments; and folks remain silent, feeling lucky to still have any job at all.  These days we live behind multiple deadbolt locks backed up by digital security systems, and perhaps even a dog or two, because we sure the hell ain't in Kansas anymore!  Urban gangs control much of our inner cities while corporate thugs and the elite 1% gang control the wealth, and entire financial system in the world.

"The only thing more powerful than money is knowledge"

The official story is that all of the money in circulation is backed up by the quarter trillion dollars worth of gold in Fort Knox, and it's hard not to laugh even when writing that - much believing it.  We all know that the "Fed" customarily just prints up more paper money whenever it wants to, which isn't even backed up by thin air much less anything locked out of sight in a Kentucky vault.  That is a big part of the current global economy crisis, the outright lies we choose to believe over the uncomfortable truth of things.                                                                                  

To begin with, the value we place upon gold is entirely imaginary!  The ancient world only knew of seven metals, so of course they valued a metal which never tarnished or rusted, which sparkled and caught the eye.  It is said that rarity is what makes gold so valuable, but that's not quite right either, it's accessibility that gives gold value.  In the molten earth's core there exists enough liquid gold to cover the planet to a depth of twelve feet.  Some of this gold found it's way to the surface as a result of plate tectonics and such, not to mention volcanic eruptions.  Still more gold has arrived from space stowing away on asteroids, comets and meteorites...which gradually solidifies, forming veins and motherlodes.  The earth is literally full of gold, most of it under 1800 miles of rock!  All of the gold currently in human hands wouldn't even fill ten Olympic swimming pools!

Reaping the Whirlwind
Some 2500 years ago gold first became money in the Mediterranean area when kingdoms and principalities fashioned it into gold coins.  In the Americas, however, gold was never used as money, but rather for making sacred and ceremonial artifacts, and works of art.  When the gold hungry Europeans arrived in the Americas and encountered the gold rich indigenous tribes, two things ensued.  Genocide, and the start of a global gold rush which is still going strong today.  It isn't gold that creates the inherent's our belief in it's rare value that sets the price.  People motivated by that false belief, have created the myth that gold has value.  If it was everywhere, and you could just pick it up from the ground like gravel, would we still value gold?  Doubtful.  So yeah, this whole money thing is illusionary, smoke & mirrors ~ just like Time, we invented Money - neither are real, yet we are slaves to them both.

So, in a spectacular lack of vision, humanity has allowed itself to be duped into what essentially is slavery to a cartel of thugs who call the tune we all dance to.  Like lobsters being boiled alive we have failed to act because the waters around us were slowly and gradually brought to the current heated & bubbly state of things.   Like the ill-fated lobster we are just now feeling very uncomfortable, squirming about in our secure bubble belief system, trying to get somewhere a bit less like hell boiling over.  Our confidence in the future is greatly shaken by the "Let's wait and see what happens" attitude of those who are supposedly our leaders, especially when it comes to things like the oil volcano in the gulf or the nuclear volcano in Japan.

"Mama's gonna put all her fears into you" ~ Pink Floyd

There are many contributing factors to things being the way they currently are, and none perhaps are so debilitating as fear.  Fear paralyses us when we should take action, and lulls us into a false sense of security every time that works.  We fear losing what little we have, so we don't speak out against injustice, or wars, or drones, or clones, or GMO food-like-products, or fluoride, or mercury, or a thousand other things we really don't like; yet tolerate, generation after generation.  These days a great many feel trapped between the fear of doing something new and the fear of staying exactly the same, and not only does this desperation make for some poor decision making, it's also a stinky cologne!                                                                               
 Don't get me wrong, we have a fear response for a reason, it's a natural part of our survival instinct.  The problem arises when we allow ourselves to be so gripped by some fear or another that it renders us unable to act in our own best interest.  Because fear is such a primal motivator, it also becomes a most useful tool with which to control someone, or an entire population.  There is instinctual fear, which helps keep us alive in dangerous situations...then there's the illusionary fear which we assign to things we hope don't happen.  Fear can be rational, but so very often it isn't, such as grown men being afraid of spiders...or entire populations afraid to speak out, or stand up.  We have somehow allowed ourselves to confuse danger and fear.  The danger is very real, yet so often, just like time and money - fear is just an illusion.                                                                        

Overcoming fear is seldom an easy thing, and most of us only attempt it when the pain of remaining the same becomes too great, hoping it's not too late.  Fear keeps us blind to the fact that everything we want, is just beyond our comfort zone...just outside the bubble we live in that allows nothing too scary inside.  Eventually, yet inevitably, fear leads to anger, which given time turns into hate, which in turn leads to suffering.  It can become a vicious cycle which seems impossible to break, but there is a way.  We must all learn how to stand toe to toe with our fears, and face them, stare them down.  It nearly always involves doing something very uncomfortable; but once you have faced that fear & beaten it - it's gone forever.                                                                             
 As with the boiling lobster, the extinction of the human species has been carried out gradually and very systematically so as to not startle & stampede the herd.  Those who never venture out beyond the safety of the newspaper and evening newscast are not yet aware that about 200 species a day go extinct, right off the face of the dying earth!  Yes, 200 every day!  Gone !  That is ten thousand times the background rate of extinction.  Put yet another way, that is a million percent of normal.  Worried yet?

Places like Utah and St Louis are seeing an unprecedented epidemic of grounded eagles.  Bald eagles are falling from the skies, unable to take flight again, and nobody knows why...well, really we all pretty much figure it's the radiation from Fukushima, but we don't much like to talk about that.  How about the songbirds, robins, and  meadowlarks ... seen many of them this year??  If you have your own garden, how did it do this year?  If the frogs and songbirds are disappearing from the earth, along with the bees...can humans be far behind them?  Albert Einstein says, No!

Paper or plastic?, evolution or extinction? - Some choices are easier than others yet still; each time we choose paper over plastic, (or vice versa) we are essentially deciding between killing more trees, or polluting the environment more.  There is an alternative; use the same canvas tote bag every shopping trip!  Not all of the many and horrible things we're currently facing can be resolved so easily, and yet the whole point here is that there is another way to live on this planet, in peace with each other - and in harmony with nature.

"We need a Revolution of Love"

We do not have to be limited to only the choices given us by our "leaders" - we are allowed to think outside the box (Cage), to come up with our own solutions for the planet and her passengers.  Unlike the poor but delicious lobster, we can still find our way out of hot water, but it won't be easy, and you're not going to like it.  It begins with forgiving yourself for waiting so long, then standing up and taking your power back from those who hypnotized you into giving it away.  Snap out of it, quit hiding from the ugly truth.  Anger can be a most potent tool once you channel it into a creative, rather than destructive outlet.  Don't get mad, then start destroying stuff, that's just playing right into their hands.  Instead, get mad, then start creating stuff!!  They won't know how to deal with that.                                                                          
The combined cumulative effect of all these soul-sickening atrocities is turning us against our own basic nature, and better angels.  It's turning us into "Working Rageaholics and Raging Workaholics" to quote George Carlin...cover me, I'm changing lanes!  It is human nature to come together in times of disaster, to help and embrace our fellow humans...we see it all the time.  Well; not to put too fine a point on it, but all these things seem pretty disastrous to me.  We need to come to the aid of our race, to unanimously cast off the yoke of slavery, We need to show these quislings that Love is stronger than both money, and knowledge.  Indeed, Love is the most powerful force we know, we need to have ourselves a revolution of love, and soon please!

Most everything being done by the global corporate government is designed to lower our immune systems and basic operating doesn't that seem a swell place to begin taking your power back?  There are more than a few methods by which to do this, some more effective than others - certainly more than I can get into here.  However, as a suggestion for somewhere to start, let me turn you on to the  Schumann Resonance Brainwave Sync CD*  which uses Isochronic Tones and Binaural Beats to reset our brainwave frequency back to manufacturers specifications. I have been using this technique for a while now, and find it greatly enhances speed and clarity of thought just for starters.  Now a word...this decidedly won't be for everyone, as those who are not ready to make the corrective adjustment will find it annoying & irritating to the point of not being able to listen to it.  That's OK, it just means that some will have more catching up to do than others.                                                                            

"Where do I find the more evolved people?" - Erik Lensherr

Monsanto "terminator" frakenseeds are slowly taking over the farmland of America: what there is left of that once mighty industry.  The wind, and Monsanto agents spread these genetically altered seeds from farm to farm, ensuring there is never a way back to where we came from.  Likewise, radiation levels from Fukushima grow stronger every day in both our atmosphere and nothing whatsoever is being done to stop the constant flow of death from that place.

All these things, they're not just killing us, they are ending us altogether.  By doing nothing ourselves to halt these atrocities we give them our tacit approval, lying to ourselves that we're powerless to stop it all the while.  Isn't the entire future of your children, and theirs worth a little sacrifice and inconvenience to us in this moment of evolution?  How will we answer them when they cry out in agony, "Why did you let this happen?"  Exactly how are we going to account for our indifference when asked to explain ourselves.  We will be asked...                                                                             

It simply is no coincidence that all Hell is breaking loose at the exact cosmic moment when humanities evolution is set ascend to a higher octave of consciousness.  Those who have a vested interest in keeping things just as they are have pulled out all the stops trying to derail & defeat evolution.  The fact that they are still trying so hard should tell us one thing certainly:  It's not too late to turn it all around.  If it was too late they wouldn't be scurrying about like the vermin they are trying to hold it together just a little longer.  Please, think about that!  Most of the things we fear are just scarecrows, placed in our heads to keep us away from things like critical thought and spiritual responsibility.  Dare to look behind the curtain; to discover what an utter fraud the wizard of corporate government really is, and you will find your own empowerment there.  Empowerment enough to make a stand, to turn things around.

I know, it's so much easier to just believe you are powerless against the might of these corporate giants, that nothing you alone can do would even be noticed by them.  Have you ever spent the night in a tent with a hungry mosquito?  To regain your empowerment is going to require you to see with new eyes, as you begin to unravel the matrix.  You need, for instance, to see that those who enslave humanity are counting on subterfuge and misdirection to win the day.  They cannot prevail in a fair fight with us, which is why they always operate from under multiple layers of obfuscation and hide in the shadows.  This is why they put so much effort into pacification technologies such as HAARP, the GWEN towers, chemtrails, fluoridated drinking water, and  EMF soup from a thousand microwave transmitters.    

Most of the experts agree that if we all joined together and started immediately, working together globally against these things & thugs that are killing us...we could actually do it.  It IS possible to stop ALL of these atrocities, but only if we work as one, with a solitary voice, and a single vision.  I'm not saying we can make it like it used to be, that earth is forever gone, just a memory now, like frogs and songbirds; but we can still make this planet a place where life is thriving, instead of going extinct.  As I write these words it is 70 degrees outside today, 2 days after Christmas, while the sphinx and pyramids of Egypt are covered in snow! 

Beneath all the hype, noise and diversion, We have but a single choice:
Evolution or Extinction

Pick One!

Until Next Time ~Be Good to Each Other


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Creeping Dread in the Rage of Aquarius

Many years ago when the engines failed to ignite upon the launch of one of our manned space missions; one astronaut was heard to say, "I thought we'd be higher up when the engines quit".  That pretty much sums up how an awful lot of us are feeling these days. (Remember when we had a manned space program?) We've long ago realized that the fix is in, the game has been rigged by team dark so perfectly as to negate any possibility of fairness or a level playing field...ever.  Like that failed Apollo launch, a generation is wandering around, wondering what ever happened to that glorious age of Aquarius we were supposed to see unfold like a thousand petal lotus.

Instead, we have seen the rise and global spread of runaway greed fueled with rapacious hunger for more, and a never ending thirst for violence.  It is nothing short of an all-out war on all good things; and it will be the death of us all, you just wait and see.  If it was just one thing, or only a single crisis we faced it might be a much different story than the one we have allowed to exist right under our noses for so long it has festered, mutated and is now set to consume everything.  These last dozen or so years we have reeled from one war, or horror to the next with little or no chance to regain our footing, much less a bearing on sanity.  That's intentional.

And so it is; as this year of 2013 wanes down to its final hours, everywhere there is this overbearing creeping dread about the unknown horrors yet to if we don't already have a nearly terminal case of cognitive dissonance.  In numbed disbelief we've watched the life sucking monsters of peak oil, peak water,& peak food draw nearer each year.  Not only are our "leaders" doing absolutely nothing to prevent the inevitable perfect apocalypse when these all converge together...the insane psychopaths are actually feeding these monsters.  Do you understand this equation?  The ONLY way we are able to produce the amount of food the planets population currently requires is thru the use of petroleum products such as fertilizers just for starters.  Then factor in that the average meal in america today is transported over 1400 miles, requiring still more gas, oil and such.  Take petroleum out of the picture (when it runs out) and the dominoes of mass starvation begin to topple, hard & fast.

 Humans can go a goodly while without food, although you wouldn't think so watching most Americans eat...but water is another thing all together.  Three days, period!  That is how long the human body can survive without water.  It is literally a daily requirement; and yet; where was the storm of protest the first time the words privatized water were seen together?  When we first realized that our "leaders" were moving to private ownership of fresh water we should have filled the streets in millions to protest.  But we didn't because we were just too busy, and afraid.

I've always marveled at how humans are the only animal who doesn't react or respond to threats to their life, until the moment they are face to face with it.  The Gazelle speeds away at the very first sight or smell of the Lion, as do all creatures, except us.  The fact that we possess reasoning ability the other animals lack makes it that much more embarrassing. 

Granted, we are not the creatures our ancestors were: but then the instinct for survival hadn't yet been completely bred out of the species as it now has.  Cattle are not native creatures to this earth...we made them.  We captured the young of fierce bovine creatures like the cape buffalo, raised & bred them in captivity, always breeding the more peaceful and less aggressive we could enjoy steak & milk.  The same has been done to us over hundreds of generations until here at the gates of the Aquarian Evolution we are as cattle, grazing our life away, unable to question the odd odor coming from the slaughterhouse. 

"Leaders? Where is it you are you going, exactly that requires you to have a leader?!"
                                                                        ~ Larken Rose ~

As our freedoms and inalienable rights have gradually disappeared, so has the vibrant health of Gaia, our mother - the good Earth.  Because we fear repercussions, we remain silent in the face of such things, and make up excuses for why we do not raise our voice in protest.  We do this while choosing to ignore the fact that by the time they come for us (and they will) there will be nobody left to raise a voice of protest.  Every single day America consumes over 20 million barrels of oil, and that demand only grows, it never decreases.  Despite nearly 4000 offshore wells in the gulf of Mexico, and the Alaskan pipeline; we still import the vast majority of the oil we consume.  If the countries of the middle east were sitting on millions of tons of potatoes, do you think we'd be starting all these wars in those places??  We are killing the planet and ourselves with each day of silent denial replacing our pent up rage at what is being done.  So, the next time Obama is at the podium explaining why you must surrender still more freedoms, just think for a moment about who it is that's really doing the talking!

A current story in the news certainly explains an awful lot.  Have you heard of this fellow John Beal who for the last 13 years has been the highest paid employee at the EPA??  In that time our government paid this guy over $900,000 dollars.  It now comes out that Beal is a complete fraud and consummate liar.  First he told the EPA he was on assignment from the CIA to study climate change, then later insisted on a prime parking spot because he'd contracted malaria while in Vietnam.  You guessed it - He was never in Vietnam & never had malaria...and never studied climate change at all...instead he says, he spent his time reading or riding his bicycle - as he seldom even showed up for work at the office.  Oh yeah, he never worked for the CIA either.  Anyone see anything wrong here?  Are you pissed off enough yet?

Over 55,000 species a year go extinct due to our behavior on this planet as we continue to accelerate the Fracking for every last gram of crude oil we can possibly extract from the earth.  Never mind that fracking poisons and toxifies our drinking water to the point it will actually catch fire and burn!!!  It's bad enough that what passes for clean, fresh water these days already has over 25 chemicals in it, are we really OK with adding all the crap from fracking as well??  I would suggest we think on this a bit, but I already know what a futile effort that is, as few of us anymore seem the least bit inclined to fight for the survival of our race.

"Like glittering Jokers, just dancing in the dragon's jaws."  -  Bruce Cockburn

There is a word for the kind of accelerated growth & unchecked greed which has taken us to where we now are - Unsustainable.  That is what we mean with such terms as peak oil, or peak anything produced from resources.  Peak in this context denotes that production will never again be at the current level, it's all downhill from there, and we are there now!  The threat is here and staring us in the face, what do you do now??  More denial?  How can you continue to justify ignoring something, once you know.  How very empty that must feel.  If you argue for your limitations, ya get to keep them, they become yours!

How about peak electricity?  Ever give that much thought.  Go google up a satellite photo showing North Korea at night if you want a subtle hint at what being without power looks like.  Suspend your cognitive dissonance denial long enough to ponder this scenario: what would your life be like with no food, no water, no fuel and no cell phones, computers or internet?  Now imagine none of that was ever coming back again - ever, for anyone but the psychopathic elite.  What if the only place you could get the necessities of life was a FEMA camp...would you go there?  What if you had no choice?  How does it make you feel when elites such as Henry Kissinger refer to you as just a useless eater?  His words, not mine!  any little spark of rage in your gut over that one?  Just curious.

How would you feel to one morning discover your bank had confiscated all your savings, and given it over to the government of corporations?  Would you just accept that as one more patriotic sacrifice?  Or would that be the final straw for you.  That's the plan you gradually get everyone more and more frustrated & angry that it hits flashpoint and boils over into coast to coast rioting and open them the excuse they need to lock everything, and everyone down, and to enforce it with deadly violence.  Hope you enjoy all your silence has bought you, because it's how things are going to be very soon now.

For years people with masters degrees in business & finance have been telling all who would listen that the global banking cartel was running a giant ponzy scheme, yet few seemed to be alarmed to see Goldman Sachs backing both candidates in the last couple of elections.  Even when we caught energy companies and the government in bed together during the Enron scandal, we still refused to see, or hear the ugliest of truths; and we are refusing still.  

Don't even let me get started on the transhuman agenda, you know, the h+ crowd who just wanna make a few upgrades to our DNA to improve upon the handiwork of creation itself.  I don't know about you, but I prefer my DNA au natural - hold the preservatives and nanobots.  All of this is just a bridge too far for me.  I much prefer the way things used to be, way back when "they" actually went to great lengths and expense to hide everything they were doing from the public.  The fact they no longer do that is even more disturbing than the things they're doing, and it means the end game is in the offing - any time now. 

Ever seen snow covered pyramids?  How about a white christmas in Baghdad?  Me neither, at least not until this week.  Hmmm what was that garbled message about climate change?  Let's go get ahold of all these idiots who say climate change isn't real; and have them explain this:

At this point, if you still believe anything that comes from your "leaders" mouths; why are you reading this essay?  Gotcha!  You don't believe anymore, which is why you spend your time reading articles like this one.  Now all you have to do is bring that knowingness from the subconscious mind up to the conscious part of the mind, and start figuring out your next play from here.  You won't always have the internet to rely on, in fact, my guess it we won't have it much longer at all. Something else to think about.

And then, there is the whole Fukushima thing.  Perhaps the biggest elephant in the room.  We know that the radiation genie is out of the bottle it can never be forced back into, and spreading around the world like an invisible fog of death.  Yes, we KNOW this irrefutably, yet we continue to exile the fact from our minds, especially when grocery shopping, or being caught out in a driving rain.  Why do you suppose that the U.S. government shut down the radiation detectors on the west coast following the multiple meltdowns at that doomed facility, in that doomed nation?  Why did they subsequently increase the minimum "safe" levels of radiation we could be exposed to.  We now know that American sailors who assisted with the initial cleanup were severely irradiated and now have various cancers as a result.  We also know that every single tuna caught & tested off the California coast this year has been irradiated; toxic with nuclear radiation; and what is true for the tuna must also be true for the salmon, shrimp and every other life form in this planets oceans. 
Things are just as bad if not worse on dry land, as the Monsanto monster has sown its toxic FrakenSeeds across the land, making it illegal to own or plant any seed other than theirs.  If there is anything not understood about Genetically Modified Food, let it suffice to say that the very DNA of the food has been altered, and adulterated with ingredients which have never been considered as anything other than poison...and this genetically modified food is working right now, changing your DNA, and you can safely bet the result isn't to make us immune to radiation!  

Our food chain is going away, who you gonna call?

Homo Sapien roughly translates to "wise man who looks up"- and yet so few of us really do, it's utterly amazing.  Perhaps if more of us looked up more often we'd be alarmed to see the daily aerosol spraying going on over our heads, homes and schoolyards.  Perhaps only then will we begin demanding it stop, and that those responsible be held accountable.  But we know that's not going to happen, because we are not in control.  We never were.  Maybe that is why we remain so damn silent, we know our place in a police state, and we're OK with it, so far.  Yes kids, it's time to talk about peak air.  Now at it's most basic level, oxygen is just the waste by-product of bacteria, but we not only crave it, we kinda need it to live...and our air has been steadily poisoned since around 1995 or so, and the program shows no signs of letting up!!

This spray program indeed seems to have the effect of making people feel sick and lethargic, and seems aimed at both the very young, and the very old.  A few years back they "accidentally" gave San Diego, California a triple dose of the noxious spray...and area hospitals were overwhelmed with the sick and dying.  Dialing it in.  The chemtrails are just one of several pacification technologies dreamed up to help take us right out of the equation, and let the elite archon parasites achieve their goal with little or no resistance from us, the game is rigged, the fix is in.  

Resistance is futile!  Abandon all Hope.
"Hope is the biggest lie of them all - it's also the very best one"
                                                                                                            ~ Allie, "Taken"

It isn't easy to challenge evolution, much less prevail over it, and our off-world masters are leaving no stone unturned in their effort to dominate over evolution.  They have even changed the basic harmonic vibration of the earth, Schumann's resonance* and are using such things as GWEN towers, HAARP, and sonic disruptions beamed right into our very minds from a distance on us as well - more pacification technology.  They want us so sick, scrambled, confused, disoriented, and lethargic that we cannot rise up in mass to challenge them, now that the endgame is in sight.  Are you pissed off enough yet?

So, the free-range humans become an endangered species themselves; caught between the Scylla of renegade GMO cereal killers and the Charybdis of Fukushima.  There are no more good men left to come to the aid of their country, the system isn't broken as the elite like to was designed this way intentionally; leaving out any mechanism or desire for reform.  We are their cattle, pure and simple; useless eaters one and all who are good for one thing only...keeping the machinery running for the dreameaters

In the end, they plan to kill us all off anyway - to start over with numbers in their favor, not why are any of you still getting in that car & going to work each day? ... well not each day, what with all the cutbacks and downsizing going on.  In many areas, school has been reduced to four days a week.  Everywhere you look you see the matrix being propped up long enough to dredge still more treasure from our hands, and from the earth, why do so many still partake in the charade as if it epitomized their perfect dream?   If you hate this rat race and truly dread what is coming next; simply stop supporting it, stop participating in it.  Quit tip-toeing around the elites like they were a bi-polar wife, and confront them at every step.  Quit subsidizing your own execution - find a better way!

Of all creatures on earth, humans have the highest discount rate.  What's that mean?  It's like this...when the gazelle first detects the lion, he doesn't wait around to see what the lion wants...he already knows what the lion wants, so he tends not to discount that fact too much, but rather acts immediately to lessen the chance of becoming dinner.  Humans, on the other hand seem to disregard, or discount such threats to life and limb, even as the threat draws closer with evil intent ever apparent.  If humans had always behaved in this way there would be none left today, they wouldn't have made it in the primordial world; so this tendency to discount danger must have come along somewhere after we came to dominate the natural world.  Source has blessed us with great intelligence and opposable thumbs - perhaps because it figured we'd be needing an advantage.  How can we ever fail when we have movie stars breeding, creating the next generation of movie stars; and we have our intelligence to pick the winner on American Idol, and our thumbs for texting...what more could we possibly we need?

"But everything you see's not the way it seems,
Tears can sing and joy sheds tears
You can take the wisdom of this world
and give it to the ones who think it all ends here."
                                       ~ Bruce Cockburn~

Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other !

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Archon Hologram

The other day a friend and I were discussing chemtrails, as a sub-reference to everything else that's going on these days; speculating as to their intended purpose.   The conversation took a most interesting turn when my friend mentioned a current theory postulating that chemtrails are Holographic Inserts, and not actual physical manifestations of aerosol spraying. 

My initial gut instinct was to question this idea's validity based upon both my own observations, and the fact that I have taken samples of chemtrail residue, and could see that it had physical properties.  However, my mind was quick to point out that said residue was not observed by me exiting the plane...just that it showed up in my yard on a heavy spray day!  Next I thought back to a hologram demonstration I saw at Expo-80 in Vancouver, Canada.  I watched with a couple hundred others as a native Indian shaman spoke about ecology and conservation for 30 minutes.  During the presentation a holographic campfire appeared, along with various endangered species of animals, as the shaman spoke to the audience.  As the shaman finished his presentation, he waved goodbye and vanished in an impressive puff of smoke!  The shaman was a hologram all along, and nobody saw it was just that real, nobody questioned what their eyes were telling them.

Still, something within me does not play well with the idea that everything is just a hologram; but why not, I ask myself, when I readily accept that all this is just an illusion?  Is illusion that much different from hologram?  Could they be the same thing?  Doubtful; but then I don't know for sure, which is what keeps my interest.                                                           

Many embrace the concept that we are enrolled in a full-time educational process with Earth as the classroom; and that while appearing very real to us, it is as an illusion compared to our true nature as beings of resonance.  If one can accept this, why not the concept that the entire universe is a hologram?  For one thing, the illusion serves the soul, while the hologram deceives the soul.   The illusion is a spiritual construct designed to raise consciousness and gain enlightenment; can the same be applied to the hologram?     Could it possibly that each is true?  Doubtful, although they do share some common attributes, such as concealing the true nature of reality.

The idea of a holographic universe is nothing new; one of its first proponents was the late Michael Talbot who published The Holographic Universe in 1991, a year before dying from Leukemia.  Noted physicists David Bohm and Karl Pribram came to very similar conclusions as Talbot, and the theory has been going strong ever since.  I even recall a brief  911 theory involving holographic airplanes or some such.   Right or wrong, good or bad, the holographic universe concept is probably here to stay, and is likely to continue getting the rap for things not easily categorized or explained away.

I remember some folks up on Mount Shasta a few years ago who claimed that if you just ignored the chemtrails, they couldn't hurt you.  Hard to believe, but the Japanese government is now saying the exact same thing about radiation from Fukushima, and in both cases I must call bovine excrement!  Whether or not the chemtrails are holographic inserts, to simply ignore health consequences when they are so well established is, well, silly.  To encourage others to do so is nothing short of criminal, as in the recent propaganda from the Chinese government that smog is good for you!!
When did we slip into the Bizzaro World from the superman comics, where every true thing is turned on it's head, where wrong is right and down is up???  When is it good for us to breathe smog, radiation and chemtrails??  First they say it doesn't exist, then when that dog no longer hunts, they say its GOOD for you!  Whether this "reality" is a hologram or not, you have to understand that these kinds of statements from world governments are decidedly not a good sign.   Of course they don't believe the pure lies they tell, but that they think you will is somewhat worrisome. 

When the subject of large scale holograms comes up I always think back to the many articles etc. regarding Project Bluebeam (see video below) which reportedly is a grand scheme cooked up by NASA, DARPA NSA & a few other alphabet soup agencies to fake an alien invasion using holograms and laser light shows.
When I reflect back on how utterly real and convincing that holographic shaman was over thirty years ago I have no doubt that the current state of the art holograms are even more realistic looking...and it does make me wonder if I have been looking at holograms all my life??  The human mind (influenced by the ego) wants to reject that possibility based solely on evidence received by the senses.  The picture alters somewhat when we consider that our senses are nothing to rave and boast about.  We see very little in the full spectrum of light, and our hearing is downright impaired, compared to many other species on earth.  Mostly we only feel energy when it's either hot or cold....while being blissfully ignorant of the many natural, and manmade energies swirling all around us all the time.

It's one thing to consider that what passes for reality on this planet is an elaborate hologram; heck, we've even taken to calling it the matrix...and the fact that holograms are not naturally occurring (as far as we know, excluding mirages) just makes the conspiracy angle juicer for inquiring minds.  Certainly I could see the possibility that someone has the necessary resources for a planet scale holographic construct...a lifetime of reading Asimov will do that for ya, and yes, the usual suspects immediately come to mind.  But what about the entire universe, or to be even more specific the Multiverse ... how can All-that-is be a hologram?  If it IS, then who created it, what is the source?

From its very inception the idea of a holographic universe was inexorably entwined with quantum mechanics and string theory, as quantum mechanics is the search for an elegant theory of everything.  The current popular quantum model has eleven dimensions; [and here it helps if you think of different dimensions as simply different octaves on the musical scale]; so 11 dimensions and an infinite number of possible realities, probable realities, and quantum allow for all possible configurations & permutations.   How can all of this be holographic in nature, and perhaps a much better question, what is the point?  If All-that-is exists only as a hologram, then what purpose does it serve, and whom does it serve?

                                                    Ponder that for a moment.                                                                         

In a way, it could be said that we're living in a hologram of sorts because the "history" we are taught in school & college bears little or no resemblance to the actual, authentic history of humans on planet earth.  Take the country of Belize, for example; where the number of modern houses is far outnumbered by Mayan ruins reclaimed by the jungle, the vast majority of them unexplored.  Clearly the Maya were an advanced race, perhaps even more so than the Egyptians or Phoenicians when you consider their mastery of astronomy and mathematics.   Few examples of Mayan books survived the Spanish invasion, so who knows what knowledge was forever lost.  A repeating event throughout history...and the history books, as we all know, are always written by the victors.   Far from being as isolated example, the Maya are instead just one example out of many; of advanced civilizations which flourished for thousands of years, then "vanished" the proverbial dog that always eats the homework!?!

Aren't we in a sort of 'hologram' if the powers that be always have a revisionist version of everything that could challenge their authority or power, and always feed us that same party line generation after generation?  Modern science has created it's own sub-category called forbidden archeology and this is where all those penetrating questions go to die from neglect.  Questions about the builders of the Egyptian pyramids, and those who adorned the Nasca plains with giant pictograms only visible from the air.  Questions about places like Gobekli Tepe, Pumapunku, and Machu Picchu... and why so many ancient cultures were focused upon the Orion constellation.  Isn't it a different kind of 'hologram' when we passively allow the unqualified to do as they please with no repercussions of any kind (except in Iceland)   Here's how it works...

Isn't the entire 40 hour work week charade a kind of living hell-ogram?  Think about that the next time you're stuck in the morning and evening commute (Twice a day, you say!).  Haven't you ever felt like a hologram, or maybe a robot...going through the exact same pantomimes each & every day, never questioning much beyond the fact that it is expected of you?  Aren't we all becoming just a bit more holographic with each right or liberty taken away in the name of homeland security, and are you really OK with all this Nazi-like Homeland crap...or do you just pretend, the squeaky wheel and all that.  This job you so highly value; was it your dream...or just what you settled for because there seems to not be anything in place for dreamers and loners; just like there is no accommodation for reform or change.  Isn't that a hologram??

If we don't have our dreams ~ We have Nothing

If the matrix of the 40 hour work week is its own kind of hologram, then certainly so is the entire financial matrix that keeps everything running, including us. 

And here is how that works...

 A brief glance is all that is required to see that despite all the hype, worker drones never really become anything more than worker drones...keeping the old paradigm going is all that matters.  For many centuries it has been the same: the handful of elites promise the working classes a better future but only deliver more poverty and despair...and generation after generation simply accept it as their karmic fate, or whatever, and never seem unhappy enough to do something about it.  The GMO food-like-products and chemtrails are for making sure that mindset never changes.  How's that for holographic?

So, if everything really turns out to be a hologram; what part do our dreams and aspirations play in the overall hologram, are they the point of it all, or meaningless by-product of simulated consciousness?  What then of our very soul, that personal spark of source we all carry within these meat suits; if everything is really just a hologram?  Do those things nearest & dearest to us cease to have meaning if all we are is artificial projections...and from where did we even get the notion of soul in the first place?  Is it just part of the programming?  Shades of Blade Runner.

When first encountering the concept of holographic 'reality' be it on a planetary or universal scale; the human mind tends to dismiss the idea, mostly because it offends the ego.  Spend a little time mulling the idea over, and some aspects of it may even seem plausible, but we still end up feeling that it just couldn't be true.  Is this just clever programming to prevent us from discovering our true nature?  I must say that I remain unconvinced that everything is just a hologram, except of course when I look at the sad state of affairs on earth these days and see them as escalating signs of total system failure.
Now that makes sense!

Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other


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