Friday, December 27, 2013

Evolution or Extinction?

I've been spending some time recently; looking back over different periods of my life, as we humans tend to do at year's end...tis the season & all that.  My thoughts drifted back to those lazy summer days of my youth when gas was a quarter a gallon, everyone had their own piece of earth bordered by galvanized cyclone fencing, and at night we were serenaded by a thousand frog chorus.  I remember the TV station's nightly sign off: "Sleep well, your National Guard is awake."  Everywhere there was the feeling that we were headed for a bright, shiny future.

Here in the land of excessive excesses we live in gated communities or apartment buildings as more single family dwellings go vacant from bankruptcy every single day.  Few of us sleep well anymore since our National Guard was destroyed by sending them into foreign wars of conquest, and we fall asleep to the sounds of drones overhead.  There are no more frogs, they're gone now, as are many species of birds and other wildlife, and gasoline will soon be as precious as gold itself.  Many of the books I read as a child are now banned!

My old man made a pretty decent living for us back in the day, even though it drove him into an early grave in the doing of it.  The economy was strong, and everyone my folks knew had a tidy savings account they were building their nest egg upon.  We took a three week vacation every single year which allowed me to see and experience the raw natural beauty of this country we reside in.  Even in the city many didn't lock their doors at night, and about the worst trouble kids got into was busting street lights & making prank phone calls to get prince Albert released from the can.

Here on the blinding edge of change; a decent living cannot be made even with holding down two jobs it seems, and still the economy is in freefall from month to month.  More and more we see the death of such things as annual vacation, overtime wages and cost of living adjustments; and folks remain silent, feeling lucky to still have any job at all.  These days we live behind multiple deadbolt locks backed up by digital security systems, and perhaps even a dog or two, because we sure the hell ain't in Kansas anymore!  Urban gangs control much of our inner cities while corporate thugs and the elite 1% gang control the wealth, and entire financial system in the world.

"The only thing more powerful than money is knowledge"

The official story is that all of the money in circulation is backed up by the quarter trillion dollars worth of gold in Fort Knox, and it's hard not to laugh even when writing that - much believing it.  We all know that the "Fed" customarily just prints up more paper money whenever it wants to, which isn't even backed up by thin air much less anything locked out of sight in a Kentucky vault.  That is a big part of the current global economy crisis, the outright lies we choose to believe over the uncomfortable truth of things.                                                                                  

To begin with, the value we place upon gold is entirely imaginary!  The ancient world only knew of seven metals, so of course they valued a metal which never tarnished or rusted, which sparkled and caught the eye.  It is said that rarity is what makes gold so valuable, but that's not quite right either, it's accessibility that gives gold value.  In the molten earth's core there exists enough liquid gold to cover the planet to a depth of twelve feet.  Some of this gold found it's way to the surface as a result of plate tectonics and such, not to mention volcanic eruptions.  Still more gold has arrived from space stowing away on asteroids, comets and meteorites...which gradually solidifies, forming veins and motherlodes.  The earth is literally full of gold, most of it under 1800 miles of rock!  All of the gold currently in human hands wouldn't even fill ten Olympic swimming pools!

Reaping the Whirlwind
Some 2500 years ago gold first became money in the Mediterranean area when kingdoms and principalities fashioned it into gold coins.  In the Americas, however, gold was never used as money, but rather for making sacred and ceremonial artifacts, and works of art.  When the gold hungry Europeans arrived in the Americas and encountered the gold rich indigenous tribes, two things ensued.  Genocide, and the start of a global gold rush which is still going strong today.  It isn't gold that creates the inherent's our belief in it's rare value that sets the price.  People motivated by that false belief, have created the myth that gold has value.  If it was everywhere, and you could just pick it up from the ground like gravel, would we still value gold?  Doubtful.  So yeah, this whole money thing is illusionary, smoke & mirrors ~ just like Time, we invented Money - neither are real, yet we are slaves to them both.

So, in a spectacular lack of vision, humanity has allowed itself to be duped into what essentially is slavery to a cartel of thugs who call the tune we all dance to.  Like lobsters being boiled alive we have failed to act because the waters around us were slowly and gradually brought to the current heated & bubbly state of things.   Like the ill-fated lobster we are just now feeling very uncomfortable, squirming about in our secure bubble belief system, trying to get somewhere a bit less like hell boiling over.  Our confidence in the future is greatly shaken by the "Let's wait and see what happens" attitude of those who are supposedly our leaders, especially when it comes to things like the oil volcano in the gulf or the nuclear volcano in Japan.

"Mama's gonna put all her fears into you" ~ Pink Floyd

There are many contributing factors to things being the way they currently are, and none perhaps are so debilitating as fear.  Fear paralyses us when we should take action, and lulls us into a false sense of security every time that works.  We fear losing what little we have, so we don't speak out against injustice, or wars, or drones, or clones, or GMO food-like-products, or fluoride, or mercury, or a thousand other things we really don't like; yet tolerate, generation after generation.  These days a great many feel trapped between the fear of doing something new and the fear of staying exactly the same, and not only does this desperation make for some poor decision making, it's also a stinky cologne!                                                                               
 Don't get me wrong, we have a fear response for a reason, it's a natural part of our survival instinct.  The problem arises when we allow ourselves to be so gripped by some fear or another that it renders us unable to act in our own best interest.  Because fear is such a primal motivator, it also becomes a most useful tool with which to control someone, or an entire population.  There is instinctual fear, which helps keep us alive in dangerous situations...then there's the illusionary fear which we assign to things we hope don't happen.  Fear can be rational, but so very often it isn't, such as grown men being afraid of spiders...or entire populations afraid to speak out, or stand up.  We have somehow allowed ourselves to confuse danger and fear.  The danger is very real, yet so often, just like time and money - fear is just an illusion.                                                                        

Overcoming fear is seldom an easy thing, and most of us only attempt it when the pain of remaining the same becomes too great, hoping it's not too late.  Fear keeps us blind to the fact that everything we want, is just beyond our comfort zone...just outside the bubble we live in that allows nothing too scary inside.  Eventually, yet inevitably, fear leads to anger, which given time turns into hate, which in turn leads to suffering.  It can become a vicious cycle which seems impossible to break, but there is a way.  We must all learn how to stand toe to toe with our fears, and face them, stare them down.  It nearly always involves doing something very uncomfortable; but once you have faced that fear & beaten it - it's gone forever.                                                                             
 As with the boiling lobster, the extinction of the human species has been carried out gradually and very systematically so as to not startle & stampede the herd.  Those who never venture out beyond the safety of the newspaper and evening newscast are not yet aware that about 200 species a day go extinct, right off the face of the dying earth!  Yes, 200 every day!  Gone !  That is ten thousand times the background rate of extinction.  Put yet another way, that is a million percent of normal.  Worried yet?

Places like Utah and St Louis are seeing an unprecedented epidemic of grounded eagles.  Bald eagles are falling from the skies, unable to take flight again, and nobody knows why...well, really we all pretty much figure it's the radiation from Fukushima, but we don't much like to talk about that.  How about the songbirds, robins, and  meadowlarks ... seen many of them this year??  If you have your own garden, how did it do this year?  If the frogs and songbirds are disappearing from the earth, along with the bees...can humans be far behind them?  Albert Einstein says, No!

Paper or plastic?, evolution or extinction? - Some choices are easier than others yet still; each time we choose paper over plastic, (or vice versa) we are essentially deciding between killing more trees, or polluting the environment more.  There is an alternative; use the same canvas tote bag every shopping trip!  Not all of the many and horrible things we're currently facing can be resolved so easily, and yet the whole point here is that there is another way to live on this planet, in peace with each other - and in harmony with nature.

"We need a Revolution of Love"

We do not have to be limited to only the choices given us by our "leaders" - we are allowed to think outside the box (Cage), to come up with our own solutions for the planet and her passengers.  Unlike the poor but delicious lobster, we can still find our way out of hot water, but it won't be easy, and you're not going to like it.  It begins with forgiving yourself for waiting so long, then standing up and taking your power back from those who hypnotized you into giving it away.  Snap out of it, quit hiding from the ugly truth.  Anger can be a most potent tool once you channel it into a creative, rather than destructive outlet.  Don't get mad, then start destroying stuff, that's just playing right into their hands.  Instead, get mad, then start creating stuff!!  They won't know how to deal with that.                                                                          
The combined cumulative effect of all these soul-sickening atrocities is turning us against our own basic nature, and better angels.  It's turning us into "Working Rageaholics and Raging Workaholics" to quote George Carlin...cover me, I'm changing lanes!  It is human nature to come together in times of disaster, to help and embrace our fellow humans...we see it all the time.  Well; not to put too fine a point on it, but all these things seem pretty disastrous to me.  We need to come to the aid of our race, to unanimously cast off the yoke of slavery, We need to show these quislings that Love is stronger than both money, and knowledge.  Indeed, Love is the most powerful force we know, we need to have ourselves a revolution of love, and soon please!

Most everything being done by the global corporate government is designed to lower our immune systems and basic operating doesn't that seem a swell place to begin taking your power back?  There are more than a few methods by which to do this, some more effective than others - certainly more than I can get into here.  However, as a suggestion for somewhere to start, let me turn you on to the  Schumann Resonance Brainwave Sync CD*  which uses Isochronic Tones and Binaural Beats to reset our brainwave frequency back to manufacturers specifications. I have been using this technique for a while now, and find it greatly enhances speed and clarity of thought just for starters.  Now a word...this decidedly won't be for everyone, as those who are not ready to make the corrective adjustment will find it annoying & irritating to the point of not being able to listen to it.  That's OK, it just means that some will have more catching up to do than others.                                                                            

"Where do I find the more evolved people?" - Erik Lensherr

Monsanto "terminator" frakenseeds are slowly taking over the farmland of America: what there is left of that once mighty industry.  The wind, and Monsanto agents spread these genetically altered seeds from farm to farm, ensuring there is never a way back to where we came from.  Likewise, radiation levels from Fukushima grow stronger every day in both our atmosphere and nothing whatsoever is being done to stop the constant flow of death from that place.

All these things, they're not just killing us, they are ending us altogether.  By doing nothing ourselves to halt these atrocities we give them our tacit approval, lying to ourselves that we're powerless to stop it all the while.  Isn't the entire future of your children, and theirs worth a little sacrifice and inconvenience to us in this moment of evolution?  How will we answer them when they cry out in agony, "Why did you let this happen?"  Exactly how are we going to account for our indifference when asked to explain ourselves.  We will be asked...                                                                             

It simply is no coincidence that all Hell is breaking loose at the exact cosmic moment when humanities evolution is set ascend to a higher octave of consciousness.  Those who have a vested interest in keeping things just as they are have pulled out all the stops trying to derail & defeat evolution.  The fact that they are still trying so hard should tell us one thing certainly:  It's not too late to turn it all around.  If it was too late they wouldn't be scurrying about like the vermin they are trying to hold it together just a little longer.  Please, think about that!  Most of the things we fear are just scarecrows, placed in our heads to keep us away from things like critical thought and spiritual responsibility.  Dare to look behind the curtain; to discover what an utter fraud the wizard of corporate government really is, and you will find your own empowerment there.  Empowerment enough to make a stand, to turn things around.

I know, it's so much easier to just believe you are powerless against the might of these corporate giants, that nothing you alone can do would even be noticed by them.  Have you ever spent the night in a tent with a hungry mosquito?  To regain your empowerment is going to require you to see with new eyes, as you begin to unravel the matrix.  You need, for instance, to see that those who enslave humanity are counting on subterfuge and misdirection to win the day.  They cannot prevail in a fair fight with us, which is why they always operate from under multiple layers of obfuscation and hide in the shadows.  This is why they put so much effort into pacification technologies such as HAARP, the GWEN towers, chemtrails, fluoridated drinking water, and  EMF soup from a thousand microwave transmitters.    

Most of the experts agree that if we all joined together and started immediately, working together globally against these things & thugs that are killing us...we could actually do it.  It IS possible to stop ALL of these atrocities, but only if we work as one, with a solitary voice, and a single vision.  I'm not saying we can make it like it used to be, that earth is forever gone, just a memory now, like frogs and songbirds; but we can still make this planet a place where life is thriving, instead of going extinct.  As I write these words it is 70 degrees outside today, 2 days after Christmas, while the sphinx and pyramids of Egypt are covered in snow! 

Beneath all the hype, noise and diversion, We have but a single choice:
Evolution or Extinction

Pick One!

Until Next Time ~Be Good to Each Other



  1. Excellent article. Although I'm not in complete alignment (although better than 95%) with everything you have to say (and just differences on details, not big picture things), you are absolutely correct. Thank you for the extra insights to chew on.

    Peace and love.

    1. Hi Mikey~ Gotta say 95% is pretty close; although definitely not required. My goal is not to get people thinking like me...but to get them the think for themselves. That'll work!

  2. You forgot to mention electromagnetic poisoning, but hey, does any one thing really matter? The planned full scale nuclear war should have happened last year, after the US blasted Syria with cruise missiles and who knows what else, but the US Military brass said no. After all the dissenting brass gets canned, which they systematically are, the war will be on, and Russia and China are fully aware of this.

    The year of 2014 will finally see the full blown Wiemar style collapse of the fiat US currency, and almost certainly the long awaited full scale nuclear war. Billions will die, and what is left will be pure toxic Hell. The higher level government schmucks in their COGS will dread the day they must leave those underground enclaves, as they will have to survive in Hell and everyone outside will be hungry for their blood.

    Despite being given an amazing planet with incredible abundance, Humanity will absolutely not survive past 2100 AD. The planet Earth will recover within a few thousand years and life will again thrive upon its surface, but that will not include Human life. Father Ra and Mother Earth performed a Cosmic experiment and now it is time to end it.

    As a final thought, spiritual evolution is clearly a personal matter, as Humanity could never even come close to an evolved group consciousness. The self chosen vampires awakened the Golem to take out the Goyim, and in purely Faustian terms, they have also sealed their own doom. Irony truly is one of the best forms of humor.

    1. Anony @ 6:48~ Could have sworn I mentioned electromagnetic soup from cell towers, GWEN towers, etc...which of course includes wifi technology and some others; mustn't drown ourselves in details...that prevents us from seeing the way out of this mess. You bring up some cogent points, especially chilling is the military culling of the doves which I've been eyeing with some unrest, as I connect the same dots as you on this one. As for humanity...well, spiritual evolution might just have a surprise in store for you, in a minute.

    2. My apologies for missing the cell tower comment (killing birds, bees and us). Kind of read your article pretty fast, as most of it was a solid rehash of the myriad horrible problems that Humanity has somehow created for itself. Started reading about politics and world news about ten years ago, because my other studies were getting stale.

      Oh my God, now completely understand why ignorance is bliss. It would be all right if someone (or even me) could untie me from the train tracks, before the approaching train mutilates me, but that just seems unlikely. Am contenting myself to just prepare (am a prepper) for the horrors coming down the Albert Pike, which include exercising, meditating, and doing my best to spiritually evolve.

      We are all going to die anyway, as life is just a lesson plan, and all lessons need a break time. Believe in the Infinite Creator and reincarnation and such, but it would still be nice if people would act better to each other, as life on Earth seems like Hell oftentimes. Hang by myself as much as possible (have to go to work and such) because being around people usually causes me mental pain, as their entire behavior and mindset disgusts me.

      Am not completely selfish, and have actually attempted to help lots of people on various occasions. Unfortunately, almost every time you try to teach someone to fish, they just want you to go to fish market and purchase, clean and cook the fish for them. Have given up on charity, and just decided that am old enough to spend quality time evolving.

    3. We are all in this together, and none are getting out alive. "There is no Spoon."

  3. Hi Chautauqua,
    There are those that sleep the slumber of the damned and there are the few that have woken to the nightmare. In the nature of duality we see even in our own destruction the inbuilt kill switch of apathy.
    One has to ask the question, deep down in the hidden realms of our psyche are we in fact so locked into the repeating patterns of behaviour centuries long , that we as a collective have decided to suicide? Are we that self focused that we will take it all with us?
    Those that slumber , sleep in an uneasy form of ignorant bliss. Those that have awakened bounce off the walls of this self degenerating asylum, wrapped up in our straight jackets of impotency against the truly insane.
    Love is the most potent force and our minds are only supercomputers , that deciphers the information for our 3D avatars.
    A solution can never come from with-in the energy that it was created- Albert Einstein.

    The questions is , Do we have the numbers to re-write the matrix code to override this?

    Yes this is a consciousness leap , and the whole will be triggered by the few , if we can create the vision.


    1. Pinkorchid~ WOW!! So beautifully stated. Thank You!

    2. You may still need to write, and rewrite, to learn who you are, but no 'we'...and you will see you need not override at all. If you want to ascend you need to see 'who and how you are, how you can be, where you will be.' And if you don't want to ascend...well, there will be no 'where you will be' for you but only that other place--where the puppets who are unable to learn--go to be un-done...

  4. Perhaps evolution and extinction are one and the same. Why have some chosen to believe in evolution? Why have some chosen to believe in extinction? Is that not duality at its best? There is a third way and that is exactly what the spiritual path is all about. Find that third way within and you have solved and disappeared the duality. Are we really so unimportant that we have relegated this life to such a limited choice? I don't think so. Love, Althea

  5. Hi Althea~ Evolution and extinction are as inexorably tied together an the halves of the yin yang symbol, The reptiles and dinosaurs might still rule this planet were it not for an extinction event which wiped them out...thus leaving things open for other creatures to have their hand at it ... for a while, Us. Evolution and extinction are not religions, therefore whether one believes in them or not is the mutest of points, as each will unfold in the fullness of time. The spiritual path doesn't seek dominion over these forces, just understanding them as they may apply to sentient life. It isn't one, two, three, or a dozen "ways" to enlightenment, I believe there are many, many more than that, just enough for everyone. Whether or not to walk the path, the boldest decision. The point of walking the path of spirituality IS NOT to become more than or better than anyone other than who you were the previous day..the point is to stroll between evolution & extinction collecting enlightenment until we disappear from the matrix.

    Unimportant? Allow me to pose a question: All of us who believe we have solved the mystery, and are so sure we understand the mind of source...How come we're still here? Limited choice??? Evolution & Extinction are mutually exclusive, & the most powerful forces of creation itself, what exactly seems limited about the preference of one over another?

    1. There is no Spoon. Love, Althea

    2. There is no spoon.
      There is no radiation. Radiation is 'not' my beast [of greed, ignorance] to face: I learned; while my classmates were re-learning how to get 'stupid' drunk every night or go to the 'same' job in the 'same' occupation for the last thirty years; terrified of fear, change, challenge, quests and adventures. And so now kharma is going to throw them down their paths to fate: and they are 'not' ready...

  6. If we can realize that we are much more than our reflected selves in 3D reality, then we are able to project realities outside the current 3D construct.

    The leap is knowing this to be true, the realization we are not our bodies and that they serve the purpose of the garments we wear to relate to our 3D reality construct.
    Our collective consciousness is growing and gathering information in this construct.
    The duality serves as the grist for the forming of the pearl of our souls.
    When we reach the tipping point of understanding of this construct the education will be over.


    1. Pinkorchid~ ...and then we move on to the next level. 5D consciousness is merely a stepping stone, helping to acclimate us for the return home, to 11D.
      Peaceful Blessings

  7. Indeed, we are not unlike the first fish that began to challenge the concept that they could only live in the oceans. We are peeking our heads out of the water and attempting to breath air for the first time.
    This in the beginning, is a slow and gradual process , but eventually all those fish that are ready to walk on land will as one, make the leap. We are the generations that comprise the hundredth monkey/ fish.
    The ocean is where some will continue to abide and that is ok as well . Evolution is a process that knocks on the doors of those that are willing to take that leap.

    This is my perspective....blessings Pinkorchid.

  8. Soon all will be asked if there is radiation (including those inherently trapped in a system that includes it, unable to exceed their programming): Those who cannot say/see/think 'there is no spoon, there is NO radiation (only 'effective' radiation)'...well, you've seen the starfish, manatus, bees, eagles (trapped in the 'system' and unable to change, grow, see, think).
    Indeed, the 'final' spiritual change is closer every day...and only the spiritually brilliant, emotionally strong, sharing and caring will remain, in peace, forever...

  9. I have given this some thought and one way to make a quick paradigm shift towards evolution is to crack the riddle of "free" energy.

  10. where are your experiences from.....Danmark or USA? They are poles apart. The Danish lifestyle is a very different one from the US....and the rest of Europe. Your webpage is Danish.....yet you write from an American troubles me when I get the sense that people write for the satisfaction of the feedback and not to convey a message.
    When will people start to complain.....stop whining......stop writing for critical acclaim...and proclaiming such injustice in blogs. Pick up a pen and paper and write, or email or telephone. Tell the people directly that you aren't happy. Make those who make rules aware of the injustice and how unhappy you are. Otherwise ....whats the point.

    1. Anony@1:51~ Hi, thanks for taking the time to read & comment. I can totally agree that folks from different places will have different perspectives, but am having trouble understanding why you think I am Danish, as neither myself or the site can boast that origin. Perhaps are you confusing me with my friend Mr. Soren Dreier who is (I Believe) Danish and who often times carries my posts on his Zen-Haven website?? As for my perspective, well I write from the human perspective, as a native to this planet, not one particular patch of it or another. I know not where you acquired the false notion that I am writing for comments & adulation; but if you are seeking message, any of my posts will do. You sound as if my site is dominating the internet, instead of dwelling in the obscure backwater eddy's of it. What's next, gonna spell check my work? Your final comments make zero sense to me, because doing a blog, even in the backwaters of the web reaches WAY more people than getting face to face in person does. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I never said I was unhappy, what I said was, I don't understand. Get it right, otherwise what's the point, right?

  11. Anon@1.51
    I'm confused , you are able to state two fundamental truths in both the location of Denmark and that of the U.S and the obvious differences between U.S culture and that of Denmark, but how do you make the quantum leap from these observations into the statement that the post is about the ego of the poster and not of the dissemination of messages or information?

    Your method of dissemination of information may not be that of others , it is gleaned from your post that you believe that an approach to the source or principle of creation of the situation ,would in some way act as the catalyst towards change of our situation/ issues.
    I put it to you that you are suggesting that the energy that created the problem in the first place , should be consulted about its resolution.
    It's a bit like appealing to the wolves better nature, to become a sheepdog instead of a wolf.
    The system is broken , it has ceased to serve its purpose as the representation of the peoples desires.
    So it would be much wiser to look outside the system for resolution of issues created by the system.
    Much wiser still is to entertain the idea that we have no need for the system altogether.


  12. C
    This is another one of your great articles. I love them all.

    Please read this :

    I found a sense of completion within myself regarding spirituality a long time ago. This article gave me the same sense of completion regarding the 3D world in which we live. Finally, the truth!

    OK - So we have a group of total fucking bastards who are trying to kill everyone and everything and we are supposed to learn to love them and everyone else. Got It!

    Quite the challenge. But there's something else. God wouldn't have put us here if we weren't strong enough to overcome it. I feel stronger already, just thinking about this, and thank God that I have YOU on my side.

    Anyone here want to trade sides and be a member of the dark? Didn't think so.

    See this is the strength they fear, and rightly so because they have taken the easy path. Try to climb Mt. Everest, that's the path WE are on. We love this Earth, they don't! We love all life on this planet, they don't! We love our children, they don't! They don't LOVE anything and that's where their greatest weakness lies.

    They are scared children and it's time for some tough love. (as any good parent would do)

    Love always


    1. Jeff~ So true that God never gives us more than we can handle...sometimes I wish he didn't trust me so much!

  13. I enjoyed this article, going to send it to my children too, one is 19 and the other is 21. I believe the things you say, not because you say them but because they are true facts. I post a nonsensical picture of a cute kitty on my Facebook page and my 4-5 friends (out of the 60-something I have that acknowledge me) all hit the 'like' button, almost instantaneously. I post recent earthquakes, articles of extreme environmental importance and human rights-for example today about the eagles and everyone mainly akways just ignores that. It doesn't make sense and it makes me mad but I continue because it's the best I can do. It's like they want to bury their heads in the sand and NOT see what is happening around us at precipitous speeds. I am glad I am becoming an enlightened person, not so much in the sense of being able to meditate (I have tried but I can't) but becoming really aware of how things really work. How the government works in USA (I am from Uruguay but have live in the USA since 1974) and theories and people that are so much more advanced than myself-such as you-as far as knowing stuff. I am not extremely educated but I do know right from wrong and positive from negative. I believe some of the Bible but NOT all, it just reads like a child's story or science fiction but it does have knowledge and sense. Jesus was a great teacher, so was Gandhi, Confucius, Galileo, Da Vinci, and innumerable others. I believe in Karma, God, Reincarnation and life after death, ghosts and Aliens too. I have seen ghosts with my own two eyes to discard them, and strange things in the sky too. There HAS to be some other level where we our consciousness goes after we loose our physical bodies, like John Lennon said "I'm not afraid of dying, it's like getting out of one car and getting into another" and there is just too much evidence to this fact, we have actual proof but of course we don't hear it much in the evening news. We have to do our own research and discern the truth. When I tell people we are a physical being having a spiritual experience they call me me a crazy nut, some are religious zealots who say I'm blaspheming, some say I'm an atheist all together. Oh well, I know MY truth and that is enough for me. I will continue to try to be better than I was yesterday, try to totally understand that our current reality is nothing but an optical illusion since the inside of atoms contain nothing at all and try to learn the lessons I chose to come here to learn. It's about the best I can do. Thanks for a great article, Love and Light.

    1. Silvana~ Your facebook experience mirrors my own, and from what I hear...many others as well - sad, really, just more mute testimony that all those pacification technologies work pretty well indeed. It's been this way a very long time, I remember hearing my folks talk privately about things they'd never discuss in public. The old "My country right or wrong" is what they preached...until Vietnam, then they changed their tune, slightly. Getting out of one car and into another (better) one; Hmmm, does that sound a little like moving up an a higher frequency vibration?

      It is far too late for trying to change anybody's mind about what is going down in this place, you don't wanna be explaining it to them when your focus should be within, on your journey. Do not be worried for those who refuse to listen, they can't hear us anymore, they just see us as a blurr now, sounding like buzzing insects...let them go, they have tickets for a different ride. Namaste.

  14. ...."they have tickets for a different ride.". Aren't we all sitting on pins and needles waiting to discover the answer to the magnificent, mind-bending riddle of why some will awake while others will not (no matter how much evidence.....), and what will happen to those who have and those who have not when the shift hits the fan....

    How many of us have aged well beyond our years trying to wake up loved ones to the truth, while doing so with only love, and receiving condemnation, ridicule and the like all the same for our heart felt efforts.

    After years I, like so many others, finally gave up on family. The straw that broke my camel's back was good ol' 911. Twelve years later, the official story is still as solid as the great wall of china to them.

    Last retort in desparation from one of the family - "Yeah, I know all about WTC7 - how do you know those Muslims didn't wire that building just like they flew those planes into the towers?!". I was gonna mention Lucky Larry but I was too stunned by that response, and then later laughed figuring that even if I had been able to regain my composure I would have just received an even more outrageous, twilight-zone response to that one...wowza, calling Dr. Bombay....

    GAME OVER, cue Morpheus scream from the Matrix

    1. CGF~ No matter how I twist logic and stand it on it's head for continues to elude me: why some refuse to see a truth so plain and clear as the dilemma this planet faces. It continues to be as the nightmare we all wake to when arising each new day...nastier by the day, and yet there are those by the millions who accept each new assault on humanity with no more concern than they'd give a paper cut.

      The insane answers & excuses given you by loved ones are not meant to convince you...but rather them. They must each day dig the grave of denial ever deeper to escape the truth they see yet cannot accept, and in that effort, even labeling you as insane is fair dinkum if it means they don't have to face the ugly truth. Alas, perhaps the only thing that may touch them; is to see you turn your back & give up on them, go your own philosophical way.

      I think one of the main reasons for this chronic denial is that nobody can "see" any solutions or remedies for the myriad of things that are killing & culling us. They feel alone, cut off from sanity itself, and that nobody is coming to make things better. Nobody seems to believe that these parasites in power can be stopped or brought down, and if there were stopped, it likely would be by even worse assholes who would replace them.

      ANYTHING, (even denial which makes you seem a full-on moron) is preferable it seems, to acknowledging the truth: We are livestock. Period It's all a 'Mooot' point from here! (or maybe not!) The scream we should all be waiting to participate in is the Primal Scream (Arthur Janov) of seven billion humans as mad as hell, who aren't gonna take it anymore. Sometimes my friend, we must just "let go"- release the things we care about to their own reward, as we seek our own.

      Times like these really make me hope it's all just an in-flight hologram after all.

    2. I had a thought about just that question "Why do some not wish to wake up"?
      I have come to this conclusion, they are not meant to .
      Now this is because I believe that there are certain individuals who are either spiritually or genetically more capable of witnessing this than are others.

      If you could imagine what the population of world would have done with the bombardment of doom the we face every day in our current reality and if you went back just say 200 years , you could imagine that just one of the events that we now face , would totally turn the world into chaos. So , everything is as it should be , as they say and those that are meant to be awake through this process are.

      Whether you put that down to having been there and done that before or just the psychological differences in those that are awake against those that are not , there is a part of me that believes that we should "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie". Perhaps to force them to wake up , may cause damage to souls that are not prepared for the experience.

      Just a thought.


    3. A really excellent perspective. A wise man once said that true wealth is measured by how much we can just leave alone. With the cacophony of very loud and urgent warnings, and warning signs getting greater by the day...if "they" aren't awake by now, they never will be in this incarnation. Indeed, it is time to gently leave them be - they have tickets for a different ride. Namaste.

  15. As the days pass by, it feels more and more like we are rapidly, in fact exponentially so, approaching that time, as Terence McKenna would say - "The fire in the madhouse at the end of time."

    One must wonder if it really makes a difference at this point; is there something that must be done or nothing that can be done? So we have the paradox of the two extremes:

    Do billions need to wake up 'before it's too late' and 'do something!!!!'? Or, is there nothing that needs to be done because nothing can be done to affect the pre-determined outcome that is the end of this age, and thus we are here to simply witness its passing?

    When you look at the all out assault from every possible direction on literally everything human, everything natural, everything just, and everything beautiful, it makes you wonder if there is indeed anything that can be done, and thus perhaps anything that needs to be done.

    A conundrum wrapped in a riddle.

  16. Thank you very much for this article, it was beautifully written and really connected with me!

    Much love!

  17. Hi my name is Terrell Nathan Jackson I have been enlightened spiritually in the past month. . subliminal messages has been appearing to me a higher consciousness trying to gain better understanding of the unknown.. in the last couple of weeks it's been more information from all different sources.. and I seem so know more of what's going on around us then most or any body I ever come across.. if you can inform me with a person that can understand what is taken place at this point in my life would be great.. Terrell Nathan Jackson born in Newburgh New York at 911am 06/30/1987

    1. Hi Terrell~
      Boy...did you ever pick the time to pull off a spiritual awakening?? I can only imagine what you and so many just like you are experiencing. Roller Coasters on LSD would seem tame in comparison. The first best thing you can do for yourself is to focus on staying grounded. Center your energy thru the soles of your feet - directly down to the core of the planet.

      Energy follows thought, so visualize sending your grounding cord of energy where you want it to go. Some breathing exercises would help during the grounding.

      As for referring you to someone who can help, yes, there is such a person. For details you can contact me at:

      Thanks for reading the blog, and taking time to comment. Peaceful Blessings.