Friday, January 3, 2014

INTRINITY: The Merkaba Portal

I've been interested in sacred geometry ever since helping a friend build a geodesic dome house in Alaska, some years back.  Partially because of the structure, and partly because my friend loaned me his copy of The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek.  Having never been much of a math student, I was surprised that the world of sacred geometry spoke so clearly to me, and have benefited from the conversation ever since.

Last year about this time, my eye was drawn to a sterling silver Flower of Life pendant featured on the Mayan Majix website:  Inspired by the detail and craftsmanship; I purchased one of these pendants, from Frederick Shute Designs, in Arizona USA.  More recently, the above named co-conspirators featured a most elegant looking Galactic Butterfly ring in sterling silver which demanded my attention due to my strong affinity to that famous Hunab Ku symbol.
 I normally do not wear jewelry much, although I have acquired a few rings here & there over the years.  All that changed very subtly in 2012, as first I was drawn to the flower of Life disc, then just a month or so later, synchronicity put me before a jeweler at a flea market, selling a single silver Mayan calendar ring I was unable to walk away from. 

So, when I came upon this Galactic Butterfly ring, a sense of balance suggested by the one unadorned hand made it logical that I needed to have one.  When I placed my order, Fred asked if I'd send him a photo of myself, as he finds it helps him craft a piece in tune with that particular person's energy.  I like that.  It isn't every lapidary artist who will go that extra bit, even on custom pieces. 

When the ring arrived, I soon discovered it had not traveled alone; as there was a second metal object wrapped up separately from the ring.  Curious, I unwrapped it to find in my palm a most unique piece of sacred geometry; the likes of which I have never encountered previous.  I was holding what seemed to be a 3D Star Tetrahedron:  A triangle in a circle, guarded on each side by a triskelion; formed as a sphere, absorbing no doubt, the energy of my curiosity.  The accompanying note explained that this Intrinity was a gift from Fred.                                                                             
Having once or twice seen them featured on the Mayan Majix website I knew these were another of Fred's creations, but not much else.  The immediate symmetry of 3.3.3 jumped out at me, as well as something else I couldn't quite put my finger on ... like looking at only a part of a puzzle or something.  Intrigued, I began rolling the thing about in my hands as I gazed upon it.  I could almost feel the cellular encodements bursting somewhere in my brain - or maybe it was in the heart chakra, hard to say sometimes.

Before long, rolling the thing over in my hands evolved into placing it on my desk and giving it a good spin, like one might a silver dollar.  The fluid motion of the 3D object immediately filled in the aforementioned missing piece, as my eye made out the unmistakable image of the Merkaba within the spinning Intrinity.  Watching this silver orb spinning in front of me on the desk, I became aware of gentle movement in the subtle energy field of my aura.  Impressive!  It's not just any do-dad that will have that effect.  Being thus convinced there is more to this Intrinity than meets the eye, my eye went online, in search of more information about this intriguing object.  Right down to the Fibonacci sequence, it's all there in this little powerhouse of sacred geometry.  

 I also wrote to Fred, inquiring further about the Intrinity, and how it came to be.  He told me of the great Epiphany that "Everything is connected by a system of ethereal geometry;"  and of learning a lot from Father Charlie Moore's "Arc of the Covenant" lecture at Findhorne.  Fred insists that the design of the Intrinity isn't his, but that it just 'popped out', after some marathon study sessions with The Emerald Tablets of Thoth material.  It has been my experience that more often than not, critical information comes to us, and through us in just such a way: if not in our music or art, then sometimes dreams, or excursions into altered realities.

Teaming with Ed Reilly of Bronzesmith Foundry, the Intrinity became  incarnate as a monumental 3D kinetic sculpture, located at 321 St. Rt. 179 in Sedona, Arizona, out in front of the Healing Sound Center.  It rotates through seven cycles of increasing velocity - through the seven chakra levels; culminating in the opening of the merkaba portal.  The Intrinity is accompanied by the amazing chakra healing tones of Jonathan Goldman, as the associated chakra colors are displayed.  The Intrinity is also available as sterling silver jewelry in three sizes.  More than physical objects, these are alchemical tools, which can also be charged very nicely in the presence of the Intrinity sculpture.

More information is available at: 

I also discovered a very nice Intrinity chakra balancing video on the YouTube (see below)
as well as some related information.  Not being one who generally leaves a good thing alone...or being satisfied with less than personal experience, I decided to try spinning my new Intrinity while playing a few minutes of Schumann Resonance Isochronic Tones.  The same flourish of energy moving thru my aura was again present, just stronger, and more evident now.  I gotta say it's rather nice getting the chakras and brainwaves calibrated at the same time.  Since my previous mention of the Schumann Resonance CD in a recent post, there has been some interest in it, so I present it here again for convenience sake.                                                                              

After experiencing the Intrinity chakra balancing video a few times, and being basically too lazy to spin my new alchemical tool for 20 minutes, I wondered if anyone was making a table top size version of the Intrinity kinetic sculpture.  The bad news is, none are currently available: the good news, is that it's in the works! (No word as to when)  So, if you are interested, stay tuned to this blog, and don't lose the links included here.

Being a higher end function of the light body, and a vehicle for ascending to higher levels of consciousness; the Merkaba has been written and speculated about for a very long time.  When looking at the root word origin of merkaba, we get a sense it's true meaning.  The Torah has two definitions of the word.  The first is chariot and the second is throne of God.  Seems straightforward enough for me. As with most things these days there are many thoughts and beliefs surrounding the subject of the merkaba and ascension.  As with spirituality in general, ascension is an intensely personal effort to become all we are, and to overcome the limitations of this dimensional reality.  It isn't something that happens to you as a reward for believing a certain way, or thing.  It isn't a place you get transported to; it's a transformation which happens within us.  We do not ready ourselves for ascension by reading and learning more than someone else, or by purchasing expensive study courses to puff up our fragile egos. We prepare for ascension by working on ourselves; busting those fragile & tyrannical egos so we can then fine tune the personality, and the entire energy system.  Certainly, the acquisition of knowledge is a key part in this ascension process, but nobody can do the homework for you...because it's the work we must do to get back home.  That is what ascension is all about.

I suppose it should be stated that the only thing I receive from the endorsements I make, is the satisfaction that perhaps others will find these things helpful, as I have.  It just makes all kinds of sense to me that in a world which daily assaults our balance & sensibilities, that we should endeavor to restore said balance every way available to us, until we can learn to just do it ourselves naturally.  Think of these things as alchemical training wheels.  Once we know how to go with the flow, without crashing...we won't need them anymore; but these days, every little thing helps a lot; and the Intrinity is an energy tool based on sacred geometry which you can carry around in your pocket or wear around your neck.

The Intrinity comes in three sizes:

Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other

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  1. Very interesting. Thanks.

  2. Well, you're on to something. But the Merkaba/Star Tetrahedron (a pair of mirror-image regular tetrahedrons intersecting and centered on the same point) performs its magic just as well when used as a meditative focus. Construct it in your mind's eye with full attention, and it will start spinning on its own - no external physical gizmos required. This is, after all, about a spiritual metamorphosis.

  3. Indeed you are correct, which is why I mentioned in the post that such "gizmos" serve as training wheels, so we can learn these things individually. Additionally I'd point out that my imagined readership certainly includes those at differing points in their individual paths, including those who may be quite new to all this who haven't achieved your level of understanding.

  4. Don't call it a gizmo.

    The INTRINITY is amazing!!! It is life changing,,its causes ones minds to open up . I purchased one last year, my entire life changed in 3 weeks, here I am 6 months later and I have the knowledge I needed, and wanted. It is not a gizmo,,its a object of spiritual change.
    Love, the Muse.

  5. Muse~ Your noting the quote marks around my usage of the agreeably offensive word gizmo, then understands my true intent.

    People are often prone to use diminutive terminology when discussing things not understood by them. How very human to ridicule the very things which in the fullness of time prove to be most beneficial to us. Probably explains a lot about how the world came to be as we find it today.

    Indeed, the Intrinity is quite amazing...I'm enjoying mine very much, it's sometimes like an alchemical skeleton key...very interesting what pops into mind when meditating with Intrinity.

  6. Interesting article, Chautauqua, thank you. Neither scientifically, nor mathematically inclined, I have probably precluded myself from the intricacies and rewards of understanding and resonating with geometrical designs, though I do understand their potential having had my heart/mind blown open at a workshop presented by Janosh who interprets crop circles in his geometrical art work. What pulls at me in this article is the word, "Intrinity". I'd not heard the word before, and am glad to add it to my vocabulary. Most important is your succinct definition of ascension: "As with spirituality in general, ascension is an intensely personal effort to become all we are, and to overcome the limitations of this dimensional reality." Well said and it's important that we realize that one person's junk is another person's treasure. And how are we going to find out what our treasures are unless we endorse those gizmo's we love? It's a long and winding road, the spiritual path, but we all take it eventually. Thanks for showing us some of the sights available along the way. Love, Althea

    1. Top of the new year, Althea~ I think I would have very much enjoyed the Janosh workshop, I am especially attracted to the 3D crop circle designs of the last dozen or so years, interesting tie-in to the Intrinity design, as both can speak, and unlock volumes without one needing to know much at all about math or geometry.

      As stated above, the word 'gizmo' seems almost to disregard the "voice" of an object such as the Intrinity design. The "voice" I speak of cannot easily be put into words, yet is understood quite well by wearing one around the neck for an hour. As stated in the post this is an alchemical tool. I don't write posts about gizmos, gadgets or pet rocks...for the record :)

    2. Wonderful response, Chautauqua, though I do not hesitate to say that if I were on a desert island and the only item I had with me was my pet rock, I might very well find my way Home, too. Such a potpourri of conscious energy is spread before us, choose any one, flower, scent, object, music, focus Unconditional Love, and voila, the dimensions unfold. I often wondered why Tom Hanks in 'Outcast' wanted to go back to civilization. His connection to 'Wilson' the basketball was, in my regard, spiritual. Love and Happy New Year to you, too, and to your readers. Althea

    3. Oops, that movie was 'Castaway'. A.

    4. Althea~ We are certainly on the same frequency tonight, as not only am I in total agreement with you; but you also named the exact movie I just pulled from the shelf and fed to the DVD player!
      I'm not sure I wanna know how you did that...but will sweep for hidden devices and micro-drones after the show. Gr8 one!

    5. I was gonna be a gent, and not mention that!

  7. Awesome New Year to you Chautauqua!
    I have recently come across the topic of sacred geometry and wanting to learn more.
    Thank you for writing this. What a great synchronicity!

    1. Hi Steph~
      Top of the new year to you as well...tuning into sacred geometry is a great start to the new cycle, as it teaches us about patterns, cycles, and relationships, tho not necessarily the kind we think of first. The relation that one thing has to another in the study of sacred geometry opens many levels of understanding. The 3.3.3 ratio expressed within the Intrinity design is an excellent 'rabbit hole' to dive into. I have become familiar over the years, with many different 'metaforms' from the star tetrahedron and pyramid, to the Christ Consciousness Grid...and this Intrinity object has an equal, if not stronger "voice". Love the synchronicity!! A lot of that going around these days!! Peaceful Blessings

  8. First of all, I would to like to thanks to you for sharing great information about natural energy in our environment. Schumann resonances is a extremely low frequency i.e. portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field spectrum to maintain the human bio-field and provide protection from EMF pollution.

    1. Lee~
      Thanks for checking out the Express. 30 some odd (very odd) years back, someone turned me onto "toning"...and like a stone skipping across a still pond, it led me to the world of acoustics, sacred sounds, Kirtan chanting, and schumanns resonance - and so very much more. It's all right there. We have but to look. The mind incapable of changing is a mind that has stopped working.

  9. Dear Chautauqua,
    I am interested in knowing the effects of intrinity from you, and from the readers of this site.

    Has it opened up your 3rd eye..? This is the all-seeing eye .When activated you will see 360degrees without your physical eyes.

    Has it activated your dormant brain cells..? These comprise about 90% of the cells that lies in the frontal lobes. The chinese call this "the forbidden zone". The movie LUCY is about this. This is the all-knowing mind.

    Has Intrinity activated your Lightbody..?
    Lightbody is comprised of energy "wires" taken from the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions. All lightworkers have their lightbodies built and ready, but I am still waiting to see these activate. The 3rd eye and the All-knowing mind are part of the lightbody system, so what I am really saying is....Have the Intrinity have, according to your experience, to help you activate these systems..?

    You see, these are the systems to be opened-up even before you start thinking about your ascension.

    When these systems open up, the vast part of you (Superconscious) will come into your physical body and be your only consciousness . The false self will just be erased. From here on, you can entertain ascension, if that is what you want to do.



    1. Hi Jyoshi~
      Firstly, I would suggest that perhaps as it is with many other things; the effects of the Intrinity will vary from person to person, in alignment with one's needs. I could describe for you in mere words, the effects the Intrinity upon me...except the information might do more harm than good if everyone expected the same result. I will state that I wear one pretty much all the time, and that things feel "different" without it in my Auric field.

      Like the spiritual path itself; the Intrinity is a deeply personal experience, not easily cataloged, and itemized for easy reference, if you know what I mean? Your answers will not come to you thru attributing them to an object, dogma, or whatever...answers come from doing, from going there; and for that, the intrinity is a great energy tool to have with you. The Intrinity will help greatly with your clarity & understanding, as well as in raising your frequency vibration; but you need to find your answers yourself, hands on & all that. Best of luck, smooth sailing!

  10. Greetings Friends!
    We are totally enamored with your artwork entitled, 'Our Luminous Body' and we would be ever so grateful to have your blessing and your permission to utilize this image as the face of our flier for an event entitled, 'Merkabah Activation Dance Celebration'. This is a small, local event in Boulder, Colorado ... about 50 attendees. We would most certainly credit you by putting your name and website on the flier. Thank you so much for considering this request.

    Peace, Love & Light,

    Buddha Bomb
    Brigitte Mars

    1. Bethy & Buddha~
      I used no such named image in this post, no are any of the used images my own original artwork. I say go for it, use the art, (whatever/wherever it is) and hope no body is so spiritual they sue you!! Good luck with the event!