Friday, February 14, 2014

Lovers in a Dangerous Time

I have been seeing a very interesting, and encouraging pattern emerge in society over the last year, it’s quite subtle at first, so maybe some of you haven’t noticed it just yet, but you will.  In fact you may even become part of this pattern yourself whether that is your intention or not.

This pattern has to do with how people are reacting to the increasing chaos in the world around them.  At a time when the power elite are doing all they can to disintegrate our connection to each other, people are seeking shelter in the sensual; and each other, more than ever before.  The collective unconscious knows what a powerful force love is, and increasingly people are moving in that direction, as if Love is all that can save us now.

My first real indication of this pattern came last year after I posted a little article on Twin Flame Soulmates.  In less than three days that post became the #1 most popular on my blog, and continues to be the most frequently viewed, on almost a daily basis.  That says something about what folks deem important in these tumultuous times, and it has voice!   Just consider the sheer number of people who use one or more of the many internet romance sites.  It’s a growing trend which could well turn into a stampede; because humans are hardwired to pull together in times of trouble; and trouble is brewing. 

Now, anyone who is experienced with romantic relationships automatically knows what to expect, and therefore also knows it’s not something entered into lightly, or with undignified intentions.  More than a few have leaped before they looked only to discover that when small talk leads to pillow talk, the emotional wildfire can often lead to emotional bloodletting.  Because relationships depend upon honest communication, trust, and compromise just for starters, they are not automatically a safe harbor from the howling winds of change beyond our front door. 

Of course, the very nature of romantic relationships has been turned on its head in recent years, as men have been encouraged to connect with their feminine side, and women have been learning the difference between assertiveness and aggression.  Stay-at-home dads are now as common as wives in the workplace and latch-key children.  All of the old stereotypes of the past have been tossed out the window, and we are better off because of it. 

The old saying is that two can live as cheap as one…but for half as long, and it kinda sums up what folks in a relationship are up against these days; when often two incomes still isn’t enough to keep the vulture from the door.  Finances and fidelity are probably the leading threat to romantic relationships, especially in the beginning.  Then there’s all that baggage men & women always bring with them from past relationships; emotional & psychological landmines abound, proceed with caution.  The point here is simply that if folks are now seeking the solace and sensuality of romantic relationships as a shelter from the storm, it must be getting pretty bad out there.

The worse things become beyond our front door, the more we begin to really value the truly important aspects of being alive in these times, and that invariably leads us to one another.  Many of us are seeking to strengthen our connections with each other, reaching out to like-minded souls; which in turn strengthens the collective unconscious of humanity.  We’re all connected you know, by this invisible web of consciousness, and that is the nebulous pull we feel toward another, or all of human kind.  The best part is that it works whether we believe or not; with or without our individual awareness!

We see those who actively pursue love without ever finding it, just as we see those who patiently wait for love to find them; waiting perhaps a lifetime in some cases.  Love has a mind of its own, independent from human feeling and desire; and it will sneak up on you when least expected, or prepared.  Love is impervious to time, as it can strike instantly when two people meet, or take decades to develop as they come to know more of each other.  We see those who consistently pick partners who abuse and exploit them, because they don’t believe they deserve better: just as we see those with the perfect relationship, who always need to have another validation from outside the relationship.

Love is magical in the way it can lead us to reshape old attitudes into new awareness; how it can make each breath a celebration of life!  The ‘price’ we pay for love is the vulnerability it demands of us; for to truly feel the raw power of love, we must surrender ourselves to it, trusting the process totally.  We must silence the demons of distrust born from past encounters, and leave ourselves vulnerable to be hurt yet again.  We must stop condemning our emotional future due to the pain from the past, just because we don’t want our heart broken again. 

I think it’s all just a part of this spiritual evolution we’re experiencing because the more corrupt and materialistic society becomes, the more folks are turned off by all things fraudulent.  All this greed, death, war business has people everywhere re-evaluating their priorities in life; and realizing that people are more important than profit, and as they are finding this out, they’re finding each other.  It’s ironic, really, when you think that everything the power elite are doing to fragment and dissolve our connection to each other is having the exact opposite effect!    

There is of course something else driving this push toward the sensual and love at this point in history; and that is the Fukushima Factor.  Nothing quite fires up the human reproductive urge like the smell of extinction in the air!  By this time; whether they admit it or not, most people around the world realize that nothing is being done to stop the on-going disaster in Japan, and that the planet is becoming irradiated.  Humans come equipped with a built-in directive to go forth and multiply; to ensure the survival of the species, and right now that directive is in overdrive, it’s an instinct we must subconsciously follow, to which the planets population, and divorce rate can attest.

This instinct for mating has been hijacked of course by the advertising industry which exploits & triggers our natural subconscious desires in order to sell more products.  Like they say, “Sex sells!” In these commercials, men are told that if they drink this beer and drive that truck, than a bevy of beautiful sexy women will jump out of their cooler; while the message to women is quite different.  In commercials women are told that they’re too old, too fat, and have bad skin, all of which can be remedied by cosmetic products, and perhaps a touch of surgery for those small breasts.  It’s no wonder society has become what it is today with such subliminal propaganda polluting the airwaves every day.  It has been going on for so long that most of us have learned to ignore it, maybe the time has come to just outlaw such practices which predate upon our deepest urges with subliminal messages.  If profit is the only thing that comes from such devious things, then we should just chuck it out the window and have done with the whole sorry lot! 

It just makes sense that people are seeking their soulmates in these draconian times; that silent instinctual urge can be damned hard to ignore when everything, including the future is on the line.  I think it’s kinda like the old school bell ringing which heralded the end of playtime, and a return to serious matters.  Yes, I think a whole lot of people around the planet are hearing that call, and answering it.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if everything being done to diminish and demolish us as spiritual beings actually had the opposite effect?!

Another thing that makes sense is coming together to merge and diversify resources in these days of dark uncertainty.  Increasingly, as we learn to accept people without judging them, and to honor the spark of spirit within each other, the "nuclear family” is being replaced by the extended family.  It boils down to simple mathematics: the more you embrace the differences in each other, the more tolerant you are of others – the more emotional, romantic options are available to you. 

Love is out there on the wind people, it’s everywhere, and showing itself more every day.  Now I’m not saying you should drop everything to become some kind of love junkie, not at all.  What I am saying here is that in these chaotic and decidedly dark times, love just seems to keep bubbling up to the surface despite all efforts to squash it; and that’s why it’s called the most powerful force in the verse!  So, if love should saunter up to you unexpectedly and tap you on the shoulder some sunny day; the proper response is to banish your fears, ignore your emotional scar tissue, and embrace it with an open, trusting heart.  Ready or not.  

May the Source be with You!

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