Monday, February 20, 2017

Madman in the White House

Whatever political perspective you may come from on this presidents day; I think most will agree that the first month of Trump in the white house has been anything but dull & uneventful.  The futile foot dragging by the democrats on cabinet confirmations isn't accomplishing much beyond making divisive party politics a permanent stalemate; and of course to further anger the fuhrer, Herr Twitler.  

Now the spin doctors, along with Trump loyalists like Spicer and Conway are doing all they can think of to distract from the one thing all of this has come to be about; and that folks is treason, as defined in the Logan Act.  Flat out un-deniable TREASON, simple as that!

Trump and his entire regime are guilty of treason under the Logan Act for repeated conversations with the Russians during the campaign, to skew the election in Trump's favor.  As it turns out; several of Trump's advisors and aides spoke to Russian operatives on several occasions, as well as General Flynn.  It also seems highly likely that Trump knew of/if not ordered the illegal contacts.  The actual reality of things for the sake of some clarity is that Trump didn't fire Flynn; he fired acting attorney general Sally Yates, who warned him about Flynn. 

What makes Trump complicit in this beyond the fact that he chose Flynn, is that he kept  him for a full 17 days after Flynn lied to the vice president!  In those 17 days Trump was trying to figure a way to keep Flynn; so he is just as guilty as Flynn himself.  This cowardly traitor Trump tries to blame the whole mess on Hillary???  That is nothing less that Trump's insanity showing through once again, for all to see.  How by any stretch of logic can he possibly connect anything to her?   Have you noticed yet that with this one, it is always somebody else's fault, Trump never admits being wrong or making mistakes.  Does it seem healthy to you that a grown adult man should say such childish things, over and over?

As the Flynn treason was grabbing the headlines Andrew Puzder, Trump's appointed secretary of labor withdrew when his history of wife abuse was outed by Oprah.  Meanwhile: a Russian spy ship is snooping on us 35 miles off  the east coast, and Russian jets are buzzing US ships in the black sea...poking & provoking our new president Bannon to see how he will react.  Meanwhile Trump poses for even more executive order signings.

The entire security apparatus of our country is literally up in the air.  With damaging leaks pouring forth from disgruntled government personnel every day; Trump is focused on his twitter rants; a carnival of lies press conference, and a re-election campaign rally!  After repeatedly blasting Obama for taking too many vacations, Trump the hypocrite in chief flees to his southern white house every weekend so far and that of course is all at taxpayers expense.   Trump has taken the day off to go golfing six times since inauguration day.  Now compare this to Obama who did not take any time off until day 127 of his first term.

 Also paid for by taxpayers are all living expenses for secret service, & travel related to Trump's wife and youngest son who aren't yet on the white house staff.  Speaking of staff; candidate Trump vowed that he would sign over the day to day running of his businesses to his children to comply with federal conflict of interest laws.  Well it turns out that was just one more double barreled lie because he not only hasn't signed over anything to anyone; he found jobs for his adult children in his administration.  Factor in his refusal to release his tax returns after vowing many times to do so; and it's clear to see that this "short fingered vulgarian" believes he is above the law, and that rules are for other people.

Trump's first solo press conference was 77 minutes of lies, and alternative reality; starting with some old lies about the new Boeing contract for 2 new Air Force One planes.  As he often does Trump ignored the fact that the planes in question are to replace the current ones but not for several years in the future, claiming he killed the contract to save money.  For the third time now Trump also took credit for pulling us out of the TPP- except the TRUTH happens to be we were never signed onto that accord, so there was nothing for us to pull out of.  Trump makes stuff up to claim credit for when he actually did nothing, and the lie is so transparent.  Those are the actions of a child.  Simple as that!

 Trump opened the farce conference with his newest lie "My administration is a finely tuned machine" which is as absurd as it can be with all the calamity of spies, leaks, and firings.  Now, before you just pass that by, take a second look.  Doesn't it sound a bit like what he said about his inauguration speech when he said it stopped raining for him to talk (no it didn't) and that he saw "a million and a half people" (who were not there).  Only the very young or the very disturbed have such a loose grip on reality.  When a fully grown adult behaves this way consistently it is a problem.  When that man is also the president it becomes more than a problem, it becomes a national disgrace.

Trump continued his litany of lies with the claims that "Russia is a ruse" & "Mine was highest ever electoral college vote count."  Trump actually had the 5th worst number of electoral votes not to mention loosing by 3 million popular votesHe only accepts questions from alt-right media outlets which favor him.  Perhaps most bizarrely he claims that the firing of Flynn was somehow Hillary Clintons fault.  Once again he shows us that he is incapable of letting things go...why is he still campaigning against Hillary? WTF???

Taking a page out of the Adolph Hitler book of fascism; during his press conference Trump ranted on about how the established media are all fake news and should be ignored.  This is the first step towards his goal of eliminating news media altogether.  Simultaneously he will be making calculated moves to also eliminate the same judiciary branch which struck down his illegal and immoral Muslim ban.

Now I would be first to agree that the state of the fifth estate is woefully degenerated from it's lofty duty to a free and independent nation.  It really isn't freedom when you get to choose your own master; and when all media in America is owned by just 6 corporations it ain't media any longer, it's propaganda.  Having acknowledged that, I must also say that just because they became self-serving and corrupt is no reason to do away with news media.  Corruption can be fixed after a while.

Speaking of campaigning, on Saturday Feb. 18 trump held his first re-election rally in a Florida aircraft hangar where he mostly repeated the lies he told to get elected, with a sprinkling of new lies he just made up.  Really?!?  With his administration faltering right out of the gates; Isis threats, a Russian spy ship cruising up & down our eastern coastline, not to mention the whole Russian hacking and violations of the  Logan act treasonous behavior from his staff...he holds a rally to get re-elected?? 

What is wrong with this man?

OK folks, here's the deal.  Donald Trump is a malignant narcissist, which is actually three personality disorders at once; and the only purpose of the Florida rally was  because he is addicted to the applause and adulation, he simply cannot give it up.  Of course he covers this up with the lie that he wants to speak "directly to America" without the filter of "fake news" but it is all about getting that fix.  So I guess unless we get rid of the madman in the white house, we'd best get used to these ego rallies every other weekend.

 The two things the Trump regime will try to destroy next will be the free press and the judiciary branch of government.  They are always the first targets in any fascist takeover, and it will be no different this time.  They are calling Trump's cabinet the demolition team with key government agencies being headed by those who have tried openly to destroy them.  Plunder monkeys.

Trump's administration has become a 3-ring circus where every day there's a new scandal, or outlandish lies or just whatever they trot out to distract us from what undoubtedly will go down as the largest, worst and most destructive instance of political treason against America.  This will not be over until Trump and his entire crew of criminals are removed from office and placed immediately in Gitmo to await their trials for treason and other high crimes.

 In an interview not long ago, Steve Bannon made the remark that Trump is "their" blunt instrument, and that he didn't think Trump hadn't figured it out yet.  I ask, does that sound to you like "a white house running like a fine tuned machine"?  By blunt instrument, Bannon refers to their use of Trump as the court jester to entertain, outrage and in other ways deflect attention away from what's being done in the background, away from prying eyes and ears.  While we are distracted with Trump's antics, tweets and blustering bullshit; the Bannon Brigade is stealing America's wealth as they cut away at our country's foundations, weakening us enough for the jackals to finish us off as the brigade slips away in the night.  

The daily leaks indicating a white house in turmoil are coming from the same intelligence agencies, president-elect Trump disparaged, and  who are not exactly comprised of liberals; so when they get freaked out enough to break the law in defense of the country; you can bet it's serious shit.  It isn't exactly a Washington secret that the Kennedy assassination took place mere weeks after he vowed to destroy the CIA.  Even without that; a sane man does not go about insulting the cadre of professional assassins who are now working for him.  Not a fight a sane man would want anything to do with.

Trump has also just signed a new "executive order" giving the police much broader powers and authority, which just takes us one notch closer to a full on police state. He also has plans to use the national guard to enforce the forceful deportations of thousands.   Last week Trump signed an executive order authorizing the hiring of 1500  new full time border patrol agents.

And then there is THIS Shit:

It has also recently come to light thru the on-going leaks from within the Trump regime; that he plans to publish a weekly list of crimes committed by immigrants.  Here again emulating his role model Adolph Hitler.  A few weeks ago you may have heard people cringe upon hearing that old, stale, trite comparison, but no more.  Each week Trump announces yet another travesty to democracy modeled after the third Reich of Nazi Germany, because it worked so very well for them.  A few months ago when Trumps former wife commented that he keeps a book of Hitler speeches on his bedside table, I imagine many folks doubted it.  I'd wager they're believing it now.

The austere programs & plans now being implemented by Trump exactly mirror the blueprint followed by Hitler, and every other authoritarian despot right up to & including Putin & Kim Jong Un who just also happen to be 'leaders' Trump admires.  Is any of this getting thru?  We're in some degree of danger here folks, the kind that comes banging on your door in the dead of night to haul you off to the re-education center.  Doesn't it bother you just a little bit that in the last few days Trump's regime has concocted three totally fake terror attacks that never happened?  It should bother you, if it doesn't yet maybe google up a refresher course in 20th century history.

Apparently in retaliation for the court shooting down the Muslim ban, Trump sent ICE troopers across Trumpland to arrest known illegal immigrants who have been here for decades in some cases; essentially using Obama's "Deferred action for childhood arrivals" (DACA)~ known as 'the dreamers' program, as a deportation list.  A cowards move, to arrest & deport those who are not causing problems.  Over 700 arrested, so far, with 750,000 names on the DACA list for trump to pick off.  What a dick move for a fucking coward!!!  Canadian border patrols are reporting a huge upsurge in undocumented people attempting to sneak across the border ever since Trump's deportation arrests began.

In the state of California legislature this week lawmakers introduced SB54 which when passed will limit the assistance state police can give to federal agencies seeking to deport undocumented immigrants.  Citing that the swarm of executive orders pouring from the white house are in essence A moving minefield, designed to skirt around existing safeguards; lawmakers are hoping SB54 will effectively make California the countries first Sanctuary City!  The rest of the states need to fall in line behind California; stand up to president Barbie hands and his fascist rat pack before they get dug in like ticks.  Do it now, or do it not, there simply will never be another chance.  What is needed is to repeatedly knock down his illegal decrees with checks and balances as was done with the Muslim ban, until the mid-term elections.  If we cannot re-take our country at that point we might end up kissing America goodbye.

The Republican dominated congress refused to allow Obama to name the replacement for the late judge Scalia on the supreme court; they literally stole that appointment for Trump to fill.  The thing to worry about here is not so much about the one appointment, but the many.  District court judgeships across the country are up for new judges to replace the former ones, and Trump gets to make all of those appointments...ALL of them!  This means that this one fanatical madman can make appointments that will affect life in this country for many many years to come.  Trump the ego maniacal child-king is going to ensure his place in history.  This will not turn out good! 

The Goldwater Rule
In 1964 when republicans picked Barry M. Goldwater as their presidential candidate it didn't take reporters and journalists long to remark on reports that Mr. Goldwater suffered from mental illness in some form. In turn several mental health experts of the day also offered their professional prognosis on the subject. This resulted in the formation and adoption of the Goldwater Rule which simply states that no mental health professional should offer  opinions on politicians they haven't seen personally.  For the most part the psychiatric profession has adhered to the Goldwater rule, until now.

In recent days a rash of mental health professionals have gone public to warn about trump, one has even started a petition to have him removed from office immediately.  Trump has been field diagnosed as having the trifecta of mental disorders known as Malignant Narcissism  which is basically an obsession with one's self, ego run amok, self aggrandizement is all that matters.  From the prideful boasting to the obsessive lying and outright denial of reality, Trump's madness has been on parade for all to see.

We ignored it for the 18 months of the campaign because we thought it was funny and it seemed he'd never win.  Well he did "win" (Alternative loosing) with some help from Russian hackers.  Oh yeah, at first there is a little schadenfreude when we see the wheels falling off the Trump regime, but that is short lived indeed when we remember that we ourselves might not survive the crash.  It ain't funny anymore, is it?

The only thing Trump has made great again is SNL!

Now we must go back and revisit all of those instances when Trumps words and antics made decent Americans cringe, even some who voted for him are cringing nowadays.  We must return to those many video clips we laughed or cursed at, and take a very close look at the madman in the white house, because in case you hadn't noticed, he's recently doubled down on the insanity. 

With the list of criteria mandatory to become the president, why isn't a professional independent psychological examination required??  It has been stated ad nauseous that the reason for having the electoral college is to prevent a madman from ever becoming president.  Well folks, we can now scrap the electoral college because greedy men found a way to use it to install a madman ego lunatic to the presidency so they can loot the country blind as we stand dumbfounded and transfixed with the bumbling clown show that is Donald J. Trump.  Simple as that. 

Some said during the campaign that Trump would change once elected and we wouldn't
see all the childish ego pandering and boasting.  Well here we are just 30 mind numbing days after inauguration and the only change he's made is to get even crazier than before; pushing the country closer each day to total fascism.  

People got upset because Hillary took some work home with her, but that is NOTHING compared to trump who is still using his old (unsecured) Android phone; and who conducted a national emergency security meeting at an open access restaurant...even pointing out the Marine by name who carries the nuclear football.  The Japanese prime minister was his dinner guest when Trump got the emergency news that North Korea just conducted a missile test.  Instead of going to a more private and secure location, Trump and aides got their briefings and looked at data right in the open restaurant.  There is a word for that, and it is Incompetence.  As long as Trump's gigantic ego could soak up the limelight by looking so important: nothing else matters.

None of these embarrassing and potentially damaging events would have taken place if Trump had just used the facilities at camp David to entertain the Japanese prime minister; as that is the intended purpose of that facility.  But no, not Trump.  He insisted upon costing the American taxpayers a few million dollars by flying everybody to Florida to see his over-rated restaurant Mar A Lago.  After 18 months of saying he would 'look out for the average American' now he ignores all that and just does whatever he wants and to hell with anyone who doesn't like it.  In his first month in office Trump's vacations have cost American Taxpayers over 11 million dollars. For some perspective, that's more than Obama's vacations cost for a full year!!  He is partying like it's 1999 and sticking us with the bill.

The true hallmark of the malignant narcissist is they always accuse others of being guilty of what they themselves are guilty of.  Keep this in mind whenever you hear Trump accusing others of being Nazi's or traitors.  Another classic trait of these type people is that they never take responsibility for anything unless it makes them look good.  During his press conference, when pressed by a reporter challenging his boast of having the highest number of electoral votes, Trump instantly backpedaled; claiming "I was given that information.

You see, in the ego-centric reality of the narcissist they are the quintessential Artful Dodger never being wrong, never having to apologize because they see themselves as perfect.  Anything not in harmony or agreement with the narcissistic world view and self image is ignored, ridiculed, or attacked; according to the threat level posed in the moment.  It is perhaps worth noting here that the mask worn by the narcissist is neither effortless or foolproof.  It takes a lot of energy to maintain outward appearances while simultaneously shielding the ego from outside reality.  Masks can slip, crack and break under extreme stress or emotional upheaval.

Many narcissists such as Donald Trump leave a wake of failed marriages and broken families behind them because if they remarry quickly they can maintain the mask of perfection by seeing themselves as the one who is desirable, adorable and perfect.  Always looking to shift the blame anywhere else.  The thing is, and this is key; if they should falter, if their mask should slip revealing the diseased mind behind it, that is when they are the most dangerous, volatile and unpredictable.

Malignant narcissists are true masters of equivocation, prevarication, and projecting their guilt upon others.  These things are as easy for them as breathing is for us, and as with breathing, it's an automatic reflex thing; it's their nature.  Unfortunately, the medical professions do not consider narcissism to be a disease as such, because the narcissist does not suffer from the condition; only those they prey upon suffer and in this case that means it's humanity versus Trump.

Narcissists are also fond of gaslighting, which is a kind of psychological manipulation of facts, events and people, designed to muddy the waters, shift the narrative, and make one doubt their sanity in general.  Both projecting and deflection are employed as a means to their devious ways.

Donald Trump literally hounded Obama for years over all that ridiculous birther crap, then refused to say it aloud that he was wrong & it was proven beyond a doubt.  Narcissists simply cannot admit to ever being wrong.  This one, this Trump has to work overtime to keep his enormous ego fed, hence all the rallies after he took office.  We have literally created a monster here, one that seems now to require these regular rally events. 

Pretty soon he will run out of bullshit names to call them and will have to admit they are just to keep his ego fully charged.  When his energy runs down the harsh realities of the real world the rest of us live in come crashing into Trumps brain.  He cannot tolerate that; so now that we got him used to adoring, Hitler saluting fans to keep him charged up and fully delusional.  What do you suppose he would be like if he couldn't get that adoration any more?  

This week Trump announced the creation of a government investigation to look into his delusional claim about "massive voter fraud."  It matters not to Donald Trump that every single expert in the field agrees that there simply ain't no such animal;  he "feels" it is true, and so in his personal warped reality that is good enough for him.  When recently asked who he will be relying on in foreign policy matters, he actually said, " Myself, I have a great mind and I've said a lot of things."  Whether he really conducts an investigation; or steals the funding money doesn't really matter; either way it's money that could be better spent fixing the water in Flint, Michigan or helping homeless veterans!

Elsewhere this week in Trumpland, Herr Twitler emulated Conway & Spicer and literally made up a terror attack in Sweden after they took in many refugees.  It was so egregious that the government of Sweden actually asked for an explanation...what is he talking about?  As it turned out, there were no terror related problems in Sweden!!

Trump is just like atoms, because they both make up everything.

In all of his frantic ranting about terrorism this week Trump failed to mention the Florida man who was arrested for plotting to plant bombs in 10 Target stores along the east coast.  How odd Trump wouldn't mention that at all, not once.  Just another totally bogus, made up terrorist attack in Sweden!

Then there is the undeniable & detestable fact that Trump is a misogynistic sexual predator who openly rates women according to if they are attractive enough for him to pussy grab, yes, let us not forget about the pussy grabbing sexual predator.

Trump was accused of raping a 13 year old girl some years back with a friend of his, and I believe he still has court dates pending on that one.  Even worse are the reports (and pictures) of Trump groping his own daughters; not to mention the numerous times he has repeated his desire to "Date" Ivanka.  You can  get more perverted than that but ya gotta go some to do it.  Oh yes, good time to mention the "golden showers" by Russian hookers and no doubt others as well.  The point here is that Trump is one sick puppy.

At his ego-feeding rally Trump repeatedly bragged about how he was keeping all of his campaign promises; except of course for the ones he seems to have no recollection of making, such as his promise to release his tax returns.  Every president for nearly half a century has released their personal tax returns, it's what we call a tradition; and yet somehow Trump figures he is above all that and doesn't have to if he doesn't want to, defiantly daring somebody to try to make him play by the rules.  He won't ever divulge those tax records because they will show exactly how much money he borrowed from Russian banks!

Then there is the issue of  his promise to divest himself from his businesses to avoid any possible conflict of interest; which happens to be legally required!  Aside from showing us a conference table stacked high with empty manila folders fresh from office depot; Trump has done nothing whatsoever to keep his promise and separate himself from his empire.  He not only arrogantly thinks he doesn't have to, he also thinks nobody can make him.  Same thing with the tax returns. 

At his bizarre 2020 re-election rally he kept boasting about all the campaign promises he is keeping.  Oh yeah, how about his promise to release his taxes, and to divest himself from conflict of interest?  How about the promise he made that the deportations would be handled gently, with consideration.  He just deported a busload of children for crying out loud.  Trump is nothing but a lying, cheating scumbag in a bad suit with a six foot red tie.  Our very own homegrown Genocide Clown.

An old saying advises young men that if they want to know about a girl, praise her to her girlfriends.  I find it both interesting and revealing reading what other billionaire businessmen say about Donald Trump.

Richard Branson recently said of trump "He invited me to lunch at his gold filled New York apartment, it was just both of us.  During the entire lunch he only spoke of one thing: REVENGE.  For over two hours he told me how he was going to get even, and destroy all those who didn't help him when he was completely broke."

Mark Cuban commented, "Donald has been at this for a year, but you don't look at him and say, wow he's gotten so much smarter on this topic or that topic.  In fact you look at him and say 'what the hell are you talking about?'  That's not good for America."  Cuban hinted in 2015 that he considered running for president, saying he thought he could beat either Clinton or Trump.  As recently as last week Cuban was again quoted as saying he might run in 2020.

 That will be what that will be, but if he does he won't be running against Trump no matter how much he'd like to...Trump won't last that long: because "I'm Hearing" that impeachment documents are being drawn up.

We continue to wonder about Trump's mysterious & shady connections to Russia & Putin.  Over and over Trump keeps saying "we should try to get along with Russia," alluding that our countries are similar.  One can only wonder why Trump is so fond of Russia and Putin but one thing is certain; he's not going to tell us, no more than he's going to release his tax returns or divest himself from conflict of interest with his businesses.

As mentioned in a previous post, Trump has borrowed heavily from Russia because American lenders refuse to deal with the king of bankruptcies.  That huge debt could well be used by Putin as leverage; not to mention rumors persisting of a video tape showing Trump getting a golden shower from Russian hookers.

Putin wants several things from Trump.  Top of the list would be to end US sanctions against Russia and to weaken NATO.  He also wants America to adopt his pro-Assad stance in Syria.  Next he'd like the US to recognize and legitimize his annexation of Crimea.  Obviously giving such concessions to Putin would go against our values and interests internationally but they might just reduce Trump's monetary debt to Russian banks!  I'm just sayin.

Meanwhile, today in cities all across Trumpland; people took to the streets by the thousands in an organized effort they called "Not my president day."  Perhaps Trump will acknowledge them in an angry twitter rant, but my guess is the news never made it inside the bubble of self-delusion that is Donald J. Trump.

A note to my regular, longtime readers: Yes I am aware that I began this expression as primarily a spiritually orientated blog focused upon the uncharted landscape of the Aquarian age, to kind of help us all find a better path to where it is we are going.  If we strive to be like the Buddha and be in this world but not of  it in these extraordinary times we may find ourselves too detached from the world around us to survive it.  It behooves us to not only be aware of our mundane surroundings but to also live our spiritual values to their/our highest expression.  That would include speaking truth to power; and anyone else with ears to hear and eyes to see.  Ignoring the ugly and distasteful aspects of the human condition isn't spiritual, it's denial.

As a combat veteran I cannot remain silent in the face of what is happening in this country right before our astonished eyes.  I have grandkids in high school and some day if they should ask what I did when the Nazi's tried to take over our country I want to have an answer I won't be ashamed of.  No, I haven't converted this space to being a political blog; please indulge me, I'm on a bit of a rant recently.  Several non-political posts are in the pipeline even now.  Either way I know I won't be happy (or shut up) until I see Trump in a jumpsuit that matches his complexion with federal marshals leading him away.

© 2017 full re-post with permission only

When Congress members across the nation returned to their home districts on 2/21 they were greeted with town hall meetings full of raging angry constituents demanding explanations; and assurances Obamacare won't be repealed without replacement.  They mostly are angry that nothing is being done by anyone to control the madman in the white house, and they are afraid.  One citizen in an Iowa town hall gathering told his representative: "It feels like the a juvenile is running the country!"

    When news of the nationwide angry protests reached Trump; he tweeted 
that the "so called" protesters "were all paid professional activists."
 Lame man, really lame!  Meanwhile, the protests are growing, and spreading.  
Uh oh, time for our so called president to have another Ego rally!
In America this week the State of Arizona introduced a bill
giving the state power to confiscate land and property
of those arrested for protesting!

* * * * * *

* * * * * *

Republican congress just voted to hide Trump's Tax returns

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

For What It's Worth

"There's something happening here,
what it is ain't exactly clear"

Before reading this, I'd like you to first give the above photo your attention.  After seeing literally thousands of photographs of Trump, this one shows the man better than any other. Before reading my words, just look into those eyes, and you will see some truth.
In a recent post I mentioned that it seemed Steve Bannon was the defacto president with Trump keeping himself  busy with photo ops using a pen.  This week it seems that idea has come home to roost with many media pundits saying pretty much the same thing as more and more leaks come out of Trump's white house; with the stories getting stranger by the day.

This should surprise nobody who was paying attention during the campaign; as many will recall the very strange offer Trump made to Ohio governor John Kasich.  Trump famously offered Kasich the vice presidency, where he would "be in charge of foreign and domestic policy" (the presidents job) while Trump went about the business of making America great again with his twitter rants.  As far as Trump  being qualified for the highest office in the land, that right there should have done him in.

Of the 20+ orders, decrees and proclamations Trump issued in just his first week there was this one in particular which granted former Breitbart owner/manager Steve Bannon a permanent seat on the national security council; which by the way, neither Trump or Bannon are qualified to attend.  This week it was discovered that Trump didn't write or authorize the order Bannon benefited from.   Bannon wrote it up just like he did the Muslim ban and travel restrictions which have angered a few million people while placing other lives in grave danger.  It kind of begs the question, "Who is in charge?"

"I think it's time we stop, children, what's that sound
everybody look what's going down."

 Bannon's version  of shock & awe is an effective tactic.  To start on day 1 with a smashing offensive barrage of decrees, proclamations, executive orders and presidential tweets that continues full speed with zero time to catch our breath much less balance or wits.  I'm exhausted already.  Team trump is setting so many brush fires burning that not only is it all but impossible to keep up with, all that smokescreen prevents people from seeing what really goes on inside.
As a blogger I stay abreast of events as they occur the best I can.  On subjects I tend to write about there's lots of stuff to do.  Gotta find good source data, fact check it, do image searches, find still more data, fact check that well as every claim, promise or boast coming forth from the orange one.  This guy and his PR team can lie faster than anybody can fact check.  Turns out, they're always lying.
The Trump regime has more leaks than the titanic; as disillusioned aides and staff trickle info out on a daily basis, which infuriates Trump.  The picture they paint of him is not complimentary, in fact it's rather American gothicesque.  With his wife and youngest son staying in New York, trump is said to spend a lot of time watching TV when not busy signing orders he doesn't understand.  At night he's often been seen wandering about his new home in a bathrobe, trying doorknobs to various rooms.  (I assume Trump is looking for those secret passages former presidents have used to sneak in prostitutes.)
Now Sean Spicer refuted that story, saying that "I don't think the president even owns a bathrobe, he definitely doesn't wear one."  Among other things, that comment indicates that Spicer has seen Trump naked.  (Yeah, I know, that image ain't leaving the brain anytime soon)

"There's battle lines being drawn,
nobody's right if everybody's wrong"

I see trump as a man cut off from his core, he is out of his element and over his head.  What's worse the voices he depends on are more batshit crazy than he is, and if Sewer Rat Barbie thinks it's a good day for some nukes as alternate diplomacy; Trump might just be despondent enough to ensure his place in history by launching a few. 

Instead of tending to the business of state; Trump attacks Nordstrom for dropping Ivanka's clothing line which is so non-presidential it would be funny were it not so sad to behold.  Judging from the other sellers who followed suit, we should brace ourselves for the twitter clothing war and pray it doesn't go nuclear.  Actually there is a method to the madness of Trump's twitter rants; because whenever he mentions a company by name, usually that companies stocks drop sharply on the exchange, and he simply loves the sense of power that gives him.  Didn't happen this time, as Nordstrom stock went up several points following trump's twitter rant. 
In the same week that white house press secretary Sean Spicer literally pulled a fake terrorist attack in Atlanta right out of his ass, Trump's top advisor totally MADE UP the story of the BOWLING GREEN MASSACRE, which of course never happened either, totally made up propaganda. How is it this woman can keep repeating this OUTRIGHT LIE over and over without censure, and being removed from public service.  Then she goes on live TV pimping Ivanka's clothes...Somebody please explain to me why these fascist fucktards are still in control of America.  

Just as the "Muslim ban that isn't a ban" was causing some real chaos; a Washington state judge put a stop to it, temporarily at first, then it was declared unconstitutional lifting the ban for good.  This is a solid punch to the proboscis for Trump and his merry band of alt-right pirates, and it's bound to have some nasty repercussions.  Trump's pick to fill the vacant supreme court seat Neil Gorsuch said that Trumps illegal ban on Muslims was "disheartening and demoralizing."  That kind of reaction is likely to get Gorsuch branded a "so called judge" by the orange tyrant dictator.   Yes, dictator, if you don't believe his behavior qualifies, google it!  With his politically bloody nose Trump has withdrawn back into the people's house to plan his revenge for those who killed the Muslim ban.  As we know, he has the temperament of a spoiled child who throws tantrums when not given his way; so stand by for a tantrum any time after Feb.12th.

 Bannon and Trump knew the Muslim ban would create a furious shitstorm at airports around the world, which was one of the central goals of the ban.  They knew it would be challenged and likely knocked down but they wanted to create some mayhem and by so doing, test the waters for their fledgling fascist dictatorship.  In Vietnam, when the enemy could not defeat us, they would mass several battalions of soldiers in an attempt to over-run our positions & firebases with sheer weight of numbers.  That is the exact same tactic Bannon is now using to effect this Coup D'etat in America.  His strategy is to overwhelm the system with more legal fights than can be processed or fought quickly; keeping everything off balance and over-worked. 

We the people need to use the constitution to arrest and jail this entire bunch of pirate scum; before they manage to totally destroy it.  Like the saying goes, use it or lose it; and this time it's for all the marbles.  So, how about it, are you pissed off enough NOW to take some action in your own behalf??
Another test of their dictatorship will be what happens next with the Russians hacking of our election; now that the FBI has come forth with their evidence & proof.  It's going to be very interesting to see if the republicans will be as bloodthirsty and eager for investigations like they did over Benghazi.  Will the democrats fight back?  Will such high treason be punished, or just swept under the proverbial rug?  This is when you should be paying attention to everything going on!

I felt really ashamed of my country the other day when Mitch McConnell invoked an arcane rule to silence senator Elisabeth Warren as she read from a letter written by Coretta Scott King during Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing.  You can call it whatever you want according to your sense, or lack, of morals; I call it chickenshit.  Plain old everyday cowardly chickenshit!  Simple as that.  And we already know why people resort to stealing, lying & other chickenshit deeds; because they know their bullshit won't hold up to scrutiny, that it is nothing but bullshit, hence the chickenshit to cover up for it.

"Young people speaking their minds,
getting so much resistance from behind"

To their credit, so far the democrats are pushing back hard against all the treachery, treason and Trumpery as best they can.  Seems to me they need to grow up and grow a pair real fast if they intend to take the government back from Bannon's band of thieves.  

Perhaps their next move might be to get rid of Trump's ace propaganda team, the Goebbels twins Spicer & Conway.  Spicer appears more timid & gun-shy every time Trump sends him out there to prop up his latest lie or insanity of the day.  As for sewer rat Barbie, she would insist that diesel fuel tastes just like chocolate pudding if she was paid enough money. 
This escapee from the walking dead looks as if every last drop of decency has been drained out of her, if she ever had any to begin with.  Somebody should have told her BEFORE she did it, that hawking Ivanka's clothing line on national TV while representing the president isn't just wrong, it is against the LAW, but then we've already seen the respect this bunch has for the law, or democracy, or decency.    

Speaking of the law; it was announced this week that Kellyanne Conway & Trump's national security advisor Mike Flynn are both being investigated for ethical misconduct.  That's a good start, one by one we have to go after unethical, illegal things being done by Trump's regime.  We must never normalize this man or legitimize his presidency thru silent acceptance.  It has been a good week for the resistance.  This week we have seen that the system of checks and balances still works; and Trump has learned what every fifth grader knows, that he is not in command of the judicial branch of our government

Even thou a 3 judge court has removed the 'Muslim ban' a wave of protests against it is growing in size & scope daily at town hall meetings across the country: as we the people are showing up in hundreds, demanding answers instead of lies, with SHAME, SHAME SHAME~ being the new rally cry.  We want to know that our health care isn't being rolled back and stolen from us just to soothe Trump's fragile wounded ego.  We want to know that the department of education won't mysteriously disappear now that Betsy Devoss is the secretary of education.  It's just one travesty after another with this bunch of fascist assholes...there goes the teachers union.

 Even if he had won legitimately Trump simply has a too high maintenance ego; unfit for the presidency.  Case in point, when Trump should be tending to the business of protecting America from an Isis attack, he's too busy attacking Nordstrom for discontinuing his daughters clothing line.  So, this is him separating the presidency from his family business empire??  I wondered what that would look like, now I know; it's gonna be weekend yard sales at the white house with the front lawn cluttered with failed trump merchandise.
Now; on the subject of Trump's kids: he says his children should be exempt from press harassment; but then puts 3 of them to work in his administration.  THEY WEREN'T ON THE BALLOT folks, and NOBODY voted for them!  I believe there are laws on the books against such blatant nepotism as this; but of course Trump will just ignore them as he has with every other law he breaks.  Remember how well that all worked out for Saddam?

"What a field day for the heat,
A thousand people in the street"

During the entire election when Trump seemed to keep doubling down on his insanity and racist remarks; I thought it was because he really didn't want the job and was trying to get dropped from the ticket.  Unfortunately, the republicans just ate up his bat shit crazy routine and the rest is hysteria.  Watching Trump these first 3 weeks in office gives me the exact same kind of feeling, that he never really wanted the job and now that he has it he's doing everything he can think of (short of resignation) to get himself impeached so he can go back to his spoiled brat pussy grabbing lifestyle of the rich & shameless. 
By day he does phone calls & photo ops displaying his latest proclamation like some 3rd grader beaming over their finger-paint masterpiece.  He maybe makes a few remarks to whatever cameras that may be on hand; then he retreats to his upstairs solitude to gaze like Narcissus himself into the glowing mirror called fox news to revel in the glory he perceives it is bestowing.  Meanwhile Steve Bannon is running the whole dog & pony show.  There are simply so many wrong and flat out illegal things going on in the Trump regime that it's difficult knowing where to start dismantling the whole thing.

Of course Trump will be impeached; most likely before his first year in office if not sooner.  Before much longer it will simply be a matter of self defense, if the country is to survive this fascist takeover.  If we allow this travesty to stand as our legitimate governing body then we the people will have ourselves been the thing that ultimately made it possible.  I mean folks, you don't expect them to kick themselves out of office do you?  A really big part of being American, is not putting up with this kind of shit.  Don't get me wrong; we Americans do put up with a lot of shit, no doubt about it: but Nazi's, the Ku Klux Klan, and Steve Bannon?  Oh Hell NO!!  We must stop this shit in it tracks before we get ground up in its tracks!
 Another thing, what's the deal with all the Hitler salutes and clenched fist salutes?
Aren't you even the least bit creeped out by them?  You do know they both originated in Hitler's Germany, right?  Then there all the creepy finger gestures Trump is always making, like the "OK" sign touching thumb & forefinger, and it's near twin the "tiny" gesture of thumb & forefinger not quite touching.  Sometimes its with one hand, other times both hands are used.  Who is trump signaling to with all of these gestures?  As to their meaning, well, the "OK" sign while being the equivalent to "the finger" in America is much more widely recognized as the 666 gesture.  I've never heard him speak ill of Brazil, so I'm going with the one that matches him, 666.  I really wish some interviewer would call him on this, inquiring minds want to know. 

What about the litany of gaffs, goofs and political embarrassments which seemingly occur on a nearly daily basis; for example the extra freaky 19 second handshake with Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe during a state visit.  The video went viral because of the expression on the prime minister's face, he was freaked out.  Great first impression, eh?
Trump is flat out incompetent and unqualified to be where he has been placed; and the same goes for every single person in his fascist regime.  None of them really belong there and if they are allowed to remain in power, you will very soon see my point but by then it might just be too late.  When people don't act, things go from bad to worse; which by the way is how we got herded into this mess like a bunch of cattle in the first place.  There literally is no time left to us for normal business as usual dicking around and waiting for a miracle that never seems to manifest.

"Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep
It starts when you're always afraid..."
"You step out of line and the man come and take you away."

We the people must become the miracle we've been waiting for.  If we don't do it, it just won't get done.  Simple as that.  Even the usually clueless democrats are starting to realize the same thing; now that they've allowed a dictator to create a fascist, racist regime in the people's house.  Better late than never I suppose.  We've seen this last week that at least part of our democracy is intact, with the Muslim ban decreed unconstitutional, as well as wrong and pig-headed.  NOW is a really great time to get involved in this country's future.

Go to your local town hall meetings, make your voice heard, act out against this evil fascism trying to take over America.  In case you haven't noticed yet, "Make America Great Again" is just racist code talk for "the South will rise again."  The machinery of democracy seldom moves fast, rest assured the wheels of impeachment are already spinning, and your involvement will just add more weight to that process.  We've recently seen what our silence had bought us...time to return the gift with righteous indignation and attitude.

Trumps bubble of personal reality automatically turns all criticism into personal attacks because he must not allow even the smallest chink in his armor to show.  He does not see himself the way we do.  He doesn't see his own creepiness because he only consults with himself, and because his massive but brittle ego won't let him see what we do.  He has insulated himself in his own bubble of reality, (like all republicans) where only his alternative facts are allowed; all else is banished.  This behavior is not only a strong indication of mental unbalance, it's also fairly typical behavior for narcissists in general.

The thing about narcissists is that their condition is not considered a disease because they do not suffer from their condition; only those having to deal with them suffer!  Due to this catch-22, our society is full of narcissists, as they invariably seek positions of power and authority over others.  Once in authority the gaslighting goes right off the scale, because everything is always someone else's fault. Like spoiled children everywhere, they attempt to get their way by simple intimidation, i.e. they make everyone so uncomfortable it's just easier to give in than be subject to their tantrums.  They just assume nobody will oppose them, the old intimidation factor.  Oppose him we must!

If you ever sit thru an entire Trump speech something becomes obvious very quickly.  Trump never speaks in specifics, always in the broadest generalities, he keeps it simple.  When he speaks, he uses the vocabulary and speech patterns of a grade school student, again keeping it simple.  The next tool he uses is repetition; he drives his simple rhetoric home over and over again; simple, easy to remember.  For someone who "has the best words" he never seems to actually use them; or even words containing multiple syllables for that matter.  He openly brags about loving the poorly educated, and those very people applaud him over and over, then voted for him. 

But Trump in the white house is not their fault, or the blame of white women or any other demographic grouping.  Trump in the white house is the result of the republicans, democrats & Russians all trying to steal the election thru various means of nefarious skullduggery, and canceling each other out. Trump could never have won the election just with Putin's help alone, he had help from the electoral college; which just proves how corrupt our system is.
All that is now water under the bridge as the saying goes, because we cannot change what has already happened; but we can stop it.  Our democracy has built in safeguards to prevent the kind of travesty laced with treason we've witnessed.  As witnesses; it becomes our sacred duty to invoke these safeguards immediately; before Bannon can consolidate his power around the child-man figurehead of Donald Trump.  For what it's worth; I was calling this treason from day one.  We either correct this mess and evict these fascists now, or we will never have another chance to do so, and your children will grow up in the Forth Reich under the tyranny of chancellor Trump.

"We better stop, hey, what's that sound,
Everybody look what's going down!"

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