Wednesday, February 1, 2017

American Coup D'etat

First they said he could never win the republican nomination.  Next they said that he could never actually win the election.  Then they said he wouldn't really steal health care from 20 million Americans, that he would back down from the wall and the Muslim ban.  After just 12 days in office Trump has proven all of "them" wrong as he continues to wreck havoc with every decree and proclamation.

We have already seen that Trump creates his own desired reality, with him firmly at the center of his own world.  When we see what he has done, & promises to do next the old analogy of a bull in a china shop comes to mind.  Of course he has ordered his people to muddy the waters as much as possible as he continues to ignore protocols that have been in place for many decades.  So far I have only heard 2 people call this travesty what it really is; Bill Maher and Michael Moore who agree it is an American Coup D'etat.  At this point less than two weeks since his inauguration I am wondering to myself when we are going to start taking Trump at his word, and impeach him before he launches the nukes he said he'd use?
This of course is not the first American Coup D'etat, the last one was 54 years ago when they assassinated JFK because he wanted to smash the CIA.  They smashed first, and the rest is just revisionist history, like what Trump & his gang of thieves are currently doing, trying to push back then re-write history.  This time it's a slow moving  Corporate coup d'etat because they learned a little from the last one. This time they put America on the slow boil; just like you cook a lobster, hoping nobody would notice until it was too late.

For any who may think the idea of Trump launching nukes is reactionary, you may not think so after hearing that Trump just put Iran "on notice" after they conducted a missile test last Sunday.  Then there is Putin's renewed military ops in Eastern Ukraine which may test Trump's Russia connection.  These are worrisome events on any day, perhaps even more so if you consider how eager Trump is to distract from his setting up a fascist regime in the peoples house.  A little war hawk action might be just the thing to rally folks around their leader; it worked for W!

Trump is a cancerous growth on the soul of America.  If we take action NOW by impeachment & imprisonment (treason) we may just give democracy the second chance it so desperately needs.  Leaving Trump in office heralds the absolute death of democracy and the installation of fascist Nazi tyranny.  Never forget that his first action as president was to attempt to silence all federal agencies, prohibiting them from speaking with either congress or the media; and then introducing the Orwellian concept of "alternative facts."  Those are not the acts of a president, they are the opening acts of a Trump dictatorship; and that simply cannot be allowed to fester further than it already has.

With virtually zero notice Trump ordered the immediate implementation of his Muslim ban & "extreme vetting" immigration policy.  The result was almost instantaneous pandemonium at airports around the country and overseas, as families were split apart and even those having green cards were detained as enemies of the state.  Meanwhile we are left to wonder why the ban did not include the countries which the 911 terrorists supposedly came from.  That simply makes no sense at all.

 The Muslim ban has generated massive protests in many countries around the world, and in American airports the very surreal sight of Muslims kneeling in prayer and Americans reassuring them with support!  Trump was crying for a full week about how he wanted bigger crowds shouting his name; well now he has it.

It's not just we the people who are upset over the Muslim ban; Trump's state department is in dissent, which resulted in Trump telling acting Attorney General Sally Yates, "You're Fired."  More than 1000 state department employees are in open rebellion against the Trump administration, all of them signing a letter of dissent.

While airports around the country were clogged with the chaos Trump caused, and protesters were filling the streets of cities all over the world: he was holding a family screening of "Finding Dory" in the white house.  That kind of speaks for itself, and what it says is chilling indeed.  We are all currently experiencing reality at the rate of several WTF's a minute!

Veterans groups have publicly denounced Trump's Muslim ban, calling it "Flat out shameful and un-American."  Being a veteran myself I can tell you from first hand experience that Trump in the white house has seriously jump-started my own struggle with PTSD.  An awful lot of progress I thought I'd made has just been wiped away by this Nazi loving tyrant becoming president.  Hyper-vigilance has resurfaced after many years of being dormant.  My sleep cycle has been destroyed, and when I do manage to sleep, some of the old nightmares have returned; along with a whole rash of new ones with Trump's face on them.  If Trump isn't removed from office it's gonna be PTSD and not health care for everyone, and we'll all be living life one nightmare at a time.  I sure picked one hell of a time to quit smoking!

Trump has issued no fewer than 20 executive orders in his first 10 days on the job.  At this rate it should only take a few weeks to fully install the fourth Reich.  He also just gave white supremacist chief advisor Steve Bannon a permanent seat on the security council; which is just an insult to democracy.  The democrats in congress have drafted a strongly worded letter of disapproval over installing a unqualified hack like Bannon, insisting that Trump reverse his decision immediately. The problem is that Bannon owns Breitbart news which is the website of the alt-right cadre.  
For crying out loud Bannon is just another internet troll like Trump.  Bannon has exactly zero government experience.  Bannon is not an attorney.  He has no experience whatsoever with international foreign policy, and therefore does not deserve any level of security clearance and could most easily pass state secrets and info to our enemies, and the same goes for Trump.  Neither of these men have a shred of decency or integrity between them, and they both have to go, by any means necessary, and as soon a possible.  In exactly the same way that Dick the prick Cheney was Bush's brain; so too Bannon is Trumps brain; and mad max showed us why they must be separated.

An equally huge insult is Trump's running the government like a reality TV show with the  supreme court appointment of Neil Gorsuch to replace late ultra conservative Antonin Scalia; advertised like a prime time special instead of a daytime press release.  Trump desperately needs the distraction from the Muslim ban mess he started but the Gorsuch confirmation hearings threaten to drag on towards historic lengths due to all the routine petty in-fighting in the capitol.  Democrats are considering this a stolen seat because of the republican ten month long filibuster which denied Merrick Garland, Obama's choice for the supreme court.  Business as usual, but with a newborn dictator in the oval office.
Another of those 20 decrees is the un-American and un-ethical, denying of funding to Sanctuary cities. San Francisco and several other cities are taking legal action and suing the Trump administration in court to keep the much needed funding in place.  What this man and his gang of plunder monkeys are doing is an abomination to all that this country was founded on.  What about the idea that America is the great melting pot, a crucible which makes us stronger by adding our skills to a common cause, a goal, yes, a dream.  Better yet what about those words displayed so proudly on the statue of liberty:

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free"

Both Microsoft and Amazon have joined a lawsuit to stop this illegal Muslim ban.  The Trump administration continues to fall back upon "alternative facts" with Trump & Spicer calling it a ban; at the same time others are saying it isn't a ban.  Their insistence that both "facts" are true would be hilarious if it wasn't playing out right in front of our eyes.  This level of malfeasance is nothing but intentional incompetence! We will very soon be at the point where civil suits against this administration will equal the number of official state proclamations.

We must never normalize this fascist, racist, misogynist  Trump.  NO!~ not ever.  We the people need to throw it right back in his face, impeach him, imprison him, and make him pay for it.  In his first 12 days he acts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, invokes an immigration freeze and illegal ban on Muslims, and orders the wall begun; then slaps a gag order on federal agencies barring them from speaking to the press.  Can a decree giving Trump control over the internet be far behind?  Not only does this delusional despot dream up his own reality on the fly, he seems very intent upon silencing all voices but his.  That ain't a democracy folks, it's a dictatorship.  Simple as that.

Trump also wants to evict the press corps from the white house, which is yet another trashing of a long standing tradition.  His stated plan is to construct or designate a separate building with four times the floor space.  This is a clever idea which allows Trump to claim he's accommodating the press better than ever before; when in reality it is a ruse which allows him to fill the room with people from Breitbart & Enquirer so he can ignore reporters from the legitimate press. This clever idea isn't Trump's, but rather borrowed from a historical figure you may have heard of, Adolph Hitler.

The democrats meanwhile, are doing a fine job of foot dragging thru the confirmation process of Trump's cabinet appointees.  They simply don't have the votes to block or deny any of the appointees (without help from renegade republicans) but they can obfuscate, delay and in general dick around exactly how the republicans did to Obama for 8 years and in so doing prove that the system is indeed NOT broken, but rather designed & upgraded to operate exactly how it does.  Insiders in Trump's white house have let it be known that the new fuhrer is furious over this delaying tactic.  Good, now he knows how people feel about the on-going  delay in releasing his taxes.

"This president is going down such a far wrong-headed path.  
These executive orders they are really off the chart,  
and this most recent one, the Muslim ban...
It is just astonishing that we would have a president of the United States
 enact an order within a week of becoming president; 
that is so fundamentally at the core un-American, immoral, un-constitutional." 
                                                               ~ Anthony Romero~ Executive Director ACLU

The very speed at which Trump is attempting to move, wiping out things he dislikes with a broad sweeping blitzkrieg campaign worries me more than just a little, and it should damn well worry you as well.  He is piling up so much negative feedback so quickly that instead of pulling some trite diversion he may just need a convenient false flag event on American soil with which to consolidate his authority and control.  Again taking a page from the Hitler playbook; think Reichstag fire.
Here's the thing about letting a dictator into your government: it's a lot like that old Arab story about the camel in the tent.  Before long there is only room for the dictator.  If nobody stops the newly installed dictator, he becomes emboldened & he makes a few more even more draconian decrees and before too long you have to be careful what you say about Trump; but oh wait...Kellyanne Conway has already warned us about that exact thing, imagine that!!

Donald Trump is not going about the business of making America great again, he is destroying the foundation of what America is supposed to be one executive order at a time.  He attempts to silence free speech within his own administration, and his own people want us to accept their Orwellian "alternative facts" yet when Spicer or Ryan get a question they don't like, they just run away like cowards.  Motivated by petty revenge and a malignant, narcissistic ego; Trump is seeking to erase any good Obama might have managed to do...all because of being proven "wrong" on the whole "birther" distraction.  Trump has repeatedly shown himself to be a weak, vindictive bully who's real war isn't with the media, its with reality.

In an article last week a former top Trump aide confessed that in the beginning Trumps bid for the white house was created as a protest candidacy; and that they were only going for around 12% of the total vote.  Now this week there is another article saying that Trump is already trying to weasel out of being president, because obviously he's not just not qualified for the job, he seems somehow lost in the enormity of it all.  Just one more reason to be very concerned with what this unstable despot might try to do next.

It is my sincere hope that there are still some real Americans left in the system who will stand for decency and what is moral; & stand up to Trump and his plunder monkeys.  To be sure, they pretty much all have to go; all of Trump's advisors, enablers and handlers are gonna have to get the heave-ho along with the orange one and his children.  We may get stuck with a President Pence, but just maybe we can deal with that far easier than 4 years of Caligula.

"The presidency is supposed to age the president, not the population"
                                   ~Jon Stewart~

There are already several groups attempting to organize impeachment proceedings on their websites.  Rather than single any one of them out as worthy of support I simply add my own voice to the growing chant of "Impeach Trump Now."  Certainly this is history in the making as no former president has ever so richly deserved impeachment this soon after taking office.  Trump is guilty of several impeachable offenses in addition to conspiring with the Russians to hack the election results; for which he deserves no less than a quick trial followed by immediate incarceration at Gitmo as an enemy of the state.  Can't help the attitude folks, as I said, I am a veteran and I take treason very seriously.  You should too.
Today Trump's approval slipped below 43% which is historically significant because he exceeded 50% disapproval rating faster and biglier than anyone before him in recent memory.  It took Trump just 7 days to hit 50% disapproval.  It took Obama 580 days to reach this mark, Bill Clinton took 152 days; whereas GW Bush took 1200 days to be so widely despised  because he rode the sympathy wave of 911 until that wore off because people began seeing him for what he was.

With so much dissent building so quickly against the Trump regime; I am wondering how long before we see North Korean style proclamations that Trump's approval rating is 100% because everybody in the country loves their perfect leader.  I imagine it will come very quickly if he is permitted to evict the press corps from the white house, because there will be a need to silence all opposition, and the day we allow him to do that is the day we will have lost our country.  

We the People need to shake off our habitual shackles of perception and see the crystal clear truth; which is our nations government has been compromised by an unholy alliance of racist, fascist zealots who will not stop until their Nazi agenda is fulfilled by America becoming the fourth Reich.  That is why  We the People must either stop them in their tracks right now, or loose this country forever.  It may already be too late.

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  1. Dump Trump (insert pile of sh*t here) makes me wish I was a gifted sniper. It would be so worth it.

  2. Better make sure Steve Bannon is standing close by so you can get them both. Dick the prick Cheney was Bush's brain, and in the same exact manner, Steve Bannon is Drumpf's brain. Really bad combination, Bannon has no place in the white house, he has zero government experience, is NOT an attorney; so what the fuck is he doing with a permanent seat in the national security council.

    And they wonder like children at how our seal team got ambushed on their recent raid. Somebody tipped off the bad guys that we were coming, and the seals got their asses kicked by a superior force laying in wait for them.

    This country has just been fucked, and turned into a fascist regime

    It'll be bloody hell getting them all out of there, so maybe we should start today!

  3. Meanwhile...bill gates quietly became a trillionaire. Woo hoo!

  4. To judge by the apologist-sounding posts on Shift Frequency, the site owner/mod Gillian Grannum seems to be just fine with Trump and Bannon, even going so far as to post an article by a Dr. Steve Pieczenik, saying that in tapping Bannon, among others, Trump is "building a solid team."


    1. Yeah, Gillian was the first of several sites to drop me as a contributor after supporting me for several years...they may alternative fact their way around it but it has to be on account of my views on Trump. So much for 'alternative news' whatever happened to this country? Seems like all we have these days is a bunch of cowardly folks who cannot tolerate opposing views.

      The evening I posted this piece they set Berkeley on fire in protest of Bannons protege Milo Yammamammagucci or whoever the fuck he is. If Milo wants to express his freedom of free speech in California, he can damn well do it in a fucking free speech zone like everyone else. They were right to protest, but a little harsh to start the fires...but that's Berkeley they take their free speech real serious!!

      Grannum and the others are going to be in for a world class "I told you so" and to be honest, I think it has already begun it's Trump's "Tasmanian Devil tactic" of setting 50 forest fires at once, then watching fox news to get the headline for his next tweet.

      Doesn't this bother anyone else, that less than an hour after each fox 'news' program, Trump is tweeting about it as if it is HIS idea. This will not end well, I promise you.

    2. Yeah well now she's got an article comparing Trump to Andrew Jackson promising to rout the bankers out of the United States. Not a word about his treasonous activities, which I guess she considers fake news. I find it amazing how we can all look at the same object or event and see completely different things. This means something big, but what? is it more evidence of our ability to create our own reality? I just don't know... Regardless, I've come to call her site shitfrequency.

    3. Humans are really weird about their belief systems. For some reason once they believe something, they attach their emotions to it-which is just plain wrong headed. Then, when someone offers conflicting beliefs with or without proof the next thing ya know, someone has their feeling hurt cause their brain can't handle reality. Our belief's are like a set of dominoes set on edge real close to each other. If one or two of the foundational beliefs are proven wrong, people then dive into deep denial and furious defense of their preferred illusional reality to keep all the rest of their dominoes/beliefs from crashing down. This is even strong enough to divide families and relationships!

      Yes, in a way Gillian, Trump, et. al etc. are creating their own reality; but it lacks substance because it is false, and it is NOT sustainable in any way, they gotta feed it like an old locomotive running on tons of coal. Like the locomotive, these locos have to daily reinforce their "reality" to keep the pretense going for another day or week, they don't/can't see much farther ahead than that.

      What I think all this is really pointing to is the ever-widening rift between 4th dimensional frequency and 5th dimensional frequency. For a time, (many, many months) they sort of overlapped, but now they are separating~kinda like when an eclipse is over. From this point onward this dimensional rift will get bigger and bigger until such a time as 4th dimensional reality completely disappears from our reality; and everything vibrating at higher frequencies ceases to exist in 4D. The trick (I think??) is that both will still exist because those who simply are not ready for moving up an octave will still need a hologram to exist they'll essentially be stuck in 4D until each individual, in their own time, is ready to move along. At that point even though both 4D & 5D will still exist, neither reality will be visible or detectable by the other. It's kinda like being on a ship leaving port: We do not discover new lands without first consenting to lose sight of the shore.

      About all we can do is wave goodbye to them, Gillian, Zen Gardner & Trump, and all their little clueless followers cause they're staying in the hell they chose while a bunch of us are quietly moving to a higher more sustainable vibration.

  5. Meanwhile... where are all those patriotic paramilitary civilian assholes now that we could use them??

    Normally I do not condone or instigate violence, but to quote the president: "I just want to punch him [Trump/Bannon] right in the face."

    The next few weeks will show us whether or not democracy still lives in Trumpland.

  6. You sure were right about this, Chautauqua: "Here's the thing about letting a dictator into your government: it's a lot like that old Arab story about the camel in the tent. Before long there is only room for the dictator."

    "Let me tell you, the one that matters is me, I'm the only one that matters because when it comes to it that's what the policy is going to be," Trump said on Fox News when pressed about vacancies by Laura Ingraham.