Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Emperor's Ego

This week NASA announced that soon after the inauguration, Donald Trump's ego could now be seen from space.  They went on to allude that if it keeps growing, it may soon envelop the earth like an aura.  Not normally known for their sense of humor, perhaps NASA is pushing back against Trump's executive mandate placing a gag order on all federal agencies; forbidding them to speak with either congress or the press. 

This came as Trump also ordered white house computers scrubbed clean of climate change data, LGBT issues, and several others which somehow offend his sense of reality.  At this point I have to wonder if he thinks deleting all that data makes it disappear from everywhere.  A preview of coming distractions.

Trump made a very big deal about photo ops of him signing various new executive orders, as if that alone made them into laws.  Has he so soon forgotten Obama's famous photo op of him signing the executive order to close Gitmo?  Eight long and disappointing years later: Obama is gone and Gitmo is still there.  Those staged photos are typical of Trump the showman who is so very fond of fake props; like all those blank folders on the press conference table allegedly "proving" that he had divested himself of his business empire when in fact he has not done that.  Smoke & mirrors.

He did it again yesterday when he signed an executive order pulling America out of the TTP [trans pacific partnership] which is all well and fine, except America never signed onto or into the TTP, but that doesn't matter because now Trump can claim credit for it.  It's all about ego gratification with this one.  Every single thing comes down to glorifying him, as he recently put it "I am glad you all have the privilege of being privileged to support me."

One by one as they occurred during the campaign we scoffed at and then forgot all the red flags warning of a runaway ego we were seeing; despite how many of them there were, we ignored them, perhaps feeling he'd never get elected.  Guess what?  He not only got elected but a full week after the inauguration he is still whining and obsessing about how many people attended his swearing in; insisting there were a million and a half people in that crowd under sunny skies.  (it was raining, and @ 400,000 showed up).  Oddly, he never mentioned seeing the billowing black smoke of burning limousines six blocks away in the free speech zone.

Maybe he can see the future and was actually looking at the women's March on Washington which occurred 24 hours after his swearing in, as well as in 30 other countries around the globe.  That was one impressive day of protest; and aides close to Trump the thin-skinned say he was furious after seeing videos of all the protests around the country, and planet. 

Not only that, but despite 'yuge' evidence to the contrary, Trump continues to insist he only lost the popular vote because of 3 to 5 million zombie voters using their power to cast illegal votes for Clinton.  Hope it soothes her pain to know she had the zombie vote locked down.  Again and again we see his flashes of anger when challenged or contradicted on any issue.  Evidently being raised as the spoiled brat son of a tycoon taught Donald Trump very little about Breaking Free From Ego

In the past Trump has said that a man without an ego is a loser, but he has to say that because his malignant ego won't allow him to acknowledge otherwise.  A healthy balanced ego is necessary to a wholesome healthy life, yet there is very little that is balanced about Trump's ego.  The out of control ego is a fear based creature who then totally operates from that core of fear.  It is indeed that very fear which motivates and drives Donald Trump to be the blustering egocentric self-absorbed narcissist that he is.

He boasts that his IQ is something like 155 or whatever, and we are forced to wonder if he is aware that if that was correct; it would put him in the top 1% of the worlds intellects.  Now I am sure he would just accept that as a natural fact, but it isn't even an alternative fact.  It's just plain absurd.  The word around the campfire is that Trump's famously fragile ego is an extension of his malignant narcissism.

Nearly everything he says comes back to shine light on Donald Trump.  His brittle and child-like ego is so oversized it must be fed constantly, and adoringly.  These personality traits we saw glimpses of during the campaign are living in the peoples house now; and that means that like it or not, we are all in his reality now, and had better get used to the new way of things or we might get blinked out into the cornfield by a powerful child, like in an old episode of the Twilight Zone.  Twilight Zone, pretty much sums up where we are now.
Have you noticed that Trump never answers questions with direct, specific or accurate replies?  That is so he can never be nailed down to anything concrete.  The other night when asked about who would pay for the wall; Trump said that Mexico would pay for it, "in a long complicated form."  What exactly does that mean?  He won't say.  He's slippery this one, but then we already knew that. 

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not their own facts."

As a nation we should be very concerned when within the same week Trump's PR team trotted out alternative facts, then he issues a gag order on the EPA, NASA, and other federal agencies, prohibiting them from talking either to congress or the press in any manner.  This isn't just illegal, it's absolutely, positively, totally wrong on every level.  This is Trump and his Nazi-loving ego turning America into a fascist state.  Simple as that!
In the same interview with David Muir we saw Trump do his slithering when asked about the conversation in the limousine with Obama on inauguration day.  Trump qualifies his answer by saying "Obama might disagree with my answer" as a subliminal way of telling us he is lying.  Sometimes I watch him, and listen to the things he says, and am convinced he is borderline delusional.  Behold his daily twitter rants about imaginary slights that he should be way too busy to deal with, but he puts feeding his giant ego before the affairs of state.

As already mentioned Trump sat thru several photo op sessions signing various sheets of paper, (this time with actual words on them) to show his supporters he was keeping his campaign promises.  Perhaps the most nebulous of these 'orders' and decrees is the one he signed authorizing construction of the wall, which he now says American taxpayers will pay for, with Mexico reimbursing us in some form some day.  How about we take a closer look at this proposed wall and what it will really cost to build it.  Trump has promised us a one thousand mile long southern border wall between 30 to 50 feet tall.
First off I would be remiss if I failed to mention here that for quite some time now the Mexicans Trump is so worried about have been using tunnels to cross the border at will 24/7 so I have serious doubts how effective a wall will be.

Some engineering professionals addressed the cost of the wall, and this is what they came up with. A wall 1000 miles long, 50 feet tall & 15 feet deep will cost 3.9 Billion dollars; per mile for a total of about 40 billion dollars!  For comparison, the annual budget for NASA is around 20 million.  Even if we suspended all aid to Mexico it still wouldn't be enough to pay for Trump's wall.  Currently the border patrol agency has about 200 million dollars in its coffers and Trump has ordered it to be spent on beginning the wall and adding thousands of new border patrol agents which will conflict with his new federal hiring freeze.  Which is it?  A federal hiring freeze or thousands of new border cops??  You cannot do both!  Americans will be forced to pay for the wall via a new 20% tax on goods and services which Trump favors.  Bet you haven't heard him brag about that, have you? 

The proposed 15 foot depth of the wall is for structural integrity only and not intended to defeat tunneling efforts.  When El Chapo escaped from a Mexican maximum security prison, his people dug a one mile tunnel 50 feet deep right past all the prison defenses; so tell me more about how this wall will stop those determined to come here illegally.  Then we might want to visit with a fact before moving on; like the fact that over the last three years more Mexicans are leaving the United States than entering every year!  So, once again we must deduct the 'Trump embellishment factor' from the equation before getting anywhere near the truth.

Back to the subject of Trump's enormous ego, did you hear that he has issued a new decree that his inauguration day become "A day of patriotic devotion."  Devotion to what, Him?? The State? and oh yes he also wants to have missile parades as well.

 He also recently said that he may have to send federal troops into Detroit to quell all the shootings.  He has even hinted that we may be going back into Iraq, and when asked why, he just said, "We should have taken the oil when we were there" which just happens to be a violation of international law.  As we have so frequently seen, Trump thinks he is above the law, worse yet he believes now that he IS the law.  Do these things remind you of how dictators operate?

Donald Trump habitually denies doing things despite video evidence that he has.  He is a serial liar who, when challenged doubles down & gets loud.  He never admits to being wrong or mistaken even in the face of contrary evidence.  He doesn't see a problem with lying and cheating to get his way.  Trump simply creates his own version of reality the way he desires it to be, and anything challenging that gets attacked with vehemence.
His ego is in fact so brittle and fragile that during the campaign he took the bait about small hands mean something else was also small, and embarrassed himself and the country by insisting he has a 'yuge' penis. 

Here's the thing; his hands seem normal enough to me, period.  They probably are normal enough; but ever since a reporter called him "a short-fingered vulgarian" he's had this irrational insecurity over the size of his hands & fingers.  If he had never reacted to the taunt in the debate it might have never come up again but he did react, out of insecurity and now it's here to stay.  All he had to do was ignore it like a man, but he just couldn't leave it alone.  Maybe it's true after all that a man who can be baited by a tweet should never have the nuclear codes.  Oops, too late!

"The difference between Trump & Scientology is that Scientology has better celebrities"
                                                                             ~Bill Maher~

Trump's ego came right to the fore front when Time magazine announced him "Person of the Year."  He was not happy with that honor alone, told them to change it to "Man" of the year, which they ignored.  When it came to shooting the cover shot for the person of the year issue a very amusing thing happened.  Understanding his love of using props, a producer came up with the brilliant idea of having Trump pose at the presidents desk with a live (& tethered) bald eagle.
Everything went just fine until Trump reached over to pick something up.  The eagle took exception to the move and expressed its displeasure by jumping & flapping its wings a little; which sent Trump into a hilarious reaction.  Better by far than his fear response was the look on his face...simply priceless.  You can tell a lot about a man by how he responds to unexpected surprises.
Donald Trump frequently displays the more classic symptoms of narcissism in his public behavior.  It's as if all flattering adjectives are his personal possession.  It's always the biggest, the best, the most fabulous.  His personal love of himself is hardly concealed, and he actually believes himself to be a handsome, attractive specimen of masculine humanity. 

Trump openly speaks about the love and devotion of his followers as if he is some cult guru, when all they did was to vote for him over his opponent.  He just assumes their love and undying devotion.  Between his ego and his narcissism there isn't much room left for criticism; which was recently addressed by his top advisor Kellyanne Conway when she openly warned pundits and reporters to "Be very careful about how you criticize Trump."  Evidently the Wall Street Journal took the intimidation seriously, and announced that in the future they will not be calling Trumps lies, lies.  Instead they intend to use softer language like 'non validated' and 'challengeable' statements on Trump's part.

For half a century it has been the tradition that candidates for the presidency make public their personal tax returns as a means of proving they have no conflicts of interest which might be illegal or treasonous.   Trump knows this is the tradition, yet seems to feel it does not apply to his magnificence for whatever reason.  Every time he was asked to declare his taxes he said he couldn't because he was being audited.  That was just another lie, as the IRS pointed out in a press release indicating there is no law prohibiting someone under audit from declaring their tax returns if they wish to do so.

So, it isn't a legal matter but rather one of personal desire and wishes, and as he has repeatedly shown; Trump does not wish to release his tax returns.  In a recent 'press conference' the question arose once again, and this time the answer was that Trump "would not be making his taxes public now or in the future".  Just more smoke & mirrors.  More lies.  More narcissistic arrogance.  And this is just the first week!

Perhaps the more important issue here is why doesn't Donald want to release his taxes; unless maybe they would reveal just exactly how much money he has borrowed from Russia!  Because he filed bankruptcy five times, American lenders won't loan him a dime.  Trump had to go overseas for fresh money, and being masters at spotting weakness & vulnerability the Russians were quick to help him out.  The whole Russian election hacking and peeing prostitutes stories take on deeper verities when we understand the Russians always considered Trump as the weakest of the two presidential  candidates. Of course they're going to do whatever they can to help him "win."

Another thing to consider here is that this man who cannot get an American business loan because of serial bankruptcies has promised to run the nation just like he has his businesses.  I want all of you to remember down the road a piece; that he told you right up front he was going to bankrupt America!

As many are now aware, "Trump" is not Donald's original family name.  As a great many did when immigrating from 'the old country' his family changed their name upon arriving here...changed it from Drumpf, which when translated means "trump card."

Can't say as how I can blame them, I'd probably change it too: the point here however is that Donald J. Trump has spent his career turning the adopted family name into his personal business brand.  The brand is supposed to stand for the very best and highest quality products & services; yet time after time we see that everything Trump does is just so much smoke & mirrors, All show-No go.  From Trump university to his casinos and developing business, everything is just a fraud. 

Much like a fancy but empty piñata, only after paying for the ride do customers find no candy, and no Trump because he made off with the cash without paying contractors and other bills.  Trump dodges paying his fair share of taxes, saying it makes him smart, and whenever his business is floundering as they always seem to, he ducks out by filing chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Dodges the lash and takes the cash.  We've been Drumpfed folks. Simple as that.

 With all the furor over "alternative facts," the alt-right, & considering all the fakery we get from Trump you might think that mainstream news sources might be extra vigilant about such things; but you'd be wrong.  ABC News was recently caught using a cardboard cutout of Trump during a photo shoot to promote David Muir's interview with him.

Seems like just about everything connected with this fellow is downright fake; including the cake at the inaugural ball.  First off the "cake" was an exact duplicate of the "cake" used at Obama's inauguration ball.  Stranger still is the fact that both cakes were constructed from Styrofoam instead of flour; all except for one open spot to put in a real piece of cake for the photo op!!  You just can't get more symbolic than that folks.
Given the fast paced insanity which passed for a presidential campaign I can see how all those momentary flashes of insecurity, ego, narcissism, vanity and anger were not perhaps taken as seriously as they should have been.  In our busy daily lives we don't usually have the time needed for really looking into things beyond their surface appearances.  To be sure, Trump made it quite clear how he feels on a wide range of subjects; having at least two stances on each one.  He did not even attempt to hide the kind of person he has become. 

All that bravado is what he hides his true self behind.  From the fake hair to the spray-on tan, he is exactly as all his enterprises have been: empty, hollow facades behind which can be found no true substance, save the ego that can be seen from space.  It is more apparent than ever that the "free world" is now being led by an insecure  megalomaniac, narcissistic child-man with delusions of grandeur and a fragile ego; who saw a million and a half people who weren't there.  What could possibly go wrong?

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  1. While you are on the subject of big egos, you might say a word about obamas. We should by now come to expect large egos of our presidents.

    Nice tree, but i wish you would glance at the forest. Its high time to get to the true bottom of things.

    1. I have made my disdain for Obama clear, when I wrote about him.

      This post wasn't about Obama, although he was mentioned in passing.
      I don't like to diffuse my posts by rattling on about extraneous subjects not having to do with the subject of the post in question.

      You seem to be suggesting that you have a better perspective on the truth than I do. Maybe so...don't keep it a secret; by all means use this soapbox to illuminate all of us (and the web bots) as to the deeper truth.

      As a truth seeker I never stop seeking, so lay it in me brother...
      impress me with your view of the forest....

  2. Chautauqua,
    Our new CEO now brings the corporations to the forefront. In addition to the endless wars, they will accelerate the poisoning our wells, serve us glow-in-the-dark seafood and crop-dusting us like the genetically modified organisms we have become.

    I've said for years that when the globalists finally bring back our jobs, it will be at slave labor wages so there's no need to outsource anymore. Good thing Obama served his purpose by shutting down our land so Drumpf has plenty of resources to exploit on the home front. The corporations have pretty much bled the other countries dry by now.

    After the dollar collapses and Drumpf comes out wearing a sidearm and a beret, we'll know that we have arrived.

    1. Indeed brother, I believe we are in for a ride that few could have imagined. There is a letter in the linkfest from a former employee (2 actually) where she talks about how in the beginning of the campaign Drumpf was only supposed to be a protest candidate. NOBODY thought he would/could actually win.

      This is what we get when everyone involved plus the Russians are cheating, rigging & playing games. All the dumbfuckery cancels out everyone's plans and we get left holding a steaming hot turd who sees crowds who aren't there and thinks the rain stopped when he gave his speech.

  3. You dont know me. Compared to donald and barry, my ego almost doesnt exist. The truth is, i now know how little i know and it makes me furious, this knowing, if i allow it. Ive made enough mistakes, a few epic screw ups, to not take myself too seriously. My intent wasnt to diminish your post. It was a good post. But i think its important to realize that no president calls the shots. The boss has bosses. If you are mad at trump, its because you are supposed to be. I dont like him either. But i dont like hillary or barry either. Im not supposed to. We have been trained to not look in certain directions. If we did, that would be a true threat to the power structure.

    1. Didn't really think you were playing games; the very wise will often make certain their knowledge is wanted/requested before dispensing it. It has a lot to do with the mistakes and screw ups we all make on the sojourn to this place; and a lot to do with the universal law of non-infringement...sometimes ya gotta actually ask, to get. I was just asking!

      Not really mad at anyone, just kinda needing to push back against the insanity. I do believe if we don't it might just consume us. I simply cannot be silent in the face of such world class fascism & dumbfuckery.

      You are spot on about the cultural programming, christ it goes way back to "duck & cover" in the 50's for me. Got in trouble for not hiding under my school desk during simulated nuke attack. Wouldn't play their games then and sure the hell won't now. too much has been lost.

      The post was already getting a bit lengthy, so I didn't go into the whole boss's boss structure of DC power elite, Rothschild, Koch Brothers, etc...
      along with the focus of post thing...decided to let the last bit about the hyper symbolism of Styrofoam cakes speak to the hyperbolic BS.

      Appreciate the input

  4. I came into the world ambidexterous until, areond age 5, my two older brothers bought me a left handed baseball glove just for the hell of it. In the fifth grade my teacher tried to force me to write right handed, failed, pulled a piece of gum from her mouth, stuck it on my nose, and made me wear it the rest of the still left handed. Theres a moral in there somewhere.

    Im hoping with all my might that the people in america will throw off their conditioning and refuse to be led into a civil war. I can think of nothing that would piss off the elite more.

    You are doing good work

    1. Well, that just filled up my daily recommended allotment of synchronicity.

      In grade school I had the very same issue with being ambidextrous. I could write, throw, catch and jerk off equally well with either hand, tho not necessarily all at once you understand. When teacher caught me writing left handed she would smack the offending hand with a ruler.

      After breaking five of her rulers in a single week, she gave up and had me kicked out of her class. Between school, parents and even my grandmother; I finally agreed to be right handed, just to decrease the fucking drama and BS.

      I still freak people out with how well I can catch left handed

      I too am wishing & hoping for a peaceful but forceful casting off of the conditioned programming, and status quo. We need to have a do-over somewhere; get rid of all the blood sucking parasites, and if we decide to keep some semblance of the 'system'- why then by god please let us fill it with real statesmen, not politicians. I have yet to be convinced that we have any need for "leaders" in DC. They say JFK's mistake was believing he really was the president. The bosses boss had other notions...and America has been a fascist state ever since. They just got tired of pretending, so buckle the fuck up!!

  5. You got your trumptards and your hillarytards and even some bernietards snarling at one another. All three candidates were abrasive and hard to honestly like. Those were our choices. Rubio and cruz, ditto. Why no likeable admirable candidates? Well, because, "vee vill serve you a plate of dogshit and you vill like it, gobble it down and ask vor more. To this vee vill say no."

    You mentioned hope a few days ago. If we have hope we can survive incredible hardship. Without hope we perish sooner. We are being hit from all sides to lose hope. The question is, who the hell is doing this? We need to find out. It isnt the trumptards or the hillarytards. We need to see that our predicament is a war between humanity (thats all of us) and an elite cadre we perhaps have not yet put names and faces to. They are hiding behind those whom we think of as our leaders. Do we need leaders? I dont think we do but thats a story for another day.

    1. I have written rather extensively over the last few years, about those shadowy ones who hide behind their puppets, the Kochs & the Rothschilds...who in turn have their own puppets.

      Hope is a tricky thing.
      It can lock you into a reality you really don't wish to be in any longer.
      I tried to trade my hope for clarity, but it just made me more cynical than I already was.

      I think of all the millions who daily petition their lord with prayer and supplication and hope; who have been doing so for so long not missing a single day. Some even devote their entire life to devotional prayer in all it's many forms...and THIS SHIT is the result of all that prayer...and don't even get me started on child abuse rings rampant in every strata of society.

      I guess my point would be maybe if we turned all that prayer energy inward & got creative, maybe nobody would ever need a leader again. And that is something I could put some hope into.

  6. The answer is blowin in the wind

  7. I *still* wonder why the International Syndicate of Racketeering Aggressive Exogenous Landgrabbers has such a low profile in all this stuff about Russia's meddling. Other than news reports of Drumpf being advised to "tread carefully" with regard to Israel, and the flap over the "Holocaust Remembrance Day" (as if no other ethnic group ever in the history of the world experienced genocide), there's been nary a peep about it.