Saturday, January 21, 2017

It's Daylight in the Swamp

Coffee to wash away the morning doom.  
This is how it is each morning and I bet I'm not the only one.

The hardest time of the day is watching the morning sun.  Not awake yet, it is the border between the sleeping me which has traveled far but not remembering while the body lays at rest just before the light of day summons us to take our place, to get ready to rumble.

 It's Daylight in the Swamp

 I reluctantly rise, not wanting to let go of the only free time we have which is when we sleep.  We've got it ass-backwards.  The night isn't scary, it's our friend and our spirits are free to roam.  Maybe our spirits visit those better timelines where John Lennon is an old man who no longer writes songs and nanite bioweapons don't exist.  Or maybe we visit with people who already left, but we can't stay and the gravity well will not allow us to remember where we went. 

The morning is when we have to remember that our rulers want us dead.  
It wasn't a dream, they really do.  

That is the morning doom, remembering that we are in a silent war against silent but very real weapons.  You look up to see how bad the spraying got while you slept; already there are trails dissipating and on the horizon a couple more are headed your way.  

 It's Daylight in the Swamp

But after two cups of coffee and a few smokes 
I am ready. 
Bring it.

July 4, 2015


  1. Right on, Chautauqua. Here are some of the signs from Saturday's Women's March & Rally in Montpelier VT
    The Whole World Is Watching
    Science is Real
    Love Trumps Hate
    Stay Nasty
    Pink Slip for the Orange Bigot

    this guy might also get a chuckle out of you:

  2. Adaline
    Thanks for the link!!
    What an awesome comparison between those who boycotted inauguration & those who filled the capitol the next day. Love the hats!!

    The problem is it'll take courage, determination & persistence to win the day and our nation back. "We the people" need to do a full court press resistance every day without letting up. Trouble is most will not sacrifice their job/paycheck to follow thru.

    The solution is simple: Make the resistance real and formal by issuing paychecks to those who put in the time.

    In football, there is the saying that if you kick a field goal in response to every touchdown your opponent makes the game is still lost. We're never gonna get the money out of politics, so we'd better start putting money into the resistance.

  3. Yup Augureye, we're all f*cked.
    Thanks for the posts. I *despise* this idiot and his band of idiocy with a passion. He ain't my president. Did you see the big porcine fat f*ck and his nasty little creepy spawn 'Baron' at the in-augure-ation swearing in? Trump's fat gut hanging out, unbuttoned jacket, tie flappin out, some Nazi-like salute. No respect at all. His nasty little kid, as always sneering down at any audience, unbuttoned jacket, tie flapping around just like his disrespecting pater. UGH!!!!!!!
    Back at cha:

    1. Pandora~
      I saw the same disgusting images you describe so well, they made me sick to my soul, knowing what is ahead.

      This Nazi Fucktard didn't wait very long to begin the dismantling I predicted in my "Here in Trumpland" post. Right away he goes after abortion laws, climate change data, and green lighting both the Keystone and DAPL pipeline projects. Big photo-op of him signing away 30 years of progress.

      Knowing what a woosie Trump about being criticized or made fun of; friends have suggested maybe I tone it down a bit...well,

      I stand unafraid of this asswipe or what his ego may feel about my portrayals of him. People who I want to visit can't find my place even with Google maps & directions (I'm dug in like a tick). Besides; we veterans don't run from creeps like Trump.

      I awake each morning as usual, then moments later like the sad memory of a lost friend, it comes back into my head that Trump is actually sleeping in the white house as commander in cheap. Be worried, be very worried.

      All our futures just changed.

  4. Yeah, maybe too worried - been dealing with a sh*tload of rage and insomnia in this camp.
    This guy needs to know just how much we hate him, despise him and what a BIG FREAKING JOKE he is and how EVERYBODY IS LAUGHING at this idiot's 'alt-facts'. Makes me so sick I might even feel like defending main stream media for a minute or two here and there...

    1. I can relate to your rage, same thing here. If you can get in 50 to 100 rounds of target practice as a kind of meditation, it helps. When unable to do that I just wear my "FUCK TRUMP" T-shirt, and badmouth him to everyone I speak downside, cause those who agree make me feel less alone and true Drumpf supporters cringe and get revolted, which is simply priceless!

      We the People need to ridicule this clown back to the circus he came from.
      The trouble is he cannot see what a rube he's being played for. Trump is the nasty figurehead racist, but "Icy Eyes" Pence as I call him is the much more serious asshole, and threat to the nation. I give Drumpf 6 to 8 months in office before his owners remove him and slip us the penis, I mean PENCE as our newly installed leader. This has all been planned out for a very long time. Don't you recall that for a brief time back in 2000 'they' were gonna run Drumpf for president, but changed their minds. He's been waiting all this time in the wings, which is EXACTLY why during the 'campaign' he never once acted as if he might not win. He was guaranteed the win years ago, and now he has it. Nothing happens by chance in politics.


      I absolutely loved watching CONway actually choke on her own bullshit on camera the first time she actually said the words "Alternative Facts",

      yeah... 'alt. facts' ain't going away anytime soon...too suitable for ramming back down their throats.

      If we wait until the crackdown before we rise up in revolution, it will be too late. THIS SHIT AIN'T NORMAL and we must not just continue on with bizness as usual because then it WILL be normal....

      The people of this country filled the streets and shut the cities down when I was in Vietnam. What the fuck is their problem NOW.

      RISE UP !!!!

      Who do I think I'm fooling, the chemtrails, GMO foods, and other pacification technologies have long ago removed that part of our spirit.
      We need to fill DC with protests EVERY DAY.

      You folks are gonna loose your job anyway, why not dump it yourself and become the resistance. Learn how to feed and care for you family without a paycheck, cause that is going away too...just before the FEMA camps.

  5. A year and a half later and watching the rising sun remains the hardest time of day. Nothing has changed since, even if you swear things have. And theres the rub. We are on a track which many now call timeline and the groove is deep. Try to jump out, i dare you. You wont. You cant. So we ride the groove round and round the circle. As andre linoge observed, hell is repetition.

    1. Indeed, like some other truths, we need to be reminded of the morning doom every so often; it reminds us of why we came here, again. The groove can indeed be escaped; just not very easily. To try will cost you friends, job & perhaps even family, and to succeed is more costly still yet always worth it.

      "Hope is the biggest lie of them all, and it's also the very best one"

  6. A pawn on a board do not be. Anyone feeling incited to go out and do something? It is being done to you, again. It was done to your forefathers and theirs as well. If it works, do it again. Because we dont learn even from the past which hasnt yet been hidden, why should we complain about the past which has? Remember this if nothing else: thou shalt not kill, or punch, or light someones hair on fire.

  7. "All we are saying, is give peace a chance"

  8. The forest and the trees

    About two years ago i watched a video. The speaker whom i dont remember called himself a plutocrat, which means rule by the wealthy. Addressing fellow plutocrats, he said, its almost pitchforks time. It was a warning. He was scared. Because the plutocrats have become supremely hoggish of late and the wealth disparity has reached unheard of absurdity. The rabble have noticed, he said with trepidation. Because historically, when a few men own everything in sight, heads begin to roll. I recently read that earths biggest hog, the rothschild family, own about 80 percent of everything. Yes, everything. Earth, more or less, be it round or flat, belongs to them.

    The human race continues to be mesmerized by donald trump and his fight against all that preceeded him. We are also fixated on immigration. While we stay fixated, hardly anyone is thinking about the haves and the have nots. Mexico is ruled by light skinned people and the cartels. It, like the rest of the world, is a caste system. The worldwide caste system is why earth is the way it is. The rest is smoke and mirrors.