Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Emperor's Ego

This week NASA announced that soon after the inauguration, Donald Trump's ego could now be seen from space.  They went on to allude that if it keeps growing, it may soon envelop the earth like an aura.  Not normally known for their sense of humor, perhaps NASA is pushing back against Trump's executive mandate placing a gag order on all federal agencies; forbidding them to speak with either congress or the press. 

This came as Trump also ordered white house computers scrubbed clean of climate change data, LGBT issues, and several others which somehow offend his sense of reality.  At this point I have to wonder if he thinks deleting all that data makes it disappear from everywhere.  A preview of coming distractions.

Trump made a very big deal about photo ops of him signing various new executive orders, as if that alone made them into laws.  Has he so soon forgotten Obama's famous photo op of him signing the executive order to close Gitmo?  Eight long and disappointing years later: Obama is gone and Gitmo is still there.  Those staged photos are typical of Trump the showman who is so very fond of fake props; like all those blank folders on the press conference table allegedly "proving" that he had divested himself of his business empire when in fact he has not done that.  Smoke & mirrors.

He did it again yesterday when he signed an executive order pulling America out of the TTP [trans pacific partnership] which is all well and fine, except America never signed onto or into the TTP, but that doesn't matter because now Trump can claim credit for it.  It's all about ego gratification with this one.  Every single thing comes down to glorifying him, as he recently put it "I am glad you all have the privilege of being privileged to support me."

One by one as they occurred during the campaign we scoffed at and then forgot all the red flags warning of a runaway ego we were seeing; despite how many of them there were, we ignored them, perhaps feeling he'd never get elected.  Guess what?  He not only got elected but a full week after the inauguration he is still whining and obsessing about how many people attended his swearing in; insisting there were a million and a half people in that crowd under sunny skies.  (it was raining, and @ 400,000 showed up).  Oddly, he never mentioned seeing the billowing black smoke of burning limousines six blocks away in the free speech zone.

Maybe he can see the future and was actually looking at the women's March on Washington which occurred 24 hours after his swearing in, as well as in 30 other countries around the globe.  That was one impressive day of protest; and aides close to Trump the thin-skinned say he was furious after seeing videos of all the protests around the country, and planet. 

Not only that, but despite 'yuge' evidence to the contrary, Trump continues to insist he only lost the popular vote because of 3 to 5 million zombie voters using their power to cast illegal votes for Clinton.  Hope it soothes her pain to know she had the zombie vote locked down.  Again and again we see his flashes of anger when challenged or contradicted on any issue.  Evidently being raised as the spoiled brat son of a tycoon taught Donald Trump very little about Breaking Free From Ego

In the past Trump has said that a man without an ego is a loser, but he has to say that because his malignant ego won't allow him to acknowledge otherwise.  A healthy balanced ego is necessary to a wholesome healthy life, yet there is very little that is balanced about Trump's ego.  The out of control ego is a fear based creature who then totally operates from that core of fear.  It is indeed that very fear which motivates and drives Donald Trump to be the blustering egocentric self-absorbed narcissist that he is.

He boasts that his IQ is something like 155 or whatever, and we are forced to wonder if he is aware that if that was correct; it would put him in the top 1% of the worlds intellects.  Now I am sure he would just accept that as a natural fact, but it isn't even an alternative fact.  It's just plain absurd.  The word around the campfire is that Trump's famously fragile ego is an extension of his malignant narcissism.

Nearly everything he says comes back to shine light on Donald Trump.  His brittle and child-like ego is so oversized it must be fed constantly, and adoringly.  These personality traits we saw glimpses of during the campaign are living in the peoples house now; and that means that like it or not, we are all in his reality now, and had better get used to the new way of things or we might get blinked out into the cornfield by a powerful child, like in an old episode of the Twilight Zone.  Twilight Zone, pretty much sums up where we are now.
Have you noticed that Trump never answers questions with direct, specific or accurate replies?  That is so he can never be nailed down to anything concrete.  The other night when asked about who would pay for the wall; Trump said that Mexico would pay for it, "in a long complicated form."  What exactly does that mean?  He won't say.  He's slippery this one, but then we already knew that. 

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not their own facts."

As a nation we should be very concerned when within the same week Trump's PR team trotted out alternative facts, then he issues a gag order on the EPA, NASA, and other federal agencies, prohibiting them from talking either to congress or the press in any manner.  This isn't just illegal, it's absolutely, positively, totally wrong on every level.  This is Trump and his Nazi-loving ego turning America into a fascist state.  Simple as that!
In the same interview with David Muir we saw Trump do his slithering when asked about the conversation in the limousine with Obama on inauguration day.  Trump qualifies his answer by saying "Obama might disagree with my answer" as a subliminal way of telling us he is lying.  Sometimes I watch him, and listen to the things he says, and am convinced he is borderline delusional.  Behold his daily twitter rants about imaginary slights that he should be way too busy to deal with, but he puts feeding his giant ego before the affairs of state.

As already mentioned Trump sat thru several photo op sessions signing various sheets of paper, (this time with actual words on them) to show his supporters he was keeping his campaign promises.  Perhaps the most nebulous of these 'orders' and decrees is the one he signed authorizing construction of the wall, which he now says American taxpayers will pay for, with Mexico reimbursing us in some form some day.  How about we take a closer look at this proposed wall and what it will really cost to build it.  Trump has promised us a one thousand mile long southern border wall between 30 to 50 feet tall.
First off I would be remiss if I failed to mention here that for quite some time now the Mexicans Trump is so worried about have been using tunnels to cross the border at will 24/7 so I have serious doubts how effective a wall will be.

Some engineering professionals addressed the cost of the wall, and this is what they came up with. A wall 1000 miles long, 50 feet tall & 15 feet deep will cost 3.9 Billion dollars; per mile for a total of about 40 billion dollars!  For comparison, the annual budget for NASA is around 20 million.  Even if we suspended all aid to Mexico it still wouldn't be enough to pay for Trump's wall.  Currently the border patrol agency has about 200 million dollars in its coffers and Trump has ordered it to be spent on beginning the wall and adding thousands of new border patrol agents which will conflict with his new federal hiring freeze.  Which is it?  A federal hiring freeze or thousands of new border cops??  You cannot do both!  Americans will be forced to pay for the wall via a new 20% tax on goods and services which Trump favors.  Bet you haven't heard him brag about that, have you? 

The proposed 15 foot depth of the wall is for structural integrity only and not intended to defeat tunneling efforts.  When El Chapo escaped from a Mexican maximum security prison, his people dug a one mile tunnel 50 feet deep right past all the prison defenses; so tell me more about how this wall will stop those determined to come here illegally.  Then we might want to visit with a fact before moving on; like the fact that over the last three years more Mexicans are leaving the United States than entering every year!  So, once again we must deduct the 'Trump embellishment factor' from the equation before getting anywhere near the truth.

Back to the subject of Trump's enormous ego, did you hear that he has issued a new decree that his inauguration day become "A day of patriotic devotion."  Devotion to what, Him?? The State? and oh yes he also wants to have missile parades as well.

 He also recently said that he may have to send federal troops into Detroit to quell all the shootings.  He has even hinted that we may be going back into Iraq, and when asked why, he just said, "We should have taken the oil when we were there" which just happens to be a violation of international law.  As we have so frequently seen, Trump thinks he is above the law, worse yet he believes now that he IS the law.  Do these things remind you of how dictators operate?

Donald Trump habitually denies doing things despite video evidence that he has.  He is a serial liar who, when challenged doubles down & gets loud.  He never admits to being wrong or mistaken even in the face of contrary evidence.  He doesn't see a problem with lying and cheating to get his way.  Trump simply creates his own version of reality the way he desires it to be, and anything challenging that gets attacked with vehemence.
His ego is in fact so brittle and fragile that during the campaign he took the bait about small hands mean something else was also small, and embarrassed himself and the country by insisting he has a 'yuge' penis. 

Here's the thing; his hands seem normal enough to me, period.  They probably are normal enough; but ever since a reporter called him "a short-fingered vulgarian" he's had this irrational insecurity over the size of his hands & fingers.  If he had never reacted to the taunt in the debate it might have never come up again but he did react, out of insecurity and now it's here to stay.  All he had to do was ignore it like a man, but he just couldn't leave it alone.  Maybe it's true after all that a man who can be baited by a tweet should never have the nuclear codes.  Oops, too late!

"The difference between Trump & Scientology is that Scientology has better celebrities"
                                                                             ~Bill Maher~

Trump's ego came right to the fore front when Time magazine announced him "Person of the Year."  He was not happy with that honor alone, told them to change it to "Man" of the year, which they ignored.  When it came to shooting the cover shot for the person of the year issue a very amusing thing happened.  Understanding his love of using props, a producer came up with the brilliant idea of having Trump pose at the presidents desk with a live (& tethered) bald eagle.
Everything went just fine until Trump reached over to pick something up.  The eagle took exception to the move and expressed its displeasure by jumping & flapping its wings a little; which sent Trump into a hilarious reaction.  Better by far than his fear response was the look on his face...simply priceless.  You can tell a lot about a man by how he responds to unexpected surprises.
Donald Trump frequently displays the more classic symptoms of narcissism in his public behavior.  It's as if all flattering adjectives are his personal possession.  It's always the biggest, the best, the most fabulous.  His personal love of himself is hardly concealed, and he actually believes himself to be a handsome, attractive specimen of masculine humanity. 

Trump openly speaks about the love and devotion of his followers as if he is some cult guru, when all they did was to vote for him over his opponent.  He just assumes their love and undying devotion.  Between his ego and his narcissism there isn't much room left for criticism; which was recently addressed by his top advisor Kellyanne Conway when she openly warned pundits and reporters to "Be very careful about how you criticize Trump."  Evidently the Wall Street Journal took the intimidation seriously, and announced that in the future they will not be calling Trumps lies, lies.  Instead they intend to use softer language like 'non validated' and 'challengeable' statements on Trump's part.

For half a century it has been the tradition that candidates for the presidency make public their personal tax returns as a means of proving they have no conflicts of interest which might be illegal or treasonous.   Trump knows this is the tradition, yet seems to feel it does not apply to his magnificence for whatever reason.  Every time he was asked to declare his taxes he said he couldn't because he was being audited.  That was just another lie, as the IRS pointed out in a press release indicating there is no law prohibiting someone under audit from declaring their tax returns if they wish to do so.

So, it isn't a legal matter but rather one of personal desire and wishes, and as he has repeatedly shown; Trump does not wish to release his tax returns.  In a recent 'press conference' the question arose once again, and this time the answer was that Trump "would not be making his taxes public now or in the future".  Just more smoke & mirrors.  More lies.  More narcissistic arrogance.  And this is just the first week!

Perhaps the more important issue here is why doesn't Donald want to release his taxes; unless maybe they would reveal just exactly how much money he has borrowed from Russia!  Because he filed bankruptcy five times, American lenders won't loan him a dime.  Trump had to go overseas for fresh money, and being masters at spotting weakness & vulnerability the Russians were quick to help him out.  The whole Russian election hacking and peeing prostitutes stories take on deeper verities when we understand the Russians always considered Trump as the weakest of the two presidential  candidates. Of course they're going to do whatever they can to help him "win."

Another thing to consider here is that this man who cannot get an American business loan because of serial bankruptcies has promised to run the nation just like he has his businesses.  I want all of you to remember down the road a piece; that he told you right up front he was going to bankrupt America!

As many are now aware, "Trump" is not Donald's original family name.  As a great many did when immigrating from 'the old country' his family changed their name upon arriving here...changed it from Drumpf, which when translated means "trump card."

Can't say as how I can blame them, I'd probably change it too: the point here however is that Donald J. Trump has spent his career turning the adopted family name into his personal business brand.  The brand is supposed to stand for the very best and highest quality products & services; yet time after time we see that everything Trump does is just so much smoke & mirrors, All show-No go.  From Trump university to his casinos and developing business, everything is just a fraud. 

Much like a fancy but empty piƱata, only after paying for the ride do customers find no candy, and no Trump because he made off with the cash without paying contractors and other bills.  Trump dodges paying his fair share of taxes, saying it makes him smart, and whenever his business is floundering as they always seem to, he ducks out by filing chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Dodges the lash and takes the cash.  We've been Drumpfed folks. Simple as that.

 With all the furor over "alternative facts," the alt-right, & considering all the fakery we get from Trump you might think that mainstream news sources might be extra vigilant about such things; but you'd be wrong.  ABC News was recently caught using a cardboard cutout of Trump during a photo shoot to promote David Muir's interview with him.

Seems like just about everything connected with this fellow is downright fake; including the cake at the inaugural ball.  First off the "cake" was an exact duplicate of the "cake" used at Obama's inauguration ball.  Stranger still is the fact that both cakes were constructed from Styrofoam instead of flour; all except for one open spot to put in a real piece of cake for the photo op!!  You just can't get more symbolic than that folks.
Given the fast paced insanity which passed for a presidential campaign I can see how all those momentary flashes of insecurity, ego, narcissism, vanity and anger were not perhaps taken as seriously as they should have been.  In our busy daily lives we don't usually have the time needed for really looking into things beyond their surface appearances.  To be sure, Trump made it quite clear how he feels on a wide range of subjects; having at least two stances on each one.  He did not even attempt to hide the kind of person he has become. 

All that bravado is what he hides his true self behind.  From the fake hair to the spray-on tan, he is exactly as all his enterprises have been: empty, hollow facades behind which can be found no true substance, save the ego that can be seen from space.  It is more apparent than ever that the "free world" is now being led by an insecure  megalomaniac, narcissistic child-man with delusions of grandeur and a fragile ego; who saw a million and a half people who weren't there.  What could possibly go wrong?

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

It's Daylight in the Swamp

Coffee to wash away the morning doom.  
This is how it is each morning and I bet I'm not the only one.

The hardest time of the day is watching the morning sun.  Not awake yet, it is the border between the sleeping me which has traveled far but not remembering while the body lays at rest just before the light of day summons us to take our place, to get ready to rumble.

 It's Daylight in the Swamp

 I reluctantly rise, not wanting to let go of the only free time we have which is when we sleep.  We've got it ass-backwards.  The night isn't scary, it's our friend and our spirits are free to roam.  Maybe our spirits visit those better timelines where John Lennon is an old man who no longer writes songs and nanite bioweapons don't exist.  Or maybe we visit with people who already left, but we can't stay and the gravity well will not allow us to remember where we went. 

The morning is when we have to remember that our rulers want us dead.  
It wasn't a dream, they really do.  

That is the morning doom, remembering that we are in a silent war against silent but very real weapons.  You look up to see how bad the spraying got while you slept; already there are trails dissipating and on the horizon a couple more are headed your way.  

 It's Daylight in the Swamp

But after two cups of coffee and a few smokes 
I am ready. 
Bring it.

July 4, 2015

Friday, January 20, 2017

In-augur-ation Day

Forget about the popular vote because as we've seen those votes don't count.
Forget about the electoral college because they're the only votes that do count.
Not your vote, or mine is of any value unless we voted for the predetermined winner.
Simple as that.

What just happened in this country was not an "election" by any sane, rational definition of the word.  It was a travesty, a circus act betrayal; and treason packaged & marketed to taste vile while being shoved down our throats.  It was best described I think, by Bill Maher as a slow moving coup.  Our country has been stolen from us right before our eyes.  To find those who benefited from this betrayal of the American population you have to look no further than Trump's freshly picked appointees to staff his administration.

The inauguration of Trump as America's 45th president is nothing short of a well planned false flag operation conducted as a long con.  We have been dragged against our will to this point in time, in politics nothing happens by mistake.  At this level of the 'game' everything is planned out and mapped with a blueprint for bringing America to her knees.

"Trump isn't appointing a cabinet, he's crewing a pirate ship"
                                                                               ~John Cleese~

As a citizen who is also a veteran, it is my duty to speak truth to power whenever I see this kind of a threat ... the kind who appoints five cabinet members from Goldman-Sachs after promising to "drain the swamp."  Keep this in mind whenever you hear Trump promising "Health care for Everyone."  Just more lies from the president of lies.

70% of Americans disapprove of Trump as our president.  I am one of them.  Like so many others who never really believed he could win the election, I had it wrong because I thought Trump's job was to scare people into voting for Hillary.  Not in my deepest nightmare did I ever think Trump would actually win, and to be accurate, he didn't win.  It was given to him as his greatest reality TV role so far.  With both sides notorious for all manner of voting fraud, and one side evidently getting help from the Russians, who  knows what an un-molested election would have given us...Bernie Sanders maybe??

"When there is no vision~the people perish"

I'll be happy to detail the many reasons I dislike Trump.  How can he possibly be a good president when he isn't a good person?  He is a greedy, grandiose, vindictive bully just for starters.  Some call him homophobic and islamphobic for his views on LGBT and Muslims, Mexicans, & Chinese but those labels denote a fear.  Trump is not afraid of gays, or Muslims, or gay Muslims; he's just another racist asshole.  Trump may be the quintessential narcissist as he is petty, vain, shallow, and never, not once never admits when he is wrong.  His jealous ego is so frail it must be constantly fed, nourished and exalted.  He is a demagogue, demanding his wife not gain weight, and his staff believe the way he does.  Then there is the lying, and the lying about the lying.  Be prepared for 4 years of being told what we saw with our own eyes never happened.  Wasn't it our very first president who said "I cannot tell a lie"?  What a long strange trip its been getting to here.

And folks, after eight years of keeping happy hands Joe Biden clear of scandal with his disgusting habit of draping himself all over any female nearby...the pussy grabber in chief has nothing to fear because Washington DC is just down with that!  Trumps misogynistic attitudes towards women aren't just appalling & disgusting, they are indicative of a perverted mindset that makes anything he wants to do OK.  The quintessential narcissist.

Trump has repeatedly and quite openly shown us how he perceives women and if that doesn't bother you just a little I submit that perhaps it should.  We're better than that, well 70% of us are anyway.  Consider also the many times he's said on the record that he'd be dating his daughter if she weren't related to him.  By his own taped admission Trump admits to sexual predator behavior, and that he thinks he's entitled to it because he is a 'star'.  Then consider the rather seedy and nasty allegations that he raped a 13 year old girl, and has been trying to cover it up ever since.  And what of the recent disclosure of rather perverted conduct while in Russia, involving hookers urinating  on a bed Obama slept in?  Might be true, maybe not; but Trump is just fine with dishing up the outlandish comments regardless of truth; he just can't take being on the receiving end.  Snowflake! 

Add coward to the list of things I dislike about Trump.  Five draft deferments to keep his privileged ass out of Vietnam, then he has the audacity to disrespect veterans with PTSD? That is taking cowardice to an all time high.  Cheat your way out of serving your country, then disrespect combat veterans who served and bled for America.  Trump is also a special type of coward: the quisling coward, who makes deals with his countries enemies.  The reason Trump refuses to release his tax records is because when no American banks would loan him money after his serial bankruptcies he went to Russian banks who were only too happy to do business with him...his tax records will show this which is why they will never be made public.  Never forget that on national TV Trump invited the Russian hacking of his opponent.  How the hell is that not treason.

I almost always chuckle in disgust when some pundit somewhere accuses a politician they dislike as "being Hitler"~ because it is trite and just plain lazy not to mention usually wrong.  I stopped laughing after seeing a very obvious Nazi theme recurring in Trump imagery & videos.  There is of course the famous Nazi stiff arm salute we see everywhere Trump holds a rally; complete with Armbands and shouts of "Heil Trump" from the faithful followers.  Trumps prejudices, tactics and general philosophy actually do mirror that of Adolph Hitler.  Then there is the book of Hitler speeches Trump's former wife says he keeps on the bedside table; not to mention (but I will) Trump's very loose association with truth, honesty and sanity.

Having been a fan of Jeff Rense over the years I was a little puzzled when he put the show up for sale many months ago; and downright perplexed when he became a staunch supporter of Trump as president.  Perplexity gave way to incredulity when I recently listened to Jeff's chat with Jay Weidner wherein the two of them discuss why they think Trump is actually Divinely Inspired!  Listen, hear~Rense & Weidner: Trump Divine Inspiration?  Whatever Trump is or is not, saying he is divinely inspired seems like an unfounded thing to say.  An attorney would say Rense is citing facts not in evidence; or have I just missed all the videos of him healing the sick and being saintly?  Jeff & Jay went on to discuss some rumor that George Soros is planning violent acts and protests on inauguration day.

 I find this type of rumor spreading to be just more disinformation that serves no sane purpose.  There may be violence and protests planned because as I said; this whole thing is a false flag operation- if so it's a good bet that the ringmasters of the 'election' will be the source the violence.  I for one, hope there is no violent bloody protest on Trump's big day, but if there is; it will most certainly be attributed to those whose votes didn't count, and that will be just one more lie to swat down.  The only thing worse for America at this point than a Trump presidency would be a Trump assassination.  Such an event would most certainly be exploited to create the race war this white supremacy administration longs for; with icy eyes Pence leading the charge. 

Another thing that puts me off about Trump is his open admiration of various dictators as role models with Hitler perhaps being his favorite.  He has spoken glowingly about Putin's iron fisted control over his people which should give us all a moment of pause if only to acknowledge that cold chill traveling down the spine.  Trump has also praised such despots as Saddam, Gadhafi, and Kim Jong Un just to name a few.  If this short list of Trump's role models doesn't bother you at all then you need a check-up from the neck up.

Now about Trump's very transparent cabinet appointments.  He's appointed 3 military generals to head homeland security and defense which seems a bit hawkish at first glance.  Trump's cabinet includes 5 Goldman Sachs billionaires, and a few upwardly mobile millionaires; but no Latinos for the first time since 1989!  One by one, cabinet appointments went to former antagonists of the office they will hold when confirmed.
Team Trump has scheduled back to back confirmation hearings on the same days in hopes of overwhelming the confirmation process; all while accusing democrats of dragging their feet. 

So basically it's musical chairs but the same old tune won't change.  Obstruct, delay and obfuscate.  Same old shit, nothing really changes. Despite some embarrassingly bad responses to the barrage of questions; most if not all of Trump's picks will be confirmed.  Democrats in congress can drag the confirmation process out, delay the inevitable, but they simply lack the votes to block any of the confirmations.  Something else we have to look forward to for the next four years.  Trump has drained the swamp just as promised; drained it right into the white house.  President swamp thing.

Saving the best for last; I take great exception to Trump's promise to "Bomb the shit out of them" and his desire to restart the cold war arms race.  Perhaps he prefers hot wars and mushroom clouds, because his rhetoric is unhinged and uncalled for.  Who does he want to nuke and why?  He won't say.  His penchant for anger mixed with his thin skinned ego is not a reassuring mix for a man with the temperament of a junk yard dog.  American celebrities need to step up here and tweet disrespect for Trump every day for the next 4 years.  Maybe he will be so busy on twitter rants he won't have time to launch nukes at anyone. 

Meanwhile over the last few weeks dozens of volunteers have been busy rescuing climate change data from government computers, inspired no doubt by Trump's anointments.  Fearing the data would be erased or made unavailable by the new administration these unsung American heroes will continue the data rescue until made to stop.  So much for a smooth & seamless transition of power.

Never one to miss being opportunistic, Trump has begun advertising that renters in Trump tower will now have secret service protection, and increasing all the rents accordingly.  Your tax dollars hard at work for you already!  This must be what he means when he claims he can run the country and his empire at the same time.

Repealing Obama care as first act is just a vicious cruel thing: stealing health care from 20 million Americans as vengeance against Obama.  You want a peek at what a Trump presidency will be like?  There ya go.  Simple as that, and likely much worse before we are rid of him.

We've certainly heard a lot lately about the growing list of notables who are boycotting the inauguration hoopla today, and as much as I wish I could also defer the gut wrenching charade; as a witness to this timeline I have an obligation to watch it as anyone would any other historic tragedy.  We're not in Kansas anymore folks, winter is coming!

"You don't sell the steak, you sell the sizzle"

I can already hear the chorus of snowflakes condemning me for not giving Trump a chance in office before being critical of him.  Really?  With a massive list of the very worst character & personality traits that make up this man, only a fool would think he'd instantly become the opposite just because he touched a bible?  Speaking of the bible, the old testament [Jer. 13:23] teaches us that "The leopard cannot change it's spots."  We've seen very well exactly what sort of man this Trump is; over the course of the last 18 months.  Remembering as we do that he's basically a con-man, grifter and second rate reality TV personality.  Just a personality.  Hired to be a product.  Illusion, simple as that.

I caught myself almost writing that we just don't give someone with Trump's ego insecurities & narcissist behavior a trial run at being president, but that has gone away now too because obviously that is what has happened.  Without a doubt, my views on Trump have cost me a few readers and perhaps a friend or two as well.  If you are in that demographic I suggest maybe you remove your emotional attachment to your opinions & beliefs.  We can't help but attach our emotions to our beliefs because we're programmed from birth to do just that; and it isn't an easy habit to break; but break it we must if clarity is what we seek. 

Your opinions & beliefs are not facts; they're just opinions & beliefs!  You can't say you weren't warned; I promised an unflinching ride into uncharted territory right from the start.  The things I write concerning Trump however ARE facts.  Not vile senseless hatred, not regurgitating some campaign propaganda, just well documented facts which you are of course free to ignore according to your preference. It makes no difference which 'candidate' was chosen because our votes simply weren't counted.  You never had a choice, just the crafted illusion of choice.  It makes no difference whether you believe what I present or not because considering the tendencies of my own personal karma, the odds are better than even that I'll be around to say I told you so!

© 2017 full re-post with permission only