Friday, March 20, 2015

None So Blind

Who doesn't love a good mystery?  We read them and perhaps more frequently; watch them on everything from an iphone to a 60 inch HD plasma TV screen.  Our minds like sinking into a mystery, trying to figure it out before the reveal.  Some folks are kinda like a pit bull with a rag doll when it comes to mysteries; they won't quit chewing it apart till they figure it out.  I'm one of those.

Increasingly over the last four years; my mind jumps back & forth between what has happened to this planet, and the refusal of so many to acknowledge said peril on any level. I fluctuate like a ping pong ball between deep sadness over what has happened and mind numbing incredulity at how nobody wants to acknowledge it.

 Interesting hobby. 

When my mind encounters something it doesn't or cannot understand, I seek to gain that understanding, sometimes to the point of analysis paralysis; and I simply don't yet understand this planet wide denial syndrome.  It's not for the lack of trying.

 I blog for one reason, to share information. I have no interest in spending precious time & energy trying to change minds which are rigidly closed.  The only minds I care about reaching are those absorbing information. 

When I was in school I took debate for three years; and not once did anyone ever win an argument on the weight of their denial alone.  Yet in these days of Faux News and spin doctors the simple act of denying something seeks equal merit as the facts.  Doesn't work that way.

Attempting to understand what is at the root of this civilization-wide denial syndrome:
I wonder if it isn't a by-product of the great awakening.

Millions of folks worldwide have been "waking up" to a great many rude and unpleasant facts about how the power elite have turned this place into a prison planet.  They just start to get a handle on things when we're blindsided by Fukushima.  That'll sure as hell spill the wind from your sails.  The straw that broke the camels back, a bridge too far. 

The good news is that humanity is awakening right on time, and the matrix's days are numbered.  The bad news is; the planet is dying from radiation poisoning, and we're on our own now.  And your rent is overdue.  As if just surviving the day anymore isn't difficult enough sometimes, and on top of personal dilemmas, the world is dying.

Humans can only see less than 3% of the visible spectrum, and can only hear around 2% of the acoustic spectrum.  Most haven't even begun to use the chakra system properly; so maybe we shouldn't be so quick to think we know everything.  Maybe we also have such limits on how much cognitive dissonance the mind can cope with. 

Evolution and the natural world equip all animals with an instinct for self preservation.  A part of this survival mechanism called the discount rate deals with the recognition of and response to life threatening situations.  Animals like a rabbit for example who are weak and tasty have a low discount rate meaning they disregard almost no threats they perceive.  On the other end of the spectrum are animals like the lion, who have few life threatening situations, thus a high discount rate, because few animals pose them a threat.

Like the king of beasts, humans enjoy a high discount rate, albeit artificial in the extreme. We gauge life threatening things on a kind of triage system generally speaking, paying the most attention to the most pressing danger...except Fukushima.  When it comes to that subject our discount rate goes thru the roof to 1000%.  Lets go back for a moment to the lion.  If the grasslands he lives in were burning and closing in, he would get his arse up and leave.  All the animals around would also leave, or try to hide.  None of them would ignore the threat, would they.  We certainly do!

Unfortunately the solution for earths problems aren't as easy as the lions because there's nowhere we can go to escape the nuclear fire.  Nothing has been done or even tried to stop Fukushima's spewing and there's no way to protect our loved ones, no answers.  As it turns out about the worst thing we can do is to just deny & ignore the problem.  Deer in the headlights.

Perhaps the answer is that we're simply not equipped to cognate at the level of human extinction.  Kinda like when Columbus's ships were first sighted by north Americans.  Because none of them had ever seen or even conceived something like a sailing ship, all they could "see" were the canvas sails which they took to be simply clouds.  Only after the shaman had greeted men coming ashore in rowboats could he begin to see the ships beneath those sails.  As the word spread, within a short time the other members of the tribe also began seeing the ships.

Despite hundreds of dead whales washing ashore and sea life dying off the entire length of the pacific coast, nobody wants to "see" the problem because then it would have to be addressed.  Too bad radiation isn't visible like oil spills are, but even then those who refuse to see will continue living in denial. 

 No matter how much proof, evidence or facts are presented, it will never be enough for some.  They'll use false equivalency to discredit everything they aren't yet able to cognate; then categorically deny facts agreed upon by leading scientists.  When all else fails, if you persist upon shoving their nose in a pile of reality, they'll resort to verbal abuse and character attacks.  These are some seriously closed minds, and to be truthful here, not worth the effort.  Leave them be in what bliss their intentional ignorance can give them. 

Because most folks still attach emotional value to their belief systems; they can become quite annoyed and even angry when confronted with cold harsh reality like human extinction.  They get this way because it's rude of us to remind them of the genetic mutations and cancers their children and grandchildren will know.  Such thoughts are painful, why should we attack them this way?   Uhh, is anyone forcing you to read things you don't want to know about, or is yours just the blanket type of denial where reading facts doesn't matter?  Selective reality syndrome.

Those who willfully ignore the subject as if it never happened do so to defend whatever it is they are working towards in the future.  A world class dream killer is embracing the planet with invisible death, and if your future plans don't take that into account, what possible good are those plans? 

All I'm talking about here is acknowledging reality.
 Not the reality you thought you were going for,
but the reality that is. 
That's all.

Why is that so hard?

It's not as though Fukushima is some urban legend or internet rumor.  It happened; and it will continue to spew nuclear death into the air and sea because nobody anywhere knows what to do.  Hmmm; too late now but perhaps it wasn't too smart to build a nuke plant near the ocean on a fault line like Fukushima...and San Onofre in California.  Hey, for that matter, maybe we shouldn't have ever messed with atomic power until we were intelligent enough to safely contain and dispose of nuclear waste, but that's just me.

If  you are one of those who always blows off due diligence to skim by on the virtue of what chance may bring, remember what Louis Pasteur said: "Chance favors the prepared mind."  The un-prepared mind, ahhh, not so much.  Then on the other hand we have the preppers who not only acknowledge reality but are stocked up for a couple decades of it.  Opposite ends of the extinction spectrum.  One group intentionally sees nothing while the other sees only the danger, to the exclusion of other obvious considerations. 

"Sometimes you have to give up on people,
not because you don't care but because they don't"

We hear from some who disparage the message saying such things like "I'll only listen to positive things" Well, OK then, Fukushima is positively an extinction level event.  Happy now?  As much as I hate to disillusion the sky blue & dandy bunch, the future sucks! Now for old farts like myself that is nearly a moot point, but for someone much younger who just had their entire future stolen away, its way more devastating. 

In all honesty I am quite shocked at how bad things are after just four years, I thought it would take much longer to kill the pacific ocean.  This is not a good sign.  Factor in all the chicken hawks pushing for world war three with Russia and I get a bit nervous thinking this time they might really do it.  If another nuclear war develops; the devastation added to what has already happened would be beyond catastrophic.

Now, along with thousands of dead marine mammals washing ashore there is something else that nobody wants to acknowledge washing ashore as well, bodies of dead aquatic humanoids.  Mermaids and Mermen to be exact.  Dead ones have been found a few times before Fukushima, but now these incidents are increasing.  Soon no amount of censorship, cover-up or conspiracy will be able to prevent the reporting of dead aquatic humanoids.  Just like with the whales and seals.  We've relegated aquatic apes to the same category as bigfoot, or UFO's and attempt to ridicule our discomfort away because it doesn't fit within our belief system.  That's certainly an enlightened approach for a species that is nearly blind and deaf.

Does life imitate art?  In perhaps as soon as a few years we're going to see increasing rates of children born with non-life threatening mutations as a result of all this free range radiation.  How will we react to these new humans?  Will we embrace them into our culture, nurture them and provide for their needs, or will we reject them, or worse?

 I think we all know how that will play out.  Maybe this is where the transhuman agenda comes into play.  Perhaps the matrix minders seek to create a cyber-humanoid which can exist on a radioactive planet, in a synthetic body.  No thanks, I'll pass!

Another thing I wonder about is if this population wide denial syndrome is an intended by-product of the chemtrail and GMO food campaigns.  Seems like it could be a possibility, or maybe it's just us being unable to cope with something on this scale. 

We so badly want for this to all be a bad dream we can't wake up from; that we'll even put stock into reports from Japanese scientists claiming radiation is less harmful and easier to clean up than previously thought.  Really?  Japanese scientists!!  Let me just tell you something.  Nuclear radiation does not respond to wishful thinking or bold face lies!

Taking the word of Japanese scientists about radiation effects is like getting henhouse status reports from the fox.  "The hens & eggs are fine; the sky is blue, all is dandy and the future is bright."  Puzzle me this, if the Japanese think radiation is so harmless how come on the videos all their workers are in full radiological safe suits?  How about that?

It isn't just marine life that is dying out; all kinds of mass bird deaths are being reported with alarming frequency.  As with the oceans, the first to go will be the smallest and frailest creatures having nearly zero tolerance for radiation.  Seen any hummingbirds recently?  The feeders outside my California window used to attract squadrons of hummingbirds; they're gone this year, I haven't seen a one.

If you keep a garden, how's it doing this year?  Was it healthier last year? 

Human history on this planet is not a smooth trek from its beginnings till now.  There are entire periods where little or nothing is known about.  Times when civilization seemed to stop for several thousand years or so, then rise up again.  Here too we find the same type of staunch denial, which has given rise to forbidden archaeology in an effort to hide the truths of long, long ago from the people of the present.  Why so much secrecy?  How many times has civilization ended?

The more I ponder on this, the more it reminds me of how people react to the death of a loved one.  I think maybe I'm on to something here, because almost always the first reaction is stunned disbelief.  In such moments everything around us shifts, time dilation mimics weird camera effects as we're momentarily adrift in time and space.  Then the weight of it begins to set in.  Depending on who you read, there are 5 to 8 additional steps in the grief process, but denial is always the first. 

Could it be that all this planet-wide denial is just the first stage of grief ?

Here in the now; the matrix ramps up its campaign of syncopated pandemonium to more insane levels every week, ensuring that everything is kept at a brisk & frothy boil.  We are staggering around like a punch drunk prize fighter in a standing eight count.  We aren't out of the fray yet, in fact we have yet to get our second wind. 

We can't let this planetary disaster to take us down.  In any disaster you care to name, you'll see no shortage of people rising to the occasion, and helping others.  In such times differences are set aside and people come together for the common good.  It's what we do.  Well folks, the disaster has happened, the slow motion extinction of humanity is at hand; shouldn't we be busy coming together and helping each other?  Unplug your mind from the matrix, think for yourself. 

Those who are in extinction denial still have a rough road ahead as they transit thru the phases of anger, bargaining, and depression on their road to acceptance.  Try to remember that as you encounter them.  Be as gentle as you can without empowering wishful thinking.  Also remember that they are likely confused and disoriented in their state of emotional denial, so be patient with them too, though they be annoying.

As horrific as it sounds, we are four years into an extinction level event from which there is no escape.  It's almost as if something just swept away all the things which distract us from our spiritual self, and path.  Now that all the artificial, bogus, illusionary crap has lost meaning, maybe instead of chasing after status we will at long last turn towards our souls to help us find the way home.  You have all had four years to struggle with your grief & disbelief now; isn't that long enough?  Don't you think maybe now is a good time to progress to the next level.  If you enjoy your denial, you're just gonna love the anger phase.  When you reach the next stage just don't kill the messengers. When you find that anger, take it out on the matrix, use it to take down the great shining lie.

Guess it's true after all, there are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

© 2015 full re-post with permission only

May The Source Be With You

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  1. Thank you for your insight…you are a Saint and speak the truth. I no longer feel so alone.

    1. Anony@8:19~
      If you no longer feel alone then this post was a resounding success. Regards the saint thing, ...opinions vary :-0
      Peaceful Blessings

    2. What is wrong with being and feel alone?

  2. Thanks for your post Aug...
    I am an old Dane who first started to wake up some years ago,
    so I am not so clever yet.
    So could you please tell med why Fukushima is a part of of the
    4D reality?
    And if it all is about vibrations and energy, what will happens when
    we go into the 5D reality?

    With love

    1. Hi Martin~
      OK...well the easy answer is that since we are no longer in 3D timespace 4D is the only game in town; its what is. 4D is sorta like 3D in that it's a thick, dense, slow, muddy vibration - only with much more violence, chaos, upheaval, and daily trauma. 4D is the time when we need to be divesting our souls of everything that no longer works for us. Dump the excess and negative baggage. More than anything else, I think 4D is a very negative vibration, which is comparatively short in duration...its a transitional state. Think musical scales, moving from one octave to another.

      Now for the not-so-easy answer; I do not think "we" automatically move right on into 5D after finishing with 4D. I think we gotta want out of 4D badly enough to elevate our personal vibrational frequency to be compatible with 5D. We're seeking to move to a higher octave of frequency than 4D. How? Glad ya asked: I think any activity or thought process which makes our soul sing raises our vibration. Simple really, sorta.

    2. Thank you very much Aug...
      OK, no I know why I am so f..... angry, and why it can be so hard to go on.

      With love

  3. Hi Chautauqua, really enjoy your posts.I host a radio show and would like to use (read) some of your material live during broadcasts. Full credit given and nothing edited or shortened, of course. Would you be opposed to this?


    1. editionsTV~
      No opposition here - the whole idea is to get information out there. If it can send more traffic to the site, that also serves the same end of getting information out "there".


    2. PS~ I was affiliated with KRBD-FM [public radio] when I lived in Alaska some years back.

  4. thank you, xx. what more could one say

    1. Sharon~
      Said about all I can on this subject without breaking out the puppets & crayons...
      Thanks for the comment, valuable feedback.

      Peaceful Blessings Sister.

  5. How about an article on hope? Equal time and all that. We kind of already know we are blind fools.

    The power of the infinite love inside the collective us cannot be stopped, will not be stopped. There's no reason to doubt that the butterfly will emerge from the cocoon because it's mandated. There's no unfolding any other way. I AM and the Christ Consciousness cannot be denied by any power in the universe.

    They say "Love is not a victory march. It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah". But they're wrong. Existence is the greatest love song ever written, and we are writing it. Love is exactly a victory march because love has won. All that's left is to mop up. It's not too soon to pop the bubbly. Grab a mop and do your happy dance because critical mass has been reached. Love has found its voice.

    1. Wage Slave~
      Not sure if there's enough hope for a whole article; but point taken! Tried to weave a few strands of hope into these recent posts, where I could. The only good news seems to be the slow motion nature of this catastrophe...maybe we'll decide to use the time wisely.

      Right along with truth & honesty, infinite love has taken a few hits recently. Its hard for folks to focus on infinite love when things are this messed up. Am happy that you have found your critical mass and love voice. I envision an army of folks just like you, walking the land spreading infinite love like Johnny Appleseed. In the face of such overwhelming infinite love, the radiation would have no choice except to retreat back into the broken nuke plant. Seeing that miracle, every dirty, greedy crooked politician on the planet was instantly transformed into bloody angels of light and changed their hearts. Next day they gave back everything they stole, because they were no match for infinite love. I'm waiting with baited breath!!!

      Seriously slave, even infinite love has its limits. Your words sound brave and inspiring here in the safety of cyberspace. I wanna see you hold that press conference on the steps of the White House and see how it goes. I applaud your dogged determination to hang onto hope, but sometimes that's just a bigger blindfold.

    2. Wage Slave
      I have honored your request, and added a little hope to the end of the post. Hope it makes you feel better soon.

  6. Great thoughts Chautauqua. There is no going back. The deed has been done. It is over as most know it to be.

    It is time to pop the champagne though. If you look at it any other way from this point on, you will not be part of the party! All the stars are coming out, literally! The darkness, this veil of despair is going to dissolve, and the eternal lamp will be lit from within, and the third eye will be activated, and humanity will really See the Light. all the wisdom of God will be at your disposal.

    What a thought! Having all the powere that created this universe at your disposal, but it will only be there is=f you look inside and find the Love, and live bythe HEART VIRTUES.

    From the darkness God's Light came, and the universe was born. So it shall be again with this planet and the human race. It is time to rejoice and not look back but look inside and find His Love, His Light, and kindle the eternal lamp, and become of Him, Gods in his likeness. Those that look within, where all His power lies, will find immortality.

    It is time to LOOK and SEE a new beginning, one without pain and suffering, but with balance and harmony, Love and Compassion. Follow your heart virtues and bring about a new reality!

    It's time to throw a party. to show the world there is no more fear of this holographic matrix that was created to keep humanity chained to a system of usury, and shackled with no way of experiencing true FREEDOM!

    It is time to let the spirit roam free and discover the wonders of God's creation.

    So lets have a huge party with some good old fashioned rock n roll and let our Light shine to the center of the Milky Way,to a new beginning.

    I may be throwing such a party down in southern Ecuador where gods lived thousands of years ago. Where the frequency is at a much higher level.

    Gonna rock this world into a new beginning. They cannot stop what is about to happen to those that are ready. Lose the fear, and they lose you!

    This planet in this reality is over, time to move on! Join hands and consiousness, and let the party begin!


  7. Hoping to repost a fully attributed copy in a few weeks but can see no essy way to contact you...

    1. Nice site you have there, I can see a lot of work has gone into it.

      Feel free to repost the entire article - a link back will be appreciated.