Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hearts in Aquarius; The Fukushima Blues

Fukushima Trilogy~Part Three

The longer we walk the spiritual path in this life, the more we encounter this concept that a good many of us volunteered to reincarnate at this pivotal time in history; to assist with the great awakening and the Aquarian evolution. 

It's an appealing idea on a couple of levels but mostly I think because it speaks to that part in us that desires to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.  If we can keep our ego out of the equation, this can be a great way to focus our spiritual energy, or at the very least, to help define it for ourselves. 

We knew before we came to this place that it would be hard work, that we'd get unending opposition from the opposition and apathy from the masses.  We knew this would be an uphill struggle with setbacks and disappointment; we even knew about the mandatory memory wipe, and still we said yes because it's just that important.

The universal catalyst for these migrating souls, is the vision of a golden age, when peace would guide the planets and love would steer the stars, Aquarius. 

We thought we were here to witness and help usher in this age of peace & harmony.
No matter how much resistance we got from authority, that vision of a golden age kept our spirits strong, kept us in the good fight.  All that seems like a million years ago now.

All that was before Fukushima.

It's a whole other thing now, and it's forever.

We're going to need a couple of new era designations to go along with BC, AD, & BCE;  Because now time can said to be either BF (Before Fukushima) or AF (After Fukushima) as well.

The world before fukushima was starting to shake off the need for greed and oppression so prevalent over the previous era of Pisces.  Like a bear rising from hibernation, humanity was waking up from the Kali Yuga, hungry for something new which nourishes the soul over the ego. 

In the world after fukushima all our hopes & dreams have been swept off the table along with every future where humanity flourishes and thrives.  We may still be allowed the consolation of having some small, short range dreams here and there; but for all intent & purposes the future has been cast for all of humanity; not cast in stone, but rather in Plutonium & Uranium.

As might be expected, this is really messing with our heads on all levels. 

Although the first choice of many is some form of denial which affords the luxury of getting thru the day on some functional, useful level; you can bet the subconscious mind is chewing things over with all filters off. 

Turns out that radiation is our kryptonite.  When exposed to massive doses the spirit becomes paralyzed, unable to act or dream because the conscious mind knows that there will be no cavalry charging over the hill to save the day, and no fix for fukushima.  Now it doesn't happen immediately but we begin to unconsciously assimilate the ramifications of fukushima upon ourselves and our progeny.  The futures our children and grand children had waiting for them have been stolen and replaced with the stuff of nightmares.

What do we do with that? 

How do we just fold that into our master plan and then explain it to the kids? 

Perhaps the worst part is the point blank execution of hope.

Maybe the Mayans knew what they were talking about!

 As long as people have some hope, no matter how slight, they soldier on towards a magical someday when everything will work out.  When you take away that last spark of hope, despair begins to creep in and poison the thought process. 

A sense of futility starts to take hold as the scope of the fukushima disaster sinks into the cognitive process.  The invisible death of radioactive fallout begins eroding our thoughts and emotions long before it actually enters our bodies. 

On top of all the other present day horrors assaulting our souls and eroding our hopes for a bright future, fukushima is the final straw which breaks the camels back.  Against such overwhelming and total finality, our minds just aren't equipped to cope.  There is no direction home, and we feel lost in the whirlwind. 

History cannot provide answers or salvation because we're beyond history now, this has never happened before, and there are no guarantees that more reactors won't fail in the same way.  In other words don't look for it to ever get better because it could still get much worse.

This is the stuff our subconscious minds are chewing over and its given most of us a case of the fukushima blues as we strive to cope with something of this unholy magnitude. 

We must guard against feelings of futility, and hopelessness even thou they be formidable monsters.  The matrix would love nothing better than all of us in the steel grip of hopelessness. 

The first step is to acknowledge to yourself that we now live in a fundamentally different world than before fukushima; and the second is to readjust your picture of reality to accommodate that.  Easier said than done, believe me, I know.  With these mental updates in place I should think the next step is then to re-assess long range plans, goals and dreams accordingly.

Where we were once programmed to value possessions and status; let us now deny that programming in favor of prioritizing people & relationships over profit & prestige.   If the state of the human condition and the dark future ahead have you feeling there's nothing left to live for, then live for something else that was right there all along.  There is no house, car or possession more valuable than human interaction.  It's always been that way; a pity it takes something like this for us to see it. 

The Fukushima Blues has left the children of Aquarius feeling Godsmacked in stunned confusion, shattering delusions large and small.  How exactly does this fit into the grand scheme of things?  We're struggling to understand. 

All this radioactive contamination of the human food chain; how does that affect our spiritual evolution?  Does it derail the process, or is it somehow critical to & part of our spiritual evolution? 

How do we fight off depression and futility?

Since the foreseeable future is anything but bright, I suggest taking all those pieces of shattered dreams and mystic crystal revelations; and reshaping that energy into something that makes today a little better for somebody. 

You gotta do something that makes sense for you and at the same time acts like a vote for the kind of future you want.  Me?  I bought a couple 3D printers and started a new business; for you it could be teaching firewalking or base jumping.  As long as it fires your passion and gets you involved with your life and in touch with those you love. 

That is more important than ever now.    

We don't have to defeat the matrix anymore.  All we gotta do is quit feeding it.  Stop supporting the matrix with your time and purchase power.  If you keep helping to prop up a dying structure it'll just fall on you when it finally crumbles.  Better to quietly back away now and re-invest your energy towards those who matter to you.  The world ran flat out of easy answers about four years ago; everything from here onward gets way more complicated, sometimes even on good days. 

We can't look to society for help or answers because it's already upside down and backwards.  While our "leaders" all resemble spoiled brat schoolchildren our cops have all become elite military units fighting a hologram war on terrorism.  Soldiers are trained to carry out directives with violence; while policemen traditionally defuse problems with conflict resolution.  When you dress your cops like commandos it blurs the lines between the two and tragedies like Ferguson are the predictable result.

When not stilling the voice of protest with tear gas or gunning down urban youth these militarized cops are also quite handy when it comes to keeping private prisons filled to capacity.  Since 1980 California has built 23 prisons, hired over 1400 prison guards and fired 500 teachers.  Not exactly the Aquarian golden age we were expecting.  That got hijacked, derailed and overshadowed by fukushima.

Giving up is not an option; and yet the insurmountable scope of the fukushima paradigm causes many to think in that direction out of desperation.  The simple truth here is that we only have a small amount of information on which to base our decisions.  This can be both good and bad at the same time, a real catch-22.  Because we don't have all the information; quite literally anything can happen.  To give up with so much unknown at play seems rash.

Here in California we don't have to wonder or guess; we know that "fukushima is here."  We know this from the horrendous number of dead marine mammals washing up on our beaches; and the disappearance of sea life up & down the pacific coast.  As if we needed any more notches on the misery index, California is down to one year of water and less than an inch of topsoil.  Thankfully we have a whole lot of wine.  I have a feeling that will come in handy.

Being an earth steward and child of Aquarius; my heart is saddened beyond description over what is happening and what will come.  Being a father with loved ones living in Alaska, my heart agonizes, knowing my grandchildren will inherit the legacy of fukushima, and then pass it on to their children. 

My soul rages, knowing it could have all been prevented, didn't have to happen.

My heart weeps over the death of the pacific ocean; knowing it presages coming horrors.

My mind rolls the data over like the balls in the lotto machine, but alas, there are no winning combinations in this game of chance. 

Nothing we know or have ever learned can help us out of the freefall nightmare facing humanity, and that's just what it feels like most days - one of those nightmares where you're falling & falling without hitting the bottom.  The horror seeps in once we remember we're not sleeping and this nightmare is real. 

We humans are a strange sort when it comes to hope.  Even though it seems to have taken a fatal hit with fukushima, even though the odds are insurmountable, we will still nurture a tiny spark of hope in our hearts.  Hope that something we have no knowledge of, or right to expect will somehow resolve the situation before its too late for humanity.

I like that about us!

What's the old catch phrase, hope springs eternal?  It's in our nature, not our programming, to harbor hope against all odds.  Its one of those things that makes humanity worth saving. 

One of the first spiritual concepts many are exposed to is the advice, Be in this world, not of it. This little reminder has always served me well in the past, I'm thinking a tattoo will help me remember better as memory fades with age.  A lot of wisdom there, being in this world yet not of it.

Unfortunately, hope alone won't be enough.  We're going to have to adapt to our nuclear future, factoring fallout & contamination into everything.  It will take a while to begin feeling the effects physically, but we'd best get our heads around it before then.  There is of course the Voldemort option of simply ignoring all subjects in your cognitive dissonance buffer, but I have serious doubts that will bring anything but insanity.   

Just look at how well ignoring big problems has worked for us so far!

I'm so glad I lived the life I wanted instead of  putting in 20 years somewhere for a gold watch and pension.  Perhaps some part of me knew the golden years of retirement were really gonna suck.

Just because we got dealt a bad hand doesn't mean we're out of the game.  Depending on how you see things, the future fukushima gives us can be a reason to quit trying, or to try harder than ever for a meaningful life with some dignity and grace. Remember the story about a fellow who was being dragged off to his execution.  A woman on the road offered him some bacon, and he declined saying it was bad for his health!

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