Monday, August 20, 2018

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

As we continue to stumble & stagger our way into the Aquarian age; the planet and all of us on it are facing challenges that seem, and indeed may be, insurmountable.  Despite startling evidence of several looming disasters staring us squarely in the face, we continue to abuse this planet, and ourselves, as if we had somewhere else to move.  Profit before progeny; Business as usual.

Sometimes before we can fully understand things we need to take a few steps back to take in the big picture and see the broader strokes of unfolding "reality."  This applies equally in our personal lives as well as in the world around us.  Things seldom make sense without some perspective on the issues.

Unfortunately for all of us living here; there are no other planets we can reach and even if there were we no longer have a manned space program to get us there.  One of the reasons America no longer has a manned space program is due to the massive amount of space junk and garbage orbiting the planet at 17,500 MPH.

 In addition to over four thousand various working satellites in orbit; there are growing clouds of debris & junk left over from space operations and collisions.  Last year the Chinese wanted to show off, so they shot down one of their own satellites which was falling out of orbit.  That explosion alone added thousands of new pieces of debris to what already existed.  This is a kind of cascading system failure known as a "the Kessler Effect" which at some point will become too large to fix, and will essentially imprison us on this planet because we can no longer get anything into orbit.  Satellites are hit by space junk on a routine basis, (creating still more junk) which is why NASA tracks every single object in orbit, so satellites and the space station can move to avoid impact. If we continue to ignore this problem it will seal our fate as it overtakes the ISS, and gradually destroys the very satellites we depend upon every day.

Seven years after the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima; the Japanese government continues to pour seawater directly onto the melting, exposed core in a futile attempt to fix the un-fixable.  Every single day many thousands of gallons of  this highly radioactive seawater are dumped directly into the ocean.  This of course has turned the Pacific ocean into a dead zone where the toxic radiation is working it's way up the food chain to us.

Last year Pacific tuna caught were inspected; and 15 out of 15 had high levels of radioactivity; the Pacific ocean has been totally contaminated by Fukushima radiation, which of course means that all seafood must now be contaminated, especially Pacific seafood.  Despite these facts we just keep on catching, eating and selling radioactive seafood. In a tragically ironic twist, Japan is a major purchaser of American caught commercial fisheries, so a great many Japanese people are eating that Fukushima flavored seafood every week.  Such insanity!

That spewing nuclear volcano sends up plumes of airborne radioactive fallout every day, just like old faithful at Yellowstone, only way more deadly.  Between Fukushima & the satellite cloud...we cannot continue living on this planet, and we cannot leave until we remove the junk and find a suitable planet to move humanity to...a tall order indeed.

Over 35 earthquakes have shaken the Yellowstone super volcano just this week, adding even more stress to a geologically unstable area and a 35 by 40 mile wide volcano which some experts say is overdue for a major eruption.  If the Yellowstone volcano does erupt it could cover more than half the country in volcanic ash and trigger environmental catastrophes including a "volcanic winter."  Just as with Fukushima, we are powerless to prevent such an event, and ill-equipped to deal with the aftermath.

Here in Trumpland

I never dreamed I'd live to see the day when democracy died, but fascist, autocratic dictators are cropping up everywhere, not just in America.  The cold war never ended, it just moved to cyberspace; where the wars of tomorrow are being fought today.

The FBI was investigating Russia for meddling in our elections when they found Trumps deep connections to them.  Trump incessantly rants about there being "no collusion" yet in the official letter granting Mueller authority to investigate election fraud and Russian tampering; no mention of collusion is made.  The whole "no collusion" symphony is just a straw man argument, a red herring used to misdirect attention.  A real twist of irony considering the Russian factor!

I think we're all on solid ground if we refer to 45 as a Mythomaniac! His tactic is childishly simple; barrage the media with so many lies, exaggerations and half-truths that nobody can fact check them all much less respond to each one.  His other tactic we know so well is to attack others to divert attention from him.

The Trump who defiantly shouted that Mexico would pay for the wall ("in some form") is now demanding that taxpayers pay for the wall or he will shut down the government.

The closer Mueller gets to nabbing Trump, the more rallies Trump holds, almost as if he cannot function (at his normal level of low) without the injection of cheering crowds in decreasing numbers and increasing average age.  This narcissistic man-child is so unhinged that while recently speaking to the VFW  he actually said "What you're seeing and reading is not what's happening."  Straight out of George Orwell's 1984 novel.

If that doesn't worry you just a little then perhaps this will: Trump recently revoked the security clearance of former top intelligence official John Brennan, who has been a vocal opponent.  If you like irony you'll love this: Trump said he revoked Brennan's security clearance because of his wild rants on social media against Trump, and abnormal, erratic behavior in public.  You simply can't make this shit up folks, it kinda writes itself. 

The worrisome part of all this is, the same day Trump released a list of ten other people who might be next to have their security clearances revoked.  A very effective way to silence your opposition.  He no doubt got the idea from Putin...and if those he tries to silence won't shut up, what then, poison perhaps?  Oh yeah, and the next day he told white house chief of staff John Kelly to have fired aide Omarosa arrested, although he couldn't come up with what law she allegedly broke.  Just more diversion & distraction from the Russia probe & Trump's treason ... Just another step on the road to fascism.

"Trump has embarrassed us in the eyes of our children,
humiliated us on the world stage, and worst of all
divided us as a nation"
                                                ~ (Ret) Admiral Bill McCraven ~

In case you missed it somehow, Trump has recently declared space to be a war fighting arena and that he is going to create "Space Force" as a fifth arm of Americas military.  In Washington crypto-speak what this means is everyone already knows we have a secret military space program; it just continued after the ending of the civilian NASA programs.  America already has a Space Command as part of the air force, complete with "off earth duty assignments."  When astronaut Mark Kelly heard this news he just said it was ridiculous... "It's like you make a seventh branch of the military just for submarines then call it the under-sea force." At this point Trump can feel Mueller closing in on him and will say or do anything to distract attention from it.

 Lamentably no matter how much worse Trump becomes; he's not going to be removed from office because he will hide behind executive privilege and pardon himself.  The constitution only provides two methods for removing an evil, unfit madman from office: one is the 25th amendment permits the cabinet to remove a crazy person as unfit, but you'll never see that from his hand picked cabinet of plunder monkeys.  The other method is impeachment, which requires 67 votes in the senate, and with the current atmosphere in Washington that would mean more than twelve republicans crossing the aisle and voting against trump: and that just isn't going to happen...which makes the upcoming mid-term elections the most important this country will ever have, and perhaps the last one as well.

What happens in 2020 when we and the Russians will pick another president?  Hopefully the 4 million young people who just became eligible voters will show up at the polls to even the odds, and Trump will be defeated even in the electoral college.  Do you think The defeated Trump would leave with grace & dignity?  Not a chance.  He will dig in his heels screaming deep state, & fake news - even as the straight jacket is put on him.

I never thought I would see the day when my constitutional right to free speech would be restricted to government chosen areas far from the ears of those being protested.  We first saw them in the first G.W. Bush administration.  They were getting tired of renting busses to block Bush's sight of the protesters, until one genius got the idea of finding already fenced in areas far from the president's view and designated them as "Free Speech Zones." 

 The closer Mueller gets to him the more unhinged Trump is getting, and it's showing.  There are many stories from within the white house about Trump's angry rants and tirades that send staffers looking for cover.  One of Trump's top lawyers, Don McGahn calls Trump "King Kong" because of his volcanic temper tantrums.

I never thought I would live to see the day when my government would steal immigrant children from their parents for fun & profit, but that is exactly what is happening.  With so much public outcry of resentment; the government slowly began giving some of those 2000 kids back but only after the parents forked over $800 bucks for DNA testing.  The majority of those 2000 children just disappeared into thin air, and the government will not account for them.  You just take note & watch; in time some will show up as victims of human trafficking outlaws.

Trump recently paid a wad of cash to the farmers (unions) after seriously fucking them over with his recent tariffs, and he will brag about that to no end but what he won't tell us is he borrowed the money from China!!

On August 19th it was Rudy Giuliani who was quoting Orwell's 1984 when he blatantly said "Truth isn't Truth" while discussing the Russia investigation.  Do they really expect us to actually take them seriously when they talk like that?  Are they just seeing who is paying attention; or how far into the absurd they can go before we push back?

How apathetic do we have to be when the president schemes with the Russians, rips the constitution to shreds and starts quoting George Orwell?  Good God folks, if it looks like a skunk, ad it smells lie a skunk - it's a damn skunk!

It was bad enough when all we had to deal with was rigged voting and stolen elections.  It's quite another thing to have our strongest enemy secretly screwing around with our elections.  Right this minute the Russians are still at it, seeking to skew the results of our mid-term and 20/20 elections; and nobody is lifting a hand to stop them. 

Trump not only fired Comey for investigating him, he has also fired 7 of the 8 top FBI agents working for Comey.  Factoring in Trumps many and deep connections to Russia, how is this not treason?

Just remember that everything happening now, and all that will follow are the direct result of Obama once making fun of a thin-skinned, arrogant, childish narcissist.  Trumps revenge is to un-do everything Obama did, and for that alone he should be impeached and in jail.

With the deployment of the patriot act, Carnivore & Eschelon the government began reading our email and listening to our phone calls we became a surveillance society right out of "1984" and every administration since has been paving the road to American fascism.

 Meanwhile, here in California, firestorms are the new normal now and most if not all of us have some degree or another of PTSD when we fall asleep, about whether we will be awakened in a burning house.  I have a couple "bug-out bags" next to the front door which I constantly upgrade and improve upon.  These firestorms move so fast, leaping from ridge to ridge that you simply don't have time to pack from scratch.

You may have heard about the isolated New Mexico ranch where children were held captive and trained to carry out school shootings... well today the judge in that case just released those arrested on bail! It is stories like this that make me wonder if we aren't already too far gone as a species in decline.  The corruption is now system-wide and greed is the king.  No word of the fate of those children being trained to conduct school shootings, and there isn't likely to be either as the story gets quietly swept under the carpet.

Elsewhere, the scientific group who operates the doomsday clock has recently added climate change to the list of things endangering human survival on this planet; and companies are now selling backpacks with bullet proof Kevlar inserts for school kids, and parents are buying them in great numbers.  It was recently reported that 68% of baby food samples had at least one heavy metal in them, which health officials are calling worrisome...I call it alarming!  What are they doing to us?

Taking those steps back to gain perspective; I don't exaggerate when I say that we are between a rock & a hard place no matter where we turn.  There just seems to be no easy way out of this multi-level disaster unfolding before our astonished eyes; especially when those in power fan the flames of chaos and hatred with every breath.

There is one thing we can do as concerned citizens, and that is to vote in such overwhelming numbers that all the electing tampering doesn't matter.  Voter suppression has resulted in so much voter apathy that nobody cares anymore because they don't think their vote counts.  But what if it did?  Suppose we got our shit together just long enough to speak with a single, deafening voice on election day.  I wonder what that would look like.

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