Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Nation of Sheep

By now most of you have likely heard of what transpired on a United Airlines plane in Chicago  yesterday: when a 69 year old doctor was beaten by airline security, then manhandled and physically dragged off the airliner.  It seems the airline had a fully booked aircraft when it was discovered they needed four additional seats to transport four United employees. 

Initially the airline offered up to $800 dollars to passengers willing to take a later flight.  There were no takers, so they decided to let the computer pick four people at random to leave the plane.  Three of them took the hike like peaceful little sheep and deplaned without complaint.  The fourth however, Dr. David Dao had to get to Louisville to treat his patients; and refused to be put off the plane.

It was at this point that the security goons were instructed by someone to physically remove the gentleman from the aircraft; and they did.  He was struck in the mouth and began bleeding from the lip as they dragged him like a duffel bag down the aisle of the plane.  Dr. Dao suffered a concussion, a broken nose, and lost several teeth in the brutal removal process. 

Yes everything about what happened was reprehensible; especially the reaction, or lack thereof, from the remaining passengers.  On the cell phone video taken by a passengers ONE woman can be heard kind of protesting the rough Gestapo like action and it was a chorus of one.  There were a couple of sarcastic wise-ass remarks made, but no real protest.   On a flight so full of humans there was a shocking lack of humanity.  The entire lot of them just sat there and not only watched this crime take place, they allowed it to happen by not standing up in defense of their fellow passenger.  As if filming video was the limit of civic responsibility.

The Silence of the Lambs

I'm really curious, were the other passengers indifferent because Mr. Dao was Asian, or because as well behaved cattle they feared the same treatment?  Yes the fine print in the 'carrier agreement' you sign to get a ticket to fly says the airlines can do pretty much whatever they want to you while on their aircraft; but we know nobody ever reads that stuff, so the passengers weren't silent and compliant because the airline goons were allowed to treat humans like garbage...it's some other reason

They were silent because they were afraid that if they stood against this kind of treatment something as bad or worse might happen to them.  The nail that sticks up gets hammered back down.  It's true, they really have turned us into a nation of sheep, and lamentably there may be no way back for us at this late date. Nation of sheep, ruled by wolves & owned by pigs.

To his credit, Mr. Dao managed to slip back aboard the airliner, determined to not be deprived of what he'd paid for.  I believe the news said he wasn't allowed to remain on the flight.  Now, in the aftermath of this incident we see a flurry of "news" stories all from Dr. Dao's past which all seek to somehow discredit him as a decent human being as if to justify what was done to him.
I have no idea whether any of these allegations about Dr. Dao are true, but it simply doesn't matter.  Nothing from his past has anything whatsoever to do with what happened on that aircraft, period.  Those who dig up & make up such things to publish are not journalists, but rather ghouls who are pushing the party line of totalitarianism as if it was normal and right, which if course it is not.  The only thing Dr. Dao was guilty of was being Vietnamese-American and thinking he had the right to stand up for his rights as a citizen.

This man committed no crime, brought no contraband aboard the plane, and said nothing to bring about his forced, bloody eviction from the plane.  All he did was insist on getting what he paid for, and that got him a beat down...and everyone there just watched.  This is nothing new of course, we humans have a bit of a history of not wanting to get involved: whether we see a beating, or children in public being struck for misbehavior, or a woman being abused in public.  We say it's not our business as an excuse to turn away, avert our gaze and pretend it isn't happening.  

We let these things slide at our peril.  Yes today there is a hue & cry for a boycott against United Airlines, which is good and all that, but what would have been so very much better is if the other passengers had refused to permit the violation of this man's human and constitutional rights in the first place.  We have to make a stand somewhere, sometime don't we?  It might as well be right when the shit is going down, because the way we are doing things nowadays ensures us that when it is your turn to be dragged away by the Gestapo there will be no one left to complain or protest.  If we do not defend everyone's rights then nobody has any left.

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  1. Back when we fought against evil (for Evel). Whatever else he was, he had guts. That's what we've lost. But when enough of us see these thugs in uniform the same way the crowd sees the Hell's Angel's this is what they will get:

    1. He was definitely one of a kind. It's all about the attitude of the warrior. quite a crowd reaction in that video! Too bad the airplane was full of programmed drones too worried about missing their flight. If those folks on that plane had all simply stood up and refused to allow such treatment; the security goons would have no other option, they would have to stop!

      No use wishing for the good old days when Americans would come to the aid of someone in trouble, and fill the streets in righteous indignation at government crimes. Those days are long gone, never to return.

  2. So depressing Chautauqua . Reading and watching this made me despair of "us "
    Why didn't anyone do anything ? It's a disgraceful , terrible attitude , to watch and not "do" All it takes is just one person to stand up and say no .
    It's interesting how something like this can be so revealing. What it revealed is not good .

    Thought you might like this , it came to mind when I heard about this .

    No man is an island ,
    Entire of itself ,
    Every man is a piece of the continent ,
    A part of the main.
    If a clod be washed away by the sea,
    Europe is the less .
    As well as if a promontory were .
    As well as if a manor of thy friend's
    Or of thine own were :
    Any man's death diminishes me ,
    Because I am involved in mankind ,
    And there fore never send to know for whom the bell tolls ,
    It tolls for thee.

    John Donne

    I think this poem is a reminder of where we should stand .


    1. These are indeed sad days for humanity.

      Have they finally succeeded in breeding and toxifying the resistance gene right out of us?

      We wonder.

    2. Invictus
      by William Henley

      Out of the night that covers me,
      Black as the pit from pole to pole,
      I thank whatever gods may be
      For my unconquerable soul.

      In the fell clutch of circumstance
      I have not winced nor cried aloud.
      Under the bludgeonings of chance
      My head is bloody, but unbowed.

      Beyond this place of wrath and tears
      Looms but the horror of the shade,
      And yet the menace of the years
      Finds, and shall find me, unafraid.

      It matters not how strait the gate,
      How charged with punishments the scroll,
      I am the master of my fate:
      I am the captain of my soul.

    3. Love this poem . I think this was Henleys most well known poem . Nelson Mandela referred to it when imprisoned .
      US POW's in Vietnam , Churchill , the list go's on , it's so powerful the kind that brings a lump to my throat .


      I'm sure you know this one too , so powerful , Shelley was such an anarchist it's amazing to think this was banned for 30 years , although we are getting that way now again .
      I will always remember my grandfather telling me about a prisoner of war he spoke to , he had said that no matter what they had done to his body and no matter how high his prison walls were , in his mind he was always free to go where ever he wanted .
      It's true, our inner world is unassailable , something I will always know .

  3. Looks like it , geo engineering , chemicals in food , thats just what we ingest and also absorb via our skin . The rest is all about entrainment and compliance .
    Just a huge social engineering experiment for "them " .
    We are often pushed , and tested to see how much we'll take before we say no . Sadly we never seem to say no ,and ultimately we'll be tested to destruction . Look at our searches at airports , training us for compliance for bigger things ? But what about right and wrong ? Have we lost our moral compass ? You said in another comment about how things are never as they seem , we are being slowly destabilised , all social and social norms turned upside down .
    So what's going to happen when those jack boots turn up at the door , do we just open the door and say come in, walk all over me , or make a stand .?
    I'm not holding my breath :(

  4. When (not if) the jack booted ones come knocking on my door I will not only welcome them in, but berate them for taking so long, on account of me having great solutions to so many pressing problems. Like braer rabbit I will fool them into throwing me right where I will be right at home!

    also working on an alternate plane in case that fails...

  5. Brilliant C ! I love your attitude , we are on the same page :))
    Plan "b" is always good too !

  6. Its true that no man is an island, but through social engineering and knowledge of anthropology, the 20th century witnessed the intentional disintegration of the glue which holds society together. We now act as islands instead of communities and no longer have each others backs. Asymmetrical warfare includes application of social science and it began at least a hundred years ago. We have blown through the tipping point, are falling and picking up speed. At this juncture i think it wise to move closer to those you love, reaffirm your feelings and prepare for harsh change to the best of your ability. How we respond to crisis defines us.

  7. Silence of the lambs

    South dakota
    A man refused to provide a urine sample to police so they took him to a hospital under restraint, where a nurse forced a catheter into his urethra. Bet that felt good.

    More conditioning

  8. "Silence of the lambs" - now I wish I'd thought to use that as a title!!

  9. Heehee. Dont worry, yours is more original..

  10. Very strong fearcast now. People clam up cowering and quietly they go into that good night.

  11. I was gonna post something, then i thought, whats the point?

    1. Some days I agree with you, other days not so much...call it conflicted desperation for the futility of resistance

  12. After atlas shrugged, the world devolved roughly to the point where it is right now. It feels sorta atlas shruggy now and im half expecting the lights to go out. Wouldnt need to drop another bomb. We would do the rest.

  13. Oh yeah, they are ramping up to do what it is they're gonna do; but now...
    right now they're just fucking with us for the entertainment value...like a kid holding a magnifier lens on insects on a sunny summer day somewhere in Texas...as HW chokes and pukes to death with Pneumonia.

    You are right, all they need to do is put the idea in our little heads and we'll supply the grunt work. "The Martians are due on Maple Street" episode of the Twilight Zone. It's getting close now, I can smell the stink of fear in the air, or is it just the Fukushima sunshine?? Oh well, can't wait to see who gets voted off the island next.

  14. I sometimes wonder if humans were built with a genetic switch which fear flips. Fear leads to many quantifiable bodily and emotional changes, but i suspect it also throws us into primitive brain mode, and those higher human attributes vanish. Stephen kings book "cell" explored this.

    Whatever it is, you, me and no doubt a few billion others are feeling the change in the air.

    I started feeling that magnifying glass burning a hole in the back of my neck in 1999, right after the surreal coverage of john john kennedys plane crash. My wife and i took to calling the shift in reality groundhog day, because we detected that everything was under control and there would be no more surprises, only hegelian solutions. We wanted groundhog day to end. We wanted to get to the other side of whatever spiritual disease had seized control of planet earth.

    I call it torture

  15. Weaponized cream cheese

    There are times when, wondering what country gets bombed next, im too sad to cook. So i like to have food on hand that can be prepared in under 30 seconds. Heres how to turn cream cheese into something worth eating and you just warm up a roll or bagel and spread it on.

    1 pack cream cheese
    3 chopped scallions
    1 diced serrano chili
    2 cloves crushed garlic
    1/4 diced red pepper
    1/2 diced small tomato

    Mix ingredients after cream cheese attains room temperature, then refrigerate.

    Your welcome

  16. The globe theater presents "gotham shield" next week. You do know there is no gotham except the one where batman grew up. Unless we just slipped into a super crappy timeline. Or maybe its the mandella effect. How do you do this with a straight face? The subliminal possibilities are endless and the event should prove fertile ground for murphys law. Oh well, who is john galt?

  17. Yeah, we got the savior we deserve...a used car salesman. Sounds about right.

  18. Start guzzling that diet soda right away; you're gonna want the dementia to kick in ASAP.

  19. As fate would have it, i take care of an 88-year-old with severe dementia. She still knows her name and thats about all. About three weeks ago she decided to cook dinner at 3:30am. Instead, she fell and broke her hip. After hip replacement surgery, shes in rehab but doesnt know why. Her chances are akin to winning the lottery. I have wrestled with her dementia in real life for two years and would not wish it on anyone.

  20. Between this militant treatment of Dr. Dao with almost all of the passengers silent like lambs, and chemtrailing, and the deliberate downing of flights whose passengers bring light to humanity, and the TSA becoming insane, hell is happening ...

    Doing a lamestream search today, the CEO Oscar Munoz of United Airlines testifies, gets 'grilled' on Capitol Hill today, on the treatment of customers, and the forcible removal of Dr. David Dao, ...who lower down in the search result gets an 'amicable settlement'.

    1. It's also interesting to note that the "tools" who personally beat him up and dragged him off are hardly mentioned. Looks like personal responsibility no longer applies as long as you are "just following orders."

    2. Considering the way things are these days, I wouldn't be surprised if they got promotions.

    3. And the no-minds on Capitol Hill let CEO Munoz skate away, not even a slap on the hand, in this new most blatantly dystopian administration (U.S.). They each should be given a concussion, 3 busted teeth and get dragged out of their positions at United and Congress, by Munoz' goons, who should then be put down.
      sorry to be so vengeful but it makes me so angry

    4. I thought you were being spiritually lenient.
      As for me I prefer the justice Alaskans give to child molesters:
      Take the fuckers deep into the woods just before dusk, then tie them buck ass naked to a tree, then take a very sharp knife and get a trickle of blood flowing from several locations...just enough to put the scent in the air, then leave them alone to their fate. then you go back a few days later to get the wildlife camera you set up, hold a party to view the videos.

      You do that to a few politicians, lawyers, cops & judges and watch how fast America gets great again

      Guess I'm a bit angry too after todays health care bullshit