Thursday, September 5, 2013

Blow Up Your TV

Of the various distinctions the 'Baby Boomer' generation has, perhaps the most significant is that we were the first generation to grow up with a television set in the house.  The American public became familiar with television during the 1939 worlds fair; although mass production wasn't possible until after WWII.  In America, the first regular commercial TV programming began in 1948, and in many instances television became like a third parent; as an awful lot of our early impressions about the world, and how to act in it came from that magic box with the moving pictures.  Back then we neither knew or cared that the impressions we got were of a make believe world that didn't really exist, because it was an escape from a terminally boring world of conformity and growing consumerism all around us.

Just like thousands of other baby boomer children I spent many an hour glued to the television, following the exploits of Sky King, and The Lone Ranger, not to mention everything from Walt Disney.  Before you knew it, TV was as American as apple pie, and there was no looking back; or questioning, we simply embraced it wholeheartedly, never dreaming it would become a primary tool used to desensitize and program us into docile consumer sheep.  Many years would pass  before it was revealed that even back in the early days of TV, "they" were actually embedding subliminal messages that only the subconscious mind could see.  They used subliminal messages during advertisements for products to increase profits, and even in the national anthem, to increase patriotism.  Even after we learned of these things, did we indignantly demand accountability?  Nope, we just kept right on watching as if nothing was wrong.

I guess I never saw much wrong with television until I got my eyes opened real good during my military years.  In that time I got a very good look at how the rest of the world is, and lives.  I saw poverty on a scale that it boggled the mind, and everywhere I went there it was, the sharp dividing line between the haves, and the have nots, called the ghetto, slums, or barrio.  They weren't showing any coverage of that on the TV.  In fact TV was a place having a lot in common with our photo albums, because a casual glance at either seemed to show happy people living a carefree existence, without the slightest hint of injustice, or tragedy.  Naturally there were the established 'rules' governing just what could and could not be shown on TV, to protect the public...but oddly enough no rules were made protecting the public from those who would use TV as a tool for the enslavement of a population. 

"Don't you know we are being led to slaughters by placid admirals, and that fat slow generals are getting obscene on young blood.  Do you know we are ruled by TV?"
Jim Morrison - An American Prayer

By 2009 over 80% of world households had at least one TV, which was a 5% increase from 2003, and everywhere, the same formula being used, constant advertisements briefly interrupted by mind numbing pabulum to keep the masses entertained.    When you stop to think about it, that's a really amazing statistic for something to accomplish is just 55 years!  Like a fast moving cancer which destroys the ability for critical thought and conscious reasoning; it continues to spread unabated as we continue to embrace it as a friend, and an escape from reality. 

TV is used to sell us everything from truth, to religion, including who we 'elect' as president.  It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the powers that be, and they use it like a weapon to disempower the masses; which is you, and me...we are the masses they hope to keep addicted to their television programming.  Increasingly TV is used to push any number of social agendas, to keep us divided, and distrusting those unlike us.  Slavery was never abolished, it was just expanded to include everyone, and TV is the principle tool used to achieve that desired result.  You see, television happens to put humans into an alpha state with great speed and ease, alpha state being usually related to daydreaming, light meditation, and sleep.  When the mind is in the alpha state its simply more open and susceptible to suggestion, which makes one an ideal target for advertising and subliminal messages.  While many viewers are well aware of these things, and make efforts to block or at least mute TV commercials, alas everything broadcast on your TV is suspect for dirty tricks, not just the commercials; and the vast majority of folks just let commercials play out anyway, thinking they are ignoring them.



 Do you really think the mandatory switch to digital television was because "they" wanted you to have a better, more fulfilling TV experience?  Not at all, they did it to streamline and integrate the industry to keep pace with developing technology such as smart meters, to better keep an eye and ear on all of us.  It's just one more aspect of the total surveillance society we live in.  Even our cell phones have now become miniature HD TV sets, as we can watch any show or movie we like, any time we like.  Talk about being kept on a short leash!!  I don't know for sure what exactly it is about television that captivates us the way it does, but I do know that if you offered your friends a hundred bucks to give up TV for a week you wouldn't be handing over much money.  It just seems to me that a hundred years ago before the advent of TV and cell phones we sure had a lot more intelligent people in the general population than we do these days.  Of course that was before Gwen Towers, Microwave burst transmitters, & Chemtrails also, so TV cannot take the whole rap for dumbing us down...but with the ever growing expansion of cell towers alone, we are all daily swimming in a toxic soup of signals, beams and various other radio frequencies which are clearly detrimental to long term health.

"Television is the SOMA of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World." ~ Robert McNeil

Certainly I am not suggesting that television is totally devoid of substantial and worthwhile material, just mostly so.  In order to get their FCC license renewed each year, all TV stations must produce a minimal amount of such educational and artistic programming; beyond that however, it gets pretty dismal real quick.  The media determines what "We the people" want to see, then shows it to us with what has been called "formula TV" - creating & broadcasting only that which turns a tidy profit for the owners, and mind numbing monotony for the viewers.  Yes there have been a few notable and very popular series programs over the years, however for the most part such popularity is a death knell for such standout productions, as they always seem to get cancelled despite their popularity.  Perhaps they were endorsing schools of thought not supported by the powers that be.



Of course all of the media companies are owned by a small handful of  people who all work in cooperation with each other to maximize their profits at the expense of the consumer.  Television is not permitted to encroach on the profits of the movie industry, so the fare there is quite stale indeed; as TV has it's own hierarchy for turning a monthly profit.  Any movie released within recent memory does a 3 to 5 month stint on the pay-per-view.  The hotter the movie, the longer it stays on PPV, until it finally debuts on regular cable.  Now you might think that regular cable would be full of such hit movies, just off a PPV run, but you'd be wrong.  TV networks have to purchase broadcast rights to the movies they show, and those rates are higher for newer movies of course. So, what the viewers get are all the movies the network owns outright, and the ancient fare that everyone has seen a thousand times because the rates are so cheap.  Now we begin to see the true size of the monster we allow in our homes.  People are paying extreme rates every month, to have the exact same viewing options they had the month before, and the month before that & so on.  No matter which 'customer package' one chooses they are still paying for things they will never watch as well as crap they've seen a hundred times.  Why is it we continue to do this, keep paying month after month for the same rip-off scam we've already paid for many many times over?  What does it say about us that we refuse to change?

"Television could perform a great service in mass education, but there is no indication it's sponsors have anything like this on their minds." ~ Tallulah Bankhead

The media kingpins understand very well that TV has taken a bit of a beating in the digital revolution, and their solution is not to compete with the 'competition' but to turn it all into the same hydra headed monster; thus ensuring no American must go without the screen of media mesmerization.  And watch out, before you know it 3D interactive TV will be here to replace HD and Blu Ray technology.  Why so much effort to simulate onscreen what can be seen by just going outside?  What terrible thing is it within humanity that makes us so reluctant to just be alone, quietly with our own thoughts for hours on end?  Why do we need the constant distraction of our attention, to something outside of ourselves??  Could it be that television's purpose is to prevent us from discovering the secrets to creation that exist within us all?  You wonder!


Let's take stock for a second or two here.  Television not only is being used to program & condition those who watch it to be docile, obedient slaves to the system, it turns our brain into sludge, AND we get to pay thru the nose for the privilege every month.  What can possibly be more American than that?  I know you don't like being reminded of this stuff all the time, but that's my job, and something about the title of this post must have appealed to you, or why else did you click on it?  Maybe you too are sick of the whole system, but don't know how to break free.  The first step is turning the damn thing off, the next step is just get rid of the thing altogether.  Are you tired enough of this BS yet to take that step, to wean yourself off the hypnotic media tit, and find stimulation elsewhere?  

As appealing as it is to conjure the image of thousands of people destroying or trashing their TV set, an even better idea has occurred to me; and that is for all of us to deposit our TV set on the curb with the other trash - on the same day!  Stop for a moment and consider the monumental message that would send to the owners of this place.  The only thing that might top that for a message would be for all of us to go outside at noon on the next national election day instead of voting...and fly the bird skyward for every surveillance satellite to see.  I would not want to be the aide who had to deliver those photos to Obama - but I would love to watch it happen on live TV!  Haven't you ever stopped to wonder why there is a TV set everywhere you go, be it tavern, bus station, every motel and hospital room, commercial laundry - you name it.  Its literally everywhere you go, like an all-seeing-eye or grand oracle or something. 


 These times of changing paradigms are going to be more demanding on us as we go deeper into them, and I believe that a lot of our 'crutches' and bad habits are going to have to be willingly discarded as excess baggage; especially so for those who have fifth dimensional destinations in mind!!  The things and devices we have used to soften the harshness of this place need to remain in this place when we move onward.  Now, I might be wrong, but I don't think we're going to find any cigarettes, TV, or jello shots once we arrive in 5D...just saying some forethought might not be a bad idea. 

     "Watching Television is like taking black spray paint to your third eye." ~ Bill Hicks

Contrary to what you might think, tossing your TV is going to open up a world of new possibilities for you.  You could go chat with someone you could actually touch at the same time, or read a book, or ride a bike, or just lay out under a shady tree on a sunny day, (although these days that can be hard on the health too).  You could volunteer to any one of a number of community programs from kids to seniors and everything in between.  You could take up any number of new hobbies that don't require electricity or hooking back into the 'grid'... you could start a blog, or a business; and if all else fails, there's always roller derby!  The beneficial things you can do instead of TV are actually limited only by your imagination.  Unfortunately way too many would sooner use their imagination to come up with excuses why they cannot or will not do away with their TV.  Addictions are such powerful things, and seldom easy to defeat.  Every little addiction we allow ourselves the luxury of is like one of those tubules sticking out of Neo when he awoke within the Matrix hatchery scene.  It's so bad... I have to resort to movie scenes to illustrate a point about what it has done to us, ironic, huh?

Have you ever wondered why so much time and money is devoted to keeping 24 hour a day programming churning out on the television sets of the world?  How about the actors and actresses who become our stars & celebrities...ever wonder what motivates someone (besides the money) to spend the best years of their life playing make believe in front of cameras so the rest of us can watch it?  And exactly why does it pay so good to be an actor??   Have you never wondered about the world obscured from your view by this TV monster.  For the owners to spend the money they do sustaining all aspects of television there just has to be something it is distracting us from.  Nobody would spend the trillions of dollars invested so far in television programming, to distract the population from nothing! 

The thing 'they' are distracting you from, is yourself!  The very last thing the 'owners' of this whole place want,  is for all of us to get back in touch with our spiritual self in time to participate in this grand Aquarian Evolution now taking place.  So I suppose it all boils down to personal preference in the end.  If you love it here in this paradigm and you think the world is sane and normal the way it is, then by all means ignore me and get back to your TV set.  If however, you are among those who sense, feel and sometimes even see a better world awaiting us just an octave higher up in frequency resonance, then perhaps it is indeed time to put away childish things ... and Blow Up Your TV. 
Pick One!

                             Video: Dancing with the Elephant in the Room

Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other    


  1. Hi Sister~
    Some cogent remarks indeed, it's all about choice, and deciding to be in control of your own environment. While it's true that a lot of historic events and other 'must see' events occur on TV, they can all be seen on the internet as well. Several of my friends dumped their TV's and they seem perfectly happy to me without it.

  2. The lies, the lies, the lies. I was watching those so called leaders today over this Syria issue and I said to myself that if the world lasts into the next century some history teacher is going to use these recordings as an example of what total BS the people were fed like infant formula through a bottle to all of us. Next week or soon after this, everything that we are use to and the recent communications of the internet may be coming to an end. The third world war is in the mix.

    On the false pretext that we are going to war over a false flag, a lie. It is all about the petro dollar, pipelines, oil, Israel, over there. Just like the other wars, it starts on a lie. Assad is a bad dictator but it doesn't make sense he would be stupid enough to launch a gas attack while the UN inspectors were over there. It sure does that the rebels would, especially because they are losing and wants to get the U.S. involved. The U.S. wants an excuse to attack Iran anyway because they are selling oil and getting others to using something different than the U.S. dollar. More lies that never reach the boob tube.

    TV does have some good channels like the education channels and cartoons to laugh at. I think everyone likes to watch the Weather Channel, especially to learn. The other channels are worthless. The main news is like watching some sort of propaganda channel. Subliminal programming is sickening, and everyone that finds that they limit their exposure to the TV will find their mind opening and clarity returning to the thought process. I don't know whatever happened to the reading of books. Someone doesn't even have to go out and meditate somewhere, just get out and open yourself to what is around you. One of the most helpful exercises that there is starts with paying attention to nature around you, listening to every sound, watching the animals and plant life around you live and act with each other. There are some very interesting bird calls that people can learn, maybe even talk back.

    Future historians if there is anyone or any technology left are going to have a field day looking at the primitives. Future historians hopeful will learn from past idiocy. Of course the old aphorism that those that fail to learn from the past mistakes are destined to make them again may well apply to the future as it sures does in the present.

    By the way Chautauqua, how are you doing personally? Hopefully fully healed?


    1. Realist~
      As usual, you certainly seem to have a good grasp of what is going on in this world and the motives behind the events, however, I worry about you brother because I can tell from how you write that this crap offends you on a deeply spiritual level. My concern is that by taking all this in so personally your focus is locked in to it like radar...remember that energy follows thought, and will lead to your destiny, according to where your focus is. By being laser sighted in on all these travesties you might just be setting yourself up to stay here for the duration when the timelines split. There are many better outcomes we all should be focusing on nowadays. Keep your eye on where you want to end up, not on this dystopian place. Peaceful Blessings, Bro.

    2. Chautauqua,

      You are correct, this does bother me on a deep spiritual level because billions of people are going to die a hard death when the war starts, and few are going to understand that it was for all the wrong reasons. There are a few people that control all of this, maybe or maybe not with demonic and alien influence behind it. Everyone else is just a pawn, or even less than that.

      I guess you are right about distancing yourself and focusing on where you want to go. It is just difficult to when you walk by people, see the animals of the world, the trees and plants, and probably all over the world will end up a crisp or dying from radiation sickness or from some other strange weapon that they have come up with from the Tesla designs of a century ago. It does bother me that anyone that has so much is not satisfied, they just have to have more and more at the expense of the innocent.

      Then you see this on the TV, internet, newspaper, magazines, that the people of the United States and all over the world are being told total garbage. They show these children that have been gassed, not out of compassion, but once again to be used as tools to gain sympathy for an attack. All the while for other purposes that the public would never support. Even people in Europe are not believing this, just as Saddam had doomsday weapons ready to let loose on the world. The Iraqi people have a poisoned country with depleted uranium shells and bullets that were used extensively during the decade long war. That was a lie and so is this.

      I just hope the ET's are not playing the same mind games with everyone like the hidden secret governments are doing with the people. One of the things that most bothers me is not knowing the truth about human life and ET life. Personally I think I could still care, but let go of much more so if there were accurate answers about the universe available. Not knowing is one of the most frustrating feelings there is. I have had many dreams of the next war for years now, it is getting close. I will try to take your very wise advice about energy following thought, because the last thing I want is to end up stuck down here after the upheaval has begun. Thank you.


    3. Realist~
      There is still a chance that the war in Syria will not happen despite all the slavering warmongers. Even these sick psychopaths can clearly see that nobody is buying the bullshit this time. That along with Russia and Iran poised to jump into the fray might just get these sickos to pull in their greedy fangs and back off this time; because everybody knows what eventually happens to a rabid dog who attacks everyone in sight.

      Also, it helps a lot to understand that this experience here in this place is but a multi-layered holographic illusion, like a dream world or computer game...and when you sleep at night you come awake in the REAL world. However, just because it is an illusion doesn't mean it isn't real, and with real consequences for those who loose their way amid all the confusion. Try stepping back away from the things that torment your soul. Get into your heart of hearts, in the silence at the heart of things, and be at peace with all of creation, and your place within it.

      Guard your compassion, without allowing it to become jaded; but at the same time don't let it run amok out of control. Remember we humans are a species of limited perceptions in this world, things are seldom as they appear, and good people are doing many powerfully good things totally out of view from everyone. Don't ever give up, because you never know what the morning tide will bring. Peaceful Blessings!

    4. They will back off, but not for long. They always have a Plan B back up, even all the way to Plan Z, if needed. I've seen some video evidence the gassings are a hoax. Anyone here can check that out.

      And beautifully said, my new friend. You are more soothing than I will admit to at this point:)

    5. ~Jean~ Layers upon layers of lies & obfuscation, like a rotten onion - soon we toss the whole thing, realizing the whole thing is rotted. The only thing that seems to remain constant is that things are seldom as they appear. To see the truth we must learn to see with new eyes. Peaceful Blessings, sister.

  3. I enjoy having some one, in passing, ask if I watched a particular program or sports event... I get to smile and say, I don't watch tv... And I do not miss it at all. Haven't watched for over fifteen years... and when I do go into a place that has a tv on I at least attempt to sit or stand where the tv can't "see" me. I used to watch the people watching the tv... until I realised they weren't there... they were totally absorbed by what ever they were watching. Rather scarey actually...they were/are living breathing zombies. I had the fortune of our family tv qutting on us when I was in junior high... And my dad said that was that... no more tv. Turns out I read everything... consequently, I knew where Vietnam was way before my classmates... and yes I knew more about what was happening everywhere... and no, I didn't know who was cheating who on tv...I was getting a life. I suppose I spent more time outside than most of the kids I knew...while they were in front of a tv, I was watching life... particularly nature. Much better programing. Television no longer tells a vision... television feeds the zombie masses. And that is scarey.

    1. Indeed, Alpha state zombies, all zoned into the oracle. What a lasting image that will be in my head...fits perfectly! Your dad is a very smart fellow!! Thanks for hanging out!

  4. My wife and I unplugged from the banality of TV-land about 12 years ago and never looked back.

    What most people don't realize is that after about 6 weeks, any lingering "withdrawal" symptoms will have passed, because that's usually how long it takes to re-entrain the mind and break the grip of habitual behavior. And after about 6 months, you won't be able to stand to even look at it because it will all appear as it really is; twisted and utterly ridiculous.

    1. Blue Sojourn~
      I have this one friend who doesn't own a TV, and hasn't for a few years...yet whenever he's around a TV that is on, he gets so transfixed on it he can barely participate in conversation...spooky stuff, this human brain of ours. It makes a great servant but a lousy master.

  5. The school of thought - aka the language - is the programming/brainwashing.
    Being completely silent is the only way to be free.

  6. And just to think of how much good could be done with it...

    1. Yes!! Indeed!! and that I believe is the salient thought here: Just imagine all the ways TV could be used to educate and empower the planet's population...instead of enslaving them. There just has to be a better way.

  7. Great article. I gave up TV 5 years ago. I recently found myself employed as a technician for Comcast Cable, and I gotta tell ya, people who lose their cable TV become downright, nasty, frothing monsters! Yelling and screaming and cursing because 1 or 2 TV's in their home isn't working. Forget that there are 3 others working just fine - but the 1 that they want to watch "now" is having trouble so the end of the world has arrived. Also, the culture of "On-Demand" is absolute lunacy. Doesn't matter that they have 600 working channels - if On-Demand isn't working - watch out!! I lasted in that position for about 7 months and finally had to walk away. I couldn't deal with the monsters any longer...

    1. Wow, thanks so much for the 'insider' viewpoint, truly amazing! Several years ago I was visiting a friend who was getting cable or dish TV installed. I noticed that the remote had two emitters or whatever they are called, but the cable box had amused I asked the technician which one was the camera that watched the watchers...and without missing a beat or even looking up, he replied, "Oh that's the middle one." Guess he had heard that one before and was ready for it...or else ~

  8. I haven't read your articles yet but what a stunningly beautiful blog set up. Makes my own, look pathetic and boring.


    1. Jean~
      I truly appreciate your comment on the look of the blog, it means a lot, thanks. Being a great fan of the Southwest, I will be looking in on your blogsite! Peaceful Blessings.

    2. I hope you find something to catch your eye.

      I have many guest columnists, I wish to include you among them.

  9. I quit TV 5 years ago. What I found amazing is now i have independent thought and reasoning. Pretty cool, everyone should try it. Great article by the way.

  10. I Truly Believe that everything happens for a reason. Yes indeed,There are great agenders at play here and have been planned from a very long time ago. I think the aim on life is "Balance" A balance in life and everything in moderation. Learn from things and discard what is unnecessary etc.

    Yes TV can be all the things mentioned in this good article but again it's finding that balance. How well are you on world current affairs?? DO you believe all that is shown on tv New media to be true?? Do you believe all what you read in the News papers or what is spread throughout the information highway , the INTERET?? Do you always believe what people say to you or from heresay???
    You see all this needs critical thinking and that is one thing that is not very easy to do, some habits die hard.

    Last but not least, How are you as a person, would you consider yourself a spiritual person or a materialistic person?? If the Latter then I'm afraid tv has the big potential to will swallow you whole!

    If you really value life then for some moments or two you will look at the heavens above an think "what is this life all about" Once on a self realization path it will be very helpful and quite easy in life to strengthen the power of your will or Will power! : )

    There is no doubt as to what the mainstream media is churning out day to day is utter nonsense and garbage creating garbage minds. Personally I watch tv but the question is what i watch and choose to watch and of that, very little tv. Having studied for many years about Tv programming, mind control projects one gets a better picture of what is going on and what to avoid watching. Most of my time is surfing the internet of which you will only ever get real news that is devoid in the mainstream media ofcourse for good reason!

    I could go on and on however, to finish off i would say choose and use your time wisely here on this earth as much as possible. Educate yourselves to what is really happening behind the scenes. Let's all empower ourselves with truth justice equality and peace to all. Keep the Balance!

  11. Hi, I stopped watching Television in July 1980 for reasons that at the time seemed a point of ridicule by those around. At that time, people took it lightly that I was not watching all those seemingly importants TV programs. However today, people find it out right fringe that I do not Watch TV. However, at the time I was not any smarter or knowledged than those around me.. However today, I can remember the Geography,Math and History we were taught in school, the other folks who continued watching TV, have forgotten most of what they learned in school,, and have also discarded the principles and manners they were taught, and replaced it with ever changing outlooks, opinions and seemingly new public policies and an ever increasing tolerance towards useless and immoral subjects and practices. I now enjoy watching their reaction to learning that I still do not Watch television, I also enjoy their reaction when I can cite history or geography, as to them, this seems to be something of rocket science to them, they now need their smart phone to know something. I also find myself always questioning what they now regurgitate in sync from their TV news anchors and nightly guest experts on this subject or that subject.

    I feel sadly that people have become so trapped by an electronic signal, kinda like the bug in the blue light.

    If you can get others to use their brain, read, or simply think instead of gazing into a LED screen, you will reinforce humanity over corporate governance.

  12. A very excellent and to the point article; however, I'm one of those that really can't be hypnotized. I disagree with throwing out the TV. It's just a tool for information, like the internet or library. I watch the news because I want to see what the enemy is up to. Hopefully, that keeps me ahead of the game:) I watch horror movies to blow stress and PBS for quality programming.

    Our job, as I see it, is to reach those "trapped by the blue light" and shake them awake; but we can only do it thru the common media they are so hooked on. I make relevant comments in Yahoo articles and have been pleasantly surprised by the number of truly awake people there. I think most people are trapped, not by television, but by their own narrow little lives. But once "they" cut off our utilities and supplies they will have us on our knees, and only then will the rest wake up, but by that time, it will be too late.

    "They" are few and we are many, that's the only hope I see.

    I'll continue to peruse your incredible site and comment further, if I may.

  13. Hi Jean (that sounds healthy :)
    How right you are, an excellent point to make; we certainly don't want to "cut off our nose to spite our face" regards dealing with this TV demon. I like to think that I have never been subjected to "bad TV" simply because I can always either leave the room, or change the channel, or best option of all, just turn it off. TV is increasingly an informative tool - just look at how many historical events have been covered on live TV - and seeing that cannot help but influence the way we perceive things! Glad to have ya as a rider on the express.

  14. oh dear, it was a cousin of mine that was on the team that won the nobel prize for co-inventing color television. If he only knew-and maybe did know the hidden agenda behind this invention--like the computer and internet and facebook--all vehicles meant to enslave, not uplift!

    1. So very is up to each of us to exercise discernment in what we choose to watch, hear, see and think. It's all about free will and being fully conscious.

  15. The only person who will lie to you as much as your CFRtv is the mewling politician on the CFRtv.

  16. Those who run with the herd, are the ones easily enslaved. Running blurs the scenary, making Peripheral Vision as blind as the asses in front blind the road ahead. Only those of us who can stop and step aside, see what's really going on. Unfortunately, we risk being trampled by the crowd.

    Sometimes I wish I could just run.

    Thank you, Chautauqua (damn, can hardly spell that, much less pronounce it! Hahaha!) for having me on board. See you around.

  17. I quit TV about 8 years ago but find it strange that there are TV's all over the place and they actually attract the eye like at places such as airports and gyms. Powerful stuff. I cheat a bit and live overseas but regardless of language, it it still a force of attraction although negative for sure. Pablum is dispersed in all languages.