Tuesday, December 16, 2014

5D People at The Emerald Cup

The 11th annual Emerald Cup cannabis competition & culture celebration was held this past weekend in Santa Rosa, California; and like thousands of others I bought tickets online to prevent being in line. 

It's one of those events that periodically draw me out of my hermit lifestyle; the kind that makes me tolerate something very uncomfortable as a kind of payment for getting to have an experience I want.  I've never much liked being in crowds, mobs even less.  Season that with some Vietnam flavored PTSD, then put it in a wheel chair which presents my damaged legs & feet as a target for every passerby ... and you might get some idea of my perspective.  Pay to play!

Being that the VA has yet to deliver on their promise of a shiny new motorized wheel chair; old ironsides was pressed into duty once more.  With my strapping business partner and his attractive wife as escorts & cohorts, we set out Saturday morning to take in the first day of the weekend event.

We got our first sense of proportion when we were still a couple miles from the fairgrounds venue; when three lanes of traffic were all trying to merge into the same exit ramp.  I suspect some of them may have already been smoking, based upon the creative driving we witnessed.  Knowing all these folks were headed to the same event as me made the knot in my gut twist just a bit.  I knew from experience that if I wanted to enjoy the day, I was gonna have to do something about that. 

The real accessible magic in this life awaits just beyond the boundary of our comfort zone.  It's where resonance causation allows us to program our experience instead of just gutting it out.  Instead of a particle resisting the wave, I agreed with myself that this day I would become the wave, immersing myself into this sea of humanity to see what it might show me.  Feeling the wheel chair would attract more attention than I desired; I dressed in regular street clothes, and a leather vest.  The only thing indicating my status as a veteran was a small Agent Orange patch on the vest.  The more obvious camouflaged field jacket with an assortment of service related patches was rolled up in my pack for when the day turned cooler.   

"The strangeness of this life cannot be measured"
                                            ~ John J. Dunbar ~

Just as I expected; passage thru the entry gate included the ever present metal detector.  As I waited my turn, secure in the knowledge I had no banned items on me, I watched the security officer moving the wand professionally all over the person in front of me.  When the officer turned to see me, he paused in a moment of assessment to recall which of his many rules covered this situation: then, pointing to the Agent Orange patch on my vest he says "Oh, you're good to go sir, besides, your whole chair would set this thing off...have a great time!"  I thanked him for the compliment even as some part of my subconscious mind was making a list of all the things someone could smuggle into that event in a wheel chair. 

Once past the gatekeepers we looked for someone handing out Emerald Cup programs; but alas there was no such person in evidence, anywhere.  There was however a staffer there informing us that if we wished to enter the vendor zone where cannabis could be openly smoked and purchased; we'd be needing another wristband.  A short while later, after showing our medical marijuana cards & receiving the proper wristbands, we ventured into the much anticipated vendors zone.  As we passed the zone's gatekeeper someone pushed in to extend their hand to me...I looked up to see a kind faced middle aged man, who just said, "Thank you for your service, sir."  As I shook his hand and thanked him, I told him I'd been home a while now, but hearing that never gets old! 

We paused there a moment to get our bearings, and a sense of this vendors zone.  There were so many vendors of all types that their undersized booths were literally wall-to-wall; sprawled out before us like a marijuana shanty town on the outskirts of Marrakesh.  Even though it was still early in the day there was a good turnout, and as I began perusing the passing faces it was like being in a river of humanity flowing a narrow course between a winding landscape of awnings, tents and all manner of temporary structures; including a spacious community tent complete with living room furniture.  In other words an obstacle course filled with stoned, self-absorbed humans. 

Wheeling up to any given booth was actually unexpectedly nice as I benefited the whole day from a kind of wheel chair bump.  Old hippie vet in a wheel chair sorta thing.  Once we left a booth and re-entered the river of humanity however, it was a whole different story & all bets were off!  Right away we noticed we weren't being noticed by a good percentage of the aimlessly meandering people; who instead of watching where they were going, were trying to read the signage at all the nearby booths, so they didn't miss anything important.  Only the deft reflexes of my human driver saved my delicate feet from being run into a great number of times.  It was interesting that some people could see a 2 inch patch from 25 feet away, and come over to thank me for my service; while the majority couldn't see me until they literally ran into me.

You simply wouldn't believe the number of passersby who make a conscious effort to avert their gaze from the handicapped, disabled & disfigured: as if we're contagious on sight or some shit.  Abnormal, misplaced fear mixed with superstition. 

These near misses continued to occur all day long.  As an experiment, I had my friends park me just outside the community tent and then sent them off to have some fun on their own for a while.  I was parked up alongside the front of the tent, out of the traffic flow, but not for long.  For reasons unknown, every so often a group of three or four people would just stop right in the middle of the walkway to chat as they passed a bong among themselves.  This forced those still moving to split & go around them, much like river water flowing around a rock.  Naturally about half of these re-directed wandering stoners were now aimed directly at my wheel chair.  About one out of three managed to say "scuze me" as they bounced off me.  So I moved across to the other side of the community tent where it formed a corner with a building.  Nice little out of the way spot with a good view for people watching.   Within minutes I found myself feeling a bit claustrophobic as I was surrounded by a growing throng of those who found the tent too crowded, so they came out where the old guy in the wheel chair was enjoying the view and proceeded to deprive him of it.  I released the brakes on my chair and started moving towards the walkway; and actually had to ask to be let through the wall of people.

When my companions returned we explored the back row of vendor booths, a good deal of which was erected on ground now turned to mud.  As we rounded a corner we could see another wheel chair mired down in the mud.  While we looked for alternate routes, a couple of attendees pitched in to help the woman in the stranded wheel chair get back to terra firma.  Before I knew it, the same folks offered to help us get me thru the muck; and nobody had to ask them!  Here and there, sprinkled amongst the unconscious & unaware I kept running into folks who weren't just there for themselves.  Like the perfect strangers, who several times throughout the day, would shove a joint, or raw bud into my hand, then just smile and walk away!  One fellow who stopped by to say hello wore a contestants badge, and gave me a small sample of the cannabis he had entered to be judged. 

As the afternoon rolled along more and more people showed up, and it didn't seem that many were leaving.  We decided to go back out to the common area to check out presentations and whatever else the Emerald Cup had to offer.  Out on the main concourse it wasn't nearly as crowded as the vendors zone; yet our progress continued to be slowed by a few other folks who felt the urge to shake my hand, and thank me for my service.  That is a whole other kind of high, one I had not anticipated.

"Unenlightened self-interest doesn't impress me"
                                           ~ George Carlin ~

Realizing we were all hungry, we followed our noses to where the food vendors were all gathered together; only to gradually see that nearly all these food vendors offered strictly vegan menus.  No lines at any of them!  Unfortunately only one vendor included anything remotely like a burger, & that was the cheese steak shack which from the length of the line; folks were mistaking for an iphone store.  Thousands of stoned meat eaters and barely enough cheese steak for half of them - what could go wrong.  So as to not block the thoroughfare, the cheese steak line had to flow down the street, and I found myself thinking it looked like a line of ants marching to the food source.

Resigning ourselves to our fate, we installed ourselves at the end of the line, which just kept growing behind us like a ravenous serpent.  Now things began to get really interesting.   The chow line was moving agonizingly slow; and to be polite I honored the personal space around those in front of me by leaving a few inches between us.  Before long three people came barging right thru that small gap in front of my wheel chair as if it was a designated doorway!  I was speechless, which considering I was also a bit annoyed, was probably a good thing.  I just couldn't believe it, even though it happened right in front of me.  Even the folks in front of us thought it was extremely rude. 

Within less than five minutes, the same event played out two more times, and by the second offender I was more than a little annoyed, as every time they bumped my feet it sent shards of pain racing up my legs.  I yelled at the rude, smirking youth with a bong around his neck..."HEY! Do I look like a fucking doorway asshole?"  This kid looks at me like I had some balls for calling him on his shit...then jogged away laughing.  Things returned to normal in the food line from hell, and sure enough within just a few minutes two more mindless ones moved to cut thru the line in front of me...almost as if being directed to do so...until I gave them a dirty look and just said "Really??!"  Duly shamed they turned back to find an easier way thru the line of starving pot heads.  By this time I was getting stiff & sore from being trapped in the chair all day, plus it was turning a lot cooler as the sun raced for the horizon...so it was time to fly the colors and put on the camo field jacket.  Somehow, wearing a combat jacket covered with Vietnam patches made all the difference in my little social experiment; as nobody else attempted to break thru the line in front of me...instead they were all cutting thru in front of a young girl several people ahead of us.  Isn't it funny how the sheeple always want to pick a weak spot to practice rudeness?  While the camo jacket repelled one kind of Emerald Cup attendee, it attracted the opposite kind; as I was now seeing more folks stopping to thank me for my service and shake my hand.

With the afternoon sneaking it's way towards dusk it was like shift change at the boogaloo factory.  Those who had what they came for were departing, just as more & more younger folks began flowing in, ahead of the headliner band, appropriately named "Slightly Stoopid."  A quick consensus was reached between my friends and I, that our work for the day was done, and we began making our way back to the parking lot, which by now was just one huge mass of vehicles as far as the eye could see.

~ The Takeaway ~
All in all the day was a hybrid experience of diverse polarities and more than a few reality cramps.  I'd expected the event promoters would have done a much better job considering this was the 11th annual Emerald Cup: but it was just an ill-planned hastily thrown together event where the promoters seemingly did the absolute minimal necessary to get paid.  Like the old saying goes, "Sell the sizzle, not the steak."

Attending this event gave me the opportunity to acquire cannabis not readily available in this area, including a very potent strain having 37.3% THC content.  For those new to the science behind cannabis; average street weed has between 13 to 18% THC content, and the stuff the clubs sell as premium grade has 18 to 25% THC content.  There's a new kid in town, and his name is Chiquita Banana

Taking inventory upon returning home I discovered that in addition to my purchases, I brought back over a quarter ounce of cannabis that was given to me by total strangers.  This energy of generosity wasn't focused upon me...rather, it was everywhere in the vendors zone that day, and fairly typical of the cannabis culture in general. The people we encountered ran the spectrum from Oakland gang bangers to Sonoma county soccer moms ~ and every one in-between.  The Beatles were right, everybody smokes pot!  The sheer numbers of people attending the 2 day event seems to indicate just how big a part marijuana plays in our modern culture.  Sure there were a few rude, self-important people running amok, but you see that everywhere, every day, nothing new about that.  What made the day kind of special was seeing how many helpful, generous, & selfless people showed up to help everyone else make the most of what was there. 

A hybrid day, yes indeed as it saw the mingling of two generations of marijuana users.  There were us relics from 40 years ago, rubbing shoulders with today's counterparts to counterculture; in all their various forms and expressions.  It was a fun and rewarding day spent in the pursuit of happiness; and for a time that energy, and the 37% THC cannabis gave the feeling that we might just overthrow the enemies of decency after all.  Just two days later though; decency continues to be mowed down along with Australian citizens and Pakistani children. 

© 2014 full re-post with permission only

"We are the people we've been waiting for" 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Lighten Up!

So, you've been on the spiritual path a good while now, and feeling pretty OK with your progress.  You've read the books, attended the whole life expos, and generally processed & integrated your assets off.  In your quest of becoming you have opened your heart, learned gratitude and forgiveness; all while wrestling with your ego for control of your life.   Because you know what it's about, you just say you're a work in progress.

It certainly hasn't been easy getting to this point, and all indications are it's about to get a good deal more difficult in the days ahead.  These are halcyon days we're living through, lots going on that demands our attention; maintaining ourselves is more important than ever now...and maybe you even sense that too.  Have you noticed recently that some hard lessons & bad memories have returned from whatever void you banished them to?

In recent months have you suddenly been overwhelmed by these negative memories & emotions from the past; when you weren't even thinking on the subject to begin with?  Most likely you haven't done anything to trigger such a release, so you sure as hell don't expect them when they hit.  Have the ugly brothers regret, remorse & resentment been trying to move back into your subconscious?

Been wondering to yourself lately why so many of these gremlins have returned so long after you healed that wound and balanced that energy?  What is going on here?  Knowing you did things right the first time, you cannot understand why these ghosts have come back to haunt you at this critical time.  I call them ghosts because that is kinda what they are; heavy negative residue left over from "the old days" before you got your chakras and aura back into good shape.

These negative echoes from the past can get you doubting yourself and second guessing everything you believe spiritually, and they seldom travel alone.  Part of what's causing all this disharmony is "separation anxiety" from 3D reality structures.  Everything we've ever known & counted upon has gone away, never to return: and it grows more distant with each new horror or nightmare we bear unwilling witness to.  Seeing what we're being dragged down into makes us second guess a few other things as well; and such are the things that give rise to the ghosts from healings past. 
Are there other contributing factors, you bet!  Although healed, those old trauma's left behind a souvenir in the form of scar tissue; which influences this melancholy release of these old memories...emotional scar tissue: leaves evidence of itself behind the same as physical tissue does; you just can't see it!  Because we cannot see it and aren't expecting it, this emotional scarring can trip us up & throw us off balance quite easily, and we almost never see it coming.

So, it really isn't so much the pain from the past that's surfacing, but more like shadow of the memory of it.  It's kinda like trying to bury an old useless tire that just won't stay buried.*   As far as I'm aware there is no way to restore this old emotional scar tissue to like new condition.  I think maybe the best way to deal with these things when they surface, is to gently acknowledge them; thank 'em, bless 'em then put 'em to some good use ... as trail markers of your spiritual journey, to look back at how far you've come, and the obstacles you had to overcome.

This whole process can be even harder if those in your immediate inner circle do not share your spiritual values, or have only recently been jarred from slumber by the great awakening; in either case, they have their own pressing problems to deal with.  I understand that very often spiritual & metaphysically inclined folks are drawn together but this isn't always the case.  Additionally, there are many others who are alone by their own choice, for whatever reasons.  Solo travelers on the spiritual sojourn.

Good childhood memories are also to be expected to surface right along with the ones we'd rather forget...and for similar reasons.  Part of us senses that things are never going to be the way they once were, its like we're saying goodbye for the last time.   This whole process of good & bad memories flooding into the consciousness can even make one think they're about to die because its like seeing your life flash before your eyes.

Hearts, Minds & Dreams

We see a lot these days about raising our vibration...part of which is cutting away dead weight that drags us down.  Like the hot air balloon, we cannot rise until enough dead weight is cut loose.  Fifteen years ago when I was active within the human potential movement, I dragged a computer with me everywhere I was booked.  This contained several of the day's leading biofeedback software programs including the Aura video station, and an amazing program from Heart Math; called the Freeze Framer.   The main feature of this software was a biofeedback game where you could fly and control a hot air balloon using only your mind!  Spooky cool stuff.
If you were all rigidly focused on flying the balloon successfully; the thing wouldn't budge.  However when you learned to relax into the moment, and yourself,  you'd find a sort of sweet spot where the balloon on the monitor would actually begin responding by lifting off.  The trick is to identify that sweet spot and then freeze frame it; locking it in.  As the ten minute entrainment program continues, the player must of course navigate some obstacles before reaching the finish line.  No joystick required!  A kind of relaxed concentration is needed to fly the balloon - or it will come crashing down quite abruptly.  The same exact thing applies to everyday spiritual life, you might get lucky with autopilot for a while; but a lack of conscious intent will ground you sooner rather than later.

Biofeedback is a marvelous way to actually show folks how energy follows thought, and I believe knowing that little gem is more important right now today than ever before.  This is primarily what we're talking about when discussing raising our spiritual energies, and maintaining them at the highest level possible, comfortably.  Focus your thoughts, intentions and dreams on where you wish to be, not mired down in where you've been.  It's why balloons don't come with rear view mirrors. 
Those who are now getting a crash course via the great awakening will undoubtedly have more than just scar tissue to deal with; likely as not many of you still have a lot of "sandbags" weighing you down, preventing your balloon of higher frequency from rising.  If this sounds familiar; I don't wanna seem rude, but it's time to cut some dead weight if you don't want to stay here.  Those who find their life still has too many toxic people & relationships must find the courage to just say no more, and cut them loose.  Haven't you already tried everything else?  How about all those painful emotional memories you can't help but revisit over and over again, you know; the ones that can never be resolved or healed - why can't you just thank them, bless them and let them go?  Holding on doesn't require strength, but letting go does!

You never change the world the same way twice

We need to be distancing ourselves from the everyday tyrannical little things which demand so much attention.  They are imposters and energy vampires.  Speak truth to power by boycotting all business who support Black Friday and the ridiculous idea that corporations are people.  Corporations are not people.  Only people are people!  You'll never raise your spiritual frequency by sucking down the exhaust fumes emanating from lame stream media's tailpipe!

It looks & feels like the powers that be are about to rip the lid off at Ferguson just any time now, after letting the unholy stew boil over for long enough for maximum damage.  Ignore it, boycott the news, don't give it your energy.  We must starve the fear loop of our attention, and energy - look away, raise your vibration above it like a balloon flying above the storm.

As long as we continue to give our money and silent tacit approval to those who we hate because they're poisoning the planet, the longer they will continue their evil machinations.  How exactly, does the logic of this escape so many minds while so many others are freed from it thru conscious intent.

Just decide to live a better way.  Then Act!

By constantly giving your attention to all of the over-hyped horrific media blood sport and bracing for yet another Black Friday assault, you are just adding more and more sandbags to your basket and preventing your lift off to higher realms.  Once you're un-tethered and your energy begins to steadily rise, those once mighty issues look like tiny dots from 3000 feet up.   The more dead weight you can drop, the faster things happen and before you know it, you have a whole new perspective on nearly everything, and you're living life like there's no yesterday. 

There is no looking back!

© 2014 full re-post with permission only

May the Source be with You! 
"We Can Fly"

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It's Time for New Rules!

It was just last week that I found myself heading to the town of Santa Rosa, Ca. with my business partner and his wife; on a  mission of running a couple errands then having dinner out.  Our final stop before dinner was at a neighborhood green cross dispensary.  It's just after dusk, and the sky hasn't yet gone full dark.  As we neared the building our attention was drawn by an unusual mechanical sound originating from behind, and above  us. We turned as one to look, and sure enough hovering just above the street was a police drone.  Watching US!

It was one of those quad-copter designs and as we watched it I could tell whoever was flying it was no rookie pilot.  Maintaining a perfect hover 70 feet from the dispensary in near darkness gave all of us a weird Orwellian kind of feeling.  We continued on about  our business, relegating the sighting to the subconscious mind for a while. 

After dinner, my business partner went to fetch the car as I entertained his wife with my stellar wit in front of the parking structure.  We were standing about a quarter block from a main intersection...and we heard the drone again.  This time it was flying slowly directly above the north-south city street, as if it was following a specific car.  Some 30 seconds later a police cruiser rolled calmly down the same street, following the drone, evidently with the pilot inside.

When we first saw the drone I had the thought of grabbing my phone and taping the encounter, since it was my first; but then my brain served up a slide show of recent stories where doing so hasn't ended well for free speech.  Suddenly my mind is telling me things like the lighting sucks, and filming the drone might expose my friends to harm, at the hands of those sworn to protect and serve.  So I chose not to film the drone, but the process of reaching that decision gnawed at my subconscious like a hungry grizzly bear.

In public domain I should be allowed to film anything I wish, including a police drone which is filming me...but I don't have that right.  OK, I heard that, technically I do have that right - but attached is the proviso that I understand exercising that right could result in injury, persecution, or even death.  Catch-22. 

Just as the tide eventually transforms rough, jagged rocks into smooth beach pebbles, our freedoms have been eroded in much the same way.  The process was well underway before the storm tide of 9-11...ever since; our rights have taken a draconian pounding. 

Our collective reaction to these increasing assaults is ... we adjust to them, very quietly.  We don't want to discuss it, don't want to offer an opinion; really we wish folks would just stop writing blogs about it all together.  We adjust our tolerance to increasing levels of genocide and insanity run amok because we have no answers, solutions or even any idea how things ever got this bad.  When we weren't paying attention; someone changed the rules.  When we didn't challenge them, they just became bolder, and when we let them get away with more, they wanted even more still.   Perhaps we collectively thought "they" would stop at some point short of  a police state with 24 hour monitoring of every citizen; so I wonder, now that we're there, how's that silent majority thing working for ya?

My parent's generation was given some nifty little catch phrases to keep them docile & content: mantras like You can't fight city hall, My country right or wrong, Don't make waves, To get along ya gotta go along, program updates!  Like dutiful republicans, my folks tried to indoctrinate my sister and I with this utopian mindset, bless their demented little souls.  With us humans it's called social engineering, for livestock, it's herding; same thing.

If you believe that freedom is being allowed your choice of intentionally limited options, then you might also believe that repeating something slick you heard on TV is thinking.  They don't want us to think; which is exactly why they spend so much effort & cash keeping us collectively distracted as they daily change the rules the world runs by.  When will we collectively understand that always picking the lesser of two evils still leaves us always controlled by evil. 

We have always known that all governments are inherently evil & corrupt.  Because we don't want the wrath of said governments, we elect to remain silent in hopes that evil will reciprocate and leave us alone as well.  Evil doesn't bargain, unless its for your very soul; and collectively we have chosen wrong, yet again.  If human history is any indicator at all, it may be quite a while before we collectively get it right.  Unfortunately, Gaia doesn't have that kind of time any longer.  You didn't "forget" about Fukushima did you?  Let it gently float to the lower realms of subconscious so you could make your calculations without factoring it in?? 
When that tsunami hit we collectively went from a pre-Fukushima earth, to a post-Fukushima earth and that genie is never going back into the bottle, ever.  Good thing to factor in for the future, huh?!   Still eating seafood are we?  We play by the rules our whole life (well, most of us) believing all those pretty sounding lies streaming from newspaper, TV & laptop.  Then just as it's all just about to pay off, the rules mysteriously change overnight, once again.  Don't know about the rest of you but as for myself I was really tired of this shit two decades ago.  Is there a plan to do something about it, and I didn't get the memo? 

Occasionally I get reminded by friends & strangers alike that when I speak my truth it is without filters, or buffers in place to spare the reality sensitive in the room any undue stress.  They're right.  On post-Fukushima earth there no longer exists the time to indulge in such linguistic gymnastics and word salad.  We must break out of the mold we agreed to think inside of, and begin communicating to one another from the heart center.  Nobody needs a politician, priest, or blogger to tell them the difference between right & wrong.  Each of us knows in our heart when something is right or wrong; good or evil.  that is why your heart is the first thing they disconnect you from.  First they disconnect us from our spiritual selves, then they desensitize us to the suffering of others, get the kids hooked on grand theft auto and first person shooter games.  Pre-training for our future crop of nintendo commandos.  When you speak from the heart you don't need filters.

It was around 1994 when I first saw online, "The 10 rules for being human" which it seems was someone's idea of updating or revising the ten commandments for the new age.  All these years later it still survives in the wilderness of cyberspace, and in quite an assortment of variations.  I think its purpose has been to help folks see the vaster reality at hand, and at the same time, slow them down from the rat race with reminders of those things we have forgotten about being in the flesh.  As I think of it I believe they stopped too soon at just ten rules, because I can think of several that should be included at some point.

New Rules:
Stop agreeing to things that make your soul vomit.

Stop filtering your truth and playing make believe.

Stop letting fear make your biggest choices for you.

Stop letting your ego run the show.

Stop Gender discrimination.

Holding on doesn't require strength, but letting go does.

What other's think of you, good or bad, is none of your business.

Not everything is as it seems.

Don't believe everything you think.

If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there.

Instead of using critical thought to arrive at our own conclusions, we're conditioned like Pavlov's dog to regurgitate whatever propaganda someone crams in our heads.  We must reject such social engineering, and all attempts to influence how we speak to each other (except mine).  Words carry vibration, meaning and substance.  Our history is replete with examples of when words inspired good men to revolt against evil and we could sure as hell use some of that right now.  To disempower our communication with each other we're expected to be politically correct and never actually say anything of any real substance, ever again.  It's just another layer of programming, that's all.  We really can go another way, a more heart centered way, but first we have to want to!

The problem with speaking thru filters and mental censors is that no matter who we think we are, we eventually lose track of which partial truth or boldfaced lie we spoke to who, and to get what end result.  Everything in the head becomes just one great swirling morass of meaningless monkey chatter; and its about all you can do to just manage it without going insane.  Somewhere down in the middle of this morass is the real self you used to be, filtered to death and frantic now.
Like everything else, the matrix has assimilated the human potential movement, twisted and perverted it so many ways to serve its own agenda.  Disconnected, desensitized, and confused.  We're collectively right where they want us to be.  We need to stop adjusting to ever escalating madness and psychopathic insanity, and start fixing things...oh, what's this you say; we're leaving that for our great grandchildren to clean up along with Fukushima.  What will you say when they ask why you did nothing but go along? Maybe you should start working on the answer right now. 

Every system is based on some idea, principle, or basic belief: with most of them choosing money as that central pillar.  This post-Fukushima earth we inhabit, with all it's unholy terrors is the result of that choice, of putting money above all else, including love.  Perhaps it would be easier to accept and understand if  everybody was like the 1% elitists who think they fucking own this place, but that isn't in evidence.  By far, the vast majority of humans are fairly nice and agreeable folks who are generous to a fault and quick to laugh, quicker to love.  So why are none of these people represented in our various governments.   We all know that answer.

Lord Acton is famous for the quote: "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Great men are almost always bad men."  Again our own history on this world confirms such with literally thousands of examples.  After this long we must now either tear this unholy machine apart piece by piece, or quit trying to convince ourselves of what a great civilization we have here, and admit we're just a bunch of terrified slaves.  How's that for a new rule?
How about the esteemed art of lying?  Want some truth, here ya go: Everybody lies! Period.  As a good many of us discovered soon after arrival, it's all about survival down here, and its every one for themselves.  People who commit to speaking the whole truth and nothing but the truth will eventually realize what a huge disadvantage being totally honest is because they are as fragile and doomed as young love.  Everybody says they hate liars and nobody ever admits telling lies, which proves the fact that we all lie.  The sticky, problematical part comes when we refuse to admit it to anyone, including ourselves.

Collectively we lie for many different reasons, some of them semi-noble in essence; mostly though we lie for self gain, and self protection...the worst kind of lie there is.  Catch 22: We honor truth so much nobody is allowed speak it, so we defend it with a many layered shroud of lies.  Laws have even been passed prohibiting revealing some truths.  Here's the deal; if something is being done in secret, and nobody can know about it, it's probably something very bad for the 99% of us in survival mode.  Too many secrets!  They ain't defending truth by lying, they're suffocating it to death. 

So, what about us here in the peanut gallery, why do we lie so much to and about each other?  Try as I might, the answer eludes me but I suspect it has something to do with ego and the urge to manipulate things.  We collectively figure it's OK to lie because it's almost an essential aspect of modern life.  Nobody wants to be the last honest man.   If that be the case then I submit that modern life is a dismal failure of the highest magnitude.  In a classic rant about honesty; George Carlin opined that the system is so totally corrupt that if mandatory honesty was imposed, everything would fall apart. We are not living meaningful lives if we abandon truth as the foundational pillar of our system.  John Lennon said it best: "Just gimme some truth"

When we lie to each other it dishonors our spirits, it's like a little insult; and when we try lying to ourselves it unnecessarily opens up a whole other can of worms into our life.  Do you remember the way you felt inside the very first time you intentionally told a lie?  Remember that cold squirrley sensation in the gut?  That was your soul reacting to the lie.  What did your heart tell you when it first heard you tell a lie?  Remember that?  Remember that!  Every lie we tell is a step away from the person we always thought we'd be, and another lesson we failed to learn.  When we fail too many lessons....well you know.   Back to square one, day one - start all over.  I just have a hard time accepting that is what we collectively want.  Sometimes we have to slay the monsters before its safe to dream our dreams.  This right now ~ it's one of those moments in time poets will write about in a millennium or so...a time when the cosmic tumblers fell into place giving us one last chance to come together and evolve out of darkness. 

Your comfort zone is your prison cell, because everything truly magical exists beyond it's anesthetizing confines.  It doesn't take a Bloomberg terminal to tell our economy has tanked and is now on life support, yet you continue to slough thru drivetime twice a day firm in the belief your job will still exist tomorrow.  Blind optimism. 
Right now we're all surrounded by a good many things which we cannot see, or sense: yet they exist despite our collective blindness; things like ultraviolet & infrared light for example.  Their frequency resonance is just too fast.  Conversely there are octaves of higher frequency resonances opening up for mankind's spiritual evolution, collectively we cannot see or detect these energies, but every day more people are seeing and feeling them.  Once expanded by new awareness, the human mind cannot revert back to its previous state of ignorance - this is what the great awakening is all about.  What does your heart tell you about all this?  If the answer is to go take part in the Black Friday human stampede you haven't been paying attention.  

One time I stepped aside to be alone with myself a while, and I haven't returned because of what I learned there.  The more people I meet the better I like my cat, because she never lies to me.  This crumbling system built on the pillars of greed cannot be sustained or saved, it is doomed.  Holding on doesn't require strength but letting go does.  So, the next time you're out on the town never mind those flying drones, if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear! Right?

Whatever happened to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness?

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Resistance is Crucial 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Warrior's Prayer - Stuart Wilde

The Warrior's Prayer

from  Stuart Wilde

I am what I am.

In having faith in the beauty within me I develop trust.

In softness I have strength.

In silence I walk with the gods.

In peace I understand myself and the world.

In conflict I walk away.

In detachment I am free.

In respecting all living things I respect myself.

In dedication I honour the courage within me.

In eternity I have compassion for the nature of all things.

In love I unconditionally accept the evolution of others.

In freedom I have power.

In my individuality I express the God-Force within me.

In service I give of what I have become.

I am what I am.

Eternal, immortal, universal, and infinite.

And so be it.    
                                                (Stuart Wilde)

Monday, November 3, 2014

Reverse Engineering Humanity

When I was very young I came to the conclusion that nobody else in the world but me had this silent stream of thoughts going thru their head. 

For reasons long forgotten now; I also briefly thought that I arrived here as an old man who got younger the longer he lived...until one day soon I would just pop out of existence.

My earliest memory is of getting a bath from mom, looking down at my baby feet and recognizing what that meant, thinking to myself, (in babyspeak) "Oh hell no, not again!!"

Looking back...it's a way of assessing how far we have come in this sojourn.

The flood of memories released by a certain song, letting me know I'm still alive in here somewhere...changed, different from that old me, still here just the same.

Evening news shows aerial view of the rush hour crawl...looking very much like blood flowing thru arteries & veins...The arteries are clogged with mindless congestion -

We're dying down here.

But it's a good death.  Death by non-involvement.  Not showing up for our lives.

The latest school shooting happens in the town I used to live in, affected people I know.  Talking head reporter says "It's the worst school shooting since earlier this year".

We're inhaling fear & exhaling anger in a paranoia cocktail of sanity resistant fear and apathy; staring into the faceless waters of oblivion.  

11 million defective airbags, with insufficient replacement parts.  Overshadowed by the earth shaking news that the queen is now on twitter...and they even faked the photo op of course.  She was supposedly sending out her first tweet from a tablet, but the messages were sent from a smart phone.  Fucking amateurs.  You can give a queen all the gadgets you want...doesn't mean she's in touch with shit!

Another white house fence jumper, an attack in parliament and a hatchet murder in NYC.

We're all just telling ourselves a story 

Six years of smelly, stagnant gridlock and obstructionism then chocolate freedom sends our national guard to Africa !!  What the Fuck??

Mexican drug cartels in the Emerald Triangle protect their marijuana grows by cutting the rattles off of rattlesnakes; then tying their tails to shrubbery...turning them into deadly security guards.

Space station re-supply rocket explodes upon launch, three days later, spaceship2 dies in Mojave: as I watch the videos I can't help thinking how symbolic...

We're going backwards.

A home run with bases loaded in the world series brings 100,000 fans screaming to their feet.  Too bad we cannot manage that much passion for things that really matter. 

Postal service wants to stop Saturday delivery; & begin delivering on Sunday; despite delivering my mail 12 miles away...       

Humanity in retrograde.

The exaltation of ignorance demands the demonizing of science; denial of truth.  False equivalency masquerades as intellectual process to obscure the truth from sleeping dreamers...as fear is used to herd the human cattle in the desired direction. 

It's a shame they never see sham

This year the salmon runs are the lowest in nearly 50 years.  The fishing fleet moored, the bears and eagles are starving...  Media inundates with torrents of zombie movies and TV shows...programming the masses to de-value human life.  Doesn't bother me nearly as much as how many people resonate to such a low vibration.  

Jesus said "Love One Another" - We're being taken in the opposite direction.

We used to follow the Grateful Dead back in the day....now it's the walking dead...

Going backwards.... by conscious intent.

I have this list of friends who have all departed this realm...It seems to get longer every year.  I've added three names this year.  Life in retrograde.

Compromise eventually becomes selling out, & every time we do it we sell off a piece of our soul; which explains why there are so many soul-less zombies moving thru this dystopian landscape.

The world is drowning in profits yet there's no prophets to be found anywhere.
World's leading manufacturer of pesticides also making the genetically modified food-like-products we consume; all while waging war on American farmers and natural crops.

Food should be ethical as well as edible...GMO'S are neither!

Just saw this years first commercial for Black Friday: They've turned getting trampled and beaten up in a rush for bargains on cheap junk into an annual blood sport event...like the running of the bulls.  Pathetic.

As if we need any further evidence that humanity has now reached the lowest possible common denominator of social interaction:  I give you twerking!  Like most social fads I totally ignored twerking until I saw a story about a woman being assaulted while doing it.  A brief visit to YouTube answered most of my questions except why she wasn't arrested; for inciting a moron?

We're not just going backwards; we're falling head over heels backwards over a cliff. 

We're in freefall...the twerking dead

I have this recurring nightmare which comes around more frequently these last few years.  I'm walking down a long sandy beach on a beautiful day, with hundreds of people doing all the things we do at the beach.  Looking into the water I can clearly see a  great many shark fins plying the waters.  Suddenly swimmers are being pulled under screaming, and eaten alive.  The lifeguards are all asleep, or showing off for the girls, or just MIA.  There are a few others who see the same things I do, and we begin yelling at everyone, SHARK, SHARK, SHARK, but everyone just ignores us as if they are deaf.  People walk right into the same surf where they can see others dying, convinced that they are somehow immune from disaster.

I think the next time I have this nightmare I'm gonna start rooting for the sharks.

Earth will have over 11 billion inhabitants before the end of the century; even at the rate we're presently being killed off.  Look out, here comes cloning and transhumanism to save the day, and finally erode whatever may be left of our collective souls. 

Resist the chip !

Researchers say that 3% of the population are psychopaths, lacking empathy and compassion: psychopaths who prey upon the rest of humanity without remorse.  Sound familiar?  It's because so many of them have risen to positions of power & authority.  The "system" is designed to reward and promote psychopaths & sociopaths.

This new age of Aquarius is supposed to be all about the evolutionary advancement of humanity; which pretty much calls for the dismantling of the system in favor of something which promotes the well being of 100 % of the population, not just the 1%.  Unfortunately for the majority of us the psychopaths in control play by their own rules and the thing they have most in mind right now is depopulation.

Stay tuned-in and follow the instructions when they show up on your TV !

I stare in sad disbelief as I watch that aerial view of the freeway at rush hour on the evening news.  Sad that so very many across this land are captive in the same gridlock quagmire of drive time...the same exact scene around every major city, every day, every year.  Disbelief that so many people are still sound asleep dreaming that American dream as their efforts prop up the facade for one more day, for one more week... 

After all these years I am now of the notion that of course we don't age backwards...
But sometimes I still wonder if I'm the only one with this silent stream of thoughts in my head.

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May the Source  Be With You