Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Warrior's Prayer - Stuart Wilde

The Warrior's Prayer

from  Stuart Wilde

I am what I am.

In having faith in the beauty within me I develop trust.

In softness I have strength.

In silence I walk with the gods.

In peace I understand myself and the world.

In conflict I walk away.

In detachment I am free.

In respecting all living things I respect myself.

In dedication I honour the courage within me.

In eternity I have compassion for the nature of all things.

In love I unconditionally accept the evolution of others.

In freedom I have power.

In my individuality I express the God-Force within me.

In service I give of what I have become.

I am what I am.

Eternal, immortal, universal, and infinite.

And so be it.    
                                                (Stuart Wilde)

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  1. my sentiments exactly . live a life of honor courage and integrity. the rest is in the hands of the great spirit. if it is my time to return home so be it if i am supposed to be here i will live with passion