Sunday, March 31, 2013

Game of Drones


A few years back when our military first began using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for surveillance in our many wars of conquest, nobody on this side of the ocean had any real problems with it, including me.  Some while later the powers that be figured they might as well step it up a notch since they got no resistance from the roll out; so they armed the little darlings with rockets so that all our new generation of Nintendo pilots could log some kills along with their flight time.  I wonder if drone pilots qualify for hazardous duty pay?  From that time until now hellfire rockets have rained down from the skies killing indiscriminately any foe of America; real or imagined.  President Decider got the drones rolling and up to speed wherever our resources were found to be hidden in other peoples countries. 

You really can't call them wars any more you know; because war is something where combatants on both sides face gruesome & horrifyingly painful death, and that is simply no longer the case.  With the advent of drone technology our airmen no longer have to face the enemy.  War has become so surgical & precise it has exceeded the definition of the word and is now something more closely akin to assassination for fun & profit. Drones are an abomination of the concepts of fair play & honor; and as such must be seen for exactly what they really are, a terrorist's weapon, and for that reason they must be banned from the battlefield.  While we're at it, let's ban battlefields as well!  How's that for an idea whose time has come?  Haven't we had enough meaningless slaughter already, do we really need to keep doing this over every few years, killing off our best and brightest just when they start to bloom?  That isn't war, it's insanity bordering on the genocide of humanity; are we really willing to "sign off" on that just to keep from being a suspected terrorist for speaking out and standing up? 
Evidently we were, just so long as the drones remained in the unfriendly skies of Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, & Syria.  But now that they are here with increasing numbers every week, and with official announcements from the matrix that they are here to stay, some folks are just now beginning to worry just a little bit.  Naturally, to justify doing this the powers that be use that tired old saw of defending the homeland.  And by the way, just when did America the land of the free, home of the brave; become the Homeland.  Isn't that what Hitler's Nazis called their native Germany?  So we beat them then steal their countries sentimental nickname?  Not likely.  Its much more likely that the Nazis never lost that war, they just moved in over here.  Hmmm, maybe it was us who lost that war? 

 Suddenly Americans can now understand the old Arab proverb about the camel in the tent.*  Once again, nobody stood up to speak out when it was announced that drones would be used domestically.  There may have been a few faint, half hearted voices in the wilderness back then but I never heard any of them.  Now before you go reminding me about Rand Paul's recent drone filibuster, you must understand that the sole purpose of that antic was to pound the subject of domestic drones into the psyche of the population, nothing more.  Like everything else originating in the Columbia district, that filibuster was just smoke and mirrors.  It may help if you recall it was one of Rand Paul's bodyguard goons who threw a demonstrator to the ground then put his boot on the person's head not so very long ago.

The reason the powers that be are drumming drones into our minds is just more pre-conditioning - exactly like the eternal flame style hammering of gun control ever since the bizarre false flag called "Sandy Hook."  What a surrealistic piece of predictive programming that was!!  And I'll bet my ranger Bob secret decoder ring there were a couple of reaper drones overhead the whole time.  You may not have noticed it a while back, when the Obama administration ever so quietly mentioned it might need to arm a few of these homegrown drones* in order to defeat those who hate us for our freedom...but wait, wait a minute here: If the Obama administration wants to poison us with chemtrails & GMO food-like-products, take away all our guns and freedoms, and have us under constant watch by these drones; then I ask you, just who is the terrorist who hates us for those freedoms we used to have?  and so the camel slides a bit further into the tent.

 It's just another erosion of our civil liberties to have this type of Orwellian intimidation flying above us monitoring everything we do and say...and yes folks they can loiter for days sometimes over any area the choose.  They can do that and a whole lot more, like the new generation of micro-drones made to look just like a mosquito.  Only this mosquito is rocked, stocked & over-clocked with high definition camera and digital audio recorder; and if it doesn't like what it sees and hears it has a tiny hypodermic needle with which to deliver whatever they desire into your blood stream.

 Honestly, I think this ever growing drone air force we're witnessing represents the existence of a 'real' world counterpart to Skynet.  Just look at all the companies now developing ever smarter and diverse counterparts to the flying drones.  The military has an entire inventory of remote operator weapons and devices.  From the sophisticated IED hunting robots in Afghanistan, to crewless armed gunboats.  They have advanced remote control and telepresence capabilities which are advancing at a truly alarming rate.  This time there are more voices of dissent up on capitol hill, but as we are learning, nothing gets through the bubble.  The voices of dissent as few and feeble as they may be, are getting the same cold shoulder treatment Obama gave the 250,000 signature petition attempting to stop or stall the Monsanto protection act.  Nothing gets thru the bubble!

As it stands today, there are a dizzying array of drones being designed and built for a rapidly expanding client base.  The escalation of the militarization of civilian police departments has created one of the biggest.  More and more urban police departments are going commando complete with robotic backup. (wow, that's gonna be a tough image to get out of my head) and that just doesn't gel with my Adam-12 memory of what cops are supposed to look & act like.  To see the total militarization of society looming as it so obviously is just sends cold shivers up & down my spine.  Slick Willie just had a little slap & tickle in the oval office & it got him impeached (notice how it destroyed him forever?) but nowadays the Obamanation says he has the right to kill Americans on American soil, and we hardly blink an eye.  What's wrong with this picture?  What's  wrong with us for allowing it?  what bothers me the most about this scenario is that Obama doesn't need the authority, he has drones!  He may say he has the right, but I say all he has is the power and ability.

Because we didn't immediately revoke his power when he made that statement about being able to kill his own people, Obama is now secure in the knowledge that he may proceed with impunity and immunity toward fulfilling the goals and desires of the Agenda 21 bunch, and no, I'm not talking about real estate agents!  Google it !!!

When the Obama first was a faint blip on the political scene I'll admit I thought he might just be someone with the ability to do something good and constructive in this country.  I wondered if a man like that could help turn things around and point us all back towards spiritual unity.  The dream didn't last long, and died a brutal death when I saw the likes of Goldman-Sachs rush in to support this new and hopeful face.  When the likes of them openly support both candidates with words and donations, you just know the fix is in.

There is an old saying that we may start out to change the world, but the world ends up changing us, and boy has it ever.  I don't remember us being such a timid bunch as we are today.  Who knows, maybe back then I was drinking the matrix cool aide too, but it just seems to me Americans used to be made out of sterner stuff than this.  You sure wouldn't have any damn drones buzzing overhead when John Wayne was around...maybe that's why they waited till he died?  Any way you slice it, this Obama fellow is looking more and more like a raving, maniacal lunatic with each passing day. 

 Getting back to the Skynet angle for a minute; since they are gradually transitioning to an increasingly robotic military presence both at home and abroad, it wouldn't surprise me to see drone chemtrail sprayers not far off in the future, and I wonder if we will remain silent about that when it happens.  I hear a lot of folks saying stuff like, "What can I do, I'm just one person"  and "How do you fight back against a killer drone?"  Well, for starters you could collect and distribute fliers and articles & such then give them to people.  You could find someone with an airplane who is awake and pissed off enough to take you up drone hunting.  I'd like to see what kind of "dogfighting" skills those young Nintendo pilots have.  It's all together possible you might come up with some really creative ways to bring down drones, like jamming or intercepting the signal and wresting control to your joystick like the Iranians did not so long ago.  Bet that would get their attention.
 The point here is that unless we the people do something pro-active our union will continue to be less and less perfect each day, until we awake one morning to find ourselves living in the land of the slaves & the home of the drones, and that is when you will know once & for all that the matrix has you.  I really have no solution for this problem other than to strike the root, until we bring it down.  We really gotta start pushing the camel back out of the tent, or we're gonna be up to our eyelids in dung before we know it.

Does anyone have the directions to Morph city?

Until Next time ~ Be Good to Each Other

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dancing with the Elephant in the Room

It's being one of those days.  One of those surrealistic days that compels one to just pause for a minute and take stock.  Before I even rose from my nights sleep, I knew it was going to be one of those days.  That sensation was confirmed in the most grotesque of ways when I got my first good look at the day, it's raining.  Not a downpour or anything, just a drizzly mist that floats more than falls to the ground bringing Fukushima fallout and only God knows what else from the sky with it.  The chemtrails were especially heavy yesterday; and now this, always connecting the dots.  These days it's always something it seems, always some new heinous threat to peace, life and sanity.  Maybe that's why my PTSD is walking point for me these days much to my dismay.  It's a reflex action and it never quite goes away, not even with the meds the VA sends me; which I haven't been taking recently because I need to stay sharp, stay frosty ~ something in the ethers is telling me the endgame is nearly upon us.  You can feel it too.  I know you can.

 It isn't just the ethers whispering that the winds of change are about to blow up into a raging storm, or am I the only one experiencing some very lucid & graphic dreams in the course of the last few months.  Like so many other things lately, those kind of dreams have been frequent where once they were rare.  Signs, omens and portents are nearly as obvious as the growing list of crimes against humanity and sadly, we ignore them both and continue on our little rat lives in a little rat race maze where we still, after all the evidence to the contrary, believe that we can win, and claim some kind of prize.  The prize which dangles from a stick held out in front of us by our off-world overseers.

 I've often heard it said that the clinical definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior again & again, while expecting different results each time.  Just look at us!  Here in America the political system is essentially unchanged since it's inception.  It isn't broken as so many proclaim, it was built this way deliberately as a mechanism with which to seize & retain power, & wealth for the selected few who possess the correct genetic bloodline!  It of course is an unfair, unjust, and totally corrupt contrivance, we all know this; yet we not only allow it to continue, we support and feed the damn thing over and over and over, every 4 years.  Every time the dog & pony show is the same as before, and every time, we dance the dance like we were the homecoming queen.  If one accepts the clinical definition of insanity, and has any left themselves, the only reasonable conclusion is that we are all mad here.

You can argue with this analysis all you like and I won't say a word to the contrary, for two reasons.  Firstly my mom always told me not to argue with unarmed opponents, and secondly, if by this late date you still don't see anything drastically wrong going on simply everywhere you look, indeed if you aren't outraged at these atrocities then I accept that you never will, & refuse to waste any more precious time trying to wake your ass up. It's that definition of insanity thing, you understand.  With the amount and frequency of truly insane behavior we're witnessing across the planet, to not recognize that insanity is, well, insane.  And is it any wonder what with all the nasty toys the powers that be are using against us that are designed to interrupt and mess with the normal functioning of the brain?  HAARP facilities (there are many), GWEN towers, electromagnetic soup from cell phones, smart meters, psionic devices, scalar technology,  and these are just some of the ones we know about.  If these are not common terms to you by now...get googling!  Just as the chemtrails make us sick, weak, and lethargic, these technologies give us headaches, confusion, depression, fear of insanity, & hostility.  Toss in constant poisoning from fluoridated water, GMO food-like-products, Fracking, & of course the aforementioned radioactive fallout from Fukushima: and maybe it becomes clear that we are all not just mad here, we are dying the death of a thousand cuts here, and in some kind of macabre death ritual, we are dancing with the elephant in the room.

 Why does our government allow Japan to export seafood to us when we bloody well know the stuff is so 'hot' with radioactive contamination it probably glows blue in the dark?  An even better question is, why in the name of all that is sacred are we buying it and eating it?  I just don't understand.  GMO foods are banned in over 50 countries around the globe, but here in the Pachyderm Ballroom we can't even get the poisonous crap labeled!!  Only those in comas or the functionally brain dead haven't heard how deadly GMO's are by now...and yet, to my utter amazement we eat the crap then ask for seconds.  Our fresh water is being 'privatized' which means they own it, and it ain't about price gouging, it's all about in no water for you today. 

 As we witness a frighteningly rapid militarization of civilian police forces across America, (and other countries);  DHS agents at the shooting range are honing their skills on silhouette targets, of pregnant mothers, and schoolgirls in pigtails, each holding a gun of course.  This is done to desensitize them to the idea of shooting American citizens, to make it easier when the order comes.  If you are at all a student of logic, or even a casual fan, it just follows that if the agents are being trained to shoot at American civilians its because that is what they are going to be ordered to do.  Probably why the DHS has bought almost 2 Billion rounds of ammunition while making it impossible for civilian suppliers to even find any to sell to customers!  Along with all those bullets intended for domestic use in the Homeland, DHS has also purchased 2700 urban assault vehicles, and 7000 full automatic assault rifles.  Why?  The Constitution gives us the right to keep & bear arms, I don't believe it says a single word about ammunition.  Just for icing on the cake they cooked up this whole "Sandy Hook" charade as the tipping point which will lead to the confiscation of all our weapons...for which we will have no ammo anyway, so why not just hand them over, right?  Falling back on our old friend logic again, allow me to pose this and see how it sets with you:  I submit for your consideration that the strange unavailability of guns and ammunition to civilians, along with the current fever pitch effort to enact draconian gun control, and the civilian silhouette targets are all prime indicators that your government is preparing to move against it's own citizens.  Just as Obama passing the Monsanto protection act is prima facie evidence that they are up to something illegal, the same applies to this whole gun control farce.  Why can't you see that?

Those of us who can see that, and have been seeing it building to these insane levels are now completely baffled at the silent majority who just keep on as if this place is heaven on earth with angels running the show.  We are saddened to see so many millions still soundly sleeping this incarnation away.  We are confounded by the tsunami of apathy presently crushing the life out of this planet.  Albert Einstein said that this world will not be destroyed by evil men but by those who silently do nothing....and let's not forget he was the smartest guy in the room for a very long time.  Those of us who are awake & aware are doing all we possibly can think of to help all of us break free from the generations of conditioning, and rise up and resist the tyranny of evil while there remains but a faint ember of chance.  That ember grows dimmer each day and with each additional assault against humanity.  If it goes out completely, game over!  Mankind slumbers during the just ended cycle of Kali Yuga, and as the next cycle begins, which it just did a few months ago, mankind awakens.  It is a repetitive cycle with each revolution lasting some 26,000 years.  Those who have been awake the longest are the vanguard teachers of this new age, those awakened by them attempt to pay it forward by awakening and teaching those they encounter, and in turn those people inspire still more people to break free of the generational conditioning.  Unfortunately many of us are now starting to come down with the Cassandra Syndrome, that empty kinda hollow feeling that none of what we say is being heard.  Indeed some days it certainly seems there are just the handful of us not sleeping, and we're all just exchanging information and trying to reassure each other that some heretofore unidentified something will somehow result in everything turning out OK.

 We are the ones you've been waiting for, and you turn away as if we just shot your dog.  That turning away is the knee-jerk reaction of cognitive dissonance, where the mind is so challenged by new information contradicting long held belief's, that it begins to melt down under the weight of those contradictions with 'reality'.  We are just so sure of the belief's we've been programmed with that they form the foundation of who we perceive ourselves to be; and when they are challenged it kinda rocks our whole house.  That, is cognitive dissonance, and the passengers on spaceship earth have a terminal case.  Those of us who understand this are saddened a little more every day, as the great shining lie tightens it's death grip around our collective throats; and our best efforts to change it or fight back seem like just pissing in the wind.  Those of us who are sounding the alarm are just like you, the only difference is we know something you don't want to believe, and more than just that, we can show you the way we did it, how we woke up to a vaster reality than the two dimensional cardboard placebo reality crafted for us by the Archons. 
     Just like Pavlov's dog we have been genetically conditioned to respond a certain way every time we hear the bell.  The name of that bell is problem-reaction-solution; or the Hegelian dialectic and it's one of the primary ways our alien overseers control us.  It works like this: first a "problem" arises, which is no problem at all, just another lie dressed up like a hooker.  Next comes the reaction, which is always geared towards the manufacturing of consent of the governed and finally the solution, which is in this case to strip you of your constitutional rights, guns, ammo, and every last ability to resist.  For years & years we had the "commies" as our common enemy.  I well recall the vitriolic manner in which they were described as wanting to conquer us and eat our young.  After 60 or so years that old dog just refused to hunt anymore, so it was replaced by the even greater, more deadly enemy called terrorism.  Then to prove terrorism's existence, 911 was orchestrated by the same minds which devised the bay of pigs, JFK assassination, and so many others.  In the video below an associate of Dr. Werner Von Braun explains this succession of 'bogeymen' created over the past several decades to sustain the Hegelian dialectic.  She explains how the final 'enemy' before the endgame will be aliens invading from space, requiring the death of our remaining liberty in order to defeat it, and that this too is just another well dressed, highly polished lie.  The things which tell me that endgame is here are all the very recent signs.  Signs such as the recent meteorite which struck Russia...and the dozen or so other pieces which burned up in the atmosphere about the same time...or the several other smaller meteorites which lit up our skies over the ensuing days.  There was something fishy with the whole thing, or didn't you notice?  How very coincidental that the very exact day a known asteroid allegedly sailed safely  past; Earth takes a 12 gauge blast to the face!   Then how about signs such as the rash of very recently released movies and TV series dealing with the alien invasion scenario.  Skyline, Battle LA,  Battleship, "V", Defiance, Falling Skies, Prometheus, Oblivion, Dark Skies for just a few examples.  Not only are there several other very recent productions around the alien invasion theme; there are more on the way later this year (see below) along with variations on the theme dealing with the end of the world, end of mankind, AI revolution, (The Robot Apocalypse) and such.  Do you see a pattern in the "programming"?  It's no different than 911, or don't you recall those days when you could watch any movie you wanted as long as it was a war movie?  This saturated carpet bombing of our psyche's with a repetitive message is called pre-conditioning...another bad omen if you ask me.

 As if all that and everything else wasn't already bad enough, now we have this diminutive little imp in North Korea acting out his Daddy issues, issuing daily threats against anyone who will listen.  If we just ignore the little bastard his ADHD will kick in & he'll go play some less harmful game with himself.  But do we do that, NO, instead we fly over his house with B-2 stealth bombers.  When you have an addled teenager holding a loaded shotgun at you, the last thing you want to do is dare him to do it by showing the world he doesn't have the balls to pull the trigger.  Well, that's the last thing you want to do unless starting a nuclear conflagration is you desired end result...end being the operative word here.  Now of course he can't hit the west coast with his little radio shack kit rocket, but he can hit South Korea, and guess what...their warplanes were right alongside ours when we did the fly-overs, so they too in fact are daring little Kim to pull the trigger!!  Is that insane enough for you...or will you be waiting for the actual mushroom clouds to sprout before you wake up and give a damn? 

 This great awakening is a group participation event for those who will be moving on to the higher, more refined resonance of  5th dimensional frequency vibration which I talked about in "Soul Searching at the end of Time" (linked below).  This ascension process I speak of is the evolutionary advancement of humankind on our return to source.  The quagmire of events, wars, contamination, and negativity we are currently experiencing is on all levels, a test we must pass before gaining the higher levels of awareness & being.  Just as an aircraft must build up airspeed to take off, so do we, only for us the airspeed equates to frequency, resonance vibration.  It's a matter of dropping all excess & un-necessary baggage, then ramping up your aura & chakra system to  greater and greater "speed" as it were.  If you already aren't doing things to accomplish that goal then you're farther behind than you thought, and really should get crackin' now.  The final exam is coming sooner than you expect, a kind of universal "pop quiz" to determine who graduates from this hell on earth, and who gets to remain here...with final being the operative concept.   Have you ever seen pictures of when cells divide, the process called mitosis?  what is happening spiritually now on earth is like that...where one becomes two.  There are currently two worlds called Earth; one being born, & one dying.  The Archons want to keep everything and everyone locked into third dimensional reality to facilitate whatever their master plan is.  They seek to keep humanity below the threshold of consciousness evolution - forever.  As Slaves!  We are seeing the "theory of the self-cleaning oven" at work here as everything is accelerating faster and faster toward the inevitable outcome our overlords have in mind.  Many of us are feeling something undefinable in the ethers these days.  We don't know what exactly it is, but it feels different that the positive energy of the Aquarian age, and also different than the energy of our oppressors.  With this sensation comes a vague, nebulous feeling that there is something else unfolding, something we cannot yet see, only feel.  What I believe we are feeling is the approach of what is called the Black Swan; which is a totally unseen and unexpected turn of events which changes everything...smashing into oblivion everyone's best laid plans.  The black swan isn't on our side any more than it's on the side of the Archons, it is emotionless, cold, and merciless when it lands ~ it is ambivilent, like a cosmic bowling ball plowing thru whatever stands in it's way.

 Their matrix construct is beginning to unravel ever so slowly, the illusion they crafted with which to enslave us is getting long in the tooth, hence the upgrade to the new and improved illusion of aliens invading to take over Earth.  The Archons create the 3D laser light show complete with holographic angels and demons, we buy right into it like we always have and presto...a brand new illusionary matrix fantasy world complete with amazing upgrades, and all it will cost you will be your destiny, and possibly even your soul.  Oh yeah, and the return trip home...that's in the very small print on the contract you sign when you refuse to awaken from their drug induced dream reality.  Maybe it's true what they say, that we can never go home again, but some of us refuse to surrender just yet.  But we're not immortal, or superman, we're only human, just like you; and like you we get weary, broken down, disheartened and marginalized.  We could sure use some help out here people, those of you who have been just recently awakened by the noise the rest of us are making.  No wonder you think us all mad; there you were just another happy sleeping dreamer when you're rudely & abruptly awakened by a mob of frantic hippies telling you the sky is falling and the monsters are outside your door.  Don't blame you for being grumpy & skeptical, who wants to wake up like that...but please, just take a few minutes to look around to see for yourself we are only telling you the truth, and the truth points to itself. 

 This final exam isn't about self delusion or benign aliens coming to save us from the Archons in the final hour.  There are benign alien races out there who oppose the Archons & their agenda, but they too are waiting to see whether or not we will pass this initiation test to 5D.  They are waiting as we are, to see what we will do.  This test is all about whether or not we will unify as a species and choose to ascend, or fail to take responsibility for ourselves and remain locked into the thick, muddy, negative frequency of the fourth dimension, forever.  Pick One....soon please, because as Morpheus told Neo at their first meeting; "Unfortunately no one can be told what the matrix is, you have to see it for yourself."

Until Next time ~ Be Good to Each Other

Thursday, March 28, 2013

GMO? ~ Oh HELL No !

 It all began innocently enough I suppose; back when we humans first began growing our own food.  After harvest farmers would save their seeds for the next growing season; often hand picking the best and most vibrant looking seeds to ensure a bountiful crop.  Eventually a few farmers and naturalists observed naturally occurring plant hybrids and this gave them the idea to experiment with combining different species of plants themselves.  Then in 1900 Gregor Mendel's genetic theory was used  to manipulate plant species in a process called "Classic Selection"- the cross breeding of plant DNA, to get the desired results.  The following year a fellow named John Francis Queeny founded a little chemical company in Creve Couer, Missouri, and named it Monsanto.           
It wasn't long before this little sprout of a chemical company became a growing corporation, which then bloomed into a mighty multinational agricultural biotech corporation.  By the '40's, Monsanto had become a major producer of plastics including polystyrene and synthetic fibers, (for Chemtrails).  Then in 1953 James Watson and Francis Crick publish their discovery of  the 3D-double-helix structure of DNA.  This discovery eventually leads to the ability to actually splice together, genes from differing organisms.  20 Years later, in 1973 Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen create the first successful recombinant DNA organism.
Then, in 1980 the stage was set for what happened this week in America when the supreme court ruled that genetically altered life forms could be patented, giving Exxon the right to create an oil eating micro-organism.  From this point on the gates to perdition were thrown wide open allowing all manner of Monsanto Hell Spawned creations to be set free on Earth, and they never looked back.  
1982 - U.S. FDA approves first genetically engineered drug, Genentech's "Humulin".
             1986 - First field tests of genetically engineered plants (tobacco) conducted in Belgium.  
             1987 - First U.S. field tests of GMO tobacco & tomato.
             1992 - USDA approves Calgene's "Favr Savr" tomato for commercial use.
             1992 - U.S. FDA declares that GMO's are not inherently dangerous & don't require
                           any special regulation or legislation.
              1994 - First GMO plants approved for use in the EU, (tobacco)
               2000 - The International Biosafety Protocol is approved by 130 countries at the
                  convention on Biodiversity in Canada.  This protocol agrees upon the labeling of
                  GMO products...but needs to be ratified by 50 countries before taking effect, and     
                   still has many weak areas subject to loopholes.
              1997-2002 - Monsanto divests most of their chemical companies thru mergers &
                  spin-off's leaving them free to focus solely upon agricultural biotech development.

Since 2002 this hydra headed monster called Monsanto has been increasingly pernicious and dystopian with their all out assault on our food supply.  First they very quietly began buying up all the seed companies they could.  The ones who didn't want to sell were either convinced to play ball or driven right out of business altogether.  Once this foundation was secure they went to work on the farmers themselves.  Monsanto pioneered the biotech business model which uses enforcement of biotech patents in a kind of Biopiracy we haven't seen since the days of Blackbeard.  Only this piracy is perfectly legal.  Here's how it works.  The farmers can only buy & use seeds from Monsanto.  They must turn over all non-GMO seeds, and are forbidden to plant, harvest or cultivate any non-GMO seeds under punishment of law!
Monsanto has a singularly nasty tactic reserved for those farmers who do not comply.  Nearly all of them are surrounded by other farmers who are in compliance, so, Monsanto police just go onto the offending farmers land without permission, and then magically produce evidence that the farmer is using Monsanto products in violation of patent law.  If you've ever been on a farm you know how it is...Mother Nature doesn't do fences and property lines; hence seeds and stuff just naturally find their way into someone else's field on a more or less regular basis, which conveniently gives Monsanto the upper hand.  It doesn't matter that an act of nature caused the "illegal seeds" to take root & grow on unsanctioned land, with no intent or knowledge of the farmer in question.  Ever hear of blind justice?  This is a mutation of blind justice used by Monsanto to bludgeon farmers into compliance, or bankruptcy. 
Ever since their flagship product Agent Orange was rolled out during the Vietnam war as a defoliant, Monsanto has been increasingly associated with death and dying, and I'm not just talking plants here folks.  I was there, I was exposed to Agent Orange, just as a few million others were, and yes, it gave me cancer too - just like most of the others. Agent Orange is basically a 50/50 mixture of the chemicals 2,4,5-T and 2,4-D which I won't even attempt to spell out much less pronounce, which by the way is a great rule to eat by: if you cannot pronounce, it...probably shouldn't eat it...and especially don't eat anything that has it's own commercial!  But I digress...Dioxin, a known and  nasty carcinogen has the habit of hiding dormant in the fatty tissue of those infected, until a weight loss of 10 % or more happens, at which time the deadly chemicals release into the bloodstream and become active.                        

Dioxin was especially deadly to the wives and children of returning veterans.  A great many vets do tend to loose weigh after discharge from the service, and here's what happened.  Those contaminated by Agent Orange came home, resumed civilian life, lost weight, (activating the dioxin) had sex, had children...and the genetic poison was transferred from the veterans, to their partners, and to their children.  Simple as that, almost as if someone in a lab had planned it that way. 
   Geoengineering a better tomorrow.                    
From those times till now absolutely nothing and no one has been able to stop the deadly stranglehold Monsanto has us all in, and the grip just keeps getting tighter every time one little field office is protested out of town.  There is an agenda here, and "It ain't that pretty at all!" to quote the late Warren Zevon.  This agenda has several names, but just a single goal, to control.  Everything!  Even as GMO poisons are being literally crammed down our throats by Monsanto, and the law, these very same people have established several "doomsday seed vaults" in various places around the globe, and I got a headline for ya...they ain't stashing GMO FrakenSeeds, no way, just the real stuff, the organic stuff.
How about a pop quiz to see who is really paying attention.  Do you know what the white house and Monsanto have in common?  They both serve only Organic food in their cafeterias.  No GMO allowed.  But for us, well we of course get those nutritionally enhanced food products designed in Monsanto labs.  We truly don't have real food left any more, just these increasingly toxic food products.  "Food" produced artificially with chemicals and gene splicing is no food at all, it is just a food-like-product.  Don't believe me, how about this: Insects and other animals, yes even mammals, won't touch GMO products.  Rats won't eat GMO products!  Think I'm wrong?  Got a dog or cat nearby?  Just offer it some GMO food-like-product and watch the reaction.  First they will sniff it, then they will look at you with an expression that can only mean, "You're an Idiot!"
 Listed here are some of the GMO products President Obama
has previously approved for your consumption:

Monsanto GMO Alfalfa

Monsanto GMO Sugar Beets

Monsanto GMO Bt Soybean

Monsanto GMO Sweet Corn

Syngenta GMO Corn for ethanol

Syngenta GMO Stacked Corn

Syngenta GMO Soybean

Syngenta GMO Bt Cotton

Bayer GMO Cotton

Atryn an anti-clogging agent from the milk of transgenic Goats!

 If all this wasn't quite enough, coming soon to a food-like-product store near you, GMO apples and Salmon, you know, better living thru chemistry & genetics!  Several months ago here in California we had ballot prop-37 up for voting on as to whether or not Californians wished to have their poison properly labeled as such.  Monsanto spared no expense to win this ballot vote, and carpet bombed us with relentless commercials and ads all against the labeling of GMO food-like-products.  For dying out loud, you'd think we were trying to outlaw the damned stuff...all we wanted was proper labels.  The ad campaigns and commercials were so convoluted & obscure in their language a great many people were totally confused as to whether "Yes" meant Yes to labels or if "No" meant No to truth.  In the end of course Monsanto got exactly what they wanted and we just took it in stride and moved on to the next war crime against humanity.  Should be one cruising thru any minute now, as they're scheduled about every few days or so and I feel we're overdue.  Hey Monsanto, if you are so damned awful proud of your FrakenFoods, why don't you want to label them?

Did you know that Bill Gates bought 900,000 shares of Monsanto stock?

Did you know that George Soros bought 500,000 shares of Monsanto?
 So, this week while everybody thought they were going to see history being made for gay rights, Obama was quietly signing HR-993 which has come to be known as the Monsanto protection act.  Now this bill itself had nothing to do with GMO's but rather was an important bill ensuring the continued funding of the government.  The part that protects Monsanto against any possible future legal action was actually what they call a Rider...which is always some filthy little piece of business lacking the merit to be passed on it's own, so they let it become a stowaway aboard an important bill they all agreed ahead of time to pass.  And that boys & girls is how we get such dystopian rules passed into law in America.    Even though over 250,000 people signed an emergency petition to kill the bill, they were ignored, Obama ignored them and signed it anyway. The other thing being ignored is the most obvious, if Monsanto & Obama think Monsanto needs protection from legal action, then they must know They're doing something illegalOf course all this is a bit easier to comprehend when you come to realize that many former Monsanto executives have now found comfortable employment within the white house.  Here are a few of the key positions given to former Monsanto shot callers.

1. Deputy FDA Commissioner  Michael Taylor
2. U.S. DA & Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack
3. Islam Siddiqui, Agriculture trade Rep.
4. Ramona Romero, USDA counsel, (formerly with Dupont)
5. Rajiv Shah, New head of USAID, (formerly with Bill Gates)
6. Elena Kagan, to the US Supreme Court. (former Monsanto Lawyer)

Now, am I the only one in the room who sees a very disturbing pattern in all this?

Now do you see the scam for what it is, what's been building over the last century?

I don't know what we can do at this late stage of the 'game'.  It certainly seems they have now completed the project began 21 years ago when the Supreme Court said Exxon could genetically create little monsters to eat up the shit they spill.  Well, the monsters are all grown up now and have come home to roost.  I wonder if that's where they got the code name for their little master plan...Agenda 21?
I do know that we are certainly up against it here, and by that I mean the wall, as in, "Up against the wall, Mothertrucker!" (You read that wrong).  We are now over the proverbial barrel, folks, and unfortunately it's filled with neither beer nor laughs,  just death & dying.
Oh yeah, before I sign off, did I mention the part where GMO's are now found to not only cause cancer but sterility as well, yeah, you read that one right, Sterility.  Worried Now?
What about all this is so hard for you sleeping dreamers to comprehend?  If you keep  quiet hoping to somehow sneak thru you'll only die disappointed. This HR-993 bill becoming law is pretty much the first chapter of the endgame; and unless millions upon millions of us fill the streets the way you did when I was in Vietnam, we might never get out from under all this.  50 other nations ban or outlaw GMO-food-like-products, but here we just put the fox in charge of the henhouse and continue turning a deaf ear to all things unpleasant or beyond our control.

            What has to happen before you will act to save your life,
                                      and the precious life of Gaia?

           What will it take to wake you up ?
              Just how many alarm bells will it take ?

Do you folks out there really not care at all?  There are literally thousands of people awakening from the matrix every day in this era so rare it only happens every 26 thousand years.  Do you think we are gonna get a "do-over"?  If the Archons and their sicophant human worshipers have their way, there will be no age of Aquarius, no world of the fifth sun, no milleniuum of peace.  We are being corraled like livestock  unloaded at the stockyards and all we seem to care about is risk management.  Can I just tell ya...when the lid comes down on the endgame it won't matter if you were shouting or silent these last 20 years.  It won't matter if you were democrat, republican, gay, straight, albino, black, brown or white.  It won't matter because we're all just a bunch of "useless eaters" to them, and we're in their way.  I just don't understand where all of you are, or what you're thinking about that's more important than the future of humanity...but if ya don't start filling the streets with cold resolve and intent prety damn soon it will simply be too late...if it already isn't.

  Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other

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