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Groupthink & Social Masking

Long before humans ever had a need to begin using psychological masks as individuals we were already operating under the larger auspices of social masking known as the hive mentality.  I pretty much conjure that it all started when humans began forming social collectives and living together for protection...think cave men.  Prehistoric Earth was a much harder place to get by in than today, so that protection became a very high priority.  If you wished to have the protection and companionship of the group, you most likely went along with whatever the head honcho decreed, which come to think of it is still working real well these days.  Being "blackballed" from the tribe might not be so bad nowadays but back then I'm pretty certain it was a time-release death penalty.

 The patterns were formed and the programming became 'hardwired'- Safety in numbers, and we have pretty much been communal creatures ever since.  Back in the 60's, some communes of free thinkers began sprouting up as those tired of the hive mind left the cities to create hives of their own, allowing in only like minded thinkers.  Kinda like trading one hive mind for another one...think upgrades.  The hippies were the first in modern times to recognize the true potential of the hive mind, if focused on spirit rather than greed.  You see, we really are hardwired to work as a collective, it's known as the collective consciousness, and the collective unconscious.  These are the avenues of unity consciousness, which is what we are striving for in this consciousness driven revolution. 
Unfortunately for us today; this capacity for unity consciousness has been long ago hijacked, and deformed into something more conducive to breeding compliant slaves to serve the hijackers.   By deliberately exploiting a natural human tendency toward collective thinking, the 'elitists' down thru history have always sought to manipulate and even program our thinking to their liking.  Maybe that's why today all of the worlds newspapers, radio & TV stations are owned by just three corporations; and why "clear channel" and Homeland Insecurity are seeking to control all of it.
 I well remember the swarm of psychological self-analysis books that appeared around 1970, such as Future Shock by Alvin Toffler, and The Primal Scream, by Arthur Janov. Self-help was all the rage that year as so many folks tried to find some middle ground between the communes and the corporations, some fertile mental realm where sanity still prevailed.  It was 18 months later when another groundbreaking writer, & social psychologist Irving Janis appeared on the scene, with his early research on the hive mind, "Victims of Groupthink." Ten years later came his seminal work on the subject: "Groupthink; Psychological studies of policy decisions and fiascos," wherein he pioneered research into the existence and dynamics of the hive mentality in modern culture.  Janis described groupthink as a kind of rationalized conformity wherein individuals waived critical thinking in favor of majority rule, often with undesired results.  Janis described groupthink this way;  "The more amiability & esprit de corps there is among a policy making ingroup, the greater the danger that independent critical thinking will be replaced by groupthink which is likely to result in irrational & dehumanizing actions directed against outgroups." 
 The terms groupthink, ingroup & outgroup stem from and are derivative of George Orwell's classic "1984" which gave us such terms as doublethink, and newspeak used as to identify with authority.  Certainly Janis is not the only one to have drawn inspiration from Orwell's work, but was the first one to see and understand the phenomenon of groupthink well established in society.    Janis' book remains the quintessential research on the hive mind, and has established the eight symptoms of groupthink, as follows:
1.~ Illusion of invulnerability; where excessive optimism encourages extreme risk.
2.~ Collective Rationalization, the ignoring of warnings & failure to consider alternatives.
3.~ Belief in inherent morality; where the members of the group believe that being right    exempts them from ethical and moral consequences of their decision.
4.~ Stereotyped views of outgroups; creates & sustains a negative view of the "enemy".
5. ~ Direct pressure on Dissenters; constant peer pressure not to argue with or question the groups or leaders views.
6.~ Self-Censorship; members decline to express their own doubts or misgivings.
7.~ Illusion of Unanimity; where the majority view is assumed to be unanimous.
8. ~ Self-appointed 'Mindguards' -  where the members protect the leader & group from problematic information, new views etc. etc.

If you are looking for examples of the groupthink fiasco dynamic you have but to review some American political/military history.  Pearl Harbor, Bay of Pigs, escalation of Vietnam war, Iran hostage rescue, ramp-up to wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, weapons of mass destruction debacle, U.S. involvement in the Islamic revolution in Egypt, Libya and Syria...and that's just the short list.  On the civilian side there is the IRS, CPS, DMV, & PTA, JDL, ADA and many other groups who want to tell us how to think, and just who the "real enemy" really is...and we march to the beat of their drums at the expense of all our futures, and the futures of our grandchildren.  We are currently marching lockstep into the oblivion of the trans-human agenda being perpetrated by global elitist groupthink which never deviates from its goal of control. 
When I was just a little whippersnapper as gramps used to call me, Television was just beginning it's assault on the human mind, as the status of groupthink demanded everyone should have one...and now nearly everyone in America does.  Currently 96.7 % of American homes have at least one TV set.  The revolution will be televised.  The rational mind might well ask "when is enough, enough?" Trouble is that rational minds are not welcome in groupthink, so it becomes a moot point. 
Television became the greatest facilitator of groupthink since the invention of radio as it allowed the elites easy access to the mind of the American consumer sheep...
 And this is how it looks!
Nothing from outside is allowed inside the Bubble

If you aren't controlling your thoughts someone will do it for you. 

"Reason is the greatest enemy faith has ever had"

"A man is but the product of his thoughts~what he thinks, he becomes."
                                                                    ~Mahatma Gandhi~

To those who never have enough, there is no such thing as enough control over the population and so they have come to exploit every single human instinct, tendency & weakness they can identify, starting with the brain.  They have mapped our genomes and our brains, discovering just what makes us tick; and how we are most likely to react given any specific stimulus.  They invented neuro-lingustic programming to perfect the science of syntax, suggestion and programming, then set it loose in academia to wreck its havoc and strengthen groupthink.  The so called education system is in reality nothing more than boot camp for groupthink.  Look at all the clubs, teams, & groups which exist as part of the structure, then add in the social cliques and "ingroups" and hell, I am amazed any of us escaped with our wits intact.  Seriously folks, these guys aren't gonna be satisfied until they've turned us all into the Borg!

To our unconscious minds groupthink must seem a safe and reassuring place, kinda like the caves our ancestors once lived in, there is safety in numbers.  There is also anonymity within groupthink, the kind that can result in much trauma to the soul when faced with the frequently horrific outcomes of groupthink.  If you taped an American flag on your car and yelled "bring it on" as you pounded your chest right after 9-11 then you also bear some of the responsibility for every death resulting from groupthink allowing us to be lied into two un-necessary wars.  If you haven't screamed bloody murder over these and numerous other outrages every day of these long 12 years, then some of that blood is on your hands for allowing it to happen in silence.  No apologies, that's just how I see it.  Every closed mind and silent mouth only enables our overseers more, and strengthens the stranglehold of groupthink and the hive mind. 
When one considers the impact of groupthink upon the men we sent to fight in those wars for loot & plunder, and the psyche-fracturing resulting from participating in atrocities, is it any wonder we have such record numbers of desertions and suicides?  Maybe something worth thinking about on this anniversary of the My-Lai massacre in Vietnam 45 years ago.  Groupthink was wrong on every reason for sending those men over there and when they return groupthink just dumps them back into society without any time or therapy to help de-fuse, de-program or re-sensitize them.  Whats one more injustice?  Whats one more atrocity? Whats one more Vet who kills himself because he fears hurting his loved ones?  That IS why they do it - not because they can't hack it; just so you know.
What are you gonna say when your grandchild asks what you did to resist our world being taken over by stone cold psychopaths?  How will you account for your silence and acquiescence to something you felt was wrong, and evil?  It is very quickly coming down to the final struggle between groupthink and worldsoul...would you have us go out on our knees, whimpering as conquered slaves, or on our feet fighting for our birthright to this planet? 
As I am so fond of saying,
Knowledge is power, Ignorance is bliss ~ Pick One!

Have you been paying attention to the youth of today, the Gen-Xers?  Have you noticed how much more disaffected and depressed about the future they seem? Or noticed all the little ways they show disdain for this society; the full body tattoos & multiple body piercing?  How about their affection for extreme everything, including risk taking, have you noticed any of that?  To me these are all signs of a sub-strata of society who have seen, felt and tasted groupthink.  They know what it is and they want no part of it, so they've splintered off into their own custom hive mind in revolt.  Sound familiar? 

 I think the salient point in all this is simple: if the Gen-Xers can escape groupthink, so can we, and we already have the alternative right there waiting for us ~ Unity Consciousness.  Just like Neo in the Matrix, we must claw & scratch our way out of the induced slumber of groupthink, disconnect the tubules used to drip feed their mind numbing poison into us, and break free from the influence.  Its just another addiction to kick, about the biggest one yet, and kick it we must. 

 We really don't have a choice, we either evolve to exist in the higher frequency realms,
 or remain right exactly here, as slaves.  Pick One! 
And of course the very best example of groupthink and the hive mentality is the internet.  Here we have the mother of all groupthinks, complete with its myriad specialized subgroups.  The drug of immediate gratification & feedback being built into the very design of the internet was the clincher, we were hooked instantly.  Whether in a chat room, surfing the web, live-action-role-playing video games, or just cat videos...the internet came along just as we were getting bored with television to ensure that our owners would maintain control well into the future, and then they would own that too. The internet is the ultimate social mask, and therefore a perfect artificial hive mind for us to inhabit after the eventual demise of television, you know, when we all get our implants!  If the internet is our new structure for groupthink, then the perfect, most obvious command center is most certainly Facebook.  Here you save the overlords enormous time & expense by willingly volunteering to snitch yourselves out every fifteen minutes throughout the day...and night.  You tell them exactly which items you wish to see advertisements for as well as every trivial little thing that crosses your mind.  Indeed Facebook is the world capitol for those who never have an un-expressed thought.  If you ever have any doubts about the intention of Zuckerberg in creating Facebook, you have only to look up the You Tube video where a female interviewer goads him into taking off his trademark hoodie.  Get yourself a real good look at the logo on the inside of the garment.  Consider it a homework assignment.
What can possibly explain and account for so many millions of people worldwide subconsciously subscribing to the clear channel mantra of groupthink?  What kind of power keeps so many so silent for so long?  Fear, that's what.  Although nobody has figured out a way to quantify it; fear remains the standard unit of measure across the globe, it is truly an equal opportunity oppressor.  It is the fear of being the outcast, the one voted out of the cave in 10,000 BC that keeps us in line.  We have been programmed to believe we cannot make it on our own, without the support of the 'group' and the programming is stronger now than ever before because of upgrades in the technology of subversion, and reinforcement.  It's constant, it's everywhere, and the best you can do is manage to escape it for a few hours now & then by immersing yourself in wild nature.

We so fear failure that we will gladly sacrifice almost anything to avoid it.  On some inner level we each know groupthink is not the answer, that we've been hijacked from our first best destiny, but the only thing worse that being locked into groupthink is to be totally alone, on your own, with no direction home; now that truly terrifies us.  We fight our fear with the warm security which complacency offers and convince ourselves that conformity ensures success.  Classic indicators of groupthink, catch-22; circular logic on a not-so-merry-go-round that just goes faster every day.  We inherited a collective set of mantras to strengthen our conditioning and they remain in place even today.  Stuff like: Curiosity killed the cat - My country, right or wrong - You can't fight city hall - to get along, go along - Nobody likes a smart ass - You ain't paid to think -  The daily grind - the rat race; and so on.  Every time one of these mantras goes unchallenged the conditioning is reinforced, the chains grow tighter, and our futures grow dimmer.

We must do better than only being drawn together by mutual fear;
Unity cures Separation

 Fortunately for all of us, there is a way out of this quagmire, but it isn't simple and it won't be easy or comfortable on many levels.  Our salvation lies within our oppressors greatest weapon of control...the internet.  If we'd all just use it the way it's possible to use it; we can awaken one another, give on going moral support to each other, & speak truth to power at every turn.  We can extract our civilization from the gridlock of groupthink and the conditioned hive mentality; and return it to a path more of our choosing.  We can act as a free thinking group, seize the internet and Facebook then use them to help facilitate the manifestation of Unity Consciousness across the entirety of humanity.  You do recall I said it wouldn't be easy.  About as easy as cutting down a California Redwood with our teeth...these bastards are dug in like ticks, and have been sucking us dry for generations.  Their infrastructure is elaborate and complex, but it's also old and vulnerable.  Most of all their infrastructure depends upon our general apathy and acquiescence to succeed.  If enough waking dreamers start raising merry hob at the right times and in the right places the infrastructure of groupthink begins to collapse.  We have to manage doing that; and then sustain it into a spark, then nurse that spark into a prairie fire that sweeps across the collective unconsciousness of humanity, burning out the synaptic responses of groupthink and overmind.
This is not work for the marginally committed or the commitment challenged.  The overmind of groupthink is obsessed with power at a time when their hour upon the stage is nearly over.  Overmind is determined to continue milking humanities resources at any cost.  They aren't packing up and quitting just because a few of the sleeping dreamers are on to them.  Its gonna take more than harsh language and deferred anger to win the day, and our futures, back from the groupthink of overmind.  It requires uncommon valor, and a fearlessness that is a rare commodity in these days of CYA & looking out for number one.   I used to think that any day now the hero gene would kick in, humanity would awaken simultaneously as if on cue, escape from groupthink and embrace unity.  With each new atrocity against the Earth and humanity I was just so sure we were seeing the catalyst event for the tipping point...but it never happened.  No spark, no prairie fire.  Then one night during meditation it hit me.  The reason we haven't seen that spark of heroism arise in humanity is because it no longer exists.   You see, we are not the descendants of those brave, fearless ones who left the cave to face the challenges of a Neolithic world; they all died or were eaten.  Their genes didn't survive to be passed down.  No, our ancestors were the terrified ones cowering in fear at the back of the cave.  This is who we are, this is where we came from.  Maybe that hero gene is only dormant, not dead.  Maybe we can somehow awaken it, rouse it from slumber in time to claw our way out of groupthink and back on track to a community of unity.
We must remember that energy follows thought, thought becomes belief, and belief creates our reality, and that reality forms our destiny.  Using this "Destiny Formula" we must individually & collectively start focusing our intentions, visualizing the world we would rather exist in, and then create that world, not with groupthink, but with collective consciousness, and love. Its either that, or ... pretty much hell on Earth.  Pick One!   
  Until next time; Be Good to each Other


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  2. Hi Jerry~ Thanks so much for for your comments and interest. To be perfectly honest I know theres a way to do it but I have no idea what the procedure is. Other sites regularily re-post my stuff but as I am not conversant with those protocols...it all just looks like magic to me. I would suggest looking on YouTube for a tutorial, or 'how to' video...I would be very surprised if you don't find what you need there. Good luck, and keep me posted...pardon the pun :)

  3. Brilliant. Superb analysis. The energy that should follow such thoughts could very well create the reality of the world we would rather exist in. I'm in.

  4. Hugh~ That's exactly how we'll do it; one person at a time! Thanks for reading, and taking the time to comment.

  5. * Had no idea that YOU were Augureye...cheers Chautauqua(spelling that!- is a workout in itself lol)...Sir Peeks turned me on to it/you after he gave me his e-mail...we've been chatting back & forth as I am a willing sound board/ compatriot recently & encouraged him to follow his heart/art with his vignettes
    ...Must say we're (U&I)definitely on the same page, as I'm an old (61yr) Hippy myself; with Gr9 as my summit of achievement (lol) I was banned from every (Prussian-Indoc-Ed)Ritalan High-school, the minute I turned 16...not for violence but because I 'grok' from another dimension/planet lol....I was woken up AGAIN! a couple of yrs ago & just started putting my thoughts down in the last year(proper diet/no TV) which has gravity fed me to like-ilk/ Zen et al...Must say you're very perspicacious as people like you stop me from pulling the plug daily...cheers....Alex aellinson@citywest.ca

  6. Yo, Alex~
    Indeed sir it is I. Just the other day I had song lyrics pop into my head as soundtrack for something going on IRL ~ I grinned to myself thinking "Now alex would like that one":) Yup, Zen has a unique place there, nothing quite like it in cyberspace, and it draws in the waking dreamers to give them hope, encouragement, and most powerful of all, knowledge!
    Dude...they didn't give these great seats to just anyone! We are here for the show of the millenium and it would be bad form to leave B4 the final act...I heard theres gonna be cake ! :)

  7. *Cheers amigo...thx for the reminder- best keep my ticket stub!(been experiencing real compression just lately)....google on over to 'redice' as there's an echo paralleling your essay somewhat... as to 'consensus-science' regarding TED censorship...methinks directives from the capstone pyramid chess club- ceo Ho control freaks.
    I live at the end of the road in Prince Rupert Canada about 50 miles from the tip of the Alaskan panhandle, as you mentioned being a former DJ there...could'nt get wild horses to drag me across that border...gottaluv the jack-boots & the marine haircuts on satan's minions manning their freedom posts at the border...will keep in touch...Thx for just helping me more than you know...cheers

  8. Chautauqua!!!!!!!! Left ya a few Canadian tall boys in the fridge it was the least i could do since you sent me that Rolex oyster cup and the bottle of Dom with that box of 40 ga Cohibas shesss Lov ya bro .. I called and left a message with your secretary , she said you would be flying in after from Hong Kong youhad a few more rounds of golf with the V P of Chevron , Dude Love the Post! YO Alex its Mr.Augureye Thats the Biz name "Chautauqua" is for when hes out ripping it with the boys !Got keep it professional around the brass. Anyway Brother kick ass post once more all ways a great read filled with good fact and colorful visual impact .

  9. Peeks~ Yeah the chevron brass lost to me at golf so we shoved 'em out of the jet right over the Gulf of Mexico for a corexit cocktial! Glad ya liked the post, it was a fun piece to do, many kudos to Zen for suggesting the idea. Gonna rest up over weekend and see what the muse wants to write about next :)
    Your YouTube channel is simply great, man; I think you have found your vehicle and it turned out to be a Porche!

  10. * Just to clarify...the urges to 'pull the plug' are residual 'fear' emotions, yet to be fully purged from chilhood PTSD truama...I should have been more specific, as not having an 'intention' so much as dealing with said:'residual'fears....Cheers

  11. Alex~ Does this mean I need to recall the saint bernard with the keg of brandy 'round it neck? Or the bevy of hooters girls I sent your way with a flash drive full of cat videos from U-Tube. Guess I'd better cancel the midnight welfare check by blackwater counselors as well. :) No worrys, pretty much the way I took your meaning. Tried to send ya an email today at the address you left, but it was returned as undeliverable for unknown reasons. Tell Peek its OK for him to give you my email...plus, this seems to be working well if all else fails!

    Tell ya what works real well with those residual fears, and a whole lot of other flotsam & jetsom as well, and that is to make yourself a small black little vortex type black hole, a void. Every time something in category rears its ugly head(s), pitch their ass into the void...watch them be sucked down like a cosmic toilet, (connected to the destination of your choosing)never to be seen or heard from again. Got the technique from my ex-wife...works fabulously :)