Thursday, February 13, 2020

Justice Denied

Among many other things; three years of Donald Trump as president have shown us two central truths.  That America's population is more racist and divided than we ever admitted; and America's politicians are more vile & corrupt than we ever imagined.

The impeachment and acquittal of Donald Trump was a showcase of treason, corruption & cowardice.  It was the final death knell of democracy, and the coronation of America's first dictator. 

Even as I write these words, the bloodbath of retaliation & revenge has begun as Trump lashes out vindictively at his growing list of enemies (real & imagined), more emboldened than ever.  "Teflon Don" is now officially above the law and feels like he can get away with anything after surviving the porn star scandal, Mueller investigation, Quid Pro Quo and impeachment.  Since his acquittal Trump has scrubbed 70 Obama holdovers from the National Security Council.  You just watch, it won't be long until he goes full-goose Caligula...I don't think it'll be a long wait either.

The thing is that witness retaliation is against the law, just like witness tampering and intimidation are, and Trump could care less.  I submit that the entire impeachment team should remain on the job, and slap Mango Unchanged with more articles of impeachment every single time he breaks the law.  Yes, I know if they did that very little else would get done, except for limiting the damage he can still do; but nothing else has worked.  If he is allowed to now get away with witness retaliation without being held accountable, he will see that as a green light to run amok.

"Real Power is...I don't even want to use the word...fear"
~Donald Trump - March 31, 2016

When Trump first arrived in D.C. he saw that congress and the senate were comprised of greedy old men whose primary focus was their own re-election; and he immediately knew exactly how to control them.  First he had to set an example early on for all to see.  Anyone who opposed Trump, spoke out against him or failed to vote with him was singled out, attacked as being weak, ineffective, etc and given a nasty nickname.  The same tactic used so effectively against former GOP presidential candidates in 2016.

Holding their very re-elections as hostage, Trump brow beat the GOP senate into submission; then ensured their future obedience by getting them all on Putin's payroll incentive plan.  Why else would Mitch McConnell block every single bill to protect and defend our elections from foreign interference??  Why would he do that if he was working for the American people?  Treasonous cowards all, every last one of them.

Immediately following the impeachment acquittal, stories began hitting the internet media that quoted several senators who were asked why they voted to acquit, admitting it was out of fear.  Fear that they would be singled out, that Trump would give them one of his childish nicknames and badmouth them on the playground.  Imagine that, an American senator afraid of a nickname, now imagine 52 of them so afraid of the man they all vote to acquit!

"I feel like I'm standing over a casket"
~ Bill Maher -(2-8-20) ~

People have been comparing Trump to Adolph Hitler almost from the start of his presidential campaign, and for good reason.  As it turns out Trump is quite a student, fan and follower of the despised Nazi dictator.  According to an ex-wife, Trump keeps a book of Hitler's speeches in his night stand...and we have time and again seen how Trump fawns over contemporary dictators like Putin, and Kim. 

Trump studies how dictators rise to power, and how they keep it...and its not because he is a history buff.  In so many ways, Trump has done his level best to remake America in the image of Nazi Germany; perhaps now that the senate has given Trump his version of the enabling act, maybe its a good time to take a deeper look into his obsession with Hitler.

Watching Trump's state of the union speech I was immediately both incensed and unsurprised that he would begin the speech with such a long string of provable lies.  As the stagecraft continued with GOP sycophants applauding after every other comment, it really reminded me of the video we see out of North Korea, with the mandatory love & obedience offered up in choreographed adoration for dictator Kim Jong-Un.

I simply couldn't believe my eyes when Trump announced he was awarding the medal of freedom to hate monger Rush Limbaugh.  That was not only a travesty, it was an open and sadistic insult to decency and decorum.  The incident was made even worse still for the fact that the last surviving pilot from the all black Tuskegee airmen was present in the audience, who should have received the medal.  Rewarding a scumbag like Limbaugh with the medal of freedom is like giving the International Culinary Award to Jeffrey Dahmer!  Trump did this to show just how nasty he can be.

For me the high point of the state of the union address was when Nancy Pelosi ripped up her copy of Trump's speech in open protest to the stream of lies pouring like sewage from his mouth.  After, when a reporter asked her why she did it, Pelosi replied, "Because the speech was a manifesto of mistruth!"

To show the world what a petty, vindictive little man he is; Trump posted an edited video of Pelosi ripping up his state of the union speech which was altered to make it look like she was doing it as the Tuskegee airman was being introduced.  YouTube has refused to delete or remove the video on the grounds that freedom of speech includes the freedom of misleading and outright false speech!  It would seem that even YouTube is afraid of Trump.

Trump turned his state of the union speech into another rally, then turned the solemn national prayer breakfast into a shameless pity party including vehement attacks against his "persecutors" despite the events theme being that of forgiveness.  

A reporter asked Trump after his acquittal if he was now out to settle scores, his cryptic, if not chilling response was simply..."You'll see - let's see what happens."

"Power corrupts, Absolute power corrupts absolutely"
~ Lord Acton~

Trump now wants the entire impeachment to be expunged from the official records; imagine that.  Now imagine the senate being so scared of Trump they just do what he wants.  It is being reported that Trump will now order the IRS to turn over Bidens income data; even as they refuse (ordered not to) release Trumps.  Are the justice & treasury departments also scared of Trump retaliation if they incur his wrath?  The Iowa caucus disaster gave Trump much enjoyment on his post-acquittal victory lap; and has all the earmarks of yet another attack on our elections.  Not one of the several excuses given for the disaster pass the smell test, much less the logic test and yet there aren't many voices demanding a full FBI investigation.  Why is that? 

How very convenient for Trump, between impeachment acquittal and state of the union speech the democrats come off looking like the Keystone Cops!  "Perception is Reality"- Trump knows this, its why he has never stopped holding rallies to keep his base fired up; just like Hitler did.

As the tangerine scream prepares to serve up vengeance to his enemies and fix the next election, the democrats just can't seem to get it together in any meaningful way and have yet to produce anyone who can derail the Trump train.  They are all carrying on as if this was just a normal election from back in the 50's...they all say they can beat Trump but none of them will say exactly how.

"Right Matters"
~ Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman ~

The sole glimmer of hope might be Mayor Pete Buttigieg.  He appears to be the one sane voice in the crowd of wannabes, he seems to be that bright shining light to lead us out of the darkness.  He is young, intelligent, articulate and always seems to say things most of us want to hear.  But wait a minute, we've seen this show before!

Obama appeared to us the exact same way, seemingly out of nowhere, and this reminds me a lot of that. Of course once Obama caught on and his popularity skyrocketed it wasn't long before he was in the tank, bought & owned by special interest groups and power brokers. It's called the JFK gambit and it has worked before; maybe it'll work again... "Let's see what happens."

Meanwhile; Michael Bloomberg is spending $38 bucks a minute on his presidential election campaign...370 million dollars so far.  Great, just great, all we need is another out-of-touch billionaire president telling us what to think.  Reports have surfaced stating that the Bloomberg campaign is doing something no one else seems to have thought of...He has retained the services of an expert on narcissism to help get in Trumps head & under his skin.  Not a bad idea.

We have gone from our first president who could not tell a lie, to our worst president who cannot tell the truth.  Democracy has run it's course, we're in the post-truth era now, where bat-shit crazy is the way its going to be from now on.  Welcome to Trumpland where democracy has been replaced with an authoritarian dictatorship "the likes of which the world has never seen".  It used to be that if you lied under oath, you lost your job, now under Trump's authoritarian rule, you get fired if you speak the truth under oath!

When the Fascists take over they don't declare it on social media or take out full page ads in the Wall Street Journal...they come wrapped in the American flag & carrying a bible.   Things will still look, feel and work the same as before, for a while.  You'll probably still have your job, (unless you've been a vocal anti-Trump sort of dissident) and the trains will still run more or less on time; but make no mistake about it, things are going to be very different from now on and my guess is that it won't be long before you notice what I'm talking about.  Just don't forget to yell "Jenga" when everything falls apart.

We have to remember that Trump didn't do this all alone.  There were serious indications that he was being groomed as a potential presidential candidate in 2012 after the 2-term success of GW Bush...but it was decided it wasn't his time yet.  Enter the Tea Party: first build the base, then give them their candidate.  Begun in 2009 the tea party movement was a rag-tag conglomeration of right wing reactionaries, and when the movement gained in popularity despite sketchy leadership the republican party began assimilating it, and taking it over to serve their agenda.  By 2016 the GOP had all but shed the name 'tea party' to disassociate from the negative press and none of the 'tea baggers' seemed to mind their status upgrade to full-on republican.  All that remained was to provide a champion to lead them; Donald J. Trump.

The GOP never dreamed that Trump would then go on to literally hijack their entire party in order to consolidate his power.  They never saw him coming.  They underestimated him entirely, thinking they had him outnumbered; they failed to see him for the predator he truly is.  As if he was running a reality show like "Survivor" Trump made it clear early on that if you crossed him or failed his loyalty test you got voted off the island. 

Trump has many times said on camera he'd like to imprison his political rivals, beginning with his infamous "Lock Her Up" chant in the 2016 campaign.  Recently he has revived the usage of that chant since his acquittal, only now it refers to Nancy Pelosi!  True American presidents do not seek to imprison their rivals, but cowardly dictators do!

We know who Trump is now, as he has revealed himself to be a heartless narcissistic psychopath; but that's just part of the puzzle.  Several experts have stated publicly that Trump has chronic narcissism disorder, but we didn't need the professional diagnosis as we can clearly see for ourselves that he is the textbook gaslighting narcissist. Unfortunately for the rest of us, that isn't the only mental disorder Trump exhibits; he also has one of the worlds largest, overfed egos which at the same time is as delicate as fine china.

Take for example his annoying penchant for hyperbole.  Why is it that everything he has, says does or brags about is always the biggest, & best that the world has ever seen?  He is like a spoiled rich kid brat on the schoolyard.  Its easy for us to see that the hype and bragging are to cover up and compensate for his many shortcomings (pun intended), what is problematic and even dangerous is that HE doesn't see the same thing.   Rounding out Trump's collection of mental problems is perhaps the most apparent, he is truly stupid. Tragically uneducated.  

Recently after the Kansas City Chiefs won the super bowl Trump congratulated Kansas.  An easy mistake to make, for a fourth grader!!  Time after time Trump astounds us with both his staggering stupidity and his inability to construct coherent sentences.  To make it even worse, he repeatedly says some of the dumbest things we have ever heard anyone say while trying to be serious and presidential.  What makes his stupidity scary is he keeps telling us he is a "very stable genius" because he truly believes he is.   Like Bill Maher said of Trump, "He's like a toddler with a loaded gun, you're always a little worried."

Yesterday, responding to the Coronavirus which may become a global pandemic, Trump said "Just wait a couple months until April, it'll be warmer and that will kill the virus."  Sure, and windmills cause cancer. When it comes to politics, and disasters I do not believe in synchronicity, happenstance or coincidence.  Big, impactfull events are nearly always the doings of evil minds; which is why we must view this outbreak with no small degree of suspicion and perhaps even trepidation. 

The emergence of a global pandemic health crisis literally on the heels of Trump's impeachment/acquittal is just way to sketchy for me.  It again demonstrates how events keep accelerating faster than we can process them.  Its like we just can't catch our breath or sort things out before the next horrible thing hits us.  So here we are stuck between Fukushima and Coronavirus with the Trumpland blues again.

For someone who can dish out the attacks & insults Donald Trump is famous for being unable to take it in return.  Like a child throwing a tantrum he gets outraged if anyone should criticize him in any way.  Trump loves to mock other people for being fat, short, ugly, little, etc. yet gets furious when people make fun of his short fingers, his low IQ, or his weight.

To defeat Trump you must understand the mindset of the chronic narcissist.  Their very lifeblood is the attention of others; nothing matters as long as they are in the limelight.  The narcissist not just craves this attention from as many people as possible for as long as possible, they actually need it!    It makes no difference whether the attention is positive or negative so long as they are the focus of the narrative.

Narcissists need this constant attention the way a junkie needs his fix.  If deprived of the sought after attention for very long they actually become physically ill with a wide range of symptoms & associated pain.  So this is why we must endure unhinged insecure twitter rants at three AM, just in time to be picked up by the morning early news cycle!  Unfortunately (for us) mental health professionals do not consider narcissism as a true disease because those having it do not suffer from it.  Instead it is considered a mental condition, even a mental illness because narcissists never seek psychiatric help for being narcissists.   Suddenly Mike Bloomberg begins to look smart for employing an expert on narcissism and a comedy writer on his campaign...until you realize he has been a Democrat, and a Republican, and an Independent in his political career.  That seems a bit narcissistic to me as well.  At some point it all boils down to a pack of Velociraptors fighting over scraps of meat.

Now that acquittal has left him feeling invulnerable, how long can it be before Mango Unchanged criminalizes all criticism of him in any form?  Maybe that is the key to defeating Trump: simultaneously ridicule & ignore him!  While I still have the freedom to do so, allow me to share my favorite Trump anagrams with you.  There is of course 'Lord Dampnut' which has been making the rounds on social media; but his name also anagrams out to: 'Plod Turd Man' & 'Old Damp Runt' so, if you like them share them.  If humor is the only way we can fight back then I say let us mock, insult and ridicule him until his head explodes.  Justifiable self-defense!
"I have the absolute right to do whatever 
I want with the justice system"
 Donald Trump, (2-12-20)
~[Lie #29,753] ~

 As if there is an expiration date on creating even more chaos in this country Trump has signaled he will exonerate his convicted pal Roger Stone, convicted last year of lying to congress and witness tampering.  Stone was originally sentenced to a maximum 50 years in prison for his crimes, which prosecutors got reduced to 7 to 9 years.  Evidently this wasn't good enough for Trump who tweeted "Cannot allow this miscarriage of justice".  Evidently shocked beyond belief that Trump has the unmitigated audacity to use the phrase miscarriage of justice after his kangaroo court impeachment acquittal; all 4 prosecutors on the case walked out in protest. 

As usual A.G. "Bullfrog" Barr is the main culprit here, enabling Trump to break both traditions and laws with is this not a dictatorship run by a madman?  You just watch, before this is over Trump will give a presidential pardon to his friend and political mentor Roger Stone.  We all live in Trumpland now.

Try as I might, I just can't shake this idea that Trump is Hitler re-incarnated.  It would sound loony if not for all the little similarities & connections.  Firstly there is something about the eyes that strikes me as similar, every now and then you see it in a fleeting glimpse, that same evil soul-less look in his eyes. 

Hitler hated America and wanted to destroy it; from all indications & actions the same is true for Trump.  Hitler was the absolute authoritarian who demanded loyal obedience from officers and civilians alike.  Anyone who failed to do so was punished...same with Trump.  Hitler railed against the open media, calling them "The lying press"- with Trump it's "Fake News" but its the same exact thing: attacking the press as enemies of the state when they are critical of your regime, or "administration".

Hitler hated America because our involvement in the second world war cost him his conquest of Europe, and the world.  That would be a most serious grudge to carry forward into a subsequent incarnation.  Cheat your way into becoming America's leader, then systematically destroy it from within and build your 4th Reich on the ashes.  Suddenly the last three years is beginning to make more sense. 

"Trump is acting like a third world dictator"
~ Chris Matthews- (2.12.20) ~

As he is already demonstrating, Trump intends to not just attack his enemies, but to destroy them as well.  Remember Lt. Col Alexander Vindman who was in on the "perfect phone call" and testified at Trumps impeachment proceedings?  Evidently it wasn't good enough to just fire him for speaking the truth, now Trump is threatening to slap him with a military tribunal as well.  Anyone who thinks or says that Trump learned his lesson from being impeached and that he wouldn't dare commit such crimes again are either shills or stupid; if you are senator Susan Collins, both!

The only lesson Trump learned from being impeached is that he now completely owns the republican party, is above the law, and can do whatever he damn well pleases!

What lessons have WE learned from the last three years?
Lying, Stealing & Cheating are OK,
Corruption is OK,
Racism is OK,
Sexism is OK,
Persecuting LBGTQ is OK,
Subverting the constitution is OK,
Inciting your followers to violence is OK,
Using fear & intimidation to get your way is OK,
Asking our enemies to interfere in our elections is OK,
Bribing a weaker country to dig up dirt on your political opponent is OK,
Mocking the disabled is OK,
Firing those who speak the truth under oath is OK,
Protecting pedophiles is OK,
Silencing those in jail who know your secrets is OK,
Abuse of power is OK,
Obstructing congress is OK,
Violating the Emoluments clause is OK,
Someone is gonna have to explain to me how this is not a dictatorship.

I've been saying for years that Donald Trump is a dangerous psychotic narcissist with delusions of grandeur and the desire to be a dictator.  Now that he has achieved that desire, what do you suppose he will do with his new found power?  Do you think Trump will ask for Putin's help again in the election??  What chance does fairness have? - zero!  We already know Trump will pull out all the stops to prevent a fair, honest election, the question is, how far is he willing to push it?  Would he for instance, plunge the country into civil war, then invoke martial law...which would postpone elections indefinitely?!

The big question is the one Bill Maher has been asking for awhile now; and that is if Trump loses the election, will he leave the white house?   What is the likelihood that if he loses the upcoming election Trump would just scream that it was rigged against him, that it was a hoax, fake news, a democrat conspiracy?  We all know that's exactly what he would say.  So, what if he claims he won the election, refuses to vacate the white house, then mobilizes troops to enforce martial law?  If you think that would never happen then you simply haven't been paying attention at all.  Did you know Trump employs food tasters...just like Hitler.

Trump won't want to vacate the white house if he loses in November because he is far from out of the woods when it comes to legal problems.  There are still around 16 or so investigations into Trump and his crime family, and perhaps most notably, the state of New York is waiting to slap Trump with federal charges the moment he is no longer president.  How far will Teflon Don go to avoid that?  Again, I don't think we'll have long to wait until we find out.

As far as I am concerned, Trump is the literal embodiment if not actual re-incarnation of Adolf Hitler, and as such has become America's first dictator.  Democracy didn't die in darkness, it was murdered in broad daylight as we watched.  The Coup D'etat was televised. 

With so many Trumpisms mirroring Hitler; perhaps karma has an unpleasant surprise in store for the count of mar-a-lago.  He is trying to so closely follow in Hitler's image perhaps he'll meet the same fate: to die by his own hand as his enemies close in from all sides.  About all we can hope for now is that karma doesn't wait until he sets the world on fire...again.  Buckle up Buttercup!

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