Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Twin Flame Soulmates

Humans are hard wired from birth to seek basic things for their survival; primarily food, freedom, shelter, comfort and safety.  Beyond or perhaps beneath this also exists the need for communal living and family structure.  We seek our place within societal realms which is tied to the survival instinct, and part of that instinct is to propagate the species.  Even though those with hardened hearts may disagree, everyone wants to love and be loved.  It's one of those primal instincts we're hardwired with from birth; you can deny it, but there's no escaping it.  Each individual incarnates with a matched set of longings.  The first is to return to source, the second is to find the missing half of their soul~ their split-apart, their twin flame.
As the common legend goes, at the time of physical incarnation each sovereign soul is split apart into two, one male & one female, who then proceed along different paths, according to what they have chosen.  We arrive here in this place with a hollow, half remembered longing to find something hovering out there just beyond the veil of memory ~ and it calls to us throughout our life to come find it.  We almost never know what it is we seek, we only feel the emptiness; so we begin a life long process of trying to fill that void with one thing or another, trying to scratch an itch we can't quite reach no matter what we try.  This trial and error approach to fulfillment tends to waste a lot of valuable time while it gradually takes its toll on ones psyche and overall outlook on life.  Almost nobody gets it right the first time, which is why reincarnation is so popular.
Our journey upon the wheel of life is one of completion and unity.  It is said that before this journey is complete each soul must experience the full curriculum that the Earth school has to offer; and from every perspective.  Can't you just hear the lifetimes piling up?  There is no set number of incarnations one must endure to graduate the course of study and escape the reincarnational cycle; it's all about how long a soul takes to "get it."  Not everyone presently incarnated is seeking a soulmate, although you couldn't tell it by watching commercials, or humans in public for that matter.  In the earth school one of the required courses of study is naturally relationships; because to experience completion we must master the lessons only relationships can bring.  To facilitate this there are three basic relationship incarnations.  The first is the incarnation where you experience many different partners throughout the life.  The second is where you experience loyalty to a single partner, and the third is the incarnation spent embracing solitude, probably after doing the first two a few times. 

Not only does society bombard us with countless messages about how successful people have successful relationships (which isn't always true), but life itself tends to be difficult enough for most of us to want someone with whom to share our misery.  "Just me & you against the world"- that kind of thing; or as Bob Dylan put it, a little shelter from the storm.  While most people are just seeking compatible companionship with someone who won't drive them crazy; an increasing number of awakening souls are hearing the call of their soulmate, and are actively searching.  The concept of the split-apart, or soulmate has probably been with us for as long as humans have embraced communal living, but it certainly has enjoyed a great rise in popularity in the last 50 years owing first to the beatniks, and then the hippies, but mostly I think to the rise of the 'new age' and human potential movements in general. 

Picking up on the increasing interest in soulmates; Hollywood has of course tapped the subject many times over the years with varying degrees of authenticity & success.  From the fare offered by Hollywood, there are a handful of films which are very much worth seeing... here is my personal pick of the very best.

What Dreams May Come ~   Cloud Atlas  ~  City of Angels   ~   Made in Heaven
  Defending Your Life  ~  The Lake House  ~  The Butchers Wife ~  Only You

As the basic lore goes, there are twin flame soulmates as described above; and then there are other types or levels of soulmate as well.  It is altogether common for groups of souls to travel and incarnate together, time and again.  Sometimes one or more of this group may not be incarnate at the same time as the others, (known as taking an incarnation off) and they often serve as guides and spirit helpers for their earthbound friends.  In this same manner, twin flame soulmates do not always incarnate at the same time, (only about 5% do) so every life isn't only about finding your other half.  In other scenarios, both twin flames may incarnate at the same time, but on opposite sides of the planet, diminishing their chances of reuniting.  It isn't always about the reunion of our twin flames, even though the longing is always there.  In those times when finding our twin flame isn't in the cards, very often 'surrogate' soulmates will appear instead and are most often part of the group we incarnate with.  Like Steven Stills sang, "If ya can't be with the one ya love, love the one you're with."

As difficult as it can be for an ordinary romantic relationship to thrive, many people think that if they could just find their soulmate, everything would be sweet and heavenly.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  You see when the soul splits apart, each half is a perfect mirror for the other, and each knows their split-apart as nobody else ever can.  When the split-aparts separate and go their own way, it is with the understanding that each is striving to learn, heal and become as complete as possible so that when the reunion does happen, between them they will possess all the pieces needed for unity, and moving beyond the reincarnational cycle.  This is why some will tell you that twin flame soulmates only meet during their last incarnations.  So even though reuniting with your twin flame soulmate might eventually culminate in the kind of bliss people imagine, getting there can be a very rugged ride, as each half of the whole will tend to mirror the other one's negative shortcomings and deficiencies.  Twin flame soulmates tend to challenge one another, to bring out the best attributes, and the worst, often at the same time.  Another thing to consider is that sometimes when twin flame soulmates do find each other in the same incarnation one is ready for the experience, while the other is not.  One is open to change & growth while the other sleepwalks thru the incarnation.  Every great once in a while twin flames who have each prepared themselves for reuniting with their twin soul will find each other here in the earth school, and that, is something to behold!

How to find Your Twin Flame Soulmate

I am sure that the intercyberwebnet and YouTube are chock full of all kinds of tried and true ways to find your elusive twin flame soulmate, and some of them might even have some useful information, but I will share the very best way with you right here.  It is a deceptively simple & very effective two step approach.

     Step One: Make a list of all the traits, attributes, qualities, & skills you will require of your perfect mate.  

      Step Two: Set about making sure you possess all of those same traits, attributes, qualities & skills .

If you do this, I will stand out like a lighthouse at midnight to your twin flame soulmate.  Now, be advised this will also attract moths, & other insects, so you will want to acquire some discernment along the way as well, it never hurts.  Primary among the attributes you will be developing will be an open heart with balanced emotions as this is usually what others will notice about you long before the more superficial things like buns of steel.  Not that there is anything wrong with buns of steel, but if that is your first criteria, then you're probably not soulmate material..."sorry Charlie." It will not matter to your twin flame whether you are rich or poor; whether you live in a penthouse or a pick-up truck.  What will matter to your twin flame, is finding their split-apart whole, happy and ready to move on to the next level. 

Clearly one must work on every level of themselves to prepare and be 'qualified' for stepping up to a twin flame relationship, and it just makes tons of sense to begin with the foundation of what you will bring to that relationship ~ the heart chakra.  First, before anything else; check the heart for any residual booby traps left over from previous emotional adventures.  Baggage & issues are like depth charges waiting to destroy all pretenders to the throne of our heart.  Before we can be ready for unconditional love we must first purge our hearts of hurtful, negative programs, and drain the emotional charge from painful memories.  It certainly does seem to be true that men tend to seek partners who remind them of Mom, and women tend to pick mates who remind them of dear old dad.  This is not always a good thing and can cause recurring problems until the cycle is broken.  The next step here is one called radical forgiveness* and entails clearing old emotional debris and negative thought forms from the heart and emotional network.  Before you can turn the basement into a recreation room you must first sweep & mop up then clean out all the cobwebs.
Cleaning House 

In order to transform our hearts into someplace a soulmate might be comfortable hanging out we must first spruce the place up a bit.  This begins with monitoring your emotional thoughts for 'stinking thinking'.  A classic example of stinking thinking is any thought which begins with the words "What if..." or "If Only..." so when they come around, do not finish the thought, banish it.  A great banishing technique is when you catch yourself beginning to think or speak a negative thought, stop, and in your  mind's eye see the thought burst into a fireworks type starburst, which should provide sufficient light to see clearly, if even for a moment.  Remember, the technique used is not so important as your intention.  If your intention is clearly stated & unambiguous your results will be also.  You must re-train your brain in two regards.  first by watching what you think (and why) and second by not believing everything you think.  How much of what is crashing about in your noggin is actually original critical thought, and how much is just stuff the programmers snuck in on ya when you were in an alpha state, which happens every single time you watch TV??  How often do you take the time to go thru your computer to remove outdated programs and trash that came in with the cookies?  How often do you defragment the hard drive to organize files properly so the machine will operate more efficiently?  How often do you perform these same tasks on your own internal hard drive with random access memory ~ your brain?  Nowadays, it is a good idea to not let negative or counterfeit programs clutter up your mind and distort your perceptions.  Especially important if you are preparing to be with your soulmate, and absolutely mandatory if you expect your twin flame to recognize you.

The next step in this energetic makeover is a bit more problematic, as we are dealing with painful memories.  Clearly, we just don't want to go deleting any major memories on account of the pain the remind us of.  No, we want to keep those memories as they often times are the ones which brought us our most valuable lessons in how to relationship with someone we love.  Gotta keep the memories, but drain the pain!  Again, another technique.  Whenever a painful memory surfaces to snag your heart like a thorn, do this.  Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and visualize the memory as a battery...AAA for small stuff, all the way up to a 12 volt car battery for the very gnarly ones.  In your mind's eye hold this battery between two fingers, (or hands) making contact with both terminals.  Now feel the pain associated with this memory, and let it simply drain right out of you thru your feet, all the way thru the floor and into Gaia; who will transmute your negative emotion into positive energy for her own sustained healing.  As you feel this pain draining from you; look at the battery and see the charge draining from top to bottom.  As you discharge the energy of the battery, you are also removing the energy of pain from the memory, balancing & healing it in the process.  Yes, some of your painful memories will be healthier than others from overfeeding, so they may require more than a single balancing.  Just keep draining the charge, until the memory shows up with nothing attached, then it is healed.  Repeat as necessary.

Marriage in the Heart
Preparing yourself to be with your twin flame soulmate is going to require some extreme makeovers; and one of the very best is something known as the Marriage in the Heart ritual.  It is something you do to transform your heart chakra into a temple of love worthy of your twin flame, it is a homecoming ceremony.

This ritual/meditation is going to involve the Heart Chakra, the throat chakra just above it, and the solar plexus chakra, below the heart chakra.  The heart chakra is our energetic center of unlimited love.  Above it is the throat chakra.  The throat chakra is our full range of expression, & as such is the masculine energy center.  Below the heart is the solar plexus chakra, our full range of emotion, the feminine energy center.  Being centrally located in the chakra system, the heart chakra is not only our personal nexus for emotional stability, but when it is in tip top condition it tends to 'export' that clarity and balance to the chakras immediately above and below it...which becomes central to this meditation.  Once the basic house cleaning is done we can go about creating that temple I mentioned.  This is accomplished by merging the essence of the throat chakra, and the essence of the solar plexus chakra; into the heart chakra, or the coming together of masculine & feminine.  Transmutation thru the union of opposites.  Marriage in the Heart. 


When you are ready to do the meditation, center yourself in your heart chakra.  If you use Om, or a specific mantra this would be the time to employ that, and any other techniques you customarily use to attain/enhance the meditative state. Once comfortably centered in the heart chakra, allow your awareness to drift upwards to the throat chakra where you will "see" the black half of the YinYang symbol representing your masculine energy.  With your intent, bring this essence of masculine energy down into the heart chakra.  Next allow your awareness to drift into the solar plexus chakra below, where you will "see" the white half of the Yin Yang symbol, representing your feminine energy.  As before; use your conscious intent to bring this essence of feminine energy up into the heart chakra.  Now snap the white half into place alongside the black half, and with your conscious intent, start the completed Yin Yang symbol to spinning, in a clockwise direction.

As the yin yang spins around envision the melding and blending of your individual polarity energies.  See the disparate aspects of self, reuniting in a dance celebrating unity and oneness for you, and your split-apart.  Spinning faster now, the yin yang becomes a solid blur of color neither black or white, but rather pink, as the polarities of masculine and feminine become as one ~ creating the sacred space for unlimited, unconditional love.  As you bring your own heart into unity and balance, that resonance will reverberate throughout the causal plane like a searchlight at the county fair; and it will help attract your twin flame to you.  So, make sure the frequency with which you do the meditation is in accordance with how serious you are about meeting your soulmate.  According to your personal preference this meditation may be as simple and elegant, or as complex and detailed as you may require & desire it to be...just remember who you're doing it all for, and that intent is more important than décor.  Think of it like homework.  Its the work you have to do to go home.

When twin flame soulmates meet, there is never any doubt for either one of them, they simply know it.  There is never any doubt as to whether they should be together; as both will feel the power, attraction, intensity and heat equally.  When twin flame soulmates re-unite they become a very powerful & potent force, and they feel that as well.  Twin flame unions are created by source when the two individuals have no more lessons to learn in the earth school, and when they re-unite on the earth plane, the universe conspires to help the meeting happen.  Twin flame soulmates have a great wealth of knowledge & experience due to their many incarnations.  This can enable them to easily inspire others to break free from conformity and find their own way.  What graduating from this earth school means for the re-united twin flame soulmates is that they have reached a state of spiritual resonance which frees them from the reincarnational cycle, and they can now choose pretty much whatever they want to experience next.  They can live free from restraint in any area of life as long as they remain here in this place; or they may choose to ascend together into the realms of 5D.  If you ever wondered what 5D will look like, I think the scenes in What Dreams May Come may be as close as anything mankind has conjured onto film.

The Law of Attraction

Twin flame soulmates who are walking the earth during the same incarnation but haven't met yet, can feel each other regardless of distance.  One heart can feel the yearning of the other no matter the circumstance.  It is not entirely uncommon for twin flames to actually hear their split-apart calling out for them.  Now of course this calling out does not happen with the vocal cords or human voice, but rather it is the voice of spirit, the voice of the purest and truest love humans can experience.  The universal law of attraction states that what you resist will persist, and what you pursue will remain just beyond reach; and twin flame soulmates are not exempt from this.  Just because they are here at the same time, and the universe will help all it can, there are no guarantees they will meet.  If each of them is actively searching for the other it is altogether possible they could become the proverbial "ships passing in the night."  This brings us full circle, back around to the idea of attracting rather than finding your twin flame soulmate. 

 Here's why it works.  When you prepare yourself for your soulmate by constantly elevating your vibratory rate, your inner light shines brighter and brighter the more you accomplish.  At first a lot of moths and other pretenders to the throne of your heart will gather around; but soon enough that light will become blinding to them and they will fade from view knowing they are not compatible with or qualified for what and who you are becoming.  The brighter and purer your light, the more you will stand out to those who are not afraid of it because they can match it.  It won't be just your twin flame responding to your refined light, those others who aren't afraid of it will also be coming around to check you out, so remember to pack your discernment.  You will suddenly start noticing there are more really high vibe spiritual people entering your sphere of influence than ever before.  There will be a lot of commonality with most of these travelers, most will be actively seeking their soulmate, maybe even their twin flame soulmate.  You could think of this as your final examination before graduating the earth school, time to keep your cool, use discernment, check credentials and always be respectful and polite.  Maybe your twin flame has already spotted you and is watching to see how you treat strangers.  You just never know. 

Considering how rare twin flame soulmate reunions are in this place to begin with, it is  probably contraindicated to spend obsessive amounts of time trying to find yours.  Like I said, you will feel it in the ethers if your twin soul is about, and when you do encounter them, do you really want to project the image of a needy soul obsessively searching for love?  Or would you prefer their first impression of you to be that of  their accomplished other half, who has not only been expecting them, but who has also built a temple!

                                Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other

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  1. Dearest Chautauqua,

    (This is Althea.) Well, you did it, busted my soul-weary heart wide open. I had known about the Marriage in the Heart for a while and concluded that it was something inside of me, not outside of me, not to be found in another, but that to find it I had to unite the polarity of the left/right brain, my masculine with my feminine, and take that into my Heart as an integrated whole. I worked for ages, diving into the depths, acknowledging my part in the chaos, and forgiving myself and others for the hurts. The really interesting part was I encountered the few males who I had 3D loved face-to-face in the process and was able to say I was sorry for causing pain and forgave any pain caused by them. Try doing that in broad daylight on a busy street corner or during a chance meeting at a mutual friend's house! One who I could not physically meet because he lives on the other side of the planet, I spent time with in my imagination. It was worth it as the result was a wonderful freedom I had never experienced before. No karma there! Even with my Dad, before he went off Planet, we were able to share some tears together. The relationship I am in now is "comfortable", but so 3D it can sometimes suffocate me, and yet I am not consciously looking outside of it, though heaven only knows what my unconscious is doing! I know very little about my "past" lives, and intuit that I have had very few, but, my dear friend, I do not want to come back to this 3D schoolhouse again, so will simply say for now, if my twin flame/soul mate is in this time/space, it would be good to know soon! And if it's Source I'm searching/waiting for, even realizing that it is within me, it would be good to KNOW we are not separated. It seems I may no longer be "looking", simply waiting. Love, A.

    1. wWOWW...can't believe what i just read.
      Hear you LOUD & CLEAR dear !!!
      Do you sun-gaze ?

  2. It is me, Carla, having having technology illiteracy issues again.
    I don't know how you do it, but you have an uncanny ability to write exactly what I need to hear, when I need to hear it. Could be just that there is a lot that I need to hear (hee hee)! For the past 9 months or so I have been working on forgiveness. Not realizing exactly what I was doing, just that my whole self needed to do it. Radical Forgiveness. I will try the battery visualization. My experience with the particularly painful relationship memories keep coming up so maybe they aren't totally forgiven, or there is just a lot to forgive, of myself and the other.

    Thank you for teaching me about the marriage of the heart. I don't have much knowledge of chakras and have just been going by feel. You are helping me balance some of that female energy by giving me more of a diagram, and a definition to what is going on.

    Some of my soul group have shown up in my life, with mutual recognition. I feel so lucky for that, and know that even if we don't meet again in our travels in this life, we love each other and that is never over.

    "What dreams may come" is one of my favorites, but all time best in my book is "Wings of Desire" by Wim Wenders..."City of Angels" was a re-make american style.

    To Althea: Big Hugs!
    You too Chautauqua!
    Carla (it's me from over at Zen's. I can't seem to get the avatar connection on this one. Not enough male brain)

  3. Chautauqua

    I guess I should respond to this article since I was one who was lucky? enough to experience what you describe. Freshman year college - Lacrosse, Wisconsin. Sophmore year - Madison, Wisconsin - I had just moved there and got an apartment with my brother and another guy. Four apartments per floor, she lived in the one across the hall on the other side of the building. (fourth floor) One day I was cooking and there was a knock on the door. I was the only one there at the time so I answered it. Two girls, both from the same apartment who had seen me before. They asked if I had any scissors that they could borrow. I thought this was pretty weird since I didn't see why it would take two of them to do this. Anyway, this day began the most memorable experience on my life. Love at first sight? Very rare! Mutual love at first sight? Unbelievable! We went through a period of about two months without any love making, but it didn't matter, we both knew. When I held her in my arms, it was like the whole world fell away, like the deepest breath you'll ever take and the feeling just after. We stayed together for two years and became engaged then it started breaking down. It ended, and I can't tell you how it has haunted me for the rest of my life. I'll never get over it because "it just happened a moment ago" like the Legend of Bagger Vance Movie states. If you want another one that I highly recommend that captures the emotion, check out Forever Young.

    Let me tell a little bit about the lead up to what happened. I was the happiest I had ever been before meeting her. After freshman year, I worked at American Van Lines, 13 - 14 hours a day from Monday thru Saturday. I slept all day Sunday and would only get up to eat, but I was in the best shape ever. I was saving up money for my next year of college ($100.00) per month spending money, so about $900.00 total and I also wanted to buy a Sansui receiver and a Sony 8 track player for my stereo (I already had the speakers and record player). I saved enough and when I moved to Madison I bought the receiver and 8 track player. That was it! I was on top of the world, then I met her - I went from the top of the world to heaven! I remember a quote that I agree with.

    "If you are looking for the love of your life, stop; they will be waiting for you when you start doing the things you love."

    I write this because I feel the need to share the way it happened after reading your article. Find what you love to do. Do it. Don't hold any feelings about what you might receive from it. Do it just for the joy. Let go of all thoughts except the journey (and your new 8 track player - ha ha). If it happens, it will slam you in the face and there ain't nothing you can do about it! And if it does, cherish it, thank God every day for the blessing you have received. Don't listen to anyone else because they can't imagine what you are experiencing. Love her to death, forever, and don't ever let her go!

    I wish to my dying day that I hadn't.

    Love Always Chautauqua


    PS - My nephew had gone out with a girl that he met in High School and after a few years he was having second thoughts and was thinking about leaving the relationship. When they met, he was a senior and she was a freshman. I had the opportunity to talk to him alone one time, and I told him to think twice about leaving her, she is a great girl and he will have an extremely hard time ever finding another who is equal to her, much less better. He's 28 now and they have been married for about three years. Maybe that's the reason I went through what I did. It will always hurt, but at least "something" good came out of it. I wish "someone" would have told me the same. I would have never left her.

    1. ~Jeff~
      I want to thank you for sharing your story here. back before we got all civilized & greedy we humans used to share such stories around the campfire to everyone's endless delight. Reading about your real life experiences will be most helpful for those who are navigating these kinds of relationships. I have met, and traveled with a couple of members from my soul-group, but have never yet met my twin flame. I have heard her calling, many years ago, but then the calling stopped, so I assume she either gave up, or settled in with a regular soulmate for the duration. When one feels the pull of a twin flame, or even meets up with soul group members, it certainly takes the human heart to unbelieved heights of ecstasy. Happy trails & peaceful blessings Jeff.

  4. Carla~ Am so glad you are finding my posts useful...and the bad news here is I am just like a stray dog. all this encouragement is just gonna spur me to keep writing, at least until I run out of which time I'll turn it into an Astral-TravelBlog. Don't have a clue why your awesome avatar ain't showing up here, but it's a small issue...pardon the pun. Thanks for hanging out.

  5. Chautauqua,
    Twin Souls are a very, very complex yet maddeningly simple topic. Problem is most people mistake sexual chemistry for being soul mates when the reality is far deeper than that, usually involving complex karmic ties and so on. Real twins finding one another is a very rare event and one which isn't something to be taken lightly.
    I've also blogged about this topic and on films from around the world which deal with this topic.

    1. ~EarthReader~
      Thank you for taking the time to read the post & comment on it. I especially enjoy hearing from folks who can add to my knowledge on any given subject, as here in the earth school, we are all students. Indeed the subject of twin flame soulmates is complex and heavily intertwined with other mutual aspects such as each soul expressing as each gender multiple times, etc. My intent was not to write the definitive word on the subject, but rather to give readers a good overall picture, and an idea of what to expect if they should be among the fortunate few who have such an experience. I met, and worked with a pair of twin flames some years ago up in Washington state and there is no mistaking it when you see twin flames in real life. They are dynamic, powerful and very confidently peaceful folks nobody would ever mistake for being in puppy love. When writing the post I searched the web for good video material on the subject. Too bad I couldn't find your videos to include, so thanks for including the links here. Can't hardly wait to view them.
      Peaceful Blessings earthenergy reader.

  6. I saw this article on Jeff Rense and I feel extremely strongly about true soulmates. I am someone that feels personally that this awful planet is close to a concentration camp prison, it is not some school house rock. The suffering that goes on this world and the downright dark evil has not gotten better over the centuries it has gotten worse and more hidden. Just because someone lives priviledged in a country with wealth and opportunity does not mean that the majority of the rest of planet is not in severe misery and anguish. The government and society in general manipulate the truth and basically most of those at the bottom of the pyramid are bona fide. In my opinion the only learning going on here is a type of rehabilitation. Suffering is something that brings about embitterment, fear, and hate. This planet is guaranteed on the verge of all out nuclear war because of this greed, hate, deception, and desire of a few for absolutely control. This planet is a living hell hole and there are countless better places around this galaxy alone.

    In regards to soulmates, I talk of the word soulmate as in twin flame, I have heard this over and over again that someone down here has a soulmate on the Earth or one of them is in some spirit state of something. I have known since I am much younger that my true soulmate is across the stars, perhaps on the opposite end of the universe. I absolutely know that my soulmate is NOT down on the Earth, NO WAY and I will never be fooled into thinking anyone is my soulmate down here. This is my personal dilemma, as well probably many more than have not been mind washed by some of this New Age rhetoric that borders on the same level as this closed minded religious fanatics that fear monger people weekly of brimstone if they don't cower down to their cults' dogma, their soulmates are on other planets. I seldom if ever hear, what about if your soulmate is separated from you because you are stuck down here on this prison planet and your soulamte is elsewhere amoungst the stars. By the way a lot of people that are extremely open mided see this world for the true way it is, an awful cess pool.

    How does one connect with your soulmate if the distance between you two is light years or galaxies apart and you don't have interstellar travel? I am sure that others wonder this also, but are afraid to ask that question in fear of getting a muted response or something incredibly stupid like, "all people down here are of Earth origin and therefore so is your soulmate". Really, what does someone do when two people (soulmates) want to be together, but are too far apart, parsecs apart?

    1. I don't know if anyone is still following this. I feel for the individual who is experiencing so much pain. If you don't like the sun I feel that is a strong indicator that you are spot on about your personal assessment. Next I am of the opinion we all suffer and yes some more than others, having a conscious these days is the greatest sentence of all. I have been reading about 'eft TAT' and buddhism in an effort to pull myself out of a similar mindset. I have finally learned to meditate again and that has given me the orientation I used to know. Here is a great article:
      It takes several lifetimes to complete the necessary understanding to create a twinflame relationship and both parties have to contribute. In their first lifetimes it isn't unheard of for the woman to kill the man. This might sound horrific but that is the passion we carry. Today it is easier to 'war' than love, in fact maintaining a successful relationship can be one of the hardest things we do. Also those vetting for a twinflame relationship today spend most of their lives single, and this is to learn to deal with it. There is so much opportunity to evolve here and that is why we live here, and why we are at 7 bill people.
      And I have longed to star travel myself, even for reasons of escaping. It is unfortunate you have picked such a difficult path here; "Earth doesn't play nice," that is for sure. If someone was extracted from a plane that was pre-planned somewhere. The IG's don't interfere and 'abduction' is illegal by intergalactic law, it is kidnapping. I think Amelia Earhart was taken by benevolents the same way. In the US few people aspire to abductions because subconsciously we realized it is generally evil aliens that do that. Jim

  7. ~Hi Anon.~
    Firstly let me say I agree with many of your observations about the state of the human condition. Indeed there are a great many places in this galaxy far nicer to live than earth...maybe we're just 'doing time' here in order to become civilized enough to live in those better neighborhoods, who knows for sure. I think the idea for this earth school is to learn how to deal with negativity, without succumbing to it! In other words, don't let the harsh realities of this place prevent you from being kind, being honest, and dancing yer ass off every chance ya get to celebrate life.
    One thing that might help is when we outgrow the need to diminish those things we don't agree wit; or understand. A wise person takes their wisdom where they find it. Life is a jigsaw puzzle my friend, and all the pieces are not found in the same sack! To arbitrarily dismiss whole segments of of information based on the packaging & labeling. True, the "new age" has become nearly indistinguishable from any other greed driven money making industry. The thing I have a problem with, is anybody can claim anything without offering any evidence whatsoever, and new age 'believers' are too polite to ask for that proof. Everybody wants a 'magic pill' that will fix all their problems which by the way does not exist...but few want to actually do the work to become a more complete entity. "New age" information isn't all that new, in fact mostly it is very ancient data from a much earlier epoch; it is called new age material because it's popularity began to resurface several years before the 'New Age' of Aquarius began.
    As for soulmates living in other star systems; it happens all the time. When the soul is split into two, nobody ever said earth was the only school or playground. This is one of the reasons that true twin flame soulmates only meet here on earth about 5% of the time. When you are on different planets together it's probably because getting together in that life isn't in the cards, so focus on something else for this incarnation. Other than that you could become very good at long distance communication & astral projection to keep in touch with your twin flame in the Pleiades system. Best wishes.

    1. Hello, Chautauqua. Thank you for the nice response. I have gone to far too many new age psychic fairs that the individuals treat you like you have committed heresy if you talk about your true feeling about a tremendous disdain for the planet or that you have a soulmate across the stars. I notice you have the seven sisters, Pleiades to the right of the screen. I have personally never been drawn to this system, as most of these stars are a hot blue or Star type B or A. I have always been drawn to the Class K amd M stars, or orange or red stars. Ever since I was very little I had a deep dislike of this sun. This doesn't make any logical sense other than I came from elsewhere before. Why I was condemned to this planet I can only speculate that it was for some crime in a past life, because I truly again from very young have had a vast dislike of this world. Never have felt in place, always since I was two or so drawn to the stars.

      People have left this world, been rescued. A gentleman by the name of Frederick Valentich back in 1978 flew his plane right into the path of a spacecraft and they took him. He was 20 at the time and all he could talk about was being taken to another planet. Never found any wreckage of his plane as he disappeared over Bass Strait down in Australia. Witnesses saw the UFO right next to his Cessna plane in the sky. His father only said that his son is living on another planet and hopes one day he will get to see him again. There are other accounts of people leaving this world, so this is a possiblility that my true soulmate might try to rescue me one day somehow.

      Having the conviction to either be alone or be with your true soulmate is one thing that I very much value. People have choices and free will, but need to consider something when they make the conscious choice of being with someone other than their twinflame. They are quite possibly ruining their own life, their soulmate's life, the person with whom they are with that is not their twinflame, and that person's twinflame.

      Other consideration is a terrible word that goes against twinflame unities is compromise. Too often people sell off their souls and compromise their own enjoyment, beliefs, and their self identity by literally being true blue phonies. This is true in twinflame and regular relationships and leads to self destruction with all parties involved.

      I do believe in what you wrote, much of this makes sense. What I wanted to know was a creative way of actually convincing God or someone to let me be with my true soulmate. I absolutely believe that every soulmate can be reunited and bypass anything in the cards, mavericks don't play by the guidelines. You just have to figure out how to twist things to your favour. If you or others have any ideas on how NOT to play by the rules, that would be cool. Again thank you for the gracious response.

    2. Anon @ 4:29 and 10:06,

      I met someone online with whom I felt an instant and powerful connection. The subject of soul mates came up, although at the time I didn't understand that we have many soul mates, and they are the souls who often incarnate with us through different lifetimes. He did a quick search and from that, sent me a link to an article on soul mates and twin flames. It was probably the first link that came up. Neither of us had ever heard of twin flames before. That link provided me with the best description of my spiritual beliefs - something I had been looking for since I had taken two spirituality classes about 10 years earlier. Later that night, I reread the page, and followed the link at the bottom to another page that was specifically about twin flames.

      When I read that page, I had an intensely emotional visceral reaction. Nothing like this had ever happened before. I had no explanation and my only thought was that maybe this person was my twin flame. I checked with the woman who had done my past-life reading, and while she wasn't familiar with this term, she wasn't sure by my description that he was. She did confirm that we had been in at least two lives together, one in a romantic relationship and the other as identical twin sisters. I found out a couple of weeks later that he, too, was wondering if we were twin flames. I no longer speak with him, but have thought that one reason our paths crossed was for him to introduce me to the concept of twin flames, and I thought the reason for that was because I was supposed to meet mine in this lifetime. I have no idea if this is right, but it's the only explanation that made sense of things.

      After that first link, I did a lot of reading about twin flames, and continue to read things as I come across them. I don't claim to be an expert by any means. The info. out there isn't always consistent. I tried to synthesize the information I read, noting what many of the writings had in common, giving less weight to the rare, random bits that didn't match up with anything else, and using my intuition and spiritual beliefs to come up with my best understanding of twin flames. With that in mind, I will share my thoughts about your comments. What I say is what I believe. I am not stating any of this as fact.

      Twin souls often do not incarnate together. Often, one is "above", helping the one who is on Earth. There can be times when both twins are on Earth in the physical, but do not meet. Twins may share lives, or parts of lives. I've read it can be up to about 12 times. When the soul splits into the two parts which make up the twins, one carries the male energy, and the other carries the female energy; the yin and yang. In our reincarnations, we can be in the form of either gender, and so twin souls who are both on Earth are not necessarily a male and a female. Nor are they necessarily in a romantic relationship. It can be a parent/child, friend, or other relative relationship. It is said that while twins meeting up is not very common, it is happening much more around this time because we are leaving the materialistic age and moving into the Age of Aquarius, which is about love.

      Even male-female twins are not necessarily involved in a romantic relationship, but they can be. It is not about sex, but if there is a romantic connection, the sexual energy is very strong, and is a true expression of love. These experiences can be very powerful and can bring on a kundalini awakening or something similar.


    3. (continuing)

      Generally, you do not meet up with your twin until you are both ready. When you are ready, the universe will make it happen. Often, twins meet up under unusual circumstances. It may be that one is ready but the other isn't quite as far along. In this case, the more spiritually advanced twin may help the other move along and work off karma. The relationship is not always easy, and can fail. Because each twin is a mirror of the other, it is difficult to see in the other what you need to work on in yourself. It is not uncommon for one twin to have so much difficulty handling it that (s)he becomes a "runner". Despite the difficulties, twins are often pulled back together by a force that cannot be ignored. Other times, it may be that one is just not ready and they will meet again later in this lifetime, in another lifetime, or one will wait above while the other finishes the work on Earth in as many lifetimes as are needed. I think that asking god or any helpers or guides will not make it happen. You have to make it happen by working on yourself, clearing negatives, and getting in balance. Personally, I believe, as a general rule, that when you seek, you rarely find. It is when you are not looking, but are ready and open, that the universe delivers.

      Twins who come together now, on Earth, are usually together for the purpose of doing some kind of service work. Their energy is so strong that others often notice something about them when they are together. They are here to help others with their spiritual growth.

      As far as being alone if you cannot be with your true twin (there is only one who is your true match, as you split from one soul, and thus, your vibrations are an exact match), I don't believe that's how it's supposed to work. I believe our ultimate goal in our lifetimes is to understand and live unconditional love. This love becomes the essence of our being, and is also the feel of our love for Source. Having agreed to split from our twins in our time here, we miss that other part. We feel a sense that something is missing, although we usually don't know what it is. We go through our lives experiencing and learning, so that each twin becomes whole in and of itself, because you can't love someone unconditionally if you are not complete yourself. This yearning for our "other half" leads us on a search. In our searches, we have relationships with others. They are often soul mates or members of your soul family, but can be from other soul groups as well. These relationships help us learn about love. They allow us to practice and to experience love, whether with a romantic partner or with children who are a creation of that relationship. As we get better at loving, we move closer to unconditional love, and when we are where we need to be, we meet up with our twin to do service work, or to move on together.


    4. (continuing)

      Two months later, another random, chance meeting (online) and there was a connection that was instantaneous and stronger than I ever felt. I thought, "Uh-oh - I know this feeling." How crazy to feel something so incredibly powerful, and in days. Yes, days. I don't love that way. It goes against my "rules". But when your heart is telling you something important, you can't ignore it, nor can you deny it. He felt it too, and he was quite bold in making his feelings known, and basically daring me to try to deny mine. ;) This person lives on another continent, unfortunately. As before, looks didn't matter. I felt what I felt before I had any idea what he looked like, and seeing his picture changed nothing. It truly didn't matter - I can't even classify him as gorgeous or hideous or anything in between. When you truly love someone, you love all that he is, and you see the whole person, not the features. His looks are a part of him, and so he could look like anything and my feelings wouldn't change.

      I don't know if he's my twin, but my heart tells me I'm supposed to be with him now. I could present plenty of proof as to why he is, but I suppose I could also present enough evidence to show that he is not. I will not make him into what I want him to be - my twin or not. I am content to wait patiently because at some point, I will know the answer for sure, either way. I did get a crossover reading on him/us. I found out that we were together in our previous lives. It could be that this is a continuation, or maybe we were close, but not quite there last time, and perhaps now we are where we need to be. We were able to meet in person, and we are now working on being together full-time.

      (Please forgive me, but I worked a long time on this, and I just can't get myself to go back and check for typos...)

      I don't now if this helped you or if you are more confused, but I hope you were able to find something useful in this very wordy reply. :)

      Much love,

    5. ~Clarity~
      Thank you for sharing your story and insights on this subject. You bring up an excellent point I intended to include, but got distracted...that being the point that the twin flame relationship isn't only or always about a sexual relationship; but includes literally 'everything under the sun', hence the requirement that each soul experience all lessons from all perspectives, before graduating this earth school. Again thanks for the comprehensive reply which I'm certain will help many. Namaste!

    6. Hi Chautauqua~

      I apologize for the length of my comment.
      Believe it or not... it's even more, uh - comprehensive. ;)
      The third section seems to have disappeared.

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I'll try to keep any future comments to a more reasonable length. This topic, though, truly speaks to my heart. :)

      The missing part is below.

      Much love,
      Part 3 of 4

      To the person who brought up the physical attributes, that was a very good point. I can tell you that the love I felt for the person I thought might by my twin was so strong. I did not know what he looked like. In fact, I was looking on the website of a group we both belong to (which is how we met), looking through all the pictures and trying to figure out who he was (IF his picture was even there!). The very next day, via one of many synchronicities we had, he said, out of the blue, that he was going to send me some pictures of him. I confess, I was afraid to see them when they arrived. I knew, though, that it didn't matter what he looked like, but that didn't stop some fear from creeping in. I can tell you that I was right. When I did see the pictures, he was nothing like what I would ever choose if I were going just by looks. Or age, as he is about 15 years older. I don't have a "type", but I can tell you, he wasn't like any type I might have. And that didn't matter at all. I loved him for who he was, and his looks were part of him, and so I loved the way he looked. He lives about 20 minutes away, and we met in person 3 times, and I can tell you that even then, the connection was so strong, it was all love, and looks weren't a thought that entered my mind.

      While I came to believe he was not my twin, finding out that we were together in the past helped me understand the love I felt. I also think it's pretty awesome to discover that we get together with our special people over and over in different lifetimes. It's like knowing there's always someone around looking out for you.

      Not knowing for sure whether or not he was my twin caused me some discomfort. I knew we had to go our separate ways, and while I didn't think he was, I wanted to know for sure. If he was, I'd have been content knowing that some day, whether in this life or sometime in the future, we'd be together. I asked the universe, prayed, and meditated every day for an answer. Just a simple yes or no.

  8. Anon 4:29and Chautauqua

    I pleaded with God to help me understand what happened to me about a year ago. It came to me in the form of a very vivid dream. This is about the girl I was talking about that I believe was my twin flame.

    We had different agendas. She wanted money and I didn't have a lot. I was the one who called it off. The dream I am referring to was in a two car garage, the door was up and there was much noise and confusion coming in, like the world that we know. I was squatting in front of her next to the large garage door, there was also a door that led to the house (or wherever). She was really upset, crying and confused. I was trying to comfort her.

    I felt a presence behind me and turned around. What I saw was the same girl, the one I loved, she looked at me and smiled. I knew right then that this was the girl I was meant to have. She looked just like the other one, but was not. She was so calm and self assured.

    I think I understand what you have written Anon and agree with it. I also believe that the only love relationship that we all possess that can never be taken away is our relationship with our source. Hold firm to it! It's real and it's beyond 3-D. Thanks for your comment, this life has many levels, it's hard to get a grip on all of them.


  9. Dear Jeff. I have seen this time and time again with too many people that go by waht their genes tell them their soulmate should look like, behave, and literally respond to a person. Each person has DNA codes that tell them to find your ideal procreation mate, what will be the best physical means of safely retaining your genetics in offspring. Just like a plant that spews off seeds in the air looking for moist dirt, people are living being that function no different on the physical plane. What a spiritual plane is bypassing this crap and being more than an animal or plant. We know our spiritual mate, and that can be someone that might not be human.

    I have had friends that have talked nothing other than the physical attributes of someone. They have said for example they would never go out with a black person or some oriental individual, even if that person was their soulmate. I have asked people that if their soulmate was say someone that looked like a Star Trek's Klingon or Romulin or other character, would they want this person? Their response no way, even if this person would be very good to them and they could be happy. This superfical world is awful in which the mind is so governed by that physical desire to fulfill some breeding purpose. Someone's soulmate could be a midget or a giant, they could be any colour, any race, or another species even. Humans focus so deeply on the physical that they lose sight of the spiritual.

    I have had many nightmares of people that were not my soulmate coming on to me that are physically beyond attractive, yet I know it is wrong. I have also had dreams about my soulmate on another planet with double binary crimson red suns and seeing a desert type setting with fused looking rocks and some of the strangest looking structures you could ever imagine. My soulmate is always silent and very, very sad, never smiling. I know this is an accurate dream, or astral projection, it is too real looking. Dreams though are strange, there are many dark and evil forces that feed off energy from stress of a bad dream and can change these dreams to make them even worse than your own mind would ever make them.

    You will contract your twin flame IF you have the conviction to stick with ONLY wanting to be with her. I truly believe that being fickle will drive someone's soulmate quicker away from them than anything. A person knows this innerwardly whether they are being honest with themselves and their soulmate. You can lie and fool others, but you can't to yourself or your soulmate (twin flame) because they are you. I remember someone that cheated on another that was really good to them and very loyal, and the same look as the Uncle Buck movie when John Candy's girlfriend thought he was cheating was the exact same expression on this person's face. No one would ever want to see that expression on their soulmate's face. Be sure that this person is that person whom you regard as your twin flame. There is an awful lot of deception and evil forces floating around, really bad spirits, call them demons if you wish that are trying to prevent people from connecting with their twin flames because this is such a positive event and brings white light to their darkness that they can't stand.

  10. Hi All,

    (This is Althea.) Wonderful discussion going on here, lots I agree with and I'm reminded of the story, "Beauty and the Beast." Just wanted to add a log to the campfire that I understand Twin Flame to be different than Soul Mate, in that Twin Flames upon meeting will be working on something that each can contribute to that will make that something whole and effective on this Planet. In other words, one has the key and the other has the lock that needs to be opened. For example, I have met my Twin Flame, who is a woman my age and we made an instant connection though we live miles apart and rarely see each other. She absolutely adores Planet Earth (not so much the humans!) and is an extraordinary gardener. Me, I'm not too impressed! Anyway, recently we realized that I am a bringer and holder of Light/Love that she then disperses and grounds! Together we work across the grid and we both benefit Gaia, not to mention that it's part of our mission. So that's Twin Flames as I understand it, a platonic love that draws two aspects into one and accomplishes the agreed to goal. Soul Mate? Ah, Soul Mate, that's another story and my heart sings at the very idea! Love to you All, A.

  11. ~Hi Althea~
    Thank you for echoing the part about experiencing the diversity of existence prior to completion. A lot of folks naturally identify with their current gender without stopping to realize that before the ride is over each soul will experience everything, from all perspectives. The soul group comes into play again here, as this gives the ability for each soul to experience life as Mother, Brother, Father, sister, Husband, wife, and all possible combinations therein. I cannot help but snicker at the folks who so vehemently hate in this incarnation, for in the fullness of time they will get to experience being that which they so deeply hate now. It's why I always end a post by suggesting we be good to each other. Unlimited possibility with infinite variations. Namaste everyone.

  12. The Twin Flame idea is not a soulmate in 3D or in 5D. Soulmates are different types traveling with us through our many lifetimes in the lower density of 3D in a contract with each other..

    A Companion soulmate would be like a marriage partner or it could be a close family member like your mother or father perhaps, someone long standing and obviously very special and dear to your heart. Throughout our lives we have many Associate soulmates who come and go, like friends, co-workers that we somehow feel connected to more than just brief acquaintances, which are also contracts. Every encounter you have with someone at anytime is a contract, however large or small, brief or long lasting..

    These are all unconscious pre-life agreements that are contracts with each other. Your life is a contract with yourself in order to learn and grow and evolve with the help and aid of our different types of soulmates..

    The matrix of illusion was set up on purpose to contract with you to steal your time, so that you don't have the actual time that it takes in order to fulfill that individual contract with yourself, by distracting your attention in the complete wrong direction with an illusion that is so large it escapes your perception that is totally not real, so you do not become enlightened about yourself in order to evolve. And that is why it's groundhog day.

    The Twin Flame idea is a metaphor for the other part of YOU that is the missing memory, the other flame burning that is your wholeness and completeness, which is not possible to have in the lower heavy vibrating density of 3D. When you are whole and complete you are able to stand alone without the need of another to fulfill an emptiness to complete you because you might lack something in yourself..

    When you are whole and complete it allows for the unconditional sharing of memory between two beings for cocreating in a consensual, consentient, sentient agreement, since there would be no need for anything outside of you to complete something empty in yourself that would be missing. You would be free to express who you are fully and completely for the sharing of your long lost and forgotten memory.

    You must be able to stand alone capable of sharing your memory that has been blocked and stuffed in the psyche and is the whole point of your experience here right now, for dealing with the unresolved Karma for processing the miscreated energy, your thinking IS the energy. Your Karma IS the feelings unexpressed and unresolved continuing to magnetize itself back until it is neutralized for the zeroing out to make space available for a 5D reality. It is out of the box, it is not anything you can imagine, it IS everything you cannot imagine and then some. That is how it works.

    Your imagination is the only thing that will be ascending, nothing you know right now will work in a 5D reality., Everything you know is wrong for a high level of Being human as a Stand Alone Sovereign Being. You don't need anyone else, when you can get to that place, then someone can enter your life for the sharing of memory. You must be able to express your very strong feelings right now, without compromise and without self concern. It's just not possible right now, because the truth has not yet been exposed for full disclosure, while the truth is still foreign in a fiction land of your current understanding.

    It is your life in the matrix of illusion living in a delusion. It is not real to your true inherent nature as a Human Being. Right now everyone is a Human Doing, absolutely nothing, because no-thing is going on in a fiction matrix of illusion. Only in your mind and no where else.

  13. I believe I met my twin and let them go.
    We met when I was the happiest I had ever been . I felt free and wasn't looking for a relationship. But , when I met him, everything seemed to fall into place. I felt whole , at home and so did he. There was no judgement, no worrying about what the other thought , just warmth.
    I messed it up though- I was still damaged from previous experiences and instead of just letting the relationship progress , I held back and then pushed him away. He told me 'I would regret it forever ' as we were meant to be together forever. I felt this too - an overwhelming sense that we would be together forever, no matter what. Still however, I ended it and have felt empty ever since. I repressed my feelings for him as it was painful. At times I even became physically ill because I was so sad (but never connected the two things) Through the years we have remained in contact and when we lose contact my emptiness returns. We remain friends although we both still love each other, maybe in another life (when we are both cats?? ) We will be together .

  14. Maybe in another life time when we are cats...aww that's so cute! I've know a guy who I have a connection with but i'm concerned it will turn out to be the same type of situation. I don't want to get In to deep with him because of our different religious backgrounds (I know it shouldn't matter) but it can cause problems/issues later. I just don't want to feel empty or feel haunted by him if I don't choose to be with him either, the connections scares me.

  15. 20 years ago I met and had a brief relationship with someone - though short lived the experience was incredible and exactly as the Twin Flame Relationship is described. However, life circumstances meant we ended up moving to different countries - we bumped into each other briefly a few times at chance meetings initially but have never met since. A power clairvoyant medium told me over 4 years later that he was my twin flame and my guides desperately wanted me to seek him out - and that we were both ready, now was the time. I had no interest in revisiting the relationship as I had put it behind me, convincing myself it was more one sided my end. The clairvoyant was quite concerned what would come of me as I may one day regret not taking the chance and that the guides were so disappointed as this would 'never' happen again. They had gone to great means to bring about the reunion. Does this mean my twin flame and I will NEVER meet in another life time and won't reincarnate together even though the guides felt this life was the time and were so insistant on me going to him? I'm just worried about my soul journey and what this means? I'm happily married by the way - just recently come to understand spiritualism hence the belated interest in the twin flame.

    1. Thank you for sharing such a personal and powerful story which shows us yet again, that it's always better to follow our hearts. I have found that it's unwise to use the word never when discussing universal possibilities. Fortunately for those of us who never find our true twin flame, we are wired to get along quite well with our second, or even third best destiny.

  16. Why, from his own point of view, and apart from general humanitarian considerations, should anyone care what happens in future incarnations, since, if I understand correctly, those are different personalities?

    1. Forrest~ Perhaps you have not heard correctly, as from incarnation to incarnation, the soul is the same soul, but as you stated with perhaps different personalities, according to which gender the incarnate into.

  17. Thank you for such a wonderful article! It is greatly appreciated.

    I did not know anything about Twin Flames and did not expect to find that I had one as I am happily married and enjoying a beautiful life I had put a lot of work into. My awakening started last summer after finding a way to love myself which then naturally extended to others. But by doing this work on myself many of the people in my life fell away. Then I made a list of what I wanted and started praying for it. I didn't really think it would materialize so I set out to give it to myself instead of waiting. I set out to become all those things because I wanted to be happy with myself.

    As I became aware of my multidimensionality and my abilities, I asked the Universe to send me the people I needed in order to continue my journey. I was specifically looking for a best friend. So, I followed the signs and messages my guides gave me and I met someone by asking if they wanted to study some metaphysical topics with me.

    It was instant. And surprising! I had no idea someone who matched me so well could even exist and we knew that we could not have met each other a few years earlier because we were both spending time working on ourselves. It has been divinely guided and we are overwhelmed and immensely grateful.

    The downside (and the reason I have to post anonymously) is that we are both married and living in different places. We don't know how this will play out and I trust the Universe to do its thing. Haha! I love my husband very much and have no intention of harming anyone or leaving him. Our guides have shown us the same timeline but it takes time to get there and all we have to do is love where we are.

    In the meantime, the metaphysical work we have been doing separately melds well together and we have been focused on that. It all works out.

    For those who have found their twins and don't know what to do, it's coming. I focus my intention on being love in the world and I still have a great marriage. Loving what is brings us closer to our future.


  18. This is an excellent article. However, I must disagree on one point--you emphasized that both (and you underlined the word) will know that they are tf's. I met my twin on an online forum of our shared profession one year ago. He was ecstatic, as he said that he had been praying to find me. I paid him no mind, as I didn't really understand what he was talking about. We are both in committed relationships. I am a senior citizen and he is fifteen years younger. We began emailing and were amazed at our similarities and compatibility. Our spiritual journeys are identical. We exchanged photos and our attraction shot through the roof. Our relationship became erotic and then it all went downhill from there. He would call me on the phone and we pushed each others buttons like crazy. We began mirroring each other big time. He ran from the relationship and I went into a deep depression. Finally, I went inward, had a spiritual awakening, and discovered about twin flames online. I researched the subject thoroughly, even making some friendships online with other twin flames. I was perplexed, because my twin had never said anything about twin flames. He returned half a year later. He wanted for us to correspond, but not stir up a romantic relationship again--this is because we both have committed partners. The pushing each others buttons and mirroring started up again. Finally, I told him that I believed that we are twin flames. He said that he had never heard of that and he denied that we are. Our relationship continued for a few more months and then I separated from him. I couldn't take the intensity anymore. We definitely exhibit all of the signs and stages of twin flames. I can't describe all of the synchronicities that began happening--there's just too many. We even began the telepathy. Anyway, I just wanted to point out that sometimes one twin knows and the other one does not. I have found many, many other twins who say the same thing. Perhaps the asleep twin will eventually wake up in this lifetime, but there is no guarantee. My twin flame union is still new, so no telling what will happen. But for now, I have let go and am determined to work on myself to mature spiritually. I thank you for your consideration.

  19. Dear Chautaqua you are light to thousands. I don't comment often on Augereye, but I am here, and I read often, and esp this piece many times over the last years. I curtsey deeply with head bowed, in awe and respect for the growth you have always sought and exhibited through your powerful voice. Your life is a light to which many aspire, depend upon, and learn from. It has been my path to read incessantly, nerdly, and live the solitary AK life. People always ask why so attractive and talented a woman hides away in the woods. An answer is never at hand.
    I am ever grateful to read the comments of others who clearly feel safe in your sanctuary, and send you love thru the ether in hopes that (selfishly) you remain dedicated to this space and our collective hearts.

    1. AK grrrl~
      ahh yes, just so happens this is hands down the most popular post I've ever several thousand hits more than next nearest. I am humbled by your words and sentiment, they mean more than you know to me. I often think I have the most loyal and appreciative readership in the blogosphere.

      Last year about this time the alternative media was all abuzz over the Zen Gardner expose...except of course for the big gatekeeper sites like Rense who remained silent because they knew if they took a stand either way they'd loose half their readers. they remained silent about Zen Gardner while posting everything about "pizzagate" scandal in DC. I called them out on their hypocrisy; which resulted in me being balckballed by many of the sites who normally carried my work. So instead of my posts getting wide exposure and thousands of hits, they now only get a few hundred hits; but that is just fine because I have said many times, the numbers are a trap for the ego.

      Yes, I remain dedicated to this site I began 5 years ago,even though it and myself are undergoing changes and adjustments. Cannot walk away from a loyal audience with so much going on in the world right now.

      Where in Ak are you located? As for those who don't understand your choice of lifestyle, a single quote leaps to mind...

      "And those seen dancing were thought insane by those who could not hear the music."

  20. The first 2 types remind me of life long lesseons learned. Especially when you're with someone, then all those qualities about yourself truly come out, positive and negative. Eventually over the years, we do end up in the third(some of us, not all). Some cling to people or things which leads them to more suffering. If you can't be perfectly happen in your own skin alone then how can you be happy with someone else?