Monday, September 30, 2013

Remembering Harry Chapin

Have you ever heard a song that hit so close to home it felt like it was written about you?  Ever come across a musician who could do that to you repeatedly?  Well, that's how it was with me, and the music of the late Harry Chapin.  When I was attending broadcast journalism trade school, it was "W.O.L.D." a song about the life of a disc jockey.  Later when I became a new father for the first time, Harry was there with "Cats in the Cradle"- and of course there was "Taxi" for when I did my year long stint as a cab driver.  It felt like he was reading my mail!

 Naturally, when I began working at KRBD-FM radio station in Ketchikan Alaska, the music of Harry Chapin was standard fare along with the other artists I was listening to at the time.  Chapin was more than just another singer; he was a song writer and story teller whose music offered us a way to better understand the human condition, and ourselves.  His songs were about everyday people, be it barmaid, soldier, father, lost love or deranged madman; and he always managed to touch the heart.

One of my co-workers at the radio station was a kindred spirit by the name of Tom Miller, who also ran the local talent booking agency named Muskeg Magic, and was responsible for booking some of the better entertainment on the island.  One day when I was visiting his place I asked Tom, rather jokingly, if he could please book Harry Chapin for a concert in town.  We had us a good laugh at my optimism for the improbable and then went on to other things.  I guess it was about a week later when I passed Tom in the hallway at the station, and he pulls me aside with a huge Cheshire cat grin on his face, saying "You'll never guess who I booked for a concert... ask and ye shall receive, Harry Chapin's coming next month!" 

As it turned out, Chapin already had a gig booked for Anchorage when Tom inquired, and readily agreed to do a one man, one night show in Ketchikan on his way to that engagement.  Now, I suppose I could have been very content with just seeing him perform live, but as his biggest fan on the island I saw it as my responsibility to meet him at the airport and drive him to his motel room the day of the concert. 


It was a late summer afternoon in 1980 when Harry Chapin came to town, and of course it was raining as bad as I'd ever seen.  Unfortunately, he had no idea my wife, daughter and I would be there to meet him, so a little strategy was called for.  The airport is on an adjacent island across the channel from town, and serviced by ferries which run every hour.  Rather than risk missing him in the terminal I decided it was better to wait for the ferry; as passengers always disembarked pretty much single file.  The only part of my plan that was sketchy was the transportation itself.  At the time the only vehicle I owned was an old beat up Dodge of those pick up trucks with the front end of a van, and the engine resting between the two someone couldn't decide whether to build a truck or a van.

There we were straining our eyes as the windshield madly wipers tried to keep the view clear.  There were  a goodly number of folks departing the ferry, all jostling one another as each tried to calculate to shortest route to cover.  Suddenly some car headlights flashed across a familiar face, carrying a bag and guitar case, and totally drenched.  I hopped out of the truck and walked toward him, thinking for the first time I should have made a sign with his name on it.  As I approached his personal space I extended my hand in greeting and said "Mr. Chapin, Your ride is waiting over here..."  By the time we got to the truck my wife was sitting on the engine cowling with our daughter in her lap.  As I plopped myself down in the drivers seat, Harry jumped in the passenger side.  I was about to Introduce everyone but before I could, Harry pushes back the hood from his jacket and asks; "This isn't an abduction, is it?"  I replied, "Nope, this is a Fanbulance, and it is at your disposal while you're on my island....where to first, sir?"

Without missing a beat, Harry says, "Super, I have reservations at the 'Hilltop Motel'...lets head that way."  Winding our way thru the traffic in the ferry terminal parking lot we made it to the street and when traffic permitted I drove across the street, parking in front of the Hilltop Motel in full view of the terminal we'd just left.  Harry had the same exact look of cognitive dissonance on his face that I'd had when I first saw a sea level motel named the hilltop.  "Don't ask, it's better that way." I said, and we all laughed.  With about four hours until the show now, Harry said he wanted to rest for a while, then get a bite to eat, and asked me to pick him up in two hours. 


When we returned for him Harry looked like a crisp, new hundred dollar bill.  Although the motel had an acceptable cafe adjoining it, we took Harry downtown to the Harbor Inn where the food and folks were both a bit more authentic.  Over a meal of fresh caught local halibut steaks we talked about many things from music, to some of the more colorful local lore...stuff most tourists never hear about.  I found this man to be relaxed, engaging and not the least bit impressed with who he was.  He was real people, and as we conversed, it felt easy and natural, as if we'd known each other for years.  Here was the same voice I'd been listening to for years, just shooting the breeze with us in this little hometown diner.  It was way better than I had hoped for, an indelible memory. 

Following dinner we all piled back into my dyslexic vehicle and headed up the hill to the auditorium, it was almost time for some music.  Back in the day I was making my daily bread as a freelance professional photographer when not otherwise occupied.  I'd asked Harry if it was OK to grab some concert shots of the performance, and gotten his approval; as we approached the stage entrance Tom had indicated.  At this door there were two people, a representative of the school, and a door guard.  I was more than content to just hand him off to these capable folks and go find us a good seat, because the guard didn't look like he wanted to let me pass.  To my astonishment, Harry tells the guard, "He's with me, he's my PR guy..."  so we got in without needing our tickets, and had the best seats in the place.

There was a much bigger crowd flowing in than I had imagined there might be, and as much as my ego wanted to think my radio show had something to do with the turnout; I suspected it was more due to cabin fever.  On that island any excuse to get out of the house & break the routine was valid.  By showtime there were 250 to 300 people in attendance, roughly 8% of the towns population!  It was a huge turnout for a dinky town, and it made me feel good that I'd had a part in making it all happen.


At just after eight pm the lights dimmed as Harry strummed his 12 string acoustic guitar, opening the concert with "Dog town" a story song about a sleepy new England fishing town not at all unlike the one we were in this night.  After a couple more songs I was all hunkered down and feeling fine, enjoying the experience even more than I had anticipated I would...which was exactly when the power failed and the place went pitch black.  Undaunted, Harry continued singing; and between his voice and the acoustics of the auditorium, everyone could still hear just fine.

As event staff scurried about with emergency lighting etc, Harry just kept on going, that is until he broke a guitar string in the middle of the blackout.  As if it were part of the show, Harry began digging into his case for a spare string, with a stagehand holding a flashlight for him.  As he was replacing the string he told the audience a true life story about the Christmas the family cat passed away.  The children were of course very upset over the death of their beloved pet on Christmas eve, and he knew he needed closure quickly if ruining the holiday was to be avoided.  They had arranged to drop the cat's body off at a local shelter to be cremated, and the kids decided the box should be wrapped in holiday paper, for reasons that only kids understand.  As the string replacement nears competition, so does the story.  Harry explains that he had to stop off at a relative's place to deliver gifts, and left the box with the cat on the front seat of the car, as he climbed the many, many steps up to their house.  Just as he got to the door, he heard his car door open down on the street...and turned around just in time to see someone stealing the Christmas Package on the front seat.  After the laughter died down he says, "I don't know who he gave that present to but I would have loved to be there to see it go down."

With the string replaced he continued his solo blackout performance a while longer until the power was finally restored and we could once again enjoy a well lit show.  Seeing my favorite Chapin songs performed live was the fulfillment of a long held wish, and rather than detracting, the power outage just made it all the more magical somehow.  An hour later he finished the concert off with "I wonder what would happen to this world." - which I am certain gave everyone food for thought as they slowly made their way to the exits.


Beyond the music, I admired Harry Chapin even more because he was a true humanitarian in this world.  His central cause was ending world hunger, but as his wife Sandy once said of him: "Harry was supporting 17 relatives, 14 associations, 7 foundations, and 82 charities.  Harry wasn't interested in saving money, saying it was for people, so he just gave it away." 

"And I dream that something's coming
and it's not just in the wind
it's more than just tomorrow
it's more than where we've been
it offers me a promise,
it's telling me, begin." 
In 1977 Harry Chapin was the inspiration for and a key participant in The President's Commission on World Hunger.  Four years later, on July 16, 1981, less than a year after I met him; Harry died from a heart attack while driving on the Long Island Expressway.  Because of his charity work and philanthropy he didn't leave a lot of money behind, which made it hard to maintain the causes he worked so hard for; leading to the forming of The Harry Chapin Foundation, and the Harry Chapin food Bank to address world hunger and related issues.   


A decade after his death Harry Chapin was posthumously awarded The Congressional Gold Medal for humanitarian work.  What a lasting tribute, that the recognition of his passionate efforts still feeds the hungry all these many years later.  Very appropriately lyrics from his song "I wonder what would happen to this world" are inscribed upon Harry's gravestone.

"Oh if a man tried
to take his time on Earth
 and prove before he died
what one man's life could be worth,
I wonder what would happen to this world."

They say that the anticipation of a thing is almost as good as the getting of it, and that's just how I always felt, waiting for the release of Harry's next album.  That anticipation forever gone; I still cannot help but wonder what kind of message he would be laying down had he survived to this time.  What additional greatness was left in this man, what might he have gone on to accomplish?

My thoughts wander now to other musicians of our era who passed before their time, their lives cut short by the great mystery that is life, but whose artistic legacy still lives on.  I think of how this cumulative loss has diminished us all, and the outpouring of love from those whose hearts they touched while with us.  The list just keeps getting longer the older I get, but that's OK, it's just the natural way of things; besides, like The Righteous Brothers pointed out, Heaven has one hell of a band! 

                                                     In Memory of Harry Chapin
                                                       The Last Protest Singer
                                                   "One Light in a Dark Valley"

Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other

Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Postcard From 5D

Before I had even opened my eyes this morning, I knew I was waking up in 5D.  The very first clue was that the thick, heavy weight of 4D was missing...and then there is the sunlight, it's brighter somehow and everything looks more vivid too.  I just laid there in bed for a few moments to get my bearings.  The next confirmation of my being in 5D was my attitude; for the first time in many years I awoke without the weight of the world's problems on my mind; and the liberation is intoxicating.

Most mornings I like to have some music playing, but not today.  Today is a day for listening to the music of the spheres and tuning in to what spirit may have to say as well.  My soul is dancing as this day has been long awaited with deep anticipation.  There were times when I nearly came to doubt my own beliefs and convictions, because so much time has passed with no sign of the age of Aquarius rising from the decay of the dying Piscean paradigm.  For a while there; an awful lot of us were wondering if the 5D bubble had collapsed before attaining critical mass.  We thought nothing was happening because we weren't looking with the right kind of eyes, we were watching for huge changes outside of us instead of fundamental ones within ourselves.

This morning as I stand on my balcony with my first coffee of the day it occurs to me that all of the really big changes are happening within us, as our souls either reject or embrace the opportunity for spiritual evolution now available to everyone.  Although angels on high may not be coming to rescue us, the better angels of our divine consciousness stand ready to assist; just as soon as we move in their direction.  Likewise, benevolent aliens aren't coming to save us from ourselves either, but embracing and assimilating some ideas alien to us just might!!  3D thinking, and polarity consciousness has hobbled us for so many generations that shaking loose from it's effects can be damn difficult.  This great awakening now sweeping the planet is essentially a good thing but we must all remember what Einstein said, "the problems we are facing today cannot be resolved with the same kind of thinking which created them."  We not only must think outside the box, we must then burn the box, forever...and move onward.

 Things are all just so much clearer now that I understand how most of my obstacles were created by myself; not wanting to know things I was unwilling to act upon.  There is a tangible vibration in the air today, sort of like the small ringing we hear in our ears, only it's coming from everywhere and is most agreeable.  I want to get ahold of my closest friends to tell them this great news about us being in 5D now, but because I can feel them so much stronger than ever before, I am confident they already know.  I can also feel my friends who still slumber in 4D, and even 3D in some cases...but their signals grow fainter every day.  Soon we shall simply vanish from each other's realities I suppose, like friends moving to another country. 

 A lot of folks have some very entertaining ideas about this whole moving into 5D concept; which very well may arise from the plethora of speculative theories making the rounds.  It comes to a point when you have to step away from the books & cyberspace and ask yourself, just when will you know enough to be certain of anything?  Entering fifth dimensional resonance vibration doesn't require an elitist lesson plan costing many hundreds of dollars.  All that is required is that we move in the opposite direction from that which sickens and offends our souls, and to stop giving it our power.  Nor will we find our way to higher octave existence by thinking we are more "spiritual" than some others isn't about that, not at all.  It has never been about comparing ourselves to others, but rather comparing ourselves to ourselves.  Are we ascending the staircase of personal spiritual enlightenment? or are we stagnant in our beliefs, and standing still amid old dying things?

 One of those steps on that staircase is called detachment, and it's what we must do before we can move any farther onward.  We must detach from the daily drama of demented, dying dichotomies, and forge ahead on the path chosen by our heart of hearts.  It really only takes a short while of being away from it to do the trick.  Once you deprive yourself of this daily drama and the "reporting" thereof, the next time you happen to see it...well, let's just say you can then see it for exactly what it is. 

 This being in 5D is different in many ways from what we have known, but not the way most folks envision.  The subconscious mind no longer has a large area rug for us to sweep uncomfortable things underneath.  Now everything is visible, the luxury of self-denial is forever gone, and with it...all of our masks.  Entering into spiritual adulthood means accepting responsibility we have always hidden from.  The cost of moving onward is giving that up.  Chop wood, carry water.  The old saying goes that the devil is in the details but I wonder if that's just a barking dog; because it is attending to the details in life that eventually teaches us those higher vibrational values we need to keep making progress up that stairway to heaven.  They say man is the only animal that makes tools with which to build things.  When you think about it; it's so easy to see how often we build something outside of us in order to understand our normal, natural abilities.  The telephone, for instance...what if we invented that to remind ourselves we can communicate telepathically and remember how to transduce energy.  Suppose we invented aircraft to stimulate the genetic memory of flight without airships??  Imagine being free from the need to suppress that kind of knowledge, and power.

From the perspective of 5D most of the worlds religions are little more than the old carrot & stick routine being employed to obscure the truth that all power comes from within the individual, not from some outside invisible authority who only communicates with clergymen.  Show me a 'religion' that teaches firewalking, and I'll show you one that honors the power of the individual over scripture.  I use firewalking as an example because to do it requires the casting off of limiting beliefs and the embracing of personal power, to keep from being burned.  It's the same in everyday life.  If we just believe in ourselves and learn to move beyond fear whole new worlds of possibilities open up for us.  It's a gradual process in which each new accomplishment becomes as a "pearl"- and once you start collecting a few of these little victories you find yourself empowered beyond what you may have believed possible.  Each new victory is another step up that staircase of enlightenment & evolution.

 Entering 5D kind of sneaks up on you at first, even when getting here has been a prime objective.  We don't recognize it at first, just the symptoms, which usually feel anything but spiritual.  Change begins to manifest and appear in our physical world as a direct result of right thinking, and fundamental choices we make in our thinking, speech & behavior.  As our hearts and minds mover farther away from the energies and realities which crush the human spirit, as we deny those things our very energy; new horizons and vaster realities become visible all around us for the first time.  There could be a room full of people resonating in 5D harmonics all around you - and you'd never see them until you increase your own vibration to match.  It isn't something 'out there' in the's something within us all, it's a natural ability.  Many folks nowadays get a bit freaked out when they see "things" or shadows moving in their peripheral vision,  but in reality, it's likely another symptom of changing vibrations.  The closer you come to matching the next highest octave of resonance, the more of it you can see and sense about you, as little "bleed thru" events increase in frequency.

 From the 5D perspective it is much easier to see that which has been right in front of us the whole time.  It's kind of like finally getting the joke...two days later - and it makes us wonder how it was we never saw it before.  Things like good and evil for instance.  From the perspective of those in third and fourth dimensional awareness, there is an eternal war being fought between good and evil, presumably over the souls of all mankind or some such hooey.  Riddle me this.... Is there anything in existence which was not created by the God force?  The obvious answer to this trick question is of course a resounding No! Whatever you call it, God-Goddess-All-That-Is, the God force, the Source, the Big Bang, or simply God... everything in creation came from the same exact source, no exceptions.  Viewed from 5D the whole good/evil paradigm looks a lot different.  From this vantage point it is clear to see that all things good are not on our side and looking to aide us, nor are all things evil hating life and out to get us; they are simply two opposite polarities from the same source of creation...different aspects of the same thing!  This then, would be the stick portion of the carrot & stick.  Some eternal incentive to keep all the church pews in America filled every Sunday with God-fearing supplicants.

 Still unsure of what being in 5D might be like?  Well, let's consider the curious event from the weekend of September 21st & 22nd when over 300 fireballs were reported zooming overhead by folks in 30 states!  (see video below) The sheer number of fireballs reported and the wide area covered are amazing enough...until you consider that none of them hit the planet.

Wouldn't you think that out of 300 fireballs burning thru the atmosphere, maybe one of them might have actually hit us?  Seems reasonable enough, yet to my current knowledge, none did!!  What might account for that I wonder?  Over 300 consecutive near-misses?  Kinda thumbs it's nose at the odds.  Maybe the reason none of them hit us is because some did hit the 4D version of earth, but we never experienced that because the timelines have already split apart, and our reality is just different enough that all we got was the nifty light show.  Just one more thing to ponder as the world around us grows curiouser and curiouser.  Does the sun seem just a little brighter than normal to you.  It does to a lot of folks nowadays, perhaps yet another indication of shifting timelines and accelerating frequencies. 

 The one thing that trips us up more than anything else is that we simply have no idea what we don't know.  This spiritual evolution happening right now has never occurred before, so it figures there are no instruction manuals laying around on dusty shelves in some archive somewhere.  We are feeling our way through this shift of the ages like we are blindfolded in a dark room searching for the answers to creation and divinity.  It's bound to be confusing.

The room is black because humanity has been slumbering for thousands of years before this Kali Yuga mass awakening of spirit, and nobody wakes up well when the harsh light of reality burns your retinas awake from a sound sleep.  This awakening and spiritual evolution has to be a slow and gradual process, lest it prove too great a shock to the system so to speak...and as we know so well, not all people wake up in the same way or at the same pace.  Perhaps those friends and family who want to fit you for a tin foil hat won't come around for a while longer...some may slumber right through this and wake up in their next incarnation wondering WTF?  It is an intensely personal and individual path, and if your path is harder, it's because your calling is higher, simple as that.

 The carrot & stick approach to organized religion has little or nothing to do with spiritual enlightenment, in fact it is designed to take you in the opposite direction.  All of histories greatest spiritual teachers have always taught that all power and all answers are within us - not somewhere outside of or beyond us.  Even Jesus is quoted in John:14 as saying:  "Very truly I tell you, whosoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these..."  Seems pretty straight forward to me, and if that dude can resurrect himself and ascend into the kingdom of heaven...then so can each of us!  But let's just look at that a moment.  The good book tries to tell us that the ascension into heaven was an external process, like an elevator being sent to pick one up and carry them to heaven....but what if all those bible passages, are talking about ascension as an entirely internal process instead.  Our thoughts originate within us as do our emotions, fears, hopes, dreams and aspirations...why not our divinity as well?  Our energetic system is comprised of the auric field and twelve chakra centers, five of which are transpersonal chakras, meaning they exist in multiple harmonic dimensions.  These 5 transpersonal chakras I believe, have a direct correlation to the 90 percent or so of our brains which remain dormant and beyond our ability to access, until now!  That staircase to spiritual enlightenment I spoke of, like everything else, originates within us as a life long journey of self discovery; leading us from the selfishness of spiritual childhood, to fulfillment as a whole and happy multi-dimensional entity.  The keys to the kingdom of heaven were hidden within the human heart because source knew it was the last place we would think to look!
Everything we perceive of as "the real world" is actually taking place inside our minds as a kind of interactive narrative which is augmented by consensus reality, then projected outward onto the viewscreen we call the material plane.  Our 'waking' life which we perceive as the "real" world is, in reality, a holographic dream environment in which we play out all our various scenarios. We enter the actual real world every night when we surrender consciousness to slumber, and yes, there is an intentional barrier which inhibits our memory of time spent there, without blocking it entirely.  And so, we continue climbing the staircase even if our progress at times seems to move at glacial speeds, ever onward, ever upward, to higher levels of understanding & awareness.  These new attributes bestow a new perspective, just as climbing a tree does; allowing us to see more than before.  There is something pulling at us to ascend the staircase, and as we do we begin hearing a familiar voice, it's the one we have heard our entire life, and have come to trust.   Like the energy of life, the staircase spirals upward, leading us into the undiscovered country of our un-used brain potential.  Beyond the synaptic responses darting past us, farther up the staircase we can see light coming from a room at the top of the stairs.  Not only is this a room with a great view, it is also the origin of that familiar voice, your higher self!

                                                                Fireball Video

Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Birthing New Realities


It certainly seems to be the way of things that when it comes to the concept of change; the good variety takes forever while the more negative kind can and does happen over night.  Change, and more importantly rebirth are the key concepts of our emergence into the Aquarian age and a new evolution for humanity.  Few of us expected earth shattering events on a massive scale last December 21st when the long count Mayan calendar ended, instead we saw it for what it was, the moment of conception for the rebirth of humanity.

This week marks the ninth month since that ominous date, and common consensus is that this gestation period is over.  Not everyone agrees on just what this means or what may happen (of course) but most do agree we are about to witness an event of magnitude and importance.  The universe rearranges itself to match our picture of reality.  By example; people who are always upbeat, positive, and believe in themselves experience a much different reality than those who have poor self esteem and believe only bad things happen to them.  It's the old law of attraction at work - energy flows where thought goes.

Because reality itself is different depending upon who and where you are, it seems likely that whatever is about to occur will be perceived differently by everyone; according to belief system; and what each individual is willing to see/experience. When it comes to belief systems there is no shortage of them here on earth, and we've all heard it said that they can't all be right ... but why not?  If the universe is considerate enough to rearrange itself to match our view of what reality is, wouldn't you also expect it to reveal itself in a like manner, i.e. something each person was comfortable with and willing to experience?  Seems logical to me, especially if we're really the ones creating all of this reality. 


 Just because this shift of the ages is happening now it doesn't mean that everyone is ready or prepared for it.  We are not all at the same stage or level of spiritual progress after all.  Our current spiritual needs are as divergent as our beliefs, and in such a beautifully complex system I simply do not believe that "one size fits all."  So, you may wonder as many are, how exactly is all this going to work?  How are all these divergent and often intolerant belief systems going to manifest together all at once, without even more insanity than there is now?  In the wild, when a wolf pack grows too large to remain efficient, or when there is a leadership challenge, part of the pack splits off to form a new pack structure.  Reality continues for both packs...just not the same reality. 

Many will tell you that this next week is when the timelines are going to diverge, but I think maybe they already have.  Just a very short while ago it was all but a done deal that Obama was going to bomb Syria ~ then very suddenly he didn't get to because something happened nobody expected.  We are now living in the reality where Syria didn't get bombed, and the dominoes leading to world war three never fell over.  Somewhere "out there" IS that other possible reality unfolding with all it's horror.  I believe many things factored in to what didn't happen in Syria, one of the most powerful influences was public opinion, and not just from Americans, but from around the world.  Because of events like the Arab spring and the great awakening humanity is finding it's voice again...and its power: so we are already living in an altered timeline right now. 
It seems the timelines are cueing up and preparing to split, and this is one way it might go down.  Since we have recently departed 3rd dimensional resonance, are currently traversing 4th dimensional resonance and heading for 5th dimensional resonance...I think there may just be three timelines, one for each resonance.  Those spirits whose progress & growth require more greed, death and war without end will remain in 3rd dimensional timespace, those souls ready to evolve to the next level will increase their vibration to that of 5th dimensional resonance - and those who prefer a ghostlike existence similar to purgatory will remain in 4th dimensional resonance, waiting for something to happen.  In a very real way, the dimensional resonance you end up in will largely depend on which one you feed the majority of your energy to in this next week.  Food for thought!

Because I do not intend to partake in their respective reality, I do not think about door number 1 or door number 2 - but rather on "graduating" to fifth dimensional resonance.  Why do we need so many news casts during the day?  To keep us in a perpetual fear mode!  Why is there a late night newscast on nearly every local channel?  To make certain the last things you hear before sleeping are unpleasant & disturbing, to keep you restless.  The progress bar on the movie of your life keeps moving, do you?  If we don't make the effort to stay on our toes and ahead of 'the game' we may very easily become unintended victims of it.  One of the reasons things got this messed up in the first place is because too many folks have just sat by on the sidelines thinking someone would come along and fix things.  Well, the fix is in, but as we can all plainly see by now it isn't the right one.  We somehow managed to find ourselves in a reality where world war three hasn't happened (yet): maybe it would be a good idea if we could make some more choices like that in the extremely near future!

When traveling through different climate zones while mountain climbing, layering of outer garments is a good way to make sure you remain comfortable without becoming overheated or hypothermic.  Something sorta similar holds true for those wishing to traverse thru this 4th dimensional swamp of negativity and arrive at a higher resonance of enlightenment: we have to be willing to discard burdensome beliefs & habits if we are to lighten our load.  When it comes to increasing our vibration, it's a three-fold approach: Body, Mind & Spirit.  We must feed our bodies only the best high vibration foods we can obtain; as we monitor our thoughts to expel all examples of "stinkin thinkin," and nurture our soul for what lies ahead.  We have to shed bad emotional habits like an overcoat on a rainy day, or they will become cumbersome and weigh us down.

The way we raise our individual vibration is by moving in the direction of Life Affirming thoughts, beliefs and actions.  In our hearts, in the silence at the center of things, we know right from wrong - good from evil.  We also know that very often it is much easier to do, or ignore that which is wrong and evil: that's part of the test.  Doing, or ignoring that which our heart knows is wrong or evil always lowers our vibration, every time - no exceptions.  Conversely, by giving our energy only to those things which are positive and life affirming, we increase our vibratory resonance.  There are many ways to raise your vibration, one excellent way is instead of watching the news to see what shape the world is in; meditate for 20 minutes to see what kind of shape your soul is in.  Scary stuff, I know, but still way better for you in all ways.  The first step to any goal is intention, and its the same with raising our vibration.  Knowing your intent and communicating that clearly to the universe is what sets the whole process in motion, and once things are flowing it all comes down to technique.  There are many ways to reach your destination, all you need do is pick one.


Music is another powerful way to influence your vibration; and is easily incorporated into many meditation practices.  There is a great benefit to just putting on music you really enjoy a lot for a couple of hours, whenever you can...the sheer number of folks walking around with earbuds is testament to that fact.  Sound is a most powerful healing modality in itself and can be used to quickly and effectively restore the human energy system to manufacturers specifications, just as one would use a timing light on a car engine.  Many on the spiritual path have discovered the power of using sound, tones and music to maintain their energy at a high level.  For those seeking a good place to start incorporating sound vibrations into their spiritual practice I would highly recommend the works of Steven Halpern, and Jonathan Goldman.  The reason sound works so well and so quickly is due to something called entrainment.  Although we usually can't see them, sound produces waves much like ripples a still pond.  Sound waves radiate out in all directions (just like water) affecting whatever they contact.  Sound waves have various frequencies, some audible to us, others not so much.  When a source of high vibratory rate comes into proximity to another, lower vibratory rate...the lower vibrating frequency will speed up to match that of the higher frequency; this is entrainment and it is being used all over the planet by folks who are tuned into sound to help accelerate their resonance. 

For many years now people have been using lucid dreaming to facilitate various areas of their spiritual growth; and it can of course be used as a means to accelerate your vibration as well.  The basic concept here is called dream incubation and basically involves programming your subconscious mind to dream lucidly on a certain subject...before turning in for the night.  With a little practice and some confidence before long your subconscious will respond by delivering what is asked for.  Many folks use this technique to communicate with their higher selves and spirit guides; to find out what to do next, or for help in general.  Our higher selves and guides are there willing and even anxious to assist us on this spiritual sojourn, but they are not gonna come bang on your front door, it doesn't work that way....we must seek them out, knock on their door and invite them to help us.

Another excellent way to raise your vibration is thru the use of crystals and stones from the mineral kingdom.  I did a fairly extensive post on this exact subject ("Ascension Crystals") in June, so I will refer you there rather than go into depth again here.*  Suffice it to say that humans have always adorned themselves with crystals & stones in their jewelry for a reason, they have the power to make you look & feel better which is exactly what raising your vibration does.  When we are sad, depressed or angry with ourselves our energy responds accordingly and lowers in vibration...why do you think we call it feeling 'down' or in the 'dumps'?  Conversely when we are feeling happy and positive, excited with life's possibilities...our energy soars, rising higher and higher until we are 'blissing out' or maybe even 'sitting on top of the world.'  Using crystals in meditation, and for everyday home decor is a most excellent way to maintain a high vibrational state in both our homes and bodies.  Do remember however, that what crystals do is to absorb, amplify and project energy...any energy...they do not discriminate between positive and negative energy, and will amplify & project either with very tangible results.  Something to keep in mind.

When it comes to these big spiritual events like shifting paradigms and splitting timelines the one thing I can state with absolute confidence is that nobody really knows for sure just how it will manifest, and what it will "look" like to our rather limited sensory capabilities.  Some folks believe that the timeline split will be sharp and abrupt while others speculate it will be smooth as silk and sublime as all hell.  When you step back to take in the "big" picture, the multiverse with it's unending procession of possibilities, we see it to be an elegant place full of beauty and mystery.  Oh, indeed, there are countless examples of chaos in the multiverse, but I think we need to take that in context with all of creation, rather than isolate the chaos to focus only on it.  When I see such an elegant multiverse I just have to believe that the events surrounding mankind's evolution and enlightenment will be just as elegant and sublime.

We've all heard the statistic stating that with the most complicated and sophisticated feats humanity has accomplished we are still only using around ten percent of our potential brain power, leaving 90% or so untapped...undiscovered country!  Do you ever wonder about why that is, and the kind of reality we might experience were we to utilize all of our brain potential?  If it is true that we all create our own reality with our thoughts, beliefs and desires, then perhaps we also create our destiny the same way.  What if that unused 90% of our brain is where everything happens, like a holographic theater of the mind...and whether you spend eternity in 3D, or ascend to 5D, it all happens within, according to your thoughts, beliefs and desires.  Ponder that for a while.

Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other


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