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Fukushima; Deadly Silence

We all know what happened on March 11, 2011 - a massive earthquake/tsunami combination punch knocked out the reactors at the Fukushimi-Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan.  Indeed at first there were scattered, speculative reports coming in regarding the spread of radioactive fallout and contamination; so of course the first thing the American government did in response was to shut down most if not all of the radiation detectors up & down the west coast.  At the time, almost two and a half years ago; I saw this as a dark omen of things to come, and each month since has only deepened that ominous feeling.  Those of us old enough to fully comprehend the inherent dangers of nuclear radiation and fallout could not help but to develop a huge knot in the pit of our stomachs as we watched the authorities everywhere furtively scurrying about - trying to sweep the whole mess under the rug.  Soon after the disaster happened a web site sprung up with daily monitoring of the radiation plume coming from Fukushima.  Naturally, that site was scrubbed off the internet almost immediately, but not before many of us got the images saved to hard drives.

Unlike with the Chernobyl disaster in Russia, entombing the reactors in concrete is not feasible in this case on account of the location being right on the coast; and there it is folks, the genie is out of the bottle and cannot EVER be put back in.  We lack the technology to fix this growing planetary disaster.  We don't know how to stop it ~ and so they just let it continue to spew deadly radioactive isotopes into the air, as they continue to dump millions of gallons of radioactive waste water directly into the pacific ocean in flagrant violation of international law, and environmental treaties.  And the world media is nearly silent.  Wouldn't you think that this story would be top of every news cycle until it was fixed?  Not on this prison planet.  The subject is on the taboo list right along with the ongoing oil leaking in the gulf, and chemtrails in our skies.  Our keepers just keep it out of the news, knowing that the soon to be extinct American Ostrich will obediently keep ignoring it as well, pretending the problem is solved even though we know better. 
In the natural world when most animals sense or see an imminent threat to its life it either runs away to safety, or stands it's ground and fights.  Not us.  We just go on about our little robot lives with that thousand yard stare of cognitive dissonance, because we know there is nowhere to run from the Fukushima monster; and we know not how to fight it when all the worlds governments are so strangely silent and sitting on their collective hands.  What insane madness is this?  Can we all not clearly see by this late date that the frog or lobster in the simmering pot, is US??  Instead of filling the streets with protests large enough to strangle commerce & transportation,  we join in the deafening silence about Fukushima radiation, and create elaborate psychological scenarios for ourselves to justify not only our silence, but our continued consumption of seafood from the pacific ocean, as well as GMO food-like-products from Monsanto.  We convince ourselves somehow that if we can just ignore it strongly enough the whole problem will just vanish into thin air.  Life doesn't work like that, and we know this, yet, indulge in this planetary denial just the same.  This then indeed seems to me, a most special and rewarding sort of madness.

The Death of the Pacific Ocean

In order to prevent core meltdown and a much, much worse planetary disaster the Japanese have to keep cooling water flowing over the damaged reactors at all times.  This of course requires nearly astronomical amounts of fresh water which the country just doesn't have, so they have been using sea water from the onset of the crisis.  Now, it doesn't take much of an IQ to understand that dumping that contaminated, radioactive wastewater directly back into the pacific ocean is about the worst thing you could possibly do; which is why the practice is banned by several treaties and international law.  Why does the international community allow this crime against humanity to continue unabated?  Already I can imagine some who will flinch at my use of the term crime against humanity, but what else can you call it when a sovereign nation deliberately contaminates a major world food source while at the same time the radiation spewing from those crippled reactors continues to flow around the entire world.  There is no safe place.  You can run, but you'll just die tired!  Within a few weeks of the accident radiation was detected in cows milk, in the eastern united states, as well as in Canada.   Soon thereafter it strangely became very difficult to obtain a hand held radiation detector in this country.  Stocks were suddenly 'depleted' as many websites offering them put up the "sold out" or "unavailable" tags next to the picture of the device.  How very frustrating, and typical.  Aren't you tired of all this censorship & denial.  I know I am.  Hard to believe we still have to protest this shit, but here we are, still letting our keepers lead us down the path of the great shining lie, to oblivion. 

I have a folder on my hard drive for Fukushima related links, and as I went there to retrieve the documentation for this post, I discovered that many of the best articles and videos have very mysteriously disappeared.  "This article is no longer available" says the pop-up.   WHY?  To prevent you from reading them!!  Yet there is no need to check your seafood for toxic, deadly radiation.  Are you really  OK with this bullshit?  What will it take for all of you in the silent majority to get vocal, and involved with your own survival? 

There are reports coming in from as far south as Argentina of marine mammals with severe radiation poisoning and genetic mutations.  Polar bears in Canada and Alaska are loosing their hair, leaving huge splotchy sores on their hides.  Seals and sea lions have been seen with similar disgusting anomalies to their skin and fur.  It is a foregone conclusion that no seafood from the pacific is safe to eat, and that most logically applies to all seafood world wide, considering the ocean currents involved.

The profits before people mentality of corporate giants in the food industry has prevented any cessation of harvesting seafood world wide, and especially in Alaska, which daily receives a fresh smack in the face from Fukushima winds, and nuked seawater.  About a month after the accident, the Alaska state government, and US federal government were hit with thousands of requests to check pacific salmon for radiation.  Their unified response was to tell the entire world, "There is no need."  What there is no need politicians & businessmen such as we have right now.  I say, if there is no need, how about feeding all of those corporate liars a nice 'Baked Alaska' king salmon.  There was this official in Japan who publicly ate food from near Fukushima to prove how safe it is.  He died a few weeks later!  
The pacific ocean is totally irradiated, and before too much longer will no doubt become an ecological dead zone.  Followed in time by the Atlantic, and all other seas & oceans of this once beautiful and thriving planet.  The year before Fukushima there was the BP gulf oil spill, which has effectively killed off all life there, although you will probably never see the reports saying so.  BP continues spraying their deadly toxic compound corexit over the gulf;  even now.  How diabolical is this, first the name of the poisonous crap is word play for "Corrects It" and on top of that, it corrects NOTHING, but instead forces the oil off the surface, down deep into the water column, and to the bottom, where it seethes, rolls around and goes traveling.  The worldwide silence over all things Fukushima is their version of corexit - hear no evil-see no evil-speak no evil!


In this case, what you don't know will not only hurt you; it will give you cancer, mutate your children and poison the air, sea and earth, forever.  But who needs to worry about things beyond your control, right?  It's what we humans do best, defer unpleasant thoughts as long as possible in the hope that if we don't acknowledge it, it doesn't exist.  American Ostriches.  You just watch, this denial, this apathy -  will be our undoing.  For just a sample of the Geoengineering and terraforming taking place; consider these events from 2010 & 2011:

How to reduce global population by 50% while toxifying the eco-system.

April 20, 2010 – Deepwater Horizon oil platform taken out.  Explosion kills 11 people
             And ruptured wellhead; which spewed 600 million barrels of oil into
                        Gulf of Mexico, over 87 days; to which BP added millions of gallons of                   
                                                      Highly toxic Corexit dispersants.

Jan. 12, 20107.0 Earthquake triggered by HAARP hits Haiti killing over 300,000

Feb. 27, 20108.8 Earthquake triggered by HAARP  hits Chile, killing 600

April 6, 2010,- -7.7 Earthquake triggered by HAARP  hits Sumatra Indonesia, 400 dead
April 14, 20106.9 Earthquake triggered by HAARP hits Qinghai China killing 3000

June 13, 20107.5 Earthquake  triggered by HAARP   hits Nicobar India

Feb. 22, 20116.3  Earthquake  triggered by HAARP   hits Christchurch New Zealand

Mar. 11, 20119.0 Earthquake/tsunami triggered by HAARP  devastates Northern Japan,
                      and  FOUR nuclear reactors  at the Fukushimi-daiachi Nuclear plant                
        causing massive and On-going, unchecked release of lethal radiation
   into the Atmosphere.   600,000 dead/missing

March18th   2011 - Japanese radiation plume reaches America and the story disappears 
                        from  American broadcast news media, and internet news outlets.

April  18th   2011 276 tornadoes rip across 8 mid-western states: triggered by HAARP
                    (Dispersing the growing radiation plume into a larger area.)

April  25  2011  – Multiple thunderstorms dump torrents of rain across the             
                  Exact same 8 mid-western states, again, triggered by HAARP
                  (Bringing the radiation to ground level, the food chain, and us)

May 13-21,  2011  – Mississippi river flooding, made worse by the intentional release of more water thru floodgates, sacrificing the homes and farms of the working poor to save the big cities downriver and saturating the ground (new Madrid fault) with (radioactive) floodwater.  15 nuke plants in the Madrid quake zone, two already faltering.  FEMA is in place  since April 25th yet does nothing to help the flood victims.  They are waiting for the “big event”.  Meanwhile on 5-16 the Israeli prime minister comes to America, just as he did on 9-11-01!!!  All of this also happening during a full moon.  Of course we have seen this weather modification continue it's onslaught unabated right up to the present time, with several excellent examples such as hurricane Sandy fresh in memory, complete with tons of documentation indicating the storm was steered artificially directly onto it's target - exactly like hurricane Katrina.  In this light we can easily see that the Fukushima disaster, and it's continuing aftermath are created events designed to accelerate the depopulation and toxification of this planet. 

                                                               Genetic Mutation

With all the amazing and fantastic things our science & technology can do, there simply is no way to ever remove the radioactive contamination from the planets oceans, air or soil.  Nuclear radiation, it's the gift that keeps on giving.  It's forever, and ever.  Let that sink in for a minute.  What has been wrought is with us forever, and it not only is very good at killing us in massive numbers over a generation or two, it also gets into our very DNA, and changes things around, creating genetic mutations of infinite complexity and perplexing diversity.  We have only just begun to see some of the early results in this genetic lottery from hell ~ indeed, time will tell.  If we do not know how to contain this monster, it seems only  logical that we are also woefully unprepared to deal with the results of it's escalating worldwide damage.  I'm not talking about property or financial damage here, as those are inconsequential compared to the damage done to human DNA. 

There have already been reports leaked out of Japan concerning genetic mutations, in both plants and humans.  For a moment, lets focus just on human DNA mutations, because within a very few years we will begin to see them crop up way more frequently as the occurrences begin spreading throughout all populations, worldwide.  What will we do when the number of mutated children being born reaches into the thousands or even millions being born each year?  I am sure some nations will have all mutations terminated at birth, no exceptions.  Other nations however will be at once motivated to care & provide for all the nuclear children born within their borders.  Have you assessed the world economic condition recently?  How many nations on this planet have the sustainable wealth to deal with the number of mutated children that are coming.  We can't even get normal health care right.  It isn't about maybe.... they are coming; nothing can prevent their arrival, or their numbers.  Just how will we deal with this dilemma alone, among all the others we're already facing?  The answer to that question will reveal an awful lot about human kind.  That thought sends some very dark chills down my spine considering the things we are already allowing and ignoring.

They say that evolution depends upon mutations, the kind which allow a species to adapt and survive to changing climates and environments.  Well...our climate and environment was changing ever more rapidly, even before the Fukushima equation.  That we are going to see a lot of bizarre genetic mutations in the relatively near future (assuming we still have much of one) is a certainty; but at some point we will also have to contend with the other kind of mutation, the kind that does not show on the outside.  From Godzilla to the X-Men,  Heroes, and Fringe;  the transhuman agenda has been drip feeding us images and ideas to get us more used to seeing and dealing with abnormal mutations.  The Twilight Zone was decades ahead of it's time with stories of humans with super human powers and abilities...the abnormal becoming normal.

 There were stories about mind readers, people with the power of telekinesis, people who could change their face at will, and tales of people who could even travel through time.  In each of the tales the people with these powers looked as normal as anyone else, they were just extra gifted.  How the irradiation of planet earth will change human DNA is up for speculation, but one thing is certain; we left "normal" alongside the trail a ways back, and we're never going to see it again.  Welcome to the new normal...please deposit hopes & dreams in the trash bin and fasten your seat belts, keeping appendages, tentacles & flippers inside the paradigm at all times!

 When I look at humanity today I think back to those days of 50,000 years ago when we still lived in caves and had to face untold dangers on a daily basis just to eat and survive. I think about how those people had to overcome their fear, or starve.  There was no grocery store down the road, nor was there any form of centralized government, there was just them, and a hostile world beyond the cave entrance.   I think about these things and I see that we are not the descendants of those brave humans who carved out a place in a primeval world...
We are the descendants of the cowardly ones who shivered in fear, refusing to leave the cave.

When the Archons arrived and began mucking about with our gene pool in order to create a slave race, they of course selectively bred out the genes for fearlessness, and self defense.  They needed a subdued populace for their agenda, and went about creating it.  Today we see before us the result of all this genetic breeding and interference.  An entire race of humans who refuse to think for themselves or raise up in protest against those who enslave them.  This is not who we are, but it is who we have allowed others to turn us into.  An entire planet of humans who are too afraid to leave the cave.  Too conditioned & programmed to resist even the most fearful of futures, a nuclear earth.  They say silence is golden, but in this case it's the darkening blackness of deadly.

Until Next Time ~ Be good to Each Other

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Archon Endgame


People are finally starting to ask the right questions.  "Why are we killing the planet, and ourselves?"  Questions such as this invariably lead to the slow, gradual acceptance of the answer, We aren't, but someone else certainly is, and they are known to us despite generations of hiding in the shadows as they manipulate everything to their advantage, their agenda.  For countless generations they have played the long game: dumbing down & distracting the population, as they quietly went about strip mining this planet.  You might have noticed how a few years ago most of the pretense and subterfuge fell by the wayside, and those in control became more belligerent and "in our face" about things...hell they are openly boasting about it nowadays.  The matriarch of the Rockefeller dynasty recently said "If my boys didn't want there to be wars, there wouldn't be any!"  How is that for in your face?  My point here is simple:  we are witnessing the rollout of the Archon Endgame.

My goal here is just to provide a contextual overview, to help folks better understand what they see happening across the planet as our archon overlords continue ramping up the new paradigm for all of us.  Certainly we humans are one of the resources of value to the archons or else they would have just terminated the experiment and us along with it.  We represent a renewable resource for these slimy and cowardly creatures, but just now there are way too many of us, and that has always been a problem for them.  Getting to be an even bigger problem as more of us wake up every day to the ugly, unpleasant reality I speak of. 

Population Control

War has always been their primary tool for managing our numbers.  An excellent way to execute the best & strongest of our youth, our warriors.  Historically they manage to keep a few small wars going pretty much all the time, somewhere or another, and toss in a "crowd pleaser" world conflict every so often for good measure.  Well, all that is out the window, as the new paradigm is ~ Permanent, continuous War!  Not only does it boost the military-industrial-complex economy nicely, benefiting warmongers everywhere; but it also kills off a bunch of "Useless Eaters" as Henry Kissinger once called us everyday average joe citizens.

Even with continuous war across the planet, there are still way too many of us who need to be neutralized, so they have these various ways and methods for getting us to turn on each other.  After generations of conditioning, programming and brainwashing, it has become an all too easy scenario to set one race against another everywhere possible.  You can see the excellent results of these race conflicts & killings every single day on your Television set...after all, that's why they invented it for us.

They squash and censor the idea of loving one another wherever the concept has the balls to show up....But the gun selling business is having it's best year ever, and they manage to tell us so every damn night on the news and in the paper and even online, saturation fear mongering.  If you are constantly in a state of fearful paranoia you are much easier to manipulate even further, and much more likely to embrace violent self defense....go get your gun before they're all gone.  Hurry now!  Everyone's doing it!   Just more marketing & brainwashing BS!  Every American gun manufacturer, and there are many, is producing brand new guns off the assembly line every day, about as fast as they can.  No shortage of guns, just brains!
 Still not enough humans dying on a weekly basis even with all the wars everywhere, gang killings, serial killings, and fear killings going on; which is why they've added something new, just for the endgame festivities, the pressure cooker.  First they geoengineer a nice heat wave complete with pressure dome over large parts of the country, then let a racist killer walk free in an obvious case of murder, simmer to a boil with media hype & coverage...and hope for a full-scale riot.  The pressure cooker gambit doesn't stop fact it's just getting started; because the new paradigm calls for things to become so bad so quick that the average citizen can take no more, and they begin filling the streets with murderous the thousands ~  and then Millions.  They call it the self-cleaning oven scenario.  Coming this summer to a neighborhood near you.

First they spray & poison us until we're too sick & apathetic to resist them, much less fight back, then they begin poking, prodding & aggravating us by all the insane laws, insane cops, & greedy banksters who are out to steal your savings account.  "Oh that could never happen here" you say.... Well friends, Cyprus was a trial balloon to see if people would revolt, or just take the shafting one more time.  They are experimenting to see just which series of dystopian, draconian actions will result in the massive, full scale riots they are trying to trigger.  If I am wrong, then please explain to me why DHS purchased 2,700 urban tanks, and millions of rounds of ammunition for the thousands of new assault rifles they just bought!  What is all that for?  It's for rolling up on all the rioting & pissed off Americans, making it easier to kill in great numbers with great efficiency, you know, just like in war!  For those who were too smart to get caught up in the riots there is the new domestic drone program so you can be tracked by your use of technology, and dispatched with a hellfire missile at the whim of Obama.  Relocation centers for all the rest, and railroad cars with ankle chains to get you there safely.

Terraforming Earth

 Geoengineering is a fact getting more difficult to dispute every day.  Oh sure, there are those soul-less shills who seek to usher ignorance & stupidity to the highest possible expression, and so, will say even the most moronic things, but fortunately only morons believe them.  So, yes; they changed global warming to 'climate change' - but it is real, and getting worse because of geoengineering and Terraforming.  Europe is 40 % irradiated from Chernobyl, and God only knows how much radiation is coming from that still active nuclear volcano Fukushima - and he's not talking.  The Pacific ocean is now irradiated from constant dumping of radioactive cooling water directly into the ocean. 

Everything being done at Fukushima & in Japan is against the law, and a crime against humanity.

Everything being done by BP in the Gulf of Mexico is against the law, and a crime against humanity.
These are just two of the more blatant examples of the wholesale genocide being waged against us.  Why do GMO foods-like-products, and FRACKING enjoy complete immunity from laws, regulations, and lawsuits...just like the illegal use of Corexit on the Gulf spill?  The long list of dangerous and carcinogenic chemicals used in underground hydraulic fracking is top secret, "proprietary" as they say, sorta like the recipe for the colonels chicken.  Yet they claim there is no danger to fracking near water supplies...even though you can light that water on fire!!  But it's not harmful.   Simply moronic!

They are geoengineering the air we breathe with the massive, global chemtrail spraying program.  Again. what can be plainly seen in the sky every day, is flatly denied, ignored and not spoken of.  How is that for in our face?   Fluoride in our drinking water.  Virus's in our flu shots.  And God only knows what they put in that GMO food, (He's still not talking) but considering the G stand for genetic I think we can safely assume its unsafe for human consumption. They are scraping the entire tops off of mountains for the minerals, then clear-cutting the forests for every last tree.  They are privatizing fresh drinking water, and just recently, Spain privatized the SUN, imposing massive fines on anyone illegally harvesting photons!!* 
How about now, is this up in our face enough yet??

Our archon overseers first interfered with our genetics back when we were busy wiping the Neanderthals, our genetic forbearers, from the face of the earth...and perhaps even earlier.  Now they are hell bent on once again altering our genetic sequences - and species.   The third phase of the archon endgame is to once again 'adjust' human DNA - this time in an obsession to create a species of Nano-genetic hybrids and they even have their own logo, (h+ or H+) and magazine.  Bet you didn't know that.

It began as it always does, with innocent sounding promises to improve human life. However as we now have seen, Transhumanism is anything but innocent with it's dark desire to create and mass produce digitized, optimized, and marginalized human beings, blurring the boundary between technology & biology.  How do you feel about that microchip being injected under your skin, or the unblinking eye that looks back at you from your Comcast box?  How do you feel about mandatory vaccinations for your children, the ones they won't say what it's for?  How comfortable are you with all these questionable technologies being forced down our throats...literally??  Simple DNA splicing wasn't enough for these empty bastards, now they are obsessed with actually installing nano-circuits within DNA itself...why??? 
To what unholy end??

I suppose it just wasn't enough to do all they have done to the human race so far ~ they just gotta see where they can take it, how far they can push the hybridization of mutation.  For those who are still dealing with memory issues, this is the exact same kind of arrogance that destroyed Atlantis.  Here we go again folks!  Perhaps this is what Gene Roddenberry was trying to warn us about when he created The Borg as the quintessential nemesis for his Star Trek franchise; after all, art does imitate life. 
I think the archons have overlooked a couple of key things here, and the most important is I don't think they saw the internet coming.  If they had seen it's potential, they'd never have allowed it in the first place.  Now, they're working feverishly to come up with ways to take it away from us, and if we allow that to happen I feel its gonna be Game, Set, Match.  We really don't have a lot of time left before everything gets way more interesting ... and terrifying.  Our "leaders" have long ago sold us out to their masters from another world; so we know they ain't gonna be much help, not that they ever were.  We seem to be living in a universe where life forms pretty much go around doing anything they want to, despite how it affects other life forms.  Mostly it seems, there is little or no 'oversight' anywhere, which has led to the way things are here on earth. 

OK, two can play at that game!  You do know, that we have the perfect weapon to defeat the archons.  It isn't germs like in "The war of the worlds" and it isn't some secret hi-tech army or anything like that.  The weapon which can defeat the archons can be found in great abundance, everywhere on this planet.  That is why they work around the clock to hide, destroy, conceal and disempower it.  Everyone can use this weapon, in fact we're all born with it pumping inside our chest.  The resonance of unconditional love, and the frequency of forgiveness are energetic vibrations the archons cannot literally destroys them, as we have come to understand the term. 

Try occupying a house against the owners wishes, and the only way they could fight back was a loud, shrill siren you were unable to silence.  How long would you want to occupy that house?  Love has that kind of effect on the archons, which is the exact reason they are trying to turn earth into a hateful place.  As I understand it, these archons are fragile, inorganic creatures who are pretty much the dregs of the galaxy.  They've been banned or run off by every advanced sentient race in the milky way...only the Zeta's and the Orion syndicate will have anything to do with them, as they are at their essence ... deceptive cowards.  Maybe we should see about taking our planet back from these quislings before they sleepwalk us right into oblivion.  I don't know about the rest of you out there, but I for one believe it is time.....

"Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands,
              hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats."
                                                                                 ~ H.L. Mencken~


Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other