Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Archon Endgame


People are finally starting to ask the right questions.  "Why are we killing the planet, and ourselves?"  Questions such as this invariably lead to the slow, gradual acceptance of the answer, We aren't, but someone else certainly is, and they are known to us despite generations of hiding in the shadows as they manipulate everything to their advantage, their agenda.  For countless generations they have played the long game: dumbing down & distracting the population, as they quietly went about strip mining this planet.  You might have noticed how a few years ago most of the pretense and subterfuge fell by the wayside, and those in control became more belligerent and "in our face" about things...hell they are openly boasting about it nowadays.  The matriarch of the Rockefeller dynasty recently said "If my boys didn't want there to be wars, there wouldn't be any!"  How is that for in your face?  My point here is simple:  we are witnessing the rollout of the Archon Endgame.

My goal here is just to provide a contextual overview, to help folks better understand what they see happening across the planet as our archon overlords continue ramping up the new paradigm for all of us.  Certainly we humans are one of the resources of value to the archons or else they would have just terminated the experiment and us along with it.  We represent a renewable resource for these slimy and cowardly creatures, but just now there are way too many of us, and that has always been a problem for them.  Getting to be an even bigger problem as more of us wake up every day to the ugly, unpleasant reality I speak of. 

Population Control

War has always been their primary tool for managing our numbers.  An excellent way to execute the best & strongest of our youth, our warriors.  Historically they manage to keep a few small wars going pretty much all the time, somewhere or another, and toss in a "crowd pleaser" world conflict every so often for good measure.  Well, all that is out the window, as the new paradigm is ~ Permanent, continuous War!  Not only does it boost the military-industrial-complex economy nicely, benefiting warmongers everywhere; but it also kills off a bunch of "Useless Eaters" as Henry Kissinger once called us everyday average joe citizens.

Even with continuous war across the planet, there are still way too many of us who need to be neutralized, so they have these various ways and methods for getting us to turn on each other.  After generations of conditioning, programming and brainwashing, it has become an all too easy scenario to set one race against another everywhere possible.  You can see the excellent results of these race conflicts & killings every single day on your Television set...after all, that's why they invented it for us.

They squash and censor the idea of loving one another wherever the concept has the balls to show up....But the gun selling business is having it's best year ever, and they manage to tell us so every damn night on the news and in the paper and even online, saturation fear mongering.  If you are constantly in a state of fearful paranoia you are much easier to manipulate even further, and much more likely to embrace violent self defense....go get your gun before they're all gone.  Hurry now!  Everyone's doing it!   Just more marketing & brainwashing BS!  Every American gun manufacturer, and there are many, is producing brand new guns off the assembly line every day, about as fast as they can.  No shortage of guns, just brains!
 Still not enough humans dying on a weekly basis even with all the wars everywhere, gang killings, serial killings, and fear killings going on; which is why they've added something new, just for the endgame festivities, the pressure cooker.  First they geoengineer a nice heat wave complete with pressure dome over large parts of the country, then let a racist killer walk free in an obvious case of murder, simmer to a boil with media hype & coverage...and hope for a full-scale riot.  The pressure cooker gambit doesn't stop fact it's just getting started; because the new paradigm calls for things to become so bad so quick that the average citizen can take no more, and they begin filling the streets with murderous the thousands ~  and then Millions.  They call it the self-cleaning oven scenario.  Coming this summer to a neighborhood near you.

First they spray & poison us until we're too sick & apathetic to resist them, much less fight back, then they begin poking, prodding & aggravating us by all the insane laws, insane cops, & greedy banksters who are out to steal your savings account.  "Oh that could never happen here" you say.... Well friends, Cyprus was a trial balloon to see if people would revolt, or just take the shafting one more time.  They are experimenting to see just which series of dystopian, draconian actions will result in the massive, full scale riots they are trying to trigger.  If I am wrong, then please explain to me why DHS purchased 2,700 urban tanks, and millions of rounds of ammunition for the thousands of new assault rifles they just bought!  What is all that for?  It's for rolling up on all the rioting & pissed off Americans, making it easier to kill in great numbers with great efficiency, you know, just like in war!  For those who were too smart to get caught up in the riots there is the new domestic drone program so you can be tracked by your use of technology, and dispatched with a hellfire missile at the whim of Obama.  Relocation centers for all the rest, and railroad cars with ankle chains to get you there safely.

Terraforming Earth

 Geoengineering is a fact getting more difficult to dispute every day.  Oh sure, there are those soul-less shills who seek to usher ignorance & stupidity to the highest possible expression, and so, will say even the most moronic things, but fortunately only morons believe them.  So, yes; they changed global warming to 'climate change' - but it is real, and getting worse because of geoengineering and Terraforming.  Europe is 40 % irradiated from Chernobyl, and God only knows how much radiation is coming from that still active nuclear volcano Fukushima - and he's not talking.  The Pacific ocean is now irradiated from constant dumping of radioactive cooling water directly into the ocean. 

Everything being done at Fukushima & in Japan is against the law, and a crime against humanity.

Everything being done by BP in the Gulf of Mexico is against the law, and a crime against humanity.
These are just two of the more blatant examples of the wholesale genocide being waged against us.  Why do GMO foods-like-products, and FRACKING enjoy complete immunity from laws, regulations, and lawsuits...just like the illegal use of Corexit on the Gulf spill?  The long list of dangerous and carcinogenic chemicals used in underground hydraulic fracking is top secret, "proprietary" as they say, sorta like the recipe for the colonels chicken.  Yet they claim there is no danger to fracking near water supplies...even though you can light that water on fire!!  But it's not harmful.   Simply moronic!

They are geoengineering the air we breathe with the massive, global chemtrail spraying program.  Again. what can be plainly seen in the sky every day, is flatly denied, ignored and not spoken of.  How is that for in our face?   Fluoride in our drinking water.  Virus's in our flu shots.  And God only knows what they put in that GMO food, (He's still not talking) but considering the G stand for genetic I think we can safely assume its unsafe for human consumption. They are scraping the entire tops off of mountains for the minerals, then clear-cutting the forests for every last tree.  They are privatizing fresh drinking water, and just recently, Spain privatized the SUN, imposing massive fines on anyone illegally harvesting photons!!* 
How about now, is this up in our face enough yet??

Our archon overseers first interfered with our genetics back when we were busy wiping the Neanderthals, our genetic forbearers, from the face of the earth...and perhaps even earlier.  Now they are hell bent on once again altering our genetic sequences - and species.   The third phase of the archon endgame is to once again 'adjust' human DNA - this time in an obsession to create a species of Nano-genetic hybrids and they even have their own logo, (h+ or H+) and magazine.  Bet you didn't know that.

It began as it always does, with innocent sounding promises to improve human life. However as we now have seen, Transhumanism is anything but innocent with it's dark desire to create and mass produce digitized, optimized, and marginalized human beings, blurring the boundary between technology & biology.  How do you feel about that microchip being injected under your skin, or the unblinking eye that looks back at you from your Comcast box?  How do you feel about mandatory vaccinations for your children, the ones they won't say what it's for?  How comfortable are you with all these questionable technologies being forced down our throats...literally??  Simple DNA splicing wasn't enough for these empty bastards, now they are obsessed with actually installing nano-circuits within DNA itself...why??? 
To what unholy end??

I suppose it just wasn't enough to do all they have done to the human race so far ~ they just gotta see where they can take it, how far they can push the hybridization of mutation.  For those who are still dealing with memory issues, this is the exact same kind of arrogance that destroyed Atlantis.  Here we go again folks!  Perhaps this is what Gene Roddenberry was trying to warn us about when he created The Borg as the quintessential nemesis for his Star Trek franchise; after all, art does imitate life. 
I think the archons have overlooked a couple of key things here, and the most important is I don't think they saw the internet coming.  If they had seen it's potential, they'd never have allowed it in the first place.  Now, they're working feverishly to come up with ways to take it away from us, and if we allow that to happen I feel its gonna be Game, Set, Match.  We really don't have a lot of time left before everything gets way more interesting ... and terrifying.  Our "leaders" have long ago sold us out to their masters from another world; so we know they ain't gonna be much help, not that they ever were.  We seem to be living in a universe where life forms pretty much go around doing anything they want to, despite how it affects other life forms.  Mostly it seems, there is little or no 'oversight' anywhere, which has led to the way things are here on earth. 

OK, two can play at that game!  You do know, that we have the perfect weapon to defeat the archons.  It isn't germs like in "The war of the worlds" and it isn't some secret hi-tech army or anything like that.  The weapon which can defeat the archons can be found in great abundance, everywhere on this planet.  That is why they work around the clock to hide, destroy, conceal and disempower it.  Everyone can use this weapon, in fact we're all born with it pumping inside our chest.  The resonance of unconditional love, and the frequency of forgiveness are energetic vibrations the archons cannot literally destroys them, as we have come to understand the term. 

Try occupying a house against the owners wishes, and the only way they could fight back was a loud, shrill siren you were unable to silence.  How long would you want to occupy that house?  Love has that kind of effect on the archons, which is the exact reason they are trying to turn earth into a hateful place.  As I understand it, these archons are fragile, inorganic creatures who are pretty much the dregs of the galaxy.  They've been banned or run off by every advanced sentient race in the milky way...only the Zeta's and the Orion syndicate will have anything to do with them, as they are at their essence ... deceptive cowards.  Maybe we should see about taking our planet back from these quislings before they sleepwalk us right into oblivion.  I don't know about the rest of you out there, but I for one believe it is time.....

"Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands,
              hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats."
                                                                                 ~ H.L. Mencken~


Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other


  1. Oh boy, would I like to comment on this. First practically everything that you speak of above is happening. Poison in; vaccines, food, water, the very air we breathe. Same goes true for the world government. It is a nightmare of mind control and deception. What I have questions about is whom is actually responsible for this?

    People have for long pictured reptilian or spider like beings from other planets as the bad guys in fiction and non fiction beliefs. People fear certain creatures on this planet that bring them harm, a type of primeval fall back. The fairest of anyone in the universe could be hideous in physical appearence and the really rotten people could be the ones that resemble or are human beings. Shape shifters would picture themselves as the most frightening images to humans.

    How do we know that there is even such a creature as an archon from another planet? Maybe these are demons that are like that Jack the Ripper parasite in Star Trek that simply feeds off of strong human emotions.

    Could it be just human beings that have figured out how to control the masses? It would not be the first time. Could there be a type of very elaborate hoax out there to make people think that demons or beings from other planets are the culpuits. In reality it is just a ruse to take everyone's attention away from the real enemy and real problem at hand. Look how magicians accomplish this by taking your attention away from what the magician is really fooling your senses with.

    The theory of unconditional love is a positive one, but does it always or most of the time work? There are plenty of times when a person of pure peace has been butchered. Case in point those poor little children in Sandy Hook by that devil. Self defense is some cases is the only means of stopping an attack. The simple fact a lot of human beings are criminals because they are on drugs, not because of some demon or archon, just because they are messed up in the head. Others are just too much like the vicous chimpanzee, genetically cursed. Someone that is going to hurt or kill needs to be stopped, and this means self defense from what so many call the evil gun.

    Unconditional love won't work when a terrorist is setting up a weapon of mass destruction to kill hundreds, running your car into them or shooting them is one of many answer to save the innocent.

    Back to the archon. Besides the words of people what proof can we say that these archons are even real? I mean so many people condemn those that believe the ancient words of the Bible from post stone age people, how can we take the words of people now that archons are real? Isn't what that is being said is based on the faith of other people that these things exist? How can I or others go to the bank on a premise, or is there some undisputed proof of these monsters?

    Sorry for playing devil's advocate, but as you say often question everything. How can I or others base what is being said about archons to be any different than the faith of people going to Sunday school every week believing that the son of everything in all universes sent his only son down to be tortured and killed all so a bunch of humans could be saved one day. Please enlighten me and others on the irrefutable proof that archons are the ones responsible for this and it is not just some really deceitful humans that have figured out a way, just like a magician, to completely divert us from finding out the actual truth.


    1. Realist~
      You have a raft of good ideas, and valid questions. The devil's greatest trick is convincing people he doesn't exist, which I suppose qualifies for advocate status, indeed. I ask no person to blindly ingest my words, ideas and theories; but rather allow them to spark their own curiosity, seek their own truth, in whatever container or wrapper they are most comfortable with. Indeed, question everything. I offer no dogma, just directions in which to point your questions. And, when you finally discover your own answers thru whatever process you trust the most, you will curse me for sugar-coating it.

    2. This is a serious topic and deeply complex. It's been going on for
      several thousand years and those who hold dominion overy this planet
      are NOT, in fact, aliens in the way we think of them. Not at all.
      They are instead, a "companion Species".

      The interpretation of the ancient Gnostic texts by John Lamb Lash are
      an excellent start in addressing these important questions. He has done several interviews on Youtube.

    3. You are correct and Lash's book Not In His Image is excellent!

  2. @ Chautauqua. I will most certainly not curse you for finding the accurate and real truth if and when this happens. I will just be grateful. No other torment is worse that not knowing where you stand and whom is the enemy. I call it fighting shadows not knowing from whence that shadow came from. Did you ever see the Star Trek Voyager episode in which Kes was being told what energy really was? The more advanced telekinetic person said to her that energy is not evil or good, it only changes matter. She was also telekinetic and fried the garden that she had been tending realizing that this was a result of her own thoughts and the energy used was simply there and all around her.

    What I am getting at is very thought provoking. Could it be that what these higher beings are interested in human beings learning is not of hate and evil or its opposite of unconditonal love, but just plain awareness. In other words we made these beings into either demons or angels through our own thoughts. They all could just be as neutral or lacking any maleviolence or kindness, just they want to teach the "monkeys" how to not trash everything around them and mess up their cages. I have always wondered if these spooks that pop up are a manifestation of the human mind. Like they say that Poltergeists are created from people going through adolescence.

    I have wondered about some people that are abducted that have had very pleasant experiences with all different types of beings, and the opposite where someone is like a very frightened animal that can't think straight to reason that the ET is nothing but someone from another place. Many people will freak out at a grey person because they look like a giant praying mantis ready to eat them or something. Most people if they woke up with a lizard person trying to be kind and understanding would immediately think alligator and the classic death roll. While the physically beautiful humanoids could be the one with the cruelest of all experiments.

    Of course you could be right and these archons are some parasites that are the scourge of the universe like some pin worm. I personally want to know the truth so I can handle this and stop battling speculations.


    1. Ahhh Realist, "Say the magic word and win a hundred dollars!" ~ Thank you for using the word PARASITE as it was the one descriptive that best describes the archons...and I noticed I neglected to use it myself. I can identify with your struggle with speculative thinking, and the often indecisive nature of the quantum multiverse. Sometimes we are much better off if we can just be content with not knowing. Sometimes we just simply don't get an answer, which is a valid lesson in & of itself. True wealth is measured by how many things we can just leave alone.

  3. Thanks for the usual insight, Chautauqua. There are very few people who have reached these conclusions and spoken out about it. The archons definately want to bring humanity down. I believe they are in fact envious of us as we are able to carry and reflect emotions that they will never have. We should in fact pity them but they are unable to carry out their plan without the assistance of corrupt humans who have sold their souls to wealth and power and therefore sold out their fellow humans to this alien race. I believe these humans have become homes (ie bodies) for this evil intelligence and once taken, they are never able to escape. Despite all the pain and suffering they are causing, and what is coming, these corrupt humans have now become "soul-less". This may sound strange, but could it be possible that we should also feel compassion for these aggressors? (including the parasites themselves). We are all a type of life-form. For humanity to ever wake up now, perhaps these parasites are here to give us the wake up call we need when all else has failed. These are just a few thoughts to ponder on! The death of our soul is so much worse than any physical death as the soul is eternal. (Diane)

    1. Hi Diane~ Indeed the parasitic buggers hide out within willing, and sometimes unwilling humans. There are several, if not many Sci-Fi type series & movies which feature small, parasitic creatures who infest a human body to then control it. Stargate franchise comes to mind, as well as the classic, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"- and in between them, over the years, the theme keeps popping someone trying to tell us something, a warning or perhaps a gloat?? Like I said Art imitates life, and life consumes life.

  4. Teacher once said that most of adult mankind is in diapers acting like adults... So yes the poltergeist makes sense... we have very few "responsible" adults on the planet and that number is slowly growing as we wake up. Remember the old but true sayings - fighting for freedom is like screwing for virginity. The only person I can change is me. Want to make a change in the world? take a look at the man in the mirror. We are only responsible to ourselves...don't crap where you eat. If you aren't happy you are only arguing for your limitations. The road to freedom is fret with limitation... choose choice. Unto yourself Be sovereign NOW! and then, be sovereign now and then, be sovereign now... keep making this choice. Yes, it will mess up your left brain... but only because your left brain IS messed up. Your mind will automatically default to your right brain. Free you right brain, have more fun. Your right brain is directly connected to your heart. The heart is where intelligence is.

  5. For a year or so I have been going rant about a contest between half a dozen initiatives by mad scientists to see which one can most effectively wipe all human life off the planet. It has become almost obsessive with me. Nuclear power, Genetically Modified Organisms, childhood vaccinations and "allopathic medicine” generally, planetary geo engineering through “chem trails” and HAARP. electro magnetic radiation, space based weapons platforms and don’t forget the loonies operating the Large Hadron Collider which caused concern among some scientists and observers that it might split the Earth in half.

    Well, as you might imagine, it came as something of a surprise to me when I ran across this post at the Augureye Express which I was not familiar with before to discover that I am not the only one who has become convinced that there are other forces operating. I was further amazed that this person has identified the Archons who were identified in the ancient, Knostic, Nag Hammadi texts discovered in a cave in Egypt near a town by that name in 1945. Much of these texts was devoted to explaining how to deal with these timeless evil entities who had inhabited our solar system from the beginning. As most of you know I am not making this up.

    Most of you will likely write this off to the continuing delusions unstable minds If, instead, you are intrigued by this bizarre notion look up John Lamb Lash and The Archons on Google and You Tube. I know some of you like a good sci-fi yarn. He has made something of a career out of translating these enigmatic writings. In the meantime, enjoy watching the continued implosion of civilization on Earth and try to come up with a more rational explanation for our apparent rush to extinction.

    1. Excellent ideas, and excellent input, right down the line.
      Thanks! Hang around...much more to come.

  6. War does not lower populations. It increases them. People come back from wars and breed ten times the children they would have, because of the FEAR of a heir not surviving.

    1. Ken~ Perhaps you are right; however it has been my experience that war kills multitudes much faster than intercourse can ever replace them. To replace those lost to all forms of warfare over just the last 30 years (a generation) the rest of us would have to be bucking like funnies around the clock for many years. Then you have stuff like agent orange, and other chemical toxins which reside in a persons fatty tissue. The exposed vets go home to civilian life, get married, loose weight which then activates the toxins, thus also contaminating both the wife, and any subsequent children. That is genocide, the war that keeps on killing. Your logic was right on accurate right after WW1 and maybe even WW2 - but in todays world it just doesn't hold water.

    2. Ridiculous suggestion Ken---that's the same silliness that has been used by hunters, saying that the animal population get stronger if they shoot off the weak and duller members of the herd--so it follows by logical extension that if they shot them all, that would be the best thing for the herd?? Yours is just a silly belief you've formed without the aid of any real stats or logic applied--get a brain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I beg to differ with your observation that they did not know the internet was coming - they did, and they created it. The trans-humanism reality is somewhat different from the speculative model, the actual one is nearly complete: think google classes and cellphones. The goal was never to create robot humans, but to create a human race that no longer can think for itself, but requires the internet system to think for it.

    You see the cellphone zombies everywhere, they move 5 or 10 feet before checking with "internet control" on what to do next via the flickering screen. They stop at the car at street lights and check in, they interrupt normal human connection/converstation to check in once a minute. Now, with google glass becoming all the rage, they'll have accomplished what they set out to do - eliminate critical thinking and replace it with the computer overlords guidance.

    They could not wait for the internet to be in play, they waited several thousand years for this. The information consumption is so the simulated reality computer can learn more about us, and in turn, project more effect reality controls. All the information being consumed by the alphabet agencies goes right to the main computer controller, to teach is how to manipulate us.

    They love the internet, they just want to make sure we only use it in the way they want. Like addicts who are full on addicted to the good stuff, then the dealer slowly weans everyone off the good to the stomped on and keeps them stuck for life.

    1. Anony~ So... if I understand you correctly, Archon Command is actually Facebook?

  8. Dude,

    You might want to rewrite this piece
    and begin by defining "archon."

    CHEERS :)

    1. A nony mouse~
      Dude, you might want to check the list of related posts and read MY two previous posts on the subject, before you make absurd suggestions about how I should spend my time. Cheers back on ya :)

    2. That's the problem with "internet writing." People are lazy and substitute links or "previous posts" instead of defining and explaining what they're writing about. So I didn't mean to ruffle yer feathers. Just sayin... :)

    3. A nony mouse~
      You sir, really crack me up...accuse me of being lazy when you yourself admit to being too intellectually lazy to read posts you don't even have to search for. If I repeated information contained in previous posts, each time I posted a follow up, boy, would that ever get why we invented blogging. You just need to wait a couple more years, then you can have it all uploaded to your brain at the transhuman supermart, until then, unless you have something cool to share or offer...quit wasting my time!

  9. Archons are slaves of the Orion Empire, damn dirty reptiles. Maybe the reptiles will invade the Earth soon and we can take a few with us. They cant make it to where were heading for a longggggggggggggg time.

    1. Maybe, just maybe; we are supposed to elevate the archons to our level with unconditional love and forgiveness, and then take them with us when we head on out for home. Not all reptilians are evil turd blossoms, just as all humans aren't Karl Rove! There are those who transcend their matrix, and are quietly helping 'our side'. And no, one of them is NOT Geraldo Rivera.

    2. Hi Guys,
      Majik here, This response touched me so I though I would chime in. My guides have been very, very, clear on one point. Let go of all preconceived ideas or judgements. No one species is all bad, or all good. We are all in this mess together. No matter where you came from (galaxy, or inner earth); if your awareness is here (in this reality) your processing your heart chakra b.s. We are ALL making our choices to process our hate and move on to a better reality without it, or stay a bit longer to keep healing our hearts. That is Gia's job. She touches out hearts, and helps us to move past all prejudices. I don't believe anything can exist in your reality if its not some part of your soul. If you don't like it, it's time to look within.

      Isn't the Divine smart.. I just love the ALL/life.

      Take care of yourself,and all those around you.
      Love only..

    3. ~Majik~ Elegant truth - Elegant Multiverse. Gratitude, & Namaste.

  10. All the speculation of the Archons makes sense to me but we must realise that it still remains speculation. I suggest that we must work with what we can factually verify.
    Start looking at the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion - a very old document stating precisely what is happening to us now.

    Then visit and see all the proof necessary to know without a doubt who sits behind EVERYTHING. Ok these may only be puppets but that remains speculation. We can identify names and faces factually and see who is playing us so successfully.

    To deal with these SUPER PARASITES will take love - love for our real kinsmen. The ones they want to eradicate to leave one mongrelised "human race" that is easy to manipulate - just a grey shadow of the humanity that achieved all greatness on this planet.

    After identifying these culprits (which had been successfully done by people like Dr Duke) we must begin to call a spade a SPADE and enlighten everyone about this. Their useful tools will always react negatively but then we should not waste time to debate with them - they have already identified themselves.

    We must stop playing along with their agenda and IMPROVE ourselves in all ways: Spiritually, Physically and Intellectually. We will actually begin to function SUPERNATURALLY (our true heritage).

    Then be guided with our newfound abilities what to do next ( I doubt that it will be to love the SUPER PARASITES and their tools).

    I just know that this world can ONLY be a better place WITHOUT them and their henchmen and lower parasitic tools)

    Some of you might know what I mean and I hope and pray that those of you will increase in quantity AND quality. Remember that your most sophisticated software can only function in the BEST designed hardware.

    Do not underestimate the value of your genes and please do not dilute it but also remember that the power of the spirit can overcome a genetic shorfall. Just dont make it even more difficult for yourselves by diluting what your forefathers fought hard for to preserve. It is not yours to squander and give away. ALL of humanity will benefit from it - most of them just dont realize it yet.

    Keep up the good work

  11. Hi Chautauqua, just found your blog on OV. Great blog and great and interesting topics,

    I have a blog that touches on everything from real life experiences to science, metaphysics, to fantasy

    If you wish to check it out I will be back to read more of your entries here.

    1. Cindy~
      I have a couple of sprites that hang around here from time to time. Actually they live in the redwoods outside my window. When I want them to come around for a visit, I leave a bottle cap full of honey for them.
      I like what you've done with your site, looks great. :)

    as to you comment above...letting a racist walk...just sayin. lily

    1. ~ Lilly ~
      Yup, seen it, GR8 piece, and he speak to my point that we are being prodded, goaded, and pushed until we hit the breaking point, and revolt. It's what they want. What we SHOULD do, is organize a massive world wide riot of LOVE. I wonder what would happen if for just a single day, everyone took the day off to express love, to offer love in the face of hate, and faith in the face of fear. It would change this world overnight. No matter what happens next - RESPOND WITH LOVE.

  13. I don't know about reptilians/aliens/archons, but I do know that there is something that feeds on our negative energy. It started by taking over our religions, and moved into our governments and schools and entertainment industries. (Isn't that that most barren of all industries?) Now that it has succeeded in making Western civilization hate all middle eastern people, it is turning it's attention to dividing from within. As a gay person, I am disgusted by how we are now being used to fuel more hatred. Yes, I want equality, as much as the next person, but it doesn't take a genius to see how the totally cooked up Gay Rights Movement is being used to fuel more divide in the world. It's just one more example of how they use our own fear of differences to provoke hatred between us.

    Love IS the way, but as long as people refuse to turn on their TVs, refuse to stop reading Hollywood/media bullshit, refuse to question their respective government, and most of all, refuse to THINK, I despair at ever seeing things change.

    1. So well said, spot on - bullseye!
      Such an elegant response. Turn off the TV, Media and fear machine.
      As the old saying goes - be careful what you wish for.

  14. Hi Chautauqua,

    (Althea here) Great post as usual. Interesting that spell check on blogs doesn't okay the word, "youtube". Perhaps no one is in control of the Internet. To paraphrase the book "E.T. 101" available to read online for those who like to do homework and have their heart/minds blown open at the same time, "E.T's are those of us who love Planet Earth. Aliens are those of us who don't." Agreed, it's pretty easy to detect who is who in those definitions, however, I also agree that conversion is possible, but, either way, unfortunately. And note to Realist, again, from aforementioned book, "You are the truth." Breathe, everyone, and if you can, please do some snorkel laughing. Love to all, A.

    1. Althea~
      According to Morgan Freeman some aliens are actually time travelers from the future who are here role playing "12 monkeys" because that is the only movie which survived into the future.

      Infinite diversity with infinite complexity ~ we are ALL one. Deal with it folks. The beatings will continue until morale improves.

    2. Hi Chautauqua,

      (Althea here) I hear the sequel has the 13th monkey making his-her grand entrance. Hopefully that will be before "youtube" becomes "you are a tube". And just in case anyone is wondering, yes, I do take Planet Earth's situation very seriously, but today I have been asked to smile for and on behalf of all as One. Love IS regardless of what happens and don't forget to remember who you are and call home. Love, A.

    3. Althea dear, I keep calling home but they refuse the long distance charges nearly every time. I don't think they trust my motives. Ha !!
      What if this is all a holographic construct playing out in some archon brat's Holo-player...and he's too cheap to shell out for the upgrade? Love, C


  15. "This great evil, where's it come from?
    How'd it steal into the world?
    What seed, what root did it grow from?
    Who's doing this? ~ Who's killing us?
    Robbing us of love & light. Mocking us
    with the sight of what we might have known
    Does our ruin benefit the earth?
    Does it help the grass to grow
    or the sun to shine?

    Is this darkness in you too?
    Have you passed thru this night?"

  16. The JWO are making up stories to fool the new-agers today with stuff about reptilians in pockets in the Earth's crust, taking over people's minds telepathically, and I reckon the JWO were doing it thousands of years ago as well when they invented the scapegoat of the Archons, to pass off as the perpetrators of what the JWO is doing.

    Those people were just as smart, manipulative and cunning back then as they are today.

  17. Hey brother.
    Busy around here these days.
    Just going to say that I appreciated the recents topics.
    And do not be swayed by low vibrations.

    Be at peace.

    1. Brother Wander~
      Hoping your busy allow you to prosper. The low vibrations don't bother me, they come from our brothers and sisters who also want to heard even though they know not of what they blather.

      Peace is a constant choice, in each moment, in every situation...until it's time to take Mencken's advice.

  18. I think the extraordinarily difficult part for those that are awake is, as awake as one is, we all still do not know the exact who, what, why, etc. Excruciating at this point, as (I believe someone said earlier), it's like punching shadows. What do we do, and who do we direct what we do at?

    Then there's the surreal multi-part reality which includes things such as:
    Doesn't is appear as if all the activism in the last few decades hasn't made the tiniest dent in "their" plans? Shall we continue with it? Doesn't it appear that anyone (and amazingly EVERYONE) that gets close to speaking truth is immediately taken out by the crazies? Shall we continue, a la Michael Hastings, Philip Marshall, et. al.? Doesn't it appear as if hundreds of millions of people still cannot SEE the blatant psy-ops, lies, chemtrails in thier faces, etc.? Shall we continue trying to awaken the masses?

    I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience. That being said, and given the above, what type of human experience is this? We're here to create, learn and remember, right? So, doesn't there appear to be this massive (archonic) fly in the ointment, which has been here a super long time, screwing it all up for us? What do we do about it? What CAN we do about it?

    It's difficult to have this human experience when one is awake to all of this, unable to help others wake up, and then on the rare occasion you do, then what? Then come the who, what, why questions that we cannot even answer. Yes, we can give the "human" zionists answer, but even then it defaults back to - what do you do about it? Write your congressman? I don't know the answers, none of us do. And so it goes, around and around and around ....

    Hoping for the black swan event very soon, a hard reset, so we can (hopefully) shift somewhere, somehow and maybe, just maybe, have some answers, something we can then use to create something magnificent for future generations.

    1. No, my friend: we shall not cease our efforts to awaken & enlighten our brothers & sisters, that would be giving up. Since these archon slime are everywhere, we don't need to do anything more than project unconditional love, outward to the entire planet. Energy follows thought- if you "think" or program your pulse of lovelight to encompass the entire planet, it will. If you program it to shine brightest on Archon entities, it will. This is how we fight back; by remembering who we are, and going for the elegant, simple, bloodless solution. As I said in the post; they will leave gladly and fast when we decide to turn up the resonance of love. It has to work, it doesn't have a choice. We do, however. Will we take our house back?

    2. Chautauqua -

      I hear you, believe me I do. It goes back to what you had written a few posts ago, something I meant to include in my words above - look at MLK, Ghandi, RFK, JFK, Lennon, etc. etc. etc. The message of love, so they "had to go". Or those that stick their message out for truth - they "got to go".

      I had this conversation with someone a short while back. I dig the love message, all about that, trust me. Though I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that after seeing SO MANY beautiful people killed for trying to spread the message of love (and truth), and then, even on top of that (if that wasn't enough) to see that, at least in this 5-sense reality, the world hasn't inched one iota in the direction of love since these magnificent preachers were taken down. In fact, we are in the bowels of the opposite consciousness. Not even like a two steps up, one step back or even a one step up, two steps back! More like, one step up, 15 steps back...

      Then there's what I write above in my earlier comment. Just throwing thoughts out there. Taking all this into account, outside of faith in the message of love (and I know that's where it's at), is there ANYTHING tangible we can look at in the last century which shows that these men, and their message has had any effect on humanity?

      This is not a defeatest attitude, just that of a frustrated realist, looking for any scrap of evidence to say we're moving forward as a species.

      Love the blog, and your writings.


    3. CGF~
      I can so certainly relate to how you, and so many others are feeling, especially stronger these last few months. It's coming to a 'head' so to speak. We must remember that not only are we out beyond the reach of history...we're also no longer in 3D resonance vibration. We've been in the lower tiers of the fourth dimension for roughly a year now...perhaps longer. This is why nothing we once relied on seems to work any more. We need to adapt to this new resonance, and understand it is where we are supposed to shed, and overcome our negativity, and need for violence. Consider 4D a bit like re-hab, or decompressing after a really deep dive - it's just part of the homeward migration.

      Looking for something tangible in this place to hang our collective weary hearts on seems like a tall order~ but here goes. First of all, all the "old white men" are dying out, so is their entire paradigm. What they built will not be rebuilt, a new way of being in blooming across the planet, epitomized by folks like Larken Rose (YouTube)and several others. One person at a time we are rejecting the dying status quo, and that is what we are's death throes. It is my sincere hope that some very intelligent and gifted Indigo children, and crystal children are quietly working out the details...and it ain't on twitter, or facebook. There IS evidence we are moving forward as a species, but it is steadfastly denied and concealed as soon as it emerges. "They" want very badly to promote the idea that we are not making spiritual progress, it's why I call it the great shining lie. Look for it, the signs are everywhere, you must train your mind to see them. Namaste.

    4. Yes Chautauqua, that's the challenge - how does one operate in 4D when surrounded by a mass locked down in 3D, all rolled up on a planet where nothing is sane (even from a 3D perspective!). Perfectly round peg jamming into a perfectly square hole.

      I hate amusement parks, but if there was one that had a "blue pill ride", I'd love to take that for a few minutes, just enough to reminiscence on the good ol' (fake) days. But yes, in my heart, I know that the future that awaits us all will be one that will make the "good ol' days" seem like a life lived barely alive.

  19. @ mothman. These entities have been around as far back as the Australian aboriginals (although they went by a different name). Aboriginal people had whole areas which they would not inhabit for this reason. Some of those areas are still taboo for them today. The existence of these beings is not a pleasant reality and is very scary to many of us, mostly due to the fact that we have been conditioned to believe in only a 3D reality. Maybe, if we accepted this reality, we would then be able to deal with it. We are helpless to deal with something that is so foreign to us unless we accept it first. Chatauqua has mentioned unconditional love. Maybe that is the next step. Let's face it, the love is all we have! (Diane)

    1. The prophet John Lennon taught "All you need is love"~ and they killed him for it. The message is doing just fine, we miss ya Johnny.

    2. There are plenty of multidimensional entities, and there are 14 different planetary planes in this universe, of varying grades of spiritual consciousness according to the vedic scripture, Srimad Bhagavatam.

      Some of these dimensions pass right through each other, just being faintly perceptible under certain conditions.

      I am sure that all kinds of trespass and predation are going on when it comes to the lower orders of beings who are encroaching on the more demigodly planes, and this chaos is happening more and more during this chaotic time of Kali Yuga.

      Sure, some heavily ignorant and violent type souls can invade this plane en masse from time to time, and such incidents have been recorded in vedic history.

      At one time, a demonic (the vedic term for atheistic) king, Maya Danava, from one of the lower planetary systems, Talatala, second from the bottom of the 14 systems in this universe, attacked this planet, in a multidimensional spacecraft as large as a city that would appear seemingly from nowhere in the sky and confuse the earth soldiers below by suddenly vanishing again and reappearing instantaneously elsewhere in the sky.

      There have been settlements of beings on this planet from other systems, and various peoples on this planet have recorded how they originate from other planets.

      Atomic weapons were used against this planet in Earth's past, that have left radioactive scars in Harappa, India, in Ireland, and other parts of the planet. The names Danish, and Danube, are indicative of areas where Danavas, or demonic beings from the Talatala planetary system settled on this planet, and they came to live peacefully here eventually, with Lord Krishna even employing them to build palaces for Him because of their excellent architectural skills. Atomic war was fought all over the solar system, and not just on this planet.

      There are no beings that do not have souls, and all beings originate in the highest possible planet, Krishna Goloka, as jiva expansions of Krishna Himself, with those who forget Him from time to time being termed demons, or atheists, whenever they turn away from God, so that means that every being on this plant is a demonic entity, in this place of spiritual forgetfulness, this reform school for the fallen demigods. And when they turn back towards a loving relationship with God again they are once again termed demigods, and return to dwell in the spiritual planets, till the next time they choose to explore different lifestyles that is.

      Krishna, as our communal Higher Self and Lord God can give us spiritual security, providing the divine resonance of perfect love and harmony, as the spiritual 'tuning fork' of all beings, as the spiritual sun who, rather than just giving us physical sight of this dimension, of these ephemeral mayic material bodies, gives us transcendental light and vision of our true eternal transcendental forms and natures, effectively functioning as the greater part of our self-cognitive faculty, as the communal head of the entire spiritual body of all souls throughout infinitude, with every soul eternally having Krishna dwelling inside them, no matter whether they forget Him, as demons, or remember Him, as demigods in the spiritual planets.

  20. The one thing I have not seen mentioned here is consciousness. I'm not speaking of human consciousness/awareness, but the consciousness from which all things have taken form. It is not really a 'thing' or an 'energy' just 'is'. We each have our own consciousness. This consciousness is an knows everything. It's the gap between's the zero point. Consciousness dreams. We, as individuals and collectively are one of the dreams of consciousness. Have you ever had a dream so real you could taste, smell, hear, feel and love? Then you 'wake up' and realize it was ALL a dream? I learned all this about 10 years ago...and have come across some broad hints of it a few times. David Icke states it in some of his books. There is a nursery rhyme that says 'life is but a dream'...and so when I start to fear and get angry and try to figure this crazy world out, I always come back to the dream idea and feel deep in my heart that this is the bottom line truth. Why can't we all 'wake up' in this dream and change the dream? In the meantime....I'll keep 'rowing my boat' very 'merrily down the stream'!!! But I must say, it's been a very interesting dream!

    1. Colorado Jo~
      I like your thoughts on consciousness existing in the gap between thoughts (and breaths) 'Waking life' is the true dream, and when we dream, we are participating in our "real, authentic life" - consciousness is everywhere, below the sub-atomic level all the way down to the plank level- we find consciousness at work. We are the multiverse expressing itself as a human - for a little while.

  21. so a blog read by a few hundred people is going to stem the tide of history? what dumb game are you playing at?

    1. Actually the clicker is currently sitting at several thousand, and climbing- and I stand a whale of a better chance of stemming the tide of history than someone who is so lost and lonely all they can manage to do for attention is to troll the websites where things are happening, and express their obnoxiousness. Since you are so very intelligent, I'm sure you already know what I would say to you in person, so we'll leave it at that.

    2. A few hundred or a few thousand, we all learn from each other's responses, that is important for the people that do visit the site.

      I thought and thought about this all night about what is really a way to battle evil, whether that be the archons if they do indeed exist, or some demon. I really think it is that treating one another fairly is the absolute best way of avoiding conflicts and feeding whatever parasitic entity is out there. The feeling of injustice against another is extremely powerful for driving hate.

      You cannot force acceptance of anything on anyone, including unconditioanl love philosophy, and the real problems that demons enjoy is when people get into the personal space of others that cause much conflict. It is the personal freedom of someone to hate someone for the color of their skin, their religious belief, their nationality, as long as they don't act on it. People can detest others' life styles, as long as those life styles don't endanger others or prohibit others enjoying their life styles. The moment we set up the word it is WRONG for someone to dislike another for whatever reason, we set up that scenario to make another comply with the way you think or worse the way society feels that someone should thinks or believes. Someone can loathe another group, but if they simply hate and never do anything about, another group doesn't have to defend themselves, the archons or whatever other evil loses without that act.

      I saw something on South Park once that said it is not about acceptance, it is about tolerance. Now we have this government interference in which you have to act a certain way or you are considered a bully, racist, a bad person. People are now being told the way they should behave, feel, speak, and think. Perfect for archons, lucifers, energy worms, whatever name you wish to call them. As people told what to do act many times out of rebelion and thus conflict, violent at times. The evil cannot function without conflict, and if everyone respected one another and treated each other with fairness even if they hated them, no conflict, no food for the leeches.

      Fairness towards others is way more difficult than unconditional love because it requires someone to feel unemotional towards another, just do what is right and just for yourself and another at the same time, including the society as a whole. Giving yourself to what is right and not taking what you know is wrong. I know welcome to the planet Vulcan. It would work though and such energy suckers would have to go elsewhere in the universe that would be less barren to eat. Probably a pipe dream as people are too engulfed by self interest and by their own idealisms to just adopt a policy of fairness and tolerance. Maybe in 10000 years or so.


    3. ~Realist~
      For someone who claims to struggle with all the subterfuge (as we all struggle), You certainly have an eloquent take on things, and an almost spooky understanding of the human psyche. You add a nice depth to the conversation. Thanks & Namaste

  22. @ CGF. I hear you so well from someone that feels exactly that way. You look at which animal in any group is targeted by the animals wishing to make a meal of them and it is the weakest or the least willing to defend themselves. Those that want to spread the word of love and peace are big fat targets to those that don't want this. They want chaos and they want conformity. When someone loves themselves they want freedom and not be lead around like a animal on a short leash. Those people like Martin Luther King preached this and it got him a bullet in the head.

    Unless someone is willing to back up love and peace with a stick, they are going to become victims. I know this is science fiction fantasy, but someone that always preached peace but backed it up when attacked was Master Yoda in Star Wars. You only use your light saber for defense, not aggresion ever. Another classic individual was that Happy Days character Pat Morita in the original Karate Kid. Karate is used for defending yourself not for attack.

    Sadly what has befalled so many that taught pacifism was that they did not usually teach that it is okay to protect yourself. I have no idea whom Christ was 2000 years, but it was likely he was cruxified for the same philosophy. Like you say, has it gotten the human race any further? There is digression rather than progression towards something that results in any unity.

    You look at the Treyvon and Zimmerman thing that should have never happened that divided the U.S. I was not there but there is talk about that Treyvon was on Lean, a mixture of Skittles, Waterman Arizona drink and cough syrup that makes a person nuts. I use to eat those Skittles and when I took cough syrup when I had the flu many years ago it made me feel very strange. I Googled all pictures of Treyvon to see what I saw and this was in my opinion no way some innocent little child. I looked at pictures of Zimmerman and his head and face had some bad injuries to it. The media distorts this by showing photos of Treyvon when he is 13 years old and innocent looking to boast ratings and cause more hatred. The truth of all of this is forever distorted for evil purposes and it is probably better to let the whole thing be dropped.

    This goes on and on with the gun issue. I read an excellent piece on another blog that because of the strict restriction on guns and anything else to protect yourself even mace, with over in England the violent crime rate is 4 times that of the U.S. Forced pacifism causes 4 times the suffering in UK. One step forawrd and two or three steps back like you say.

    I enjoy facts and it just "don't" add up. Blame other beings sure, but human beings are suppose to have minds to think and reason with that separates them from the beast, or more kindly the animals. Yet it is worse now than a century ago as each year our liberties are raped from us and we are FORCED in compliance with those kings that tell us how to behave, say, breathe, and even think.

    What is the answer. I feel that the one issue is not love, nor hate, it is a simply little adage that is common with most religions yet hardly practiced, do on to others as you would have them to on to you. In simply terms, be fair and have a conscience. To me fairness wins out over everything, back it up with force or silent non violent disobedience, whatever, being fair to others should be the ultimate goal.


    1. Good thoughts, well put. I agree that these seemingly subtle things - things like being allowed to defend yourself, do unto others, etc. have been neutered out of our existence. The world we see today is proof of that. We are called heretics today for daring to suggest we are allowed to defend ourselves from our "benevolent protectors", i.e. the psychopaths that run the show. And "do unto others" - hah! The new normal is lie and screw everyone over, as much as possible. Seriously, this is the new accepted normal, which we have been conditioned to accept and actual defend. Just look at our society. It's all about inverting and turning upside down everything that is good, beautiful, logical, etc.

      I'll add a third one, and this one is huge - truth. NO ONE is allowed to speak truth anymore. It's bizarro. Thank you main stream media. People nowadays, I feel, actually want to be lied to. The truth makes most bizarrely uncomfortable. And since EVERYTHING we are being told is a lie, it all gets reinforced, almost exponentially, by the day. Great example - 9/11. After all of this time, all the facts in the world don't matter a lick to those that refuse to hear truth, and need to continue to hear the lies.

      So take all of this above into summary account, this is the world we see today, and why it is so difficult for us heartfelt, loving, truth-telling souls to exist. We are wandering amongst hundreds of millions of others who are coming from the exact opposite space. Now think about this from a 1960's context; back then there wasn't yet this massive dumbing down, this massive Orwellian tyranny, survellience state, lie factory, etc. etc. So someone like MLK, even if you didn't agree with his message would come across as normal, passionate, a human being. Today, imagine! He'd be looked at like a nut. Daring to suggest equal rights for blacks, what a nut job!

      Today, we're up against not only an enemy that is beyond well-equipped to do what ever they want (chemtrails, etc.) or shut down anything they want (Occupy anyone?), but a global population in the billions that is pushing the envelope on embracing their own slavery, and then asking for more.

      But yes, hundreds of millions are waking up from their deep slumbers at the same time, this is the amazing part of the story, and I suspect the one that deep down in our souls we know will be the deciding factor in turning the tide. Interesting times ahead, indeed.

    2. CGF~
      You just got a lifetime ticket to ride the express, since you express so elegantly, my friend

    3. Majik here~ No one needs permission to protect themselves or their young, and if you need ask permission; then your line will become extinct... Even the perceived gentlest of the animal kingdom will fight to the death to protect themselves and their babies. I don't believe Jesus was teaching people how to be suckers. Just how to maintain your integrity. Gandhi chose non-violence to prove his point as antithesis to the violence his country was experiencing. If you had slapped his child, I bet he would have slapped you back... Let's have some common sense when promoting the non-violence factor.

      Just say'in Mother deer protecting her fawn from a dog.

  23. Sending love to these "archons" does not change them, they feed off of this and become stronger.

    We live in an energetic paradigm where if one only treats the symptoms, like feeding the poor , and not removing the cause which 99% of the time is political, it actually empowers those causing the problem, so most people's version of helping actually causes harm.

    It is not an act of violence to cull the herd.

    1. I never said sending love would change the archons...I said, it would destroy them and drive them off our planet.

      How do you get "treating the symptoms" from my post - never mentioned it as a solution, or 'helping' the archons.

      If you really believe that culling the herd is not an act of violence, I suggest you get your self up onto Youtube and check out Larken Rose. After hearing him speak, if you still believe culling the herd is non violent, then I will expect you to be leading the herd, and smiling.

      What post are you guys reading-keep putting words in my mouth and see how that works out for ya. This is a troll free zone friends. Sooner or later, you WILL come to realize that. Blessings.

  24. Why do you have to accept the idea of the "Endgame"?
    You got the word from A. Jones, anyway, who is an apparachnik of the Controllers.

    We, Humazns, have the power to change all of this.
    There are MORE of us than there is of THEM.

    We've got the power to make it the "Beginning Game," for us!

    1. Firstly, if you are referring to Alex Jones, then your psychic pill has worn off because I NEVER listen to him, at all; so there's that. Where ever did you get the idea I accept the idea of an endgame...did you read anything past the title and masthead photo? Of course we humans have the power to stop this madness, I said that in the post as well...are you trying to get my job? You say we have the power to make this a "beginning Game" ~ and stop there. Don't keep all of us in suspense, go ahead and amaze us with your solution to the problem. We can state the problem in as many different ways as possible...what we need are answers and solutions. Good Luck.

    2. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Alex Jones did not invent the term 'endgame" - Enlarge your bubble, or it will smother you!

  25. then let a racist killer walk free in an obvious case of murder, simmer to a boil with media hype & coverage...and hope for a full-scale riot.

    Thank you for your opinion...and contributing to their cause...I really get tired of this manipulative bull shit from people who are 'supposed to have it figured out', may you find your planet, and I hope soon.

  26. Two minor points: The war quote (if my sons did not want war we would not have war) came from the Rothschilds (or am I wrong)? The second: archons are inorganic and cannot live on that why we are seeing terraforming?

  27. Such a great topic and very interesting comments and replies. I do understand the thing about energies and love and all that ,a lot about it all mentioned here.
    I miss a certain thing though that is quite important to throw in here,........ Freedom, total and true Freedom, that is also one of our greatest gifts and power.

    The issue is not only about love which is a creative force ,it's also about the total freedom to use it together with a fully functional consciousness, and the will to create to bring life to whatever can be imagined ,but in a constructive and sustaining way, we just have to look to nature for that, freedom ,love ,growth ,creation it's all there and even beyond, it is on a micro and macro level .

    The 'bastards that wanna be' use love too ,for their own kind that is ,to a certain level, and they love to siphon from us,to control us, they love us to be fearfull and divide and be confused, that's what they love, what makes them tick.
    Freedom is in its utter total state a scary thing, with it comes a whole lot of responsibilities, with love ,will and consciousness in account as one whole package.

    At this moment people living in the western world are prisoners of a system that's long outdated and running it's end. The PTB know this ,and also know that every structure has to evolve if it wants to continue on living, even a twisted system like this matrix we are in.
    A whole structure is in place for that ,build in a hundred years time with technology ,so they can continue using us in this whole new system they concocted.

    So called ´time´ is short, as the universe (which is a construction of consciousness) is waving in with new energies ,that happen to be updating our
    consciousness in the process ,so is our grasp of freedom , more and more people become conscious of living in a matrix prison , that is where technology comes in to keep it under wraps and keep doing what they are doing in a 2.0 world.

    Yes, technology have given us good things but also the bad because technology is just technology it's indifferent and nothing new, it exists already for eons, it is how it's used that makes the difference.
    Right now it is being used against us to rob us of our freedom, not just freedom in our day to day lives but on every level you can think of ,this matrix we live in is mostly a construct for the mind, a program learned from childhood on ,to curb our freedom from early on, so they can make us follow al the rules and regulations they can think of from the start.

    It comes in handy to have administative regulation for running things like traffic lights for safety on the roads etc. but to being thrown in jail for collecting rainwater ,peacefully protesting for a livelyhood or for growing certain plants in your backyard, that's where logic, rules and regulations end.
    That is not freedom, vote for one party over another is not freedom,to choose between a red car or a blue on is not freedom.

    To be and live how you want to ,to love and grow how you want to, to explore and travel where you want to, to experience and feel what you want to, that is freedom, but mind you....thou what thou wilt without harm to life.

  28. I do not have a profile listed to post so though Anonymous I post as Rathruput

    Not sure where to start - maybe the middle and work out? Another big bang goes:

    First, I am grateful. Thanks Chautauqua for providing this roundtable for the knights to assemble! Peace be with you....

    Second, I am humbled by insights of others here who contribute. I learn much from your wisdom and honor your questions.

    I agree we ARE all in this together - the great lesson in this period it seems. This shift in perspective - that what I do not only elevates or diminishes my "self", but also contributes to the energetic quality of the larger "self" we share, is fundamental to our arising in the greater society of Light. Our physical (phi-cycle) body seeks balance (homeostasis); and likewise our energetic body seeks this, (thus the mechanism of kharma or "just recompense of the law" in western Christian terms); so it follows that the collective consciousness and other larger "selves" that we are a part of seek balance as well. Certainly we make ourselves inappropriate "food" for cryptoterriestrial fare if we choose to anchor and magnify the loving presence that is our source of being, and hopefully they will depart. There could be more to it.....

    Follow me down a genetic rabbit hole I've pondered lately for a second:

    My phi-cycle body is the living presence of all my ancestors, and what I do elevates or diminishes the energetic quality for that body of genetics. (Some call this our "soul family"). What I do, then, unfolds any latent potential that exists in those genetics - good or bad.

    It appears many unknown species have contributed to our genetic makeup as a species. Since we carry this mix of genetic material - and genetic material is halographic by nature, we carry the POTENTIALS of ALL those genetics - benevolent or not; and depending on our ability to love, we activate the most elevated (genetics) among them with our loving intent, and essentially "leapfrog" past their lower evolutionary states as we activate our own higher states with infinite love awareness. Can it be that the higher potentials of all genetics are ignited/activated by the resonant field of love and that by our activity of love we actually offer more life energy to manifest as the higher potential of ALL genetics we possess? In other words - through our ability to love we affect those genetic fields of the beings we got them from and contribute to THEIR higher state of being as well. What they do with it is their deal. As you said in your previous post - all we can do is blaze love on them bright and intense as the brilliant sun and see what happens......


  29. It's 26/03/2014, while the Archons have DUPED most into following the Gregorian Calendar (which is proven to be inaccurate & being about 15 months OFF!!), so don't let them get you down, as the end of 2012 happened a few months ago! And the DIVINE PLAN, is going just fine.

    On another front, I recently read a comment on a hollow orb website about "how to find the actual south polar opening". Here's how;

    Go to the south pole on Google Earth 7 (or 6), then shut off the cloud patterns. Fit the continent so it fits the screen. In Windows 7 & 8, open up the Magnifier App, then click on the gear symbol, then select turn on color inversion. All the snow & ice will turn to earth-tones!

    A sink hole over 800 miles wide & nearly 600 miles deep will appear under a giant green bird. Scroll to the center most point & see an opening, last measured to be almost 9 miles wide with many white angels flying around.

    And the Archons? They are no where, to be found.......

  30. I take most of this information in as true apart from the manipulation of words to mean the opposite of the reality. Gay is not Happy anymore, wicked is not evil anymore. We have a meltdown of linguistics of epic portions. I would like to know, not being aware of this blog till now, how the term 'arch' got labeled as a detriment by whomever. An arch is a support, and adds stability to something. This is why an archangel is a leader of angels as in the 7 Archangels. I have had personal help and assistance at attaining harmony and balance in my life and AA Michael is surely a helper of humanity and not a parasite. This is my personal experience. When I speak of the overshadowing of mankind by evil negative forces I use the terms luciferian or satanic and it seems to me that the best way to undermine the power of our true helpers here in the lower dimensions is to muddy up the water of language so that white becomes black, Gay becomes whatever, rainbows are now 'gay' and not the lovely sight after rain. This satanic move to disperse true meaning from words is what I perceive here. The negatives use this trick to slowly dissolve consciousness of language of its integrity. It colors the real Angel helpers of mankind as demons just the same way that all ETs are demons to fundamental Christians. All 5th dimensional beings of uncountable societies are fully in the Light and termed Christed civilizations, that word meaning to represent a spiritual station as in an attainment of full consciousness and without any darkness or evil. The landscape you reveal in all this information seems pretty much on but to associate this term Arch to evil entities looks to me like a move by the darkside to disempower the Archangels, which wont happen by the way, but it will turn many away from offered help in our struggle against the sinister forces of evil on this world. You shall know them by their fruits was said by a holy one long ago and it seems a fitting admonition now when so much integrity is being lost to fogbound perceptions brought about by destroying the true meaning of things.This is not a personal attack on anyone but a warning that some things may seem right to a person but just like the sweetness of aspartame the end is poisonous.

  31. In this Wizard of Oz like situation on this planned existence, what is up is down, what comes around goes around, what says one thing in actuality may mean another thing, the words today and before are mighty swords that allows for the tongue and pen too cut us all deeply beyond the bone to the essence within, we hurt everything around us with our thoughts manifested through words and then our actions, this is an watchtower heirarchical (higher archy) ozmandia, we are the actors it seems in this world play, but didn't the actors expose the deceptive wizard in the end scenes too finally end the play? Life is in an theater it seems all around, perhaps the simplest notions in the nursery rhymes have the real truth in them folks, our dreams are manifestations now. (: