Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Tis the Season

I knew it was going to be a bad week when two different light bulbs burned out the same day, taking out both my desk lamps.  As they lay there alongside each other in the trash can the twin dead light bulbs kind of spoke to me; so what follows is part explanation & part translation of that message.

My PTSD frequently keeps me up all night these days; there is a feeling in the air that something is about to happen and I somehow need to bear witness when it goes down, so I'm back in news hawk mode.   I can feel it out there, like some unseen predator about to pounce on unsuspecting prey...

I didn't have long to wait...It was the recent shootings in Red Bluff, California. I know a few people in that community and it's where my best friends call home.

Everywhere it's just guns, guns, guns.  We are swamped and inundated with the details of so many shootings every single day we have to numb ourselves to it lest it incapacitate us.  America has become a shooting gallery carnival ride, and its just another part of the grand scheme to lock us into a fascist dictatorship once and for all. Senseless random shootings are increasing almost as if by design, it's part of a larger plan intended to take "us" our of the equation.  Just one of several pacification technologies currently being used on citizens around the planet.

Have you noticed that the future isn't being built, it's being destroyed?  Everywhere we look all we can see are decaying systems falling apart.  We see "wars and rumors of wars;" & we're seeing still greater chaos coming at us as the captains of industry continue poisoning the environment unabated.

Psychopaths & sociopaths are having a field day, whether stalking their prey in our neighborhoods, or the halls of government; they seem to all have the immunity idol and never seem to get voted off the island.

We are five years into this age of Aquarius paradigm and finding ourselves seeing and dealing with the death throes of the Kali Yuga. 

Wherever greed and lust for power have enjoyed their time at the top; they are now falling in upon themselves and clawing for survival.  You can see it every day.  Not only is their day in the sun coming to an abrupt end; they don't know how to stop it or fix it.  They don't even know that they can't stop it.

To Get Along, Go Along

Take for example increasing number of powerful men being outed and losing their career over sexual misconduct and worse.  There's a new one almost every day.  Whether its the entertainment industry, politics; the houses of government or the world of business & finance.  There is even a urophiliac sexual predator/rapist in the white house oval office who has over 15 female accusers, and his day too, will arrive when he must answer for his wrongdoings.

"When you're a star they let you do it;
you can do anything,
Grab 'em by the pussy"
                                ~ Donald Trump ~

Trump is the quintessential schoolyard bully, being that; to conceal his many flaws and insecurities; and I suspect it is the same with all male sexual predators.  Trump is so typical of those who feel privileged above and beyond the rest of us.  I wonder if he is aware that the way his face contorts when he is pleased makes him look like he drank a glass of mad hatter bladder splatter?

This mindset of sexual abuse has been ingrained in our business, politics & government for so many decades, as just an extension of the domination of women in our culture. 
Look at all the products that depend on exploiting scantily clad sexy women to sell, and nobody seems to care much about how that influences our male dominated culture.  What do you suppose are the subliminal messages young boys & girls are getting from hyper-sexy commercials?

Sexual harassment in politics is so rampant that female staffers at the white house and senate have long had an informal "creep list" of  over 50 politicians to avoid being around. To say that sexual misconduct is rampant in the halls of American politics is not an exaggeration; our history is full of it but let's just look at some prime examples like Ted Kennedy (Google: Chappaquiddick ), Senator Bob Packwood, Anthony Wiener, a whole separate list of men who predate on young boys and of course our last vice president Joe Biden who has a long history (with photos) of very inappropriate touching, groping, and general all-around creepiness.  The reason he was never publicly accused, humiliated and fired is because he was never in a position of any real power.

We kind of expect it when some vile politician gets busted for being a sexual predator; but it's a different story when one your favorite actors, singers or role models turns out to just be another creep.  Puts us into re-evaluation mode.  In the two months since the Harvey Weinstein story broke there have been multiple accusations levied against another 18 men in politics and entertainment, including Matt Lauer of ABC news.

We have predatory business practices, predatory banking & predatory marketing
so why get upset over a few sexual predators to round out society to the least common denominator?  It is simply amazing what we get used to, and what we allow to pass for normal; and it is what sickens the soul into a spiritual depression nearly impossible to reason ourselves out of.  So we do our best not to think of it.

Don't Rock the Boat

It's almost as if the Harvey Weinstein story hit at exactly the right time to cause the flood of other predators being outed in the bright light of day, watch them as they squirm like the vampires they are.  This is not just a weird coincidence or synchronicity, as I said previously this is the end of the Kali Yuga, the falling down time for the Piscean age; and mark my words, we're soon going to see more of these cascading revelations as one after another, the old paradigms crumble beneath the gravity of their own corruption.

Another example of how the old paradigms are dying and falling is when the people of Alabama decided on the side of decency by rejecting [by a narrow margin] pedophile Judge Roy Moore's run for the US Senate.  Sending a sexual predator of young girls to the senate when others were being forced out for lesser [but equally unacceptable]  misconduct was just too much. 

I was astounded to see so many Alabama residents interviewed who didn't have a problem with Moore's attractions to their underage daughters.  Can't help but wonder if Roy's supporters would be so supportive had he been after their teenage sons instead.

Unfortunately it will  be some time yet before we can start dancing in the streets to celebrate the fall of the system, we still have to survive until the downfall is complete, and what comes after.  there will be more mayhem, more chaos as the dying paradigms try to take us all down with them.  Bless them, then release them, but do not get caught up in their devious mind games and doublespeak.

We're in dystopian time now, where cognitive dissonance & Cassandra syndrome call the shots.  Feelings of powerlessness pervade as the majority of us sleepwalk thru life with the mentality of a battered housewife, unable & unwilling to find our own voice for fear of losing what little we have left. 

Why is it that the one thing most endangering the future of every living human is the one thing nobody wants to talk about?  It wasn't mentioned even once during the entire 2016 presidential campaign.  It is never mentioned in the "news" media despite being the most important story in modern times, perhaps ever.  Doesn't that strike you as being disturbingly odd?  We intentionally exclude the subject of Fukushima from our stream of consciousness because we know we can do nothing about it.  Thinking about things we're powerless over brings a certain  kind of stress to the soul, not so much the mind ...if only stupidity was painful and radiation was visible; we would be living in  a much different world than this one.

I was 14 years old in 1963 when Buddhist priest Thich Quang Duc set himself on fire in Saigon to protest the communist takeover of his country.  That level of total commitment made a most indelible impression on  my young mind.  As I watched it on live TV the purity of his soul moved me, and no doubt helped shape the person I became.

We just don't see that level of commitment to anything these days, I guess its gone out of style.  Maybe it just takes more than that to shake us awake from our slumber nowadays.  How about you, is there anything so offensive to your soul that you'd burn yourself alive to protest it, to try to force change? 

So we come back around to those  two burned out light bulbs in my trash can, we're losing light... we're going backwards into depravity instead of forward into enlightenment. We're insanely still trying to power our planet with a finite supply of oil from the ground; when we should be using the infinite supply of solar power.

 I'm so tired of this consensus reality that seems only to produce people who are impervious to reason and strangers to empathy.  So tired of the willful blindness to effects and legacy from Fukushima generations from now.

At the recent Thanksgiving dinner table, after the main course, conversation turned toward the recent wildfires; and how grateful we were to have been missed by the flames.  We talked about how total strangers were laying everything on the line to help people they didn't know.  Then someone asked, "Why aren't we that way all the time?"  Pretty interesting question, don't you think?

On any given day its just as likely the same people being heroes one day would have run you off the road the day before.  We have become distrustful, disdainful and intolerant of our own species, in all it's many forms: unless they're injured or in harm's way, it seems the only time we consider their souls. 

But drop a decent emergency or disaster on us, no matter how nasty and we rise to the occasion, and become our brothers keeper.  Why only then?  What gives?  Why would it be so hard to just be that way all the time?

So here we are in the land of 200 dollar blue jeans and restaurants so expensive the food eats you.   While it keeps our focus upon the eternal rat race, beneath our notice & concern, the system literally drowns our children with all forms of violence in all forms of entertainment media; so they'll consider it as being normal in real life.  Conditioned and programmed. 

We shouldn't be living this way, and we know that.  But who stands up to change it?

What specifically & exactly is wrong with us?

T'is the season as they say, when our hearts and minds are filled with peace on earth and good will toward men.  Why just a few days at the end of every year, instead of all the time?  Isn't it just pretending, if we only think spiritually at the appointed times?  Aren't we all just pretending when we know life isn't supposed to be this way, but silently partake in it anyway?

Those of us who have been playing midwife trying to help kick start the age of Aquarius
have been at it for a long time, all the while understanding we're dealing with cosmic changes which move at glacial speed.  It hurts our souls to see the many atrocities being carried out as the old ways die and the new world emerges from the ashes like a phoenix.  It brings a certain world weariness the Germans call Welt Schmerz, a kind of sentimental pessimism that leaves us fearing for the future.

Mayhem surrounds us with police killings of black youth without punishment, spree killers, serial killers, the on-going street executions of policemen.  Something is wrong with our society, it's been wrong for so long that we are lost when we try to deal with it rationally. (you can't)  It's an affliction of the soul that we become acclimated to, and that is the source of the spiritual depression that has a death grip on joy, peace and happiness.  Still more horrifying is the sure knowledge that the world our children inherit from us will be all the worse for our unwillingness to dismantle the system

Just this week I watched two different, unrelated videos of policemen killing unarmed black men.  One was the shooting of Walter Scott by Michael Slager who emptied his gun into Scott's back as the youth ran away.  The other video was from a recent incident in San Francisco where a rookie cop murdered a black man who was on hands & knees begging not to be shot, the rookie killed him anyway.  Former officer Slager is going to jail for 20 years, but the rookie got off, his shooting ruled as "good".  The message this sends to cops is simple, shoot on sight, Just don't shoot them in the back.

 I sometimes enjoy watching Stephen Colbert's late show, and especially so after another recent shooting event.  He used a tiger as analogy for this epidemic of public shootings happening weekly across this country.  He asks wouldn't we band together as a village to figure out a way to end the violence if a tiger was attacking it every week or so?  Yes, we might defend ourselves somehow, or maybe some other remedy; but we wouldn't just continue to sit silent and still watching the carnage continue would we?  another good question!

"Never compromise, not even in the face of Armageddon"

And still, everyone goes about their pitiful little lives as if all this is somehow tolerable, or normal; as if they don't feel at the core of their souls that things aren't supposed to be this way.  We don't dare acknowledge to ourselves that a better way to live exists, because if we did it would drive us to the peak of insanity.

Last week I was watching the evening news just to see how horrible to feel, and after the usual nonsensical crap, they began talking about a world war 2 veteran dying in a video tape at a nursing home.  I couldn't believe my eyes, watching the dying mans nurse in the same room turn her back and ignored him as he begged for air.  The worst part of this story wasn't the cruelty of the nurse or the death of the Veteran, it was the fact that this was the human interest story at the end of the newscast!  This year we have enough Welt Schmerz to go around, plenty for everyone.

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"We're Not Powerless"