Thursday, February 28, 2013

Video of the Week: FOOD FIGHT


I Just found this compelling video on Zen Gardner (see Link Below!!)
and He's right; this needs to go viral.  GMO foods are an assault on all of that CAN be turned around, but only through Awareness and Unity.  Please spread this around.  I know people don't like being woken up, but WTF the hour grows late, so wake them up.  

Until Next time,  Be Good to Each Other
Parasite Alert

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Face of Pernicious Evil

As a child of the baby boomer generation, there were just so many things that caught my attention and interest that it seemed I could barely keep track of them all.  The one I never mis-placed, the one thing which held me spellbound like no other was sitting out in the back yard at night staring up at the Pleiades cluster in the constellation Taurus.  To be sure, I knew the names of most major constellations; I absorbed everything I could find on the subject.  Humanities first steps into space only fueled my desire to learn about the subject...toss in Captain Kirk, and there was no hope for a normal, decent career in my future.  On any given clear night I would be out there in the back yard...just staring at the Pleiades and listening to Wolfman Jack on my tinny sounding little transistor radio.  At some point, my wonder of the seven sisters was nearly eclipsed by the growing question of just why was I so drawn to this one group of stars, and although it took some time for my head to acknowledge, my heart always knew it was home.
Maybe that was why following the topic of flying saucers seemed so very natural to me, even though many folks used humor & ridicule to conceal their ignorance and unease with the subject.  Seriously, it was almost the sole topic among the comments others wrote in my senior yearbook back in High School.  Humor, it's always been one of those devices we humans use to conceal how we're really feeling about something.  We are conditioned to hide from un-popular beliefs and our own fears almost from birth.  Of course the conditioning must be constantly re-enforced, which very coincidentally brought about the advent of a television set in every home, motel and hospital room.  

Now a real marriage made in heaven is public ridicule of the UFO subject and official denial of same.  The only trouble is that the damned things won't co-operate, and just keep showing up.
The way I saw things at the time was; if there was nothing highly unusual going on, why all the censorship & secrecy?  Why would the government spend millions of dollars setting up Project Blue Book  to investigate something they maintained did not exist?  Naturally, a single vision powered my pursuit of the UFO enigma, the experience of actually seeing one.  Having had that experience several times now, I can tell you that every time you have it, you know you are gazing at something not of this world.  I'm not talking about little lights in the sky here, but the real deal, up close & personal, slack-jawed with awe-stupefied-like-a-statue, real deal. In fact, it is the overbearing sense of reality that mesmerizes so when we see these things operating with impunity around our world.  The moment you first see one of these craft you just know inside that the government knows too, and the reason they deny it so strongly is because they can't do a single thing about it.  Between the absurdity of the official party line and the amazing reversed engineered toys they come up with it doesn't take too long to realize the government not only knows about the visitors...they're working with them. 
 So, for over 60 years now (in the modern era of UFO's) we have fallen back on our generational conditioning to help us accept the official line about life elsewhere; even as something within us feels a strange, nebulous familiarity with the whole idea, like a half remembered dream.  Because its easier, we buy into the consensus reality provided for us, never daring to question its validity, or even peek beneath the window dressing.  We tell ourselves that we're accepting this consensus reality because we don't wish to be labeled as a kook or conspiracy nut, we have our reputation and status to think of after all.  However there exists another, darker reason why we avoid the topic. Once you accept that all major governments are working with beings from other planets while lying their asses off about it; you're pretty much stuck with knowing they are up to no good...which soon enough leads to the epiphany that the government is a Childs puppet show designed to provide delusion within the illusion.  The purpose of government is to protect the truth with endless circles of lies.
 As it turns out there is a pretty convincing body of evidence supporting the idea that travelers from other worlds have been showing up on Earth with regularity since we were still drawing pictograms on cave walls.  A great many cultures across the globe have legends and heritage indicating "Star Gods" and "Sky Gods" coming down from the heavens to teach the Earth children.  Stranger still are the numerous  sites around the world having stone monuments so huge and complex we cannot duplicate them with today's technology.  A handful of rogue archeologist's like Graham Hancock are repeatedly showing us the proof these ancient sites exist, many of them under hundreds of feet of seawater.  Why do such things as forbidden archeology & forbidden science even exist in our culture?  A better question is, who is it that doesn't want these kinds of facts to become common knowledge?  Just like someone didn't want the contents of the ancient library at Alexandria to spread to common people, so it was burned & partially destroyed...four times!  The very same pernicious evil responsible for that, is still hard at work today, trying to prevent enlightenment and truth from reaching the common man, and much worse.
Foremost among the forbidden knowledge it seems, is that the 'sky gods' did a bit more than just teach the children of Earth.  They also mated with them, bred them, & tampered with their DNA to accelerate evolution just enough to make these primitive hominids  useful.  What these off-world visitors did to the human race some hundred thousand years ago, is little different from humans domesticating wild pigs; so they may be turned into a renewable resource.  In the ancient Vedic text, the, Mahabharata  there are stories of a great war in the heavens which many scholars believe included atomic weapons.  What about all the recurring evidence of advanced technological civilizations on earth, pre-dating our own turn at the wheel?  Who were these previous civilizations, what became of them, and why can't we know about it??   Over the centuries, pernicious evil has trained, conditioned and programmed us to not ask such questions, indeed, to not even think such questions.
Twenty years ago David Icke was ridiculed, mocked and generally disregarded for his information about the alien agenda on Earth; Today he fills sports stadiums with people anxious & eager to learn from his wisdom.  Coming to this understanding doesn't come from reading a few books, for those are just the jigsaw puzzle pieces.  Only when you have collected and placed enough pieces does the image begin to take form.  Its a lot of things, really, people like David Icke, and Graham Hancock as well as many other notables doing similar research, its the things we see going on that only make sense if you factor in an alien, off-world agenda. 

Why would humans, (no matter how psychopathic), poison our environment with radiation, crude oil & chemtrails and put cancer causing GMO's in our food?  Answer, they wouldn't, and they aren't.  These things are being done by the same cold, calculating pernicious evil that has controlled the course of events on this planet for thousands and thousands of years.  Evidently the talking monkeys figure things out after enough time goes by, and they revolt, and have to be put down, hard.  No problem, pernicious evil is patient, and will begin all over again after each mass extermination, uh, er, extinction event. 
 It would indeed be a shame to have to scrap the current batch & begin again considering how close humanity is to the perfect unquestioning slave mentality.  I think that is what the trans-human agenda is all about, finding a method of absolute control; otherwise, well, there are an awful lot of us, and ya can't exactly burn down the internet as easily as the library at Alexandria.  It was one thing to keep humanity in a state of arrested development back a few thousand years ago when mankind was spiritually asleep.  As the years slowly ticked off to the time of the great awakening, pernicious evil began tightening the coils of its serpentine grip.  Is it any wonder alcohol is legal while the substances which unlock and free the mind are 'controlled' and illegal?  Why does higher education have to be priced out of reach for all but the chosen few?  Why did NASA cancel the shuttle program without having a modern upgrade ready to fly??  Why is it that any scientist or teacher who strays from the normality of conformity is ridiculed & excluded?  Why does the fight for human rights have such powerful & un-ending opposition?

 Pernicious evil is having some problems with humanity now that we have crossed over the threshold of evolution that is the great shift of the ages.  Just like 'they' never counted on Abraham Zapruder in Dealey plaza, 'they' have also failed to account for a number of factors here, at the dawning of the age of Aquarius.  Firstly, they have failed to anticipate how humanity would react to the shift of the ages.  They somehow didn't understand that these higher frequencies awoke something in our DNA to prepare us for the shift.  Imagine their surprise when they first saw so many waking up from the illusion...imagine their confusion now that the awakening is nearing a critical mass.  They were safe enough back when we believed the Rothschild's and illuminati were behind all the pernicious evil, back when we had a human face to put on our enemy. 
Have you ever noticed how it is that when we set upon our fellow man, the first things we see and fear are the differences?  There is a reason for that, and it's the second thing "they" have forgotten.  Hating others is not a natural state for humans.  Don't ask me to prove it, it's just something my heart knows, OK?  Fearing & hating are taught, and for countless generations, humans have been taught to fear & hate those who are different.  Now, clearly we are making progress recovering from that, and other (anti) social programming, and that worries those who tend this blue-green garden.  Like weeds, we are making their job harder.  Some of us want to take the garden back, but as long as we can be ridiculed & marginalized we aren't much of a problem; unless everybody sees the true face of the gardener, and that the cash crop is us.

Just like Neo in the Matrix, none of us want to believe that our culture our energy and our future are being dominated, harvested, by malevolent alien entities.  We don't want to believe it, so we don't, I guess that's the nice part about free will.  Pernicious evil doesn't want to work any harder than necessary to keep the talking monkeys manageable, so it exploits this natural tendency to self-delusion at every turn.  The more separation and chaos, the better, so our attention and interests are diverted with Pavlovian  perversions and outright mind control.  As long as we get the latest update on the bad girls of Hollywood who cares that virtually no news coverage of democracy revolutions in Iceland and Greece aired in this country?  We don't want to believe we are just so much livestock for some soul-less galactic harvesters, so we don't.  Do ya ever wonder what cows think about all day?  We deny the ugly truth despite seeing & hearing the evidence repeatedly because accepting it also means relinquishing hope.  How exactly does that work: 'there's still hope as long as you pretend you don't know the truth'??
Think for just a minute back to the dark ages.  A period of almost a thousand years where humanity made no progress whatsoever, total stagnation.  Now imagine where we might be with our understanding of things if that little setback had never happened.  If not for that, the black death, and a good war or two every generation, hell we might have colonies on Mars by now, except, oh, yeah...of all the hardware sent to Mars by the U.S. & Russia, the vast majority have either failed or just disappeared.   Hmmmm.  What about the "face" on Mars at Cydonia?  With so much interest in that spot wouldn't ya just think NASA would go back there for a better look?  But they never have...maybe explains why their name is an acronym for: Never A Straight Answer.  While I'm at it, aren't we all supposed to have personal jet-packs by now?  Where is all the eye-popping scientific advancement "Popular Science" predicted...Arrested development, that's where.  As long as we can be bought off by smart phones and tablets and kindles we can seemingly be relied upon not to question even the most obvious examples of high strangeness.

For those still reading at this point the news does get some better, all is not lost, far from it.  There is a reason why these off-worlders haven't stripped this planet bare and made house pets out of us, they aren't allowed to!  Evidently there exists in this galaxy, some advanced beings of light who have placed Earth in a kind of 'protected planet' status, defending it from all forms of pernicious evil.  As I have come to understand it, this group of benevolent beings who some refer to as the brotherhood of light, originate in the Pleiades cluster, and have been protecting Earth as best they can down through the ages.
Evidently this bunch of renegades from Orion and Zeta Reticuli have managed to violate the cosmic restraining order and interfere with us in some big ways without drawing much heat for it.  Maybe the Pleiadeans know this interference will fail, and in the process help bring about unity here on Earth.  Or perhaps their 'prime directive' prevents them from acting until we accept responsibility and act on our own behalf first.  How about this: Perhaps the genetic engineering was done as a joint operation between several races, an experiment to see what would happen, and maybe we are just specimens with iphones, not galactic citizens with any rights?  Still feeling special?

Whatever the state of galactic politics, it doesn't diminish the pressing problems we're facing here on Earth right now.  After seeing people fill the streets in protest over the Vietnam war our alien overlords began devising various programs and technologies designed to collectively take us out of the equation.  There of course are the chemtrails overhead, which poison us from above as the much publicized HAARP facilities placed around the world can steer weather systems and affect the mental tranquility of millions.  The cellular revolution has us using cancer causing devices next to our heads while we sleepwalk thru our lives never aware of the growing electromagnetic soup eating away at our brains and perhaps even our hijacked souls.  The system of GWEN towers across this nation blast out highly disruptive RF signals and frequencies which also adversely affect the human mind.  Then there are the GMO foods being literally shoved down our throats just in case the other pacification programs overlooked someone. 
Underneath the exhilaration of this great awakening & the shift of the ages; we are engaged in a war for our very consciousness against this sinister and pernicious evil.  In their genetic meddling they created creatures who can only perceive about 2% of the observable universe, and about the same in the sound and light spectrum but who have the audacity to think of ourselves as the only intelligent life in the 'verse.  They jump started our DNA to suit their own ends a millennia ago but now that we are crossing the threshold of evolution, we've begun to awaken, and ask our handlers scurry about doing all they can to derail our collective consciousness.  We have a window of opportunity right now, a chance to accelerate the awakening, and in the doing of that perhaps we can even reclaim our garden.  Yeah, it would be real nice to just relax, and wait for those benevolent aliens to kick ass & come to our rescue.  When was the last time you stopped what you were doing to referee an ant colony being taken over by hostile ants from up the block?  Right!  I think we should put about as much faith in benevolent aliens as we did in those para-military patriot groups who promised to protect us from a tyrannical government.  What ever became of those guys??  I was counting on them!!   See what I mean?  Unfortunately I think this one is on us.  We are the people we have been waiting for.  We're awake, informed, passionate and fired up!  Who else is there, but US?  and if we do not rise up and act with some passion and unity, the window of opportunity will close, cutting us off from our future and our destiny.  Sit with that one for a minute.
Maybe this is all a part of the great soul migration experiment, perhaps its just another test we must pass together, maybe what is happening is the universe unfolding as it should and maybe we could see that too if we could see more than 2% of everything.  All I know for sure is that everything that exists was created by a source, call it God-Goddess-All-that-Is, or whatever; and everything is a part of this "God-Source" even the face of pernicious evil...and that is why I can still spend hours staring at the stars with the awe & innocence of a twelve year old. 

Till next time, Be good to each other!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pernicious Evil & the Black Swan

I remember those carefree summer days of childhood along the shores of Birch Lake in Northern Wisconsin. Catching frogs for bait to fish for Walleye & Northern Pike;  life seemed pretty straight forward and uncomplicated back then, the way it's supposed to be for children.  Except for the inevitability of school, and household chores my time was pretty much my own.   Yet even as I busied myself with those things important to a youngster I had in the back of my mind just a smattering of an idea of how growing up would change things.  You would have to be blind & deaf to not know that the responsibilities of adulthood were a constant source of stress in that house. So it was that I approached the years of adulthood with reservations and no small degree of reluctance.

The nearer I got to that age when I'd be expected to "put away childish things" the more misgivings I developed as I came into a clearer picture of what it was about adulthood that took such a heavy toll on my parents.  Between school and church it seemed we had a clear enough blueprint given to us for how humans should conduct themselves on this beautiful blue-green gem of a planet....trouble was, nobody was playing by those rules.  As near as I could figure out at the time, following that blueprint just set us up as fast food for those who played by their own set of rules.  I tried not to give it too much thought back then because well, hunting for dinosaur bones was just way more important; and besides, I was certain that the grownups would have everything fixed before I turned 20.  

As the years piled up on me I couldn't help but notice that the closer I got to adulthood, the worse shape the world seemed to be in.  There were a few moments of  hopeful anticipation when someone showed real signs of bringing about some much needed change in this society and the world; but the ensuing, inevitable assassinations also killed such hopeful notions.  The military-industrial-complex that Ike tried to warn us about was just getting warmed up about the time I received my draft notice.  It came as a death knell for the dreams of a generation of young people just like me.  Motivated by Dad's war stories and the news coverage in Vietnam I took my narrow ass down to the Navy recruiter and signed up.  If I was going to have to go to war, I figured there was no earthly reason I shouldn't have a dry bed & warm food.  About the only thing I found that was "as advertised" was the old saying, join the Navy & see the world.  Now I didn't get to see the entire world, but the parts I did see bestowed upon me a far greater education than any school can provide.  I got to see how other people in other lands live, I got to see their culture, architecture and society.  what I saw the most of was their poverty and oppression...I got to see outside the bubble of "the American dream" for the first time. 
 I also saw no earthly reason why I couldn't make the most of it and have some fun along the way.  On a three day stop-over for liberty in Hong Kong I coerced two buddies to accompany me (in civilian clothes) to the Kowloon side (which is communist mainland China;) for some sightseeing and culture.  Everything went fine the whole day, right up until we hit the peoples republic museum.  On the far wall was a beautiful, huge painting of chairman Mao surrounded by many other notables.  I was taken by how very life-like the painting was, so I snapped a couple photos.  How was I to know that not only is photographing people frowned upon in some oriental cultures, but taking pictures was actually against the law in that museum??  Very soon we saw two uniformed museum dudes coming our way and a small windowless room in our future, so we ran.  The guards chased us out into the street where we were fortunate enough to find one of the literally thousands of 'taxis' which swept us up, and out of the area before the police could respond.  Of the several lessons I got from that experience perhaps the most important one was learning  that you cannot always expect other people's beliefs to be reasonable, or logical...but you must respect them just the same if you wish the same consideration in return. 
 No matter where the Navy took me, everywhere you go there is one thing that exists the same way in every country and continent, and that is this ability humanity has to just ignore the injustices heaped upon them, as they continue to work for the very system which oppresses them.  The proverbial elephant in the room, with Leonard Cohen on the radio singing "Everybody Knows" to intentionally deaf ears!    There exists a persistent and pernicious evil on this planet which seeks to dominate and control humanity; to prevent us from thinking, thriving and evolving.  It is cold, calculating, & heartless and seeks to re-make us it it's own image...and we're letting it!  Why is that, Really?  I conjure the biggest part of the answer is conditioning...they've been at it for centuries now, so the roots are very deep indeed.  The proverbial elephant in the room, conditioned it's entire life to believe it cannot run free because of the heavy chain on its hind leg.  Except the Mahout (trainer/keeper) long ago replaced the chain with a small rope the elephant could easily snap...but he doesn't because he believes he cannot!  Another part of Why might just be that as a group, humans often seem to prefer taking the path of least resistance. Especially so here; under the ever-decaying bubble of the American dream.  We Yankees are so addicted to our cars & creature comforts we dare not rock the boat too much for fear of loosing them.  Well played, pernicious evil, well played indeed!  Get the talking monkeys addicted to toys and stimulants so if they ever revolt, they loose it all.
Now Joe Six-pack & Marvin Middleclass know all this.  Somewhere in the back of their mind they figured it all out, did the math and arrived at the in-escapable conclusion that the fix is in, the game is rigged, no brass ring for you.  To their credit they do not share this epiphany with the wife and kids, no need to scare them; they just keep it tucked away in a dusty box in the basement of their subconscious and keep putting in those overtime hours to get ahead until they have their heart attack & die.  The thing is, all that is NOT in-escapable!  Joe & Marvin don't have to settle for austere lives of debt and desperation; there is another way...and the boys know that as well, but to go down that path is to turn away from the hive mind and what is socially acceptable, and it requires an uncommon faith in yourself and the universe.  In today's fractured world to openly say you believe something dramatically different than the masses is to invite disdain, alienation and possibly even a violent death.  Like I said, you just can't always expect other peoples beliefs to be reasonable. 
 Throughout my life every time I encounter this head-in-sand ostrich mentality we humans have about confronting evil, I remember back to that house I grew up in and the ceramic on the fireplace mantle of the 3 monkeys, hear-no-evil, see-no-evil, & speak-no-evil...and I wonder if it was one of Dad's little inside jokes, I wonder if he knew.  This ostrich mentality is by no means limited to politics, but is pervasive across the board, regardless of subject, be it scientific, philosophical, or religious.  It was always a disconnect for me that I was expected to quit believing in Santa Claus at a certain age while the grown-ups got to keep their invisible friends well into adulthood.  I also had some basic issues with the blind faith demanded by most all organized religions.   I've always been more of an empirical kind of guy when it comes to what I choose to believe.  I also had some degree of cognitive dissonance when it came to the idea of an all powerful perfectly infallible man in the sky who created everything including a divine master plan for all of us.  I guess I've just never been willing to passively let someone else do my thinking for me, they say I'm 'funny' that way, crossed wires I guess.


 There exists another reason why we humans abdicate our choice and power to those who would enslave us, and its about being willing to go to any extremes to keep from acknowledging our own power, and dominion.  I think we are afraid of the unknown but terrified of the unknown within ourselves.  We can sense the power laying there dormant and because we've never explored it, we fear it, even though it is US!  It's like riding your bicycle everywhere because you forgot that inside the garage is a shiny new Porsche sitting there waiting for you.  We allow the most unqualified among us to not only steer the world closer to disaster with each passing day, but to also somehow convince us they are the only ones qualified to lead!!  We allow this vicious cycle of war, poverty & power mongering to continue decade after decade.  It's the same damned dog & pony show every time...and just like Charlie Brown with Lucy & the football, we fall for the shit every time.  There must be a reason for all this somewhere; if we are just brave enough to look with the right kind of eyes.

 I only mention this because as it happens, there is a widespread epidemic of awakening currently rampant across this planet and I believe it may well be our last chance to break free from the conditioning and have ourselves a revolution of consciousness that will turn things around, and get us back on course for our first best destiny.  We can, you know!  The very first step is remembering that the people gave the government the right to exist, not the other way around!  Only when this has been thoroughly established can there be any real progress forward; anything less is just the same old merry-go-round dog & pony show. The psychic numbing from generations of conditioning is starting to wear thin, its giving out, and the faster this awakening moves, the sooner we are free to pick up the pieces and start over...yeah, some stuff is gonna get broken, it might even get real ugly because we have pernicious evil backed into something of a corner, and you recall what they say about a cornered beast! 
            "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing
                                                                                                        ~ Edmund Burke.

 A person's belief system is sort of like when you stand a few hundred dominoes on end to form a pattern.  If one of those domino-like beliefs falls over because it's proven invalid or just wrong, (lack of support) it tends to also bring down the next few beliefs in line.  If the belief that falls happens to be the keystone belief for the entire system, the first domino...the whole thing comes cascading down around your ears.  This is why so many steadfastly refuse to accept new concepts which threaten their belief system; not only is accepting the new paradigm going to send you off away from the hive mind, it's also a lot of work.  Humans have repeatedly proven their reluctance toward change, especially when new ideas and new knowledge is involved.  Most only really change when the discomfort of remaining the same becomes too great, and it's been said that in our western culture, if a person hasn't changed old, self-limiting beliefs & programming by the time they are 45, they probably never will.  That would be like having to live with Bill O'Reilly in your head for the rest of your life! 
 Among those who are now awake, (and we are legion by the way) there are a number of differing thoughts & theories about how humanity is going to free itself from pernicious evil, now that the world didn't end last December 21st.  Some are betting on the Rapture to save them from the fall of man, while others are digging in underground to wait it out.  There are those who believe that the Anunnaki will return to save us from ourselves...but, lets not forget, the Anunnaki are said to have genetically bred our race specifically to be slaves.  Not sure I'd greet them with open arms. Some believe that by purifying our energy systems and raising our vibratory resonance, we will ascend to a higher dimensional plane; while another group believes we cannot and shall not escape total annihilation of the entire planet.  Unless you are still soundly asleep you might have noticed that this month has had more than a few  ripples of high strangeness for those looking for signs from on high.  The Pope quit his job, and lightning hits his house.  Huge pods of dolphins numbering in the hundreds, if not thousands are sighted for the second time off san Diego Bay.  NASA tells us of a space rock about to harmlessly pass by between Earth & her artificial ring of man-made satellites, but fails to mention the ones which fell to Earth in Russia, Cuba, Florida, California and Saudi Arabia! Then there's news of a massive 'filament' on the sun which could maybe violently erupt, sending a planet singing coronal mass ejection hurdling our way. Actually there are so many weird, unusual events taking place, someone has created an impressive new web site called Climate Viewer, just to track them all;

In a universe where anything is possible, any or all of these things might happen, or any one of a hundred other theories out there in La-La land as well; all are equally valid in the quantum universe.  As for myself, my money is on the Black Swan...which is a totally unforeseen event we are powerless to stop which when it happens will fundamentally change everything.  The black swan event comes from nowhere and is perhaps a response from the universe itself, an attempt to hit the cosmic reset button in our collective pineal gland.  You see, the black swan is limitless, doesn't have to take the form of death and destruction but rather can manifest itself any way it pleases.  It might be Earth shattering news that stuns the world into the proper mindset for evolution almost overnight; or it might be so subtle and refined a thing that only children and pets can perceive it at first.  The very best thing about the black swan is that it eats pernicious evil like so many frogs on the shoreline of Birch Lake.  It renders evil irrelevant with one flap of its huge midnight wings.   It removes the butchers thumb from the edge of the meat scale.  It is a re-shuffling of the deck to remove those stubbornly clinging to a vacuous, dying empire so that the shiny new can have a turn at bat in this evolutionary procession.  


Of all the recent "signs" that something big may be coming our way very soon; the one which most typifies both the situation, and the dire need to change it was all the Hullabaloo over Obama playing a round of golf with Tiger Woods.  It was such a spectacle that to thwart "the terrorists" a no-fly zone was declared...which grounded a med-evac flight...resulting in two people dying..."film at eleven".

      "According to my calculation, we're over-due for a transformation" 
                                                                                     ~ Jackson Browne
Until next time...Be good to each other.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Lets Fire up the Planetary Grid

Humanity and Earth have recently had the equivalent of the proverbial coming of age transitional birthday, what with the culmination of the Mayan calendar, the great awakening and the Shift of the Ages. (1)  It was a grand event to be sure, and for many of us it seems the celebration continues on as we bear witness to all manner of remarkable events and people.  It has been said that the voice of spirit always whispers…that Spirit will seldom, if ever raise its voice so as to be heard above the noise and clamor of everyday life, with its myriad diversions & distractions.  It’s like that right now, as we must teach ourselves to look beyond the sideshow presented for us, to see what some do not want us to see.  People everywhere are awakening to this new reality all around us even as the death throes of the Kali Yuga seek to command the attention, and sap our willpower.
 I speculate that a great many of us are, at this point, wondering where we go from here, what do we do now that we’re here?  I stress doing because it is the first step in breaking free of that which seeks to control & dominate mankind.  We are by no means home free or out of the woods.  We have been learning to reclaim our voice, and to use it, next we must use that voice to reclaim our freedoms, our future, and our planet.  There are of course a great many steps in this on-going process and one of the most important is lighting up the planetary energy grid system. (2) 
This webwork of Ley lines and energetic vortices across the planet is vital to the harmony and health of Gaia and all of her passengers.  Where lines connect and intersect across this planetary grid are nodal points where energy can be tapped, and possibly even controlled; and this is why those in power seek to own and control those sites.  Just have a look at the maps and place names in the above link, and see how many of them seem familiar from the news, as well as from recent history.  Actually a great many of these node points have military or government installations built on them, simply because they are power points and energy vortexes, and they are vital to mother Earth.  If you can see the relationship to Earths electromagnetic field as similar to that of the human aura…then in a way these nodal points on the planetary grid can be seen as similar to the human chakra system. 
 As we awaken spiritually we must also help Gaia in every way we can to recover from all that that is being done to poison her and us.  So we watch what we eat; making healthy adjustments, and we seek to keep our vibrations high and positive despite the turmoil and assaults to the soul.  Many meditation techniques include the use of a “grounding tube” connecting one to the core of the earth.  It is a common practice to frequently send all your pain and anger, anything negative you don’t want or need down that grounding tube, give it to Gaia.  She doesn't care about positive or negative polarity, its all energy to her, and that which is negative she simply transmutes to her needs at the moment.  If Gaia can do that with your trashy energy, just imagine what she might do with an infusion of the good stuff, delivered with love and intention, at the same time! 
 Whether acting alone or in unison with other kindred souls we can certainly send mother earth a massive amount of “love & light” to help with all she must do and heal.  We can also direct our energy directly to various nodal points on the planetary grid system to restore harmony and balance to those areas as well.  Just imagine a military base being bombarded by love and light by a few thousand folks who know what they are doing.  That’s multi-tasking; pushing back against the powers that be and helping Gaia at the same time.  In several previous posts to this blog I have spoken of our transition into the higher resonance of the fifth dimension, and the planetary energy grid has a big role in that ascension…in fact I am not certain we can attain that goal without the grid being restored and fired up.. so if we’re looking for something to do now that we have graduated out of spiritual childhood, think globally, act locally! 
 It is well documented fact that humans working in unison holding a specific thought can and do affect changes upon the subject.  Art Bell proved that hundreds or even thousands working together can actually change the weather…and other events.  Thru its use of hundreds of random number generators placed around the world Stanford University proved that human beings reacted en masse to 911 and the death of Princess Diana … before each event happened!  The point here is that we are evolving, so naturally we are going to see wondrous stuff happen in the world, we just have to be open to having the experience.  In the village of Dahua in Southern China there is a young boy named Nong Youhui who was born with bright blue eyes, a true rarity in China.  Not only can this boy see and read in pitch darkness, his eyes shine in the light of a flashlight, like the eyes of a cat. (3)  

Without a doubt the children of Aquarius will eventually inherit the stewardship of Gaia from us.  These Indigo, Crystal and Star children are the leaders and visionaries of the future, and as our watch draws closer to an end; we see that we have indeed done a reprehensibly bad job of caring for the Earth.  With so many now awake, and more awakening every day the time for waiting to see what will happen next is over.  There is a lot of work to do, and invariably some of it will be messy and unpleasant…we must do the work anyway.  Those of us who are spiritually awake & active have the responsibility to not only wake as many others as possible; we must also use our newly discovered talents and abilities to pave the way as best we can for these children of Aquarius.  Like I said, firing up the planetary grid is something we can all work on every day.  No schedules, no meetings, no conference calls…just every one of us doing what we hear spirit urging us to do toward that end.  The only limitations are self-inflicted due to conditioning and fear. 
 Who knows, maybe firing up the planetary grid will result in helping us humans utilize more than just ten percent of our potential brain power.  Lots of work to do, yes!  There are 2, 870 different religions on earth at last count…that’s a butt-load of separation if ya ask me…especially when so many of them seem bent on killing off those with differing beliefs.  Now I’d be just fine with it if it was 2,870 different perspectives on Unity, but it isn’t.  Over fifteen billion cigarettes are sold every day while the average American consumes 60 gallons of beer in the same year the illegal drug trade sees a 320 billion dollar profit.  That’s a lot of self medication, and not the kind that ends up helping.  The drug companies don’t make cures, they make customers. 

As with so many efforts in this life, when it comes to freeing ourselves from those things, institutions and emotions we seek to be free from, it helps to know your limitations.  Humans can see less than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum and hear less than 1% of the acoustic spectrum.  We have 46 chromosomes, 2 less than the common potato.  90% of the cells in your body carry their own microbial DNA , and are not “You”.  The atoms in your body are 99.9999999999999999% empty space and none of them are the ones you were born with…but they all were created inside a star; and each atom has the memory of everything within it! Knowing our limitations while exploring new possibilities, lots of work, yes.  An old adage says that the steps to getting there are the qualities of being there.  So, if Unity is what we seek, then it thru Unity that we will arrive there, and that means coming together, as one species with a single unified voice and a common goal, that of humanity and Gaia ascending to those rarified higher realms.  But, before any of that can come to pass, we gotta work towards firing up Earths energy grid system.  Once we accomplish this task a great many things will begin to get better and easier…but not if we don’t act.  Recess is over.  It’s time to get serious…we have a lot of ground to cover and we are way behind schedule.

For those who need still more convincing that many things are changing you need go no further than today’s news that the Darth Sidious look-alike Pope Benedict shocked the world by announcing he is stepping aside and quitting his role of Pope.  I can see why he has no more energy after covering up for so many pedophile priests for so long.  It has been 700 years since a pope abdicated his position…how’s that for newsworthy…and if ya still have doubts consider this photo of Saint Peters Basilica taken by the French press not long after the announcement.  Hmmmm!
 How's that for punctuation?  Then there is the record breaking blizzard in the Northeast, and F4 tornadoes in Mississippi to compete for your interest today if you are still looking for evidence of change…it’s simply everywhere when you decide to take notice of such things.  My point is you can either choose to continue sitting back waiting to see what will happen next, or you can stand up and be counted among those who will answer the clarion call now sounding around the entire planet, and make things happen.  

People are already doing wonderful and amazing things every day that will never make it to a newscast, so give up that sanctioned “programming” and open yourself up to the Gaia network instead.  We all depend on her, and she depends on us, now more than ever before.   Let’s fire the Grid!

Until next time, Be Good to Each Other...

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

DNA Clouds & Fairy Tales

In a world where we are being conditioned to ignore the weird and to accept high strangeness as normal it really takes something unusual to grab our attention. How about this beautiful looking DNA cloud that appeared over Finland recently...weird enough for you?
Well then how about this DNA cloud appearing over Moscow late last year?  Clearly there seems to be a new wrinkle in the aerosol spraying program, perhaps an upgrade to something even more sinister our psychopathic leaders are rolling out for us.  This is not normal or natural, and we ignore or accept it at our own risk.  Web searches turned up a few similar cloud structures, although not as well formed as these, the point is that before long there will be more, and it behooves us to learn just what they are, and why.

Iceland recently had something of a revolution where they cleaned the crooks out of the government, jailed the bankers, and re-invested themselves in free speech.  Unless you follow alternative news you probably didn't hear a word of this because in the land of the free and home of the brave this and many other news stories quite simply never see the light of day.  Our keepers don't want us getting any funny ideas about freedom and democracy, which is why YouTube recently terminated the Snordelhans channel...he was just putting out too much truth, and became too popular, so he had to go.  Once again, if we don't raise bloody hell over stuff like this then when it's our turn to go away there will be nobody left who dares speak a challenging word.
Meanwhile all across the great lamestream propaganda mill its Guns, Guns, Guns and even more Guns. As always, here we must look with new eyes to perceive the truth of the matter.  Now the pundits and media whores are all up in arms, doing world class CPR on the subject to keep it alive for a few more news cycles, and they would have us believe that the powers that be are trying to stop the flow of guns.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact; the PTB are doing exactly the opposite.

It has recently come to light that the laws & regulations covering the purchase and proliferation of guns in this country have been gutted and the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms relegated to window dressing status.  Normally I do not watch the local or national evening news, but for the last week I have, as an experiment.  What I saw was illuminating as the subject of gun control made it onto every single newscast, and with increasing fervor I might add.  The local channels made a point of telling everyone how there is a run on guns as local gun stores post record sales.  The objective is obvious, the powers that be WANT everyone to run out in fear and buy a gun or two; now why would that be?

For clarity we must look to the other story getting lots of traction in recent news loops, immigration.  Quite suddenly the Republicants in DC are all in favor of immigration, especially across our Southern border.  In a move quite uncustomary for them they are now embracing the idea, even trotting out Bush's "Path to citizenship" ploy to make immigration easier than ever before.  Hmmm, a dual infusion of guns and immigrants into our society, both shrouded in the language of fear.  What could possibly go wrong?  Are we being set up for something ugly enough for martial law to be declared?  Something to ponder.

I see the entertainment division of the new world order now turning to making first run feature movies of our favorite children's fairy tales to lull us into a still deeper false sense of security while we sleepwalk our way thru the grand design.  Having gone thru the complete list of comic book super heroes making it to the big screen, now we're getting the bedtime stories.  Is this really the best Hollywood is capable of producing?  You ever get the feeling we're being regarded and treated as children?  Something ain't right here, or maybe I'm just getting too old, or both.
Here's an idea, how about giving Fukushima equal media attention as gun control?  Not only is that Nuclear volcano still erupting unabated, but there is also the little issue of the spent fuel pools which are in imminent danger of collapsing, and if that does happen it might just conceivably bring about another KT type extinction event...yes extinction.  It certainly wouldn't be the first time for that, but this time WE are the endangered species, and yet that is somehow not newsworthy?? Gimme a break!   Our oceans and atmosphere are being deliberately contaminated with this radioactivity with absolutely no plans whatsoever for containment and cleanup.  Our government responds by shutting down most west coast radiation detectors and refusing to test even a single fish from the Pacific ocean, all while making it difficult or impossible for citizens to purchase personal radiation detectors.  If you think I am wrong on this all you have to do is try to purchase a detector and if you are fortunate enough to find one, then take it grocery shopping and scan foods before putting them in your at 11:00! Instead of scaring us into buying more guns maybe our government should be sharing information on how to avoid radioactive fallout, and ways to protect our children from its long term effects.  Not likely.

Already we are seeing the inevitable mutations in some sea life, and plant life as well.  Does anybody out there truly believe humans are exempt from this fate?  If so you need some serious help, and yet, that is how we conduct our lives, as though it's all over and a thing of the past.  Well, it's a far cry from being over, and it is a thing of the future.  The famous
Drake equation used to calculate the probable number of planets with intelligent species, can also be used to surmise our probable collective future on this planet.  The late Carl Sagan spoke about it in terms of whether a sentient species could survive long enough to be discovered by other races on other planets.  Certainly we are sentient, but it has yet to be determined whether we are intelligent.  If anything in conjunction with our arrogant stupidity can wipe mankind from the face of the Earth, certainly Fukushima must top the list...yeah, there's a list!
Ah, but who can focus on doomsday scenarios with the Super Bowl just around the corner.  Making a nearly seamless transition from the constant ongoing debacle of Sandy Hook to all the fear-hyping over a perceived terrorist-false flag attack during the game.  Yes, it certainly might be a case of the Neocon's penchant for 'telegraphing' their next nefarious deed...or it might just be clever marketing to get even more viewers to turn in...think revenue, it really is all about the Benjamins.  It is said that the Neocon Illuminati have some sort of a 'rule' that says they must warn folks before hand when they're going to perform one of their ritualistic mass you decide, is Sports Illustrated really warning us of an imminent terror event, or are they simply trying to boost revenue through historical numbers of viewers.  Lamentably I conjure the correct answer might just be "both" as no crime or moral sin seems to be too much for our greedy dark brethren.  Like all sane football fans I'm hoping the only bombs at the Superbowl are for touchdowns...Go Niners!!!
As we enter this amazing new time of awakening and spiritual renewal I am reminded of that scene in "The Wizard of Oz" where Toto is pulling on the curtain, exposing the Wizard as a he commands them to ignore the man behind the curtain.  Just in the last 60 days we have seen the ever growing cacophonous voice of 'Big Brother' doing everything it can to distract us from the unfolding miracle all around us.
They don't want us thinking those loving, peaceful thoughts, and exploring these exciting new energies swirling over the planet; they want us cowering in fear, just like always.  You see, we are not the descendants of fearless neolithic cave dwellers who ventured forth to tame a hostile prehistoric world...they all died or were eaten.  No, we are the descendants of the terrified ones huddled in fear at the back of the cave. That mindset is what we have to confront, and overcome if we ever hope to live long enough to come out on the plus side of the Drake equation.  The truth is simple, and ugly.  We either decide as a species to topple the psychopaths from power in every country where they rule, or we will be their slaves forever.  Simple as that.  Hell, Iceland did it, how hard can it possibly be?

Two things are certain: this new world we see emerging cannot be erected upon the crumbling foundations of that which is now dying away, and the problems we face cannot be solved by the same thinking that created them.  We must allow the corrupt empire to fall, then bulldoze the debris away and begin again, a fresh start & a new beginning.  If we cannot muster the will to do these things then we had best get used to a 3rd dimensional world of fear & loathing for our children, and theirs.  With our unenlightened self interest we've allowed a cabal of the very worst souls on Earth to take control of things and steadily transform a beautiful gem of a world into a toxic sewer.  Are YOU content to leave such behind as a legacy to unborn generations?  Are you content knowing that if nothing is done pretty damn soon, our progeny will exist as property of the corporations, without the freedom to follow their own heart, their own path??  Are you afraid to leave the cave?  If a radioactive toxic mud ball is the very best we can leave behind for future generations, then I wonder how many more generations there will be.  I wonder if this Aquarian ascension will survive all that is being done to stop it's progress, and ours.  I wonder if we are headed for the hundredth monkey...or the trunk monkey.

In the silence at the heart of things I know we each dream of a much different world, a better world; and yet unless we act upon those dreams to manifest them into reality, they will remain as just dreams, nothing more.  If WE don't fix things, nobody else is going to show up to do it for us, this one is solidly on us, and ya know what, things got broken on our watch and it's our responsibility to give our children something better than a smelly box full of parts & pieces.  If we cannot do better than that then perhaps it explains why Earth is the only planet not named for a God!

Lets all try to live up to our potential!