Saturday, February 2, 2013

DNA Clouds & Fairy Tales

In a world where we are being conditioned to ignore the weird and to accept high strangeness as normal it really takes something unusual to grab our attention. How about this beautiful looking DNA cloud that appeared over Finland recently...weird enough for you?
Well then how about this DNA cloud appearing over Moscow late last year?  Clearly there seems to be a new wrinkle in the aerosol spraying program, perhaps an upgrade to something even more sinister our psychopathic leaders are rolling out for us.  This is not normal or natural, and we ignore or accept it at our own risk.  Web searches turned up a few similar cloud structures, although not as well formed as these, the point is that before long there will be more, and it behooves us to learn just what they are, and why.

Iceland recently had something of a revolution where they cleaned the crooks out of the government, jailed the bankers, and re-invested themselves in free speech.  Unless you follow alternative news you probably didn't hear a word of this because in the land of the free and home of the brave this and many other news stories quite simply never see the light of day.  Our keepers don't want us getting any funny ideas about freedom and democracy, which is why YouTube recently terminated the Snordelhans channel...he was just putting out too much truth, and became too popular, so he had to go.  Once again, if we don't raise bloody hell over stuff like this then when it's our turn to go away there will be nobody left who dares speak a challenging word.
Meanwhile all across the great lamestream propaganda mill its Guns, Guns, Guns and even more Guns. As always, here we must look with new eyes to perceive the truth of the matter.  Now the pundits and media whores are all up in arms, doing world class CPR on the subject to keep it alive for a few more news cycles, and they would have us believe that the powers that be are trying to stop the flow of guns.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact; the PTB are doing exactly the opposite.

It has recently come to light that the laws & regulations covering the purchase and proliferation of guns in this country have been gutted and the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms relegated to window dressing status.  Normally I do not watch the local or national evening news, but for the last week I have, as an experiment.  What I saw was illuminating as the subject of gun control made it onto every single newscast, and with increasing fervor I might add.  The local channels made a point of telling everyone how there is a run on guns as local gun stores post record sales.  The objective is obvious, the powers that be WANT everyone to run out in fear and buy a gun or two; now why would that be?

For clarity we must look to the other story getting lots of traction in recent news loops, immigration.  Quite suddenly the Republicants in DC are all in favor of immigration, especially across our Southern border.  In a move quite uncustomary for them they are now embracing the idea, even trotting out Bush's "Path to citizenship" ploy to make immigration easier than ever before.  Hmmm, a dual infusion of guns and immigrants into our society, both shrouded in the language of fear.  What could possibly go wrong?  Are we being set up for something ugly enough for martial law to be declared?  Something to ponder.

I see the entertainment division of the new world order now turning to making first run feature movies of our favorite children's fairy tales to lull us into a still deeper false sense of security while we sleepwalk our way thru the grand design.  Having gone thru the complete list of comic book super heroes making it to the big screen, now we're getting the bedtime stories.  Is this really the best Hollywood is capable of producing?  You ever get the feeling we're being regarded and treated as children?  Something ain't right here, or maybe I'm just getting too old, or both.
Here's an idea, how about giving Fukushima equal media attention as gun control?  Not only is that Nuclear volcano still erupting unabated, but there is also the little issue of the spent fuel pools which are in imminent danger of collapsing, and if that does happen it might just conceivably bring about another KT type extinction event...yes extinction.  It certainly wouldn't be the first time for that, but this time WE are the endangered species, and yet that is somehow not newsworthy?? Gimme a break!   Our oceans and atmosphere are being deliberately contaminated with this radioactivity with absolutely no plans whatsoever for containment and cleanup.  Our government responds by shutting down most west coast radiation detectors and refusing to test even a single fish from the Pacific ocean, all while making it difficult or impossible for citizens to purchase personal radiation detectors.  If you think I am wrong on this all you have to do is try to purchase a detector and if you are fortunate enough to find one, then take it grocery shopping and scan foods before putting them in your at 11:00! Instead of scaring us into buying more guns maybe our government should be sharing information on how to avoid radioactive fallout, and ways to protect our children from its long term effects.  Not likely.

Already we are seeing the inevitable mutations in some sea life, and plant life as well.  Does anybody out there truly believe humans are exempt from this fate?  If so you need some serious help, and yet, that is how we conduct our lives, as though it's all over and a thing of the past.  Well, it's a far cry from being over, and it is a thing of the future.  The famous
Drake equation used to calculate the probable number of planets with intelligent species, can also be used to surmise our probable collective future on this planet.  The late Carl Sagan spoke about it in terms of whether a sentient species could survive long enough to be discovered by other races on other planets.  Certainly we are sentient, but it has yet to be determined whether we are intelligent.  If anything in conjunction with our arrogant stupidity can wipe mankind from the face of the Earth, certainly Fukushima must top the list...yeah, there's a list!
Ah, but who can focus on doomsday scenarios with the Super Bowl just around the corner.  Making a nearly seamless transition from the constant ongoing debacle of Sandy Hook to all the fear-hyping over a perceived terrorist-false flag attack during the game.  Yes, it certainly might be a case of the Neocon's penchant for 'telegraphing' their next nefarious deed...or it might just be clever marketing to get even more viewers to turn in...think revenue, it really is all about the Benjamins.  It is said that the Neocon Illuminati have some sort of a 'rule' that says they must warn folks before hand when they're going to perform one of their ritualistic mass you decide, is Sports Illustrated really warning us of an imminent terror event, or are they simply trying to boost revenue through historical numbers of viewers.  Lamentably I conjure the correct answer might just be "both" as no crime or moral sin seems to be too much for our greedy dark brethren.  Like all sane football fans I'm hoping the only bombs at the Superbowl are for touchdowns...Go Niners!!!
As we enter this amazing new time of awakening and spiritual renewal I am reminded of that scene in "The Wizard of Oz" where Toto is pulling on the curtain, exposing the Wizard as a he commands them to ignore the man behind the curtain.  Just in the last 60 days we have seen the ever growing cacophonous voice of 'Big Brother' doing everything it can to distract us from the unfolding miracle all around us.
They don't want us thinking those loving, peaceful thoughts, and exploring these exciting new energies swirling over the planet; they want us cowering in fear, just like always.  You see, we are not the descendants of fearless neolithic cave dwellers who ventured forth to tame a hostile prehistoric world...they all died or were eaten.  No, we are the descendants of the terrified ones huddled in fear at the back of the cave. That mindset is what we have to confront, and overcome if we ever hope to live long enough to come out on the plus side of the Drake equation.  The truth is simple, and ugly.  We either decide as a species to topple the psychopaths from power in every country where they rule, or we will be their slaves forever.  Simple as that.  Hell, Iceland did it, how hard can it possibly be?

Two things are certain: this new world we see emerging cannot be erected upon the crumbling foundations of that which is now dying away, and the problems we face cannot be solved by the same thinking that created them.  We must allow the corrupt empire to fall, then bulldoze the debris away and begin again, a fresh start & a new beginning.  If we cannot muster the will to do these things then we had best get used to a 3rd dimensional world of fear & loathing for our children, and theirs.  With our unenlightened self interest we've allowed a cabal of the very worst souls on Earth to take control of things and steadily transform a beautiful gem of a world into a toxic sewer.  Are YOU content to leave such behind as a legacy to unborn generations?  Are you content knowing that if nothing is done pretty damn soon, our progeny will exist as property of the corporations, without the freedom to follow their own heart, their own path??  Are you afraid to leave the cave?  If a radioactive toxic mud ball is the very best we can leave behind for future generations, then I wonder how many more generations there will be.  I wonder if this Aquarian ascension will survive all that is being done to stop it's progress, and ours.  I wonder if we are headed for the hundredth monkey...or the trunk monkey.

In the silence at the heart of things I know we each dream of a much different world, a better world; and yet unless we act upon those dreams to manifest them into reality, they will remain as just dreams, nothing more.  If WE don't fix things, nobody else is going to show up to do it for us, this one is solidly on us, and ya know what, things got broken on our watch and it's our responsibility to give our children something better than a smelly box full of parts & pieces.  If we cannot do better than that then perhaps it explains why Earth is the only planet not named for a God!

Lets all try to live up to our potential!



  1. Beautifully written and thought proving as usual, thank you.
    The other day while walking my dogs I couldn't help but notice that an unusual amount of big billowing clouds filled the sky. But the really weird thing was that they didn't move. Like when you see a face in the clouds, it quickly morphs into something else. These clouds just stuck there and I watched for 30 minutes. Now we're seeing "Winter Storm Nemo". What next?

  2. Hey Pisces~No normal cloud formations remain static without moving, so my skeptical side is thinking you may have seen a 'craft' of some type using a "mist generator" to form cloud camouflage around itself. Not a new wrinkle 2B sure, but an effective one. Keep your eyes open and wits sharp as I believe we will collectively be seeing more and more examples of high strangeness in the near future. All kinds of 'new' things cropping up, don't let the negatives get ya down or steal your attention & energy from the miraculous unfolding like the thousand petal lotus!!

  3. Chautauqua (I'm always interested in the origin of your name, btw),
    Thanks for the encouraging words. I definitely need to give my energy to the miraculous. Being newly awakened to all this horror that is truly UNbelievable yet real, I sometimes focus too much on DHS buying hollow point bullets, FEMA camps, etc. That's why I'm grateful for my connection to you and Zen. I have learned SO much and love you for the guidance.

  4. Pisces~I know how overwhelming it can all be, it's all intentional...the PTB & their owners have learned all the subtle ways to influence & manipulate our thoughts & emotions...and they use that against us, to distract us, keep us in fear. I suggest reading "the Celestine Prophecy" it will help you understand that being aware of an evil problem is very different from giving it your attention & energy. Great series of books actually, all about raising our vibrations ever higher. Also read the astro-zen report by robert Hitt on Zens site...some interesting stuff there too. We have been 'conditioned' exactly like elephants in captivity. They are shackled with heavy chain from day one...which they soon learn they cannot break. After some time, the handlers can replace the heavy chain with something much lighter & weaker...yet the beast never tries to break it because of his conditioning. We're a lot like that...we believe the evil government cannot be overthrown...all the whule they are giving us the "Fonz" treatment to feed the conditioning...sick bastards!! As for the name-well if you read Robert Persig's book "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance" you will come to an understanding of the meaning. How I got the name is another story as they say, and a good one at that. Happy reading & thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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