Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Clarion Call


Parallel merges, magnetic surges.
Time collapses, straining synapses.
Nothing is wrong ~
Bring it on!

Bodies are hurting from encodements bursting,
Resistance depleted; works almost completed.
These changes are Strong ~
Bring it on!

Physical bodies' communion is genetic reunion,
With codes of infinity for embodied divinity.
Our bodies are coming along ~
Bring it on!
Mental delusions and shattered illusions.
Go through the gate: Awakening awaits.
Surrender, go on ~
Bring it on!

To Shift realities into divine normalities,
It's very effective to parallax perspective.
For what do you Long?
Bring it on!

From Transpersonal Knowing attachments are going
Emotional upheaval, then Spirit is revealed.
The Love for the One~
Bring it on!
Open the heart to jubilation, open the mind to revelation.
Open the body, open the Soul, to beloved Spirit's goal.
The mission's nearly done~
Bring it on!

Mystical missions need magical visions.
Hearts open and wild frees the magical child.
We're dancing towards home~
Bring it on!

Our ecstatic birthright filled with grace and de-light
Is heaven styled through the magical child.
Touch the New Dawn~
Bring it on!
Won't you join in the fun? Everybody can come,
to the universal celebration of humanity's graduation.
Join in victory's song~
Bring it on!

Old worlds are ending, Universes ascending.
Merkabahs' spinning the world's new beginning.
Call of the One~
Bring it on!
Merkabah merges, true love surges.
Space/time collapses, Spirit enrapts us.
The flight of the One~
Bring it on~

Archangel Ariel via Tashira Tachi-ren

Until Next Time ~ Be Good to Each Other


  1. Where DO you get your wonderful images???

  2. From everywhere, I've been collecting them for a while now.

  3. Hi Chautauqua, this is Altea, still Gravatar-less, but Wow, did I need this post! Perfect poetry penned with panache! Solar plexus messing as Gaia is dressing for her prom. Love to you and thank you, AAA and TTR. What fun!

  4. Hey there Althea, so very glad you liked it. This is something that just smacked me between the running lights when I first came across it some years back, and yesterday it just floated up to me in meditation. As soon as that happened I remembered, "Oh, I have a blog, people should see this." A few minutes of typing and a quick stroll thru the old image archive (think the government warehouse in Indiana Jones movie) and it was presentable enough to post. Gee, I just realized how much easier it is to re-post than to write, this was the fastest an idea went from flash to splash in my experience. Thanks for hanging out and sharing your thoughts. Blessings!

  5. genius .. where the fuck did that come from ..Standing ovation Power clip loud teeth whistle.. Now i know why you have a privet jet .. Truly awesome ,, very impressed .. T O P to the Left in depth .

  6. Yo Peakster~ so...sounds like you vibed to this about like me. It does tend to really get the attention. It comes from a book titled: What is Lightbody? by Archangel Ariel, channeled by Tachi-Ren, 1990, published by Oughten House Publications, PO Box 2008, Livermore California. 94551-2008. The book itself is amazing in its own right, but in the back there is a section called "the Invocations" where they list 35 various invocations such as to clarity, unity, the various color rays all the way to invocations to the keepers of the flame, and the Universe. A masterful collection of quite powerful invocations. See ya in the garden, but next time I'm bringing the troll cage and some dings!

  7. * Oh Yeah!......BRING IT ON!....I'm ready.

  8. Gotta agree with afirehorse - stunning images. Love your work, watching your space. Peace.