Saturday, May 11, 2013

The I AM Invocations


The response to "Clarion Call" has been such that to not follow it up with something from the same source of equal power & merit might just border on dereliction of duty.  It is in such a mindset that I will again 'go to the well' to share with all of you a few invocations which will, if used daily with intention; serve to raise your energetic vibration, build up your lightbody, assist you with opening up to higher frequencies and to declare your intent as a lightworker.  These invocations may be used in conjunction with a wide variety of spiritual practices without any conflict.  These invocations are encoded phrases.  This means that there are layers of energy placed in each word; therefore, one should not change the words.
Many spiritual masters through time have tried to teach us that the words I AM are among the most powerful in all human language, and a gateway to enlightenment.
Invocation to Awakening
I call the child that I AM
To take my hand and teach me joy.
I call the child that I AM
To show me the delight of discovery
In all the worlds that I AM.
I take my hand and dance
With the patterns of the Galaxies.
I open my heart and sing
With the patterns of Mastery.
I AM the child that I AM
And I awaken all that I can be.
I awaken, I AM.
Invocation to Light

I live within the Light.
I love within the Light.
I laugh within the Light.
I AM sustained and nourished
By the Light.
I joyously serve the Light.
For I AM the Light.
I AM the Light.
I AM the Light.
Invocation to Unity
I AM a Christed Being.
I AM in Unity with Spirit.
I AM a Christed Being.
I AM in unity with All That Is.
The light of my own being
 Shines upon my path.
I AM a Christed Being.
I AM in unity with All That Will Be.
I hold the shining Light of the Source
Within my heart.
I walk in unity with Spirit.
I laugh in unity with the Source.
I love in unity with my fellow beings.
I AM a Christed Being.
I AM a bridge between Heaven and Earth.
Invocation to the Universe
I AM the Universe.
I AM the spin and swirl of galaxies.
I AM the movement of planets in their orbits.
I AM a comet in the night sky.
I AM a human being
Moving with the flow of Spirit.
I AM an atom
Containing All That Is.
I AM the Universe,
Laughing as I dance
I AM life.
Invocation to the I AM Presence
Ehyah Asher Ehyah,
I call upon the fellowships of Light,
I call upon the Guardians of Light,
I call upon the Angels of Light
To assist me as I AM
To be who I AM
Linking me to I AM
Ehyah Asher Ehyah,
I AM a temple of the Light. Amen.
I AM a guardian of the Sacred Arc of the covenant.
I carry the Laws of God within my heart.
I step between the veils.
I speak with my Source.
I AM a temple of the Light. Amen.
I shine forth the letters of the Holy Name from my brow.
I AM a guardian of the Threefold Flame of the Ein Soph.
I AM a priest within the temple of my spirit.
I AM a temple of the Light. Amen.
I AM a guardian of the Sacred Arc of the covenant.
I shine forth the flame of the letters to the world,
So that all may be a temple of the Light,
Keeper of the covenant.
I AM a temple of the Light. Amen.
I AM a guardian of the Sacred Arc of the covenant.
Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen.
Invocation to Mastery
I AM a Master,
Dancing through dimensions.
I AM a Master of possibilities,
Weaving the tomorrows into NOW.
I AM a Master of balance,
Skipping on the tightrope of life.
I AM a Master
Whose strength is compassion.
I AM a Master
Who plays with infinity.
I AM a Master
Who tickles
 the stars.
All Invocations from:
"What is Lightbody"
By Archangel Ariel,
Channeled by Tashira Tachi-ren.
Oughten House Publications
Until Next time ~ Be Good to Each Other
Parasite Alert


  1. In this blog which is posted daily are photographs of a Great Being called Guru Om, who tattooed the Truth on his forehead, 23 years ago. He did not do this for himself as he was already in that Timeless State. Without a mirror he cannot see the symbols, so he uses you as a mirror.

    If you are not able to read Sanskrit, let me tell you what the symbols on his forehead mean..I AM THAT I AM..What is your commitment?

  2. Dearest Chautauqua,

    This is Altea, or I guess I should say, I AM Altea. You call me "Althea" and strangely that seems to fit better so "I AM Althea." Thank you for these wonderful invocations. I read them all out loud. I was just wondering if you might send me some comfort. I have been so very sick this past week and I understand my symptoms to be ascension symptoms for myself and for Gaia, but I had so hoped that I would be stronger as it is extremely difficult to keep my Light shining and my vibrations high when physically I'm absolutely wiped, weakened, my solar plexus is roiling constantly, and I'm so dizzy my head feels like it might fall off my shoulders, not to mention the inner burning of my lower limbs. What is going on? For over 20 years I've been on the spiritual path and it's not getting easier. The more I intend, the more I am challenged and I've just about had enough. Anyway, I won't give up and I have asked for help from my Higher Self, and this too shall pass, but damn, it hurts and yes, it is very difficult to ask for help, actually more difficult than the physical suffering. I want to feel good. Love, A.

  3. It is good to hear from you, by any name; damn computers, the bigger the screen, the smaller the font, and alas sometimes the commenters names are printed so small I just gotta take by best guess with these tired old eyes of mine...guess ya just needed an "h" for good measure. I can certainly relate to what you are going thru. One of the best things you can do is to drink plenty of water, it's important to keep well hydrated. Something else is that often very sensitive people will pick up on big impending events before the general a 6th or 7th sense if you will, and when the subconscious mind is confronted with the foreknowledge of some hugely negative impending event(s) sometimes the reaction is one of psychic numbing, and even symptoms of illness. These Ascension energies are really something, and I must believe that they affect us all in ways very attuned to the individual in question. Another thing, and this can make all the difference in how you are feeling~ It feels to me as though you are operating full time on your own energy reserves, which is what nearly all humans do, because they have forgotten they have the hardwired ability to simply connect up with Source, and get all the free energy you need. This is exactly how folks like David Ike can do a ten hour event, he isn't running on internal energy reserves...he is tapping directly into the causal plane thru the ninth chakra, (just above the head)and running on that direct hook-up. It is the same exact energy as your internal reserves, just a little higher octane rating.

    Having my own issues these days with burning lower limbs, but it's not ascension related like yours. In your case I would say that your legs are feeling weak and burning because of you "carrying the weight of the world" on those shoulders, which may be why your head feels like falling off. If I had to guess I would say you are probably an unrealized empath, and your soul is crying for Gaia over the way humans violate her daily. Gaia is capable of great self healing, but events like Fukushima, the Gulf oil 'spill', fracking, and the Chemtrails are pushing those abilities past the breaking point...and many highly attuned and sensitive people are picking up on Gaia's plight on a spiritual level rather than mental or intellectual one...the feeling of utter helplessness makes us feel sick, and those feelings manifest as 'symptoms' without a specific source to connect them to.

    This spiritual path is one of learning, and growing. What happens is after a while on the path, absorbing all in sight along the way, we come to a kind of plateau where the landscape changes to desolation and emptiness. These plateau's are actually the various steps or levels of understanding we have processed, and they always bring us to, that thing which is next for us. Stuart Wilde called them something like "the plane of desolation" and taught to just keep plugging away and soon enough the next doorway, or portal will manifest, leading you higher still in vibration and understanding. Believe me dear sister when I tell you that I indeed know how difficult it is to ask for help, as that is being one of my current lessons. (We humans do seem to save the most important lessons for last) Try to understand the asking for help thing like this, it may help...Would you not ask yourself for assistance? Asking another for help is no different because we are all one. Simple really! I truly hope my words have been of some help to you with all you're going thru just now. Never give up, because there is just no telling what tomorrow's tide will bring you. (Yeah, stole that one from Tom Hanks in "Cast Away) Much Love sister~

    1. Althea here. Thank you, Chautauqua, from my heart. Everything you write makes heart and mind sense to me, especially the plateau and tomorrow's tide, and you are correct, too, that I have no one to talk to about what I'm going through. My significant other is fast asleep, I have met no one here where I live who is awake, and so I must hide everything that I AM and KNOW. And, yes, if it's possible to forget that one is an Empath, I had forgotten. Not long ago I fought everything I could, as I believe I've mentioned on Zen Gardner's website, but ever since the Boston Marathon, I have been unable to raise my sword. So just for this Now moment I will remain in my "plain of desolation" and yet, yes, I know the door will open again soon. You have rejuvenated my spirit, my body will follow. And thank you, too, for the very wonderful insight into ninth chakra energy such as David Icke's. I was so worried for him at the end of his Wembley Stadium presentation when he danced and danced. And yes, I miss Stuart, too. I will read and re-read your care-filled response to my call for help. Thank you. Love to you, A.

  4. Altea~ The situation you are in I believe is a big part of what you are feeling in the body. Remember that everything that happens here, has already happened on the etheric other words, I believe your physical form may be experiencing a kind of feedback from the causal, where you have, or are about to, radically change the situation, as it has reached the point of being unbearable to your Soul, and that is something you cannot allow to let slide at this time in Earth's progression. You see, your pursuit of truth has led you into a box canyon, dear sister because once awake, we can never return to that state of slumber without toxifying the Soul. So here you are, you cannot go back, nor can you proceed on your path much further surrounded by the soundly sleeping people you just never seems to work. Normally when two different frequencies are in close proximity for any length of time, the lower frequency will entrain to the higher one...rising up to match the higher frequency. This happens every time with tuning forks, but lamentably not always so much with human beings. In the most general of terms, and knowing nothing else about anyone involved, (like a blind study) I would have to say that if your significant other has not shown signs of rising to match your frequency by this time, you might be at risk of having their frequency bring yours steadily down to their octave. None of us on this spiritual path are the same people who woke up and first set foot upon it, we have changed, we have become more than what/who we once were, unfortunately all too often those closest to us still see us with "old eyes"...the ones thru which they originally saw their partner, and sometimes that original image is never updated with all the new programs and skills. This is how we grow apart from one another. When one advances farther down their path, growing smaller & more distant in the eyes of their partner, because the partner has not budged or increased their resonance frequency. If you truly have not a single friend with who to share these realities of yours anywhere in your circle, then I submit that like all living things eventually do, you have simply outgrown your container, and now are in need of transplanting into a larger space more conducive to unhindered growth. Doesn't sound like you're getting much "sun" lately...and I think that, may be what your physical symptoms are all about. Growing in the pain of those you know and love refusing to grow. That's just my drift on it, I could be all wet and totally wrong, it's happened before :) Much love and light...don't give up, make it right!

    1. Dearest Chautauqua: This is Altea. I hear you and understand. Intuitively, I know my partner is one who is with me in the Now in other frequencies. He is much younger than me, a wonderfully solid, kind 3D fellow who has the most amazing dreams and like a reluctant snail, steadily he is climbing upwards though he is still unaware of the battle for Souls. I am an Arcturian Starseed and I am aware that in a "past" Now life, he rescued me, (portal jumper). He is Annunaki, and it seems it is a karmic bond that this time I have agreed to be his protector/rescuer. I hope that doesn't sound too absurd, but it's what I know. And yes, those pains are just like growing pains, and as a result of our conversation here, I feel much, much better, thank you. I do have three e-mail friends who I correspond with who are awake and one in particular is experiencing much the same as me. And of course we are never alone. My sword is shining in the Sun now and awaits my taking it once more from the stone. You are right about what you have intuited about my situation and I will never ever give up. If it means that I must strike out once more on my own, I will not hesitate. It certainly won't be the first time. Interestingly, or maybe not, I have tried to leave three times and have always been rather rudely deposited right back to where I am now! Soul seems to have something definite to say about where I am and who I'm with! Love to you, Chautauqua, and thank you for sending me your caring vibes across the grid. Take care of yourself, I'm hoping your legs are better. Perhaps the Sun will send us all some healing love/light energy today. Love, A.

  5. Altea~ So nice to connect with other folks "from elsewhere", as for myself, I am a Pleiadean Wanderer, a cosmic tumbleweed of sorts. according to your preference you may add me to the gang of three augureye@gmail,com. My sword remains ghetto sharp and sheathed until the moment needed when it strikes much as the scorpion does, to lash out at all who would protect the truth with a wall of lies. Alas, always a warrior at heart with both sun and mars in Aries, there was little option this time around. Much love, C.

  6. Hi Chautauqua, this is such a great site...It is so deep and beautiful...thank you very much

    Love Martin

  7. IChaut I just wanted to say i love your new G7 sweet . That should get you back and forth from Denver to hong Kong in no time Love the Recaro leather with off color base ball stitching man and stewardess are smoken .. I cant undeliverable you get roasted chestnuts ,, not this bag of peanuts crap .. the only way to fly

    It's easy to be pleasant
    When life flows by like a song.
    But the man worthwhile is the one who can smile
    When everything goes dead wrong.
    For the test of the heart is trouble,
    And it always comes with years.
    And the smile that is worth the praises of earth
    Is the smile that shines through the tears.
    cheers Your pal Peak

  8. I dig it man, Peak ya sure have a way of rounding up the words that work.
    Sometimes there just ain't no words, like now. Cheers.

  9. wow. you amaze me with your writing. i cant believe you posted this. you have a way of reducing some of my core beliefs to a few sentences. talk about zen writing, i should hang it up, and just read you. you strike so close to my heart. rarely have i read anyone, who can express my inner truths. your writing and your spirit, touch my heart, and expose a vulnerability i have sought to hide.