Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cosmic Crapshoot

Have you heard?  the aliens are coming! It seems the word is getting out in many circles at once, which to my mind seems a bit suspicious for starters, but that's just me more than likely.  Like everything else "They" do, this has been mapped and designed to play out over the course of generations:  with the idea of aliens; both fearsome & benevolent, being drip fed into our media, minds and consciousness; ever so gradually.  It's called predictive programming, and the fluoride helps a lot!

Just one more thing to find room for in our ever expanding belief system.  Halcyon days for certain, a time when everything including our future on this planet is up for grabs, winner takes all!  I find it of cosmic level irony that the same alien parasites who captured this planet and run it like a laboratory (with us as the rats) are now "warning" us of a looming alien invasion; at the same time their previous matrix hologram is falling apart - too many sleeping dreamers waking up.  The solution is simple, just install a new matrix program over the old, implemented by the sudden arrival of hostile aliens as the new bad guys. 
Recently a photo has been making the rounds, purportedly showing an alien craft on the dark side of the moon. I find I am at absolute zero on this one folks, don't care!  If it's just another crude hoax, or if it's really the evil aliens mothership; either way, I don't have much of an opinion on it.  The very fact that it's being so widely circulated means someone wants me to think it's a real spaceship on the moon, & I just gotta wonder why someone would want me to think that!  A few years back there was a fellow named John Lenard Walson who published some photos on the web supposedly showing huge alien spacecraft in earth orbit.  The photos obtained by joining a camera to his telescope created quite a stir on the internet, and I must say, they look rather intriguing...whatever they are showing!
Everything's about to get kicked up a notch or two, so buckle up, it could a bit wild before the new paradigm settles into place.  Can't help but wonder what that is gonna look like!  They say the holograms that will be used are absolutely stunning, and that we'll soon be seeing Jesus in the sky as well as fleets of invading spaceships,  just so the rapture group doesn't feel neglected!  Beware of the grandest deception of all time - now showing simply everywhere! 

"When they own the information, they can bend it any way they want" ~ John Mayer

There is a reason why everything that's ever worked for society is now breaking down, collapsing.  It's so that we'll be more susceptible to having to embrace the new matrix.  It's quite genius, actually; the aliens who captured & enslaved the populations of this planet have long remained in the shadows, pulling the strings behind the scenes.  When they implement the holographic fake alien invasion as the new control matrix; the Archons can then come out of hiding, to rule in plain sight as the new masters who have been here all along.  Duplicity. we fall for it every time.
Another example of the slow drip predictive programming going on can readily be seen by just looking at the titles of some of the more heavily promoted blockbuster movies of the last 18 months or so.  Movies such as: Skyline, Battleship, Battle L.A.- After Earth, Oblivion, Elysium, Apollo 18, War of the Worlds, and Pacific Rim to name but a few right off the top of my head.  It's no different than when they decided to have multiple wars going on at the same time; every war movie ever made was on TV around the clock, just as brand new war movies were being cranked out by Follywood.   It's how they drill an idea or concept into the mass psyche; Imbed, rinse & repeat, and it's why they call it brainwashing.

"Loyalty doesn't need to think"

As it turns out, the very best way to conquer a planet isn't that different from cooking frogs.  Toss a frog into a pan of boiling water and you have a very excited and motivated frog on your hands.  However, if you place him in a pan of cold water and gradually raise the heat, he'll cook to a turn with nary a squirm!  Not that it's in any way related, but 95% of the Mountain Yellow Legged Frogs have died/ disappeared from Yosemite National Park, and nobody seems to know why?  Just another eco-crisis to ignore as the water around us all gets warmer.    
Humans tend to have a terminal case of single-minded tunnel vision when it comes to their existence and life upon this planet.  It is focused almost entirely upon their immediate environment, comfort level, and immediate needs.  I'm not saying that is necessarily a bad thing, just that most folks seem to stop at that point, never venturing beyond their comfort zone.  Especially nowadays when "they" seem to be pulling out all the stops, to stop this Aquarian Evolution from attaining critical mass, it seems everyone is just dug in like a tick and laying low, trying to ride it out.  All over this beleaguered little planet, belief systems and paradigms are taking a real beating as a global case of reality cramps grips the human population.

"It's so hard to choose with only lies to choose from" ~ Michael Franti

I can certainly understand not wanting to lose what you have, because as we have all seen repeatedly; it's the nail that sticks up, that gets hammered back down.  It seems humanity is obsessed with always playing the odds, never really willing to stick their neck out.  Never willing to go all in, putting everything they believe and everything they are - on the line.

We know the game is rigged, that the house always wins because that's just how things are, yet we still play the game...we just don't play to win!  We play not to lose, big difference.  I can't help but think that maybe humanity would play the game to win, if they truly understood exactly what the table stakes are in this game.  But "we" do not see the big picture, indeed, we don't even know who all the other players are.  All we seem concerned with is the pile of chips in front of us, and how to not lose it!  Reasonable enough.  I wonder if just maybe; folks would have a different value system if they thought about the  astronomical odds against any of us even being here in the first place.

About twelve million years ago a star in Galaxy M82 went supernova.  Being that said galaxy is 12 million light years distant, we are just now able to see the light from that supernova.  A similar supernova some four and a half billion years ago crushed a cloud of gasses into a planetary disc; a whirlpool of gas and dust which in time transformed itself into stars, planets and solar systems, one of which we inhabit.  We are literally stardust.  Everything that comprises our physical body was first formed in the belly of a star; we are made from the stuff of stars as the late Carl Sagan said.  A noble heritage from noble gasses.  However, long, long before any life ever formed on earth, earth itself had to come into being.

The early solar system was a place of fiery chaos and pandemonium as all manner of debris, both large and small was orbiting the newly formed star we've come to call Sol.  The gas giants Jupiter, Saturn & Neptune in the outer solar system continually sent asteroids and comets hurtling into the inner system where the rocky planets were being formed by accretion.  In this phase of early bombardment earth finally collected enough mass for gravity, which in turn drew in more mass, to build the planet.  Give or take a few hundred thousand years; and the orbiting planets had fairly well swept up or destroyed most of the debris from the formation of the Sol system, and the planets stabilized in their respective orbits. 

Of all the planets in the Sol system, only earth enjoys an orbit in what is known as the goldilocks zone, the perfect distance from the sun for water to exist and for life to evolve.  Not too hot - not too cold, just right!  What astronomical luck!  Earth hit the cosmic jackpot!  What a lucky break for us!  But, I'd bet most of us never even think about that.

The petrology record of the moon's cratering suggests that about 700 million years after planetary formation there was a drastic spike in impacts, which has since become known as the late heavy bombardment; a period during which the newly formed earth was again pelted with numerous impacts and collisions, some of them quite massive.  Some speculate that this is also possibly when so much water came to be on earth, carried by asteroids and comets.  Other materials may have been brought here in the same manner, the building blocks of life.

About 3.6 billion years ago the first microbial life appeared, simple cells called Prokaryotes;
About 2 billion years ago the first complex cells began forming, called, Eukaryotes;
About a billion years ago, the first multicellular life emerged on earth;
About 600 million years ago the first simple animals appeared;
About 400 million years ago, insects and seeds developed;
Then came the amphibians, followed by the reptiles, followed by the mammals by around 200 million years ago.   The first true primates didn't show up on earth until around 60 million years ago.
2.5 million years ago the first proto-humans evolved on earth, and around
200 thousand years ago (just last week) the first of the modern age humans evolved from proto-humans. 

Perhaps the important thing to remember is that throughout the history of life on this planet, there have been five major extinction events, at various intervals.  Each time, the cards of DNA were shuffled, ruffled and flourished; with some species disappearing to make room for other species; such as 65 million years ago when that asteroid hit the Yucatan peninsula.  That event took out the dinosaurs, giving us mammals a chance to proliferate, and that we have done.  We have by now, proliferated so much that we are actually a danger to most all other life forms on the planet, we have become the dinosaurs that we replaced!  The reason for this is because back a few hundred thousand years ago humans were interfered with by other races, older races who long ago formed their agenda for this planet and all life upon it - and we are now seeing the final chapters of that agenda unfold, as our overlords scramble to compensate for events their plan never foresaw happening.  (an opportunity for us, perhaps)

The supernova in M82 reminds us that we live in a dynamic galaxy, within an ever expanding and even more dynamic universe.  Here we are, scurrying about in our little cars and our little lives thinking we're all that and a bag of chips.  We are so caught up in the matrix, and just trying to survive it that we tend to forget, or ignore, the really important moments, and people in our lives.  We forget how amazingly rare and precious a thing life is.  We have stopped respecting the magic of life - as if it was everywhere and anywhere in this galaxy, this universe.  I think we take life, and ourselves, for granted; and we've been doing it for so many generations now; we simply don't know how to stop.  We don't want to stop, because we just don't know any other way to be, to live.  Herd mentality, Hive mind, pre-programmed from birth by the Archon matrix.  Its always something!

If a star much closer to us than M82 were to go supernova; it could not only affect life here on earth, it could end it all together.  Then there are the really big explosions which occur in other galaxies Billions of light years away which can project very deadly gamma ray bursts, which, if they hit us here on earth, would fry us all pretty fast.  The odds of a gamma ray burst are a lot longer than say getting hit by an asteroid we never saw coming, which has nearly happened three times just in recent years.  I wonder what the odds are on that!?  As if there isn't more than enough to worry about just in human created problems; what if one of these frequent flyers happens to actually hit us...or even the moon?  Plenty of craters both here & there to make that a real likelihood.  Not only is our moon covered with impact craters, but it is also a wild card in the existence of life on earth, for without it earth's rotation would be erratic, and the seasons would not exist as we know them.  A lot of things had to happen just so in the creation of earth for us to even be here, and without that extremely lucky series of cosmic events, earth would just be another lifeless rock floating in the void of space; and none of us would exist at all. 

Then there are other cosmic hazards to consider, not that there's much one could do to prepare for them except reconciling it with your soul.  Black holes, dark energy, dark matter, solar flares and coronal  mass ejections, just to name a few. There also are rogue planets, and brown dwarf stars roaming through the cosmos that could alter or even end life on this planet.  Good thing space is so big, huh?!  Yet even considering the vastness of space we cannot rely upon that to save us, as all those impact craters attest to.

In three or four billion years, when Sol reaches the end of it's life, it's going to be a bad hair day on earth; as the suns corona will at that time, envelop dear earth.  The point is not to scare the cattle here, but rather to press on a bit more about why we should all seek to respect, honor and maybe even cherish this thing called life; seeing as how rare and fragile a thing it is.

I guess what bothers me in all this is being on this beautiful planet, so full of potential, part of a species with such great promise: with an entire universe to explore at our doorstep; only to be little more than Archon livestock...slaves on our own world, sold out by our own kind for their own safety and comfort.  Of course as regular readers already are aware, I'm pretty disappointed in my species as well; for our capitulation, our failure to fight for our future and our children's futures.  I guess I'm barking up the wrong tree here though.  Considering we've been the property of these parasites for hundreds of generations I guess the slave mentality is just too well imbedded in our collective consciousness for it to be broken by a mere handful of spiritual activists who are immune to the programming.  Our voices are being heard alright, it's just that we're all considered insane by those who haven't yet realized they are nothing more than slaves of lies.

Friday, January 17, 2014

In A Mirror Darkly

I have been thinking about this for a while now; every day and night for a month, + a thousand days.  I've been thinking about the black swan come to roost here on planet earth; and how its arrival has irrevocably changed everything across the board for every living thing on the planet, except maybe the cockroaches.   No other single event in the whole of human history has had the potential to end human history, and this one hits home in the deepest way possible, for me.

The best years of my life were when I followed my lifelong dream to Alaska back in 1975, and made it my home.  I settled in and around the town of Ketchikan, married and started a family.  In the fullness of time I even realized my dream of living out in the wilderness, away from civilization.  Life was good!  As far as I was concerned at the time, I was here for the duration.  Unfortunately, my wife had a dream or two of her own; which included everything I'd put together, except for me!  The best blindside is the one you never see coming, and this one came out of nowhere.  Without warning, in the dead of winter my wife ran off with my best friend, taking my daughter, & son with them.  It happens every day of the week, and yet we're always Godsmacked when it happens.  I think all us guys are alike in that regard, despite the statistics, and the horrendous difficulty humans have with fidelity & loyalty to begin with...we never think it's gonna happen to us...until it does!

Alaska, the Lost frontier

A few years after the divorce I migrated back to the lower 48, but my children and former wife remained in Alaska, where they continue to reside today.  Over the years my daughter and I have established a rhythm of communication which sometimes sees considerable time pass between letters or phone calls; and one of those long dry spells came to an abrupt if not semi-frantic stop the day Fukushima happened.  Being that her mom is quite intelligent, and her dad can hold his own; my daughter is...way smarter than either parent.  This has always pleased me before, but now it just confounds me.  When I called her; it was to verify that she was planning on getting out as soon as possible considering the proximity and being down wind from Japan.  To my utter amazement she explains how it is that leaving is just out of the question; considering it meant leaving a 12 year staff position at work, and uprooting my three grandkids.   Godsmacked!!

Not only was my daughter reluctant to even consider relocation, she went on to explain her point of view to me.  She explained that she had My blood in her veins, and therefore placed an extremely high value on independence, and being able to enjoy the things about Alaska that make it so special.  She said she refused to live her life in fear of every little danger the world had to offer.  Yup, that's My kid alright, and like I said, smarter that either parent.  In fact, that should be the new tourism campaign logo:
Alaska!!  It's to Die for

Unfortunately one of her very favorite things about being an Alaskan is catching, and eating the famed Alaska salmon.  It used to be one of mine as well, so I understand.  We've had us a couple of long phone calls since, and each time spoke of the bioaccumulation of radiation in pacific seafood being a risk.  My daughter put it to me this way: "Dad, we both agree it's a risk, what we disagree on is acceptability of that risk!"  I tried to explain that it just didn't make sense to knowingly eat radioactive seafood, on top of the background radiation we all are exposed to, as well as the medical kind from X-rays and such, but it didn't change her mind at all, didn't even budge it!  Then, last summer she calls to say that they are sending out boxes of smoked salmon to relatives & friends in the lower 48; and did I want one?  In a show of silent solidarity with my daughter, I said "Absolutely, put me down for one."  Because radiation is a tasteless killer, the smoked salmon was as delicious as I remembered.

When you take in the big picture on the fukushima future we all are facing; it becomes easier to appreciate my daughters perspective.  There is no place to run to.  There is no safety, anywhere, its in the air, its in the oceans, its in the rain & the food chain.  That big picture gets much uglier when we factor in GMO food-like-products, and the tons of corexit sprayed & dumped in the gulf after the BP oil spill.  With each passing day the environment becomes more toxic and our food more poisonous; our "leaders" more ruthless and psychopathic.  Excuse me; but has anyone here stopped to wonder just where it is we're being led? 

As I recently said, it seems like I've been watching all this develop, and fester into the current state of malignancy most of my life.  No matter the issue, or subject; eyeballs invariably rolled and minds slammed shut whenever I tried to discuss any line of thought which departed too far from the official party line or socially accepted limits.  Denial and cognitive dissonance are old foes of mine, as they appear every time I've ever tried to expand a mind...or even wedge an idea in thru existing cracks therein.  They are formidable foes indeed: as they are impervious to facts, science, logic and truth, while having inexhaustible supplies of  righteous certitude & unwarranted loyalty to our captors.  Always a tough nut to crack.

The Plane of Desolation

In one of his books, I think it was The Whispering Winds of Change, the late Stuart Wilde spoke of making progress upon the spiritual path; the peaks, pitfalls, setbacks and victories - that sort of thing.  Then he spoke of coming to what he called the Plane of Desolation.  Stuart described it as a barren & featureless landscape where no discernable path forward could be found.  Raise your hand if that sounds at all familiar; if it just about describes how you are feeling spiritually these days.   Ahhh, just as I thought, a nice show of hands indeed!  So here we are on the plane of desolation.  We cannot go back to where we came, because there is just no putting the nuclear genie back in the bottle.  Neither is there any path forward, why?  Because we are out beyond the reach of history; in a no-mans-land that would have given Rod Serling 3D nightmares.  As we used to say in Vietnam, "We're walking point on this one."  Nobody has ever irradiated the entire planet with nuclear radiation before, so there isn't exactly a manual on what we should do next, not that there is really anything to be done at this late date.  We not only allowed the nuclear genie to escape the bottle; we've given him a thousand day and counting head start on destroying everything that lives on this planet, except for those roaches of course, without lifting a finger, or even telling the truth for that matter. 
Life here on the plane of desolation is bizarre to say the very least, and some days it gets downright creepy.  Sin Eaters and Heyokas lurk in the shadows, feeding on the doubts & fears of those wandering about lost, trying to make sense of it all, or even any part of it.   Dream killers abound here as well, because they love the taste of fresh meat, and there's an awful lot of dead dreams littering this place these days, and more on the way.  Then you have all the sleepwalkers, about seven billion of them who are in a walking comatose state of disbelief; unable to comprehend, sensory overload, synaptic dysfunction.  If we had seven billion critical thinking, pissed off humans to work with, maybe a little something might be salvaged, like a slim chance for the survival of our species.  But all we have are the sleepwalkers, and oh yeah, something else, an awful lot of lightworkers are starting to become jaded, and tired now.  Resignation sets in after such a long sojourn, and the demons in their dreams scream at them, "Why bother?"  Team Dark is way ahead on points.

Mankind has made it from the stone age, to the silicone age on science and hard, indisputable facts, and the benefits of it are readily apparent to us all.  Just let the unthinkable actually happen, and all that goes right out the window as we're abruptly ushered into the age of magical thinking where unicorns make radiation harmless, because our denial, err, uh  I mean mind is just that powerful!!  No science or facts required.  Others prefer to make up their own facts, or else just use the ones the government supplies, such as the whopper about all the radiation in the pacific ocean is dissipated because there's so much water.  It dissipated all right: Right into all the fish we eat, all the marine mammals, seaweed, shrimp, sardines, krill and herring.  The radiation dissipated into our food chain; and already, after only a thousand days we're seeing mutations in life all over the planet, not just in sea life.  I think maybe one reason we're seeing mutations so soon is due to the nature of the Mox Fuel at Fukushima -  that extra high grade super potent weapons grade stuff they were making, which is just one more thing that the officials don't want to talk about.*

"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored." ~ Aldous Huxley

You can take Fracking, Chemtrails, Corexit and all the oil ever spilled in our oceans; and it all means nothing compared to the legacy we will reap from Fukushima - There is no other topic as far as the continuation of the human race is concerned. It's simply incomprehensible to me that the Tokyo Olympics are still scheduled to take place in 2020, they certainly aren't using anything remotely close to 20/20 vision!  Unmitigated Insanity!  What kind of an ego is required for an athlete to want to compete in a seething soup of nuclear radiation when they know full well it means lingering illness followed by a horrid death?  But wait, wait - Tepco says the readings are falling, and that by 2020 Tokyo will be scrubbed clean & safe.  Are you folks really willing to trust your genetic future to these raving madmen?  What choice do any of us have?  At this point the only thing accomplished by all the  world class lying surrounding all things Fukushima is maybe putting off mass global rioting for another day, or week.  Actually, maybe not!  When I consider how many currently occurring atrocities the human race is collectively ignoring right along with Fukushima it makes me wonder if our species is still capable of, or even willing,  to revolt against our self appointed psychopathic "leaders."  Eight years of the smirking chimp didn't get our dander up enough to cause a stir, and so far neither has eight more years of even worse behavior from the savior Obama.  

They say that how a person dies says more about them than how they lived; and ya know what, the same thing applies to an entire species.  Care to hazard a wild guess at what humanities's global denial syndrome is saying about our species just now?  didn't think so!  Not only is humanity not fighting back, but it now seems we've chosen the blindfold option for this execution, this genocide.  You (all of you) have no idea how disgusted & disappointed I am with you...and embarrassed to even be associated with you.  When I was in Vietnam there was but a single prime directive for survival: Never quit - Never surrender because if you did either, likely as not you were dead.  Humanity has done both, and because of it we will all reap the whirlwind.  I thank you, your mutated children thank you; and if they were going to live long enough to give you grand kids, you probably wouldn't recognize them as human, but I'm certain they'd also thank you for safeguarding their future so diligently!

-Reply to Jim Kirwan-
A few years before becoming a blogger I was content to fire off the occasional essay - inspired in no small way by the writing of Jim Kirwan.  After being an avid follower of his work for some time, one day my little voice said to write to him, so I did.  I felt both pleased & complimented to actually get a reply, imagining how busy the fellow must be.  We ping-ponged a few emails back and forth on the general subject of the Neocon grab for total control, and societies general apathy to same.  a few days ago I was cleaning some outdated files from my hard drive, and came across said emails and got immersed into reading them.  Here then, is my message in reply to Jim, after asking his advice to an aspiring writer....

"Hi Jim:
You said it helps to write about what really bugs me, so taking your advice here goes.

Having followed independent & alternative news for many years as (hopefully) millions of us do, the mind simply boggles as with each year the revealed truth gets uglier and the crimes more unthinkable.  The internet is replete with sites devoted to educating the public, raising the alarm, and sounding the clarion call to arms.  There is no lack or even shortage of educated, intelligent and articulate discourse on these sites.  Folks might even conceivably self-educate themselves to fully-informed status on youtube alone; the sheer mass of data is so great. We’ve learned not only the past crimes of the global elite but their future agenda as well, in ever more frightening detail, exasperated by corruption that is seemingly total, allowing crimes and criminals to proceed unhindered by accountability or morality.

Eleven years into this Orwellian nightmare and still the growing cacophony of protesting voices fail to actually result in any meaningful, organized resistance capable of tangible results.  An awfully tall order to be sure, and perhaps an unrealistic expectation as well; but isn’t that more or less the definition of hope?  Have the pacification technologies and various other assaults on human organisms proven simply too much to overcome?  Is there something being done somewhere by someone that might actually unite us all together long enough to throw the bums out; and the news just hasn’t reached me yet?  Is there not a single glimmer of hope on any horizon that we may yet prevail against these dark forces? 

Or is this one of those kinda times when by the time we fully realize just how fucked we really are…it’s already too late? 

The proportions of this nightmare undoubtedly have millions of people feeling like proverbial deer in the headlights, helpless and unable to resist, or even fight back…and we know all too well that the nail that sticks up is the one that gets hammered back down. We’ve been sealed in a box all these long years now.  We know we’re in a box, and it’s fixing to get smaller and wetter.  Being told constantly that we’re locked in a box seems to increase the confusion, and resignation of the population, if there is nobody also saying; “Here’s how we get out….” 
A beach full of people yelling Shark!! and no bloody lifeguards in sight might well sum up what’s bugging me.  It’s a case of cognitive dissonance, Jim, as my mind does not want to accept that it’s hopeless, that these evildoers cannot be thwarted, courted and hanged.  It’s hard to draw positive, hope filled conclusions when people fail to act by the millions and seemingly cannot be inspired or motivated into action.  We know the deck is stacked against us, the dice (and guns) are loaded and the odds always favor the house.  So what do you think personally Jim, is it game, set & match…or is there still an ember of hope faintly glowing somewhere; one that might be tended into a prairie fire?"

Be well,

Jim is still writing, as are so very many others; but are we doing it because we think that little spark might actually still exist somewhere, or because its the only way we know to retain our sanity in a world gone mad?  Here we all are, still running up & down the beach yelling "Shark, Shark" - but nobody is listening.  They're all numbed and dumbed down to the point of zombiehood.  The world can become a radioactive wasteland for the next million years or so...just don't mess with their cell phones!                                                             

I think about all the various things I'm doing 'for my health' and between the meds, the supplements, dietary restrictions & such it's become quite a regimen.  I ask myself, "Why bother?" when I can actually taste the GMO additives when I consume something containing them, which is fast becoming everything.  Or perhaps it's just the chemtrail residue, hard to say just where that metallic taste in the back of the throat  comes from these days.  Ya know, if Monsanto is so damn proud of their products, why don't they wanna label them?  It used to bother me, but not anymore.

Grasshopper - "But master what do I do when facing such overwhelming odds"
              Master Po - "You Lose!"

When you come right down to it I really have no idea why I ever expected your run-of-the-mill everyday humans to revolt en masse at the same time to save themselves; when it is historically clear what quisling cowards we are, as a race.  Always willing to let someone else come to the rescue; be it government, paramilitary groups, leprechauns, angels, aliens or 'God' himself. (why not Herself?)  Clergy & congress are just too busy boinking young boys to be bothered with doing their sworn jobs these days, along with about one thousand school teachers over the last five years who've had sex with their students.  We are truly a sick & perverted lot, ain't we?  Oh I know how hard it is to be honest with each other about such things, and perhaps even harder to be honest with ourselves, in the silence at the heart of things.  If we fail to protect our children from pedophiles, why would we protect them from radiation, or poison food from Monsanto?
Yes, I've been thinking about these things a lot lately, (someone has to) trying so hard just to understand why we humans deny the truth which is staring us right in the face, and refuse to do a single thing about it.  Every other living creature on this planet acts immediately to evade disaster when their life is threatened, but not humans.  And we're such a prideful lot we tell ourselves that dumb animals don't have a sense of self as humans do.  Offhand, I'd say that we are the dumb animals hereabouts.  We humans just continue strolling down the railroad track (the one with the bridge out up ahead) convinced the sound behind us is only the wind...yet we're too frightened to glance over our shoulder to be sure.

Who We Gonna Call? - Fearbusters?

Then I begin thinking about how very long I've been on this spiritual path, and my expectations of it.  I think about how by this time I kinda expected better results, something shiny and ethereal, or maybe the spirit of Stuart Wilde appearing in meditation, or a dream; something to let me know I'm on the right path, or even getting close to it.  There are folks on this planet who dedicate themselves to prayer, who are more or less in a constant state of prayer 24/7 year round.  I rather expect that they as well are maybe expecting better results from an all powerful, all knowing 'God'.  How about all the sexually abused and traumatized children who in a last hope for salvation turn to praying to 'God' to please make it stop?  

I wanna know, just exactly where 'God' is in all this insanity we consider acceptable, and even normal?  And, please, nobody suggest to me that it isn't for us to know the mind of our creator, because that's just more evasive denial & magical thinking.  Why in the world shouldn't we know the mind of our creator? Does 'he' have something to hide from us?  And since I'm on the subject of 'God'- who out there can explain to me who this dude was talking to when he supposedly said "Let there be light" - I mean after all, he was said to be alone at the time. What bovine excrement!
All of these things have been doing the Maytag routine; spinning round & round in my head as my mind tries to understand, and find some true meaning in this dystopian nightmare, and why as a species, humans are electing to ignore it.  My heart aches knowing that those I love are catching the concentrated brunt from that continuously erupting nuclear volcano.  I respect them for the honor in their point of view.  Unlike so many these days, my daughter isn't in denial about the lethality of her environment.  It may kill her in the end, but it will never rob her of her way of life.  A fully informed conscious choice, it used to be called having the courage of your convictions.  In the fullness of time my heart hopes she can live with the consequences of her decisions and choices.  Pick your spot, dig in for the duration, and try to create as much true joy and love as you can, because friends, things are only going to get worse from here on.
So that leaves an awful lot of zombies just going thru the motions, intentionally blind & oblivious to all things unthinkable.  Despite the built in irony, something just doesn't add up here !  The answer cannot be found using only the belief system currently in place, there seems to be some missing data, or concept that would tie it all together like an Agatha Christie mystery novel.  

Then a few nights ago as I was writing an email to a friend in Alaska, there it was!  
I sometimes have the TV on when I write, more as another presence in the room than anything to pay attention to, with the sound turned low enough to be barely audible; helps me concentrate.  So there I was at the keyboard composing my thoughts, when suddenly my television began making more sense than it ever has before.  A character in some new series or another was delivering his dialogue; his view of life while talking with a co-worker, and it dug into my brain like a tick, which if ya know my brain as well as I do, means there is something to it...pretty or otherwise.  So I will leave you here with what I heard: to make of it what you will.  I don't care... "I'm 'Charlie Mike', over." *

"It's all one ghetto man, a giant gutter in outer space.  I think Human consciousness is a tragic misstep in evolution.  We became too self-aware.  Nature created an aspect of nature separate from itself, we are creatures that should not exist, by natural law.  We are things that labor under the illusion of having a self; this accretion of sensory experience and feeling - programmed with total assurance that we are each somebody...when in fact everybody's nobody.  I think the honorable thing for our species to do is to deny our programming, stop reproducing, walk hand in hand into extinction, one last midnight.  Brothers and sisters opting out of a raw deal."
                                                                    ~'Rust'  (True Detective) ~

 May the Source be with You!
*'Charlie Mike' Vietnam radio code for - "Continuing Mission"
2014 Alt-Media News Truther Honors Roll

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

There Only Was One Choice

"There Only Was One Choice"
The Story of America by Harry Chapin

There's a kid out on my corner hear him strumming like a fool
Shivering in his dungarees but still he's going to school
His cheeks are made of peach fuzz, his hopes may be the same
But he's signed up as a soldier out to play the music game
There are fake patches on his jacket
He's used bleach to fade his jeans
With a brand new stay pressed shirt
And some creased and wrinkled dreams
His face a blemish garden but his eyes are virgin clear
His voice is Chicken Little's, but he's hearing Paul Revere
When he catches himself giggling
He forces up a sneer
Though he'd rather have a milk shake
He keeps forcing down the beer
Just another folkie, late in coming down the pike
Riding his guitar, he left Kid brother with his bike
And he's got Guthrie running in his bones
He's the hobo kid who's left his home
And his Beatles records and the Rolling Stones
This boy is staying acoustic
There's Seeger singing in his heart
He hopes his songs will somehow start
To heal the cracks that split apart
America gone plastic
And now there's Dylan dripping from his mouth
He's hitching himself way down south
To learn a little black and blues
From old street men who paid their dues
'Cause they knew they had nothing to lose
They knew it, so they just got to it
With cracked old Gibsons and red clay shoes
Playing 1 4 5 chords like good news
And cursed with skin that calls for blood
They put their face and feet in mud
But oh, they learned the music from way down there
The real ones learn it somewhere
Strum your guitar, sing it kid
Just write about your feelings, not the things you never did
Inexperience, it once had cursed me
But your youth is no handicap, it's what makes you thirsty
Hey kid, you know you can hear your footsteps
As you're kicking up the dust
And the rustling in the shadows tells you secrets you can trust
The capturing of whispers is the way to write a song
It's when you get to microphones, the music can go wrong
You can't see the audience with spotlights in your eyes
Your feet can't feel the highway from where the Lear jet flies
When you glide in silent splendor in your padded limousines
Only you are crying there behind the silver screen
Now you battle dragons, but they'll all turn into frogs
When you grab the wheel of fortune, you get caught up in the cog
First your art turns into craft then the yahoos start to laugh
Then you'll hear the jackals howl 'cause they love to watch the fall
They're the lost ones out there feeding
On the wounded and the bleeding
They always are the first to see the cracks upon the walls
When I started this song I was still thirty-three
The age that Mozart died and sweet Jesus was set free
Keats and Shelley too soon finished, Charley Parker would be
And I fantasized some tragedy'd be soon curtailing me
Well just today I had my birthday, I made it thirty-four
Mere mortal, not immortal, not star-crossed anymore
I've got this problem with my aging, I no longer can ignore
A tame and toothless tabby can't produce a lion's roar
And I can't help being frightened on these midnight afternoons
When I ask the loaded questions
"Why does winter come so soon?"
And where are all the golden girls that I was singing for
The daybreak chorus of my dreams serenades no more
Yeah the minute man is going soft, the mirror's on the shelf
Only when the truth's up there can you fool yourself?
I am the aged jester who won't gracefully retire
A clumsy clown without a net caught staggering on the high wire
Yesterday's a collar that has settled round my waist
Today keeps slipping by me, it leaves no aftertaste
Tomorrow is a daydream, the future's never true
Am I just a fading fire or a breeze passing through?
Hello my Country, I once came to tell everyone your story
Your passion was my poetry
And your past, my most potent glory
Your promise was my prayer
Your hypocrisy my nightmare
And your problems fill my present
Are we both going somewhere?
Step right up young lady
Your two hundred birthdays make you old if not senile
And we see the symptoms there in your rigor mortise smile
With your old folks eating dog food and your children eating paint
While the pirates own the flag and sell us sermons on restraint
And while blood's the only language
That your deaf old ears can hear
And still you will not answer with that message coming clear
Does it mean there's no more ripples in your tired old glory stream
And the buzzards own the carcass of your dream?
Oh B U Y Centennial
Sell 'em pre-canned laughter
America Perennial
Sing happy ever after
There's a dance band on the Titanic
Singing nearer my God to thee
And the iceberg's on the starboard bow
Won't you dance with me
Yes I read it in the New York Times
That was on the stands today
It said that dreams were out of fashion
We'll hear no more empty promises
There'll be no more wasted passions
To clutter up our play
It really was a good sign
The words went on to say
It shows that we are growing up
In oh, so many healthy ways
And I told myself this is exactly where I'm at
But I don't much like thinking about that
Harry, are you really so naive?
You can honestly believe
That the country's getting better
When all you do is let her alone
Harry, can you really be surprised?
When it's there before your eyes
When you hold the knife that carves her
You live the life that starves her to the bone
Good dreams don't come cheap
You've got to pay for them
If you just dream when you're asleep
There is no way for them, to come alive, to survive
It's not enough to listen, it's not enough to see
When the hurricane is coming on, it's not enough to flee
It's not enough to be in love we hide behind that word
It's not enough to be alive, when your future's been deferred
What I've run through my body, what I've run through my mind
My breath's the only rhythm and the tempo is my time
My enemy is hopelessness, my ally honest doubt
The answer is a question that I never will find out
Is music propaganda, should I boogie, rock and roll
Or just an early warning system hitched up to my soul
Am I observer or participant or huckster of belief
Making too much of a life so mercifully brief?
So I stride down sunny streets and the band plays back my song
They're applauding at my shadow, long after I am gone
Should I hold this wistful notion that the journey is worthwhile
Or tiptoe cross the chasm with a song and a smile?
Well I got up this morning, I don't need to know no more
It evaporated nightmares that had boiled the night before
With every new day's dawning, my kid climbs in my bed
And tells the cynics of the board room your language is dead
And as I wander with my music through the jungles of despair
My kid will learn guitar and find his street corner somewhere
There he'll make the silence listen to the dream behind the voice
And show his minstrel Hamlet daddy that there only was one choice
Strum your guitar, sing it kid
Just write about your feelings not the things you never did
Inexperience, it once had cursed me
But your youth is no handicap, it's what makes you thirsty, hey kid
Strum your guitar, sing it kid
Just write about your feelings not the things you never did
Dance band on the Titanic
Singing nearer my God to thee
The iceberg's on the starboard bow
Won't you dance with me
The dance band on the Titanic
Singing nearer my God to thee
And the iceberg's on the starboard bow
Won't you dance with me
Yeah the dance band on the Titanic
Singing nearer my God to thee
And the iceberg's on the starboard bow
Won't you dance with me
Come on
Yeah the dance band on the Titanic
Singing nearer my God to thee
And the iceberg's on the starboard side
Written & published 1977 !
Album: Dance Band on the Titanic

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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Miss ya Harry !