Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cosmic Crapshoot

Have you heard?  the aliens are coming! It seems the word is getting out in many circles at once, which to my mind seems a bit suspicious for starters, but that's just me more than likely.  Like everything else "They" do, this has been mapped and designed to play out over the course of generations:  with the idea of aliens; both fearsome & benevolent, being drip fed into our media, minds and consciousness; ever so gradually.  It's called predictive programming, and the fluoride helps a lot!

Just one more thing to find room for in our ever expanding belief system.  Halcyon days for certain, a time when everything including our future on this planet is up for grabs, winner takes all!  I find it of cosmic level irony that the same alien parasites who captured this planet and run it like a laboratory (with us as the rats) are now "warning" us of a looming alien invasion; at the same time their previous matrix hologram is falling apart - too many sleeping dreamers waking up.  The solution is simple, just install a new matrix program over the old, implemented by the sudden arrival of hostile aliens as the new bad guys. 
Recently a photo has been making the rounds, purportedly showing an alien craft on the dark side of the moon. I find I am at absolute zero on this one folks, don't care!  If it's just another crude hoax, or if it's really the evil aliens mothership; either way, I don't have much of an opinion on it.  The very fact that it's being so widely circulated means someone wants me to think it's a real spaceship on the moon, & I just gotta wonder why someone would want me to think that!  A few years back there was a fellow named John Lenard Walson who published some photos on the web supposedly showing huge alien spacecraft in earth orbit.  The photos obtained by joining a camera to his telescope created quite a stir on the internet, and I must say, they look rather intriguing...whatever they are showing!
Everything's about to get kicked up a notch or two, so buckle up, it could a bit wild before the new paradigm settles into place.  Can't help but wonder what that is gonna look like!  They say the holograms that will be used are absolutely stunning, and that we'll soon be seeing Jesus in the sky as well as fleets of invading spaceships,  just so the rapture group doesn't feel neglected!  Beware of the grandest deception of all time - now showing simply everywhere! 

"When they own the information, they can bend it any way they want" ~ John Mayer

There is a reason why everything that's ever worked for society is now breaking down, collapsing.  It's so that we'll be more susceptible to having to embrace the new matrix.  It's quite genius, actually; the aliens who captured & enslaved the populations of this planet have long remained in the shadows, pulling the strings behind the scenes.  When they implement the holographic fake alien invasion as the new control matrix; the Archons can then come out of hiding, to rule in plain sight as the new masters who have been here all along.  Duplicity. we fall for it every time.
Another example of the slow drip predictive programming going on can readily be seen by just looking at the titles of some of the more heavily promoted blockbuster movies of the last 18 months or so.  Movies such as: Skyline, Battleship, Battle L.A.- After Earth, Oblivion, Elysium, Apollo 18, War of the Worlds, and Pacific Rim to name but a few right off the top of my head.  It's no different than when they decided to have multiple wars going on at the same time; every war movie ever made was on TV around the clock, just as brand new war movies were being cranked out by Follywood.   It's how they drill an idea or concept into the mass psyche; Imbed, rinse & repeat, and it's why they call it brainwashing.

"Loyalty doesn't need to think"

As it turns out, the very best way to conquer a planet isn't that different from cooking frogs.  Toss a frog into a pan of boiling water and you have a very excited and motivated frog on your hands.  However, if you place him in a pan of cold water and gradually raise the heat, he'll cook to a turn with nary a squirm!  Not that it's in any way related, but 95% of the Mountain Yellow Legged Frogs have died/ disappeared from Yosemite National Park, and nobody seems to know why?  Just another eco-crisis to ignore as the water around us all gets warmer.    
Humans tend to have a terminal case of single-minded tunnel vision when it comes to their existence and life upon this planet.  It is focused almost entirely upon their immediate environment, comfort level, and immediate needs.  I'm not saying that is necessarily a bad thing, just that most folks seem to stop at that point, never venturing beyond their comfort zone.  Especially nowadays when "they" seem to be pulling out all the stops, to stop this Aquarian Evolution from attaining critical mass, it seems everyone is just dug in like a tick and laying low, trying to ride it out.  All over this beleaguered little planet, belief systems and paradigms are taking a real beating as a global case of reality cramps grips the human population.

"It's so hard to choose with only lies to choose from" ~ Michael Franti

I can certainly understand not wanting to lose what you have, because as we have all seen repeatedly; it's the nail that sticks up, that gets hammered back down.  It seems humanity is obsessed with always playing the odds, never really willing to stick their neck out.  Never willing to go all in, putting everything they believe and everything they are - on the line.

We know the game is rigged, that the house always wins because that's just how things are, yet we still play the game...we just don't play to win!  We play not to lose, big difference.  I can't help but think that maybe humanity would play the game to win, if they truly understood exactly what the table stakes are in this game.  But "we" do not see the big picture, indeed, we don't even know who all the other players are.  All we seem concerned with is the pile of chips in front of us, and how to not lose it!  Reasonable enough.  I wonder if just maybe; folks would have a different value system if they thought about the  astronomical odds against any of us even being here in the first place.

About twelve million years ago a star in Galaxy M82 went supernova.  Being that said galaxy is 12 million light years distant, we are just now able to see the light from that supernova.  A similar supernova some four and a half billion years ago crushed a cloud of gasses into a planetary disc; a whirlpool of gas and dust which in time transformed itself into stars, planets and solar systems, one of which we inhabit.  We are literally stardust.  Everything that comprises our physical body was first formed in the belly of a star; we are made from the stuff of stars as the late Carl Sagan said.  A noble heritage from noble gasses.  However, long, long before any life ever formed on earth, earth itself had to come into being.

The early solar system was a place of fiery chaos and pandemonium as all manner of debris, both large and small was orbiting the newly formed star we've come to call Sol.  The gas giants Jupiter, Saturn & Neptune in the outer solar system continually sent asteroids and comets hurtling into the inner system where the rocky planets were being formed by accretion.  In this phase of early bombardment earth finally collected enough mass for gravity, which in turn drew in more mass, to build the planet.  Give or take a few hundred thousand years; and the orbiting planets had fairly well swept up or destroyed most of the debris from the formation of the Sol system, and the planets stabilized in their respective orbits. 

Of all the planets in the Sol system, only earth enjoys an orbit in what is known as the goldilocks zone, the perfect distance from the sun for water to exist and for life to evolve.  Not too hot - not too cold, just right!  What astronomical luck!  Earth hit the cosmic jackpot!  What a lucky break for us!  But, I'd bet most of us never even think about that.

The petrology record of the moon's cratering suggests that about 700 million years after planetary formation there was a drastic spike in impacts, which has since become known as the late heavy bombardment; a period during which the newly formed earth was again pelted with numerous impacts and collisions, some of them quite massive.  Some speculate that this is also possibly when so much water came to be on earth, carried by asteroids and comets.  Other materials may have been brought here in the same manner, the building blocks of life.

About 3.6 billion years ago the first microbial life appeared, simple cells called Prokaryotes;
About 2 billion years ago the first complex cells began forming, called, Eukaryotes;
About a billion years ago, the first multicellular life emerged on earth;
About 600 million years ago the first simple animals appeared;
About 400 million years ago, insects and seeds developed;
Then came the amphibians, followed by the reptiles, followed by the mammals by around 200 million years ago.   The first true primates didn't show up on earth until around 60 million years ago.
2.5 million years ago the first proto-humans evolved on earth, and around
200 thousand years ago (just last week) the first of the modern age humans evolved from proto-humans. 

Perhaps the important thing to remember is that throughout the history of life on this planet, there have been five major extinction events, at various intervals.  Each time, the cards of DNA were shuffled, ruffled and flourished; with some species disappearing to make room for other species; such as 65 million years ago when that asteroid hit the Yucatan peninsula.  That event took out the dinosaurs, giving us mammals a chance to proliferate, and that we have done.  We have by now, proliferated so much that we are actually a danger to most all other life forms on the planet, we have become the dinosaurs that we replaced!  The reason for this is because back a few hundred thousand years ago humans were interfered with by other races, older races who long ago formed their agenda for this planet and all life upon it - and we are now seeing the final chapters of that agenda unfold, as our overlords scramble to compensate for events their plan never foresaw happening.  (an opportunity for us, perhaps)

The supernova in M82 reminds us that we live in a dynamic galaxy, within an ever expanding and even more dynamic universe.  Here we are, scurrying about in our little cars and our little lives thinking we're all that and a bag of chips.  We are so caught up in the matrix, and just trying to survive it that we tend to forget, or ignore, the really important moments, and people in our lives.  We forget how amazingly rare and precious a thing life is.  We have stopped respecting the magic of life - as if it was everywhere and anywhere in this galaxy, this universe.  I think we take life, and ourselves, for granted; and we've been doing it for so many generations now; we simply don't know how to stop.  We don't want to stop, because we just don't know any other way to be, to live.  Herd mentality, Hive mind, pre-programmed from birth by the Archon matrix.  Its always something!

If a star much closer to us than M82 were to go supernova; it could not only affect life here on earth, it could end it all together.  Then there are the really big explosions which occur in other galaxies Billions of light years away which can project very deadly gamma ray bursts, which, if they hit us here on earth, would fry us all pretty fast.  The odds of a gamma ray burst are a lot longer than say getting hit by an asteroid we never saw coming, which has nearly happened three times just in recent years.  I wonder what the odds are on that!?  As if there isn't more than enough to worry about just in human created problems; what if one of these frequent flyers happens to actually hit us...or even the moon?  Plenty of craters both here & there to make that a real likelihood.  Not only is our moon covered with impact craters, but it is also a wild card in the existence of life on earth, for without it earth's rotation would be erratic, and the seasons would not exist as we know them.  A lot of things had to happen just so in the creation of earth for us to even be here, and without that extremely lucky series of cosmic events, earth would just be another lifeless rock floating in the void of space; and none of us would exist at all. 

Then there are other cosmic hazards to consider, not that there's much one could do to prepare for them except reconciling it with your soul.  Black holes, dark energy, dark matter, solar flares and coronal  mass ejections, just to name a few. There also are rogue planets, and brown dwarf stars roaming through the cosmos that could alter or even end life on this planet.  Good thing space is so big, huh?!  Yet even considering the vastness of space we cannot rely upon that to save us, as all those impact craters attest to.

In three or four billion years, when Sol reaches the end of it's life, it's going to be a bad hair day on earth; as the suns corona will at that time, envelop dear earth.  The point is not to scare the cattle here, but rather to press on a bit more about why we should all seek to respect, honor and maybe even cherish this thing called life; seeing as how rare and fragile a thing it is.

I guess what bothers me in all this is being on this beautiful planet, so full of potential, part of a species with such great promise: with an entire universe to explore at our doorstep; only to be little more than Archon livestock...slaves on our own world, sold out by our own kind for their own safety and comfort.  Of course as regular readers already are aware, I'm pretty disappointed in my species as well; for our capitulation, our failure to fight for our future and our children's futures.  I guess I'm barking up the wrong tree here though.  Considering we've been the property of these parasites for hundreds of generations I guess the slave mentality is just too well imbedded in our collective consciousness for it to be broken by a mere handful of spiritual activists who are immune to the programming.  Our voices are being heard alright, it's just that we're all considered insane by those who haven't yet realized they are nothing more than slaves of lies.

May the Source be with You!


  1. Utterly, brilliant and...just what I was thinking. Fabulous post. Annabelle

    1. Annabelle~
      Wow, thanks, glad you enjoyed my ramblings. What do ya think, about time we 'double down'?

    2. ...that sounded way different in my head...I was talking about humanity!

  2. Hi Chautauqua,

    A beauty article, thank you!

    In Blackjack parlance I'd say M82 has just dealt us a split, two Aces: the Ace of Hearts and the Ace of Spades. It's now up to each of us to play how we've been trained. I agree that no one is coming to rescue us, not only because, yes, we are 100 percent responsible for ourselves, but also because this caper is an inside job. Blackjack is the only game, as I understand it, in which the house is at a slight disadvantage compared to the players, and IF the players at any particular table know the rules and don't deviate from them, then the rewards are immense.

    Again, super article, Chautauqua, methinks there's more than meets the random eye here with respect to M82, (vibrational split?) and I'm 'all in' on the Ace of Hearts.

    Love, Althea

    1. The trick, I think, is knowing when to fold your cards, cut your losses, and push away from the table.

    2. In 3D, I'd agree with you, but we're playing at a table in the 4th and we've got energy chips coming from the 5th called ONE, LOVE, and NOW and they'll appear just when we need them. Love, Althea

    3. ... LOVE the r-ANT !! -)))
      how-EVE-r ... i'm with A-NON on this ONE ))
      ITs all-ways today, and to-D-ay flow-S (S-wolf) th-ROUGH NOW = withOUT EXceptiON.

      ... the MooN = NOT pelted with crater(s) = how is it that "EVERY" impact hit at 90 degrees ?? -)) = all mOOn craters are %100% circular = not a single impact hit at an angle ??? = IMPOSSIBLE !! -))) + all the 'cr-ATE-rs' have an "equally" flat boTTom "or" no boTTom at ALL ?? -)))

      ThE arch-ON-s are 'contrast' makers = misery makers for the blind -((
      = catalyst crEAT(O)rs = motivation for the A-waken-IN-G !! -)))

      With-IN the IN-fini-TE NOW, WE change, WE G-roW ... but the INFINITE moment ALL-READ-Y "IS" every-thin-G = 'IT' (god, the divine, the S-OUR-CE) doesn't have "ti-me, nor space" to g-ET anyTHINg wrong, to stumble, to make misT-AKEs ... and AT "OUR" co-re, WE ARE IT )))

      WE (hu-M-an(s)) have curiosity, hu-M-or, and LOVE ... ImA-G-InE hOw mUCh the SourCE mUSt have ?? -))) = E-pi-C ++++ X !!!! -)))

      Don't s-LOW DOW-n for the B-ark-in-G DOGS (the blind) ... WE are not alive and WE don't die ... WE EX-i-ST, withIN an INFINTE M-i-rr-o-R = FEEL IT, withOUT judgment, withOUT labels ... and the limit-at-i-ON-S f-ALL a-WAY; BE-CaUsE t-HERE is NO sepa-RA-tion BE(t-WE)EN any-THIN-G ... outSIDE of HoW WE P-ArT-ic-PaT-E = the ONLY ch-oi-ce WE HavE !! -)))

      LOVE this BLOG !!! -))))
      = vERy in-S-pHi-RING withOUT EXCEPTION !!! -))

      BE HappY !!!! -))

      ONe LOVE

  3. Wow ... fantastic article! Thank you! Love to you all!