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Twilight of the Gods

It seems like I've been watching all this happen my entire life.  By the time I was fourteen I was pretty much "aware" as they say, that many things in life were not as advertised.  I could see that 'daily life' was just a consensus reality facade giving lip service to the moral codes we all claim to live by.  That was also the year they killed JFK right in front of everyone.  Make a point, set an example.  We got it.  They are in control. 

That event which sent the population into numbed silence and disbelief was the catalyst for me.  The Coup D'etat carried out as a public execution was the turning point for America; it marked the end of our innocence and the beginning of our internment in a police state.

The corruption and duplicity were always present in politics before Kennedy, it was just very well concealed from the great unwashed masses who were too busy chasing the American Dream.  Back in the days when good men might have been able to stop what was happening, the great shining lie concealed itself like a scorpion at noon.  All these long years later, as the endgame unfolds, it has no need to hide, in fact, they have been blatantly throwing it right in our face, and thumbing their nose, ever since 911.

Naturally, when you see so many things going wrong, things that just aren't right by any standard; you seek to tell people, so they might see the same truths...and hopefully tell others.  Limping towards that hundredth monkey!  I expected it to be difficult all those years ago, and it was; because you first had to dig up evidence, proof...that sort of thing then tie it all together in a convincing manner.  Didn't always work.

You'd think that it would be so much easier to convince people these days, but that just isn't the case.  With all the evidence and proof they'd ever want literally at their fingertips, people today seem somehow emotionally invested in remaining oblivious to oblivion.  I have a hard time even trying to understand why; it just makes my head explode some days.  Mammals got their chance at the brass ring of evolution after that big space rock killed off the dinosaurs some 65 million years ago, and humans became the highest expression of mammalian life, going on to dominate the planet, as if we were Gods.

Technology isn't Revolutionary ~ It's Evolutionary.

In the age of steam it took 150 years for mankind's collective knowledge to double.  Today it takes 2 years.  By the year 2020 it will take 72 hours!  You might think that would argue in favor of our continued existence and dominance on this planet, yet we have no guarantee whatsoever that we will even make it six more years to see that milestone manifest.  Right now there are over seven billion cell phones on the planet, one for every human, and then some.  Same with cars, and a lot of other things.  Unchecked progress may seem to work well for a while, but that time is long passed, and now we are reaping the whirlwind for our blasé attitude, and trusting our "leaders."

We have conducted ourselves upon this world as if we indeed are Gods, as if someone else would be along to clean up after us.  Perhaps the worst and most arrogant sin of all was doing all we did with no thought whatsoever of long term consequences to the planet, or our children.  I say we did these things because when you are silent in the face of atrocity you take part in that give it your tacit approval, so you get to share the responsibility, and blame.  You don't get to ignore evil your entire life then claim your non-involvement.  It doesn't work that way.  It's your fault, because your silence made you a shareholder.


This new year isn't even 2 weeks old and already we're seeing some very interesting if not frightening realities coming home to roost.  I have never heard the term Polar Vortex before this week, and must admit it sounds like one of those cleverly crafted made up phrases designed to instill just enough fear & dread.  They are saying these will be the lowest temperatures in this century.  Just ask the folks around Chicago and the great lakes how they feel about climate change, this week.  Meanwhile, England and parts of Europe are seeing some rather freakish waves hitting their shorelines, just one more warning sign that massive changes are occurring in the planet's ecosystem - changes we really can't afford to ignore any longer.  
Frozen Niagara Falls

Foraging for essentials


Just over 1000 days ago the future of this planet was cast in stone, it's future irrevocably predetermined by the events at Fukushima.  Naturally, all governments involved went immediately into full on cover-up mode; as the hapless sleeping dreamers of earth dove deeper into the blankets of denial and self-deception.  That is a decidedly dangerous and lethal combination.  The powers that be decide to do nothing to stop the continuously erupting nuclear volcano, and in fact do many things that make it much, much worse.  Almost as if they wanted to spread as much radiation as far and fast as possible.

Tepco and the government (such as it is) of Japan have been dumping extremely radioactive cooling water directly into the pacific ocean for over a thousand days now.  Doing so is a direct and flagrant violation of international law, and to my utter amazement, nothing is being done to stop it...not a penalty, fine, or even harsh language.  I want you to think about this the next time you watch one of those reality shows about catching crabs, and salmon.    

                Deadliest Catch, truth in advertising.       


Think about how cold and callous an industry is to just continue harvesting and selling seafood it knows is radioactive enough to glow blue in the dark.  80% of the salmon failed to return this year. The herring and sardines which support larger fish, are gone.  Dead.  The few herring that did show up were seen to be bleeding from the eyes & mouth.

The Pacific ocean is dead, & if  you eat seafood, you will be too.

What of the airborne radiation?  Well, not only has it now spread around the entire planet, it is, of course, falling to earth and poisoning the rest of our food chain; even as still more deadly radiation spews forth hourly from the source.  Is Fukushima our self-inflicted suicide?  Have we so totally given up as to actually embrace this insane Kamikaze Karma?  We Americans who hold ourselves as so damn exceptional over the rest of the world, should hang our heads in utter shame at what we've allowed to be done to us and this world.  We were supposed to be the good guys who always rise up to fight evil, but somewhere along the way we just turned our backs, and abandoned our conscience, and each other altogether.

Disappearances & Extinctions are matters of human perception

The earth had to survive no less than eight threshold events in order to form and sustain life as we know it, including being lucky enough to orbit Sol's Goldilocks zone, allowing liquid water and life sustaining conditions to exist.   At least five times, one upheaval or another served up extinction level events on planet earth, and if by now you are not aware we're experiencing the sixth such extinction, then you aren't paying attention, at all!  Perhaps world "leaders" are so silent and cavalier about Fukushima because they know something else is gonna happen before the radiation kills and mutates all of us and our progeny.    

 We could very easily be taken out the way the dinosaurs were.  I don't know how many of you notice or remember such things...but in the last 3 years earth has had an awful lot of hits and near misses by asteroids and meteorites.  Just last year as we were tracking an object sailing by between earth & the moon, we took a shotgun blast to the face from another one that nobody saw coming, which hit Russia.  Since that time we have witnessed a significant increase in these objects, where always before such events were rare.  Perhaps something looms closer to us in the darkness of space, and because we can't do anything about it, the public isn't being told, as usual.

Did you know that right now, in the Universe - 90% of the material needed to make new stars is gone?  It's all used up.  Fewer and fewer stars will be formed, resulting in fewer goldilocks zones, around fewer planets.  We are living in the summertime of the universe, (late August if you ask me) and order just continues toward chaos.  It's all downhill from here.  It's the same story for earth's natural resources...they're mostly gone too; but you would never guess that to see how gluttonous and wasteful we are...but isn't that the job description for a God?  So in the grand view of things, maybe nothing that happens in this place matters much at all.  It's mind over matter; if you don't mind - it doesn't matter.      
We regard this planet as though it's the only cracked egg in a dozen, that there's more where this one came from.  Considering that we would just do the same to any new planet as we've done with this one, it's no wonder we're not permitted to leave & explore the galaxy.  Would true Gods behave as we have on this planet? Would Gods place psychopaths in positions of power without the slightest penalty for poor performance?  Would Gods value gold over good, allowing millions to starve so that a few may live in unregulated opulence? 

"Everything is on the table now and its not ours to lose."
                                                                                                     Steve Butler ~ 'Promised Land'

The title of this post is a German word, Götterdämmerung which means "Twilight of the Gods"- a collapse of society marked by catastrophe, violence & disorder.  As the self-appointed Gods of this place, we humans have become so drunk with delusions of power it has blinded us to the setting sun.  We've become so jaded as to even take pleasure in the suffering of others.  The Germans have a word for that too; Schadenfreude.  Perhaps it is a fitting requiem for a bunch of half-arsed self made Gods that we turn the whole smelly mess into a Roman Holiday where we offer ourselves up  as the main course of the sacrificial feast. 

All human effort is illusionary, thou not necessarily futile.

History teaches us that change is both inevitable and inescapable.  The ancient truth has prevailed time after time, and that is simply the truth that all empires, despite their might, eventually fall.  All of them.  Entropy - the old order into chaos thing prevails every single time, as it is prevailing again now.  That's the nice thing about history, it repeats itself until the lessons are learned; and only when we learn them will we ever escape this cycle of insanity.

For years experts have been trying to expose the global banking system for the planet-wide ponzy scheme that it is.  Over-inflated egos obsessed with maniacal greed have over-inflated the world economy in a final grab for everything on the table.  The word final being the operative concept here.  Look back over just the last 2 years at the steady hammering the global ponzy scheme has taken.  In Greece they learned they could even have the banks steal their customers money for the government, without much serious blow-back at all.  Oh sure, lots of squawking in protest...that was it.  Looks like we'll be going out with a whimper after all.

"History is turning into a white-knuckle ride"- Terence McKenna

How about water - how long can you go without it?  Not long at all, and yet we not only stand by silently as the remaining supplies of fresh water are being privatized; we strangely are equally as silent when the raging psychopaths in control begin Fracking for natural gas in the exact same place as the fresh water.  In places like Singapore they're already forced to recycle raw sewage into drinking water; because what water they had is gone!  Who else is thinking about doing the same thing?  Australia, Arizona, and California!  A total 36 states (in America) are already facing water shortages.  This crisis isn't looming, we're in it right now.       

Not only is our water often contaminated due to illegal dumping by sewage treatment plants, it also contains dangerous chemicals from the medicines we take and the beverages we consume. Do you know there are many substances, like caffeine, exotic chemicals, and pharmaceuticals which are not removed by sewage treatment processes?  If you could see inside the water you drank today; you might just swear off the stuff for good.  So, how will you feel the first time you have no choice but to drink recycled sewage; knowing as you will in your heart of hearts, some of the responsibility for it, is yours?  Kinda rounds out the contamination equation; covering all the bases.  Scorched Earth.  Your silence is your complicity in all of these crimes against humanity...what? you really thought that if you said nothing then they would reward you somehow??

Silly little God!

Now that irrefutable signs of radiation poisoning are showing up in our food, and in the mutations being documented in marine life up & down the pacific coast; it's getting harder to cover up and ignore.  It's harder every day for the government to sweep the whole mess under the rug, when the rug has been eaten away by so much overwhelming evidence.  When you see a mugger across the street it makes you feel safer to ignore him.  When he crosses to your side of the street, and is coming closer you can continue to believe he'll just walk on by...but when his gun is in your face, it's rather hard to ignore. 

Kamikaze Karma 

Why do we allow corporations to continue harvesting radioactive seafood from the ocean and selling it.  A still better question is why are WE still buying it and eating it?  Why do we intentionally, knowingly feed poison food to our children, whether the poison is radiation, GMO, or corexit from the gulf ?  I really want to know exactly what process a parent must go through to finally decide it's just too much work NOT feeding your kids pure poison.  It's a big enough crime, and yes, I mean crime to dull their senses with drugs for imaginary disorders, so what's the logic here Dad & Mom...throw the baby out with the bathwater?  How do you justify feeding your children something that will give them cancer and mutated offspring?  

                                                 Not very damn God-like if you ask me!  
There's a reason the human face fits so perfectly in it's own hands.

Until Next Time ~ Be God to Each Other

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Latest Fukushima Update from Yoichi Shimatsu

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  1. Its even impossible to warn ppl against buying Pacific seafood. Have you done so and been given that blank look like you are the prophet of doom, telling them something they just don't want to know and will ignore anyway. Every brand of canned seafood in the local supermarket comes from either Thailand or Canada. "Canadian" used to mean fresh and untainted, but I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole now. Unfortunately seafood is always the first thing to pick up toxins. When the word gets out, can you imagine the effect it will have on the fishing industry and livelihoods of people in the Pacific? I believe this may be the reason we're not being told. They're still waiting for a magic solution to whisk the problem away. you said, a greater catastrophe is looming. (We won't be told about that one either!) Dee

    1. Dee~ I have always loved seafood, and when I lived in Alaska it was a mainstay of my diet. The day Fukushima happened I immediately realized I was gonna have to give it up. It isn't easy to give up something you love, or for that matter, changing your core beliefs to keep pace in a dangerously changing world. Writing this post the term "Kamikaze Karma" occurred to me to describe the current human fits very well, actually, perfectly. People feel so overwhelmed by everything going on that they are like deer in the headlights. Cognitive dissonance on steroids is what happens when the mind realizes that there is no surviving the current dilemma.

  2. Hello meen, I've been following your blog for almost 6 months now without leaving any comment so I decided to quickly say hi today, just so you know you've got a fan somewhere. LOL. Your blog makes sense to me just like, another similarly interesting blog that I'm also a fan of.

    Keep it up.

    1. Hi Daniel~Glad you are a fan, I saw you in the back of the dining car; working out blog posts on your laptop. Buckle up, dark territory ahead!

  3. Hi Chautauqua,

    It's interesting to me how we have become so terrified of radiation. The Sun has been unleashing radiation focused on this Earth for billions of years and so far, at least as far as I know, no one has died of Sunburn. Do you remember the picture of the young girl running in the street after the A-bomb was dropped on Hiroshima? I naturally assumed that girl never made it to being a woman, but she did and she's quite beautiful and vibrant. I am not burying my head in the sand when it comes to Fukushima, but is it possible that radiation can only work its devastation when enough of us believe that it can? We have been so inundated with the 'potential' horrors of radiation, we have forgotten our own power to believe it into something completely opposite and even beneficial. And could it be that the Sun, with it's massive CME's, is sending us the know-how? Could it be that every time a catastrophe happens, it is to wake people up so that "The Approaching Timeline Split" happens? Love, Althea

  4. Hi Althea~
    OK, let's see what I can do with this. The floor of the Pacific ocean is carpeted with the dead bodies of literally billions of sardines and herring...the food supply for many former life forms in said ocean. Those bait fish never heard a single word about nuclear radiation or what effects it may have on life. Since the only thing we know of for certain that might account for a total die off of those species (and I do mean total, the boats that fish for them came home empty this year) would be the radiation from Fukushima, I suggest to you that radiation is lethal to life as we know it.

    If you were to...oh lets say stick a fork in an electrical outlet or a working toaster with every belief in the world it would not harm you despite a lifetime of folks saying it will; would you go ahead and do it? Is your faity that strong? How about the scenario in the post with the mugger: when the gun is at your head and its certain the thug will pull the trigger, will that bullet kill you even if you believe with every fiber of your being that it's harmless?? Is your belief that strong?

    The sun is not putting cesium and strontium 90 into our eco-system and food chain - different kind of radiation to begin with, and then there is the protective effect of earths atmosphere, AND electromagnetic field to shield us from harmful solar radiation. As how this all equates (or not) to 5D aspirations, and the splitting of timelines; I'm not sure, don't have all the answers, and not nearly enough to please me at that. I think that watching the earth succumb to the inevitable legacy of Fukushima is an equal horror to the one of watching so many souls sleepwalk thru this with that "Kamikaze Karma" mindset; like cognitive dissonance on Acid, DMT and steroids all together.

    Yes, Virginia, there IS a nuclear demon...He's invisible, odorless and tasteless (in the extreme) and whether you believe; does not matter at all - it simply doesn't enter into the equation!! All your belief can do at this point is to comfort you as we progress deeper into this quagmire. My personal belief is that this radiation, the chemtrails, the contaminated water & GMO food and all the rest - can only affect my physical body, not my spirit, which is what really counts after all. I find the only effect the radiation has on my soul is the aforementioned twin horrors of living in such times as these.
    Peaceful Blessings sister!

  5. Hi Chautauqua,

    Thank you for your thorough response. You're right about the toaster, and I wouldn't do the fire-walk, either, but many have. So it would seem we're caught between a rock and a hard place, however, I am reminded that these 'times' we live in are for waking up and standing up to the manipulation humanity has endured for eons. The question is how. Apparently, the dinosaurs are not extinct, they live right next door in an octave vibrating slightly lower than ours, but I understand they are desperate now, because as we lose our fear, they lose food. Food chain stuff again! There are other frequencies vibrating higher where Archon manipulation is non-existent and our job is to make those frequencies available to the masses. We can do that, but if people are not going to take the opportunity to explore them, then we must move on, and we will, whether it's in Light Body or in an afterlife that does not include the reincarnation cycle of 4D. I think you said it best in your line above, "Disappearances & Extinctions are matters of human perception." About faith? I don't think it enters the equation, but quantum physics does. Thanks again for your detailed response, I appreciate it very much and I completely agree that the ploys of the reptiles can only affect our physical bodies, not our spirits. Love, Althea

    1. Althea~ I'm a little confused here sister, as it seems you respect the toasters reputation far more than that of the radiation engulfing the planet. I'm not seeing the directness of the connection you make between the radiation and the manipulation of humanity. Are you saying to us that radiation is only harmful to us if we believe the "propaganda" that radiation is harmful?? If radiation isn't deadly to humans then why do Nuke plant workers wear those heavy protective suits? Why can't the astronauts just wear speedos and tank tops, if radiation is harmless? There is a damn good reason we fear it; radiation kills, period. There are simply no 2 ways about it. A little radiation kills slowly, thru cancer, leukemia, etc - massive exposure to radiation kills much more quickly. Many Fukushima workers DIED within hours, and days after initial exposure.

      Over 80% of the Pacific salmon run did not return this past season. They aren't 'late', they are freaking dead sister, because the radiation killed off their primary food source, just as it also killed them. The larger the organism, the higher amount of radiation it can absorb before dying from it. So first to go are the smallest and frailest life forms, sardines, herring, krill, shrimp, bees, butterflies, birds...right on up the list to humans. I have no idea what you are talking about with the dinosaurs in an adjacent, lower frequency feeding off of human fear??? I dig the part about different realities existing on different frequencies, I got that, but when you start talking about the dinosaurs getting desperate...needing our fear to survive; I wonder if you are kidding around, trying to see just how much stupid shit I'll buy just sounds ludicrous, is all I'm saying. Definitely NOT saying those who actually believe it are stupid, but just that it sounds kinda stupid to me. I get more confused by your comment that 'faith' doesn't enter into the equation, when just yesterday you seemed to be saying your faith that the radiation is harmless; is what keeps you safe from it.

      The radiation engulfing us is real, and deadly in the extreme, which is why we are now seeing the horrendous effects of it in earth's wildlife. Everywhere, birds, mammals, and all ocean life are showing both physical signs of radiation poisoning & mutation - and, many species of animals are exhibiting some VERY strange, and totally untypical behavior as well, both land and sea animals...the radiation is driving them crazy insane. My point here, Althea, is a simple but powerful one. None of these creatures I've just mentioned can read. They have been 100% immune to the eons of human manipulation. They never heard of radiation, nobody ever told them it was deadly, they have NO belief system involving radiation - yet they are dying from it all over the globe. How do you explain that?

  6. Hi Chautauqua,

    I confess I'm not familiar with the immune and/or belief systems of sea animals, only that they exist because I've seen some, and yes, eaten some, too. My thinking is that we have reached the stage of what may be termed a collision of dimensions, or frequencies, and are at the point where what we choose to focus on becomes our reality. I choose not to focus on radiation's effects on humans, et cetera. Why? Because I do not want to add any more fear into Gaia than already is here. I apologize if I have caused confusion, and I sense, your anger, at my attempting to explain that there may be bigger things at work here other than a tsunami that has blown up a nuclear plant. As for the dinosaurs, if everything happens in the Now, then I would expect that dinosaurs are still around. And perhaps I should have said reptilian-types need our fear to survive. I should not have commented at the Express with respect to this article. Thank you, again, for taking your stand. I admire it and can only hope that the results of Fukushima will awaken many. Love, Althea

    1. Althea
      I would agree that our reality is created by our thoughts, and intentions (which are held in our hearts) but what part our 'focus' plays in that creation may again break down to semantics. To not 'focus' on something is not the same thing as not 'believing' it will kill you. They seem quite different to me. One can certainly 'believe' that radiation is deadly, yet choose to not dwell on the fact, to put their 'focus' on how to extract every possible moment of joy in what time remains. That seems a very healthy approach. However, if one 'believes' that radiation is harmless and that then becomes their 'focus'; well, that's just denial.

      Yet another thing that has always confused me is why I immediately have to be 'angry' if I offer critical analysis of someone's differing opinion. I was merely looking at each element of your comment and offering my input. My opinions hold no emotional energy, I have zero interest in being or appearing 'right'. I even went out of the way to illuminate the point I wasn't calling anyone 'stupid' for holding whatever 'belief'...just that the one idea you tossed out seemed rather stupid. I just never understood why so many humans attach such emotional intensity to a belief. As for your comment that you shouldn't have commented on this post...well you just know better, that just doesn't sound at all like you. I dunno, if you are feeling slighted, or 'dumped on' every time I express an opinion contrary to your belief maybe you do have some things to re-examine, and feeling like you cannot 'express' yourself here might be a good start.
      Love and peaceful blessings.