Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hearts in Aquarius; The Fukushima Blues

Fukushima Trilogy~Part Three

The longer we walk the spiritual path in this life, the more we encounter this concept that a good many of us volunteered to reincarnate at this pivotal time in history; to assist with the great awakening and the Aquarian evolution. 

It's an appealing idea on a couple of levels but mostly I think because it speaks to that part in us that desires to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.  If we can keep our ego out of the equation, this can be a great way to focus our spiritual energy, or at the very least, to help define it for ourselves. 

We knew before we came to this place that it would be hard work, that we'd get unending opposition from the opposition and apathy from the masses.  We knew this would be an uphill struggle with setbacks and disappointment; we even knew about the mandatory memory wipe, and still we said yes because it's just that important.

The universal catalyst for these migrating souls, is the vision of a golden age, when peace would guide the planets and love would steer the stars, Aquarius. 

We thought we were here to witness and help usher in this age of peace & harmony.
No matter how much resistance we got from authority, that vision of a golden age kept our spirits strong, kept us in the good fight.  All that seems like a million years ago now.

All that was before Fukushima.

It's a whole other thing now, and it's forever.

We're going to need a couple of new era designations to go along with BC, AD, & BCE;  Because now time can said to be either BF (Before Fukushima) or AF (After Fukushima) as well.

The world before fukushima was starting to shake off the need for greed and oppression so prevalent over the previous era of Pisces.  Like a bear rising from hibernation, humanity was waking up from the Kali Yuga, hungry for something new which nourishes the soul over the ego. 

In the world after fukushima all our hopes & dreams have been swept off the table along with every future where humanity flourishes and thrives.  We may still be allowed the consolation of having some small, short range dreams here and there; but for all intent & purposes the future has been cast for all of humanity; not cast in stone, but rather in Plutonium & Uranium.

As might be expected, this is really messing with our heads on all levels. 

Although the first choice of many is some form of denial which affords the luxury of getting thru the day on some functional, useful level; you can bet the subconscious mind is chewing things over with all filters off. 

Turns out that radiation is our kryptonite.  When exposed to massive doses the spirit becomes paralyzed, unable to act or dream because the conscious mind knows that there will be no cavalry charging over the hill to save the day, and no fix for fukushima.  Now it doesn't happen immediately but we begin to unconsciously assimilate the ramifications of fukushima upon ourselves and our progeny.  The futures our children and grand children had waiting for them have been stolen and replaced with the stuff of nightmares.

What do we do with that? 

How do we just fold that into our master plan and then explain it to the kids? 

Perhaps the worst part is the point blank execution of hope.

Maybe the Mayans knew what they were talking about!

 As long as people have some hope, no matter how slight, they soldier on towards a magical someday when everything will work out.  When you take away that last spark of hope, despair begins to creep in and poison the thought process. 

A sense of futility starts to take hold as the scope of the fukushima disaster sinks into the cognitive process.  The invisible death of radioactive fallout begins eroding our thoughts and emotions long before it actually enters our bodies. 

On top of all the other present day horrors assaulting our souls and eroding our hopes for a bright future, fukushima is the final straw which breaks the camels back.  Against such overwhelming and total finality, our minds just aren't equipped to cope.  There is no direction home, and we feel lost in the whirlwind. 

History cannot provide answers or salvation because we're beyond history now, this has never happened before, and there are no guarantees that more reactors won't fail in the same way.  In other words don't look for it to ever get better because it could still get much worse.

This is the stuff our subconscious minds are chewing over and its given most of us a case of the fukushima blues as we strive to cope with something of this unholy magnitude. 

We must guard against feelings of futility, and hopelessness even thou they be formidable monsters.  The matrix would love nothing better than all of us in the steel grip of hopelessness. 

The first step is to acknowledge to yourself that we now live in a fundamentally different world than before fukushima; and the second is to readjust your picture of reality to accommodate that.  Easier said than done, believe me, I know.  With these mental updates in place I should think the next step is then to re-assess long range plans, goals and dreams accordingly.

Where we were once programmed to value possessions and status; let us now deny that programming in favor of prioritizing people & relationships over profit & prestige.   If the state of the human condition and the dark future ahead have you feeling there's nothing left to live for, then live for something else that was right there all along.  There is no house, car or possession more valuable than human interaction.  It's always been that way; a pity it takes something like this for us to see it. 

The Fukushima Blues has left the children of Aquarius feeling Godsmacked in stunned confusion, shattering delusions large and small.  How exactly does this fit into the grand scheme of things?  We're struggling to understand. 

All this radioactive contamination of the human food chain; how does that affect our spiritual evolution?  Does it derail the process, or is it somehow critical to & part of our spiritual evolution? 

How do we fight off depression and futility?

Since the foreseeable future is anything but bright, I suggest taking all those pieces of shattered dreams and mystic crystal revelations; and reshaping that energy into something that makes today a little better for somebody. 

You gotta do something that makes sense for you and at the same time acts like a vote for the kind of future you want.  Me?  I bought a couple 3D printers and started a new business; for you it could be teaching firewalking or base jumping.  As long as it fires your passion and gets you involved with your life and in touch with those you love. 

That is more important than ever now.    

We don't have to defeat the matrix anymore.  All we gotta do is quit feeding it.  Stop supporting the matrix with your time and purchase power.  If you keep helping to prop up a dying structure it'll just fall on you when it finally crumbles.  Better to quietly back away now and re-invest your energy towards those who matter to you.  The world ran flat out of easy answers about four years ago; everything from here onward gets way more complicated, sometimes even on good days. 

We can't look to society for help or answers because it's already upside down and backwards.  While our "leaders" all resemble spoiled brat schoolchildren our cops have all become elite military units fighting a hologram war on terrorism.  Soldiers are trained to carry out directives with violence; while policemen traditionally defuse problems with conflict resolution.  When you dress your cops like commandos it blurs the lines between the two and tragedies like Ferguson are the predictable result.

When not stilling the voice of protest with tear gas or gunning down urban youth these militarized cops are also quite handy when it comes to keeping private prisons filled to capacity.  Since 1980 California has built 23 prisons, hired over 1400 prison guards and fired 500 teachers.  Not exactly the Aquarian golden age we were expecting.  That got hijacked, derailed and overshadowed by fukushima.

Giving up is not an option; and yet the insurmountable scope of the fukushima paradigm causes many to think in that direction out of desperation.  The simple truth here is that we only have a small amount of information on which to base our decisions.  This can be both good and bad at the same time, a real catch-22.  Because we don't have all the information; quite literally anything can happen.  To give up with so much unknown at play seems rash.

Here in California we don't have to wonder or guess; we know that "fukushima is here."  We know this from the horrendous number of dead marine mammals washing up on our beaches; and the disappearance of sea life up & down the pacific coast.  As if we needed any more notches on the misery index, California is down to one year of water and less than an inch of topsoil.  Thankfully we have a whole lot of wine.  I have a feeling that will come in handy.

Being an earth steward and child of Aquarius; my heart is saddened beyond description over what is happening and what will come.  Being a father with loved ones living in Alaska, my heart agonizes, knowing my grandchildren will inherit the legacy of fukushima, and then pass it on to their children. 

My soul rages, knowing it could have all been prevented, didn't have to happen.

My heart weeps over the death of the pacific ocean; knowing it presages coming horrors.

My mind rolls the data over like the balls in the lotto machine, but alas, there are no winning combinations in this game of chance. 

Nothing we know or have ever learned can help us out of the freefall nightmare facing humanity, and that's just what it feels like most days - one of those nightmares where you're falling & falling without hitting the bottom.  The horror seeps in once we remember we're not sleeping and this nightmare is real. 

We humans are a strange sort when it comes to hope.  Even though it seems to have taken a fatal hit with fukushima, even though the odds are insurmountable, we will still nurture a tiny spark of hope in our hearts.  Hope that something we have no knowledge of, or right to expect will somehow resolve the situation before its too late for humanity.

I like that about us!

What's the old catch phrase, hope springs eternal?  It's in our nature, not our programming, to harbor hope against all odds.  Its one of those things that makes humanity worth saving. 

One of the first spiritual concepts many are exposed to is the advice, Be in this world, not of it. This little reminder has always served me well in the past, I'm thinking a tattoo will help me remember better as memory fades with age.  A lot of wisdom there, being in this world yet not of it.

Unfortunately, hope alone won't be enough.  We're going to have to adapt to our nuclear future, factoring fallout & contamination into everything.  It will take a while to begin feeling the effects physically, but we'd best get our heads around it before then.  There is of course the Voldemort option of simply ignoring all subjects in your cognitive dissonance buffer, but I have serious doubts that will bring anything but insanity.   

Just look at how well ignoring big problems has worked for us so far!

I'm so glad I lived the life I wanted instead of  putting in 20 years somewhere for a gold watch and pension.  Perhaps some part of me knew the golden years of retirement were really gonna suck.

Just because we got dealt a bad hand doesn't mean we're out of the game.  Depending on how you see things, the future fukushima gives us can be a reason to quit trying, or to try harder than ever for a meaningful life with some dignity and grace. Remember the story about a fellow who was being dragged off to his execution.  A woman on the road offered him some bacon, and he declined saying it was bad for his health!

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May the Source be with You


  1. Maybe the world will die, but we will not.
    But what happens when the we go into a 4 or 5 D reality?
    Something is changing, and the contollers are becoming
    more and more desperate and throw everything at us.

    1. We are already in 4D; fukushima is part of that nightmare.
      You do know that we don't just 'go' to 5D without some preparation, don't you? It will take some effort to get there. Think of it like being stuck in a muddy hole full of shit. If you don't climb out on you own you'll just stay there. Yes, they're throwing everything at duck!

    2. Hi Aug. Thanks for your comments.
      I dont think I understand it with 4d and 5d.
      Why is Fukushima part of 4d. reality?
      Yes, in the moment I am trying to get out of the muddy
      hole, but its like leaving an old movie or life witch dont
      supports anything anymore, but still has its grip on me.
      Dont know if it give any meaning :-).
      Have a great day.

  2. And a great thanks for your postings Aug...:-)

    1. And thank you for reading it anony...:-)

  3. You say we should adapt to our nuclear future? If your analysis of the effects of Fukushima is correct, then there is no way to avoid being affected by the radiation and no known cure.The only way I can think of to ''adapt'' to radiation is to evolve immunity to it, but that kind of evolution would take hundreds or thousands of years and is therefore incapable of saving us.
    The brutal truth is that IF you are right about Fukushima, then hope is pointless, we may as well go out in a blaze of '' glory'' via an extinction level event such as a worldwide nuclear war or an unstoppable pandemic... oh wait, our '' rulers'' already got that solution in hand, eh?
    Im 63, Ive had most of my life, but I despair for the younger generations, they never had a chance....

    I suppose we could '' hope'' that the good ET's will swoop down and neutralise the radiation, or perhaps the Archons will save us, if only to protect their food supply.... or do you have other '' hopeful '' scenarios, more realistic than mine?

    1. Diotma5~
      I don't believe we can develop an immunity to radiation, but the other day I was thinking about cockroaches - they are not affected by radiation, no doubt the government guys at Darpa have thought of that as well and are cloning cockroach DNA into humans right now in some underground lab. The good news is cockroach DNA will save us, the bad news is we'll all grow really long antennae and scurry real fast when the light comes on.

      You and I are of a like mind regards sympathy for the younger generations. I only have 3 years on ya, so yeah, I'm more astounded than pissed. I've already had my life of adventures on pre-fukushima earth, so I'm content to watch nature shows and wait for my ride to show up.

      Steven, don't wait for the Archons to save us; it was them who did this shit!!! No, I have no answers. Why does everyone assume that just because I write about this I have all the solutions?? I don't. We're pretty fucked so all I can suggest it the 3M solution: Meditation, Medication & Masturbation. More productive than hope!

    2. Cockroaches are affected too! Just not as apparent in organisms with a short life cycle. Ionizing radiation shoots little bullet holes through the DNA. All the charts about safe exposure become moot when it gets inside the body, in the food chain. Fukushima has knocked probably 10 years off the life expectancy of a human--so far. It can't be stopped!
      Fukushima- an ELE in slow motion.

  4. Or we could look at this as a Brave New World! We are infantile in our knowledge, I heard that people discovering ways to neutralize radiation are being MURDERED! Why--partly because they want you in a state of Hopelessness and despair--mind-control! The physics in the underground bases are Way Beyond our understanding! It is literally a Whole New Set of Physic's that are foreign to us! I still think we must reach the hearts and minds of all of us and especially those who have this knowledge!
    Yes, I agree it is a rotten thing to do to our children, this is way we MUST press forward and FIND the solution to Fukashima! Failure is NOT an option!

  5. Thank you for saying this so well. Mid-60's here, and yes, no worries for me, but for the young ones. I have been involved with hospice work, around lots of deaths of animals, many family members before I was 20 years old...other kinds of deaths. Some of us may be suited to emotionally and psychologically help things "die", move on to the next place. Perhaps we are here now "for such a time as this". Strangely, I am finding the dying and deaths of the small creatures, animals and flora more disturbing than the deaths/passing ons, of humans. That said, I will help in any way that comes across my path, until I'm not able to do deep sadness. Take care of you and others the best you can! And love like never before, from your center.

    1. ~ love like never before, from your center~

      Always great advice. Especially now. Thanks

      I think we're here on an afternoon field trip that went horribly wrong and the adults have left us to fend for ourselves. This has all happened right here before, and it shall happen again, and again. "Maybe this is heaven, or maybe this is hell"

    2. I just read an article on a well - respected alternative media website, called Extinction quotes new research which suggests that we ( probably) have nothing to worry about in terms of the effects of radiation from Fukushima. I would welcome your comment on this....are we being too quick to predict our doom?'t-going-to-kill-you


    3. Diotima5~
      Pure, unadulterated BALDERDASH. A candy sucker for weak and gullible minds. If you dig deep enough, you might discover the identity of the author...and thus their motives.

      The time to be quick to react to our doom was before it got written in plutonium. I know its hard to get your head around it all, but we're probably pretty fucked, most all of us anyway.

      Some will survive, then mutate, and life will go on...and glow blue at night!

    4. I assume you mean the identity and motives of the author of the source material, not the author of Extinction Protocol?

      I tried to follow through to the actual report by the Japanese and other scientists who claim to have tested the local sea creatures etc, but my old computer browser wouldnt go to the link, which I think was called Take Apart....

      Maybe you could explain who they are? Do they work for Tepco? Im not doubting your research, although you dont actually quote any source material for your conclusions....

      I have done some research myself but I cant see a clear picture...I must admit Ive always reasoned that if Fukushima fallout was truly leading to a dire outcome, then surely the world's nuclear power scientific experts would find a way to overcome the Japanese govt's refusal to accept international help and go in there and take drastic measures to at least prevent the situation getting worse than it is.... having said that, I appreciate you take the view its already too late!
      Maybe its time to volunteer with Darpa to be a cockroach - human hybrid, could be cool.. lol

    5. Steven~
      Correct, the claim is bullshit, the site seems fine. Its just they maybe shouldn't be putting such garbage on the net because all of the weak minded folks who refuse to acknowledge the severity of the problem. In other words my friend, if you are not scared shitless right now; you're not paying attention. Period.

      Ya know, I used to put up a link-fest after each post but ya know what, its labor intensive, time consuming and few actually read them. Furthermore, I am not a search engine, YOU can google just as well as the next guy. It sure seems everyone would rather watch a vid than read, and even then you want it handed to you. The internet is the most powerful tool you'll ever use, learn how!

      The bottom line here is so many of you out there simply refuse to accept what has happened...and will continue doing so till your skin peels off because you are being cooked from the inside out very slowly. Not my problem, OK I don't care what you believe because it simply does not matter, so quit reading my work and go on pretending everything is blue and dandy. Deny Deny Deny Deny Deny. I feel just a little sorry for all of you who refuse to see reality, but I really don't have the time. I would try to explain it so you all can understand, but I'm out of crayons.

    6. You said the new scientific reports I referred to were balderdash because of the identity and motives of the authors. I was merely asking what you knew about those particular Japanese scientists who wrote this new report. I wasnt asking you to link all your research. I do a huge amount of research myself. I dont watch many videos. Ive almost certainly read many more books in my lifetime than you have. There was no need for you to get nasty and say I should go elsewhere or you would need crayons to explain it

      I dont think you have read the new source material referred to in the article... I think you have convinced yourself that there is nothing new worth reading if it tends to support an opinion different to your own Your conclusion that its too late and that Fukushima is essentially a civilisation ending event is your opinion, not an indisputable fact..
      Ironically, from my research, I tend to agree with you,,,but I remain open to the possibility that Im wrong and , with respect, perhaps you should do so too
      I enjoy your writings. Im going to continue reading them whether you suggest I get lost or not

      love and peace Steven

    7. Hey Steven~
      First off, having an interesting day, second of all my comments were kinda painting with a broad brush, not so much dumping on you personally. You had the luck of being the most recent commentor to push a button.

      As to taking seriously any reports of an optimistic nature from Japanese scientists is like asking the fox for a hen house report. I simply don't trust them. Furthermore, big, big money is paid to legions of internet insurgents (trolls) whose sole job is the dissemination of misinformation, and the attacking of those with a contrary message, so I distrust said reports on thiose grounds as well.

      Now you can blindly brag about having read many more books than I and maybe so, but how many have you written? Seriously, a book snob...Ok then fine by me.

      As for you suggesting I disregard anything that conflicts with my belief system- what makes you think I have one of those? New theories are like cheap whisky, they're everywhere, meanwhile the laws of physics do not change in regard to nuclear radiation in response to wishful thinking. Sorry dude, we're fucked!

    8. PS Steven
      I enjoy your comments and value you as a reader. Your agreement on all issues is not a requirement, not even close. As for remaining open to new ideas I am a huge fan as long as they are accompanied by new fact most nights I just lay in bed over thinking things till the paralysis of analysis brings sleep. I'm all about the new and revolutionary, it just has to work!

      Peaceful Blessings Brother ~

    9. the report authors were not all Japanese, but of course I take your point about deliberate misinfo and falsification etc.
      As for the books, I wasnt bragging, just pointing out its a little unfair to assume you have read more than me. I learnt to read at 3 and Im 63 , so thats 60 years without a non- reading day going by. Ive written poetry and some short stories but, you're right, Im not a published was my dream as a kid but life, as John Lennon said, is what happens while your busy making other plans...

      I'm a Brit, I live on the south coast of England and I walk on the beach every day of my life.... and can imagine how distressing it must be for you in California witnessing the mass strandings and deaths of sea animals.There are occasional mass deaths here, but its relatively rare and usually the smaller creatures, shellfish and so on. We humans have polluted the ocean with our waste and our chemicals for a long time now... I used to be an activist on all this stuff back in my hippie anarchist days in the 60's, in between marching against your Vietnam nightmare and trying to bring about an anti globalist revolution...
      Ive never been to America, always felt it was wrong to visit whilst its got this whole psycho, lets rule the world shit going on.... course my country is just as bad....

      I love the humour in your work, you have a cool writing style, so with your permission I shall keep tuning in

      Blessings back atcha Steven

    10. Stephen~
      OK, win hands down on the reading of books, even though I have like a three year head start on you - you have absolutely read more books than I. Whilst I also dabbled in poetry; and also imagined myself a writer, alas I am also un-published aside from a few articles and essays published in magazines etc. I once wrote a 500 page novel, but never published it...(I was just pulling your chain) :-)

      I envy you your daily walks on the beach and suggest you cherish them along with other treasured memories of this place. My wheelchair doesn't fare so well on the beach, but I frequently use nature documentaries to offset the horror of our I live deep in the woods on a hillside. Me friends call it Ewok Village. .

      I appreciate your kind words...and please note the "PS" to my previous reply...
      My permission to continue tuning in is not required - that's why it's the Express!

      Love & Blight,

    11. Thats cool buddy, I saw your PS..we have reached an honorable equality,,, you have the woods covered and I have the beaches, how can we lose?
      I shall continue tuning in...or, as my old hero Tim Leary used to say, back in the day, tune in, turn on, drop out! Still sounds like a good plan to me...

      love and peace Steven

    12. Yeah Tim was a kind of social hero who fell way short of his potential. In my humble opinion, he did an entire generation a huge dis-service with his famous line which you quoted. He just said it then kinda backed away from it all to watch. Imagine for just a moment: what might have happened if on that sunny day so long ago he had said: "Tune in, turn on, Take Over, instead. What if he'd said that and then showed us just how to do it?? I really wonder. I think he let us all down..just lets talk about Bill Cosby :-0

    13. I take your point on Leary...however, another way to look at it is... if everyone had dropped out, then that would have achieved a take over, cos the existing structure would have collapsed....refusing to participate in the system , on a grand scale, is a surefire way of peaceably destroying it...just sayin'

      If I lived near you...would be cool to have these musings around a campfire...

      Im a bit of a recluse these days, trying to practice what I preach by not participating much in the system....

      I watched the near total eclipse of the Sun on Friday morning , here in England , on my local beach....nature is so fucking awesome Im still high on it

      love and peace Steven

    14. Hey Steve~
      For a minute there I thought I'd exploded your head with my Leery Leary comment. As ya might imagine, I get a whole range of reactions to that one. Culture heroes...
      Yeah it certainly could have gone better either way. I still favor the take over idea [spilled milk] because of Kent State. When they showed us how willing they are to kill us for the crime of dissent, it changed the whole mood, many just gave up.

      However, I met up with a whole tribe of former 60's radicals when I got into public radio. The station sent me to a conference and it blew my mind...that's where a ton of disillusioned hippies went. They dug into the system, trying to bring about slow, grudging change at a snails pace.

      Maybe we'll get the revolution this time, Bro ~ Fucking Overdue!

      Still, if I could time travel for real, think I'd like to whisper my notion into Leary's ear before he made that famous speech. He was a for real culture hero; but I feel inside that he could have done so much more.

      Love & Blight

    15. I think my head exploded years ago....way too many acid trips...but at least I experienced the multidimensional the early 70's, I actually saw the matrix...a vast network of super strong, super thin, cables networking the entire sky...indescribable really...

      Even here in England, the Kent State thing was like a kick in the balls...and the Stones at Altamont and so many of our cultural icons dying..I loved Jim Morrison especially...did you know that to this day his grave in Paris, France, is still one of the most frequently visited graves in all Europe?
      You're right about Leary...but he was typical of those days, brilliant mind, endless potential, but no follow through...

      A revolution now? I dont hold out much hope...our controllers are sneaky, give the kids toys and keep 'em distracted.... everyone under 50 ( and many older ) are in thrall to their screens...look at me typing instead of getting out on the street....its easy being radical and righteous on a keyboard.....but that aint gonna change the world....

      Your Occupy movement was more like it, but thats faded away

      When I was a student it was all sit ins and radical whenever I hear students on TV its all about jobs and paying back loans and will I ever be able to afford to buy a house....conditioned to be debt slaves before they have really even begun

      sorry for the doom and gloom... I was a big Maya prophesy 2012er for more than 10 years, a big contributor to the leading websites, total believer that something massive and life changing...good or bad ... would happpen...on 21st December 2012 I was half way up a mountain in the middle of nowhere with my old ma and my kids and supplies and shit.... Im still in a state of shock that nothing happened...Im thinking now that humans will simply decline and die out, like many species before us...the planet will regenerate, the cycle begin anew...maybe fukushima was inevitable, maybe Gaia or Sophia, our living conscious earth, decided we had damaged her enough and gave us the necessary final nudge towards extinction

      love and peace Steven

    16. Hey Steve
      Yeah, trippy about Jim's grave, eh?! There's a cultural statement for us all.

      @ the Mayan thing, please remember that the whole thing is about cycles, one winding down as another gains momentum to replace it. Same exact thing with the Yugas, which is overlapping cycles & patterns. Read my post "Aquarius Rising, crossroads in time" for the full tour...but the nexus of all is that these kinds of changes don't act like a light switch, but more like a light dimmer switch. Here we're talking about long duration cycles. We are currently "stuck" in 4D timespace BETWEEN what was and what will be, and that's why its to fucking chaotic.

      Astrologically we are 'riding the cusp' between the dying age of Pisces and the Stillborn age of Aquarius, it will take a number of "years" to transit this cusp. The exact things the Mayans wrote of and warned us about are happening right fucking now brother...slow motion flushing of the parasites. We simply do not understand time the way the Mayans did, and they were spot on. I think they were so good and connected that they actually saw the end result of fukushima. They may or may not have seen the actual event or understood it even if they had; but you can bet our asses they understood the result very clearly.

      Yes, to quote George Carlin as I so often do:
      "Earth will shake us off like a bad case of fleas"

      Miss ya so much George!

  6. Perhaps curbing human fertility is what is needed right now. Perhaps people eat radiated food and die, or perhaps they adopt and grow a second stomach to process it all ... Where do we wish to take this?? Even after this terrible disaster occurred, did anyone learn from it? Does not appear so.... Just another choice in life... someday humankind will graduate out of kindergarten. it is either tech gone wrong or wars, we are producing more dead people and more traumatized people than anything else in the world. We dress better and are still barbaric...

  7. Hi Chautaugua,

    This is so insightful. Thank you! My ol teacher (1 which is Stuart Wilde) taught me to see the multi dimentional reality we live in from well beyond normal perception. A great struggle ensues mankind, on every level known to our conscious efforts to go beyond our current existence within a monumental catastrophe known as our 3D existence. We have proven too ourselves without a doubt that we are capable of taking anything that even resembles gratitude, love, kindness, and respect for all living things and energetically squashing even the hope of sustaining it, it is our Karma as a fallen race. There are those that vowed to come at this time to bring a wisdom to go beyond our current vibrational rate, an incredible energy of love that transcends all difficulties, precisely when we needed it the most. That time is now. The energy I speak of has no limits, there is a space between all things, and infinite space chalk full of never ending transcending energies within us all, so we anchor this energy, we harness it, we touch the etheric around us and change it, spread it, and those who accept it will do the same, they will also serve with there skills. Any seemingly opposing energies within our dimension have no real authority over it, no determination as to what we will do with this energy. Yet without this full on breech of any kind of sanity, nothing created within the higher vibrations could be of any importance. The mirror does not lie.

    We have to let go, there are safe havens, small areas, communities, around the earth that are growing ever more secure and protected, areas where people will flourish, evolve during these times and eventually walk right out of this dimension. Have faith. True as can be.

    Ron G.