Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Fukushima Paradigm

Fukushima Trilogy~Part Two

I confess, it's true, I'm a time traveler.  All it takes is hearing some of the music from the 60's and I'm right back there in the moment with full clarity of detail.  Of the many memories conjured up by such music, I vividly recall the way I thought things would be fifty years in the future.  This isn't it.  This isn't anywhere even close.

With nearly two thousand years to go, it is a bit early to be counting the age of Aquarius out of the fight, but so far in the first few years things are really not looking good at all, to say the very least.  Team dark has pulled out all the stops in their effort to derail human evolution and keep things just as we see them in the now. 

Of the many and serious threats to humanity at this time there is one over-riding issue: Fukushima
Name one subject more critical to humanities future - you can't!

Not that there aren't a couple dozen contenders for that throne, it's just that even the worst of them simply cannot match the future legacy of Fukushima.  It makes me wonder if people would behave differently towards Fukushima if they could see the radiation, as well as its effects.  I wonder.  This is the worst surrealistic nightmare ever, with humanity playing Nero as earth burns in Fukushima sunshine.

If it only took four years for the Pacific ocean to begin dying from Fukushima radiation; how long before the ocean conveyor currents carry the deadly radiation to every ocean on the entire planet??  Figure that the damage will double in four more years, minimum; which means the pacific will become even more irradiated as the currents spread the invisible death around the globe.  How long before the Tuna are all gone and there are no more fisheries anywhere?  How long before no life remains in earths oceans at all? 

Factor in all the airborne radiation being pumped into earths atmosphere and ecosystem for four years now; falling to ground in rainwater, on food crops and the grass cows eat.  How long before the entire human food chain is radioactive?  How long until we quit ignoring reality.  Tepco and the Japanese government are guilty on multiple counts of crimes against humanity; ranging from spreading the contamination all over Japan to willfully pumping millions of gallons of contaminated water into the ocean.  Have you ever wondered why this is being permitted to continue unabated?  There is a reason!

Fukushima ~ the Voldemort of man made disasters

Global warming is causing Greenland and Antarctica to MELT, and the worlds ocean levels are rising because of it, threatening all human seaside settlements.  Current melt rates are 60 YEARS ahead of every computer projection; and its speeding up; which means that if we stopped every detrimental practice today, we'd see no effects for at least 60 years...probably much longer.  I can well imagine the things our great grandchildren will have to say about our stewardship of spaceship earth.  It will not be complimentary, or loving. 

Antarctica holds 90% of the worlds ice and 70% of its fresh water.  The continuing melting of Antarctica's western glaciers & ice shelf will add 3 to 5 meters to the worlds sea levels.  A sea level rise of just one meter is considered a global catastrophic event.  Do the math!  By the end of this century rising sea levels will redraw shorelines; sending millions of refugees inland seeking shelter, resources and opportunity, adding insurmountable pressures to existing systems.  Will we feed them, or turn them away?

Meanwhile, the global warming deniers have quit claiming that it isn't a real thing happening right before our eyes; and shifted their science denying rhetoric to claiming that it's of course real, but just isn't caused by human activity but rather is part of a natural cycle.   How odd they deny science in one instance and cling to it in another.  Its like they're inching their way into the waters of reality.  The same individuals who refuted the dangers of smoking for the tobacco industry 20 years ago are today the leading voices denying the science of climate change, Hmmm what's up with that?

Does the lobster in the pot wonder what form his end will take as he is slowly cooked alive?   Our heads are so full of the copious fears we nurture swimming in the soup of mainstream media lies and misdirection that we don't see that the end is happening all around us right this minute, in slow motion, and there is no direction home, no going back to the way things used to be.

I suppose you could become a survivalist prepper with your fixed location loaded with everything everyone else needs; and spend the rest of your brief lives defending it from those who used to be friends and neighbors.  Or, you may choose to join those deserting a sinking ship and flee south trying to stay ahead of the radiation.  No matter where you go you'll be a stranger on the lam; and nobody will trust you because they already know that you split when the going gets tough.  Good luck with that.  At which line of latitude do you expect the radiation to stop its assimilation of earth?  There is no where to hide and if you run you'll just die tired.  Nuclear radiation is relentless, and its forever.  Just like plastic.

Personally I think maybe an awful lot of folks are becoming spiritual seekers nowadays because of what fukushima is doing to our physical home.  With no other worlds available to us to escape to, that spirituality lifeboat is suddenly looking pretty good.  I can conjure very few things that might send folks to the spiritual path faster than what is happening right now.  It's logical.

A 2009 UN study discovered that there are over 640,000 tons of discarded plastic fishing nets in the worlds oceans.  These floating deathtraps kill thousands of fish and marine mammals each year; as well as destroying fragile & valuable coral reefs.  There are now two gigantic floating garbage patches the size of Texas in the pacific ocean gaining more attention every year.  The thing about plastic is that the longer its around in the environment, the more it breaks down into smaller pieces.  Now, all this free range plastic absorbs & retains many toxic elements such as PCB'S DDT, BPA, & PAH which in turn are eaten by marine mammals, and the fish we consume as food. 

We are past the point of no return; with fewer options available for remediation than we had just 20 years ago.  Instead of taking steps to preserve the environment, we continue toxifying it with no regard for the consequences and passively allow the spin doctors to rationalize the obscene into the palatable.  The point here is a simple yet profound one; the earths oceans are resilient, to a point.  They can recover naturally from some fairly devastating things; but only if the harmful practices are stopped.  Even before fukushima we were treating the oceans like a garbage disposal for a hundred years, giving it zero time or chance to recover, and now all of that is radioactive as well because of fukushima.  The worlds oceans simply are not resilient enough to ever recover from what has been allowed.  Not even if we began yesterday.

Instead of responsible world leaders stepping up on behalf of humanities survival we get obfuscation, obstructionism, finger pointing and of course, cashing in at our expense.  They invent problems which don't exist even as they willfully ignore these problems that are killing the planet, and its human infestation problem.

Did you know there is a whole movement advocating for voluntary human extinction?  Indeed there is, and these anti-evolutionists are quite serious.  I don't think they are so much evil or anything, I think they're just tired of all the bullshit, and have hit upon a solution that has two things going for it.  It addresses the problem(s) at their source, and is effective.  A couple I know who have been married for a number of years are now considering having a child, and  during a recent visit they asked me what I thought of the idea.  In a surprising display of dexterity my brain somehow danced around the things I wanted to say, and I said something about a child with the best attributes of each parent would be a gift to the world, and who am I to say otherwise?  One more human here & there won't make much difference anyway, right?  Seriously though, if you are considering adding to earth's population at this time perhaps you should examine your motivation, and long term commitment because four years ago this week the rules changed forever.  

"At this point we're not just flirting with disaster, we're rounding third base and asking,
does disaster have any condoms?"   ~  John Oliver

What about health care in the future as increasingly higher numbers of mutated children are born each year?  Combined with perhaps millions of new cancer & leukemia victims; the demand will simply overwhelm the worlds capacity to deal with it.  This will inevitably lead to some very dark and demoralizing choices that will have to be made.  The time is coming of real death panels, not the ones made up by the tea party.

We're four years into the fukushima paradigm and the rules are different from now on, and we had jolly well better understand that.  As I keep saying, radiation is forever.  You know what else is; extinction.  The word has a rather cold finality to it that chills the bone, which is exactly why we dislike thinking about it.  
Right now is the time to start making long range plans for your family's health care needs.  Embrace whatever prevention methods you may find, and prepare ahead of time for the reality of your loved ones becoming ill with cancers or leukemia and whatever other horrors are in store for us.  If you don't begin now, if you keep ignoring this issue hoping it will go away, then when it hits you'll be in full-on panic mode and useful to nobody.  In a way, those who are still ignoring fukushima radiation hoping it will go away, are right.  It will go away right after it kills you, then its no longer a problem, for you.  The grateful dead, eh?

Four years ago a whole lot of very desirable possible realities were taken off the table forever.  Up until that point, possible futures of every kind were still available to us (with the right choices) - those are all gone now and all our futures are nuclear in the extreme.   We have gone from having perhaps thousands of possible, maybe even probable futures, down to just the ones that are dominated by that nuclear volcano in Japan, and soul-less men who let the world die. 

Knowing human nature & history as we do, it takes little imagination to visualize how we will behave towards one another as resources dwindle and life becomes a daily struggle for survival.  I don't look forward to seeing that.  Nightmares and bad sci-fi movies will come to life right before our eyes, just outside the window, not on TV anymore.

Have you given any thought to where you will live when the cities finally go dark?

What about food in the future, what will you eat, radioactive GMO snacks?  There is just bound to be some new unholy terror unleashed upon us when those GMO foods absorb a big dose of fukushima sunshine, who knows what the result will be?

Seems maybe the Mayans had it right, everything ends.

I mention these things because the time to start your long range plan is now if you already haven't begun.  Yes, you can certainly wait for as long as you like, if that be your choice.  Giving such a head start to people you will never know is truly a spiritual act.  The longer you wait to respond & react, the more panic stricken you will be when you finally do spring into action, and the more mistakes you will make.  Got maps?

If humanity is to avoid total extinction, some will have to survive in what places may be found as a safe haven, places where nature and earth provide a natural zone of relative safety.  How much sense does it make to keep punching that time clock right up to the very last day?  What will that get you?   The way I figure it, those natural safe zones will be claimed by the smartest among us, who were first to sense the gravity of fukushima and take positive action.  They will in turn seek to recruit only the smartest and strongest to join them.  They will be very selective, how's your wilderness skill set?

"You can go thru hell and come out pure
if you just don't let the devil take your mind."
                                               ~ Jackie Greene ~

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Four years of radiation will sure as hell get ya some two headed whales!

[Our rising Oceans: VICE on HBO]