Monday, February 17, 2014

Quantum Timelines

When it comes to the subject of quantum metaphysics there is a popular quote that helps me keep my sanity intact; “If you think you understand it, you haven’t been paying attention!”  Universes, multiverses, string theory, membrane theory, super string theory, alternate realities, parallel dimensions; the many worlds theory, holographic reality ~ not to mention just where the soul and spirituality fit into the grand scheme of things.  Who has the time to absorb and integrate such overwhelming information in a way that benefits their existence on this planet?

Next, factor in this whole Aquarius-Mayan calendar-Kali Yuga evolution, heralded by the great awakening at the end of the precession of the equinox which has been underway for some time now, pardon the pun.  The dawning of a new age marking humanities noetic advancement at a time when the old and obsolete must give way to the new and unlimited.  We have arrived at a crossroads in time “with our arms around the future and our backs up against the past.” (Moody Blues)

As if keeping in step with these galactic cycles of evolution, the pace of everyday life has been steadily increasing year by year, like a treadmill, or hamster wheel if you like analogies.  Driven by the artificial ponzy scheme world economics as the carrot at the end of the stick, humanity has had to adjust on the fly in a frantic effort to keep nose above water.  It sure doesn’t leave much time for pondering quantum metaphysics, and yup, that’s intentional, a design feature of the dark agenda. 

The great Age of Pisces has ended, though we are still dealing with the results from two thousand years of unenlightened self-interest.  Now, as the higher vibration of the great Age of Aquarius accelerates the great awakening; the energies are disharmonic and chaotic to say the least.  Think of it like sound; as if the great age of Pisces was a particular note, or tone.  After reverberating for two thousand years the tone is fading, dying out.  Perhaps many years before the Pisces tone completely disappears, the Aquarius tone begins.  Faint and low in the beginning, but growing in strength until its resonance creates an interference pattern with the Pisces tone.  You can visualize this interference pattern quite well by tossing two pebbles into calm water, landing some distance apart.  Each pebble of course creates the familiar outward expanding ripple wave.  When the waves from each pebble meet, they cancel each other out while forming an entirely new set of ripples; the interference pattern.  It is very much like that with sound, and other energetic wave forms as well.

Just now this Pisces/Aquarius interference pattern is so disharmonic it is literally shaking the old paradigm apart as it freefalls towards total system failure, and obsolescence.  This interference pattern is becoming what’s known as a standing wave resonance, from which new possibilities will emerge.  By aligning our own energy with this standing wave resonance, I believe we can tap into it; and using our intention, manifest any reality or potential we can imagine.  I believe we are designed to do just that, designed by source as an ageless, timeless multi-dimensional energy we call the soul, or spirit. 

Currently this standing wave resonance is still comprised of elements & aspects of both the Pisces and Aquarius frequency vibration, and since they are incompatible, the ensuing discordant energies and chaos results.  Nowhere near stable yet; this overtone resonance which came from the original interference pattern, challenges our perceptions on a daily basis.  Things are moving so fast, even as time takes on the properties of quicksand, that we’re often left feeling like we can barely keep our balance.  This then, would be the perfect time to practice “Buddha Mind”- being the ability to quietly go within to center and ground, despite all the noise and flashing lights of modern life swirling madly all around us.

There is nothing more complicated than perception.

It is in times such as these when confusion abounds and life becomes a blur that we most need to tune into the voice of our higher self for advice and direction.  Our higher self is always talking to us but we sometimes cannot hear the message over the constant assault on our senses by the modern world.  The thing is, the higher self has a bit of an attitude, and refuses to compete with the din of everyday materialistic life, so it always whispers.  Some call it the still small voice within, guardian angel, intuition, or various other names which really don’t matter, as long as you hear the messages.  Adding to the confusion, and need for a constant dialogue with the higher self, is the fact that we can only see about 2% of the light spectrum, and about the same for the acoustic spectrum.  In other words we are nearly blind and deaf, yet we trust these perceptions, and base entire belief systems around them as if all the facts were in.

As the ageless, timeless, multi-dimensional energy beings we are; we exist as what has been termed the triune self, composed of three primary aspects of self ~ the Knower, the Thinker, and the Doer.  When we choose to incarnate into the physical form; only the thinker & doer aspects make the trip to the lower vibrational earth plane, it is the Knower aspect which remains behind to function as a kind of lifeguard, the higher self.  In this capacity, the higher self will never lie to you, deceive you, or lead you into harm’s way because it has only your best interest in mind.  Now, as I have come to understand it, our higher self is also the higher self of every version of us, in every alternate, possible or probable reality, across all incarnations.  As you might well imagine, that’s a lot of ‘skin in the game’ to keep track of, and keep on track.  Now, not all of these alternate, possible and probable selves will be at the same point in spiritual development as we are here in this place; indeed many are exploring opposite and divergent paths altogether.  Our higher self loves each incarnated self-aspect equally regardless of circumstance or dignity; yet it is said that the closest attention and most help are given to those aspects following the light back home.

Following the light home has occupied humanities consciousness ever since we developed a sense of self.  Our efforts to understand the mechanics of life include the Kabbalah, i-ching, astrology, tarot, oracles and a couple thousand different religions.  Regardless of who we are, saints to psychopaths; we all feel that void within, that empty chair where the knower sits, and we want to find that room where the chair is, to reunite with the higher self.  Completion, unity.  Here also, our approach to finding the key to that room varies depending on what you believe and who you talk to.  Some expect the creator to call them home in the rapture, while others intend to ascend, or pretend to intend at any rate.  We seem to have as many ways of getting there as we do official religions; no wonder we’re so confused and conflicted. 

What if it was as easy as walking upstairs to another room?  John 14:2 in the Bible says “In my father’s house are many mansions…” That seems pretty clear, room enough for everyone!  It could also very well be telling us there are many other realities, and dimensions than the ones we can perceive with our limited senses!  Suppose that you could locate that other room where the higher self is - all by yourself; without buying any costly enlightenment seminars or video courses, and without the constant testing of your faith or advancement.  What if it was as simple as going into your Buddha mind state and raising your vibration until it matches the higher self?  Would that seem worth trying to you?

“Timelines, this is no time to argue about time; we don’t have the time!”  Counselor Troi

Quantum metaphysics holds that whenever there are two or more choices to make, as individuals, or a species; that a possible reality exists for every choice.  Out of this field of the possible come the most likely choices, each of which exists as a probable reality until we finally decide what we will manifest.  Once we manifest our choice into the physical, the possible and probable realities become alternate realities and continue to play out with alternate versions of us because in the quantum world all possibilities exist and are played out simultaneously.  Think of it like your satellite TV service; all those shows playing all at once, each on its own assigned frequency resonance.  As ageless, timeless multi-dimensional energy beings we have an unlimited number of possible realities we can choose to explore; the remote is in your heart!

Here in the midst of the great shift of the ages it is now time for humanity to pick which reality, which timeline, we will bequeath to our children.  Political & corporate conglomerates which have benefited the most from the greed and avarice of the Piscean age dearly wish to keep us all focused on their nightmare of duality as if it was our sole choice.  Simultaneously, driven like a wildfire by winds of change, the great awakening of souls continues unabated.  The only timeline that really matters is the one you’re in; the only question being do you want to stay, or walk upstairs to a better one?

One of the more vexing aspects of all this evolutionary change & shift of the ages stuff is that nobody really knows what to expect, or what it will look like.  Nothing remotely like this has ever happened in human memory, so we ponder what it will all be like; unfortunately I believe us to be suffering from a lack of imagination.  In Hamlet Shakespeare called the future the undiscovered country, and that it is indeed!  Based upon one belief system or another we can speculate and conjecture about the face of the future and the migration to 5D but at the end of the day, nobody really knows what it will look and feel like; so all we have is precision guesswork and wishful thinking based on limited perceptions and imperfect information.  Sometimes I wonder if humans aren’t so hung up on one belief system or another, that we’ve lost sight of what that belief is all about.  Is it about being right, or about following the light back home?  What if we are as blind spiritually as we are physically; and can only perceive 2% of who and what we really are? 

Then there is this whole holographic universe theory gaining credibility in the scientific community, speculating that everything including ourselves is just a computer simulation!  Man, what can we do with that?!  What a great tool to further disempower humanity; get them thinking they’re nothing more than a computer generated hologram!  I guess the holographic angle would make more sense to me if someone could explain where within that hologram does the spark of spirit reside?  It was these kind of questions that got me booted out of church.  Holograms cannot see the divinity in a sunrise, or the spark of recognition in a lover’s eye; they can only contemplate the meaning of their existence.  If we embrace the concept that we’re only holograms, then perhaps clones won’t seem so bad after all, and from there it’s just a small step to genetically engineered superhumans and Transhumanism. 

Going back to the satellite TV analogy for a minute; in the manicured consensus reality provided for us as a state sponsored belief system, it’s like all we’ve ever been allowed to see are the three black & white channels to pick from.  Then a few people start saying that there are really hundreds of color channels with endless possibilities to choose from, and nobody believes them because the indoctrination has been so consistently good.  In fact, the propaganda is so effective that not only do the majority not believe the stories of unlimited viewing, they won’t even take a look for themselves.  Now that is programming! 

We give whispered lip service to the notion that All men are created equal, while we still endorse and support the concept of “big people vs little people” in our everyday existence on this beleaguered planet.  The petroleum thugs we allowed to hijack our planet have a vested interest in maintaining this austere consensus reality because we the people are their power base and if we suddenly were to realize more than 2% of who and what we are…they would be tossed aside faster than an internet minute.  That’s why they spend so much time & treasure keeping us dumb and under the thumb.  Still, despite all their efforts, plans, and agendas, they are going away; their time is over – the trouble is they seek to take us all down with them, and we, are financing it with our silence and compliance.  As long as we refuse to surrender, or outgrow the petty prejudices programmed into us, we won’t grow or develop beyond the present state of awareness.  As long as we tolerate crimes against humanity for fun & profit, they will continue.  As long as we continue to allow the rich & powerful to exploit everyone and corrupt everything, earth will remain a prison planet where seven billion timeless, ageless, multidimensional energy beings are held captive without even realizing it.

May the Source be with You!


  1. Utterly brilliant. Succinct, eloquent, erudite...and only about 100% correct. Many thanx for saying, precisely what I THINK & FEEL....A

    1. A~
      Many thanks, appreciate the feedback. Welcome aboard!

  2. I like the whole "we never did anything wrong" trick...

  3. My good friend Chautauqua .

    ' Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not Understood it ' - Niels Bohr

    Many answers can be found in quantum physics , but many other questions arise with it. There would be no fun if everything was said and discovered I think.

    When I start to feel unmotivated and / or pessimistic , I resorted to music therapy to achieve revertr negative energy surrounding me .

    In this context , I have heard much Bob Marley (more enlightened genius murdered by the dark ones ) .

    Unlike the body of meat, messages can not be killed. It's just a matter of tuning them and let them do their job .

    Some of these messages are freshly baked in my mind , and here I share them with you , in the certainty that will do their work who are willing to tune their frequencies :

    ' Every need got an ego to feed in paradise pimps ' . - Bob Marley

    'You laugh at me because I'm different . I laugh at you because you are all the same . - Bob Marley Excerpt from the documentary 'Time Will Tell ' .

    ' I see myself as a revolutionary . Which has no help. And do not accept a bribe from anyone. ' - Bob Marley - Excerpt from the documentary 'Time Will Tell ' .

    Peace and love .

    Wander .

    1. Always great to hear from you Wander, and like you, I always find refuge in music, and recently Ziggy's "love is my religion" is like my new theme song, can't hear it too many times. Like father, like son, eh!!

      The quote at the top of the post is from Dr. Fred Wolf at Berkeley which if I remember right was documented in "What the bleep do we know." along with many other great thinkers of our time. Love the Bob Marley quotes. Praise Ja!

    2. What we do know:

      "The man that hath no music in himself,
      Nor is not mov'd with concord of sweet sounds,
      Is fit for treasons, stratagems, and spoils."

      Love, Althea

  4. Woke up to respond, again, to your previous post, and there was this one!! Was gonna write about "The Wound" the big nasty fukishima wound. The one no one seems to know what to do about. The "leaders," brainiacs that they are, chose to focus their intent, resources, etc, on "military intervention" in Libya instead, like a week after "the event." I walked around in a daze for days at that choice. Haven't been able to figure out how to help Mama heal this wound, on any level. Then this post!!! Imagination, manifestation, hmmmm. Will play with that! Chemtrails are easier. Ima figurin' the stuff they are spraying is making the air conductive? Making us conductive? What? so "they" can flip the 'ol switch on those towers and have a bunch of folks behaving like spongebob squarepants drooling,as he holds his "orb of confusion?" As far as making us conductive, the intent of which was one thing, would possibly instead wake us up to fact we are timeless, ageless, multidimensional energy beings! Beneficial unintended consquenses. I sure like my carbon based unit, its handy at things, really don't want to go the transhumanist route, it would be lonely without the spark of spirit, without the knower. Thanks Chautauqua for another post, another day I get to feel connected, another day where I get to imagine/manifest one of many possible futures. The spirit within your carbon based unit sure is a help around here!!!! Venus is beautiful these mornings.........

    1. Asherie~ Some interesting if not spooky observations to stir into my coffee! As I ponder all these things we all write about that's wrong with everything these days; I keep coming back around to the fact that people have been aware of all this corruption & evil long, long before our generation arrived on the scene, and yet we allow it to prevail, decade after decade until at last the cancerous growth is so infused that it cannot be cut out without also killing the host...US. Makes me want something stronger than my coffee!

    2. Apologies!! Mornings are precious, and tender. "we allow it to prevail" ouch. Yet so true, one of the reasons I visit, to possibly find a way "without killing the host."

  5. tough topic, hard to speak with limited perceptive abilities, possible as you state, that if we were to feel and express (whatever avenue) our connection to our "higher self" the clutter would fall to the side. As above so below.

    1. Anon@6:11 AM
      Perfect logic, eloquently stated. Thank!

  6. Nice article Augareye. I look forward to reading your post but I have to admit that some of them hurts my mind. (Grin) I cant buy the computer generated hologram theory but I would buy the universe, God, or consciousness created hologram. My take on reality is that all matter is an illusion, the only reality is electromagnetic energy. We should be able to see through everything except our minds will not allow that to happen.

    1. Peacemaker~ You and I have obviously been exposed to some of the same 'propaganda' (grin).
      As Tesla said, everything is frequency and vibration; resonance, and indeed we would be able to see these truths and so very much more, but like Neo in the matrix; we have never used those eyes before, and we're just now beginning to, I hope it ain't too late!

  7. Brilliant, thank you, Chautauqua. It is apparent that Hamlet has awakened from his midsummer night's not-to-be dream and is in the process of challenging the merchants of Venice with the help of his etheric couriers. It is a given that all's well that end's well, and such will be the case in this frequency-fed face-off between the Ages. Each will find his niche, and while the water still quivers in the mirror pond, it is time to choose. So much you have written here to think about and it seems that not all the players are merely men and women! Love, Althea

    1. Althea~ To that all I can say is "cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war." Wish I knew more Shakespeare as that is hardly appropriate ...but wait, wait, what light thru yonder window shines? A Juliet fractal pattern shining upon the path like the sun. Or something to that effect. :)

  8. "We are not interested in new age mumbo-jumbo. We are interested in understanding what is real and what is false. This is why we, along with all other great minds, consult the Vedic texts"

    Vedic Quantum Founders

    1. hp~
      The first thing people do when they find a greater truth than their own is to ridicule it with demeaning names. It is such a fear of the truth which keeps humanity locked into the lie of duality. If the vedic texts are all you require, why did you read this post?

    2. I'm not sure what you mean. What demeaning names? The "mumbo-jumbo"?
      In the article I I offered see only praise for genius and encouragement for success via our original spiritual preceptors.

      Certainly there is mumbo-jumbo aplenty at every turn in this in Kali yuga. It flourishes.
      A perfect and common example is the many people deluded through repetition into errantly believing the word Kali, when referencing the Kali yuga, refers to Goddess Kali instead of the Kali Demon The Goddess Kali is the chaste devotee wife of Lord Shiva, not a demon. Is it wrong to point this out? Is it demeaning? Hardly. It's required, because the errant opposite is what is demeaning and offensive. Practically every time I see an article about the Kali yuga, there she is, the Goddess Kali errantly portrayed as the Kali demon.

      This in fact is 'mumbo-jumbo' and to ignore such is to aid and abet nonsense.
      Don't you agree? There IS NO two ways to look at this. Nowhere in the Vedas is the Goddess Kali referred to as a demon, even as many self proclaimed authorities are themselves ignorant of this fact via portraying her as one.

      Here is the Goddess Kali. Lord Shiva lies at her feet in an attempt to placate her, stop her devastating rage at and killing of the demons before it is too late and she shatters the world. She is not a demon, quite the contrary. Neither is Lord Shiva a demon.
      Goddess Kali

      Here is the Kali Demon for whom Kali yuga is named. He is making his appearance at the beginning, immediately threatening to kill Mother cow, specifically Kamadhenu, in whose body all the demigods reside.
      Kali demon
      Kali demon chastised

      Nowhere in the Vedas is Goddess Kali seen killing anything but demons.

      "In Calcutta there are many butcher shops which keep a deity of the goddess Kali, and animal-eaters think it proper to purchase animal flesh from such shops in hope that they are eating the remnants of food offered to goddess Kali. They do not know that goddess Kali never accepts nonvegetarian food because she is the chaste wife of Lord Siva. Lord Siva is also a great Vaisnava and never eats nonvegetarian food, and the goddess Kali accepts the remnants of food left by Lord Siva. (Srimad-Bhagavatam 4:19:36)

    3. hp~ To refer to what I wrote as "new age mumbo-jumbo" is just a bit dismissive and offensive, yes, and yet your voice was heard, because I understand how exclusionary thinking works, and therefore cannot be drawn or led into a one sided argument. Regards the term "Kali Yuga", I did not invent the term, but I do believe you may be incorrectly confusing its reference to an entire cycle, with the entity of Kali. Make of it what you will, but argue it somewhere else.

    4. Speaking of greater truths..

      "The Hindu religion is the only religion in which the time scales correspond to those of modern scientific cosmology. Its cycles run from our ordinary day and night to a day and night of Brahma, 8.64 billion years long." (Carl Sagan)

      Lord Brahma's life = 300 trillion 40 billion years.
      One exhalation (breath) of Maha Vishnu.

      A Vedic Conception of Time

    5. Hare Krishna~Om Shanti Om~Ram Ram, Sita Ram

  9. Reality

    The reality is we are living in an age of consciousness without a functioning relationship with reality.

    Of necessity, a functioning relationship with reality includes, Gnosticism, Alchemy ET, Archons, Lockheed Martin Ben Rich’s alumni disclosure, knowledge of the advanced civilizations who built the precision stone megaliths (that we can not build today), rejuvenated pituitary and pineal (DMT) glands, a loving family and the wilful intention to have a source connected relationship with reality.

    With these in place we have a chance to be in the cosmic game called life and without them we are basically hooped.


    1. Sovereignty~
      I am in total agreement with all you say. Without conscious intention we're just fumbling about in the dark. If you don't know where you are, or where you're going, any road will get you there!

  10. Chautauqua,

    Thank you for the reply.

    "They use their golden pituitary and (DMT) pineal glands and we don't".

    After kicking up my bandwidth by rejuvenating my atrophied pituitary and pineal glands I went from a visionary inventor/technology engineer to a gold making Alchemist in two years. Two hundred lab experiments later the US patent is now filed with patent pending. Last year we made gold beads from artificial seed ores and this year we will pour gold bars.

    To learn a duck to water and free technique to kick it up go to: and there you will find a video link of me in the lab making gold from barren waste products.

    Prosperity for all.


  11. I read yesterday that 85% of people have such a plethora of parasites living in their bodies. Then I thought, I wonder if ridding the body of parasites makes it any easier to throw off the shackles of the plethora of parasites that want to suck us dry, as though caught in the webs of giant spiders that have wrapped us up in cocoons and slowly drink the life out of us: banksters, govt. (IRS, Obamacare), big oil, big agro, big pharma and on & on.
    Re: Kaali & Kali- Kaali is the consort of SivaShankar, and Kali is a Shudra king, who, at the beginning of KaliYuga was found by Maharaj Pariksit breaking the legs of a bull. Two different & distinct living beings.

  12. Hope you don't mind but I reblogged on my website at with a direct link back to here to finish reading it. It was a really great article and thought that some of my readers would enjoy it.