Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Illusion of Good vs Evil

The secret is gradually getting out that we humans are something more than what we've always been led, and programmed to believe ourselves to be.  In fact, we are hardwired from birth to exist in a fabricated reality of duality and dichotomy; believing most profoundly of all, in our own powerless insignificance.  To begin with we're born into the greatest duality of them all, the one in which all others operate, the Birth-Death construct; where we're taught to believe in self over soul and that the authority of the state is absolute.  From birth, the dualities begin to pile up fast as we are taught, and expected to "play" within their parameters even though that isn't always possible; and that is also an intentional aspect of the programming.

Long before we can either speak or walk, we're bombarded with the dualities which comprise our "playpen," beginning with Yes-No, Light-Dark, Good-Bad, Right-Wrong & Truth-Deception.  These core dualities are designed to instill the feeling of powerlessness into the newly arrived soul as it gets used to its new form and environment.  Did you know that lab rats born in captivity never have a sense there exists any other reality for them?

Other dualities present themselves to us while still in the newly arrived category; concepts like Male-Female, Love-Hate, Joy-Grief, and Dreams-Nightmares.  There of course is the most obvious duality, the one we must deal with every day, that of the body being either Awake or Asleep.  We make our way thru each day, doing what is expected of us, doing our best to navigate the increasing madness of the world while keeping our sanity intact: then fall fast asleep at days end to restore vitality in a fantasy world within our minds.  What if I told you that is exactly backwards; that in fact, all your "waking" hours are but a dream state and what you experience each night is the real world.  How would you feel about that?  Welcome to the world of consensus reality!

You may well be asking how any of all this makes sense; well, it makes the same kind of sense as us choosing to incarnate into a world of hate in order to remember how to love!  Before we can realize our full destiny as beings of light, we must first walk in the darkness.  Before we can accept what truly unlimited beings we are, we must first experience the illusion of limitation, in this place.  We don't need self-appointed rulers or their media empire to tell us how to feel, that's what we have a heart for.  This then is where we encounter the truly thorny dualities of Wealth-Poverty, Liberty-Tyranny and Good-Evil which have such a stranglehold on this planet today.

Of all the dualities we are programmed to believe in and operate under, I don't think any get more constant use in so many divergent areas as the ages old battle between Good and Evil.  We are made to think of these as exact opposite, and different things, that we are either one or the other; when the truth is we are both, and always have been.  Just as the Yin-Yang where each half is also a part of the other, so are we.  More than any other cudgel, religion is constantly used to hammer us down and keep us hating one another; forever hitting us with the whole war between Good and Evil thing as if they aren't just different expressions of the same exact energy!  Each of us are the sum of our collective aspects; meaning that every human has aspects of both genders, as well as both good and evil impulses, thoughts and desires.  We are then, what we choose to express as, through as many, or as few aspects as desired in the given moment

All these dualities and dichotomies can do is keep us apart and at each others throats instead of bringing us together in harmonious unity, so we can take part in the evolution of our species which is now underway, despite monumental efforts to derail it.  We are here to experience the entire full range of human expression and emotion, not to work harder every year for less pay to make rich bastards still richer.  Those who seek to prevent this spiritual evolution have known from the beginning that they'd have to separate us from our spiritual source; and that's exactly when they started programming humanity.  Their plan has failed; humanity is waking up, starting to brush away the cobwebs and remember who we are.  The evidence of this is simply everywhere we look these days, right alongside of the evidence that the fake facade of duality is at long last falling apart, crumbling under the weight of its own corruption & greed. 

The great shining lie of duality is being challenged at nearly every level as the wheel of life turns past the time of the Kali Yuga, and into the time of the Aquarian Evolution.  Make no mistake about it, those purveyors of the great shining lie who seek to deny us our spiritual heritage are not about to give up and walk away just because we can now see them for exactly who & what they are.   We are now much like the rebellious teenager who finally decides that being grounded is no longer acceptable; forcing their parents to scramble in order to maintain their authority.  Those who seek to control every aspect of our lives do not see themselves as our parents, however.  They see themselves as our owners, who can therefore do as they please; and being seen as fair & reasonable simply isn't important to them at all, simply doesn't enter into the equation.  Therefore, as we have seen repeatedly, each new expression of freedom & independence is met with increasingly violent force.

Humanity is starting to shake off it's addiction to petroleum, perhaps realizing 40 years too late that we should have listened to the hippies when they tried to teach us that love is all we need, and to honor the earth.  We got sold a bill of goods called the American Dream which was designed to keep us mollified and content as the owners went about their nefarious agenda.  We incarnated here in this place at this time of great upheaval and change not to be destroyed by it; but to overcome it.  Our challenge has always been to see beyond the illusion of good vs evil, recognizing and remembering who we really are in the process.  Just like the lab rats, we have been given but a single, limited existence within a fake construct in which to live out our life of service to the state, forever torn between the forces of good and evil.
Haven't you ever wondered why our "choices" always seem to be limited to just two?  Or perhaps two serious options and a silly one??  Whenever there is something to decide or choose there are almost always a number of options to choose from; unless most of them are just ignored and marginalized into insignificance.  Why can't we have six or eight political parties if we want them, why is the game always so regulated in favor of the house?  Humanity is not only waking up, we're are also becoming very tired of all the heavy handed tactics being used by our desperate owners as they begin to realize it's not nice to fool mother nature, or the population of the planet.  In a last ditch effort to keep the control that is daily slipping away from them, the owners will surely ramp up the chaos, efforting to keep us all in panic mode.  don't go there, it's a real seedy neighborhood.  Instead, why not reclaim your power, and climb down off the chessboard, refuse to play their game any longer.  Pick up your marbles and go home!  You see, there is no end to this movie of 3D despair, death & debauchery; it will keep running as long as it holds your interest, by keeping you in the fear half of the dichotomy.  Change the channel!

In this life on this planet there is but a single dichotomy we need to acknowledge, for it is the only one which is real!  Will you travel the road of service to self, or will you walk to road of service to others?  All other decisions you make will be secondary from choosing which path you will walk.  The path of service to self is all about ego, self satisfaction, and getting what you want, and is decidedly materialistic.  The path of service to others is about compassion, helping those who can do nothing for you in return, indeed, it is about not expecting something in return, for service to others IS the reward.  Now here's the interesting, (and tricky) part.  It really doesn't matter which path you take, because in the fullness of time they both terminate at the exact same place!  Some people begin on one road, then for whatever reasons choose to switch to the other path; and others may even do this several times within a single incarnation, and this is as it should be, because we each need to have experiences on each path on our sojourn to completion

Exactly like all other dualities, the two paths are not mutually exclusive, but rather different expressions of the same energy.  This is the key to understanding all of it, so I'll say it again; dualities are not separate or different 'things' - they are different aspects, different expressions of the same energy.   Once you realize this you will immediately begin to see so many more than just two options, you'll see everything between the two aspects as a whole new range of possibilities, and choices; and the owners will then appear  to you as they have always been, cockroaches, parasites and cowards.

This is exactly what John Lennon was talking about in the song Imagine, seeing all of the possibilities in life beyond the fake facade of duality & dichotomy.  Breaking free of that locked room you have for a mind and exploring all that life has to offer, that's what he was talking about!  The lie of duality insists that we are all different, separate, and unequal entities vying for survival in this place; it has to demand this and drill it into our minds from a very early age, lest we discover our true nature, our true destiny.  I am sure that there are those who feel that whatever lot they have in life is just because we live on a planet controlled by psychopaths, and who wants to piss them off?  Me, I do!  So should you.  We should want to piss them off by denying their entire premise with all it's duality and twisted agenda...walk away, stop playing the game you have already been designated the loser in!  What have you got to gain?   If you keep playing you'll just get ground up with everyone else still asleep at this late hour, so why continue?  Find a better way, one your heart can agree with, one that won't stress you into an early grave!
OK, I can sense here that some of you are just now becoming uncomfortable with how all this challenges your religious faith, and your belief in God.  I hear you wondering to yourself, how can it possibly be that Good and Evil are the same energy?  What if we were talking about Food instead.  Let's say you prepare a delicious meal for yourself: if you consume it at the proper time, it sustains and nourishes you; but if you walk away and don't return for several days before eating the food you left on the table, it will make you quite ill, possibly even kill you.  Different aspects of the same energy.  One is pristine and pure while the other is vile and disgusting, same meal, same energy; one is just a much lower vibration than the other!

Or, we could look at it still another way.  No matter what religious faith we may subscribe to, they all seem to have a central omniscient entity who controls everything, right!?!  It doesn't matter what name you prefer to use, the energy is the same, be it God, Allah, Buddha, Source, or God-Goddess-All-that-Is, or what have you!  Now, if you wish to continue being a slave to duality that is fine by me, but for those seeking to understand their way out of this mess, allow me to suggest to you a simple yet powerfully persuasive stream of consciousness that may be the catalyst you seek... if God, or Allah, or Buddha or just whoever is the supreme entity who created everything, can there be anything in this existence not created by that entity?  Most likely your indoctrination tells you the answer here is "No"- fine,  Then if everything that exists was created by the one supreme being, this means everything came from the same exact source, including all things evil.

I rest my case.

May the Source be with You!

John Lennon - Imagine

Subliminal Superbowl Commercial

"The Owners" - Classic Carlin

Gravity Glue 2013

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  1. I think there's a distinction that needs to be made here between nature- that is the natural world, in 3D, 4D, 1000000D and so on, and the human matrix control system superimposed upon 3d.

  2. Thank you, Chautauqua, for putting into words the ins-outs, ups-downs, this-that, concepts of duality, You are right that the Darkness (Evil) increases as the Light (Good) finally at long last invades this Planet and exposes what humanity has been so long subjected to. It is easy to sense-feel Good, when we are part of it, and in many ways, easier to turn away from Evil when we are called to face it and deal with it as we are now, but it is impossible to turn away, because you are correct, both come from the same conscious energy source. Knowing that does not mean we condone Evil, nor ignore it, we come to understand it, and we must send it, literally, to where it belongs, which, if I understand what ascension is all about, is exactly what we are doing. As much as we who carry Light have absolutely 'had it' with Evil, can we imagine what Earth-Gaia must feel? Years ago I realized that without the Dark, there would be no Light Work to do and though I hope never to have to do it again, I'm aware of the reasons why all of this is necessary. This is perhaps one of THE most difficult subjects to write about and you have done a fine job. Thanks again, and Love, Althea.

    1. "You cannot have a light, without a darkness in which it will shine." ~ Arlo Guthrie

  3. Hi Chautauqua, probably seen me peering shyly through the shrubbery of your ewok forest! I found you after waking up and saw the flowers in the circle on my bedroom ceiling. Rubbing eyes, felt around for the dog and cats I sleep with, they were content and cozy. Hub wasn't home, he slays fish in AK. I watched the flowers fade, told myself it was the moon reflecting off my quilt, Ha, good one, in the morning that was not the quilt that was on my bed!! Next morning I linked on to your site through Soren, I think, maybe Zen. Coincidence? Ha, not likely! Serendipity, Most likely!! Sychronicity, I'll take it! Anyway there were those flowers in the circle!! Ah the things "legends" are made of!! In regards to your connection with Pleiades, there are more, They are just "half asleep in frog pajamas" (Author, Tom Robbins) Maybe with some "Jitterbug Perfume" we could snap out of it! "Skinny legs and all" The Hub had a dream the other night, he said "I moved things with this spot above my tummy" First it was inanimate objects, then a child, picked him up and put him on the couch. I showed him one of your chakra articles, weird word, article, but anyway, he was amazed, the power chakra. While he doesn't "go in for that shit" it was cool for him to see. Too fun! I have a co-Mom lives in your neck of the woods, she's a bright light! They are all over, sometimes when I go to bed I picture them all.....Zen down south, Soren in Denmark, you, Ida, Peak....oh don't get me started on Peak, he gives me the vapors!! And no fainting couches!!! Wrong era! Love the man hugs, virtual beers, and apples!! So many lights, I think I have seen one of your images with lights and lines touching all over the Earth. Chemtrails go over, lots, sad to say, been thinking of the Bene Gesserit (sp?) from Dune ,altering, transforming whatever they are trying to turn us into, whatever they are putting into us. Turning the nasties into empowerment, love, you know, all around good stuff. That would rock their world!! Too fun!

    1. Asherie~
      Thank you for the enthralling escape from the world mundane, a true joy to read your well crafted words. Even better is that you're applying what you find here to your life in the 'real' world; which oddly enough is just why I began doing this gig. Thanks for hanging around!

  4. I really love your website! Thank you for sharing with me and the internet community! Peace!

    1. It's all about connections, and if those with the info don't share it, the connections break down. The bad news is I'm running out of the really good stuff and will be down to posting vegan recipes and pictures of my food before too long. Many thanks for the feedback, I do appreciate it! Peaceful Blessings

  5. It seems to me that you are describing the tension in creation, in a way that would/should/can/could appeal to all seekers. According to Ron Oja, "coincidence is God's way of remain anonymous".