Saturday, August 13, 2016

When Heroes Fall

The standard wallpaper on my main computer is usually a beautiful high resolution artists rendition of our milky way galaxy as one would see it from an approaching starship.  I keep it there to help me keep my perspective if not wits about me in this darkening and fast paced world.  It's been working overtime this last week.

Along with the usual circus of the presidential election year we have a real pair to draw to this time and they raise the crazy bar on a daily basis.  While Clinton is on her deathbed according to some sites, we have Trump openly suggesting that some of the "second amendment people" make sure she doesn't recover.  Once again; the 'law & order candidate' is clearly advocating even more violence.  This time against his opponent. 

~Hero Worship~
We all have our heroes.  Actually most of us have a running collection of them from early childhood that we just add to as we navigate life.  Not just anybody can qualify as a hero, and of course everyone has their own standards & criteria for that.  The point here is that those standards and criteria are elevated enough to where mere mortals need not apply.  We choose our heroes because they epitomize the highest degree of excellence in mind, body or spirit.  Our lives are so overly regimented and structured that we find it necessary to maybe have a few heroes from different walks of life to inspire us towards greatness.
We all have to make our way in this world somehow.  For most it boils down to a 40 hour work week plus overtime.  Others elect to pick a profession and attempt to excel at it.  Some make that profession by entertaining the rest of us in various ways, others by being in service to others.  Some become professional stage magicians who amaze us with their powers of illusion while others become professional deceivers, like lawyers, politicians and pedophiles.  And that's OK, we accept that life is far from perfect and that some decidedly dark shit is always going down somewhere: That's why we have heroes.

When we drag ourselves home from that 40+ hour work week and it's time to relax; our heroes usually aren't far from reach.  Music from our favorite musician washes away the accumulated stress, and whether it's winning the super bowl or getting 22 olympic gold medals, we love watching our heroes win, lose or draw.  The only time we don't want to watch our heroes; is when they fall.  First comes the shock of breaking news that one of our culture heroes is just human after all.  After that comes that empty-twisted gut-wrenching feeling that once again we've been taken in by charm and a smile.

~The Shattering of Trust~
Bill Cosby, endearing us with illusion while drugging and raping scores of women over many years time behind closed doors.  Who didn't adore him as Dr. Huxtable?
If only we'd known. 
He fooled everybody, especially his victims!
Jimmy Savile was a beloved and famous British DJ, promoter and Television entertainer who after his death became known as perhaps Britain's most prolific sexual predator.  Some red flags were seen when he was still alive, but guess what, swept under the rug of collective unconscious because he was popular and we didn't want to know
Actor Stephen Collins, comedian Paula Poundstone, Roman Polanski, Gary Glitter, and even Peter Yarrow, (Peter, Paul & Mary).  All child molesters.

Producer Victor Salva, who gave us "Powder" and both "Jeepers Creepers" films; also
 a convicted child molester. 
Not to overlook what must be one of the worst offenders: Musician Ian Watkins, popular front man for the band Lostprophets was arrested in 2012 for, quote; "conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a 1 year old girl."  Ultimately Watkins confessed to 13 such depraved offenses 
over a span of 5 years, with multiple victims.
Politicians like Mark Foley, and Dennis Hastert were serial child molesters.  Both in positions of government authority, trust and respect; both pedophile predators, both lost their positions in shameful disgrace.  Mark Foley surfaced again recently, sitting front ringside at a Donald Trump event.  Draw your own conclusions as to why Trump attracts child molesters.

Next, for perhaps the lowest and worst of the pedophile predators we have to look no further than the clergy.  Catholics predominantly, but certainly all other religious denominations, sects and churches also are infiltrated by these cowardly demons who only prey on the young, weak & vulnerable.  It's nothing short of an outrage that the head of the catholic church always protects his priests from prosecution even as he admits there is a problem.  It's a problem our best reaction to so far is
 ignoring it and sending in more boys to be molested.
You see, the thing here is really simple.  The vast majority of pedophile predators admit they were themselves molested in childhood.  Many are in cults or cult like extended families where children are routinely sexually molested and abused.  They're then conditioned & brainwashed into believing such behavior is normal, so little wonder they go on to a life of sexually predating on our children.  Because it's such a distasteful subject we tend to ignore it, not discuss it, but most of all we DO next to nothing to stop this vicious cycle of abuse.  Whenever another pedophile story hits the news everyone wrings their hands in dismay and wails in unison that this must end; yet it never does.

The thing about pedophile predators is that they tend to be like the energizer bunny; they just keep going, and going - until they are stopped.  Even when locked up many have said they would offend again if released.  The only way to stop them IS to lock them up.  There is no such thing as pedophile rehabilitation.  You cannot rehabilitate predators.  These deviant sociopaths as we've seen, come from every profession, every religion and every station in life.  They are, in fact, everywhere.

So now today a few million people are feeling that kicked in the gut and shat upon feeling with the emerging expose, and admission that Zen Gardner spent nearly three decades working his way into a leadership position of a child abuse cult. Not only that, but his primary job was that of media chief; in charge of public relations, "image management" and press releases.   Followers and fans of his across the planet are collectively dealing with the sense of loss, anger and betrayal over these revelations.  Some of them are going to be needing some serious help considering he is running an online cult.  Some of his followers even now are in full-on denial, spouting every excuse in the book.  Yeah some of them are gonna need some real help, so let's remember to be gentile with them, OK?
We all need to remember here that when it comes to Zen Gardner, he did not willingly post his "missing years" mea culpa confession.  He was given an ultimatum by a peer professional; to come clean and admit the fullness of his involvement in that child abuse cult~ or it'd be done for him.  
So the artful dodger brushed off his image management tools and offered up 
a severely diluted version which painted himself as one of the victims.
Of the many questions I want answered, the foremost on my mind is this:
Zen's entire family was there in the Children of God cult, including his children of course.  When his children were taken to be housed, raised, abused & brainwashed separately, away for 6 months at a time; What actions did "Zen Gardner" take to defend and protect his children?  He may well deny knowing what was happening to his kids, but I do not, cannot believe him.  Not a single word of it, because I have seen his propensity for warping the truth to suit his desires.

"See the paid off local bottom feeders Passing themselves off as leaders"
                                                                                      ~Bruce Cockburn~

OK, here's another pretty good question. 
 According to records & documentation; the cult leader "Moses" Berg died in 1994.  Why did "Zen Gardner" remain a leader in the cult for 5 additional years?  Just exactly what was he doing?  Why didn't he take that golden opportunity to get his family to safety?  I'm only curious because as you may recall; it was after their leader died everyone said the cult descended into even deeper depths of depravity.  Who was at the helm from 1994 to 1995?  Inquiring minds want to know!

A reader sent me her comment which was repeatedly blocked from Zen's site:

How about this comment on Zen's site & his reply:

Or this comment from Zen's site:

Then there is this as well:

These questions and many others cannot just be brushed aside with some twisted, convoluted Zen wisdom laced with flowery new age rhetoric about the power of forgiveness.  Hell No, not this time.  He seems entrenched like Hitler in his bunker, because his very next post following his 'Mea Culpa' confession was entitled "All the world is a cult."  As if  just saying those words was some kind of Harry Potter spell to get out of deep shit.  Actually Don, the world is a toilet, not a cult.  A cult is what you created with your website: Take it Down!  A whole lot of very good people have put a handful of questions to you, and we all deserve YOUR answers to all of them.
If Zen Gardner will not voluntarily come clean about the complete total truth of his involvement, we cannot force him to.  However there IS something we CAN do to get deeper into the truth of the matter, and that is by utilizing the technology known as Reverse Speech.  Any recording of him speaking will do nicely.  Certainly there must be some David Oates trained technicians out there who are up to the task.  How about it folks?  Any takers?  No matter how slick this artful dodger is he cannot control his unconscious speech reversals.  I'll bet there are some juicy little insights to Zen Gardner's mind just waiting to be discovered.

"Without the truth from Reverse Speech the planet has no future, it opens that door for all of us"
                                                                                                 ~Jeff Rense~

Zen Gardner is far from the first predator to wear the guise of spiritual teacher and Guru: and sad to say he likely as not will be far from the last of such charlatans.  Ever hear of this fellow Marc Gafni?   He's yet another spiritual guru, teacher and self-help leader with a 20 year wake of child molestation and sexual predation behind him.  You may know him by another name, he uses five different ones, but again the eyes tell all you need to know.
Marc Gafni continues to this day with his charade of being a spiritual guru to attract his next unsuspecting victims.  Perhaps the judicious application of Reverse Speech is called for with this slime devil as well.  We have this technology, do we have any impartial technicians out there looking to make a name for yourself in the right way?  Here you go!

Or are we going to continue pretending nothing is wrong with our society and do nothing?  So much filth has now been swept under the rug we need motorized transportation to get across the room.  Time to clean house folks.  How many more young lives must be ruined?  How many more generations must we endure this never-ending nightmare cycle of abuse.  Can't we figure out a way to break the chain reaction of abused becoming the abuser? 

The native American peoples had a term by which to recognize a type of malaise that would befall entire populations.  This disharmony was known as a kind of collective spiritual blindness~ they called it Wetiko, which translates from the Cree language as "Cannibal."  [We call it greed]~ A Wetiko was one who consumes other humans for profit; and was seen by all north American tribes as a serious psychological malfunction afflicting the white race.  Contemporary experts address the same exact condition affecting entire populations around the planet; and they call it "Malignant Egophrenia."  It is the untrained ego run amok, locked in a feeding frenzy of self aggrandizement.  Each person unconsciously competing with everyone else to get all they can in a world of diminishing resources and escalating wars.

The wetiko were the greed crazed "49ers" who flooded the freshly discovered California gold fields.  They killed more than one hundred thousand native Americans because they were living where the gold was, & the wetiko wanted it, so they took it.  They also often took the native women and young girls for prostitution, and trade with slavers. 

The wetiko is also earth's population of pedophile predators, flesh peddlers & the black market for white slaves.  Consuming other humans for fun and profit.  Tell me again, why is it we allow such things to even exist on this gem of a planet~ oh yeah, that's right, we let the psychopaths run everything, and they protect their own first and foremost.  Family values and all that!  Did you ever stop and wonder if just maybe all of us decent, moral folks are just their livestock, to be used & slaughtered at whim?  I think I'm starting to finally understand why humans love vampires.

"Earth, what a beautiful planet, it's a shame about the people"
                                                                              ~Stuart Wilde~

When our own personal heroes fall in public shame & disgrace because of human frailty we take it hard.  Yes, we take it very hard indeed when we discover most or all of what we believed about someone was just a commercial front, to enhance profits.  When we find that beneath the talent or grace we admired there was only a huckster all along.  We don't like being fooled, conned and lied to by anyone, ever: when our heroes do it to us it hurts especially hard.  We dislike that we can be so easily taken in, that we are so eager to believe that we forget due diligence, we forget to check credentials, or credit those feelings that something ain't quite right. 
When our spiritual heroes fall, they land on those of us who held them in high esteem, and it hurts.  The result is disillusion, disengagement, and spiritual disharmony.  We begin to doubt all spiritual leaders.  Our search for prophets so often leads us only to those who seek profits at our expense~ Wetiko.  When spiritual heroes fall we risk becoming jaded, our progress upon our spiritual path can stagnate resulting in us doubting ourselves as well as selfish, self proclaimed spiritual leaders. 

The toll all this ugly business takes on us is massive. Many of us have dealt with bouts of borderline physical illness after the Children of God revelations by Zen Gardner, as well as world class cognitive dissonance and that old kicked in the gut sensation that just won't go away.  The word I'm seeing a lot in chat rooms is Betrayal.  Those not brainwashed by his charisma are feeling repulsed, angry and just a little Godsmacked at the scale and darkness of the depravity revealed.

We now recognize that the Zen Gardner website "Just Wondering" is an elaborately deceptive CULT.  It's just as Simple as that!  The only question before us now as a spiritual community is if we are going to continue to allow this to continue.
I think we all know the answer: Shut It Down, Now!
© 2016 full re-post with permission only

Update: September 7, 2016
The "Zen Gardner" website Just Wondering
has been shut down entirely, and
the Domain has been sold!!

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  1. Lets see how Jeff and Dave react , if hey give him a pass ..pffft Like i said One big scam and shit show .Lets see if the selling out takes place.

    1. Yo Peek~
      It's been a weird few days for sure. Go look at Rense this morning; no more Zen Gardner column, zero posts. Same with Facebook, they took him down. We can't expect the big mega sites to come down on either side. The zen shitstorm is already polarizing and dividing the alternative readers across the net, into 2 groups: those who won't tolerate this shit~and those who are fine with it so long as it happened in the distant past (like zen).

      If the big mega sites take a stand either way they are gonna loose 50% of their readers-& they sure don't want most will say little or nothing as they quietly ghost the fucktard. Sadly there will be a couple sites that just don't get it & will continue to support his web cult-until even they too will see the truth of things. No matter, old "Beady Weasel Eyes" is exposed. Don is Done, it's simply a matter of time catching up to reality.

    2. Good on Jeff to get him off his site . No blind eyes to crimes like that
      its true moral compass on his end .
      You are so spot on with Zen/DON sick type Chautauqua. He ( DON/Zen is a Windigo Just like the Priest that preached to us natives about the so called good in their harts as they harmed young and weak the defenseless and now they ask for forgiveness the same way they preached ( the Windigo knows nothing else just its own cycle of survival " ) hence 27 years...there's no courage in DON's aka ZEN words so called forgivness, Its DON being caught as DON/Zen .
      The Courage was Steve from Thephilosopher's stone

  2. 'Don Ferguson' the gig is up. Shut the site down. You cannot continue the lie in the face of truth. I for one will not allow you to continue on deceiving people.

  3. hey brother thanks for posting this stuff that needed to be said. bottom line with all these people is we should let NO ONE have authority over our lives. we need to find our own center. there are NO gurus connect to the divine with in you it is all we need. as far as z.g. goes i smelled a rat a while ago based on an article he has posted that criticized gays . red flags went up on that one. but even before that he was no hero of mine . be true to yourself is my motto and if others dont like it so be it. peace and thanks for posting this

    1. Norral~
      Glad you chimed in on this ugly disgusting mess, I was brought in a few days before the expose hit the web, so have been dealing with and thinking about this way longer than pleases me. I really had no choice but to write these 2 posts because to hold silent is...well; let's just say that's why this planet is in such dire straits- everybody keeps silent about the stuff that makes their soul puke. I promised "An Unflinching Ride thru the age of Aquarius. What's really strange about this mess is that it was nearly 4 years ago when I began this blog~ Don was the first to post my stuff, really supportive-sent my stuff to several other editors,etc. In large measure, whatever exposure I enjoy on the blogosphere began with him, and now this crap. I have enjoyed none of this, and I am done writing about it. Said what I needed to say, he gets no more print space from me. ("all publicity is good"~Donald Trump.
      In the Light.

  4. The New Age is so OVER. Get over it. It has become dangerous to read its blogs and the dailies like the "Waking Times". The well has gone dry. They are just repeating themselves in the hopes of snagging a straggler or two. This obnoxious draining of people's personal power has been uncovered. What has been stolen won't be returned. Time to move on.

  5. hello, i have a sneaking suspicion this will damage the independent media/ truth seeker community bigtime. once this is looked into further it may blow up to the point where it goes mainstream & the powers that be will spin it to discredit everyone by asociation. weve already had a taste of it with the scumbag sensationalist YOURNEWSWIRE site writing what was basically a hit-piece on David Icke. more info needs to come out and people need to distance themselves. the paid trolls will have a field day in comments sections in the coming weeks and the less real info that comes out, the more these trolls can write disinfo/fairytale about the matter which will muddy the waters even more. expect blogs popping up out of nowhere with scathing articles etc.

    27 years is a lot of gained experiences & drama in a cult,ZG will have seen a lot in that time.
    17 years outside a cult is 17 years to expose the cult with your 27 years of experiences to share.
    something definitely fishy about the sorry saga and it will probably damage what everyone has been working toward in all these years.

    what will happen? who knows

    1. 'Event'
      Some salient points; the ripple effect has barely begun and yes already the trolls and click-bait scavengers are all over it and stealing traffic from sites of origin. Bottom feeders to be sure.

      Something fishy indeed, tip of the iceberg sorta thing.
      Zens Indian name is "Beady Weasel Eyes"

      Be sure to read Soren's new post "The Zen Gardner Deception"
      He knows zen better than most, and has illuminating things to say about what is being called 'the Zen Shitstorm'

      What will happen? I'll wager a guess on that!
      Zen befriended many of the big names in alternative media,
      puts them in a sticky wicket sort of a situation to say the least.
      Although these big names may not come out on either side of this mess...
      Rest assured he is done in the alternative media and human potential movement. He's now a pariah and a liability, and to continue to associate with him, support him, or post his drivel would be to lay down in bed with a leper from fukushima with aids.

  6. Gut kicked and movin' on! Fuck that rat bastard zg, my character assessment skills suck. I thought he was aok and followed his site for years. When Steve posted his "watch this space" article on Philosophers Stone I would never have guessed zen was going down and am eternally grateful for the heads up.
    Wetico is strong with this one!
    Back to the harvest, just had to get this off my chest.
    I was an abuse attempt as an adolescent but I cried like a little girl. Curiously, it worked, the pedophile didn't continue trying to suck me off. This trusted individual had me 60 miles from home on an overnighter to take me on a tour of the Air Force base. My parents loved this guy.
    I can only hope he is dead by now, or at least suffering horribly, alone and cold.

  7. Don Ferguson needs to be held accountable. What has he done in a real way to expose the COG or make reperations on behalf of the victims? Nothing. Zilch. Nada. He never will because he is a psychopathic predator. ZG is a disguise he uses to continue his deception. Forgiveness, compassion and understanding is Not what is required here at this stage. He needs to be held accountable, and if not that then thoroughly exposed, and his site shut down. Or he will keep on keeping on. I understand that this is difficult to grasp for some people, others are just apologist, but DF will continue to deceive and hurt innocent people otherwise, and it is our responsibility as 'concious' humans to protect the unaware and negate the chance of creating more victims. That is being loving and aware. I am a parent, FGS.

  8. Hail Chautauqua,
    horus here.
    I used to be a reader of "Zen´s" site for several years.
    Well, i was until very recently.
    I want to thank you for bringing all this out on the table for all who dare and want to see.
    It is certainly not comfortable- the least for mate Don- but i am thankfully more interested in the truth then in names and figureheads.
    It actually comforts me to be dis- illusioned. Now i can see how and why i could be conned and can move on, freed from ballast and false images about the world and myself.
    Somehow a part of me would have known all the time, because i feel relieve. Honestly, i only read yours and some others´ revealing articles during the recent 2 hours and i am fine with it.
    Thanks again, old warrior!

    I just posted a couple of comments on Don´s sites under some of his recent articles, the last of them called "a few replies" where i find him confidently biting back like an animal trapped in a corner, missing all kinds of shame and humbleness.
    Attack is the best defense, so that tells you that defense is indeed needed!
    Only 1 of my comments, referring back to your above article and the ones from Steve, Soren and Ida ever appeared( still "awaiting """moderation""""HA!), the other attempts utterly failed, site not found please try again and so forth.
    Actually i rejoice in this kind of news, because for me it is a clear mirror of my inner processes going on "out there" in the world- "Apocalypse" or Revelation in english!
    ZenGardner surely is a sophisticated and well laborated con now coming down. I feel this is empowering news, also i was a friend of his site until a couple of hours ago. It is very symbolic.
    Again, i feel relief leaving this baggage behind me, easily letting go and JUST WONDERING.


    1. Horus~
      "Old Warrior" eh...I accept that, actually kinda like it;)
      Appreciate your words and the sentiment behind them, this was a group effort started by my friend Steve Seymour at Philosophers Stone website. He broke the story. "We go where the truth takes us" where ever that is, in this case, a mutual friend who deceived and betrayed everyone concealing a long past of child abuse. This shit will not stand! Even now he is being quietly culled from the herd, and very soon he will have no safe haven except maybe for going back to the COG but I seriously doubt even they will have anything to do with him. Like all pedophiles, Don is simply a coward who will never own up to his past-they never ever do.

      He is dug in like a tick with his denial, & doubling down like Trump with his adamant stance that he was a whistle blower, oh, don, is that what they're call that now? Maybe he'll show up next as Trumps director of family services, but he is done in the human potential movement.

      Steve @ Philosophers Stone posted "An Open Letter to Zen Gardner" this morning, and in it are some very incriminating and powerful videos. The one that is really moving is Tony Robbins working with a COG survivor named Dawn. The segment you want to see is almost 50 minutes into the video-and it absolutely drives the nail in the coffin of "Zen Gardner."

      Many thanks for your comment horus!
      Peaceful Blessings

  9. I think it is very important to point out that any 'regulars' that continue to post on DF 's site in his defense have shown that he has their support. Despite the plethora of information available, they have forgone any critical thinking and have thus lost any and all credibility. It would appear at this point they are active members of the DF cult, and wish to perpetuate the deception. That's the Truth.

    1. ...Truth is never honored by protecting it with a wall of lies.

      The TRUTH needs no protection ~ The truth points to itself.


    2. Thanks Chautauqua, matters to me alot. I don't take kindly to lies and deception. Neither did my mom. Clearly you care a great amount as well. Thanks for being here.

    3. Don't be too hard on them anon. Maybe they just gotta double-dose of the Kool-aide. They'll come around eventually as we continue to expose this snake.


  10. A few replies.....

    Translation: a few rep lies

    or move the i from lies to the left and put t for truth in front of the i and we have:

    a few reptiles

    just wondering.....

    1. Patrick my friend, you have way too much free time.
      maybe check out something with a little structure,
      and discipline,
      perhaps led by someone charismatic & psychotic.

      OK, I'll play along:
      what can ya do with "disciple" as the derivative of discipline?

  11. Ok, indeed I do!

    .....sic di ple
    ......sic ppl
    .......i c sic ppl

    1. All that and no pie!
      If we can't find a touch of lightness the dark will devour us all

    2. Oh and be sure to check out my "Parasite Alert" post
      It's kinda become a clearing house for links to ongoing articles, etc
      As well as some custom graphics to share as you like,
      It even has music to listen to, "The shitstorm theme song" collection.
      I'm a Bad, Bad Man.....
      Bad to the Bone!
      Just doing my part to help ghost this child raping waste of skin.

  12. (Evidently) Rense has removed him from his home page, list of contributors?

    1. Yup, sure enough!
      ZG removed all my posts from his site to piss me off which nit didn't because he NEVER uses page breaks & a link back to site of origin, mesentially STEALING TRAFFIC from Augureye Express. (happens every day across the web) I happen to think I deserve to get the traffic from what I write, but Don and other taint-lickers don't give a shit cause they are COWARDS and oh yeah, FUCKING THIEVES.

      As soon as I posted my recent articles, old "Beady Weasel Eyes" replaced a lot of my older stuff so he can make more money off me & the Express before he goes down...and make me appear untruthful about telling folks he scrubbed my posts. Fucking click-bait scam artist.

    2. Chautauqua,
      the way to deal with Chester is the same way to deal with his owners. Ignore him out of existence. Parasites need us, not the other way around.

    3. Anony@ 2:38 PM~
      Nobody has ever been ignored out of existence in the history of this sick world. Being ignored is what got us to this sorry state of affairs. Being ignored is what Zen Gardner is wishing pretty hard for just about now, and THAT just isn't going to happen, not on MY watch, HELL NO!!

      I have a few resources at my disposal which will be instrumental in bringing this criminal to justice.

      I am not a Cop,
      No statute of limitation on raping children!!

  13. Chautauqua,
    Do what you must. I will do the same to bring the truth out regarding this monster. But what I meant by that was about his standing in our community. Nobody visit his website. Nobody take his articles. Nobody have them on their show. Nobody have him speak at their events (I think we're pretty much there already).

    He will be finished from ever profiting from techniques used from his previous experiences and methods he uses to this day.

    I get the other part too though. Attack!!!

    1. Anony@4:07~
      Yes, I agree, He is done in the sun on this planet. NASA says they aren't allowed to shoot humans into the sun, on account of it's not cost effective at all. They want to help but their hands are tied.

      Why, why, why when fucktards like Ferguson Gardner get any revealing criticism do they immediately squeal they're being attacked??

      Attacking is what THEY DO! So, naturally when exposed and cornered any dialogue but their own is called an attack. It's the only way they have of viewing the "whirled"

      I'm NOT attacking Don. As his dear, close friend (his words, not mine)
      I feel a responsibility to help him get back from this nightmare and trynto make amends for his crimes against children.


  14. hello all

    From ‘ my missing years’ at the end of comments. I’d taken a ‘snapshot’ of the page as my comments were no longer sailing through unimpeded.
    First the ‘snapshot’ then what zendon thought a more appropriate comment.

    Zen Gardner 16/08/2016 at 6:34 am

    Funny, we’ve been joking and laughing about how people always say when they hear some piece of gossip or “revelation” about someone, people always shake their finger and go “I always knew there was something about him” and sort of gloat in their great perception – in hindsight of course. Ungrounded human nature is definitely fickle.

    david david 16/08/2016 at 7:48 am
    Your comment is awaiting moderation

    you think this is funny ? some laughing matter? I didn’t know that there was anything odd about you at all apart from your spiritual archon nonsense.
    I took you at face value and don’t haunt the alternative community.
    Comments disappear from your site. Some of mine get through and some don’t. A miracle. More pointedly, the comments from those who DO know your deviousness also disappear.
    There’s nothing left for me to say to you so look hard at those eyes staring at you from my little icon. They are the eyes of a grandmother, a mother and her two daughters … they are ‘morphed’ together. They’re not my eyes. These women/girls literally lent me their vision.
    Nothing about your devious manipulation is ‘just wondering’
    Go on – look.

    Now what zendon used.

    Zen Gardner 16/08/2016 at 6:34 am

    Funny, we’ve been joking and laughing about how people always say when they hear some piece of gossip or “revelation” about someone, people always shake their finger and go “I always knew there was something about him” and sort of gloat in their great perception – in hindsight of course. Ungrounded human nature is definitely fickle.

    ariel 17/08/2016 at 5:31 pm

    No, Zen…I looked at the ‘funny bits’ I could see are there…..we weighed you in the balance, and we only had to add one small extra feather…….which may just waft away, further on down the road.
    Weakness is a prime teaching for strength, when you have had more than enough of it.

    1. Saucepanbach~
      Sincere thanks for this [& future] comment[s]. In this time of 'gossip' we must remember that one prime trait of sociopathic narcissists is their unrelenting NEED to control the narrative at all costs. If you're talking about things that are/aren't funny the fact that sociopathic narcissists truly cannot see just how transparent their actions are towards controlling the narrative; almost funny if it didn't make them so dangerous.

      So, now we have ZenDon the global predator jet-setting around from country to country seeking asylum. We are quite certain of one thing here; and that is he probably will never DARE set foot back in the United States.
      Peaceful Blessings

    2. I'm as slow on the uptake as a wet week and often thick as a brick but it doesn't much matter if I lead a quiet life.
      When 'my missing years' came out, my initial 'comment' was superficial. It took another to point out to me that Children of God was NOT just some minor cult and to PLEASE look a bit deeper which I did.
      Ah .. sigh ... 'my missing years' .. 'my missing ears.'

      I've done what I can to be responsible about this matter and have nothing more to add apart from this. My furious response to zendon which didn't go through had little to do with what he may or may not have done in his past but more to do with the immediate and sickening recognition that to start his response with ...'Funny, we’ve been joking and laughing ...'indicates that he still doesn't 'get it' and perhaps never will.

    3. They never do get it because they believe they are it.

  15. We will never know the depth of devastation that the COG cult perpetrated. Many that did manage to escape only to struggle with isolation and suicidal depression. The suffering spans generations. zg/don has not uttered a word about this. Soulless, spineless, spinning liar. To think I looked up to him.

    1. Adaline~
      You hit upon perhaps the central issue in this whole furor.
      Children learn what they live,
      The Abused become the Abusers
      and the cycle just keeps repeating.
      It has gone on for so many generations
      Many now consider pedophilia nearly normal,
      with zero signs on the horizon that
      the cycle will ever be broken.

      While the whole alternative world
      is in an uproar over this
      DonZen keeps insisting that
      All this is just gossip, rumors
      and ankle-biting, He attempts to quash
      contrary opinions and when he cannot do that
      He just makes unflattering comments disappear from
      his cult website.

      He still has not figured out which of his inner circle
      is actually feeding information to the rest of us
      because he is in full-on panic mode trying to
      piss on this raging wildfire of controversy
      tragically pathetic, and totally dangerous.
      Most narcissistic sociopaths are!

  16. To whom this may concern,

    C.W.Chanter has a very informative You Tube channel in which he regularly discusses a wide variety of alternative media subjects.

    CW always has interesting things to say, welcomes lively discussion, even if its dissenting, and the comments section of his channel is wide open and 100% uncensored.

    As I hope your comments section is!

    CW encourages real truth seekers within our community to be discerning and to do their own due diligence.

    Regarding the "Zen Gardner Scandal", a man whose work I have been aware of for awhile, I have done my own homework.

    I trust this comment will be posted and that your blog readers will be able to hear what CW has to say on this matter with an open heart and an open mind.

    Please pay his You Tube link forward, far and wide.

    Thank you.

    1. Anony@10:05 AM~
      Hey many sincere thanks for the comment and the link. This would have been up an hour or so ago except I was watching the video and taking no interruptions: Yup folks he is just that good. Have added the link to my current posts on the subject & paid that sucker forward to a few others as well. Oh, btw, CW has a new fan, and subscriber. I can't believe I haven't seen his work before. Got me some binge catching up to do.

      Again much appreciation for the great work and excellent presentation.

    2. No thanks were necessary or required: just doing my own small part for the cause at hand.

      I was on C.W. Chanter's You Tube site just now and read your eloquent commentary: you're an extremely intelligent, articulate person, and your writing is top-notch. No slouch are you my friend...

      Together, as a community, we must remain ever vigilant in order to prevent these cunningly insidious charlatans from gaining too much traction within it.

      For me? It's been a continuous struggle to separate the wheat from the chaff. The rows are tough to hoe at times, and the work is certainly not for the weak minded or the feint of heart, as you must well know.

      That said? Someone's got to do it. C.W. is one smart dude, has a huge heart, and is clearly up to the task at hand.

      Thank you, dear Chautauqua Hunter, for stepping up to the plate.

      My sincere regards to you and your readers.

      Peace to all.

    3. Wow, thanks for the compliments, writers always appreciate good feedback;
      it's way better than a paycheck!

      I'd say that just now the community has a clean-up on aisle 666
      and if this is just swept under the rug-again it will be the a blow to the credibility for the human potential movement, perhaps a fatal one.

      The community has been infiltrated and hi-jacked by homeland security,
      Big Pharma, and the cluster of self-serving psychopaths spotlighted in CW's video. If we don't start paying attention we'll loose it to the various huckster jackals. To right things and clean house will require seeing with new eyes.

      Let me know if I can ever lend a hand
      because we're all in this together,
      & "nobody gets out alive"


  17. Oh believe me: now that I've found you and got you in my sights (favorites!) I will definitely keep you in the loop with a quick head's up if/when more troops are ever required.

    No truer words were ever written folks: "we're all in this together... nobody gets out alive."

    Thus it is why we strive to have each other's backs covered. It's a moral imperative.

    This is not a game some of us "play" on the internet due to boredom. At least not in my case. I am an active, busy person, with many pressing responsibilities, a family to attend to, and an honest to goodness "real life".

    C.W. Chanter could probably say the same! Yet, we also both devote quite a bit of our valuable time and energy to our community, and its virtual health and well-being.

    What I do online I consider to be a duty to my fellow humans. I could no more ignore Zen/Don's appalling behavior, once I SAW it, than I could ignore being an eye-witness to a hit and run accident.

    I will continue to keep a sharp eye on these events as they unfold.

    Peace, friends.

    1. Ditto~likewise!
      Copy THAT !!

      "This is not a game some of us "play" on the internet due to boredom. At least not in my case. I am an active, busy person, with many pressing responsibilities, a family to attend to, and an honest to goodness "real life" ~~~ Resonates like Tesla.

  18. Face the Music (Rise and Fall)

    By freefall

    After twenty-seven years
    and a front man for the band
    Telling us you sang the lyrics
    that you failed to understand

    Just belting out the music
    Like a songbird out of tune
    While the children were imprisoned
    In the deepest darkest gloom

    You bragged of worldly travel
    As you went from town to town
    With the little captive groupies
    Always being dragged around

    But we know the inner workings
    You don’t rise unless you fall
    And that which comes from goodness
    You must sacrifice it all

    Only then will you be leader
    And the singer in the band
    There’s no way to get around it
    Through your fingers leaks the sand

    Of time that’s never ending
    They control you to this day
    For choices you made long ago
    That never went away

    So it’s time to face the music
    And confess your evil ways
    The only way to change your karma
    Well beyond your dying days

    Now once again to rise by falling
    But this time make your record clean
    Otherwise the truth will hound you
    As it drives you from the scene

    To the one I once believed in
    By calling you my friend
    Time to step down from the spotlight
    And start by turning yourself in

    1. Wow,
      And here I thought it was me bringing the gasoline to the wild fire.
      Whew, I gotta go read that a couple more times. Once just ain't enough

  19. I used to be a frequent visitor and infrequent commenter on the ZG site using the pseudonym Ophiuchus the 13th and otherwise unknown and hidden on purpose zodiac sign. I stopped visiting a while ago around the same time that Peek Crackers started to challenge his new agey donut speak and when yourself went missing from his site. That is and my own thoughts on his many stories that said the same thing which was nothing but fluffy new age poppycock. Around this time he started showing carefully selected images of himself which to me was professional brand management. So I figured him for a cointelpro intelligence plant like many alt sites are in my opinion. There to ensnare the conspiracy buffs who thing they have woken up just like all the individuals in The Life Of Brian! His money had to be coming from somewhere like Jones. I guessed that he was to set up a legit looking machine only for some boom to come down to discredit others by association. However this is something I never guessed though. From time to time I would search engine 'Zen Gardner Fraud' to see what would surface and only did it again this week to find the shit storm that has surfaced. Having only narrowly slipped out of the Catholic peadophilia dragnet as a youngster it sickens me to the core that he has just brushed it off like Cardinal Pell hiding behind his Vatican walls. It makes sense why he fled to a non extradition country like Ronnie Biggs.

    1. The cointelpro intelligence plant angle seems quite valid to me as I have had that same thought about him in the past. Don't really know why but he made a serious effort to befriend me. A few years back atherosclerosis took my legs out from under me; and the VA botched twice trying to fix me. Third time was supposed to have been the charm but alas it was anything but. I was essentially held prisoner in that hospital for five days after the third failed procedure to fix my arteries.

      I awoke in intensive care ward to total confusion. After being conscious again for a little while I needed to know the time. Alas no wall clocks in sight, so when the head dude came round to check on me I casually asked what time dinner was and of course he then kinda had to tell me the current time. turns out I was under anesthesia for almost nine hours; for a two hour procedure.

      For the next 3 days they kept me there, trapped in the ICU ward without my clothes, cell phone, or ANY belongings. Each time I protested, it was another lame reason why nobody could get my stuff from the property room.
      Now, when they finally said I could go home the next day, they had to give me a regular room and I'd only been there for about 20 minutes or so when an orderly comes in with someone else's cell phone saying I had a call??

      It was Zen, making a big spectacle over coming to my rescue with a bunch of ulterior motives and making sure the entire 'garden' knew about it. He did a little 'go-fund-me kinda thing asking folks to donate what they could to help; as at the time the VA still had not approved my benefits claim (after 3 years). Like I said, I don't know what his angle was back then, but I do now.

      With slicksters like old weasel face the one thing you CANNOT afford to do is to underestimate them at ANY point. To do so would be borderline fool-hardy. What with the shit storm breaking on both youTube with the video by CW~and on ACR's "Boiler Room" with Hesher...ZenDon is most likely looking up a good plastic surgeon. He is soooo fucked, I only hope that before his final breath in this incarnation he comes to know the fear, pain and suffering he caused A thousand fold. A penalty for stealing that name; one for every petal on that 1000 petal lotus.

  20. A few reptiles
    From my hissing years
    Shoved in the closet
    With all my fears

    Don't look my eyes
    You'll see it there
    Darting sideways
    You know I care

    I boost ego's
    Along the way
    To hide my past
    Those kids I slayed

    Shhh, I'll rise to fame
    My only game
    That touchy past
    Beyond self blame

    A good guy then
    A good one now
    See baby zen's
    Take a bow

    I called in favours
    Blew some steam
    I'm not going anywhere
    I'll not come clean

    Its you not me
    Chaut, Soren, Steve
    I'll cast some doubts
    On who to believe

    I got mates
    Bitches mostly
    I stoked their spots
    So what, they're dopey

    Oh just forgive
    Turn that cheek
    Past is the past
    I'm just so meek

    Look what I did
    Plagiarised thats all
    Used my tricky word skills
    To give hope for all

    But the time has come
    I've been exposed
    Dear COG
    I'm super im-posed

    Can't this blow away
    Time heals all...
    Young boys and girls
    Karma directs your fall

    No, its good let it happen
    I'm zen I'm alright
    To all my followers
    This will ride through the night

    What, it won't disappear
    No room at the inn
    I can't make it steer
    anyone need tucking in?

    Time to go now
    Will I change my name
    Move to another country
    Still be the same

    Shit no, its my ego
    It's got a hold
    All that denial
    Keeps me cold when I'm old

    1. Woe, verily I shout WOE
      unto any so foolish
      as to awaken the ire of
      poets unexpected and
      undetected among us all.
      For WE are the voice
      of the community he preyed upon
      and it is OUR voice he
      should now fear.
      Hearken old evil one
      I know your eyes from before
      How do ya like me now,
      What you never knew
      and were too arrogant
      to think of is the simple fact
      that sometimes the predator
      is actually the prey.
      You, Zen, are my Third,
      having twice before
      taken down ones
      just as pathetic as you.
      As for you, it shall
      soon become crystal clear
      no safe haven awaits,
      only confinement, in prison
      where you will finally know
      what THEY felt
      at your evil fucking hands.
      Live Long and Suffer!

  21. To all predators
    Who point the finger
    Cause distraction
    Let truth linger

    Your time has come
    Can't hide anymore
    The revealing is now
    Your unhealable sore

    Face your deeds
    Make it right
    The smallest lie
    Bring it to light

    Or keep it hidden
    Close your eyes
    Wish it away
    And make soulless cries

    You pretend victim
    You have the choice
    If not yourself
    Someone else's voice

    Thanks to them
    The other's who speak
    Bring to awareness
    What fucking reeks

    Be not the first
    To cast the stone
    Keeps predators engaged
    On top ego's throne

    You have to choose
    Can't be luke warm
    Be hot or cold
    And face the storm

    1. Wow Man...

      I Got Nothing....

      Tanks on Fumes,

      Muse left rooms

      and a brew for me night nap.

      Cheers Man, great stuff !!

    2. This is a way different kind
      of Zen poetry
      From what I remember.
      A sure sign of the SHIFT
      is when the shift hits the Fans
      {short for Fanatic}
      Sending them reeling in shock
      and awesome disbelief
      all now in grief
      of all that was stolen in friendship
      by Zen the thief.

      Here's what I want to do....
      is to encourage others, poets or not, [in your own minds,] to express themselves here, maybe we get enough to do an anthology, get some golden throated souls to record them as the poetry they are.

      I have the expenses covered.
      All we're lacking is some raw talent
      let it pour out of your soul and onto this format, as a start.
      Maybe when done we have an Anthology of healing words & emotions
      that might really make the difference for somebody out there none of us have ever met.

      THAT is ZEN

      So how about it, dunk those quills,
      maybe burn a little midnight oil...
      see what you/we can create to push back
      just a little; at those mucky, vile things
      that make our souls vomit.

      Or we could all just say
      fuck it and go back to
      watching TV.

  22. Chautaqua, thanks for being here and giving a place to respond and regroup after these horrific revelations. Great strength you have shown, as well as Steve and Soren, and all of the people here who are continuing on, and pushing for accountability and proper justice. This has opened a huge can of worms. The effects of which are only beginning to unfold. For those who Care, this cannot stop here. As you said, we can't go back to TV. It crossed my mind, perhaps someone with better writing skills then me, who has a platform, ought to write an open letter to the Alternative sites, authors, communities etc, requesting that they formally take a stand on these revelations. The Silence coming from these places is deafening. Let's see who really stands for Truth.

  23. hello Chautaqua, just tried 3 times to post on zendon's 'my missing years' but the capture thingy tells me that 2x3 doesn't equal 6.
    Cor .. wonders never cease. It's too long to post here in one piece so I'll try it as two.

    Do I feel personally betrayed by zen gardner’s sleight’s of hand with the truth of his past? No - I don’t yet I’ve written about him and called him ‘a spiritual pip-squeak yet evil personified.’ Harsh terms from one who lives, as best I can, by the ‘golden rule.’

    Actually, according to my understanding of that golden rule, the emphasis is not on some fluffy love but something stronger. It serves no good purpose to whitewash over mistakes or grievous errors. Clearing the ground requires hard work while both destruction and creation take place. This is true in a physical garden as well as in the garden of one’s heart.

    ‘Evil personified’ gives rise to images of dreadful horror yet the evil I’ve been on the receiving end of isn’t so obvious. It comes from abuse of power, the abuse of free will and it’s been a bitter pill for me to swallow to know that a friend of decades and towards whom I’d poured resources until nothing was left, didn’t give a damn. Worse still, ... well ... as I say ... a bitter pill.

    Many are familiar with the bare bones of that situation and can flesh and dress that skeleton with their own circumstance. ‘Betrayal’ is ultimately what it comes down to and it’s the degree of betrayal and what it actually costs which gives rise to everything from indignation to outright hatred.

    So the ‘evil personified’ needs teasing out. Much of what attracted me to ‘friend’ were the delightful moments of which ‘friend’ is unaware, moments which indicate ‘care.’ and I’ll give you one such moment just to illustrate.

    ‘Friend’ lived out the back of beyond. A dysfunctional family, house and garden both a mess and I arrive after a ten hour drive with a car full of resources - my usual and happy arrival.

    As she offers me a cup of coffee so her mum phones - not someone with whom she has a great relationship - and ‘friend’ talks to her mum, taking her seriously, holds off with putting the kettle on and simultaneously and gently tries to rescue a large moth which has bumbled in and knows no way out. She’s successful in all those endeavours and my heart sings. She’s a good hearted woman.
    ...... cont/

  24. .... cont/

    This same woman tells me that I’ve destroyed her faith in humanity when I cut the friendship, years later, and give her the reasons why.

    From then on, I’m ‘persona non grata’ which wouldn’t much matter but for the fact that she owes my bank a small fortune and I cannot just walk away. Anyway, legal action and strategy - neither of which I’m familiar - eventually sorted that but not before exhausting me and giving me months of sleepless nights while I tried to marry the incomprehensible with the indefensible.

    Such is zen .... ‘evil personified’ doesn’t require a set of devilish horns to announce itself. No doubt zen enjoys the garden, has real interactions, stops to smell the flowers and has served some good purpose along the way.

    Like ‘friend’, you’re ‘in the gang’ until you stray from the path of complete acceptance and the ‘evil personified’ then swings into action. It manifests as a refusal to accept the unvarnished truth, to take refuge in seeing oneself as misunderstood and as a victim, unfairly treated.

    I came into zen’s garden in early 2014 with a song about 9/11 and because I’ve worked with the intellectually disabled for twenty years - a job where words don’t mean much but love does - I enjoyed both zen’s garden and the conversations with the lovely people I met there. I wasn’t looking for friends -‘Who can afford them?’ - just some honest interaction and a brief respite from the ‘hard yakka’ of everyday life. I found both requirements fulfilled and looked no further because that was sufficient. My email filled up which is, of course, a two edged sword in itself.

    I stopped ‘checking in’ there in January this year. Didn’t need anymore ‘Wake up’ articles and if I see another article with a title such as ‘7 ways to open your third eye.’ I’ll puke.

    Came back into zen’s site just prior to ‘my missing years’ and into an article about ‘free will and determinism.’ What a load of codswallop but, more to the point, that article suggested that we’re stuck with being a product of time, society and circumstance, that free will plays little part in our lives. Lays the framework for ‘my missing years’ ... none of it is our fault, our responsibility. Zen’s follow up article was ‘All the worlds a cult.’ which, again, suggest that .. hey .. we’re ALL a product of being in a cult.

    By that point zen had become the ‘artful dodger’ and remains so. Is he beyond redemption? No idea. Is he a spiritual pip-squeak? No idea really. How about ‘Evil personified?’ It’s not a question of judging but of having some sense that evil starts small and isn’t always obvious.

    I take no joy at all in writing this. I’ll miss the companionship I found in that garden but I also shrug mentally and accept that each of us travels alone for all the fact that many travel, seemingly, together.

    In my real and physical garden, a Magnolia is about to unfold its swelling buds and burst into glorious colour on a tree devoid of leaves. It’s three weeks late this year but it’s still ‘doing its thing’ - being true to itself.

    The express has been having some rather unusual 'glitches' with the comments application. Several readers have emailed me that the app. is not allowing them to leave comments; Some have tried multiple attempts with no success.

    This has happened only once or twice in the distant past.
    This sounds just a little too familiar to me that I
    should be experiencing the same exact problem people are
    having at the ZG site. HMMMM!

    I tried to paste in a readers lengthy comment in 3 segments, but the system allowed only one segment to go thru...then it just vanished a few minutes later.
    THAT shit has never happened before, so it just makes me wonder if perhaps someone is showing their appreciation for the work I've been putting up on the web?

    Please do continue to post your comments, (system permitting) and also;

    The system has a maximum limit of 4000 characters, including spaces. With the nature of what has been revealed it's understandable that many readers have a good deal to say, as the comments are running long. I suggest writing your comments on your computer's word processor, use only minimal punctuation, and work it up to a 4000 word entry; then paste it into the comments box all at once.
    If you have more to say, rinse & repeat.

    Apologies for the problems Thanks for your Patience!


  26. A really well written piece, straight to the heart. Thanks Chautauqua.

    As a result of recent posts of mine this site in now under a cyber attack from none other than ZEN GARDNER who so far has managed to stop all of your comments from getting to me since around ten last night. Oddly enough, the one, lone, single comment to get thru arrived about an hour or so ago, from "Rollo" one of those darling Zenophytes still drinking mthe cool aide. Hey Rollo, Google "Jonestown"! And thanks for the comment because it just illustrates my point rather PERFECTLY!

    So folks, that is what's going on. Along with my regular activities today, I'm taking the time to do something I promised I would NOT do, and that is to write any further posts. Wasn't gonna do it zen, I was happy to walk away having said my piece, but you ain't having any of that so, you have forced my hand ~ exactly as you did with Steve. You'd think a guy would LEARN, eh folks???

    So guys; I am multi-tasking like an octopus on Jamaican coffee, fighting fatigue,
    and a sociopath at the same time. Gr8 work if ya can find it.
    Stay Tuned, don't touch that dial
    and buckle up...we're going for a ride!

    The new post is oddly enough titled "Freedom of Speech"
    and it ain't about American heritage...
    So if you do not see it,
    or the link takes you instead to a 404 page