Friday, March 13, 2020

Endgame Lockdown

If asked to come up with a scenario that would damage the Trump presidency and America even more than already is; I doubt I could come up with anything more devastating than the coronavirus.  Unfortunately all the nasty residue will come trickling down on We the People when it comes time to reap the whirlwind of this global pandemic.

There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that this coronavirus is a deliberately released bio-weapon and that the reason for Trump's seeming incompetence over the availability of tests is also intentional; to give the virus more time to infect Americans.  Its like being in a fight for your life and letting the other guy take two free shots before you react.

First Trump announced a 30 day suspension of travel to the US from Europe, which is both unnecessary and stupid because the virus is already here...then the next day he said the travel restrictions could become domestic, meaning controlled travel within the US.  Keep in mind here that such a travel ban is intended to contain US not the virus.  
Next will come massive cancellations of all public events and the order for people to stay at home as an in-sincere effort to slow the advance of the virus.  When that fails to stop the spread; Trump will invoke martial law.  Once invoked martial law can only be rescinded by the president, and of course all presidential elections are suspended during martial law. Trump has publicly stated over 25 times that he is not leaving - maybe we should start taking him more seriously.

We're a step closer to martial law with Trump declaring an official national emergency today [Friday the 13th] as this is a pre-requisite for the declaration of full-on martial law, the big lockdown.  If that isn't chilling enough, Trump said he was declaring the national emergency " unleash the full power of the federal government." 

As if any further indications are needed, they're already talking about using the military to prevent disruptions in the supply chain!  The governor of California just signed an executive order giving the state the right to commandeer property, business, hospitals, basically anything it wants; and New York has mobilized their National Guard to help with the crisis.  Buckle up folks, it's showtime!

The biggest indicator that this is an engineered bio-weapon is the simple fact that viruses don't normally kill, why would they when killing your host also means killing yourself?  To be having this much death certainly means the virus was created, targeting specifically the old and sick.  All the talk of having a vaccine ready in 18 months or so is bogus: they already have the vaccine.   they always create the vaccine as they're building the bug so they can protect their people & places, securely deep underground.

Two things to remember as you try to stay safe: first is that those recovered from having Covid-19 are not immune from re-infection, and secondly, once released into the population these types of engineered viruses tend to mutate and come back around.  After seeing how successful Covid-19 has been so far, I have no doubt there is a Covid-2020 being readied right help mop up survivors.

Organic Fear
 We've already seen massive school closings, the cancellation of sporting venues and such, with much more of the same sure to follow.  Coronavirus panic has already affected the stock market with some of its greatest losses in history, and has the potential to devastate global finances as commerce around the planet is affected.
We are already seeing horrendous price gouging, like $90 bucks on Amazon for a little bottle of Purell...(and Amazon seems just fine with that.)  Long shipping delays for respirator masks and hand sanitizer. Meanwhile we're also seeing mass runs for groceries, & supplies as store shelves across the country are stripped bare and mega-brawls breaking out over toilet paper.  Monkeys in Thailand accustomed to being fed bananas by tourists are literally going ape over the absence of tourists, and packing up like dogs, attacking any other monkey with the coronavirus panic has now spread to the animal kingdom.

At some point the fear and panic will become as dangerous as the virus itself. 

This concocted pandemic has two primary vectors, the virus, and the panic.  The intent is to kill off as many as possible (thru delays & inaction) while spreading fear & panic simply everywhere.  Fearful & panicked people tend to not think things thru and are much more easily manipulated.  At the first sign of violence or rioting Trump will slap us with martial law, and if the population is uncooperative in this I am sure a riot will be provided for us.

How bad will it get? Think Black Friday on acid, with guns.

When you worry needlessly or obsessively over getting infected all that worrying suppresses your immune system which in turn leaves you more susceptible to getting the virus you're worried about getting; so don't panic and grab your towel.

Alarming Levels of Inaction
Telling people they "can still go to work if they are sick" is perhaps the single most idiotic and dangerous thing Trump has ever said.

Why isn't Trump having people tested who are returning to the states from infected zones?  This is not just a very good question, its a key question, and the answer takes us to a dark place indeed, the roll-out of the long predicted endgame protocols.  

Why did Trump refuse when the World Health Organization offered to send us respirator masks and covid-19 test kits?  Why would anybody refuse such things when they are so desperately needed?

Everything you are seeing regarding the coronavirus is intentional, not incompetence.

Despite all the happy talk from Trump about the availability of test kits; the ugly truth remains as it has been, none are available, even for those who are ill and aggressively seeking a test.  Deliberate foot dragging to allow the virus to spread uncontested!

It was thru executive orders signed by Trump that the 2018 massive cuts to the CDC were made, including firing of over 25 scientists and ending pandemic prevention & response programs that would have vastly improved our ability to deal with this crisis.  Same thing with the recent cutbacks to the World Health Organization.  Yet in a televised press conference today Trump emphatically denied ordering those actions.  What a liar! Where does he get those fireproof asbestos pants?

In addition to not having test kits available by the mega thousands, and not testing Americans returning from infected areas, "They" are quarantining suspected cases from various cruise ships at several US locations, which seems to me to be a good way to spread it around evenly; like the Japanese government did with tons and tons of radioactive debris from Fukushima.  Insane as it sounds Japan's leader ordered the radioactive refuse to be spread evenly all over the country, exposing everyone to the deadly stuff, equally.
Trump went golfing 3 days in a row as the stock markets crashed and CDC officials struggled to get ahead of his coronavirus lies and dis-information about the availability of tests, and number of infected.  Trump's minimalist response to the pandemic shows he is way more concerned with the financial markets than human life.

On Mar.11th  Trump abruptly walked out of his own white house coronavirus press conference.  After his usual jumble mouth, word salad mixed with the days lies; Trump just turned the whole thing over to Pence and bailed before the really hard questions landed.

Surely by now you've all noticed that whenever Trump speaks he doesn't ever really say anything.  He loosely ties vague obscure thoughts together with superlatives & adjectives, and of course anything he endorses is Beautiful, Wonderful, Perfect, Brilliant and the absolute best.  Incapable of generating an original thought that isn't about him; when Trump speaks he seeks to distract with what I call the BCFMO ploy, or Brightly Colored Fast Moving Object.  Instead of answering questions he quickly diverts the subject to something unrelated and banal, or launches into a tirade rant. 
Of additional concern is that we're actually seeing Trumps brain disease get worse by the week.  An excellent recent example was when Trump visited the CDC lab.  First he totally makes up this crap about how the doctors are all impressed that he knows so much about coronavirus, he literally made up fake quotes attributed to some of the men standing in the room with him.  Since there is no record of Donald Trump ever having studied biology, medicine or disease, he went on to explain that he knows so much about it because his grandfather was a famous "genius" doctor!  So now he wants us to believe that knowledge and ability are passed down in our DNA. The same man who stares at the eclipse and thinks windmills cause brain cancer doesn't think he needs to be tested for the virus after being exposed to it at least three times!

Trump is far from being the mastermind for all this, it was all planned out long before he was installed, but he is a buffoon, a perfect patsy and nobody will miss him. 
This is going to get very nasty very quick folks.  In the weeks ahead we will shudder as the US death toll skyrockets in response to all the intentional delay and foot-dragging.  Already we're seeing unprecedented panic buying all over the world..STOP DOING THAT!  It's exactly what they want, those dark ghouls behind the scenes who control all this, because they literally feed off our fear, and we're laying out a feast for them.

Is it just a coincidence that Netflix premiers the docu-series "Pandemic" the same month coronavirus hits the planet?  As the pilot episode begins the words "911 won't be enough" appear briefly on the screen.  Exactly what is up with that?

Sustainable Decadence
Of course this coronavirus is just the latest thing trying to put a killshot on humanity: it has taken over first place only because its so good at killing people, it's literally in your face, hard to ignore, even intentionally.  This threat to humanity isn't silent and invisible like the radiation and fallout from Fukushima for example, it is loud and actively hunting each one of us.  Then of course we must also contend with chemtrails, GMO Foods, Fracking, and toxic water ... not to mention HAARP, the GWEN towers, microwave burst transmissions, smart meters, and a buttload of pacification & mind control technologies.

 The point is that we're being constantly bombarded with all this knowledge about all the nasty programs the government is running, using us as human guinea pigs; that we're bordering on information overload to go along with our cognitive dissonance.  You can actually see the look on some faces when you begin talking about these things: the look that shouts "Stop-don't tell me any more horror stories, I'm dancing as fast as I can."
We've been reading for years & years now about how the master plan always called for a grand culling of humanity, to get our numbers down to more easily controllable figures.  To be sure there have been a few times when I thought they were for sure gonna do it, but each time it fortunately failed to happen for whatever reasons.  Well it seems to be happening now and from a political perspective now was the perfect time to release this man-killer virus because we couldn't possibly ever have a more dangerous useful idiot than Trump to take the fall.  So, when he does declare martial law we will all be stuck between Fukushima & Coronavirus with Emperor for life Trump in charge.
As we may struggle to find something positive or good about this global pandemic we should remember we're navigating the brand new age of Aquarius which is supposed to usher in a time of  spiritual evolution.  We don't know everything, and much of what we think we know we have wrong, maybe the universe is unfolding as it should.  Times such as this are always said to bring people together, to bring out the best in us...I guess that part comes after the hoarding, price gouging and brawls over toilet paper.

The other day my friend Ivan and I went out foraging for supplies just to stock up on some essential items; and naturally as we drove the conversation turned to coronavirus.  After exchanging our individual thoughts on the subject I wanted to interject something positive, so I said "Ya know, maybe this virus will be what it takes for humanity to finally see that we're all in this together, that we're all one."  To which Ivan replied, "I think people are more afraid of that than the virus."  My friend Ivan is very wise.

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                   "There is nothing new in this world except for the history you do not know."                           ~Harry S. Truman~

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