Saturday, September 19, 2020

200,000 and Counting...

Since the day Trump took office he has been systematically looting government money everywhere he can think of.  One of his first actions was to gut the CDC pandemic response program, and pocket all the cash he skimmed from their budget.  When questioned, his standard refrain is Lie, Deny, Ignore, Repeat.  The list of Trumps crimes is truly staggering, and the looting continues unabated because everybody is afraid of him.

 There is nothing Trump won't try to ensure he stays in office and out of federal prison; including knee-capping the postal service to invalidate mail-in ballots...or letting the Covid pandemic sweep across America virtually unopposed.  From the very beginning Trump spoke of just letting Covid "run it's course" in order to achieve "herd immunity."  The trouble with that approach is it requires over 2.4 million Americans to die from Covid before everyone becomes immunized.

The sad news of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's passing was barely two hours old when the capitol erupted into full-on battle mode over whether Trump should fill the vacant seat on the supreme court.  Yes, he will do his best to seat another ultra-conservative judge on the high court because that means his "legacy" will stain & cripple the court for a generation.  However this big prick waving dick fight also serves Trump in the short run, as it provides the news cycle pariahs something to take the country's attention away from covid and Trumps utter failure to contain it.  Bickering over the issue is not only counter-productive this close to the election; it disrespects the memory of the Notorious RGB.  

Today 200,900 Americans lay dead needlessly; instead of acknowledging them in any way, Trump went golfing.

"I would give an A+ on my handling of Covid-19"

                                       ~ Donald Trump ~ Sept. 20

We now know, from Bob Woodwards new book about Trump: "Rage" that Trump knew exactly  how deadly covid is, & that its airborne, back in April - but continued lying to us as he constantly played it down keep investors from panicking.   He kept telling his lies at rally after rally where supporters packed in like sardines with nary a mask in sight.  Herman Cain died after attending the recent Tulsa rally, taking one for the team.  

This is why Dr. Fauci said Trump is a Covid-19 super-spreader

 Last week Trump was once again touting herd immunity as the way to go, "Just let the virus run amok until everyone who is gonna get it gets it."  As usual, during his rant he kept saying "herd mentality" interchangeably with herd immunity and there is more than just a Freudian slip here because herd mentality is what killed democracy and if Trump gets his way it will kill a few million of us as well.  200,000 and counting.


In what can only be a conspiracy between science and karma: Trump has now been hospitalized for Covid.  (Now I understand why he's been hanging onto podiums like a drunk groping a streetlight.)  Hey there, president Don Corona, how's that "herd mentality" thing working out for you now?

The white house is mostly silent and thank God so is Trump. 

Let us use this deafening silence to regain our sanity, and a sense of our rightful place in the cosmos.  Lets use this gift from the universe to regain our equilibrium long enough to make the election next month a rallying point history will never forget.  

Whether its fake news, another cheap trick from the Trumpster, or the real deal; one thing is  certain: the white house is now a Covid-19 cluster & mobile super spreader event. 

They won't say when his last negative covid test was; or even answer the most basic questions about Trump's ongoing health.  He says he "gets it," then proceeds to put secret service agents, doctors, aides and the entire white house staff (who live there) at risk by removing his mask the minute he returned from Walter Reed hospital.  Put everyone in jeopardy for a cheesy Mussolini photo op.  Sound familiar?  Business as usual.

Stand Back, Stand By, & Stay Tuned.

This changes everything.

212,155 DEAD

7.4 Million Infected

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Trump seen visibly gasping for air upon return to white house
 "The election that could break America"