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ET Bases on the Moon & Mars

Those of us in the social grouping called Baby Boomers have seen an amazing era of history unfold right before our eyes.  Whether social, political or scientific, we were always right there on the cutting edge of  change.  What luck it was to grow up during the 50's and 60's; when America went into space.

 A great many of us followed the space program from its infancy with the Mercury program, on thru Gemini, Apollo, and the Space Shuttle: and the one constant factor was the repeated encounters our astronauts had with UFO's & extraterrestrials. 

Many people believe that NASA is a civilian organization, but they're wrong, it's a 100% pure government operation, and as such has always had a policy of keeping the whole extraterrestrial subject under wraps.  This tight lipped secrecy about what they found in space and on the moon has many of us believing their name stands for Never A Straight Answer!  Despite decades of censorship; a wealth of radio, photographic & video evidence exists in data available to the media, to verify such encounters repeatedly over the years.

It just seems a logical idea considering the vast galactic distances involved; coupled with the fact that they were seen during virtually every space mission by us or the soviets...that they had bases established in our solar system.  Just look at the hundreds of American military bases scattered across this planet and you'll see why it's also a good idea on the galactic scale.    

Those who have followed the ET issue with any real interest are likely aware that there are actually several different races of aliens commonly visiting this world, which makes the idea of bases even more reasonable to consider.  There have been reports of alien bases right here on earth, and under the oceans, so why wouldn't there also be such alien made structures elsewhere in the solar system?   Galactic truck stops.
To be sure, we paid dearly for our successes in space, with the lives lost in various disasters, but we always continued on, even after Challenger & Atlantis were lost, we kept going, kept reaching for the stars, until it stopped suddenly and the manned space program was ended, without a successor program in place to keep going.  I for one, took it as personal & intellectual insult when the program was executed like a condemned prisoner.  Of course NASA is still very much in business with the ultra secret shadow space program; why else would there be something called the Space Command, and three dedicated U.S. bases to support it?  Why is there a marine who claims to have spent over ten years on a secret base on Mars? *
The notion of alien moon bases is in resurgence recently with such movies as Apollo 18 & Iron Sky, as well as a recent SyFy channel production, "Aliens on the Moon" (full video below) which relied heavily on the books, NLO's Unidentified Lunar Objects revealed in NASA photography by Alan Sturm and Somebody else is on the Moon by George Leonard.  When viewed together the photographs from these two books are certainly compelling if for no other reason than God doesn't build in straight lines!  The Apollo program was scheduled for 20 missions to the moon, yet that program was halted abruptly also, after the 17th mission.  Why did we suddenly decide not to return to the moon?  There has to be a reason we gave up the plan to eventually build bases on the moon; was it because someone else was already there?  NASA sent a lot of hardware and cameras into lunar orbit, so why are there no images from the far side of the moon, the one which never faces earth?  The pretext of the movie Iron Sky was the presence on the moon of Helium3 which is in fact a true thing.  On the entire earth there are only about 15 tons of helium3, but on the moon there are over 5 million tons of the stuff.  Interesting also that He3 is a clean and efficient nuclear reactor fuel!  The regolith covering the moon is full of He3.
Employing something called the Drake equation we can calculate the approximate number of advanced space faring extraterrestrial races in the milky way galaxy; and there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of them.  We are not alone.  Those advanced space faring races come in five basic types according to the Kardashev ScaleType I civilizations harness every possible available power source from solar, wind, hydrothermal, geothermal, tidal and even earthquakes.  Resources are used in an elegant manner without pollution or waste.  They are not at the mercy of planetary weather because they control it.  Type II civilizations exploit & use the energy of stars themselves to power their needs, and Type III civilizations harness the energy of an entire galaxyType IV civilizations exceed technology and resonate with the environment and reality around them.  Then there are the Type V civilizations: which are more like Ultraterrestrials.  They are similar to the type IV except they are of much longer duration, and have a deeper awareness of the continuuium and interdimensional travel. 

"They're here...parked up on the rim of the crater, watching us."
                                                                                                        ~Neil Armstrong~

Although UFO encounters were documented during most, if not all manned space flights, Apollo 11 afforded a wealth of evidence in voice transmissions, and photography.  Some sources even claim the astronauts made contact with an alien race on the moon.  Not long after their landing, Armstrong and Aldrin noticed a UFO nearby, after advising Houston Armstrong is said to have switched the radio from the public channel to the medical channel, then advised control "They're here...parked up on the rim of the crater, watching us."   Perhaps the most remarkable of the photos from the Apollo 11 mission is the one which clearly shows a detailed saucer shaped craft landed on the lunar surface.  Although Armstrong probably took the picture, or was present when it was taken, it seems so odd that he refused to comment on the photo, or even look at it when asked in a filmed interview included in the SyFy program Aliens on the Moon.
It seems pretty clear to me that something extraordinary occurred during that Apollo mission, and that it's still being kept a secret 45 years on, as we nostalgically observe the 45th anniversary of the first moon landing this month.  NASA and the government contend that such secrets must be kept from the public; because if humanity learned of ET races in our solar system we would all quit our jobs and go on some kind of rampage which would bring down society, religion and Wal-Mart.  More likely is they keep such deep dark secrets because they fear their loss of authority if everyone knew these races were operating at will in our solar system; and "the Authorities" were helpless to stop it, or worse yet were actually working with ET's.   Apollo 14 reportedly flew over the moon's polar region and saw rows of spacecraft parked, and the abandoned remains of a city with circular buildings and very tall towers.  Apollo 15 captured an image clearly depicting a cigar shaped craft on the moon's surface near the Delporte crater.  Apollo 16 took detailed pictures of vehicle tracks, a "bridge" and a radar dish in the Mare Crisium crater.  Next thing ya know the Apollo program is scrapped...almost.

Four years later, in 1976 NASA reportedly sent an international crew to the moon, designating the flight Apollo 20.  The crew consisted of pilot Leona Snyder, former astronaut William Rutledge and Russian cosmonaut Alexi Lenov.  Their destination was the Delporte crater, and their mission was to explore the cigar shaped craft photographed by Apollo 15!  As the story goes, the crew of Apollo 20 explored the alien craft, and also discovered a large city, and of all things a preserved alien girl.**  Some years later William Rutledge surfaced on the internet with a collection of videos & photos purportedly taken during the Apollo 20 mission.  As with most fantastic tales, this one bears the hybrid marks of having some truth, and some sensationalism as well, regards the alien mummy girl; and it would not be the first time the powers that be tried to diffuse the truth with just the right amount of not-so-true.

When the Russians sent their Zond-3 probe to explore the far side of the moon in 1965, they photographed a dome type structure, and a 22 mile high spire or tower. 

In 2010 China sent up a moon probe which took photos depicting structures clearly not natural in origin.
Could these structures have anything to do with why we abandoned our long range plans to dominate the moon?  Were we warned not to return?  Every expert will tell you that whoever controls the moon also controls the earth; so why did the American military-industrial complex just give up on the prize it wanted so much?  Who owns the moon?

So, NASA turned it's attention and efforts towards the mysterious red planet Mars, since they had plans to travel there as well, and right away there were signs that others had gotten there first.  About the same time Apollo 20 was exploring the alien cigar shaped craft on the moon, the Viking 1 space probe was orbiting Mars, and took a most remarkable photograph in the Cydonia region.  The famous Face on Mars photo:
Once the picture went public NASA of course debunked clear photographic evidence by saying it was a trick of light, or maybe swamp gas; it was they said, anything but what it looked like.  As I said, Never A Straight Answer from that bunch.  Over the years the debate just wouldn't go away, the public clamored for more photos from Cydonia but they never came, until 2001 when the Mars Global Surveyor satellite again photographed the face on Mars.  The new pictures of course bore small resemblance to the original owing no doubt to NASA air brushers & photoshoppers.  Perhaps the foremost authority on all things Mars is former NASA employee Richard Hoagland, and there is a wealth of information on his website: Enterprise mission.com

We have mystified and marveled over Mars for a long time, being the nearest inhabitable world in the solar system we wonder in awe and perhaps just a little dread if there be life there.  In 1897 H.G. Wells synthesized our fears so well in his novel War of the Worlds that it remains a classic which has spawned no less than six feature films.  Just like the moon; NASA has similar long range plans for Mars, including a colony eventually, and yet once again there are disturbing indications that someone else is already there. 

Of all Mars missions attempted by various countries over the years, 23 have disappeared or failed upon reaching the orbit of Mars!  23 failures, seems a lot.  The Martian moon Phobos is the crown jewel as it would make an excellent base from which to launch future missions deeper into the solar system.  Both Russia and the U.S. agree, and both have sent exploratory probes there to recon the surface; every one of those missions failed.  The 1989 Russian Mars probe Phobos-2 seemed to come under direct attack by a UFO which either rammed it or shot it down.  These are two of the last photos taken before the probe was destroyed:

Beyond the failed and disappeared probes, the ones which succeeded in their missions have provided us with again, a wealth of images which literally beg an explanation, such as this picture which seems to show an artifact or piece of wreckage clearly not natural in origin:                                             

How about this photograph apparently showing the ruins of some structure of intelligent design.   

Then there is the photo some say is the fossilized body of an ET on Mars.

Or, How about a monolith on mars, like in the movie '2010'

The NASA rovers on Mars are also a good source for very interesting images:

Thanks to programs like Google Moon & Google Mars, we can search for signs of ET's all on our own, and there are things to be discovered as this Google Moon photo reveals:

Of course we can examine our own planet as well for signs of ET activity with Google earth.  One such search was rewarded with this image of a triangle craft flying:

 And then there is this interesting sequence from the Antarctic back in 2012, seemingly depicting the landing or crash of a craft; which was quickly surrounded by tanks;

There exists a vaster reality out there, beyond the hobbling explanations from NASA and the government; it's a world Neil Armstrong alluded to during his speech at the 25th anniversary of the first moon landing.  He spoke of the veils of secrecy being lifted, and that there were so many amazing places yet to explore.  His words sounded so very sad to me; like a man who had seen that vaster reality with his own eyes and could not understand why we walked away from it. 

That vaster reality is still all around us, every day and indications are that the long awaited Disclosure about ET's may be at hand sooner, rather than later; just something to think about.  Thinking about ET's and alien bases in our solar system may be uncomfortable for some, so they write it off as nutters exercising their free speech.  For the rest of us it remains perhaps not the most important thing at the moment...or is it?  Who can know, and that's just the point; knowledge is power!  My suggestion would be that as long as you're holding a camera phone, quit photographing your food, and turn your focus to the unlimited universe all around you, Feed your head!

May the Source be with You

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Past is Prologue

On July 31 of 1846 the merchant vessel Brooklyn arrived at Yerba Buena, California: present day San Francisco.  Among the 245 passengers was one Samuel Brannan; an opportunistic businessman, and first president of the LDS mission in California.  Among his cargo was a printing press and complete flour mill.  Brannan soon started the areas second newspaper, the California Star, and not long after that, the first school in San Francisco; and a dry goods store, the only one in the entire area.  In 1847 Sam Brannan expanded, opening a store in Sacramento, and another at Sutter's fort.  In January of 1848 when gold was discovered at Sutter's mill, Brannan owned the only store between the gold fields and San Francisco.  He made a small fortune nearly overnight, selling picks, pans & shovels to the growing numbers of gold seekers.

Never one to waste an opportunity for profit, the California Star regularly ran headlines about fortunes in gold being discovered, and helped to ignite the actual California gold rush.  As more and more people began showing up hoping to strike it rich, Sam Brannan was busy conducting secret deals with the ship captains, ensuring they sold their cargo of mining supplies only to him. 

Just as the 49er gold rush was picking up steam late in that year, a devastating fire broke out which essentially burned San Francisco to the ground.  Rebuilding the town of San Francisco was routinely interrupted repeatedly throughout 1850; as a series of fires were started by looters who would essentially mine the ashes for gold and valuables.  Though no actual evidence exists, many historians contend that Sam Brannan was behind the fires.  At the height of chaos and pandemonium, Brannan steps up, saying he will find those responsible for the arson & thefts; becoming the first and only "lawman" of San Francisco.  Almost immediately Brannan began using his new power to eliminate his business rivals and enemies.  He gathered a group of hired guns and enforcers, naming them the Vigilance Committee.  John Jenkins was a businessman who was Brannan's main rival - until he was arrested on trumped up charges of arson and robbery, and promptly found guilty & hanged; a callous act which angered many and got him kicked out of the Mormon church.

Sam Brannan knew that before too much longer big business interests from back east would arrive on the scene and change the game across the board; and he had a plan to exploit everything to the fullest measure.  The gold fields along the American river near Sacramento were legally owned by landowners in San Francisco who got them as land grants from Mexico originally.  Brannon met with these landowners, and in his sly, shrewd way convinced them to sell their lands to him, which they did.  Now, the only obstacle to selling the gold fields to big business interests was the miners presently prospecting on the lands.  They would have to go.

James Allen was an old pro in the gold fields, and became partnered up with his friend, Dr. Charles Robinson.  When word got out that Brannan had bought up the old Mexican land grants, Allen & Robinson knew it was only a matter of time before there was a confrontation, so they began getting the miners organized, under the name of the Settlers Association.  They held regular meetings to discuss matters and plan strategy, and even as they did; Brannan made his move against the miners living in Sacramento.  Brannan's henchmen beat and murdered the miners, then burned their houses.  News of the brutal evictions reached the goldfields fast; so Allen and Dr. Robinson began to implement their plans to defend their claims from Brannan's Thugs.  United around the leadership of James Allen and Dr. Robinson, the miners were determined to make a stand and fight if need be. 

When word of the Settlers Association activity reached Sam Brannan, he promptly had arrest warrants made out for them both, then gathered a brigade of his henchmen to enforce them.  They found James Allen alone at the headquarters, and promptly shot him dead while Robinson and the miners were still in the gold fields.  Upon hearing of Allen's murder, Robinson marshaled his forces outside town for a confrontation with Brannan which history records as the squatters riot.   The two forces met on the streets of Sacramento, and faced off.  Brannan issued Robinson an ultimatum; that the miners all leave the goldfields or be shot.  The miners are heavily outnumbered, but refuse to back down.  There are conflicting reports as to who actually fired first, but when the ensuing gunfight was over five miners and three of Brannan's men lay dead, and Dr. Robinson was seriously wounded, with the remaining miners running for their lives.   Dr. Robinson was thrown in jail without medical attention, to fend for himself.  Over 300,000 people flocked to the gold fields of California, over a third of them died either from violence, or suicide ~ and let us not forget the 100,000 native Americans killed as the settlers drove them off the gold rich land.

Here we are, 164 years later and it seems the entire world is run according to the Sam Brannan Business Model; while we are left to scratch out a living however we can, the lusty upper 1% own all the gold and wear all the badges.  History is so overflowing with examples of the power elite keeping the great unwashed masses under their thumb; you'd expect a worldwide squatters riot would (should) erupt just any day now.  

Back in the day, my dad was fond of reminding me that "society don't owe you a living"-  I suppose it was his way of trying to get me to conform to the norm, to just accept that you can't fight city hall mentality of the modern slave.  My response was always the same, that it works both ways:  If society doesn't owe me a living, then I don't owe it one either, I'm a free agent!  The Sam Brannans of this world have us all pretty much under their thumbs and dancing their tunes, and feeling utterly helpless to change things around.

With wages and conditions being what they are, many people find it hard to get by even holding down two jobs these days.  The economy and inflation roll right along, yet employers squeal like piglets at the mere mention of raising wages.  Always keeping that carrot just out of reach, always looking for new ways to maximize profits.  The "class system" at work: The upper class have all the money and do none of the work, the (shrinking) middle class does all of the work but never has enough money to make ends meet, and then the lower class, whose function is to motivate the middle class.  Our education systems are little more than brain mills of conformity where individuality and critical thought are poisoned a day at a time, washed down with fluoridated water.  Schools teach children how to memorize dates and information, but not how to use information to increase understanding.  Creative & original thinking are discouraged, as is thinking for yourself or asking too many questions.

Speaking of questions, I have a few I'd really like the answers to: questions like Why is earth the only planet not named for a god?  Why do all the planets in our solar system orbit in the same direction, except for Mercury?  Who was god talking to when he said "let there be light"?  Why does the pineal gland react to light?  Why do nearly all cultures have similar origin stories involving sky people and space brothers?  Why is there such a thing as forbidden archaeology, what don't they want us to know?  Why do nearly all livestock mutilations occur on the 37th parallel?  Why have over 23 Mars missions failed or been lost?  Why did Obama just give Israel 430 million taxpayers dollars?  Where are all those paramilitary patriots who said they existed to protect us from an evil government?  Why did New York city cops just murder Eric Garner for suspicion of selling cigarettes?  but most of all, WTF is the thing with neckties?

The power elite use many things to keep us from rising up in a massive "squatters riot" and the most efficient of these is fear.  Have you noticed there is always some horrible evil trying to destroy us, it doesn't really matter so much what the threat is as long as it's scary; like Nazi's, communism, or terrorism.  Naturally we need our "leaders" to protect us from such threats, and so the drumbeat is slow, yet constant.  Just like Sam Brannan, our keepers have created a threat, then stepped up to defend us and maintain order.  So that we won't feel too secure under their protection, we are literally inundated with various forms of fear mongering to plague our everyday lives.  The big fear they rely on is fear of loosing your job, and what little you have.  After that it's our health we must fear loosing, so that the pharmaceutical industry may thrive.  Then just for good measure they toss in fear of immigration, gay marriage, and nearly everything else except Fukushima, fracking & GMO food-like-products.

Sleazy Come ~ Sleazy Go

The power elite have been on stage running things for a very long time; too long really, and as more are seeing every day, their time is drawing to a close.  Now of course they have no dignity, honor, or even souls to speak of ~ so they don't want to give up all the power & just fade into history.  That is why things worldwide have taken a sharp turn towards the crapper recently...they are desperate.  In their arrogance, our keepers thought that chemtrails and other repressive technologies would prevent humanity from evolving into a higher state of consciousness.  They sought to arrest human development below the threshold of evolution, they wanted to keeps us in kindergarten.  They failed just as surely as if they'd tried to swim up a waterfall.  It's not nice to mess with evolution, which they're now discovering. 

So, the keepers are throwing a big tizzy fit just now, setting the world on fire, trying to provoke that nuclear war they want so badly; a last ditch effort, made in desperation, predestined to fail.  Tyranny always fails, when will they learn?   No matter how long it takes, tyrants are always overthrown...but then we forget, and allow new tyrants to do it all over again.  Why do you suppose that is?  What if every voice on earth said "No More" in unison & 3 part harmony, what would happen then?  Suppose every last one of us got terminally tired of this matrix at the same moment, then dumped it.  Evolution baby!

I know it may not seem like the power elite's agenda is falling apart, but that's just their PR machine at work pumping out the testosterone, you can almost smell the desperation in the air.  They absolutely don't want to show weakness, or the many cracks in their machine of deceit & destruction, so they conceal it with diversions and smokescreen news cycles; hoping we won't catch on and wake up.  They need us asleep and complacent, so  wake up & raise a little hell!  Perhaps the fear of loosing what little you have will soon empower you to draw a line in the sand to defend it, something to think about anyway but don't take too long...the wheels are about to come off, and then the gloves!

The power elite very much need us to fear them especially now, which is why police departments across the country are indistinguishable from elite combat troops these days.  They know they're approaching a line-in-the-sand moment so they want us all to be intimidated by them.  They want us to think we cannot possibly win against them.  Not only can we win, but we can do so without fighting them.  Everything they built is about to come crumbling down, all we have to do is quit feeding them & not get taken out by the debris!  The matrix is falling under the weight of it's own corruption, and cannot be saved, despite appearances.

As an example of what I'm talking about, let's have a look at how things shook out back in the gold fields of California.  Sam Brannan's plan had worked, he owned the land the gold was in and ran off the independent miners.  Now he was perfectly positioned to sell to big business and become filthy rich.  However, those big businessmen from back east had some plans of their own, Statehood, and wanted nothing to do with Brannan due to his violent reputation.  With so many people in California, it was now eligible, and attractive as a new state.  On September 9, 1850 congress made it so and claimed imminent domain over the contested gold fields.  Overthrowing both the land grants and Brannan's deeds, congress opened the gold fields to the highest bidders. 

Down but not out, Sam Brannan spent the remains of his fortune launching a new enterprise designed to be a luxury retreat for the rich and famous, named Calistoga.  The venture failed because nobody wanted to be associated with the scheming, greedy and ruthless Brannan.  He lost everything, and died penniless, selling pencils door to door.  Elsewhere, the newly formed state was building a legislature and when Dr. Charles Robinson was elected to it in a near majority vote; they released him from jail, dropping all charges.  Charles Robinson went on to become a prominent politician, abolitionist; and the first governor of Kansas.   

So if things look a little dark just now, remember it's always darkest before the dawn and things are not always as they seem.  Don't dwell on such horrors as the wars & rumors of wars, airliners being shot down or the rotten economy.  By dwelling on those negative things we just feed our energy back into the matrix.  If you're looking for alternative new horrors of doom & gloom; how about Thor is a girl now, Captain America is black, and Archie is dead!  Verily I say, we must be very near the end!

May the Source be with You

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God's Algorithm

There is this kind of time travel experience we've all had now and then; when hearing a certain song brings back a flood of memories from our past.  Emotional associations to the soundtrack of our lives do have a habit of letting some memories out for some fresh air; and when they do we're momentarily caught up in this swirl of memories released from stasis.

This has happened to me a few times over the past several weeks, yet there is something different about the memories; they're not as sharp or clear as always before, like looking at something thru water.  Though some may disagree, I don't think this is due to natural aging...it just feels different than that.  When this occurs it reminds me of being in grade school; having to learn ancient history even though it happened so long ago and couldn't have a bearing on my life.  That is kind of how those old memories feel, like ancient history, almost unconnected to my life today...and more importantly to the future.

It's like the poet Bob Dylan warned us: "The Times they are changing"

We certainly don't need to rely on such experiences to remind us of just how distorted everything is these days; even a casual appraisal of the world around us is more than enough to tell us we're not in Kansas anymore.  It would be a different story if all these rapid changes we're experiencing were leading towards that Aquarian paradise we've all heard about; but they are not - they're leading towards even greater pandemonium and all out chaos world wide.  Not the dream so many have envisioned for so long.  Not even close.

Some envision the time when things can be fixed, and the world can return to a more dignified and peaceful state of being; unfortunately the bad news here is that the system isn't broken; it was designed to operate exactly as it is.   The world is controlled, and events driven, by the power elite who always promise that life will improve but never seem to make good on that promise.  Every so often we remember those empty promises and raise a little hob to demonstrate our displeasure; and the reaction from the power elite is the same every time, doesn't matter what country you're in.  In every instance such demonstrations are met with brute force & violence, and put down hard.  This is the signature trademark of the power elite: the nail that sticks up gets hammered back down.

We walked on the moon for the first time 45 years ago this week, and I for one, was sure we would have walked on Mars by now; but now we don't even have a space program anymore - (well, at least not a public one) just one more example of the arrested development humanity has been steered into by the power elite.  Those who consider themselves our owners rely heavily on confusion and obfuscation as a primary tool of control, and it works quite well because almost nobody sees the big picture and those who do are labeled as "nutters" and marginalized. 

Humanity currently has everything necessary to abolish war, end poverty, conquer disease, and provide decent living conditions for everyone, not a single human excluded; we have everything that is except control, that is where it's always been, in the hands of the power elite.  Knowing as we do that the fix is in, the game is rigged, and all elections to powerful positions are fraudulent; we also know that the power elite never intend to relinquish that power - ever, so what is to be done?  "They" have everything so confused and chaotic that to the average mind solving all these greed generated problems seems an impossibility, like solving the Rubik cube puzzle.  Almost every current threat to humanity can be traced directly back to human activity, mostly in pursuit of business, & power.  These things can be undone, reversed, or ended altogether, but it will take much more than wishful thinking. 

Did you know that the Rubik cube can be solved in 20 moves or less, from any starting position, and without cheating?  It doesn't seem possible, but it's the truth, (just like 80% of  household dust is actually human skin!)  There is no "trick" to solving the Rubik cube, but rather a Key...which will also work just as well with any other complex human endeavor.  The key is something called God's Algorithm, which basically is all about solving the problem by only making moves which give optimal results.  An optimal result is one requiring the fewest moves toward final solution, and is therefore also an elegant solution.  An excellent example of using god's algorithm would be the book "Critical Path" by the late renowned futurist R. Buckminster Fuller.   Originating back when we still had a space program; the critical path refers to the exact, precise steps which must be taken in proper sequence in order to have a successful rocket launch.  The Apollo program had a critical path of two million steps, half of which required new technological solutions.  Fuller's book takes a similar project planning approach to the saving of mankind, and sees how it can be accomplished with existing technology, and with no fighting over resources.  Not only worth reading, should be mandatory reading! 

So, let us talk of elegant, optimal solutions for the world of today.  Collectively speaking we all know where we want to be...call that the solution of the puzzle...in so much that most all of us humans would prefer a world free of war and corporate domination, a world without hate, greed, hunger, slavery or undue violence, just for starters.  So, we know what we want, and most certainly we can see where it is we have been taken by the power elite, where we are today.  There is a lot of gnarly territory between where we are and where we'd like to be; and as before, the key to getting there (collectively) is making only optimal result kind of moves; those moves which serve the greater good of humanity, and the planet herself.  What does that critical path look like?

I dare say it will take more than twenty elegant, optimal moves to achieve the end result humanity desires; but first and foremost I think it will require a unity of spirit and purpose we'll never have as long as we continue to allow the power elite to set us against each other.  This could be a huge stumbling block considering our collective need to feel special, or "better than" those around us, factoring in our seemingly hardwired need for conflict & drama in our everyday lives. 

I think it's true that we can only change the world one person at a time; one heart at a time.  I also think such change can spread throughout humanity like a prairie fire once the saturation point of the hundredth monkey is reached, after that it will have its own inertia and momentum.  That is why so many have "worked on themselves" over the last couple decades; getting ready for the shift that has been underway for awhile now, the shift which relentlessly increases in intensity.  Obviously we cannot make optimal, elegant moves that will change the world without first applying the same to our individual lives, and therein resides another Key.  By asserting the sovereignty of our timeless-ageless-multidimensional-souls; we can take back our power from those who stole it away: which diminishes them and empowers us

This brings us right back into the domain of the universal law which states that energy follows thought.  We create our individual reality according to what and how we think, and choose to believe.  It isn't a universal law that demands your compliance, but is rather, one that operates on universal principles regardless of your awareness.  Every day you consider yourself a powerless victim, that is exactly what the universe will show you because the universe rearranges itself to match your picture of reality.  Where is your attention focused, and what keeps it focused there?  The matrix of the power elite sells us all a common world view in a myriad of ways, and uses that to exploit the more negative aspects of our basic human nature.  The fear mongering power elite know very well how easily manipulated humanity is when kept in a constant state of fear.  It really doesn't even matter what the fear is, as long as everybody feels it most of the time for one reason or another.  Works really well.

We've seen that same tired old dog & pony show all our lives, haven't we?  Nothing ever changes for the better and the swamp is getting deeper all the time.  What if we denied them our focus of attention, and began looking at other ways to see, and be in, this world?  Because the universal law of energy follows thought has no choice or option: it operates elegantly & optimally every time, according to input.  If we then (collectively) begin to divert our attention to the opposite of the status quo, it is weakened, as that which we focus our attention on is empowered toward manifestation. 

The great shift of the ages is happening right now, and part of this evolutionary event is the accelerating resonance of humanity, to a higher spiritual octave: we're graduating~ not from high school but from kindergarten.  What we knew as 3rd dimensional reality ended on a rainy afternoon a few years back, ushering us abruptly into the resonance of 4th dimensional frequency resonance...a brief (thank goodness) transitional period in which humanity can now choose a different path.  The facade of the old white men's club is crumbling more each day as that paradigm dies, just as the dinosaurs did.  It can't go on like this much longer without imploding, and I think by now we can all sense that is true.  I say stand back, and let it fail, let it fall and good riddance. 

There is no universal law that says we must follow the "news" read the paper or watch TV, no spiritual directive to give that tired old dog & pony show another minute of our time or attention, because doing so just keeps us at that vibration.  Life, and reality is a multiplex theater my friends, so if you are now tired of this old show, there are many others to choose from just around the corner.  Just a mouse click away you can find entire universes of awareness resonating at higher frequencies.  Places like Earth-Heal.com and in5d.com are a couple of my favorite higher resonance resources for finding something better to focus upon, and a better world view.  Another regular stop for me is sorendreier.com. a repository of wisdom both ancient and contemporary, and a portal to other voices and other visions.   Krishna Das is currently doing a bus tour of America and performing to sold out auditoriums every where he goes; kinda like a spiritual Johnny Appleseed, sowing the harmonics of raised consciousness across the land, and he is just one of many musicians doing the same thing.  It's spreading like a prairie fire folks!

If we are to apply god's algorithm to our individual lives the first order of business is the clearing away of some residual debris of all descriptions.  Go thru your closets and garage: when you see something you haven't touched in over a year, get rid of it, give it away, sell it - you no longer need it.  Lighten the load, clear the clutter.  Use everything, leave nothing.  If you have people in your life you haven't touched in over a year, no advice from me will help, but the idea here is to release yourself from toxic relationships which no longer serve you.  If you're in a toxic relationship and it does serve you; well here again you probably aren't even reading this! 

Very often events such as the great shift of the ages are the catalyst for personal epiphany.  Abruptly changing your world view and/or spiritual path is seldom a smooth transition in and of itself, much less during the halcyon times such as we live in.  Sometimes the foundation is the first to go, ushering in a period of confusion and a certain detached  sensation.  When the dust settles and you get your bearings, the first thing you may discover is that some things no longer "work" the way they used to...that a sequence of moves which always before produced optimal results, no longer does.  No worry, just ditch that sequence of moves in favor of some new combination, remembering that energy follows thought

Before we can see a new world, we first must be sure we are willing to see and be open to new concepts and inter-relationships of things and people.  Everything new and wonderful exists just beyond your comfort zone.  Try to be available for life to show you the way you may be seeking.  Don't plan stuff out ahead of time to create a schedule, instead; as much as possible, let go and go with the flow - see what that shows you!  To rise up out of the sticky energy of 4D, we must release our addiction to conflict and negativity.  Focus on the positive instead.  We each have free will, and can therefore choose to align with either the positive or negative polarity, just remember that energy follows thought and the universe shapes itself to match your expectations.

Stop over-thinking everything!  First of all there is literally zero chance of any of us figuring out the answer to Life, the Universe & Everything, and trying to will earn you a check-up from the neck up in the pre-hab unit, so relax...there is a whole bunch of stuff we will never understand...enjoy the now!  Right now all of humanity is like Lewis & Clark; moving through undiscovered realms of time-space for the first time ever!  Just like Krishna Das, signs of higher resonance energy are everywhere these days but we may not always recognize them as such simply because there's no instruction book handy to tell us just what to look for.  Life is a river ~ go with the flow.

You know how you can get a melody stuck in your head?  That has been happening to me for several weeks now, always the same little tune; one I've never heard before, ever.  Sometimes I find myself whistling it, other times lightly humming, but increasingly wondering its origin.  I've found that just allowing the melody to play out in my mind seems to bring about a slightly altered state of consciousness where my thoughts take flight to new and exotic places...so I've decided maybe the tune comes from the future; perhaps the new jeopardy 'think music' or something - doesn't matter where it comes from, I enjoy it.  

In the undiscovered country still ahead of us, there exists perhaps not a perfect world; but one which is at the very least the polar opposite to the world of the power elite.  It exists, and there is indeed a critical path to getting there.  Although getting there may require a couple million elegant, optimal moves; it can all be accomplished with existing technology and resources. The first move must be towards unity, and the greatest good of all humanity.  One heart at a time.

May the Source be with You

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